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May 06 Parents #100

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#51 ~Rebekah~

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:07 AM


I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt rotten.  And if your DH doesn't do it, do it yourself LOL  tongue.gif

Well my poor baby was up most of the night.  He ended up sleeping in with us and basically feed off me for what felt like all night.  He was in so much pain and apart from the standard brauers, panadol and bonjella there wasn't much we could do for him.  And then to make matters worse this morning his bum is really bad.  It's so red and angry and there are even blisters on it.  So I'm going to take him off to the chemist this morning and see what they recommend.  I have been using Zinc & Castor Oil Cream and Bottom Balm but I think I might need something stronger.

I was supposed to go to this movie premiere this morning but I don't think either Cooper or I will be up for it.  We'll see  smile1.gif

Have a great day everyone  smile1.gif

#52 strawberry*shortcake

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:14 AM

Beck - Just thought I would mention that when the girls bottoms get really bad I use Bepanthan on them, because it has antiseptic in it, its like putting out a fire, you watch them go from screaming to calm in seconds...try it. The girls get blisters and sores a lot and it doesnt seem to stick on the open sore bit, but it does stop the pain.


Love Leanne xo

ETA make sure you get the antiseptic one that comes in the blue box because the standard one doesnt have antiseptic in it.

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#53 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:23 AM

Beck I can second the bepanthen. Brenna used to get nappy rash so bad the GP said it was akin to 3rd degree burns  unsure.gif

The thing that I found the best though, was cornstarch powder. I would put it on her bum (sores, blisters and all) and it was the ONLY thing that would clear up her nappy rash. I spent so much money on creams before I discovered it!

#54 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:41 AM


Hi all

Just wanted to say I hope all you May Mummies have a great day!

I am gonna be in and out all day, we are having a BBQ tonight and have 11 ppl coming over, and the house is - well - a bloody disgrace, so I figure it's as good a day as any to get it all under control before tonight...

Sorry for lack of personals...  I'll try and be back today if I can, if not be back on the weekend....

Hungry boy to feed who was up at 2.30am and only went back down when I gave in and gave him a bottle, hoping I'd see some sign of teeth this morning, but it wasn't to be original.gif


#55 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 16 February 2007 - 09:53 AM

Morning ladies,


Renee-that photo is gorgeous, cant wait to see the rest.
Jules-glad the op went well. How you feeling today.
Rhiannon-bet thats a relief knowing your stuff will soon be with you.
Beck-ouch, poor Cooper. Holly used to get the raw bum when she was a new born.Nothing cleared it  up even Bepanthen and thats what i used to swear by. the dr told me i had to use Sudocrem. Yes i watched saving babies last night,i cried the whole time and it made me really clucky. That poor baby with the bowel on the outside.Glad they fixed  him up. I think i know what movie you are talking about, does it have Judi Dench in it too. I want to see that, let me know what it was like.

Me-Well Holly is coming down with something, she has a really runny nose and sounds so stuffy. She woke about 4 times during the night but lucky as soon as i wrapped her and put her dummy in she would fall back off to sleep. She wouldnt drink her bottle this morning though think the stuffy nose was making it hard for her to suck. Jake sounds a but stuffy too but no runny nose for him. Great timing...we have to drive an hour to my nans party tomorrow so i  hope the kids arent too unwell tomorrow. Ive had a productive morning changing  all the beds and cleaning the ensuite. Even been for my walk so now i can relax, i just read in the local paper that the new sushi place has opened so guess where im going when DH gets home at lunchtime. YUMMO. We usually have to drive 25mins to the nearest sushi place but not anymore, 5 minutes away.

Edited by rachandbub, 16 February 2007 - 09:54 AM.

#56 ***jules***

Posted 16 February 2007 - 10:32 AM

Hi girls


I am feeling much better today but have a lot on so will try and get back thisarvo or tomorrow.

#57 senorita

Posted 16 February 2007 - 11:04 AM

hello everyone  biggrin.gif

Happy birthday britt! have a great day!

Dani: hope the childcare situation resolves itself soon, fingers crossed

Rhiannon:: fingers crossed with the moving! good luck

Beck: sorry to hear about coopers bad night, poor thing... hope tonight is a better night for you all.

well we have swimming lessons this morning, its raining and cold, dont wanna go but jacobs in his swimmers yelling "kick, kick, paddle, paddle" so guess i better get moving!

renee xo

#58 2littletigers

Posted 16 February 2007 - 11:19 AM

Hi everyone,

Firstly, Happy birthday Britt! Hope it's a good one!

