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May 06 Parents #80

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#1 Sandra

Posted 02 January 2007 - 08:26 PM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 **LYN**

Posted 02 January 2007 - 08:35 PM


#3 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 02 January 2007 - 08:43 PM


Love your new sig.

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#4 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 02 January 2007 - 08:46 PM


Got lots to tell you all. DH is cooking me a nice steak and salad for dinner after a little bit of red wine and  :wink:  :wink: ...hehehe (sorry if TMI)

Finally we seem to be getting back on track (after 3 kids haha you would think it would be after the first, but no, when we have 3 we start to enjoy it again... rolleyes.gif )

We have had some pretty big dramas surrounding the trip and selling the house finding a car that can pull the caravan we bought! We eventually (on Dec 30) - got a Pajero GLS - mid range model diesel and are really happy with it so far. Now we have to sell the territory sob sob as I love my car so much!  :sad:

We have had one offer on the house which was 20 grand less than we have it on the market for, the real estate are telling people we have it over priced and because we want to get out of here, we will take any offer...I am NOT happy with their service at all and tomorrow we are listing it with Elders to try and get a rocket up their bum and get some decent service! The photo on their website is crooked for geez sake! :mad:  In a small country town that can be a problem as there is only one real estate (other than elders) and they can do whatever they want. At the moment they seem to be trying to keep the prices down! Not good for sellers, but excellent for buyers. They are also very sleazy real estate agents...not nice at all.

So we are exploring the option of renting it out, oh thats right you guys don't know yet, we found out DH is entitled to 14 weeks annual and long service leave so we are going to take 3 months paid holiday to start and see if thats what we want to do. If we don't like it we will settle somewhere else, probably up near brissy, or you Britt, or maybe south coast NSW. If we like it, we will keep going on the harvest trail for another 9-18 months until Will needs to start school (actually a few months before so he can settle in at the preschool with kids he will be going to school with).

I am getting excited everyday as we clean out another room. This was hindered though when we had Santa come and visit because I cannot help myself and my mum and nanna are the same, those kids were spoilt rotten and we now need to buy a toy box for Lauren and Millie so its not all in Will's room, but I am going to buy a big plastic tub (yes I know PLASTIC!) with the lids as I can re-use that later to pack stuff into.

Oh steak is ready...sorry about lack of personals, I will bbl or tomorrow for that. Must go eat food and watch charmed with my glass of red!

Love you all

Leanne xo

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#5 mummy~2~two

Posted 02 January 2007 - 08:49 PM


#6 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 02 January 2007 - 09:05 PM

Good on you for buying up healthy stuff for the weightloss challenge.

Sorry to hear your parents are leaving. No wonder you wanted to spend New Year's with them.

I hope Ella crawls before you go back to work.

Would you like me to get a copy of the book for you and mail it to you?


#7 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 02 January 2007 - 09:24 PM

LOL about the  :wink:  :wink:

Great about getting a car but bad about selling your house. Real Estate agents can be slack at times.


#8 senorita

Posted 02 January 2007 - 10:23 PM

well i managed to finish 3 scrapbooking pages, pretty happy with that since i havent really done any in about 2 mths.
think ill retire for the night now, need my energy for tomorrow, we r going to the movies with my mothers group, be interesting to see if all 6 boys sit still long enuff to see the end of the movie....hmmmm...good night!

renee xo

#9 ellacy

Posted 03 January 2007 - 07:03 AM

Wow am I really the first post of the day?????  Everyone must still be in holiday mode.
Ella slept through again - only a little sook about 9:30pm and thats it. Although 5:15am was her wake up call. Im happy she's sleeping pretty much all night, but now she seems to wake around 5:30am and think its time to get up. Maybe it was better getting up once during the night but getting a sleep in till 7:30am... oh well i guess anything is better than the way it use to be (getting up every hour or so!!!!)

A friend of mine from my old work (b4 where i am now) is coming over today for a visit. We use to be really close but she has only ever seen Ella once sad.gif And its not that she's one of those single, childless friends. She has 3 kids! Its just so hard to get organised when we are both free. Im so looking forward to catching up.. better go make sure the house is clean.

