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May 06 Parents #97

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#51 MeMimi

Posted 08 February 2007 - 09:08 PM

hello gorgeous may mummies,

?????quick question...does anyone live in or near coffs harbour?????  a gf from mother's group is moving there for three months with her DHs job and knows no one.  i think she's a bit intimidated how to meet people b/c it isn't permanent.  her DD was born early june and i would love to give her a friendly contact.  if anyone lives in the area, can you pm me your contact details and i will forward them to her.  thank you thank you cool.gif

alice is now crawling and pulling up to kneeling and standing.  she got her 4th tooth this week and two more are on the way.  she has turned into a little dairy queen and gobbles her yogurt and cheese (and ice cream if she's lucky wink.gif )  we're down to two sleeps a day and its making bedtime much easier as she's well and truly tired by 7pm.

hope everyone is doing well and your bubs are happy and healthy.  all assignments done and turned in, so after the exam on feb 15th i am all yours tongue.gif

big belly rubs to all you preggy girls.

#52 ***jules***

Posted 08 February 2007 - 09:28 PM

Hi girls!

I am so excited!  Well I said I thought Ella would show off as per usual when DH got home.  She was playing with her bubby stubby holder on the floor and Dh took it off her and put it on the other side of the room and she just crawled right on over like she'd been doing it all her life!!!!  I went and grabbed the video camera (after nearly falling over backwards) and got her doing it again and again and again on video.  I was jumping up and down and getting all excited and she was gicing me really weird looks like "settle down mum??"

She must have seen me upset today and decided she better get off her ass!  Also I put her in her room on the floor on her tummy while I went to run her bath and when I came back she was sitting up.  So she has learned a few new tricks today it seems.  She has never been able to get to the sitting position by herself!!!

1st job tomorrow - child proof the house!!!!

Can you tell I am excited!  I'm so proud of my little possum and yes Steph - you are right - she has come along way since she was born without too many problems at all!

QOTD - We are going to have a party BBQ lunch at our place on Saturday 24th March - the day b4 her birthday.  Family, friends, kids etc - can't wait!!  I actually have to get invites sorted soon as it is only 6 weeks away!!!  Can you believe Ella will be 1 in six weeks!!!   ohmy.gif

Steph - enjoy your wine!!

Memimi - good luck with the exam - looks forward to seeing more of you soon!

Britt - glad Hunter was a good bubba last night - hope he does another 7 hour stint for you tonight too!

zachsmummy - love the invite!  I have photoshop elements but am clueless.  Have been trying to figure it out lately.  Might have to do mine in Publisher.

Going to hairdresser tomorrow to get my roots done.  Might get a bit of a chop too so I weigh less on Monday!!   unsure.gif

Off to watch SVU now.  I love that show!!

#53 senorita

Posted 08 February 2007 - 09:34 PM

hi girls

wow, hectic day- work today was full on, then came home and cleaned the mess DH and the kids left, as they were home all day!

im so excited, mason started commando crawling today. he looks so cute, hes just trying so hard to move, he gets his legs under but cant move that well! but he can get a few metres using the commando method so we'll see how he goes original.gif

then i was sitting on the lounge with jacob, and he did the biggest vomit ive ever seen. i hated cleaning it up, it was all over my leather lounge and all over the floor. it stunk. hahaha TMI! i took photos to show DH as he was at basketball, and theres no way he'd understand how bad it was unless he saw the pics. he understood. heheh.

well my boy is a big boofa, he was 11.1kg around 2 weeks ago when i got him weighed. hes in the 97th percentile for height and weight so she said not to worry. tall and solid like daddy i think  Tounge1.gif

leanne: congrats for selling your home, must be a great feeling to get what u want for it hey. we r in the process of putting ours on the mkt so we'll see how that goes!

dani: ohhh how cute about oliver crying and being happy to c u! of course he misses you, thats so sweet...

jules: yay on ella crawling, clever girl!

goodnight everyone! ill try catch up tomorrow
renee xo

#54 ~Rebekah~

Posted 08 February 2007 - 09:46 PM

Jules Oh I am so excited for you and of course Ella, clever girl.  That is so funny that she showed off for your DH.  Cooper does that with DH every afternoon, big attention seekers aren't they!  OMG 6 weeks and Ella will be one, now that's scary!!  Oh crap, that means it's only 6 weeks until we go to NZ, YAY  smile1.gif

Leanne So what are the plans hun ??  Will you move up straight away or still travel some more.  What are you families saying about all this ??  So happy for you original.gif

Renee YAY for Mason.  Clever little munchkin.  

