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#26 Lizzicat

Posted 14 December 2006 - 08:36 AM

Hello Mature Ones,  smile1.gif

Sorry I've been a bit slack in here of late, but I do have a good reason. Alex has started the long slow process of withdrawl from one of his seizure meds, to put it simply, he's going through similar stages to any other druggie(hot/cold, sweats and mild aggression) Though today he is his charming self.

Littleman - Congratulations

Caroline - welcome, I'm Liz tongue.gif just 40, got pg 1st time we tried and Alex will be 3 on 21st Jan.

Bluemist - Your little fairy is a cutie,  smile1.gif

Sorry I forget who asked about teething, but Alex cut his 1st at 4 months with absolutely no trouble and had all his teeth by 18 months including his 2 yr molars(which some don't get till 3)
My early bird also walked at 9 months 10 days.
And................... he wants a 2 wheeler bicycle already :ohmy: In Target the other day, he found one, hopped on and peddled away(with flat tyres) Well he's not getting one just yet, I'm keeping him my baby just a bit longer.
He's so co-ordinated at anything sporty.

HAve a lovely day smile1.gif

#27 SLJ

Posted 14 December 2006 - 01:46 PM

Hi All

Home for a couple of days under doctors orders, so thought I'd get a post in before the Hurricane wakews up.

Haydn had another cold this week....still had a nasty cough, and lost of mucous.... blush.gif then his eyes started to get red and sore, and gooey.yep you guessed it conjunctivitis. Have ben putting drops in his eyes, changing clothes or nappies bad is a wrestle.......try holding him down and putting drops in sore eyes. :sad:

Anyway he is on the mend his eyes are much better....now mummy has the cold and conjunctivitis...hence the doctors orders...

Other than that been a extremely busy week at work, and we are sufficating on smoke (we are about an hour and a bit from the Wangaratta area where the victorian fires are) the last few days have been like think smelly fog, can't be helping with the lungs and eyes......

DP informs me last night that he lost one of Haydns new sandals yesterday......He suspects at a supermarket in the next town (only a little place), apparently he had called and no one had seen it. I was less than impressed, it had taken us ages to find sandals that fitted nicely, without costing the earth.....and these were the last ones in the store, in his size (be is a big foot).
SO I ring them again this morning in the hope that it has turned up, the supermarket people tell me they haven't got it, but one girl in the background yelled out 'I saw one on the table outside the milkbar next door yesterday'
So they give me the name of the milkbar, I ring and YES it is still there! so after the whole saga we shoudl have it back this afternoon!

Cathy - Yes Haydn is a couple of handfulls. Hope you are all felling better today.

Caroline - Welcome. I can't help you with all the ovulation stuff, I never was much good at it, it only took a couple of months for Haydn to be conceived so I didn't get much practice.
The other ladies in here are a great help though. GoodLuck

Toni - Hope the hairdressers made you feel like a million bucks!

Littleman - Congrats on the BFP hope the blood confirm your news.

inbamn - 12 weeks already...geez that seem to have flown by....well for me anyway... tongue.gif

Rose1610 - welcome. Haydn was conceived when I was almost 36, after a m/c, he is our first too. Good Luck.

Liz - Alex sounds very grown up. I'm afraid I lost my baby a long while back I now have a very independant little boy.....Hope the withdrawal aren't too harrwoing for Alex and yourselves.

#28 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 15 December 2006 - 07:17 AM

Hi Ladies,

Well we've had a rough week and a half really. Firstly with Cooper's jabs, then the fevers, then on the weekend he developed an all over body rash. It was hideous. I rang the local hospital, they said they couldn't advise me. but if I thought it was an emergency, then to bring him in...duh!
He didn't have fevers then, so I left it but kept a close eye on him. Sunday came and the rash was 50% worse! I rang the hospital again, no help, so rang an after hours doctor, who had just left the practice. But she did reassure me that if he wasn't sick with it, then he would be ok, but the minute he did become sick she would reopen for me and see us. She also said, babies and little kids get lots of viral rashes.
Well this is the first time I have come across this in 20 years and 4 kids. Anyway, he is more his old self now and slept through a couple of nights in a row...but not last night.
I feel exhausted, I don't mind saying and when he gets grizzly I feel even more weary, emotionally and mentally. He is still not eating to capacity, but that is the least of my worries. He is drinking plenty and mostly back to being happy...now Mummy needs to get back to being bouncy again too now.