Have a great day! :biggrin:

ETA: Beck says hi to everyone and wanted you all to know she isnt ignoring you. She cant get onto EB at the moment, Optus is playing funny buggers with her!

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#10 shoofly

Posted 03 January 2007 - 07:14 AM

Kristie - How did you get Ella to sleep?? Lola wont even go near her cot now. ARGH! So me and Dh are in separate beds, and one of us sleeps with her.
Need help

#11 ribenaberrie

Posted 03 January 2007 - 07:43 AM

May 2006 Parents Group

Welcome to the May 2006 Parents Group.

Our Babies
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25th March

comjulia123 (Jules) It's a girl! - Ella Grace @ 33w 6d - 5lb 12oz - HC 31cm, L 48.5cm - Perth, WA

9th April

jodi22 (Jodi) DD Jade Elly (4) It's a girl! - Emily Sarah @ 36w 0d - 6lb 2oz - HC 36cm, L 48.5cm - Geelong, VIC

12th April

4lildarlins (Chris) DD Emma (5), DD Sarah (4), DS Callum (2) It's a boy! - Joshua William @ 38w 2d - 6lb 13oz - HC 36cm, L 50cm

13th April

Oceanmum (Maree) DH Stuart, DD (16), DS (12) It's a girl! - Charlotte Lia @ 37w 5d - 5lb 12oz - HC 33cm, L 41cm - Perth, WA

16th April

ribenaberrie (Jackie) DH Jimmy It's a girl! - Jocelyn Ariel @ 38w 0d - 6lb 6oz - HC 34.5cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW

20th April

Nicknok (Nicki) It's a girl! - Kate Nicole @ 38w 2d - 8lb 6oz

27th April

MummyH (Will) DD Matisse Anne (2) It's a girl! - Charlotte Raye @ 37w 4d - 7lb 2oz - HC 34cm, L - Frankston, VIC

1st May

Wickazoid (Angela) DS Xander (3) It's a boy! - Zayden @ 40w 3d - 8lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Wavell Heights, QLD

Sarbella (Leila) It's a girl! - Charlize Ella @ 38w 2d - 8lb 4oz - HC 37cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW

2nd May

prettyinpink77 (Nancy) It's a girl! - Savannah @ 39w 5d - 6lb 10oz - HC 33cm, L cm - Sydney, NSW

3rd May

**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) DH David, DD Kloe Taylor (3) It's a boy! - Zack Reily @ 39w 3d - 7lb 8oz - HC 35.5cm, L 54cm - Southern Highlands, NSW

5th May

**Slappy** AKA BrennaBoo (Rhiannon) DH Ray, DD Brenna Rose (2) It's a girl! - Bridget Lillian D'Brass @ 39w 0d - 7lb 2oz - HC 35cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW

smiliek (Kylie) DH Tom It's a boy! - Thomas Roger Warren Ross @ 36w 6d - 6lb 12oz - HC 33cm, L 48cm - Morley, WA

Nessy72 (Nessy) DH Nick It's a boy! - Xavier Ryan Petti @ 38w 3d - 7lb 2oz - HC 33.9cm, L 50cm - Oakleigh, VIC

monkeysmum (Jacquie) It's a boy! - Zachary John @ 38w 3d - 8lb 1oz - HC 36.5cm, L 49cm - Perth, WA

HappyCat (Sharon) DD (17), DD (15), DS Jaxon (2.5) It's a girl! - Crystal Josephine Wendy @ 37w 4d - 5lb 6oz - HC 32.5cm, L 46cm - Adelaide, SA

6th May

humphreybear (Catherine) DS Thomas (2) It's a girl! - Jessica Caitlin @ 38w 5d - 7lb 10oz - HC 34.5cm, L 51cm - Sydney, NSW

8th May

geniebottle (Jeannie) It's a girl! - Lola Jorja @ 40w 6d - 8lb 6oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Sydney, NSW

10th May

Apsara (Marlene) It's a boy! - Malakai Daan @ 39w 2d - 7lb 4oz - HC 34.5cm, L 51cm - Gold Coast, QLD

jeaniebean (Jean) DS Shaquille (4) It's a girl! - Isabelle Scarlett Chandra @ 39w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Blacktown, NSW

rachandbub (Rach) DS Jake (2) It's a girl! - Holly Rebecca @ 41w 0d - 8lb 5oz - HC 36cm, L 51cm - Hawkesbury, NSW

dani77 (Danielle) It's a girl! - Isabella Elyse @ 39w 4d - 7lb 8oz - HC 34.5cm, L 51cm - Newcastle, NSW