Mimi So good to hear from you.  Alice sounds like he is powering along.  Britt lives near Coffs Harbour, I'm sure she will PM you her details original.gif  WOW 4 teeth, Cooper still only has his bottom 2 teeth.

Steph So the TW sounds like it's coming along nicely.  I think there is a Tupperware thread on EB somewhere.  Might help if you ever need any advice.  Cooper has one of those little couches and does the same thing. He is forever crash tackling it, it's pretty cute.

Sarah The invite is very cute.  Great job original.gif  I have already had a play with Cooper's but because we still haven't confirmed the date I can't do much more to it.

Chels I answered your nappy question in the nappy tips and questions section.  So what kind of nappies does your GF sell and what is her website ???


#55 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 12:46 AM

I'm up, Hunter went to bed at 10.30pm, I toddled off to bed at 12 midnight, and from about 1am Hunter has woken about 5 times. I have patted him, fed him, given him teething relief and panadol. I'm in for a bad one.

Uh Oh, here we go again. sad.gif

Britt xx

#56 ZachandPaigesMum

Posted 09 February 2007 - 06:19 AM

wow not much to catch up on this morning

britt - how was that tv show what was it about?? how did the rest of your night go?

steph - so how long untill you start doing tw parties?

jules - that is excellent news about ella, she just wanted to do it in her time not when everyone else was doing it.

memimi- thats great about alice crawling, zach is also down to 2 sleeps a day now i find it really good now he dosnt fall asleep while we are out any more (unless we are out for a very long time).

renee - zach is right on the 97th line nearly over for height last time he was 76cm how tall was mason? but he is lower for weight.

today i have my friend coming over with her twin boys im so excited they are coming up to 5 months now but should really be only 2 months. i havent seen them since ny eve and they were still so little with no head control which was hard to hold them and burp them as zach always had great head control from the minute they pulled him out.

zachs 7th tooth is through so he only had a runny nose for 2 days which is good because tomorrow arvo my uncle i havent seen in almost 2 yrs is coming over to meet zach and on sunday my other uncle who is down from cairns is going to be meeting him for the first time to.

dp dosnt start work until 12 today so im going to try and go to target b4 my friend comes or after swimming tomorrow

#57 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 07:47 AM

Morning all

Wow, had a great sleep in this morning, Jack got up just before 8am and didn't even grumble for a bottle or anything, just playing quietly, I feel so much better having a sleep in on my day off LOL Tounge1.gif   We had a video stuck in our VCR for about a  month that we just never got around to getting out, DH thought it'd be just a matter of getting it out by taking it apart, that worked but now we can't play vids, grrrrhh, and all the channells reset emselves, so DH was up till 11pm fixing em, I remember he got into bed and mumbled something like 'I could only get Nine and ABC, I'll do the rest tomorrow' Poor bugger, I came in to check on Jack around 10ish last night, after two bourbon and cokes, and fell asleep ohmy.gif

Must've been so tired....

Steph - sounds like Miky has found her new favourite thing to play with! original.gif   I have long hair and Jack is forever pulling on it, grrrhh everyone always says Wny don't you get it cut?  but I usually say back Have you seen me with short hair? LOL not good... Tounge1.gif  

Mimi - great to hear from you and that Alice is going well... Jack likes the occasional lick or two of Ice cream now and then blush.gif  original.gif

Jules - Ella's totally on a roll isn't she LOL!  That's great news Jules!   Bugger our telly channel's wer'ent working last night, I love SVU!!