It looks like he could be developing dermatitis too, which is a precursor to asthma, which DH had severely as a child and only very mildly now. Fingers crossed it is only dermatitis.

Cooper is constantly on his feet now...he is so proud of himself when he pulls himself up on his feet and when he crawls he is getting faster and faster.....*I have a headache  thinking aobut it...lol*. I am just grateful for his health, that is the most important thing.

Welcome to Rose1610...best of luck to you and your TTC ventures. Hope it all works out wonderfully for you.

Congratulations Littleman...we'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for you. I know how you feel though, those first weeks are so delicate.

Well I best be off. Take care everyone. smile1.gif

#29 bondgal008

Posted 15 December 2006 - 02:15 PM

Hello everyone,

Welcome to rosie1610 - If it makes you feel any better, I had my boy at 37. I first fell pregnant when I was 36, Feb 04 but m/c at 10 weeks then went on the pill for few months, but becoz it made my AF go haywire...like was coming 2 weeks after that I thot oh bugger this and stopped in Jan 05 and few weeks later fell pregnant...as we were not prepared for the first pregnancy, DH and I discussed that if I fell pregnant again we will keep our baby as he knew I stopped the pill and yeah, my little handsome boy, Bronsn is 12 months, 2 weeks, 2 days now.  And I am currently ttc #2...since Jul.

Expecting my AF next week...20th Dec...but don't feel any different, so don't think am pg either (don't want to do the test and be disappointed too early so will wait till next week).  But hey someone said...that means i can get drunk over xmas and new year!!!!

Will keep all you girls posted.  By the way speaking abt teeth, my boy has only 2 on top and 2 at the bottom...he's pretty slow compared to other kids his age I think...and he hasn't even started walking yet...he does...but holding onto something.  I guess all kids are different huh.  Can I ask anyone how do I post a picture on this??? a pic of my son that is.  Who do I go to??

And also..i received a PM fm someone...but becoz it was 2 pages i closed it but now where do I go to open that PM again?? anyone understands wot im trying to say unsure.gif

Oh "littleman", congratulations!!!!!!! keep us posted.

Me 38
DH 39
DS 12 months, 2 weeks & 2 days

Edited by bondgal008, 15 December 2006 - 02:19 PM.

#30 cordu68

Posted 15 December 2006 - 03:03 PM

Hi ladies

I am new on EB, actually a regular bub hubber(hope that's not a bad thing) and I 'm due with my first bub on 20/21 December.
I am 38, live at the moment with my DP in Sydney,  but most of the time I don't feel so old and people are astonished when I tell them my age.I didn't have problems to conceive at all , just never felt it was a good time as I'm from o/s orginally.

My pregnancy has been so far an exciting but smooth journey and most of the time I enjyed it , except some days of the first three months.

Looking forward to chatting with you all. smile1.gif

Cheers, Cordu

#31 bondgal008

Posted 15 December 2006 - 03:12 PM

Hi Cordu68...welcome...and congrats on new bub soon, next week??? wow...sooo exciting!!!!!

Will be a very exciting journey and I, like you, had a smooth pregnancy with my first boy...and am ttc#2 now and hoping it wld be smooth too...well have to fall PG first  tongue.gif All the other ladies on this forum are such a big help I find. Everytime I come online...I feel so good about my whole ttc thingy...so you've come to the right place :wink:

I am fm Sydney too but just the past month and a half been living in Perth (followed DH for work here).  We miss Bondi and Sydney and I am fm o/s too...and have lived in beautiful Oz for 4 years now.

Wld like to know if anyone out there knows a playgroup here (i live near Fremantle)...as I don't know anyone at all in Perth..if someone cld suggest a nice playgroup I can take Bronsn to, will be a great help.

Tx all...Caroline

Me 38
DH 39
DS 12 months, 2 weeks & 2 days

#32 SLJ

Posted 15 December 2006 - 03:50 PM

Hi All,

yes two posts in two days.....a record for me, have got heaps done today, need to get two days off more often..I'm pretty much buggered now though, so taking a break, The hurricane is supposed to be going to sleep but all I can hear from his room is giggling... dry.gif Must see what he is up to.

My eyes are much better today, these drops are wonderful things...although I did re read the instructions again today, apparently it is one drop per day for 3-5 days........bugger, in my hurray I thought it said one drop 3-5 times a day!  :ohmy: no wonder our eyes cleared up quickly, the bugs wouldn't have known what hit them!  Oh well we don't seem to be any the worse for it.  Smoke has cleared a bit today too so that may well be helping.