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kristies80 (Kristie) It's a girl! - Ella Louise @ 40w 2d - 7lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Melbourne, VIC

24th May

~coopersmum~ (Beck) It's a boy! - Cooper @ 40w 2d - 8lb 4oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Gold Coast, QLD

Wowie (Kath) It's a girl! - Luella Elizabeth @ 41w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 34.8cm, L 49.3cm - Yarra Valley, VIC

DBear (Dani) It's a boy! - Oliver Alexander @ 39w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Brisbane, QLD

25th May

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28th May

MeMimi (Mimi) DH Michael It's a girl! - Alice Eve Cook @ 40w 1d - 8lb 5oz - HC 34.5cm, L 50cm - Adelaide, SA

Chels13 AKA Chelsey-May (Chelsey) DH Luke It's a boy! - Jack Leonard @ 39w 5d - 7lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Newcastle, NSW

29th May

coopersmummy (Erin) It's a girl! - Cooper Mikyla McKenna Law @ 40w 3d - 7lb 9oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Caloundra, QLD

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2nd June

tasha0202 (Tasha) It's a girl! - Ella Rose @ 40w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC cm, L cm - Niagara Falls, CANADA

7th June

Binna (Belinda) DS Twins Caelan & Liam (2.5) It's a girl! - Evelyn Lola @ 40w 6d - 8lb 9oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North-West Sydney, NSW

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hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) DH Matt It's a girl! - Vienna Rose Lyons @ 41w 6d - 9lb 5oz - HC 37cm, L 57cm - Logan, QLD


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#12 ribenaberrie

Posted 03 January 2007 - 08:07 AM

Yay my 1400th post!!  :biggrin:

For some reason sometimes the little pictures on the list doesn't work and sometimes it does. Hmmm.. probably just the site I am getting them from.  dry.gif

Meredith - I can't remember her name but someone from the Hills District group with a gorgeous girl whose name is Scarlet gave me some details of this place I can ring up and they have playgroups every day of the week. I think its somewhere in Castle Hill. I haven't had a chance to call yet though. I really should as I really want Joey to start interacting with other babies. Are you and Chelsea part of a mothers group/play group?

Dani - My pg is going OK. I felt like throwing up all day yesterday and all my insides are hurting but I guess I shouldn't complain because if I feel fine then I start to worry!  tongue.gif

Leanne - To put an image up the top you put <img src="LINK OF IMAGE"> where you write stuff. Yay on finding a car. Real estate agents are pretty sleazy most of the time, well thats the impression I get anyways, hope you have better luck with Elders.

Its so freaky, yesterday our account manager from this company that our company uses called me up and the first thing she says to me was "I heard you are pg!!" and I'm like "where did you hear that from???" because I haven't told anyone at work and the only person apart from you guys and DH that knows is my old boss who has left now. She goes to me one of the drivers told her (I see their drivers at least twice a week) but I don't know how the drivers would know because I didn't tell them!! I will have to ask them who has been spreading "rumours" about me later when I see one of them. I hope this account manager doesn't go and tell anyone at my work because I think if my company finds out then it might lower my chances of me getting my managers job.  :sad: I know its not supposed to affect it, but I am sure it will be an issue because if I get the job it will involve running a project that needs to be up and running by June/July. Sorry to ramble, just wanted to get that out.

Anyways, better get going. BBL!

#13 wca

Posted 03 January 2007 - 08:21 AM


LEANNE> Ggrrrrr stupid real estate! We are having a similar issue with our house. We own a house up in Port Hedland and it is currently on the market. It's been on the market for a few weeks now and we haven't had any calls or anything about it mad.gif  We personally think it could be over priced, but have been told thats just the market up there (also small town). We are calling them this week to see what the hecks going on, either they have over priced it or aren't doing a proper job with advertising. It is sooooo frustrating!! Oh how excting for you though!!

KRISTIE> Have a fab day with your friend! I seriously took my freedom and social life for granted before Tayla, now I realise it's pretty difficult catching up with people now. Yey on Ella sleeping heaps again!