Beck, I'm sorry to hear about poor Cooper. Gracie has been doing green runny poos the last day or two - I think it might be a reaction to the formula I am using 'cause they've been getting steadily greener and runnier the less breast milk she gets. Anyway, last night when I changed her her poor bottom was bleeding!!! Poor little sausage! I haven't tried Bepanthan but swear by Sudocreme. I put it on her before she went to bed and this morning it is not completely healed but considerably better! I hope Cooper gets these teeth soon and feels better sooner!!!  happy.gif

I have a screaming baby to deal with here so may BBL.


#59 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 16 February 2007 - 12:48 PM

Wow Erin that job has some serious benefits! Subsidised child care, paid birthday leave, baby bonus! I hope you get it!

#60 ellacy

Posted 16 February 2007 - 01:25 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITT - Hope you have a fantastic day and that your DH has pulled his finger out of his bum and bought you something wonderful!!

Beck - I watched that saving babies show and cried the whole time. It just makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have healthy bubs. I am such a sook though, Dh wouldnt watch it with me cause he knows how i get. Although I did get a big hug after it had finished. Poor Cooper, hope his little bot bot clears up quick smart.

Renee - What a fantastic photo - Mason is soooo gorgeous, i just love his hair. Oh god if they are all like that you will be spending a fortune!!!

Erin - Good luck with the job. Sounds perfect! I wouldnt mind having the birthday off, or the child care, or whatever the marriage thing and baby bonus is!! Hope you're feeling a little better today too.

Kylie - How'd you go today with your blood test? Hope all is good.

Jules - Glad you're feeling better today.

Rach - Have you tried FESS for Holly's nose. Ella was a bit like that the other week and I used FESS so she could drink her bottle. Then it didnt get better so i ended up going to the chemist and they gave me Dimetapp which worked a treat.

Me: I feel so tired. Funny thing though cause Ella slept through till 5am, quick bottle then back till 7am. I think the 5am thing is just habit now cause she only drinks about 100ml but if i dont give it to her then she will just cry and wont go back to sleep..what to do what to do... anyway then this arvo Ive been madly shopping for hens night/kitchen tea stuff for my sister. Got some cool prizes for the games we will be playing at the kitchen tea (which is next weekend).. i got some peppermint peckers, pecker ice tray, gummy whip, gummy garter (these are made from lollies), penis sipper (you put it over your can and have to drink outta it), glow in the dark penis straws.. when i was leaving the store the beeper went off so the lady had to swipe everything again.. imagine if that happened in another store how would i explain all that stuff..lol.. and then i got my sis some towels and got her and her HTB's names embroided on them... so now ive just put ella down but can still hear her playing. I just wanna lie down myself..

#61 HairyMaclary

Posted 16 February 2007 - 02:23 PM

YAY!!! Joshy is FINALLY asleep (shhhh...don't tell him!  He really doesn't want to be  Tounge1.gif ).  I think he just got really overtired after swimming this morning because I had to stop in at work on the way home to get some forms signed and everyone had a cuddle, so by the time we got home he was already too tired.  He cried for ages and there was nothing I could do to help him  sad.gif .  The first time I went in he'd got himself stuck on his tummy (the first time he's ever rolled over in bed).  Eventually he was crying with his eyes closed and he was sooo close to being asleep, so I snuck in and popped the dummy in then ran out before he saw me.  He must have thought the dummy just appeared from nowhere!  But it worked and he eventually went to sleep.  I'm glad he's not this much hard work every day!

Kristie - LOL at your shopping trip.  I would have been too embarrassed to buy all that stuff  blush.gif

Erin - That job sounds fantastic!  I hope you get it!  biggrin.gif

Renee - LOL at Jacob yelling "kick, kick, paddle, paddle"  Tounge1.gif  That's what we do at our lessons too!  Josh actually did something that resembled a froggy kick today (usually he stiffens his little legs and won't do anything  <_< )

Rach - I hope Holly feels better soon.  Poor little munchkin  sad.gif  Sushi...YUM!!!!!  biggrin.gif

Beck - I hope Cooper's bottom gets better soon and that you have a better night tonight.