Toni - Sending healing vibes for little cooper, hope the rash turns out to be something simple and innocuous. Haydn had a bit of trouble with eczema for a while, so we too are hoping this doesn't mean a precursor to asthma (which I have mildly - Adult onset).
Don't you love the look of achievement on their little faces when they do something like standing, it just says 'aren't I smart!' :biggrin:

Caroline - Your DS must be about 3 weeks younger than mine. Haydn was born on 8-11-05. There is a website I think called playgroups Australia, or something similar, I looked it up when looking for a playgroup for Haydn. It will give you a listing and contact numbers of all the playgroup organisations in your area. I rang our local one and they put me on to our closest group. (Which wasn't hard as there weren't many in our part of the world)
And yes every bub is different, while Haydn has been walking for a while now (enjoy it now before your DS starts)there are a number of the bubs in my parents group that have only just started crawling. All in their own good time.  

Cordu - Welcome to the 'oldies' group, our philosophy is age means very little. Or as my grandmother used to say ' Age is a number, old is an attitude!' I had my DS at 36 after a 'boring normal' (according to my midwife) pregnancy. We did end up with an emergency c/s but it was not age related.
Not long now until you meet your new bub, hope all goes well and you are back here soon telling us about your amazing birth experience.

ok, the hurricane is not going to go to sleep will have to get him up before he chews his way out of the cot.

Edited by SLJ, 15 December 2006 - 03:51 PM.

#33 cordu68

Posted 15 December 2006 - 04:11 PM

Thanks ladies for the warm welcomes!! smile1.gif

bondgal008 I know how you must feel, being in a new environment is very exciting but can also be quite stressful.
Good luck with trying to conceive #2.

I have just recently moved to Sydney when I was 6 month preggy
as DP got a job offered here,although I have lived here already in 2004-2005.In the 6 years I have lived in Australia I have never really settled anywhere. I have lived in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.
Now I 'm living in Sydney but after starting to like the life style in Brisbane I would love to go back there as soon as possible.I don't want to offend Sydney mums but Sydney is for DP and me and especially now with little bub on the way to busy and too expensive.

SLJ I like the philosophy of this group.Sometimes I feel too old of having my first bub at that age and then I wonder if I do the right thing for bubs sake but I know I'm doing the right thing.

Thanks for all your well wishes for my upcoming birth , I think it might happen soon as I'm prelabouring the whole day with contractions 10-20 min apart, but not getting stronger so I have to wait and see.

I'll keep you updated.

Cheers, Cordu

Edited by cordu68, 15 December 2006 - 04:15 PM.

#34 Bloomer

Posted 15 December 2006 - 07:02 PM

Cordu where are you in Sydney I am in the Inner west, almost eastern Suburbs..I come for NQ  and my sister and brother and families live in Brisbane I would love to be closer to them all, especially now my cousins have littleones as well.

Caroline I have found EB fantastic for meeting people and finding out about the local activities.. There must be a  WA page..  I know 2 ebers from Perth in my Mums group..Yesterday the mums who had babies the same time I did in Sydney met for lunch and today it was the Inner west mums...  Sometimes all it takes is for some one to provoke them into doing it..  Caroline posting photos I tried to find a link but can't find it..  I will try and explain...  The photo needs to be on the web somewhere I use Photo bucket it is free!!!...might need to PM me if you have problems with it..

Address = right click on photo and copy the properties or photo bucket has the address down the bottom..

then you need to use Html to post it..  [img***] address [/img***]   remove the ***

to find you message check the left top of this page there is a heading messages click on it then click on inbox...

Good luck!!

Edited by cathy44, 15 December 2006 - 07:03 PM.

#35 littleman

Posted 15 December 2006 - 10:39 PM

HI Ladies
promise to come back for personals tomorrow, my first bloods were only 64 hcg at 15dpo,quite low but well within the normal range, of course i panicked thinking it was all over, my 2nd bt came back at 167 at 18dpo, so  def doubled in the time frame it should have. I still cant keep thinking of being on the cautious side, alhtough my doc doesnt seem to concerned at all , they said the levels arent as important as the fact that the level doubles ever 2nd or 3rd day which it did. They offered mme a another blood test but I have said no for now I thinki ts stressing me out more and i guess what will be will be.