Well settlement for our new place is meant to be TODAY, but because of the crazy time of year, the bank didn't recieve a bit of paper they needed so it's been held back for a day, so we get the keys TOMORROW mad.gif  I was so p*ssed off last night, went off my tree a bit ph34r.gif but now I realise it's only a day! Plus I am getting my wedding dress altered today so it worked out in the end. Another New year resolution : to stop being such a stress head!

I had a great time with my friend yesterday, she stayed for 3 hours which was nice, normally one of us always has to shoot through quickly in the hecticness of life. We had a really good chat and after she left I felt great. I need to stop being so anti social too. Gawd this year I think I need a whole new me LOL!!
It's so weired how we met. Years ago my family used to go to this pub and the waitress was always so friendly and my brother took a liking to her. So when she'd come to the table we'd give him sh*t. Fast forward a year and I started at a gym. There was always this girl there who i thought was a snob but recognised from somewhere (the waitress). fast forward ANOTHER year and i did a conservation training course and started talking to this girl who had SUCH a familiar face but I couldn't put my finger on it. Until one day she said "OMG your the gym girl" and I said "Yep! And your the pub chick!" We became joined at the hip, I introduced her to my brother and they went out for almost 4 years but broke up on mutual grounds about 8 months ago :sad:  She now has a new boyfriend but he's really uncomfortable with the fact that  her best friend (me) is her ex boyfriends sister. You still following LOL? I wish he'd understand that I'm NOT one of those nasty girls that will hate him just because she was with my brother. She was my friend BEFORE she was my brothers girlfriend and thats how i always saw her and always will. I can see that my brother and her are better without eachother but her new man just doesn't get it. I think he thinks that I wished she was back with my brother but it's so not like that! Oh holy cow I have rambled like a teenager! PML!  Anyway sorry to bore you all to death!

I better go get dressed and ready while Tayla is asleep. Im really nervouse about gettingmy dress altered, I get butterflies thinking about wearing it again wacko.gif


#14 Me Plus 3

Posted 03 January 2007 - 08:52 AM

Morning girls  :biggrin:

I wish you all a Happy New Year

Have been keeping up sorry for the me me post and lack of personals.

Rhiannon – sorry to hear about the break up, but it sounds like you have made the right decision for you and the girls.

We had a great Christmas (cant remember if I have posted since Christmas anyway) I will try to get some pics of Zack up soon to show you.
Our new year was ok nothing big we went to my parents house stayed till 1am it was nice to sit around chatting, but one of my dads friends has fire crackers (I didn’t know) and started to let them off while Zack was sleeping, it woke him up and scared the sh*t out of him, once we got home he jumped at every little noise, screamed for ages couldn’t settle him so he slept with us.
Since then his been really really clingy screams every time one of us leave him, temp for a couple of days his been lethargic so I took him to the hospital on Monday night and said there nothing wrong, if he still has a temp in a few days then take him to the doctor wasn’t happy, I had my mum come over yesterday to give me a hand cause I couldn’t put him down without him screaming the house down his fine if someone is holding him and all his doing is sleeping. Any way after an ok night he has woken up with spots all over his tummy, back a few on his head so off to the doctor soon  :sad:
Sorry if that doesn’t make sense  blink.gif

Better go get ready to go to the doctors. BBL if I can

#15 hollybeagle1981

Posted 03 January 2007 - 09:58 AM

Hi girls!

Kylie:  I hope Zack is Ok!  You're doing the right thing going to the Dr's.  Have you tried pressing down on the red spots?  I think if they turn white it's ok.  (someone correct me if it's the other way around)  Bummer about Zack waking up so much on your New Years.  He may just be clingy because he's not feeling well?

Anni:  Sounds like you had a great time yesterday.  It is a disappointing that your friends current boyfriend is acting weird.  What an interesting way that you guys met! Oooh.. reminds me when I was trying on my wedding dress.  Are you getting butterflies because you are nervous or excited?!  What is Tayla going to wear?