Renee - noice about the spewing - NOT!!!  I'd hate cleaning it up too, and could imagine taking a pic to show DH how full on it was LOL, I spose the good news was it was leather and wouldn't soak in I hope original.gif  Yay on Mason commando crawling!

Beck - thanks for answering my q!  Her name is Mel and her website is pugglebunz.com, she sells MCN but not covers as yet.  She's a Brissy girl and she's sending me down one of her's to test drive this week! Can't wait to try em original.gif

Sarah - Wowo Zach has 7 teeth, that's great, maybe you could get him to give Jack the push along, he's still got a total of Zero LOL, have fun with your gf's bubs today original.gif

Britt - I hope Hunter went down ok after last night, and you both got a good night sleep...

Anyways, Jack is getting a pixie photo today, I've already told em it's the free one I want, so it'll only take about 5 mins!  I am going shopping after that, and then there's the housework grrrrh it needs doing today....  Oh well....



OMG I can't believe it - Anna Nicole Smith has just been found dead from a drug overdose, her poor baby daughter... sad.gif

#58 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 09 February 2007 - 07:49 AM

Hi Girls,

Leanne - Im so excited for you that you have sold your house! So when are you off?

Jules - bah to all the mums at gymbaroo. Im glad Ella has figured it out!

Sarah - that invite is great. original.gif

QOTD - I havent even thought about Bridgets birthday, although I suppose I should since its less than 3 months away  ohmy.gif We will probably have a party at my place and I will make her a special cake.

QOTD - Briget is 8.5kg. She hasnt gained a gram since her 6 month check up! Not too worried, Brenna was 8.5 until after her 1st birthday.

Ok I will be back soon, Brenna is nagging me for something to eat original.gif

#59 ellacy

Posted 09 February 2007 - 07:54 AM

Morning girls,

Well last night was officially our worst night eva. Ella woke at 2:30am and after i left her crying for 1/2 hour she was hysterical so tried bonjela, panadol.. still screaming (hysterically) tried a feed cause that normally puts her straight to sleep...drank the whole bottle but no sleep, tried her in our bed, tried rocking,patting you name it. Finally at 5:45am - 3 hours later and alot of  cry1.gif  cry1.gif from the both of us, we both fell asleep in my bed - but only till 7am. She's just gone back down now for a nap but i am so so so tired. And i cant even nap today cause we have people coming over for a BBQ tonight so i have to clean and shop today  cry1.gif  all i wanna do is curl up and cry my eyes out....

Sorry for no personals - feeling too sorry for myself.
QOTD - I am having a party at home with friends and family. It will probably be on the Saturday after her bday which i think is the 26th. Its going to be a fairy theme and im trying to find little fabric wings for Ella to wear. The wire ones are too hard i think.

Also in case i forget:

GOOD LUCK ANNI - Hope the day is just wonderful!

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#60 wca

Posted 09 February 2007 - 08:26 AM

Hello beautiful May mummies! biggrin.gif

Just popping in for a quick hello while the rest of the house is asleep.
Tomorrow is THE DAY  original.gif  biggrin.gif  blink.gif  ohmy.gif  sick.gif  I cant stop thinking about it, it's come so fast. I've still got a fair bit of running around to do today, I need to get my manicure this morning and drop a heap of stuff off to our reception venue. Everytime I think about it I feel queasy. I can't believe after so long of planning, it's finally here. Oh god my tummy is doing massive flip flops as I write!!!

KRISTIE> Thanks hun!! I'm so sorry to hear you had such a crappy night, I would have been crying all night and all day too if it was me. It's not fair that you can't nap! Maybe a few coffees and a berocca might help you plough through the day.

I don't have time for more personals sad.gif  But have had  aquick read. I have a feeling I've missed out on some things, so can anyone give me a quick update on the goss?? I've missed you all sooooo much. Having visitors here for a whole 2 weeks leading up to the wedding was a bad idea, I've had no time to myself and no time to relax at all. And if I try to get myself so alone time, my friend always asks me what im doing and wants to come. I love her to bits but she doesnt quite understand! Chad and I have had no time to ourselves either, would have been nice for some time out together before the wedding. Ah well spose thats what honey moons are for!

