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#1 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 01 December 2006 - 09:28 PM

Oldie Clubmembers:

ROSE1610 _ TTC
MERGIE - If it happens it happens.
JASMYN - ttc no 3
CROCKERML - ttc # 6 March 07
SHER34 - ttc no 2
MUMMYTO3IN2006 – already has 2 handsome princes
JOK1812 - ttc no 2
AUSSIEGAL66 - ttc no 2
CALI - ttc no 4 in 2007

Pregnant Mums:

Babies Born:
ANNA-NT - Eve Jasmine Rose born 2nd November 2006
SOSLEEPY – #2 due 3 Nov 2006. Any news??
MS FLIB - Stella Antonia born 31 October 2006
REBELYELL – #3 due 29 Sept or 5th Oct 2006. Any news?
FIONA40 - Finn Jacques Born 31st July 2006
LOTZY - Cooper John Born 3rd June 2006
JAZZY2005 Surprise baby due 26th May 2006. - Any News?
CLAIRE36 - William Jack born 6th May 2006
BANANA PEEL – Lauren Paige born 19th Feb, 06
BLUEMIST – Alina Joan Born 4th April, 05.
BUTTERFLYAJ – #1 due 6th March 2006 - Any news anyone??
CATHY44 - Isabella Mary born September 28th, 05.
CHRISSY36 - Gorgi Louise Born May 28th, 05.
GABISMAMA - Gabrielle born - 13 Feb 2006
GUMMYBEAR - Brock Born 4th April, 05.
HARO - Peter Ian Born May 30, 05.
HEIDIH - Jeremy 25/10/01, Tobias 14/03/03, Miranda 20/01/05
JAHBEE - Dylan John born August 9th, 05.
KIT4KEEPS - Nicholas Matthew
KFOGO - Nicholas David Born 15th March, 05
LOHLA – Liam James born 9 August 05
MAZZEE - Gabrielle born 23rd October, 04.
REDGIRLSHELL - Elijah is 8 months old
CRISTAL - Luka Bonnie born 21st November 2005
SLJ - Haydn Anthony born 8th November, 05.
SYDPROD2001 - Phillippa Louise Born 9th May, 05.
VICTORIA1394 - Jade born on Valentines Day!
WISHINGSTAR - Amy Lyn born August 23rd, 05.

If anyone has any updates for me, please PM me and I will post it for you.
Best of luck to everyone this month!

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#2 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 01 December 2006 - 09:48 PM

Hi Ladies,

Better late than never, although it is currently still the 1st of December as I write this.
Cooper has been cutting his second tooth and has been more trouble to him than the last one. But he sleeps well at night and I can't ask for better than that.
We woke to his second tooth this mornining, 8 days after the last one.

Cathy, your girls certainly cut their teeth very early indeed. Poor wee mites, hope you and they didn't have too many itchy and scratchy, ratchety times whilst they were coming through.
My doctor has said, she has seen babies born with teeth. That would look rather odd I reckon, but it does happen.

Well I am really exhausted and need some sleep.

Hello to everyone, sorry I am slack with the thread, I do come in and check approx once per week, but I don't get time to post more often at this stage...hopefully that will change soon.

Take care of  you all....

#3 Bluemist

Posted 03 December 2006 - 03:55 PM

Wooo Hooo Silver for me!! LOL original.gif

Hi everyone,

We have been to the zoo today- was great fun.

I'm feeling fantastic at the moment- but prob won't last long as I have to see my specialist next week.....who wants me to have surgery....anyway will cross that bridge later.

Been busy getting things together for DD's Rainbow Fairy Concert at playgroup next week...plus MIL is coming over (she's already hyper about the fairy gig!!!!!!!) for a week or so.

I've been busy trying to get a few things made for people too, and in between that even some bd'ing LOL

rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif

I dunno what is happening there in relation to ttc#2 but we had fun anyway...I didn't realise how clueless and naive about ovulation etc I was LOL.

Lotzy- DD cut her teeth pretty early- but she was so good with them...luckily. original.gif. She is getting her "eye teeth" on the bottom now (top ones already through)...and she keeps trying to show me something way back in her mouth very intently LOL so I suspect there's a few down there...she seems to get a few all at the same time. Hope Cooper is coping ok with them.

Anyway hope everyone is well!!!


