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May 06 Parents #80

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#126 TazzieD

Posted 05 January 2007 - 07:50 PM

OMG I had to post again!! Rach, that story totally freaks me out!! Snakes are my phobia so I would have been a hysterical mess. You poor darling. I am so glad the snake guy came out as I would have been sleeping in a hotel if it were me.

Lyn, I love all of your photos! They are gorgeous! I love that one of your DH and Max together.

Beck, I'm back to work on Monday. I probably should have been back today but I was so sick yesterday that I wasn't about to go and infect everyone else. I was actually meant to be back at the beginning of the week.

Okay, really gotta go and organise some dinner. I'm cheating and heating up premade shepherds pie! original.gif

#127 mummy~2~two

Posted 05 January 2007 - 07:58 PM

Oh God Rach, how scary! ohmy.gif I would have been sh*tting myself too!

Lyn- They are great photo's.  biggrin.gif  If you are interested in Scrapbooking them just let me know and I can send you a catalogue. Sorry had to plug my business as it is going a bit slow at the moment.  cool.gif

Shari- Glad to have to have you back again. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I'm sure the time you spent with him was very special and will be remembered always. That's great news about TTC. How exciting!!!

Dani- How did Oliver go last night?? We were so happy with Chelsea. She had her dream feed but only one side and then slept through until 7am. She still stirred at 5:57am to which DH said "how does she know it's nearly 6am" but then went back to sleep.

Beck- Lucky you not having to cook. Sounds like you have great PIL. Mine are more PITA!!! They make a big fuss about coming up from VIC and not having seen her for ages..... then after Chelsea had her sleep this afternoon and was in a great mood instead of playing with her and DH they go and sit outside. I just can't work them out.....

Kristie- Your massage sounds just devine. I guess I will just have to live out my massages through you.... biggrin.gif

Britt- I was another one who was fooled by your DH. I was so excited for you a paused just to be  biggrin.gif  only to continue reading..... glare.gif

Ok have to stop being anti social and go and chat to the PIL.


#128 ChampersGal

Posted 05 January 2007 - 07:59 PM

LOL Im glad to see that the access problem wasn't just mine.  biggrin.gif  I felt terrible as Id only just introduced myself and then I thought it might look like I just up and left.  ohmy.gif
Anyway Im soooooo glad to be up and running again.

The girls are nearly crawling. Its sort of a backwards crawl at the moment. Im very excited, although a little scared that my babies are going to be on the move now and this whole twin business is about to get a whole lot tougher.  laugh.gif

We have MIL staying with us and the moment and I thought it would give me a break but alas thats not the case.  mad.gif  She's past all this baby business she tells me.  huh.gif  mad.gif

Anyway Thomas is back to daycare two days a week from next week, Thank God so that should enable me to get this house in order again.

Kirsty congratulations on Preston crawling, we can compare notes!!!

Hi Shari, Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to chatting.  biggrin.gif

Lyn, your kids are gorgeous. Love the pics

BBL when I get Thomas to bed.

#129 TazzieD

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:05 PM

QOTD - For those bubba's trying to stand, do they do it with flat feet or on their toes?

Milly stands mostly on her toes, and I am trying to figure out if it is a sign of her hips not being right or if it is a developmental thing.

#130 senorita

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:07 PM

Hi girls  original.gif

Welcome back optus girls!

Wow u girls are all TTC #2 quite quickly hey? When I fell pregnant with Mason, Jacob was 10mths old and nearly everyone thought it was too soon and I was crazy! Maybe I was… hehe. Nah its not all that bad really…

Jeannie: you will know when you are ready to start for number 2. I think when I was trying for number 2 I let all that cluckyness get in the way, I didn’t seriously think about how hard it would be, or about the lack of sleep coming back!! But I don’t regret it at all now, so whether it happens sooner or later, I’m sure u will be fine and everything will be right for you  biggrin.gif

Britt: I got so excited when I read your post about the lotto, I thought u had won for a minute there! U need to come up with a good revenge plan to get your hubby back! Hehe

Kristie: your massage sounds divine, what a lovely treat  original.gif  I love getting my head massaged at the hairdressers, its my fave part! I always nearly fall asleep…

Chris: LOL about your clean house, my standards have dropped since joining here, I get so much less done around the house now! Probly a good thing tho, chill out a bit….

Kirsty: well done on Preston crawling, how exciting!

Lyn: I love all the pictures, the one of Max and your hubby is priceless. So cute!

Dani: is the mystery shopping fun?