Well Im off to go get dressed and then off for my manicure. Cant wait, never had once before!!

Love you all,


#61 Nephnie

Posted 09 February 2007 - 08:54 AM

Anni- GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!!  Big deep breaths and who cares if something goes wrong.  It's your and Chad's day and that's all that matters in the end.  

Kristie- BIG hugs lovey... I had one of those nights a couple of weeks ago... Knocks you about sooo much... Is there anyone that you could drop Ella off to while you get your shopping done?  It might make it a little easier to get done.  Just clean only what you have to.  Leave a few jobs for Dh to do when you get home.  There's no point you stressing about the BBQ, when he can help too!  Get him make the salads or clean the outdoor area when he gets home.  THat will give you a chance to lie down and rest, recoup etc...  I'm sure your guests would understand if things are a little haphazard.

Chels- EVERYONE looks good with short hair!  it's just a matter of finding a style that suits!  I desperately NEED another hair cut, but until I'm earning money from TW, I can't get it done.  Bugger...

Sarah- My first TW party is TONIGHT!! eeek!!!!

I'm feeling a little nervous, but kind of ok as well.  I need to dig out the products and double check that I can work the seals etc.  That's the tricky part... The rest I can bluff my way through!! LOL!! Nah, I've been reading up about the products so hopefully I'll be able to answer qns.  Failing that, I'll just tell the customer I'll get back to them with an answer.

Anyways... I've got Mother's group today.  yay!!!

I'l BB this afternoon!

#62 ~Rebekah~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 09:41 AM

Kristie Oh hun, sounds like your night was like ours.  We had the worst night ever I think.  I want my good sleeping baby back  cry1.gif   I have know idea what was wrong with Cooper but he woke at about 11.30 and it was about 1am before he actually fell back asleep.  Both DH and I were up at one stage and he just didn't want to sleep.  He was wide awake and wanted to play and then when we tried to put him in his cot he screamed.  So we brought him into our bed and he just wanted to play again.  I was about ready to scream.  So eventually he fell asleep in our bed after I gave in and fed him and then DH decided to get up to go to the toilet and instead of going out and using the other bathroom he used our ensuite and then Cooper woke up again.  By this stage I was ready to throttle the two of them.  So I hear you on being a zombie today.  I have already  cry1.gif  twice over nothing this morning.  My Dad rang because he has the day off so I am going to take Cooper over there for a couple of hours and I'm going shopping.  Retail therapy fixed everything.  I hope your day is better than your night.  Sending you big cyber hugs  smile1.gif

Anni All the best for tomorrow.  I am so excited and nervous for you.  It really is the best day of your life.  Well apart from having babies.  So just embrace everything, even the stressful parts and take some time out to sit and watch as the day really does go way too fast.  Have a wonderful honeymoon, which I am sure you will  tongue.gif   Can't wait to see all the pics when you get back!!  Good luck hun  smile1.gif

Steph Good luck tonight!!  I would definitely keep the party very simple.  When you first start the best type of party to have is where you basically get the guests to sell the stuff.  Especially if some of the guests have Tupperware they will rave about it and sell it much easier than you could, if that makes sense.  Ask around the room what everyone's favourite piece of TW is and they will basically be able to sell it to their friends.  Talk about the products that you do know alot about because you tend to make more sales if you are passionate about a particular item.  Which is why I probably sold lots of Rock N Serves LOL original.gif  But definitely don't talk for too long, people get bored and then can't make a decision because they are too overwhelmed.  I found that the less I talked the more people would buy because they would then run through the catalogue themselves and want to buy more.  I hope this helps, I probably just raved a bunch of BS but I am so tired.  Wishing you all the best, can't wait to hear how you go.

Chels  ohmy.gif  8am sleep in, well I am not even talking to you LOL  tongue.gif   That's wonderful, please get Jack to send Cooper some sleepy vibes.  Those nappies look great.  If she needs someone else to test drive them for her, I would love too.  So where abouts in Brisbane is your GF ???