#4 cuddlepie

Posted 03 December 2006 - 04:12 PM

unsure.gif are there any older mums out there? i am 41 this week and currently undergoing ivf#1.waiting for tests to show O so we can do FET. interested to hear from anyone has had luck conceiving at 41-or older??? starting to worry we left it too late. rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif

#5 anna-wa

Posted 03 December 2006 - 08:47 PM

Nice work with the list Lotzy.

Food for thought :   calculate how much the government has spent on us on that list .. $4,100 per person (baby bonus).

That's a lota moula.

#6 littleman

Posted 03 December 2006 - 09:07 PM

could i join in too?????

#7 ms flib

Posted 04 December 2006 - 01:04 PM

Wow it's summer already! Time flies when you have a baby!

Stella will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. She has settled into our family quite easily. You have to when you're baby no.3! We're tired but I probably would be anyway. And it's my birthday this month. I'll be 41!

I'm still trying to come to terms that my reproductive days are over. DP is off for a vasectomy if he can organise himself - I'll probably have to make him a Dr appt - you know what men are like! I realised that I've been planning and thinking and having babies over almost the last ten years. So I have to move into a different headspace. Maybe it's also that I really have to face being in my 40s, not that that's such a bad thing!

Anyway lots to think about - not to mention thoughts about child care, kindy and school and how to organise everyone.

Good luck with the IVF cuddlepie. I hope it works out for you. Keep us informed!

Bluemist - sounds like you're going about making a baby the best way - having fun. Good luck with your specialist. Is it worth getting a second opinion?

Welcome littleman.

Best wishes everyone.


#8 littleman

Posted 04 December 2006 - 03:10 PM

Hello, well i am about to embark on my third pregnancy, this was out first month of proper ttc lol! i am 37 so hoping to be holding a baby in my arms before i am 38! Although some days my daughter woudl be best suited to being an only child LOL!

Goodluck Cuddlepie.

Anna - wel i think the govt gets out of it quite cheap considering all the workds us mums put in lol.

Hello Bluemist!!! Wishing you a fast BFP as well.

Thanks forthe welcome  ms Flib!

Okay best be off.


#9 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 05 December 2006 - 08:52 AM

Hey there Oldies, but Goodies...

Welcome to cuddlepie and Littleman. Good luck with the IVF cuddlepie, hope it all goes well for you. I haven't had IVF before, always been lucky enough to be a natural conceiver. I am 41 and conceived a very late youngest son and 4th child at age 40, so there is hope for you yet.
There are older mums here too, that have had babies post 40, so you are not alone.

Flib, nice to hear Stella is doing so well. Just make sure you try to get as much rest as possible.

Bluemist, good luck with your specialists appt. next week. Hope it all goes well for you.

As for Cooper cutting his second tooth, he has done it twice already and then it decides to go down the next day.
Poor little bugger had a rough day yesterday. He got his 6 mth needles and my normal doctor is away on maternity leave, so we saw another nice lady doctor, except the needle insertions she did were way too slow and way too deep and Cooper cried is little heart out. I had tears in my eyes, Dad came too and he had tears in his eyes as well. Cooper did stop crying in between needles and gave the doctor a dirty look. At least I was cuddling him, so he didn't blame me for his pain.
He has a nasty bruise on each leg now.
No more needles til 12mths now, thank goodness!

Well better go, the washing piles up and never seems to dwindle. Have my other youngest son Anthony (15yrs) staying for the week. He loves Cooper...great for a teenager in this day and age and is really helpful.

Have fun for all you B/dancers out there.

Best of luck.

#10 Bloomer

Posted 05 December 2006 - 12:46 PM

I'm still trying to come to terms that my reproductive days are over. DP is off for a vasectomy if he can organise himself - I'll probably have to make him a Dr appt - you know what men are like! I realised that I've been planning and thinking and having babies over almost the last ten years. So I have to move into a different headspace. Maybe it's also that I really have to face being in my 40s, not that that's such a bad thing!

While my planning was not for as long we only started going out in feb 2000.  I think time has passed and it is too late for anymore for us.  Though I am on a chat board in Yahoo that has a couple of women with babies at 52!!! I find that amazing..I just am not keen on 3 kids under 4 at 46..

DH having a vasectomy is probably the easiest option for us but after spending so much to have the previous one reversed it is hard to actually have it done.

Lotzy Bella had lumps in her legs from the 12 month needles for a while.  She now has a group of huge bites on her arm from mosquitoes, the size of a golf ball.  