Cordu - goodluck, how exciting!

Rosie -hang in there, its so hard when you are older, there seems to be so many ,more things to take into account hey. Are you seeing a specalts at all, I think i remmeber reading somewhere that if over 35 and been tryign for more than 6 months you shoudl get a referral. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you for your bfp soon.

WIll bb tomorrow..
nite all!

Edited by littleman, 15 December 2006 - 10:40 PM.

#36 cordu68

Posted 16 December 2006 - 03:22 AM

Morning ladies

I can't sleep as I have on and off contractions, little one has hiccups and I feel totally bruised inside.Just hope this won't go on for days  wacko.gif

cathy44 i 'm on the Upper North Shore (Hornsby).

littleman thanks  smile1.gif
Good luck with your pregnancy!!!

#37 Bloomer

Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:39 AM

Cordu68 I have a GF who just moved there...she is not an older mum but has 2 girls the same age as mine.. I think she has joined the EB group up there.  I found I needed a good 6 months before I could look at anything like that after the baby was born.   Good luck with the baby sounds like it will be here very soon..

Littleman great the numbers are increasing..

hello everyone I am wrapping presents I just realised I don't have "santa Paper"  I am not sure a 3 year old will realise but I better get some just in case..  I have a mis balance of presents heaps for the 3 year old and hardly any for the 1 year old..

#38 bondgal008

Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:25 PM

Cordu68 - hang in there darl...just the way it is.  I was just like you with my boy...as I was 11 days overdue and had ongoing contractions for days..actually 4 days before he was born...no sleep at all...my couch was my comfort..meaning sitting up was easier than lying down...altho i did annoy our little staffi (puppy), bozley!!!!

cathy44  - thanks for the photo directions.  Will look at that soon.

slj - yes my boy was born 29th Nov 05...was supposed to be 18th Nov but he turned out to be a sagittarius boy...i kinda like that as my bestfriend is a saggi and she is a gem!!!
And thanks for directing me to the playgroup website.  I did start doing that in Sydney but then we moved here  unsure.gif

littleman - any latest news??

as for me...well my AF due next wednesday...and am starting to feel the cramps today...so....guess nothing exciting huh! oh well!!!

take care ladies....caroline

#39 cordu68

Posted 16 December 2006 - 05:59 PM

Hi ladies

little one is still wriggling inside.
Contraction have eased a bit last night it was just so exhausting so I tried to relax a bit today

Will see with a  EB group or mother/babygroup here in the area.I have already a few lovely ladies from Sydney who supported me in my pregnancy and we will hopefully meet up when all bubs are born.Also the hospital has a policy to get mother and bubs together in the  community with bubs born around the same time.
I can't imagine just being always inside with the baby, it drove me already now stir crazy staying at home on my own and not going working.

Thanks for you all your well wishes!! smile1.gif
I still have some time I just want this baby to be born before Xmas and not being overdue.

I really need to catch up with the personals so I get to know you all better!

Have a lovely evening everyone!

#40 Guest_Lotzy_*

Posted 18 December 2006 - 07:20 AM

A warm welcome to you Cordu...hope you are still hanging in there and things are going smoothly for you. I guess we'll hear more when you are back home again and settling in. All the best...lovely Christmas present!

Question: Do babies throw tantrums at 6mths? I mean a real full on gutteral yell without tears. I have never had a baby like it, honestly. He certainly is a challenge, in a good way of course, but so much different to my other three grown children.
Maybe I have just forgotten all those years ago...dunno. Two year old tanties at 6 months...hmmm.
He is moving about faster by the day as well. I needs eyes in my butt as well as the back of my head now.

Well still the last of the Christmas shopping yet to do...and the last week before Christmas...ugh! I really want to avoid the shops this week, but no way it can be done.
We are having approx. 40 ppl at our place this year for Christmas lunch! DH is leaving work a couple of hours earlier than normal for the rest of the week, so we can continue setting up, cleaning, mowing etc and just generally preparing for one day of hogging the food...makes you wonder what all the hoohaa was all about, when it's all over.

Well best be off, Cooper is up to something.

Take care everyone.

#41 littleman

Posted 18 December 2006 - 07:59 AM

Hi Ladies, no now news form me, everyhting seems fine. I had two blood tests and they were doubling, I opted for no more blood tests as ithink i was getting myself into a bit of a stressed state. i guess what wil be will be now. iposted inthe general section of pregnancy just asking if other peopel had experinced low b/t hcg and there were a few who all went onto have healthy babies. i thnk as I said I have to stope comparing leveles fomr last pregnancy. And if I didnt have the blood test I would be none the wiser.