OK, time for Cooper's morning feed and nap.  He best be sleeping his whole 2 hours otherwise I think I really will scream.  You watch, now that I have mentioned it he will only do 40min  cry1.gif

#63 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 09 February 2007 - 09:47 AM

Good Morning

Yay on getting lots of housework done yesterday. I love your name you've put into your sig. It look great. You night sounded horrible. I hope it gets better today.

Sorry to hear you had a bad night the night before last.

That's exciting about trying cloth. I am just too disorganised to do it.

That's fabulous news about selling your house. Congratulations

Your SIL sounds very high maintenance.

I have no idea what I'll do for Oliver's first birthday. I'm not really into parties that much. I'll probably have a small party for Oliver with just immediate family or just something with DH, Oliver and I. Sometimes I think the parties are more for the parents than the bub for a 1st birthday. I am such a scrooge aren't I?!

I'm so happy for you about Ella's crawling, It sounds like there'll be no stopping her now. Childproofing sounds like a great idea.

Hunter sounds exactly like my nephew in regards to weight. No that he has started walking he has stopped gaining weight pretty much. Great that you had a nice night's sleep the night before last. Not good to read further and see that last night started out badly. How was the rest of the night?

Good luck with your first Tupperware Party.

Great to hear from you.

Great about Mason starting commando crawling. How exciting. You poor thing having to come home and clean after work. Also the vomit. We had one of those as well.

Sorry about your terrible night last night. Have you tried Brauer's Teeting Relief? I love the stuff! Well Olive does!

Good luck for tomorrow. I'll be waiting for all the news when you get back from your Honeymoon.

We are getting a dining room table from our parents today. I am really excited. It's in fantastic  condition and is made of Jarrah. Love that wood. We have been using director's chairs for the last year and I am completely over them. They are a tad dangerous. Because they are so light Oliver managed to pull one over on himself the other day.

I decided to try yoghurt one last time last night. Big mistake. As I was putting Oliver into the cot for bed he did a mammoth power vomit. It just kept coming. It was everywhere. All over the cot, the walls, the floor, me, Oliver. I guess I know now that he can't have that. His skin on his face is worse also this morning. I am the food thing. I don't seem to be able to give him anything except meat/vege puree.

Best be off and get some things done.


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#64 ellacy

Posted 09 February 2007 - 09:50 AM

Beck - Thanks hun. I know this is horrible but doesnt it make you feel abit better when you know someone else is going through the same thing! Speaking of morning naps also, Ella did exactly what i didnt want her to do and that was have a 40 min nap! I think she's just so way overtired. But I perserviered (sp) and got her back to sleep. I have just had enough of the crying IYKWIM. I dont have anyone to take her today but i might just head out to the shops anyway, i think i might go insane if im stuck in this house with a screaming baby for too long! Hope you have a better night tonight xxx

QOTD - Im trying to organise some private health insurance for us as we've never had it before. Ive looked at heaps of different sites/companies and its all too confusing!! I just wanna know who has cover with who, and what level and how much it costs you. Seems very expensive to me but i wanna make sure im covered.. TIA

#65 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 09 February 2007 - 09:58 AM

We are with MBF. We have top hospital cover and second top extras(included everything execpt hearing aids) and it's about $210 per month. Quite expensive i think


#66 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 10:10 AM

Hi girls,

Anni - Best wishes for tomorrow honey!! You'll be beautiful, everything will work out and you'll have so much fun if you just relax. I know it feels impossible to relax at the moment. Have a great time on your honeymoon.

Kristie - I feel for you with the sh*tty night. I was only up until 2.45am, i still feel crappy. At least Hunter slept in this morning (well in our bed, but sleep is sleep right). Try to get a little bit of rest, in between your cleaning.

Beck - Hmmm another one having a sh*tty night. It must be a teeth thing, that is all I can put it down to with Hunter. I hope your retail therapy is great!!