Rach: that snake story had me on the edge of my seat! How bloody scary! I wouldn’t have handled that very well at all….yuck I hate snakes! U poor thing…

Mers: whats your scrapbooking business? Im a big scrapper…

Us: had a nice morning, met my uncle at my mums house, he lives about 2 hrs away so was nice to catch up. Mason had a nice long nap while we were there too, which is a bonus. Hes in bed now, just waiting for Jacob to go-DH is outside with him mowing the lawns hoping to tire him out a bit!
DH is home all this weekend for a change, so that will be nice. Don’t think we r up to much, might go out for lunch with the boys, we’ll see what their moods r like on the day I think!
We wanted to go to a hotel or something tomorrow night, MIL offered to have them overnight but everything seems to be booked out...o well sad.gif

have a good night girls!

Renee xo

#131 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:19 PM

Hi Girls,

I just had to say to Rach OMG my heart was in my mouth reading your story about the snake. I would be soooooo freaked out by that, I would probably have stayed in a motel. Im glad you got it caught and taken away and that you didnt get bitten! Is there any way of getting your yard 'snake proofed?'

Welcome back to all the optus girls! I missed you all, I kept wondering where everybody was and thought you all must have had a life lol.

Hows this, I went into the SA forum to say hi, and one of the girls that responded it turns out I went to school with, she was in the year below me!  Tounge1.gif

Anyway... I have gotta call DH. He keeps wanting to 'talk' I have NFI why he keeps wanting to talk and drag it out. I made it clear earlier I would only talk tonight if there was no BS about him trying to convince me to come back, and no insults. He DID apologise for the insults the other day though which is good. So.... wish me luck.

Have a good night everyone original.gif

#132 shoofly

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:22 PM

Ok Long overdue attempt at personals
Optus girls - welcome back. I was actually able to keep up it was so quiet in here  Tounge1.gif
Erin - You sound so happy! Im glad that everything is sliding into place. The whole possible eviction could just be another piece of the puzzle falling into place
Shari - Sorry to hear about your grandad. It was good you got to spend some time with him before he passed. Also, good luck TTC!
Tara - i didnt get my nana nap! Bloody coffee machine - i think im now ODing on coffee instead of coke  blush.gif
Kirsty- yay for Preston crawling!
Lyn - the photos are cute!
Rach - OMG  ohmy.gif Eeeikkk. I dont know what else to say, im still a little freaked out. My IL's live out near blacktown and they have had a couple of incidents with snakes. Their dog found a snake, killed it outside and then the cats brought it in...MIL was not happy.
Kristie - the massage sounded GREAT! Glad you enjoyed it.
Renee - I understand what you are saying about TTC#2. In my heart Id love to TTC right now! In reality i can see it being way too hard, with my work, DH at home, no sleep etc... It would be nice though *i keep going around in circles* My backup plan is to wait until Lola is at school, then have #2 and take 2 years off work and enjoy being a SAHM and let DH go to work...we'll see...
QOTD - Lola stands on flat feet and toes. I dont think she does it for any particular reason? Just whateva takes her fancY!
Ok my sister is over and i have ignored her for the past hour while i typed this post...she is watching some sinatra movie...better go.

#133 TazzieD

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:35 PM

Jeannie, sorry to read you are having such troubles with Lola not sleeping in her cot. Is it only at night or is it during the day as well?? I feel so blessed with Milly sleeping well from such a young age.

I apologise to anyone I have missed with personals today! I haven't gone back past this thread - all too hard I say!

Off to surf the boards. Nighty-night.

#134 wca

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:49 PM

Hello Sexy mummas!

I've missed the last few pages and will try my best to do personals but sorry in advance if I forget anything!

RHIANNON> What a small world hey! Have you talked to DH yet? I hope everything is ok, I so badly hope that he doesn't make you feel crappy. Thinking of you!

RENEE> Bummer with the hotels being booked, what about a little B&B or something? It would be such a nice thing to do!

CHAMPERS> Love your user name, I'm a sucker for champers wink.gif Love the stuff! Good to see you back, looking forward to getting to know you! PML, I have introduced myself a few times here actually, it's funyy, I'd introduce myself and then never come back ph34r.gif Until i eventually stuck around LOL

KRISTIE> OMG I'm so jelous of your massage! Good on you for having one, you've inspired me to get one soon. Love your wine plan, what a relaxing and well deserved treat for you!

RACH> Flippin' hell how scary!!! You poor thing, sounds like you really need to figure out some kind of anti snake strategy thing at your place. Hope you've calmed down a bit, I'd be shaking like a leaf.

SHARI> Yey on TTC #2!! Exciting!

