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#26 MeLFunKTioN

Posted 15 January 2007 - 10:33 AM

I hope she improves for you Danni. Unfortunately kids pick up lots of bugs and stuff but in the long run its good for their immune system ! She'll build antibodies that will help fight this sort of thing in the future.

Chin up original.gif

I agree with Syl.. wait a few days to see if AF shows.. if not .. test then. No point working yourself up about it all. It could just be your body regulating itself after the Depo. Good luck either way original.gif

#27 MeLFunKTioN

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:15 AM

Less than 24hrs to go !!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

It's too late to cancel right ?

#28 ~Danni~

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:16 AM

Meliss~ HOw is Sophie? Is she better since last night?

DH and I were looking up where you lived in Cairns laugh.gif Cant wait to meet you and I hope I can meet Eden too laugh.gif

#29 MeLFunKTioN

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:21 AM

Oh no !! going to stalk me are you !! hahahha ! Tounge1.gif Too bad you're not coming in May... could of come to bubba 2's birth bahahahahaha ! Seriously though... i dunno how many people i want in there this time.. it was good having EVERYONE in there last time.. but yeah.. we'll see !

If you're here on a Monday you can come along to our mums group original.gif there's a few in the group that are well known on EB... AQUA would be the most well known i think original.gif Anyway.. they're all so very nice and they all know who you are Tounge1.gif i mean with 8000 posts... no one is going to miss your posts !!!

Sophie is sleeping.. has drs appointment at 1:15pm.. she's very chesty but her 'voice' sounds better. It's been ongoing for so long (gets chesty... snotty.. then gets better... then a week or so later .. gets it again).. so i think i'll just get it sorted properly this time with some Antibiotics or something.

How's Paige doing.. poor lil munchkin sad.gif

#30 Purple_Gecko

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:28 AM

I was just waiting for the I cant come message...bahahaha
Only 22 hours.

#31 ~Danni~

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:33 AM

Meliss~We will be arriving Thursday 8 March at 10.30pm, leaving Monday 12 March, 12.30pm, so I wont be there for mummy's group...who me? Stalk you? blink.gif  huh.gif  Tounge1.gif  laugh.gif  Of course not!

Paige is in her cot quietly playing while I wash the floor, I will take her out for a walk shortly so I can get her penicillin medicine

#32 Mouth

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:42 AM

Whoa, lots of sick bubba's in here. I have to ask you about Jess - if she sticks her finger in her ear alot and then cried yesterday afternoon holding her ear do you think I should take her to the doctor? I ended up giving her panadol yesterday arvo and she's been her normal self ever since. She always seems to stick her finger in that one ear though.

Had a good weekend but still not 100% from flu. This one has knocked me for a six! I haven't been this sick since before I was pregnant. Did some extra training for Drill/Dance on Saturday and that really took it out of me. Then ditched our dinner date for Saturday night because I was way too tired and yesterday went to friends for lunch before coming to Dad's for dinner. Jess didn't go to sleep until 10.30 last night due to having a late nap yesterday so we slept in this morning.

Meliss - hope Sophie is well enough. Good luck meeting Syl, I hope she turns out to be the person you're looking for!

Syl - hope Neeky is feeling better. I hope Meliss is not a disaster to live with and you can stand her for a whole week (just kidding!)

Kristy - you social butterfly. Hope this week is not tooooo crazy!

Danni - OMG Paige is sick. Don't cry, she will be better in no time. Wow about Cairns. What made you decide?

Amanda - whoolly dooley, what is going on with your crazy cycles! How many kids do you want in the end can I ask?

Mel - I hope Lach appointments today go well. He deserves a break and so do you! You are a superwoman. I can't even get that much work done with just Jess around. She just pulls more stuff out as I put things away. Our study is a disaster AGAIN because she got in there and pulled things out all over the floor. Filing, the works.

Tam - hows about a new siggy for you? Need an updated piccie of Nic!

Annabel - love the new sig. The girls are growing up fast. Do they play well together?

Kim - did you find out about the open house yet?

Caroline - glad you're having a great time, I can't believe you'll be back in a week. Time travels quickly!

Carol - good to see you back....


#33 Guest_bubby76_*

Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:51 AM

Danni ~ Hope that Princess Paige is feeling better soon.  Poor little thing.  And you try and take it easy too!