Well I'm trying to get our house in some order, I don't know why I'm bothering really, my 2 BIL will be here tomorrow hekping to put our wooden flooring in. Thank goodness one of them is a floor layer. So I've got my tall boy from my bedroom in the computer room, we slept on our mattress on the floor last night. It will be so nice when it is done.

Chels - Have fun getting the Pixie Fotos today, I have to disagree with Steph, I really don't think everyone looks good with short hair, me included. My Mum looks fantastic, but I think you have to have the right sort of face to pull it off. I love long hair, but I also hate when Hunter pulls mine.

gotta go

Britt xx

#67 ***jules***

Posted 09 February 2007 - 10:32 AM

Hi girls

Seems like a few of you have had a bad night.  You poor things.  

Kristie - do try and get some rest today.  Your guests will understand I'm sure.

Beck - go the retail therapy!!!  Always works for me.  Hope you can get some rest today too.

Anni - good luck mate!  Not that you need luck.  It will be such a special day for you all and its the little things that you hadn't imagine will happen that you will remember.  We got married at Cable Beach in Broome and it was so windy!  The celebrants skirt was flying up so you can see her undies in half our photos!!!

Britt - your lucky you know a floor layer!  Its great having people in the know!  DH dad is an electrician and my soon to be BIL is a telecommunications electrician and we call on them all the time!

Dani - bugger about the yoghurt.  The vomit scene sounds horrific.  Guess you'll be leaving the yoghurt alone for a while hey!

Steph - good luck for tonight!  I am so excited for you!! Let us know how you go!

Chels - I just heard about Anna Nicole Smith too!  Her poor little girl!

ok - will be back for more personals later.  Got my sis coming over for morning tea cos it was her birthday yesterday.

#68 Guest_DBear_*

Posted 09 February 2007 - 11:45 AM

First Birthday Fairy

I have just had a thought. I was thinking that we should organise a 1st Birthday Fairy thing or whatever you want to call it.

I just realised it's Ella's first birthday next month so if you want to be involved we should get on it. I will volunteer to organise it. I was thinking it could be like the secret santa. Whoever wants to be involved buys a present for their assigned bub to the value of $20 plus post.

Please PM me if you'd like to be involved. I will set the deadline at 24th February and will advise everyone of their assigned bub on the 25th February (that'll be one month before our first may bub's birthday) That should give everyone heaps of time.

Also adding when you PM could you please give me your postal address and your surname. Thanks.

Members Included (so far)
Dani - DBear (Oliver 24th May)
Rhiannon - **Slappy** (Bridget 5th May)
Britt - brittlestar (Hunter 15th May)
Leanne - leamacka (Amelia(Millie) 11th May)
Jules - comjulia123 (Ella 25th March)
Renee - mumoftwoboys (Mason 15th May)
Rach - rachandbub (Holly 10th May)
Kristi - hollybeagle1980 (Vienna 12th June)
Sarah - zachsmummy  (Zach 23rd May)
Meredith - mers (Chelsea 25thMay)
Chelsey - Chels13 (Jack 28th May)
Kylie - smiliek (Thomas 5th May)
Beck - ~coopersmum (Cooper 24th May)
Steph - *MikyMonster* (Mikayla 11th May)
Kath - Kath14 (Joshua 17th May)
Erin - *Princess-Coopers-Mummy* (Cooper 29th May)


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#69 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 11:50 AM

Dani - Do you think Oliver has a lactose intolerance? I know you said you were having trouble with finger foods, have you tried grating stuff. Yesterday I gave Hunter grated cheese, grated apple and grated carrot. He liked it. Poor Oliver. We gave Hunter some lettuce last night and it hit his gag reflex and he did a big vomit, so it was into the shower with dh.

I've vacuumed, mopped and done washing, now I've got to hang it out. I've emptied the dishwasher, showered Hunter, and he is now asleep so I should go while the going is good.

