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#51 Little Man

Posted 26 December 2006 - 02:12 PM


just popping into say i had amiscarriage yesterday, guess it wasnt meant to be, but i cant help feleigni am too old,am 37...and hy did this happen?? i knwo I will never get answers...will just have to try againnext month, am hoping it doesnt take us long, and now having had an miscarraige going to the toilet will be horrible lookign for signs...pregnancy seems to be full of much stress hey.

Can I ask and only reply if youwant to but did anyone here suffer a miscarriage and how long did it take to fall or get af after??? SOrry not wanting to upset anyone, this is just unknown territory fo rme.

Hoping you all had a great christmas and will be hoping yoru new year is a good one.

#52 SLJ

Posted 26 December 2006 - 02:43 PM

Hi Littleman,

I know what you are going through, it is amazing how much it affect you even though it is early on. There is nothing I can say which will make you feel better, all I can do is send you big hugs.

I had a miscarriage when 36 before Haydn was conceived, it was very early in the pregnancy but I was devastated, didn't think it would affect me as much as it did.

The following cycle Haydn was conceived, I must admit this did help, although I still wonder 'what might have been'.

I was told that misscarriage early is common, in the general population 25% of pregnancies m/c early (something like near 50% for first pregnancies), majority of women don't even know they are pregnant. However, with better HPT now we are finding out earlier. According to my doctor most women (if no underlaying problems) go on to conceive without any further trouble.

Hope this has been of some help, sending you big hugs.

#53 littleman

Posted 26 December 2006 - 04:58 PM

Thnaks Susan, yes I am just hoping all goes okay next time round, I guess after losing a child and now a miscarriage i fell there isnt much for me to enjoy about being pregnat and in fact i just feel like i am going to be relaly stressed for 9 months.

thanks again though for living proof that it can happen.

#54 Bloomer

Posted 26 December 2006 - 09:09 PM

Little man I think I MC at 6 weeks at the end of July but was pregnant by January..  and she is about to turn 15 months..  I was amazed how shocked I felt but was comforted by the fact that I could fall pregnant at nearly 44.. I relaxed after the CVS and told myself to take it as it comes.

Hope you are all well.

#55 Bluemist

Posted 28 December 2006 - 09:09 PM

I'm back! Hello everyone....firstly Littleman- I am *so* sorry to hear your sad news.
Please breathe gently and be kind to yourself. *HUG*

As for me we got back from Tassie today. Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur. My DD got really sick so basically we were taking her to Dr and then on Christmas day had to take her into hospital. She is still not right....and has lost weight....she is small anyway so thats not good. She's not drinking much either but it has picked up thank goodness as I was going out of my tiny feeble mind.

I have a sore throat, nose and stuffed head. We arrived in tassie only to find out that DH cousin had had a heart attack (he's ok had a stent put in and all his other arteries are fine) then on christmas eve DH's other relative had a heart attack and died in the ambulance.

My parents were so good- but I was sad as DD was so sick so it was a worrying time for everyone...and just when she started to get a little bit better we had to leave. These things can't be helped...main thing is she is hopefully on the mend now.

Hopefully we will be ttc this month and it will happen! Just got to get over this bug before I get the real bed bug LOL.

CORDU- Do you have bubs in your arms?  Can't wait to hear from you original.gif

SLJ- Glad everyone ok in the fires...they are awful aren't they.

Marygran- good to see you...hope all went well in Sydney original.gif

Cuddlepie- hope you are ok too just read your post....*hug*

Ok well my head is splitting into a trillion atoms....so I have to go...be back later girls...
take care,


#56 MiracleMum

Posted 29 December 2006 - 04:01 PM

Hello there you Oldies,

I've just looked through the posts for December and see that there's Cathy, Susan (SLJ), Lotzy (Toni) and Bluemist that will remember me.  I just wanted to come in and wish you all a very happy festive season and make sure you're all still OK and I can see you are.  Going through some 1st birthdays now how exciting!

All the newbies is also interesting - shows that age is getting to be less and less a barrier.  I remember some rather quiet times on this thread.