Cordu - how are yougoing??

Lotzy - lol about the tnatrum, Ithinkthey learn ealry. My dd has always been very loud, i swear peopel think we are hurtingher when she crys!

bondgal- thanks for asking aboutme..I have no idea why i am so nervy this time round.

hello to eveyone else. must get a move on!

Speak soon and will update if theres any news.


#42 cordu68

Posted 18 December 2006 - 08:46 AM

Morning ladies  :biggrin:

I am still at home and no signs of bub yet. unsure.gif

Lotzy thanks for the warm welcome. Cooper is really so gorgeous and cute!!!
I can't wait to meet my little one!!

littleman thanks for asking about my well-being.
Great to hear that everything is fine with you're hcg levels.I cross my fingers for you.

I had yesterday the whole day pelvic pains and contractions but of course they eased down were not really regular so no need to go to the hospital.I assume that is all because bub seems to be engaged now as I offcially waddle now like a penguin with lots of pain yesterday.
Today all seems to have eased a bit, no contractions  as yet, I just need to pee every 2 minutes (TMI) and I'm loosing more of my plug. Thought already this morning it would be my waters breaking.This morning I was soooo disappointed that nothing happened the whole night as others said if you sleep through that it is going to happen soon and Saturday night was the first time that I slept through with no toilet breaks.

Might waddle/go for a long walk today as it is beautiful in Sydney today.  

Have a great day everyone!!


#43 SLJ

Posted 18 December 2006 - 12:04 PM

Hi All

Just back from playgroup, with santa. Haydn wasn't all that interested in santa, too many cool things to do at playgroup.
He just looked Santa up and down, and give him a look that said 'you go out dressed like that??' lol Still better than one poor little girl who was terrified.
The hurricane is now sleeping, ah the peace.....

Caroline - Haydn was 11 days over due too, was due 28th October, born 8 nov, after being induced, and then an emergency c/s, appears that the reason he went over due was he was stuck and not 'bumping' against the cervix to get things moving.

Toni - your stories of Cooper sound so familiar...lol sounds like you do have a cyclone cooper on your hands, maybe we should get cyclone cooper and hurricane haydn together and let them wear each other out! Haydn started having tantrums well before he turned one, we ignored them and he soon got the idea that it was getting him nowhere, now they aren't as regular or as long lasting, but still happen occasionally.

Littleman - Good news on the HCG's sending you lots of Sticky vibes, all sounds good.

Cordu - Hoping things happen for you soon!

Edited by SLJ, 18 December 2006 - 12:05 PM.

#44 Bluemist

Posted 18 December 2006 - 09:52 PM

Hi girls,

Sorry I have been missing in action MIL went home yesterday and I am still trying to finish making her present. We had a xmas lunch for her and DD at SIL/BIL house yesterday before taking her to the airport. DD of course got spoilt and has been playing with her presents all day today.

WELCOME CORDU original.gif)) how exciting can't wait to hear you exciting news...can't be far away now. I was overdue with DD- actually the day it all happened we actually had an appointment to check fluid levels etc- guess she didn't want to bother with it and decided to cooperate original.gif

Littleman- good to hear all well- trust- breathe- and let go original.gif

SLJ- When DD first saw Santa she stared at him- DH took her in the line to have a photo with him- and of course instead of sitting down with her- he plonked her on Santa's knee and of course she started BAWLING her heart out. Anyway 2 weeks later- everytime she see's anyone wearing a Santa hat she says "Santa"!!! We took her to the carols and everyone was wearing santa hats and she was pointing at them all- she stared at one older woman for ages- as if to say "you haven't got a beard you aren't quite right"!!!!!!

Now of course I have a few days left and have to pack as we are going interstate for xmas. Only for a week but will be staying with my parents which will be good- of course MIL who has just been over here is chomping at the bit to see us again before we even get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok will be back tomorrow....sorry for the rush.