Meliss ~ Hope that Madam Sophie feels better also.  Talk about timing just as you're about to go to Sydney.  Is she on any antibiotics?  Poor thing  sad.gif

Syl ~ Hope that Neeky is also feeling better soon too.

Nat ~ Sorry to hear that you still aren't over your flu.  Guess the weather doesn't help.

Tam ~ How's your pregnancy going??

Well I see my OB this Thursday for my checkup and I get my c-section date.  So this week will drag now!!  But it'll be good to know as I'll have a date to have everything ready by.

Sorry to anyone I've missed  wacko.gif

Hmmm .. I should have some lunch.  I've got leftovers from last night - Chicken kiev and vegies .. yummy  biggrin.gif

#34 Tam76

Posted 15 January 2007 - 12:13 PM

Sam, Good to hear that you are doing well, yay on getting a date.  biggrin.gif mmmm, you lunch sounds good, must work out what we will have here, am sooooo off food right now, lol.
Nat, I have had a cold too, been hanging around for 3 weeks now, so not fun when you can't take anything for it  mad.gif   Hope you are feeling better.  Yes Syl has offered to do one for me a couple of times and I have been too lazy to send her pics  blush.gif , might have a look today and see what I can find.  Cos Nic hasn't really sprouted hair, he doesn't look that different to the pic in my sig anyways,  wacko.gif
Mel & Syl, Yay on it almost being time, have an awesome time together, wish I could come too, maybe one day, lol.
Us, Well apart from having my cold I am not doing too badly, I am 10 weeks tomorrow  ohmy.gif I can't wait till I have my next scan (13weeks) as I am still a little nervous about it all.  I am feeling mega tired though and have really enjoyed DH being home on holidays as I could go and have a Nanna nap whenever I liked, he went back to work last night so we will see how I go.
Ok better go get lunch, will bbl to share Nic's brekkie pic from yesterday, it is loading up on PB now, damn dial up, takes too long, grrrrr.

#35 Tam76

Posted 15 January 2007 - 12:58 PM

Ok here are some pics

And these are a week or two ago, the boys having a wrestle  laugh.gif

#36 Purple_Gecko

Posted 15 January 2007 - 01:20 PM

i did a post and lost it... mad.gif

neeky is heaps better today. she will play for 1/2 hour today without screaming at me.

Meliss will be a disaster I am sure but for this week she is MY DISASTER so I dont care....hahahahahaha.
The ear thing might be teeth.

Cont down....woohoo

nice piccies. Nicholas really hasnt changed has he...hehehehe
Would be great to meet you too.
I thought about 10 weeks but didnt want to post in case i was seriously wrong.  blush.gif

#37 Bloomer

Posted 15 January 2007 - 01:37 PM

Hi just dropping in to say hello..

Kristy - a dirdnl is a traditional dress from Austria and the beer gardens the girls wear them especially the german/austria border..  DHs mum and Oma are actually Austrian  I have a couple of Austrian Tshirts for the girls..  My mum made a Dirndl for Grace but is still a bit big for Isabella.  His mum loved Grace in it so bought her one from Austria..

Danni - I have been saving those tops for a special occasion for ages...DON'T they have already grown out of one I bought at the begining of Summer..  It wasn't warm enough earlier to wear them..  It is so cute.. The dirndl is the same I need to put it on her more often to get any wear out of it..

we have returned from the hunter valley.. Thank goodness not boiling hot. The caravan park was good though a bit dusty but the hunter is like that.. Girls loved the pool not as keen checking out the wineries but it was lovely for the girls to spend a couple more days with Grandma and Grandad.. I think they enjoyed it too, thought the first night thought we would be up all night..

We were sleeping on one mum and dad had a for a few years now and I think our combined weight was just too much.. and it developed a slooooow leak.. In the middle of the first night grace woke so we all swapped around grace slept with dennis on the blow up.. next morning when Dennis got up Grace just about bounced off.. the girls loved bouncing on it..It was still OK but not great..

DH is downstairs vacuuming our garage they just sprayed the garage with water but missed our garage and from what DH says buckled our door to garage, will be interesting.. oh this is a long and complicated thing.. There is still about 5 repair trucks in our driveway..and I can smell the fire smell.

Isabella looks like she just got off a horse with her walking better go and do some washing....

