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Anyone been induced with the gel?

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#1 charlotte3070

Posted 18 January 2007 - 06:58 PM

I am booked in next week and am a bit nervous - can anyone run me through any experiences they have had with being induced with the gel and what has happened next.......  thanks

Oh also, how many days overdue were you?

#2 Melissam12

Posted 18 January 2007 - 08:00 PM

An induction for post dates ("overdue") usually occurs after 10 days past your due date (usually 10 - 14 days after).

the gel is contained within a tube that has a plunger inside it (similat to a syringe).  First the midwife will feel your tummy to see what position your baby is in.  they your baby will be monitored with an electronic monitor that is strapped to your tummy (2 belts).  once they are happy with the baby, the gel is inserted.  this can be a bit uncomfortable.  after, your baby will be monitored for about 30 - 40 mins.  best to go to the toilet before hand:)  After the 30 -40 minutes of monitoring, you can get up and walk around.  

this process can be repeated 6 hours later, up to a maximum of 3 doses in 24 hours.  once they can break your waters, they will do so with something that looks like a crochet hook.  this is done during a vaginal examination, and again, it can be uncomfortable.  if this doesn't start your labour, they will put you on a drip and gradually turn it up until you are in good strong labour.  in the rare case that nothing works, a caesarean is usually performed - this is called a failed induction.  

you might like to read as much as you can about inductions - pros and cons, methods etc.  also talk to your midwife and see what the hospital policies are.

Do you have a birth plan?  If so, there might be some things that you'll want to change with the new information that you receive - this is OK ... a birth plan can always change.


#3 natstar

Posted 19 January 2007 - 12:45 PM

I didnt find the application that uncomfortable at all but I did find that the gel really stung after a little while!

#4 Tongue~In~Cheek

Posted 20 January 2007 - 08:07 PM

I was induced at 38 weeks with my DS due to SPD.  They put the gel in at about 6.30am and within a couple of minutes I started to feel a warm stinging sensation in my cervix.  By about 8.30am I was having irregular painful contractions. DS was born at 10.40am.  Total "True Labour" was 1 hour and 12 minutes.

If you want a more in depth version of the labour story just click on the link below of my DS's name.

#5 Norsemother

Posted 21 January 2007 - 07:42 PM

I would suggest you have a big talk to your care providers about the risks of induction and the chance of it being unsuccessful.

My first VB was via induction at 41+ weeks, 2 lots of gel (sting/burn/OUCH), artificial membrane rupture, and then the drip.  I had all sorts of problems before and after, due to baby not being in the right position, or ready to come out.

I would try demanding a scan to be CERTAIN your baby will be in a position for success to be more attainable. (I say TRY because medical staff aren't always keen to do something which may contradict their recommendation).  I heard a rumour (not very helpful, but something to ask about) that 1 in 3 inductions end up in an emergency c/s.  Further, I know a few women who have had them and only one woman who didn't have problems.

Also, ask them what the side effects are for both of you.  I had a baby with Jaundice who had real problems breastfeeding, and I found out by a fluke that the drip they put you on when the gel doesn't work can cause sleepy babies and problems with breastfeeding.  I was never told this, just made to feel incompetent when I couldn't get him to wake up and feed.

Make a list of questions as you often get so flumoxed by all the terminology (or the medical staff's RECOMMENDATIONS) that you aren't satisfied after you have walked away!

You need to be confident on the best thing to do FOR YOU.

#6 LovingMyGirls

Posted 21 January 2007 - 08:29 PM

I was induced with my DD, 40wks & 3days.  Had gel administered in the evening and again the next morning. I was scared as i had heard a couple of horror stories re the gel really hurting but for me the first lot simply made things feel a bit of a numb/tingly sensation down there, the second application in the morning didn't have this effect.

I started early labour in the morning and was given an epidural at about 2 in the afternoon so my waters could be broken and i was then put on the drip to get things moving as i was only about 1cm.  The epidural had worn off completely by about 5pm and wasn't topped up.  After this things moved quite quickly for me and i had my daughter naturally just before 7.30pm.  

After having the drip to get the labour moving my DD was anything but sleepy  Tounge1.gif and she breastfed well from early on and did so for 11 months, i guess outcomes are different for every mum/bub.

Be positive and try not to be scared.  Personally, I found the process of being induced a lot less stressful than having things happen when i was least expecting it.