Bluemist hope all goes well for you. Isabella's molars are all nearly through and the eye teeth are starting.

Flib - hope you get some good sleep soon.

littleman - enjoy

cuddlepie - have a GF going through IVF right now it certainly does not sound comfortable, she is in the 2ww part.

#11 SLJ

Posted 06 December 2006 - 08:19 AM

Hi All

I'm still around, just flat out. The hurricane keeps me busy at home and work is ridiculously busy.

Haydn has discovered it is quicker to run, than walk so he is running everywhere now, and refusing any help from anyone (independant little bugger)looks like the harness will get used. He is becoming more affectionate now, I get the occasional 'mooch', which is nice as he has never been a cuddly baby, way too busy to stop for a cuddle.

Toni - teething can knock them around, Haydn gets a bit grizzly at the moment and I reckon it is his teeth, he is currently getting two molars and a couple of incisors.
Haydn has bruises on him too but his are self inflicted.

Bluemist - The zoo sounds like fun, we were planning on a trip to the zoo but time just got away and now it is a bit hot, so will haver to wait til next year now. How did DD's fairy concert go, was your MIL able to control herself??  lol

Cuddlepie - Welcome. There are a number of older inspirational ladies on here, I'm sure they can help with any questions you have. Good Luck with the IVF.

Anna-nt - I only got $3000  sad.gif but still alot of money! I keep threatening to send Haydn back to Peter Costello....after all he paid for him...he can deal with the tantrums...lol

Littleman - Welcome. I had my first baby last year at 36, and I'm pretty much the baby of this group. Good luck with TTC #3.

Flib - Great to hear Stella is doing so well....as for the end of your reproductive days....at least you have 3 beautiful children to show for your 'productive' years!

Cathy - I sympathise with Isabella...Haydn is cutting two molars and a couple of incisors, and it is making rather grumpy at times, although I must say we have been quite lucky so far with teething he hasn't been too miserable. I'm finding it hard enough to deal with the hurricane at 37, can't imagine doing it in my 50's!

Ok gotta run and do some work.

Edited by SLJ, 06 December 2006 - 08:20 AM.

#12 Narm

Posted 07 December 2006 - 12:08 PM

Hi all

I haven't posted in a few weeks but have tried to keep up with everyone.  Been really busy at work and can't wait to go on maternity leave in 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!  I do have tomorrow off, due to the fact that last Friday I worked from 8.20am to 2.05am on Saturday!  I honestly don't know how I did it.  Luckily it was a one off type of situation and won't happen again - well not in the near future.  The hardest part was on Saturday and going to a 3 year old birthday party in the morning and a mothers group xmas bbq in the evening.  I don't think I was making much sense by that stage.  I did really enjoy the day all the same.

Feeling really really big now and I still have just over 6 weeks till due date. I swear this baby was going to stick a foot through the side of my tummy yesterday and collect a rib on the way.  Active little baby that's for sure.  Still that's good thing.

Anyway, better get back to work so no personals today - sorry.

Take care everyone.


#13 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 08 December 2006 - 08:25 AM

Hi Ladies,

Susan and Cathy...Cooper has another bruise on his face this time, self inflicted, either hitting himself with a toy or when he rolled it the other day, crawling places.
Last night he clonked the back of his head on the tiles, while pulling himself up on the coffee table, standing on his own two feet! DH tried to catch him before he landed, but alas. I know I have a mini hurricane here too. Cyclone Cooper I think he will be named!

Poor Cooper had to go to the doctor yesterday, he had a high fever and was very clingy and whingy. I just didn't know if the reaction to the jabs on Monday would still be affecting him. Apparently, normally they shouldn't be by the third day, but if he is no better today, then to take him back. He has had a morning sleep already this morning, not eaten much brekkie, but is at least playing quietly for the first time in a couple of days. Hopefully he is over the worst of it.
I think I spoke too soon....*sigh*.

Better go, just an update...sorry everyone else, can't reply individually, but I have read the posts.
Avagoodweekend everyone. Oh and Vasectomy's...wonderful invention! I highly recommend it!

#14 Bluemist

Posted 08 December 2006 - 01:24 PM

Hi girls just coming in for a quickie ( blink.gif ) as I need to lie down....we had our fairy rainbow day today....and I have a headache (not from DD- but from MIL ooohing and ahhing but all in all she was ok...except she is baby obsessed and I think she wanted to take a few of the babies home with her- there are alot of Indians at our playgroup and she loves dark skin- infact she bakes hers in the hot sun covered in olive oil whenever she can   unsure.gif ) But it was nice for her to come and see DD etc.