#38 MeLFunKTioN

Posted 15 January 2007 - 02:43 PM

Just popping in to say..

Sophie has a middle ear infection  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif The doctor even recommended not flying.... so i don't know what to do !!! Apparently its early stages and not too bad however there's a chance her eardrum might burst !!! i'm sitting here crying as i don't want this to happen obviously. ! All the doctor could recommend was giving her panadol or similar about 15-30mins before descending... then giving her a bottle when descending as it'll help 'open' her ears up. I have antibiotics for her ... doctor said its normally 2 doses a day.. however i have to give her 3 before the morning to try and help things a little. I've just given her dose number 1... will give her another at dinner time and another at bedtime and i'll give her one straight away in the morning i guess.

Anyone else been in this situation???

Sorry about the rant.. its just so typical.

Other news.. went to doctors appointment at the hospital and they couldn't get bubs heartrate on the doppler.. i wasn't worried as i could feel bub moving... the doctor was really nice original.gif He went and got the u/s machine which looked about 30yrs old and i got to see bub again on the machine. Didn't ask the sex though.. but i was looking to see if i could see anything.. the picture wasn't real clear though.

My BP and everything else is great (120/60) and results from the Morphology scan said all is well too.

#39 Mouth

Posted 15 January 2007 - 02:57 PM

Oh God Meliss

So typical to happen right now. Unbelieveable. I've never been in that situation so can't say anything helpful I'm afraid. Jess came on the plane to Adelaide when she was 6 months and cried on decent both times and there was nothing wrong with her. I hope Sophie copes OK.
Great news for your appointment though - everything on track.

Cathy - I use to save clothes for Jess to wear for special occasions too and don't anymore as she grows too fast and misses out! I went to cotton On Kids yesterday and got about 8 things for $50 for her to wear. Some in size ones now.

Jess is wearing some size 1 tops but still in 00 pants because of her skinny waist. And i swear her nappy is holding those up! Does anyone know of anywhere that sells adjustable waist pants other than pumpkin patch?

Do any of the VIC girls live near Geelong?

Syl - how can I tell about the teeth thing? She has her front 4 top and bottom teeth (so eight in total). Which ones come next usually? the ones right next to these or the ones after a gap? Bottom or top? I've looked a couple of times and can't see anything?!

Tam - gosh he really hsn't changed much at all! Still no hair! What was he attempting to eat for breakfast?

#40 ~Danni~

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:04 PM

Natalie~ I live about an hour away from geelong original.gif

Meliss~ Poor Sophie!So typical for things like that to happen when youre due to go away somewhere!

Gotta run, have things to do so Ill bbl possibly original.gif

#41 Purple_Gecko

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:08 PM

The Dr told me that when they teeth they link the feeling to the ear and often puyll at the ear ore stick fingers in. I guess it makes sense as the nerves from the gums lead behind the ear.

Oh no. Poor little/big sophie.....
I hope it is not to serious and that the descent is not to steep.
A lollypop might help...any sucking action.

#42 mel83

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:10 PM

Ok I am back.

Appointment went well. Just a few excersises he needs to do to start chewing properly. Never got the blood tests done there was like 10 people in front of Lachlan so I will do it tomorrow. Got him weighed and he is now 10kgs!! So we are moving closer to that 10th% line Tounge1.gif  She also wants him referred to the ENT, just to check out his adenoids, tonsils and things like that.

Anyway I have a few things to clean up will bbl

#43 jacybelle

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:15 PM


Back from a long walk, and minus 1 child  biggrin.gif Jacynda stayed at our friends place swimming. I am so buggered now though. Belles still sleeping in the pram.
DH will not be home tonight, so Im free to chat all night hahahaha.
Meliss - Sorry to hear Sophie has an ear infection, I hope she is okay on the flight. Cant really help with that one, sorry. Maybe go with Syls idea with the lollipop. Glad all is well with bub2 though!!

Danni - Did you get Paiges medicine? How is she now?

Nat - Belles same with clothes, size 0-1 tops and 0 pants, no bigger. Big W has heaps of adjustables, Target - some not all, I love Pumpkin Patch  biggrin.gif I just laybyed belle a dress for winter, the type you put a long shirt and stockings under, very smart!!

Cathy - Yep the Hunter Valley is pretty dry ATM, did you enjoy it??