DH and I are still very happy and healthy although we had a chat the other night and worked out that I was shying away from BD at certain times of the month which has been affecting our spontaniety somewhat.  Talking about it helped and now we just do what we do and if something happens it does.  Being away from EB has helped to get my head in a place that's not consumed with our loss and/or conceiving again.  But I have to say I miss this site and you girls.

I have gone back over some threads and noted that Minni has another Angel.  Is anyone in contact with her at all?  And Mergie, I often think of her - does anyone know how things are with her?

Anyway, a very happy new year to you all and babydust to those trying to conceive.  Cathy your girls are just beautiful and looks like they take after you?  :wink:   Susan, Haydn is getting so big!

Take care lovely ladies, look after those greys!  :biggrin:


#57 littleman

Posted 29 December 2006 - 09:46 PM

Hope you girls dont mind me posting here with this question, but someof youmay be abel to help. I had my ob appt yesterday and yes complete miscarriage, now he said to wait a few months beofre ttc, whihc i said no way LOL, and he said at least a month, now i dont really have a problme with this, but what if i wanted to ttc this cycle, i have heard alot of woman fall straight after, i am sort of in two minds, to wait and give my body a break or just try and see what happens, after all it may not happen anyway. Whats your thoughts or expereinces??


#58 lilly24

Posted 30 December 2006 - 07:45 AM


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#59 SLJ

Posted 30 December 2006 - 01:55 PM

littleman - my doctor told me when I fell pregnant the cycle following my m/c that while you are more fertile you are also more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy straight after a m/c. I was sent for scans and such straight away, to see where the egg had settled, and was lucky that it had made it to the right spot. We weren't actually TTCing in the cycle after our m/c but i guess it was meant to be.

As lilly24 mentioned maybe the girls in the misscarriage/loss boards will have more helpful advice.

Dianne - great to hear from you, glad youa re traveling ok.
Yes Haydn is growing like a weed, and never stops, we call him
the hurricane. lol Haven;t heard from the others you listed, I guess they are busy with their lives, or taking breaks from EB (which we all need sometimes).

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#60 littleman

Posted 30 December 2006 - 02:22 PM

hi ladies
lily24 and susan thanks for the advice, i think i will be waiting till after thsi cycle, tbh I am so tired and wor out I jsut cant imagine being pregnant right nwo as much as I would like to be plus we are due to go onholidays mid jan and that would mean if we were to ttc i would be pregnant and i truely dont want the worry while i am away wondering if i am pregnant etc, much better i think to have a relaxing holiday an dcome back to ttc. I also have been suprised how much it has affected me tbh,after losing my son at 6 months old I thought i could handle alot, but i also thnk its jus tbad timing as well, as being christmas and what would have been his 4th birthday coming up in jan.

Thanks for the ears ladies I am off to have a nap whiel dd is asleep.


#61 darlo

Posted 31 December 2006 - 01:54 PM

Littleman, I'm new to this site but just wanted to say how sorry I am to read of your m/c.  My first pg. was a m/c and I can remember how devastated I was.

To answer your questions, I had a m/c in July a few years back just before I was due to start IVF.  I was pg. again in Dec but it was ectopic.  I was very interested to read a previous post that connected m/c and ectopics my Dr never told me that !  It was July the following year before I was pg. again.

M/c's are unfortunatley very common and you'll find that the more you talk about it the more people you'll find that also had a m/c ......but very, very few have two or problems concieving again.

Wishing you the best of luck in the New Year.


#62 cordu68

Posted 31 December 2006 - 02:30 PM

Hi ladies  happy.gif

littleman I 'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage!!
I send you big hugs and hope you can get over this very soon!!
I can understand although I never miscarried but I know when I was 8 weeks pg and the doctor suspected a threatened miscarriage as I was bleeding at 4 weeks how worried I was.
I don't think that this was because of your age, can happen anytime and it happens to so many women.

Maybe this is not the right time to post but I gave birth on Xmas day to my little boy Jason Oliver, 3390 g , 51 cm long and headcircumreference 39 cm.