#45 cuddlepie

Posted 20 December 2006 - 02:35 PM

smile1.gif belated thanks for all the kind wishes.havent been here since my original post,as things were moving fast-then they came to a halt. we had the EPU on 1st november, and we got 4 embryos, out of 13 eggs. we had the FET on the 8th december,and 2 little frosties were put back.we were really hopeful,because all along my tests were coming back fine, and apparantly 4 is a good number at 41. anyway, last sunday AF arrived so that was really sad. at first, we thought it might be spotting or implantation bleeding, but the pain was so bad, that i went to hospital. they were concerned about ectopic, but the blood test showed that more than likely, they failed to implant. they were a little slow to divide, so maybe they were too weak. we still have 2 which look good, but i am a little less hopeful now. we are still mourning the two we lost--is that normal? cant help feeling like maybe i did something wrong. can i do anything to increase chance of implantation? sorry to go on, and on (and on), but i am hoping someone can tell us how they coped--sorry again. dont mean to sound insensitive,but feel like we knew them already. need to cheer up for next FET in january but cant.[color=#33CC00]

#46 Bloomer

Posted 20 December 2006 - 05:44 PM

Cuddlepie - I have a friend feeling exactly like you do this week.  She has 2 frosties she is wondering if they can use..  I told her to go for it(but it is none of my business)..  Her current child was her 3rd attempt. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing as I haven't known her long but I know it is completely normal to mourn..I had a very early MC and was completely stunned how it made me feel. It really rocked me..  Good luck and best wishes..look after yourselves!

Edited by cathy44, 20 December 2006 - 05:58 PM.

#47 cordu68

Posted 21 December 2006 - 06:20 PM

Hi all

just wanted to update on me. No baby yet and I am 40 weeks today.
I hate this waiting and looking for any signs.
I really hope that he will make soon his appearance, fingerscrossed.

Had appointment with the middie today and was told that bub is still not engaged yet.Felt very dissillusioned when I got out as it sounded I would end up with a c-section which I would like to avoid at all times. :sad:

I really hope my water would break or I would have nice strong regular contractions so bub can descend down.

My mind is mot all all on Xmas that year as you can maybe imagine.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the festive season.


Edited by cordu68, 22 December 2006 - 09:31 AM.

#48 Margryan

Posted 21 December 2006 - 08:43 PM

Hi All

Have been MIA for ages.  Just haven't had the time to drop in.  

We are going to the Myer windows tomorrow and then to see Santa.  Saturday morning we drive up to Sydney to spend some time with my mother.

I have no hope of doing personals, except to say good luck to Cordu.  Can't be long now.  Hope you are holding your little darling by Christmas.  Also someone was saying that they were a bit worried at age 36 or 37 as to whether they had left it too late.  Of course, fertility decreases with age, but I had my first child at 39 and my second at 40 and my mother was 40 when she had me.  So there is still time.

Wishing everyone in this group a very Merry Christmas and a wonder 2007.

Best wishes

#49 InAi

Posted 22 December 2006 - 12:33 PM

I got my NT results today and am very happy with them.
DS risk is 1 in 8000 and Trisomy 18/13 is 1 in 27000!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

#50 SLJ

Posted 24 December 2006 - 04:39 PM

Hi All,

Sorry been a bit preoccupied, had our own bush fire here last Monday, was pretty scarey for a while, spent 5 hours at my mums (she backs on to the bush) hosing her place down only to find when I got home that it had gotten closer to my place.....(I'm one street back from the bush and it got out to the street.)
Anyway it took a several hours but the wonderful volunteers got it out with out anyone losing a life or property. Took 26 tankers, and made a big mess, but still no one was hurt, except the fire fighter who was bitten by a snake.... :ohmy: Just have to get rid of the smoke which is still in my house, and all will be well again.

Haydn's eyes look like they are finally on the improve, mine are looking much better now. We still have nasty coughs but things are improving. All this smoke from our bushfire and the others over wangaratta way is not helping. Looks a bit clearer today.

Have been busy running around all day trying to get everything and everyone sorted out for christmas. Just home from delivering presents to DP's brothers family, his mum was here earlier. My mum and will be in soon with My brother Gf's little girl, and we are going to the Christmas eve party just down the street. The guy dresses and santa and gives out lollies and presents to the kids.

Cuddlepie - I had a very early m/c the cycle before conceiving Haydn, even though it was very early on, we had just found out, I was surprised by the impact it had on me, I'm sure conceiving Haydn next cycle helped a lot but you still wonder about that one too.

inbamns - Great NT results!

Cordu - hope you are holding bubs now.

Ok girls have to run before my visitors arrive.

To all the 'oldies' and thier families:

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