Syl - Glad Neeks playing well, send some over for Belle Neek  tongue.gif She never plays solo.

Tam - Wow the boys are growing up, I agree he doesnt look much different.

Edited by jacybelle, 15 January 2007 - 03:16 PM.

#44 Tam76

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:17 PM

Arghhhhhhhhh I just tried to do a little photo shoot with the boys and they were being PITA's.  I seem to have such a short fuse atm, I blame pg hormones  laugh.gif   I couldn't get the tripod to work properly that I got for xmas, it is now in our bedroom in disgust.  blush.gif  I will try and get a nice one of them together tonight when DH is around I think.  This is the best I could do with them for now.

Nat, nope he is pretty much the same  Tounge1.gif  He is starting to get more hair, but it is sooooo fine it really doesn't show up in photos properly yet.  laugh.gif   He still has the really soft newborn feel to his hair, so lovely to touch.  He is eating weetbix, not sure how much actually ended up in his mouth though.  laugh.gif  I live a  couple of hours from Geelong.  sad.gif
Meliss, Bummer  mad.gif  what terrible timing.  Really not sure what I would do either, good luck.
Mel, Yay that the appointment went well, bummer on having to go back again tomorrow though, but better than waiting around though I guess.  Wow on him being 10kgs, I wonder if Nic is 10kgs yet.  unsure.gif

#45 ~Danni~

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:47 PM

Amanda~ Paige is much better today, not as grizzly and I gave her some jelly before and she seemed to be able to swallow that

Tam~ Cute pics of the boys laugh.gif I loved the spagetti one, reminds me of that poster of a little baby with a bowl of spag on his head laugh.gif

Mel~ Glad the appointment went well, and he is finally up to that 10% line

#46 Bloomer

Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:50 PM

Yes loved the hunter it was good, we will have to go again it is so close..

Meliss, yes I have had that issue before... make sure she is sucking a bottle or a straw cup or a popper or something(even a dummy)..  I have used the lollipop as well but Grace has a bad habit of chewing them and they are gone within 2 secs..  Not sure what else I have used.. One lady I meet once had a huge tub of jubes which she handed her kids... you poor thing always happens, we had a delay a return flight home once but mainly because Grace had high temps(no ear probs)

#47 Korrine

Posted 15 January 2007 - 04:08 PM

Hello all,

sorry just a quick one. Jesse has been sick

Has had the runs, now has problems with an eye and we are off the eye dr at the children's hospital at 11am Wednesday. So hopefully all will be ok.

He has been trouble breathing apparently normal for his gestation

Has the runs, they think he has a bug but he is still feeding so keeping an eye on it, have to go straight to the hospital if he stops feeding

Will try and hop on later when Bay is asleep

Cant wait to show you all some more pics of my beautiful little man

#48 SimplySweet

Posted 15 January 2007 - 04:18 PM

Hello everyone

Thought I would do a post before I put cyclone lissi to bed and tidy her mess before Dh gets home and I take sick Thomas to the drs.
I had my friend visit today. Had lunch and a good chat and catch up. She did me some readings on my astrology and our numbers. Dh and I end up with the same numbers and Brett and Jayden do and Thomas and Alyssa do. Freaky. She was blown away and never known that in one family. Cant wait to read it all.

We had a good weekend. I cant remember when I posted last so ignore if I've already said some of it ok

We went to the Interdominion on Saturday night. Its the horse races but once every couple of years this one. I won a place in most races, only won first place once but only got $8.30 back. We were only putting $1 or $2 bets on. We spent $50 on bets but got about $25 in winnings. We were there from 5.30-10.45 so not bad

Yesterday mum had the kids from lunchtime on and we went to bil's engagement party at a bar in the city. They know the owners so had the place for the party. Was a fantastic party. Money on bar so we didnt have to buy any drinks and such nice food being served on platters and so much variety, was so yummy, felt like I gaiend 5 kgs with so much variety and picking at platters, hahaha. I was drinking beer so that didnt help, hahaha. We were supposed to be going to see my friend in hospital on way back but we lost track of time and didnt make it. His brother is also leaving for VIc this week for 6months sad.gif  so we didnt want to rush off at all. Was a great time. We got back at mums at 9pm to get kids and get them home.