Jackie:  Hope you start to feel better soon, but I know how you feel with if you are starting to feel ok you worry, lol.  Us worryworts!  You go little detective and figure out who's been spreading 'rumours' ph34r.gif

Kristie:  Enjoy your friends visit today.  I should go visit my sis today.  feeling like I should just spend the morning inside doing some moisturising/facial/waxing stuff. I might go have a long bath! I feel like I've been letting myself go lately.

Leanne:  I hope you enjoyed your wine and  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  last night,  :wink: .  Definately go with another real estate!  I always thought people who advertised "must sell, owners leaving" etc.. it was under the owners instructions.  Guess not!  I hope you have better luck with Elders.  You should come live at the Gold Coast!!!!

Beck:  I hope you get back on EB soon!  I think some other people have been having trouble with Optus.  I big earthquake or something interfered with the cable?

Us:  Well my mum flew back home new years day and my dad is still here.  He will be going up to my uncles house for a week starting tomorrow and then I'm going to drive with him up to CAIRNS!  Whew, that will be a big trip for Vienna.  But he was going to drive up on his own so I thought, 'why not!' and just decided to go. Vienna and I will be flying back home after 10 days or so.  It's exciting being impulsive, just cause I can!  No work holding me back or anything.

DH and I went to the movies and saw 'the holiday' last night. My dad stayed home and looked after Vienna. I really enjoyed it! (although it was a typical hollywood romantic comedy story)  Jude Law is sooooo sexy! I never thought about him being sexy before, but sheesh, he's a good looker.  DH would've got some  :wink:  last night if he'd been awake, lol.. (he fell asleep before the movie finished).

Ok, I might go wax my legs and see if I can jump in the bath b4 vienna wakes up. Positive thinking!

Love Kristi and Vienna

p.s. everyone has those little blinkies now under their username.. I can't even figure out how to type there! I've looked everywhere.  Someone please show me how!

#16 ribenaberrie

Posted 03 January 2007 - 10:34 AM

Well I asked the driver that came today and asked him if he knows whose been spreading "rumours" about me and he said it wasn't him because "you're not pregnant!" and I just stayed quiet. I feel bad but I am not ready to tell people yet. Anyways, I will ask another one next time I get them here. These drivers are as gossipy as women!  tongue.gif But I have a feeling that my old manager is the one who told the account manager because they are quite good friends and I know they met up for lunch before she left. Oh wells.

Kylie - Sorry to hear that Zach's not well. I think Kristi is right, if you press down on the dots and if they turn white then it should be OK, but its still safer to go see a dr to find out exactly whats wrong. Let us know once you find out and I hope he gets better soon.

Anni - How exciting that you will get the keys tomorrow. Have you finished packing yet? When will you move in? You probably mentioned this before but I've forgotten, when is you wedding?

Kristi - Lucky you going to Cairns!! That should be fun!  :biggrin: I am so jealous. I have never been but have seen pictures and it looks lovely. To put stuff under your user name you go to COntrol Panel, then Personal Settings, then Edit my Profile and its the very first field called "Your Member Title" and you can type whatever you want in there or put a picture in using what I wrote to Leanne. HTH.

OK back to stuffing my face with twisties! BBL!  :biggrin:

Also.. I wonder if its so quiet in here because all the Optus people can't come on?? I think there was on earthquake in Taiwan last week and it broke one of the big cables running under the sea. Apparently a lot of asian countries couldn't come online.

#17 ellacy

Posted 03 January 2007 - 11:11 AM

Just had to quickly post as my friend will be here any minute. I love my new sig and had to show it off. Thanks Beck!

Its funny about the whole earthquake thing with Optus cause Beck said she can still get onto other sites but not EB... very weird.

QOTD - When can you stop sterilising bottles. I always thought it was 12 months but i was ready another thread about it and heaps of people were saying they stopped around 6 months....

Anni - Hope you have fun trying your wedding dress on. I love my dress and every time I tried it on I felt like a princess. My DH wants me to sell it but I just cant. Might put it on and do some housework..lol.... Yey on finally getting the keys tomorrow. What a stuff around though, imagine if you really had to be out of your house today...

Jeannie - It was a long and hard process to get Ella to sleep well at night. I will PM you what I did cause otherwise I'll take up this whole thread!

Okies BBL

#18 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 03 January 2007 - 11:28 AM

Kristie - I love your sig. Beck is so talented...I always love the sigs she makes.