So girls am going to share this pic and run (sorry but I need to lie down before DD wakes up!)

Welcome cuddlepie and littleman (are you stalking me LOL biggrin.gif) hope you have a BFP soon....I have sore boobies at moment (I know this is VITAL info for everyone LOL)- and I keep thinking hmmmmm could be pregnant (just cause I want to be LOL) but feel like AF is on her way. LOL.

Ok here is my beautiful fairy girl...hello everyone else bbl.

#15 SLJ

Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:41 PM

Hi All

Very hot and smokey here today, we are getting the smoke from the bushfires here in the northeast, we are not in danger from the fire but there are a few places in the hills we know well which look bleak.

I have taken a family leave day today, Haydn had a cold yesterday, but this morning he has woken up with very swollen sticky sore looking eyes, he is dribbling goo from everywhere, and quite miserable. Dr said as I suspected conjunctivis, not sure if it's bacterial or viral so has given him drops to sort it out. Now all we have to do is get them into his eyes.

Finally got our Christmas tree up a couple of days ago, not because of a spurt of Chirstmas Spirit but more as another job that had to be done. Anyway I have it on top of our entertainment unit out of reach of little hands (well at least until he works out he can stand on top of the drawers).
When Haydn finally noticed them he kept pointing and saying ‘Whats that?’, so we kept telling him Christmas Tree or Christmas, then went ‘ooooo’ with his hand over his mouth.......it was so funny you’d swear he knew what Christmas was all about...lol

yellowrose - Haydn was very active right til the end......and look at him now.....lol Hope the next 6 weeks go quickly and uneventfully for you, with no more marathon days.

Toni - Sounds like hurricane Haydn and cyclone Cooper would make a formidable team......lol and leave a path of destruction in their aftermath....I keep a close eye on Haydns bruises, becasue as a child I had a blood condition which caused bruising and bleeding, so I like to know that each bruise has a cause (my mother panics everytime he sees a bruise either on me or him   blink.gif  )......and my little hurricane causes plenty of scraps bruises and scratches... wacko.gif

Bluemist - Your little fairy is just beautiful.  biggrin.gif
My mum is much like your MIL, she is baby obsessed was even worse before Haydn and she always wanted a little black baby....however her chances are pretty much ....zero ...lol

Ok gotta run...it is suspciously quiet...and I'm sure you all know what that means.......better go check....bye

Bluemist -

#16 Bloomer

Posted 08 December 2006 - 04:40 PM

Hello just been riding bikes out he back, neighbours are already sick of Bellas Old macdonald farm bike.  The constant singing is getting a bit much. Though it is cute Grace was off through the back gate the other day beckoning Isabella out as well.  (we live in a Townhouse complex with some paths inthe common area which are great for little kids bikes)

Bluemist - take every chance for a rest I miss that so much.  Today we had a day around the house and tried to get Grace to allow me to rest since she had me up all night but no way..  She keeps saying she is sick sure enough we due to go out tonight.. Though could be the frozen fruit juice we call "sick ice blocks"...

Susan - hayden sounds like a handful.  Isabella is worse than Grace(she has someone to learn from) but she is not walking yet.

toni - I hate when our doctors say bring them back if htey have a reaction.  It takes a week to get an appointment. Hope Cooper is well soon.

Yellowrose - hope all is OK

Better go it is quiet here too and the back gate is open.

#17 bondgal008

Posted 08 December 2006 - 08:47 PM

Hi everyone...and thanks Bluemist for inviting me over to this forum...more suited to my age!!!!

Well to start my DS has just turned 1 on 29th Nov.  Me and DH are ttc for our second one since July of this year (when i stopped breastfeeding).  I have been using the OVP during my fertile times and noticed that I had a firm ovulation line only in July & Aug (but didn't fall preggy)...but none the following months till as recent as this week.  Started to get worried that maybe becoz of my age i may have erratic ovulation or none at all???  Cld that be.

It has been a great stress on my DH too...as BD seems too mechanical to him and sometimes I just couldn't be bothered, but then again I do have my positive times and not give up.  I have also noticed that my CM seems more heavier 6 days after my period...cld it be im ovulating at this time instead?? shld I try the test at this time instead of the usual 12 - 14 days after period? is this even possible?