#62 ***jules***

Posted 16 February 2007 - 02:56 PM

Hi girls

I just watched Saving Babies that I taped last night and balled my eyes out the whole way through.  Ella was no where near as sick as these babies were but it just brought back so many memories of Ella's birth and her first three weeks in the intensive care unit.  The people that work in these units are so amazing!

All the crying has made my bandages on my face wet.  Oops!!!

#63 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 16 February 2007 - 04:00 PM

Hi girls,

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes!!

I've had a lovely day, Hunter and I went shopping all day, Hunter was an absolute gem. I bought heaps of stuff in Spotlight, lots of cake decorating stuff to attempt to make a beautiful cake when Hunter turns 1, really nice mixing bowls and cake tins and all sorts of goodies.

Then off to Portmans we went and I tried on heaps of things and got 3 new pairs of long pants, 1 pair of shorts and 2 new tops. I had so much fun, and the sales girl loved me, lol.  Then we went to Target. Hunter scored 4 all in ones for winter, really cute fluffy ones with the feet in them that make him look like my baby instead of my little boy. I bought new underwear for me, just the comfy bonds ones.

Well I managed to spend every skerrick of b'day money and my vouchers and had a ball.

I got home and dh got home from work and he gave me a beautiful b'day card that made me cry, we had a big cuddle and then i really cried. I hate fighting with him. He is taking me out to dinner tonight, I can't wait, i absolutely love going out to dinner.

better go, thanks again for all the b'day wishes, bbl

Britt xx

#64 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 16 February 2007 - 04:20 PM

Hi May mummummms

Wow, everything is done Yay! I've done all my housework, and boy was there heaps LOL, I still have one basket of ironing to do but I've over it now, so it'll have to wait till tomorrow... and Jack is asleep Yay original.gif He hasn't had much sleep at all today, poor bugger still has a runny nose and a cough, but he is getting better....  DH is frantically trying to get the yard looking half decent, we really should do this days before we have friends over, not hours before LOL, but you get that....   I thought I'd had all day to do the housework but my nanna wanted a whole heap of pics printed out of various things and has no idea how to work those digital machines that print pics, so I met her over at the local shopping centre this morning to get em done for her... Geez, it's been really hot here today... can't wait to crack open the wine... and maybe a few bourbons.... biggrin.gif

Only skimmed through so sorry if I've missed anyone...

Erin - I'm crossing everything that can be crossed for you.... Good luck biggrin.gif

Beck - sorry to hear Cooper hasn't been feeling to well, and ouch on the nappy rash... I agree with Rhiannon - bepantham cream is great - I use it on Jack's face too when he gets dribble rash!

Britt - glad your day has been great!  Sounds like you had a great time shopping - aawwww on DH making you cry with his card... very sweet... Enjoy dinner tonight!

Kristie - I love your new sig!  Is that a professional pic? I am so hearing you about giving them a little milk early in the morning, I've been doing the same thing with Jack around that time, he just needs it to get him through now LOL, maybe cause he's becoming more active!

Jules - I wish I'd watched Saving Babies now, but I forgot it was on grrr  <_<  Glad everything went ok yesterday for you...

Rach - sorry to hear Holly isn't feeling well - hope you get a good night sleep tonight (all of you original.gif)

Kath - glad to hear Joshy's asleep - Jack's been fighting it all day too.... Yay for Joshy rolling - even if he was sposed to be asleep  Tounge1.gif

Steph - how did your mystery party go last night?  I am going to have a look around for some nice wool for a soaker.  What kind of wool do I have to get (I know nothing about it LOL blush.gif ) TIA..

Well, that's all I can think of now....

Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, but it'll be nice to catch up with everyone tonight, haven't seen some of our friends for ages...

Maybe BBL late late tonight original.gif


#65 ellacy

Posted 16 February 2007 - 04:47 PM

Britt - Glad your birthday is going great so far. And glad DH got his butt into gear and made it special for you. I hate fighting with my DH and I always cry more once we hug and the fight is over..again yes im a sook. Wow Hunter did well being out shopping all day. Does he sleep in the pram? I only get a certain amount of time before Ella loses the plot cause she wont sleep in her pram

Chels - Thats actually a sig Beck made me before the ones I was using. Yes it is a professional photo thats why i went back to that sig, i just love it so much!

Erin - How RUDE!! Your a mum.. full stop... your age doesnt make you any less or more of a mum so no need to point it out. What a cow!! Hope she doesnt stuff your chances with the job.