#7 beck73

Posted 21 January 2007 - 08:52 PM

I've had the gel used to induce both of my labours:

With DS1 I was 5 days overdue.  The gel was put in at 9pm, I started feeling a bit crampy within an hour, my waters broke naturally and labour really got going by 11.30pm, I had pethidine to sleep for a while at around 1am and he was born without any dramas at 9am the following morning.

With DS2, I was 7 days overdue and already 3cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital for the induction.  The first lot of gel was put in at around 5am but didn't do much so my waters were broken for me at around 8.30am and labour got going almost immediately.  Unfortunately, DS2 had turned and gotten himself into a bad position which couldn't be detected until I was almost fully dilated (about 3.30pm!), so by the time I had an epidural and went in for an emergency c/s he was finally born at 5.45pm.

So for me, the gel is a 50/50 thing - I had a fantastic experience as it basically just kick-started a perfectly normal labour the first time around, but ended up with a c/s the second time around...  I don't 'blame' the c/s on the induction, though, I think DS2 was just trying to take care of me by making sure I didn't have to push all 9lb7.6oz of him out!LOL!  Seriously though, as a PP said make sure that you have all your questions answered beforehand so that you can be as relaxed as possible if you choose to go down the induction path, confidence in your caregivers and yourself goes a long way towards a wonderful birth experience!

Good luck!


#8 Chocolate Addict

Posted 21 January 2007 - 08:54 PM

I was induced at 41 +3 weeks. First gel inserted 9am saturday, second one around 3/4pm, was sent home. Had cramping/labour like pains every 1/2 hour all night.
Next day i went back to the hospital at 8am, i was not dilated at all!! They broke my waters etc...labour was not progressing much at all. At 11pm I had an emergency CS as bubs was starting to get distressed. I had had enough!!! I was only 7cm dilated. wacko.gif
He also turned out to be a huge baby - 4.94kg!!  ohmy.gif  Not sure if that had anything to do with all the drama i had.

I have heard soo many more positive stories than negative, but as PP said, make sure you ask loads of questions.

#9 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 26 January 2007 - 09:29 PM

I was induced at 7 days post dates on a Wed (OB would be away @ 10 days), had 3 x gel, contractions but zero dilation. Rather than straight to c/s we opted to go home & try again in a few days hoping nature would take it's course. The 1st application of gel was fine comfort wise, just a heavy sensation in the pelvis. The 2nd & 3rd applications were painful, but it turned out that I had a reaction to the lubricant - will get back to that in a sec. The side affect of the gel that was really uncomfortable for me was that I got a really bad ache right down both legs like it was in the bones, not muscular & no matter what I did I couldn't get comfortable  for the 24hr period. As soon as the gel wore off the ache went away.

Back to hosp the following Sunday at 11 days post dates. Another 3 x gel but with the OB & midwives using KY instead of the usual hospital lube & no more painful insertion. This time after all gels done only had 1.5cm dilation but enough to rupture membranes (slightly uncomfortable) & start the drip. 6 hours on the drip brought me mid strength contractions but only total 2cm dilation. It was obvious this was going nowhere & c/s was our only option. I had resisted this all the way but had to do what I had to do in the end for a safe delivery & it was fine (disappointing & inconvenient for many reasons but not devastating). It transpires that Caelan was never going to have been able to come vaginally as the rear of the crown of his head was presenting rather than the front & not applying the correct pressure to the cervix for it to dilate. He was 4.235kg.

Good luck with your decision & birth  original.gif

#10 patricia81

Posted 01 February 2007 - 07:53 AM

My DS was induced by the gel after being 14 days overdue.I don't want to scare you but the application was really painful as the dr just jammed his hand up there to apply it.Was in constant pain (as the gel doesn't give you a break like natural contractions) for approx 24hrs before they decided to give me an emergency c/s.Now this was a particularly bad experience and I'm glad the I will not have to go through another induction,because apparently they won't induce someone who has had a c/s(thank goodness).I have read through the other ladies stories and they don't seem to have been as bad so who knows this may just be a one off(especially with the incompetance of the hospital and the staff,am going to a different hospital this time).Anyway just try to make yourself as best informed as you can.Good luck with your decision and your birth.

Baby#2 EDD 01/07/07

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