Speaking of Beck - maybe her DH blocked EB??? Hehe, I bet she is getting heaps done, I would if I couldn't get onto EB... tongue.gif

Leanne xo

#19 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:04 PM

HI girls,

well the tears started last night when my brother hugged me and told me he loved me and that he was really proud of me. I got into bed sobbing and dh woke up and cuddled me for ages. Then this morning i cried in the shower, and I went to the post office and burst into tears when Anne from the post office asked me if i was alright.

So my parents and Brother have left now, we were all crying, it was devastating. I absolutely was not ready to let them go again, i hate that they live so far away and I'm crying again while i'm typing this. It was so good to have them here.

If it was anyone else staying at my house I would've been over it after the first day but my parents are really easy to have around, i've always been super close to them. Anyway I'll probably cry for a few days now, and then i'll just have to get over it.

Butterfly - Poor Zack, I hope he is okay. let us know what the Dr says.

Sorry for no more personals, i have to get myself together a bit because i can't concentrate.

Britt xx

#20 mummy~2~two

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:11 PM

Oh Britt.... Sending you lot's of {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

#21 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:37 PM

Britt - sending you ((hugs)) too. I know what you are going through as my mum lives 7 hours away and I cry every time we leave there...hope you are feeling better soon.

Leanne xo

#22 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:44 PM

Good afternoon.

My first chance today to get on here and post.

Oliver slept through last night. YAY!!! :biggrin:  :biggrin:  I woke though in a panic thinking I'd slept through him waking. I tend to be a very heavy sleeper but DH is a light sleeper so I dont' think we missed him waking. I dont' think he'll sleep through again tonight though but I could be lucky. Fingers crossed.

Great on you getting some scrapbooking done. I've never done any. Have you been doing it long?

Yay on Ella sleeping through again. Your new sig is lovely.

Sorry to hear you and DH are in separate beds. Hope it gets better soon.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going ok. Not good about feeling like you wanted to throw up all the yesterday.

I hope you sell your house in Port Headland soon. Seems like real estate agents are bad almost everywhere. You'll have to describe your wedding dress to us or if you don't want to tell us before the wedding you'll have to post pics after. I imagine you are going to look just gorgeous if the pics you post of yourself are anything to go by.

Sorry to hear Zack is sick. I hope it isn't anything too serious.

I am keen to go to Ikea with you. DH and I went on the weekend. I absolutely love the new store in Logan. It is huge. I want to go back. I am free most of next week at this stage. I guess it will depend on when you are going to Cairns. That will be a long trip with Vienna. You are very brave. I really want to see the movie "The Holiday" but I think I'll have to wait until it's on DVD.

I don't know how to do the blinkies but know how to change the writing under you username.
  • Go to personal settings on the side
  • click on edit my profile
  • Type in whatever you want under "Your Member Title"

I think that's how you do it.

Oops I think you already worked out how to do it.

That's bad about optus people not being able to get online. I'd die if I didnt' have internet. Don't know how I ever lived without it.

QOTD - sterilising bottles
I've heard so many conflcting things about this. As Kristie said 12months but I've also heard 6 months. Another one I've heard is that you dont' need to do it at all. I don't think I could stop doing it. It's the only thing I sterilise though. Just feel funny about stopping that.

Big hugs. You must be a really close family. It was nice that they could stay quite awhile with you but bad now that they have gone. I hope you are feeling better soon.

I hope to BBL.


#23 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:46 PM

Ok I am downloading msn messenger and want to get added to the group. How do I go about doing that?

#24 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 03 January 2007 - 12:48 PM

You need to add people's email address to your contact list.

If you want to add me I will then add you.

kumacub@hotmail.com   is my msn contact detail.


#25 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 03 January 2007 - 01:02 PM

Dani - That is fantastic that Oliver slept through, i am the light sleeper and dh is a very heavy sleeper.

Leanne - I have a turbo diesel GLS pajero, what colour did you get? I hope you manage to sell your house, it would be great if it all worked out the way you want, for the price you want.

Kristie - I still sterilise Hunter's dummies, I'm not ready to stop doing it yet.

Kristi - Mmmmm Jude Law. yummo. I really want to watch that movie, it looks great.

Britt xx

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