Dh and I are being naughty tonight and having fish and chips for dinner. Cant be bothered cooking and we are hoping to have some "us" time tonight. I was gonna get mum to watch Ella for a few hours so we can go out to dinner but I felt bad seeing as though she has her 2 days a week now. Just being over guilty i think. Anyway we need a little time for "us" just been in a flat spot.. nothing bad, but not too great either and its starting to make me a little down. So fingers crossed tonight works out good.. ph34r.gif

Wont BB till tomorrow. Have a great night girlies!!!

#66 ***jules***

Posted 16 February 2007 - 05:25 PM

Erin - what a cow!!!  You should report her.  That is the last place someone with attitude like that should be working.

Britt - oh I am so glad your DH made you cry!!  biggrin.gif   Hope you have a wonderful evening together!

Kristie - enjoy your night with hubby.

Chels - enjoy your bourbons!

Me - I'm off in a few hours for a hens night.  We are going to a Kareoke Restaurant and after 10pm we have the VIP room for the stripper!  I have my hip flask all full up and ready to go - naughty me!!  DH is having tomorrow off so he can look after Ella as I am hoping I will be in no condition to be doing so.  I'm so excited - haven't been out for ages.

On the down side my bruising is coming through and I have 2 black eyes!!!  ohmy.gif

#67 ***jules***

Posted 16 February 2007 - 05:50 PM

Erin - what the??

#68 shoofly

Posted 16 February 2007 - 05:59 PM

Hi, I tried to catch up last night, but DH insisted on watching 'LOST'. We are now up to ep 7 OMG!!! sooooooo good.
Congrats to the pregnant girls - How exciting!
Dani - Sh** poo bum (my new catchphrase !!), i shrieked when i saw the pics. Hope Oliver is going well and that you sort out some care for him
Britt - Happy Birthday
Erin - SBP (also my acronym for my new catchphrase  laugh.gif ) Hope you are going ok with the breakup and everything
Jodie - hugs
Jules- Doesnt sound like fun (yesterday)

Hope those attempts at personals make sense???

Me - Work is crazy, i wanted more responsibility now i have it. However, its a bit full on~!~~ Ill come back on to whinge after dinner.
We have dropped Lolas dream feed and she is sleeping through till about 6-6.30am which is great!

Ok naughty dinner of chicken tenders ans chips SOOOO cant be bothered making a gourmet meal for 1  ohmy.gif

#69 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 16 February 2007 - 07:29 PM

Kristie-enjoy your "us" time tonight. I didnt think of using fess up Hollys nose,  thanks will try that if she has trouble with the bottle again.
Erin-good luck with the job. It sounds  pretty good.  That lady sounded like a witch.
Jules-have fun at the hens night. I did karaoke on my hens night. I loved it, i never wanted to put the microphone down.
Britt-glad you had a great birthday.

Me-Poor HOlly is in the wars today. Firstly she was pulling herself  up next to Jakes bookcase and  she stood on some books which slipped out from under her and she fell into the bookcase and it left a mark on her cheek. Then after dinner she was crawling after Jake becasue he was running around dragging a tape measure and we heard a  thud and she started screaming, DH picked  her up and she clambered over to me and was crying hysterically, DH said she bumped the back of her head but when she looked up at me she had a huge  lump on the side of her forehead. Looked like she must have fallen into the side of the pantry. I applied ice and kept an eye on her and the lump went down a lot and she seemed to be ok. Guess when she meets all my uncles for the first time tomorrow they are gonna wonder why she has bruises on  her face.
I got some great meat bargains at coles this arvo. They had heaps reduced, some to  almost half price so i got about $75 worth of stuff for $45. That included some packets of  fresh ravioli that was reduced to $1.79 a pkt. I put 3 pkts in the freezer.The other day at woolies i got $30 worth of premium mince reduced to $15. My freezer is well stocked  again. I had my sushi and it  was yum. Im now going to watch the biggest loser that i taped and have a glass  of sweet white wine (which will probably end up being a whole bottle that i consume).
Have a great night all.

QOTD- Has anyone started giving their bubs cows milk? I started putting it on Holly's cereal about a month or so ago and she seems fine with it.

Edited by rachandbub, 16 February 2007 - 07:31 PM.