My water broke at Xmas Eve while having a phone call to my folks overseas. Went into hospital and they induced next morning at 9:15 am. Contractions picked up very strong and fast and after 3 hours I was fully dilated and was allowed to push.
Tried to push out that little baby boy for 3 1/2 hours, the ventouse vaccuum pump was tried out but failed and I ended to have having forceps with an episiotomy which let me feel almost beeing teared apart.I was later told his head was too big for my pelvis.
Was totally exhausted , dehydrated , put on the drip, almost no blood pressure and antibiotics as fever. Just lipton ice tea (no ads here lol) which DP gave me to drink kept me going.Next morning I was so sore, couldn't walk but love at first sight for my son and painkillers and the penicillin helped me to recover very fast so I went Wednesday arvo home.Am in an early discharge midwife program  where I ger regularly midwife visit where they check up on bubba and you. Such a great support and help!!!I can only recommedn Hornsby hospital in Sydney, they are a jewel!!
Had already lots of sleepless nights as Jason doesn't want to settle down, just as active in the night as in the womb but getting used to it.He is such a cutie, has lots of hair needs a hair cut already and I love him to bits.
Breastfeeding him as he is little milk monster.Glad it is all going so well!!! Had a bit of the baby blues, but otherwise I'm so happy!!!

Hope I can ever catch up on your posts.

Have all a great new years eve and a wonderful 2007 everyone!!Big hugs!!!

#63 SLJ

Posted 31 December 2006 - 02:49 PM

Congratulations Cordu and DH on the arrival of Jason Oliver

TO everyone else Best wishes for a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Welcome to Darlo!

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#64 bondgal008

Posted 31 December 2006 - 02:50 PM

Hi everyone...so nice to read all the great support given to littleman on this forum.  Littleman my heart goes out to you and I think of you always & everytime I come on this forum.  In fact I wished I knew abt EB wen I m/c in 2004...but hey im here now.  Littleman I also just realised you lost a child too!!! having so many posts to read I must have missed out.  Your little heaven's angel look so gorgeous and so does your little missy..how is she??

But hey I will look out for you to be in the due in group soon.  Im sure and know you will fall pg next year huh...keep going on that BD!!!  tongue.gif  and let us know

Cordu...oh congratulations!!!!! laugh.gif  I always wondered wen your baby would have arrived and it was xmas day!!!! how wonderful.  Now Jason Oliver is going to keep your hands full and you're gonna love it.  Wat a birth experience you had.  Mine was the same with DS...they ended up having to use forcep to get my DS out as becoz of my small stature...the doc said DS head was too big for my pelvis too and thus why he never responded to my "feeble push" laugh.gif  (as my DH puts it...men lol). And came home with an episiotomy and being anaemic as well.  I went to RHW in Randwick Sydney and the midwives were a great help as well.  So Cordu keep us updated here about Jason's charm and how you going.  Do you have anyone there to help you on with the baby?

As for me ladies...am almost 6 weeks now with #2 and feeling bloaty and tired and this morning woke up only at 11.45am (DH took care of DS and didn't disturb me)  I guess I needed it!!  DS has been starting to walk a bit more on his own...and his gibberish talk has multiplied...we don't understand it anyway.  I speak to him in my mother tongue (indian) and DH speaks to him in English...so I guess he's getting a bit confused...poor thing!!!

Wat is everyone up to for New Year???....we are staying home, as we got no babysitter, but luckily my bestfriend who is here for a holiday fm back home with her boyfriend are going to chill at home with us...planning a bit of bbq and drinks and some movies I guess.

So all you gorgeous mums and mums to be...stay cool and have fun.  Here's to a great 2007!!!
Hoping to hear more about Jason Oliver..Cordu


#65 Sooz and Lauren

Posted 02 January 2007 - 10:16 PM

Hi all,
just popped in to catch up on all the news and to wish all you lovely ladies and your families a spectacular 2007!

A special congratulations to cordu on the your special xmas pressie - now you have to figure out how to handle future birthday/ chrissie day celebrations!!!! One of my friends was born on the 25th and her family 'permanently' moved her birthday to December 5th - so she could enjoy parties with her school friends and not ever get overlooked on her special day! I know of another family that dedicated the morning to the birthday girl and ALL xmas celebrations were put off until noon when it become xmas - that must have been really hard for the whole Santa thing!!!

Take care all of you

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