TOmorrow I have a friend + 4 kids coming over and I cant even send them all outside to play as it will be 40 but if Thomas gets worse might be cancelling anyhow. Will be taking him to drs as soon as DH gets home. He said he will cook dinner whilst I take Thomas down

Meliss OMG no, I hope she shows huge improvement over night so you can go tomorrow. I am sure she will be fine, as others said Be prepared with drinks, lollypops etc for ascending and descending. Sending huge get well wishes for Sophie

Danni Sorry to hear Paige is unwell. Dont be down sweety. Its the start of many more. I feel like its getting more and more with my yougner two, I dont remember my boys being this sick at all when they were yougner, it really sucks. Dont let it get to you. Yippee on going to Cairns

Tam They are cute piccies.

Amanda Yay on one down, I wish today, I dont feel in the mood for my kids today  blush.gif  Not good.  I would wait a few days and see in case it is your body. Are you excited if it could be?

Mel Yay on nearly 10kgs. ALyssa isnt much more I dont think. I might do her as she isnt going to sleep  glare.gif

She is 10.6 kgs so I wouldnt worry much Mel, he is doing well

CathyThanks for explaining, still trying to work out how to say it, hahaha . I hope your block gets back to normal real soon,what a hassle for you with all the trucks,soot and the smell. It would be turning my stomache, I hate the smell of smoke.

Sam Kievs, yum. My favourite, how did you have leftovers, we wouldn't have, hahahaha  Hope app goes well

Nat Its nice as this week everyone is visiting me practically. Hope your feeing 100% again soon

Kylie Hi!!!!  Bugger about the calls. Dh handed his back last week and toldthem to shove it  blink.gif  Went ok though. Hope you get a good sleep tonight and hope Dh leaves some money for you after he gets the car  wink.gif

Korrine Oh I hope Jesse is ok. Not the runs so early. Poor little man. Please let someone know how you are if you cant get on Eb. Sending hugs for Jesse

Fiona I love your sig. Esp Jeremy, he will break some hearts. Handsome boys you have there. Ive had a really quiet holidays, been really nice to chill out heaps. The hell all starts soon, hehehe
Cricket has begun again, I am back to work next week then school the following week.

Ok think thats it for this thread, not going back to other one,sorry

Carol, Hello. nice to see you around again. Hope you had a nice holiday.

#49 zia

Posted 15 January 2007 - 04:20 PM

Our open inspection went great on Sunday!
We had 7 couples through (which apparently is a good result) and TWO offers and one was a couple from up the street just being nosey.
The two offers were at the lower end of our asking price, so we're thinking that since it's only officially been on the market since Wednesday, we might see if anything else happens over the next weekend. We don't even have a sign up yet either, and the ad in the paper had no photos or anything. *fingers crossed*!

Meliss - I would say a straw cup, those "take and toss" plastic straw cups are pretty tricky to suck from, as in it needs a fairly strong action so might be helpful. And try to keep her distracted from drinking throughout the flight so she is actually thirsty when you need her to suck (I've made that mistake LOL) I found lolly pops a bit tricky cos at this age they tend to eat them rather than suck them iykwim?

Cathy - the hunter sounds nice, welcome back!

Natalie - target do some adjustable waists biggrin.gif

Tammy - the portraits look great! And the brekkie picture is cute, so cheeky!

Danni - glad Paige is feeling better

Kylie - yay on the "good" present, definitely sounds like a decent swap if he's getting a CAR!!

Mel - glad everything went okay last night.
Thanks for your support last night! The printing all worked out nicely, I was stressing over nothing.....

Korrine - HI!!! I hope Jesse improves, can't wait to see more photos!

Funeral is tomorrow and it's going to be 40 degrees   mellow.gif

Better go, Aidan has just switched the telly on and it's on the news channel, maybe not suitable for a 2.5 year old to watch ....

#50 jacybelle

Posted 15 January 2007 - 04:44 PM

Kristy - Yep will be SO excited, will be hard yards as I dont handle pregnancy well, but we will get there if thats whats going to happen, I am not getting my hopes up though. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

KIm - Glad your inspection went well. Id hold off for a better price, and I hope you get it.

Korrine - Hope Jesse gets better, and cant wait to see more pics  biggrin.gif  

Tam - Love the pics, your boys look so alike!!

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