Please excuse me...as Im totally new to this TTC experience as my first was conceived by accident.


Me - 38
DH - 39
DS - 1

#18 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 09 December 2006 - 09:22 AM

Caroline, a big fat welcome to you and hopefully a BFP for you soon!
Firstly, do check your ovulation within the week after your flow. It can happen and the older you are, the weirder the cycles seem to get.
I fell pregnant 6 days after AF finished, so it is very possible you are missing the whole thing. I always knew when I ovulated, I felt it, discomfort at times, but have previously been doubled over and sent to hospital it was that bad.

Don't give up until you have given all avenues a try. It took me nearly 2 years to fall pregnant, but with help of extra tonics and getting healthy it did happen, naturally. Try to keep the BD as spontaneous and playful as possible. One way of doing it is not telling DH that it is time to BD, but just do it. Then he thinks you want him for him, not just for his sperm donation. LOL.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Cathy and Susan...Cooper seems happier today. Yesterday he slept in 2 hour slots every 2 hours on me! I couldn't put him down, so figured it was a good day for watching DVDs.
He woke at 1.30am wanting a feed, then proceeded to be a happy playful chappy in our bed for the next hour! He eventually fell asleep and I put him back in his cot and he slept through to 6.30am...and so did we!

Going to the hairdresser a bit later, getting re-rooted and a cut. Should almost feel like a new woman afterward. Gotta get rid of the grey hairs...my god there are too many of them. I don't feel that old!

Take care y'all...feeling hungry, might get some late brekky happening.
Have a great weekend.

#19 Bloomer

Posted 10 December 2006 - 01:48 PM

Toni all of a sudden my greys need constant attention.  I must admit i have been dying my hair for a few years but for the fun not the greys..  Though I still only do it every 3 months.. especially my Birtyhday and Christmas, DH tends to take heaps of photos..

I think we have some sort of bug today as we both are not feeling well. Isabella wants to climb all over us..

Caroline I think I never Ovulated when the books said ..  try testing when you think, I was much later in my cycle. But of course fell pregnant when I wasn't testing.  I had one MC very early between the girls.  Welcome. I am 46 have 2 girls  as below..I was 42 when I had Grace amd 45(just) when I had Isabella..

#20 bondgal008

Posted 10 December 2006 - 06:48 PM

Hi everyone...thank you so much for yr reassuring inputs.  Feel much better now.  In fact yesterday and today i have been feeling cramps altho my next period shld be due in 2 weeks (my last was 20th Nov).  Did a test but nothing.

Anyways...will keep all yr advises in mind...and maybe i am ovulating at different times than i thot i shld be.  Been busy this weekend...will get back to you girls trow or so.  Cooper is such a handsome boy.  And Cathy knowing that you had yr lovely babies in yr early 40s gives me a huge relieve abt the whole thing.

Thanks again girls...Caroline

#21 littleman

Posted 11 December 2006 - 09:00 PM

HI Ladies

well i got my BFP first month trying lol..althoughmy line isnt particular strong,not like my  last two pregnancys so have had bloods done today just to see where we are at. I have no idea why I am worried I am sure its nothing, I guess its just becuase i am now an older mum I am a little more on the cautious side.

#22 InAi

Posted 12 December 2006 - 11:24 AM

Congrats littleman!

Wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy!

I can relate to the caution part. With my first two, I was literally shouting off the roof tops as soon as I got the BFP. This time, I haven't told anyone except immediate family.

#23 Bloomer

Posted 12 December 2006 - 11:44 AM

A very subdued congratulations littleman..  I know what you mean..  If nothing else it was easy to happen so that is a great start!!!

#24 littleman

Posted 12 December 2006 - 04:30 PM

thanks girls, well it seems as if its sticking lol the line got darker, but again I knwo its early days.Will get my blood test back today so i am sure if the levels are high will put my mind at ease, I am sure I am just over worrying ( as you do). WIll let you girls know.

#25 rose1610

Posted 14 December 2006 - 08:33 AM

Good Morning Ladies

I wonder if I can join you all.   I am 36 and have been ttc #1 since April 05 - with two m/cs during that time.  Am having a hard time at the moment struggling with the fact I'm 36 and still ttc #1.   I am fit and healthy so hopefully I still have enough time to have a family of two or more kids.   Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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