Britt xx

Dani - Great idea, I'll be in. I'll PM you original.gif

#70 *~hotchocolate~*

Posted 09 February 2007 - 01:43 PM

Okay, im over it sad.gif Izzy had another bad night last night. Pretty much the same scenario.Screming,screaming,bonjella,panadol,screaming,screaming,sob,sob,sleep.w
ake,sleep,wake,sleep ans 7:30am start again wacko.gif

I took her to the nurse this morning like i planned anyway and she said she feels warm to the touch too, so im not imagining it. I have a doctors appointment for her at 5 tonight just to make sure its not an ear infection or anything. Her sleeps are sooo out of wack now too. She is just down for her first sleep now.
Anyway, Izzy weighed in at 8.1 kg and still only 68cm long. My little shorty tongue.gif .

Britt,Kristie&Beck-I know exactly were you guys are comming from with the bad nights. Hope you can all catch up on some sleep.

Anni-All the best with your wedding and honeymoon.Hope it all goes to plan and is strees free original.gif Goodluck.

Steph-Goodluck with you TW party. Im sure you will do well.

OH NO! Shes up again already wacko.gif
Talk to you all later.

#71 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 09 February 2007 - 01:45 PM

HI all,
Anni-have a fantastic day tomorrow, im sure all the may mums  will be thinking about you. Sorry to  hear youve had no time to yourself the past 2 weeks, i actually couldnt take any leave before my wedding so i was at work right up til the day before plus i had a  job  interview the day before my wedding as well (to go for a better job within my work), i was a wreck and even started crying during the interview...but i got the job anyway.
Dani-love the birthday fairy idea. You sound like me with the whole first birthday thing. I dont think you are a scrooge, i agree that mostly its all for the adults. With Jake we just had my immediate family  and godparents and Hollys birthday will be the same.We still have  a theme and decorate the house and stuff. We will wait til they are both at school before they have proper big parties. Maybe oliver has a milk protein intolerance.
Sarah-nice invitation, i bought all the Thomas stuff for Jake when he turned 2, plates, napkins, party hats, cups, and made a thomas cake.
Leanne-yay congrats  that the house sold
Jules-Ella sounds like she is going great guns with the crawling and stuff now.
Kristie and Beck-sorry to hear you both had bad nights with your little munchkins.
Britt-sounds like your night was bad too.
Chels-i have always had long hair and will NEVER get my hair cut short, i reakon it would look cr@p on me.

QOTD-Health insurance-we are with defence health, think its about $76 per fortnight for top hospital and top extras. Its cheaper than other funds for us because DH doesnt need health insurance because he is in the airforce and they get free medical so defence health gives a cheaper rate.

Me-Still having trouble sleeping at night. Im SOOOO tired. I should be trying for a nanna nap but DH is in the shed being noisy and its echoing through the wall.  He  has to go back to work soon and work late tonight. Yesterday my friend and i took the kids to a play centre and my brother and SIL met us there with their kids. The kids had a ball. My brother took Holly on this really tall wavy slide and she screamed  the whole way down. Had a lovely toasted chicken avocado and cheese wrap there for lunch too. I went off shopping by myself last night and bought myself a 30ml bottle of the Paris Hilton  perfume, it was only $24 at big w. I had xmas  money left to buy it.  I also have a voucher for a free facial that i got at the races so i booked in to have that on sunday and am going to have a back massage too. Cant wait. DH is going to pay for half the massage as my valentines gift.
Ive been doing a 1 hour walk in the morning the past 2 days since we havent been going for our after dinner walk this week because DH has been working back. Im hoping for a good loss on Monday morning.

#72 HairyMaclary

Posted 09 February 2007 - 01:56 PM

Hi girls,

I haven't finished reading this thread and I'm meeting a friend for coffee very soon so this will be a quick one.

Jules - YAY ELLA!!  biggrin.gif   That is SO exciting.  I know exactly how you felt about other people's comments.  I know people say not to worry, they'll do it in their own time, etc., but it is still upsetting when people say "Isn't he crawling/sitting yet?" as if there is something wrong with your baby.  Some days I deal with it better than others (although after having mother's group at my place yesterday and watching the babies get into everything I'm kinda glad that Josh isn't crawling yet  Tounge1.gif )

QOTD1 - Josh weighed 8.1kg last week.