#70 ZachandPaigesMum

Posted 16 February 2007 - 07:32 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITT, Hope u had a wonderful day

Beck – I don’t think I could watch that, it was bad enough when zach was in high intensity in westmead with all these babies some over 1 who have been in there since being born and worst of all for the whole 4 days not 1 parent came in for 2 of them (there was 4 other bubs in high intensity0

Jules – that is pretty rude making you wait that long considering you had to fast, glad it all went well though, spewin about the blood on the bandage though.

Beck – oh poor cooper it sounds so painful, when I was at my bil on ny eve I went and changed there buba who was almost 1,  well the nappy rash he had was sooo bad it was even all over his penis and testicles and all blistered like u described coopers.

us- well yesterday we went to lollipops with my mothers group we had soo much fun he plays on so much stuff now and while there we had a couple of firsts. he started claping and now claps all the time its so cute, he also climbed out of the ball bit up ontp the table next to it  ohmy.gif  he is now climbing his barriers i have up at home too. the cutest thing though was the way he got of the sesaw thing he done it how you are suposed to (just like you would get off a bike).

and today i finally got off my a*se and joined the gym done the body combat class and felt so good afterwards, when i got home we drew up a eating plan for the month then i went shoping i have a miny goal to lose 10 kilo by zachs bday.

qotd - i have also been giving zach cows milk on his cereal for over a month now. no worries with it here

well girls im off to have a shower bbl

Edited by zachsmummy, 16 February 2007 - 07:34 PM.

#71 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 16 February 2007 - 07:39 PM

I have been putting cows milk on Bridgets cereal for a couple of weeks now with no problems.

Erin - that woman sounded like a b**ch. I hope you get that job, it sounds great original.gif

Rach - poor Holly! I hope she doesnt bruise up too much.

Sarah - wow Zach is climbing! I dread the day Bridget starts LOL

Jules - I think I missed something big. Why do you have bruises on your eyes?  ph34r.gif

#72 ^Mandy^

Posted 16 February 2007 - 07:48 PM

Hey girls  original.gif  Got a baby jamming her hand in my mouth atm, so won't do a big post  tongue.gif  Just wanted to say to Beck, if Lily gets a bit of a red bum, I use pure cornstarch at every change, lots of nappy free time, only natural materials against the skin (cotton mainly) and wash the bum with water only (rinse rather than wipe) - hope little Cooper's bottom gets better soon.

#73 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:02 PM

Does anyone ever wonder who the anonymous users are who read here?  tongue.gif

I cant even figure out how to become anonymous!  wacko.gif

#74 Nephnie

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:14 PM

Hi all!!

Been busy today with the mystery TW party.  Was good.  Sold over $500 worth of stuff.  No datings unfortunately, but hey... I'll get there!!

I forgot to tell you lot yesterday.. Or maybe I did... Hmmm.. ANyway! Mikayla's got antoher tooth!! Makes a grand total of two... LOL!!

Britt- Happy birthday chicky!!  Glad to hear you've had a lovely day.  REALLY pleased to hear your DH has come to the party as well.

Jules- Oh that's great all is well in your camp too.  WEll eventually well... I talk the leg off a chair after I've had the pre-op sedative.  I was even selling mobile phones to my surgeon just before I went under!! He did indeed come in and buy one off me a few weeks later!! LOL!!

QOTD- I've been a naughty mummy and have put cows milk on miky's cereal for a few months now.  She's never had a reaction, so I just add it where necessary.  She doesn't drink it though...

Ok.. I'm knackered.  OFf to have a glass of wine.

#75 ~Rebekah~

Posted 16 February 2007 - 08:18 PM


Well DH is out with a few mates over at Dreamworld.  They are doing the Flow Rider for one of his mates b'day.  It's a man made wave that they can surf on, pretty cool!!

My poor bubba's bum is still quite bad tonight.  Thanks to everyone for all of their tips.  I am using them all original.gif  I gave Cooper some no nappy time this afternoon and he p*ssed on the floor twice and also did a wet fart  blush.gif   The poor angel.  I smothered his butt in Bepanthen tonight and gave him some panadol and he went down ok so hopefully we have a better night than last night.

The movie I went to see is called Notes on a Scandal   It's a really good movie.  My brother came along so that he could mind Cooper and they walked around the shops and had a ball.  Cooper is so in love with him.  My brother even did a nappy change which I was really impressed with.  He went into the Mothers Room and everything  tongue.gif  

Off to catch up on the rest of the thread  smile1.gif

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