BRITT> Tayla loves toast fingers too, but she's only had vegemite so far. the creamed corn sounds good!

Have had a flat out day today, MIL came over this morning to help me move but Tayla slept the whole time so we got nothing done! Was good to have a chat and a cuppa with her anyway, she's such a hippy, so good to talk to. Did a load of boxes, it takes 25 mins to drive to our new place so it's not exactly easy to do a few loads in one day, 25 there and 25 back, it's so draining!!

Chad's gone out to see some bands tonight, before he left he set up the computer again (he packed it all away this arvo) for me so I wouldn't get too bored on my own. Whats better is that i didn't even have to ask him, he did it on his own!~

Anyone elses bubby getting all snuggly and cuddly? Tayla has just started to 'return the love' so to speak LOL. She reaches out for my face, puts both hands on either side of my face and gives me the biggest sloppiest smooches. And tonight I was sitting on the floor and she kept climbing into my lap and snuggling into me. And when i pick her up she squeezes me! It's just so utterly adorable and wonderful biggrin.gif

Oh and just quickly, I made spag bol tonight for dinner and put some through the blender and gave it to Tayla. She absolutley loved it!!

Alrighty, I'm off to cruise the forums!


#135 shoofly

Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:59 PM

Shari - yeh not much fun with sleep here! Im going to try CC next week, other then that its off to tresillian on the 4th feb.
Anni - Lola gives me cuddles and open mouth kisses (really cheek sucks laugh.gif ). She doesnt give them to DH. Her sign of affection for him is to growl (they chase each other and rumble).
Ive decided to cut my hair again. I had short short hair for 5 years and grew it  long while i was pregnant. My sister made a comment the other day about my 'mum hair style'!! ARGH! I was mortified! So now i think i need a funky hair cut. So thats what im sitting here on the computer trying to find...

Edited by geniebottle, 05 January 2007 - 09:00 PM.

#136 ~Rebekah~

Posted 05 January 2007 - 09:06 PM

YAY EB is actually working from my computer  smile1.gif

Dinner at the IL's was nice.  I resisted the naughty potato and went for salad which I was really proud of.  Forgot to mention earlier that today when DH and I were out shopping he said to me - have you lost weight already, you look really good.  I almost fell over.  I know I probably haven't lost any weight yet because it has only been a few days but just the fact that he is trying to support me was sweet I thought.

Shari- Cooper always used to stand on his tippy toes but now that he can pull himself up on things he tends to stand more flat footed.  I think more so because he realises that he will fall if he doesn't.  But yet it is definitely a developmental thing.  Some babies are still tip toed when they start walking.  Here is the link to my photobucket account, there are a few videos in there that I have taken lately actually!!  


That is so exciting about TTC#2.  I have actually been thinking about it lately lots but I keep freaking out about my work.  I am going back to work in April for 2 days a week and the next thing I know it will be May/June and we will be TTC again too.  Have you thought about work, do you think they will be ok with it.  Which reminds me, I must look into what happens with maternity leave.  I wonder if I can take another year even though I have just taken a year ???

Rach- Glad to see you back.  OMG  ohmy.gif  How scary for you coming across that snake.  We used to get heaps of snakes in my parents house because they live on acerage so I am actually more scared of spiders but I can just imagine how scary that would have been.  My brother once stood on top of a red belly black but luckily my Dad killed it with a spade before he was bitten.  I hope you have calmed down now!!

Rhiannon- That's good that you have found someone you know.  What a small world EB is original.gif  So are you going to meet up.  Good luck with your chat with your DH!!

Kristie- Your massage sounds like heaven.  I feel relaxed just thinking about it LOL original.gif  OOoops I meant this year, as in 2007 to TTC#2.  Stupid me  wacko.gif   I keep telling myself that if I loose all this weight before we TTC#2 then I will be happy because if I fell pregnant again now I would be the size of a small country by the time I have no 2 LOL original.gif

Champersgal-  Good to see you back.  How exciting that the girls are starting to crawl.  Do you find that they do things at the same time or at different stages ??

Mers- Sorry to hear that your PIL are being PITA!!  Mine can be at times but lately they have been really good.  How long are they staying again ??

Lyn- Love the pics, just gorgeous.  I love the one of Max on your DH too, so cute!!  Looks like you had a great day!

Dani- WOW sounds like a busy day.  So what is this Mystery Shopper thing about.  Do you get paid to shop ??  Sounds like my kind of job, must know more original.gif

Better go and pay DH some attention, he is a little crook the poor bugger.  Just what he needs before he is due back at work on Monday!!

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