QOTD2 - Josh's birthday party will be in Brisbane.  We're having a lunch with friends and then a BBQ dinner at my ILs for family and interstate friends (his godmothers are hopefully coming up from Sydney).  Speaking of Brisbane...only 2 1/2 weeks until we visit.  YAY!!!


#73 ZachandPaigesMum

Posted 09 February 2007 - 02:32 PM

Chels – its funny because he was one of the bubs that was in the no teeth category lol he has cut them all at once basically.

Steph – good luck for tonight , sending lots of selling vibes your way.

Dani – lol at the scrooge comment , rods bro is the same though I think even worse they done absolutely nothing at all for my nephews 1st bday. I just think coming from a European background we love to celebrate everything no expenses spared lol.

Qotd – I don’t have private , if I did I would be broke as with zachs hospital stay/ operation, it doesn’t cover it all and you end up having to pay , as with medicare cost absolutely nothing.

Rach – where did you get all the Thomas stuff from?

well just got home from doing the clothes layby for zach -380 dollers later  blush.gif oh well thems the brakes

#74 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 05:28 PM

Hi all May Mummies!!

OMG you wouldn't believe what just happened, I stripped Jack's cot and put him in there with a banana pillow and gave him his bottle.  It has grips so he can hold it himself, I was doing some housework and DH comes in the back door, to say goodbye cause he's going up the road to have a few beers with some mates, and he yells out to me 'Get a towel!'  I rushed in to see the whole of the bottle (yep 240mls of formula) all over Jack from head to toe, all over his cot, him splashing in it grrrhhh everywhere.... I couldn't believe it, we had to rush him straight to the shower and dunk him LOL, I finally saw the funny side, but not straight away <_<  Tounge1.gif

Jack had his Pixie foto today, I just wanted the freebie, so it only took 5 mins.  Jack couldn't even crack a smile  sad.gif  he just wasn't in the mood, but the pic turned out cute anyway!

Went to SIL's after that this arvo and Jack and his cousin Emily played for ages, there is only three months between them but it's a huge diffenence, she's five months old and Jack just tries to crawl straight over her LOL, I'm always having to get him off her, but we had fun! Tounge1.gif

Steph - good luck with your first TW tonight!

Anni -I can't believe you're gonna be married tomorrow! A missus!  All the best and I hope everything goes real smooth for you all!!!  Can't wait to see the pics! Sounds like you'll be able to get plenty of Chad time on your honeymoon LOL cool.gif  biggrin.gif

Kristie - I hope you got to have a break today, even it was only a little one...  Hope you have fun at your BBQ tonight and sleepy vibes to Ella tonight... original.gif

Beck - I hope you have a better night tonight with Cooper and he's back to his old self.  My EB gf lives in Alexandra Hills I'm quite sure...  

Dani - I'd like to be in for the Birthday fairy but I'll pm you!  Hope Oliver isn't reacting anymore to the yoghurt today... Yay on the dining table, sounds nice...

QOTD - Kristie - we have private health insurance with NIB, it was costing us $150 per month for hospital including labour/pregnancy etc, and extras like physio,dental,chiro etc, but I cut back to just having myself insured top private, and cut out all our extras, cause it's only so when we have our next baby, I can go private again.  It's now costing $70 per month.

Britt - I hope you have a great weekend doing your floorboards... Are they going to be finished by the end of the weekend?  Great that you have a BIL who is in the trade!
You've motivated me to get my housework done....

Jean - I hope all is ok with Izzy and she's alright... sleepy vibes to Izzy tonight too original.gif

Rach - oohh sounds great pampering yourself, massage and facial - very nice. original.gif

Sarah - I bet Jack'll cut a few at once (I hope  blush.gif  original.gif )

I'm an EB widow tonight so I'll BBL

Chels tongue.gif

#75 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 09 February 2007 - 06:36 PM

Geez it's quiet in here tonight, am I the only one who doesn't have a life LOL, EB widow tonight and proud!! biggrin.gif

Jack's asleep, just about to crack open a bottle of Ricadonna and some cheese and bickies - yummo!

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