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BFP Success Stats

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#26 matty'smum

Posted 27 May 2005 - 01:32 PM

Hi girls some great success stories here well done.

My story:

Me: 27 DH: 30 DS: 2.5

Endo found when i was 17 was told had extreamly bad scaring and it would take me a while to fall pg. Been with my DH since i was 17 and never used any protection and after 7 years we finally fell pg with DS naturally.

TTC #2 for over a year and because of history was sent to FS at MIVF had lap and Dye done Dec 04 discovered serverly blocked tubes and FS said that he was supprised that my DS had even got through. Next step IVF.

Down Reg full stim cycle
Started pill in January 05
Syneral Spray Feb 05
Gonal F 112.5iu (low dose becasue of age and natural pg)
Response 14 eggs collected
12 fertilized 2 trf @ day 2 10 in freazer
LPS 8% crinone once a day
Beta 17dpo 185
Currently 14weeks pg with singleton. EDD 22.11.05

HTH and good luck to everyone
LOL Tania

Edit to remove ticker sorry forgot that i had it in there.

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#27 firniby

Posted 06 June 2005 - 11:23 AM

Kaysie responded in other forum, saying....

Mine isnt all that interesting ( which is a good thing)....

TTC 1# 4 years.... Put on clomid while waiting for tests to be done. After Hysterosalpingogram was diagnosed with unicornuate uterus. THen I had Laporoscopy that showed that the one tube I had was kinked, so we were then told that our only hope was IVF...

SO my 1st cycle in June 2003 had to be cancelled because my hormone levels werent right.

my 2nd IVf cycle in July 2003 ended with my DD....

Sorry if that doesnt help much. Because my problem was not to do with hormones and just structure, the IVF is more successful.


#28 Nic15

Posted 08 June 2005 - 03:37 PM

Hi girls

Well my story is we have been trying 6yrs with unexplained infertility, and been to natural doctors, natrapaths and then finally to a fertiliy clinic in April 2004 (our last resort)
1st IUI - BFN - June 2004
2nd IUI - BFN - July 2004
Then we moved onto IVF
1st IVF - Puregon injections
- 9 eggs
- 7 fertilized
- 2 made it to 5 day transfer (blasts)
- put one embryo back in October 2004  
  it was a BFN!!!!!!! sad.gif
We then decided to use our last frozed embryo (a natural cycle - no stims)
when it thawed it went from a B grade to A grade and finally in November 2004 we got our first ever BFP!!!!
and im going well and due in 9 weeks original.gif We are the happiest ever!!!!

Hope my sharing helps original.gif

Im 32
Df 33

#29 Baby~amore`

Posted 09 June 2005 - 03:27 PM

All these success stories especially 'older' mums gives me more hope than I had this morning - good advice too

#30 stejen

Posted 14 June 2005 - 02:40 PM

1st ivf/icsi split cycle...
had 20 eggs, ended up with 11 embryos
2 tranfered and none any good to freeze...suffered ovarian hyperstimulation very painful before egg retrieval, and painful tummy after transfer..can walk around now so that is good!
now on crinone and 2 week waiting, longest two weeks of my life.  
i couldnt wait so did a HPT it was neg result....
i have sore chest and bloated bellie,
can anyone tell me if crinone can give a false neg HPT result?

#31 LilyM

Posted 16 June 2005 - 05:35 PM

Hi There

Here is my stats


Type of cycle - Ovulation tracking
Drugs - Gonal F at 37mg
Response - 2 eggs at 13mm + 1 at 11mm plus smaller ones
Support post O - 2 x progesterone per day
This cycle resulted in BFN


Type of cycle - Ovulation tracking.
Drugs - Gonal F at 75mg.
Response - 2 eggs at 19mm + 1 at 16mm plus smaller ones. (I was not aware of the 16mm follie untill after it was confirmed we were pg with triplets)
Support post O - 2x progesterone pessaries per day untill 12 wk of pg.
This cycle resulted in BFP & triplets are due 11/10/2005

My diagnosis was - 1) I was not producing mature follicles/eggs at O & my cycles were too long averaging 42-48 days. & 2) low progesterone after O (usually around 30-35)....

We had also tried 4 cycles of O tracking W/O drugs thru our clinic prior to starting on the Gonal F.

Me - 28
DH - 28
TTC since - Dec 2003
Lap - Oct 2004
BFN - Gonal F 11/2004
HSG - Dec 2004
BFP - Gonal F 2/2005 (triplets due 11/10/2005)

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#32 Fraseky

Posted 17 June 2005 - 11:52 AM

Hi all!
I have severe endometriosis (so far have had it lasered off pouch of douglas, left ovary, bowel, liver, bladder).  I am currently 29 weeks pregnant.

This was my time line.

March 2003 - start TTC  
May 2003 - Laparoscopy due to severe pain ie spending AF in hopsital with the pain (after being off pill for a year).  
May 2003 - diagnosed with severe endometriosis
Sept 2003 - conceived naturally
October 2003 - M/c'd
January 2004 - conceived naturally
February 2004 - M/c'd
Sept 2004 - IUI with no drugs - BFN
Oct 2004 - IUI with peurogen self injections (3 eggs) - BFN
Nov 2004 - 2nd Laparoscopy with hystercoscopy and dye testing (tubes clear, endo on bowel, liver, bladder, left ovary, pouch of douglas)
December 2004 conceived naturally
Present - 29 weeks pregnant
EDD 1 September 2005!!!!!!!

I am very lucky that the laparoscopies worked for me.
Good luck all!!!!


Me (33)
DH (37)
TTC #1 since 03/03
Lots of Endo,
2 x Lap,hyst,dyes 05/03 & 11/04
2 x M/C 10/03 9 wks, & 02/04 8 wks
2 x IUI 09/04 & 10/04 - BFN
BFP!!!! 24/12/04 EDD 1/9/05

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#33 march

Posted 22 June 2005 - 02:38 PM

I would just like to encourage everyone to continue posting your BFP Success Stats as they keep us feeling positive and hopeful.
So as you graduate with a BFP post your secrets of success they could help the rest of us still trying hard to achieve.


#34 jewlz

Posted 27 June 2005 - 02:36 PM

Hi ladies,

I'd love to share my story with you'all.  I don't really talk about it except with trusted friends however I know the birth of my daughter was a great inspiration to keep going on IVF for my 2 girlfriends going through it.

In '94 after 14 months of trying we discovered we were medically infertile and our only hope was IVF.  After 17 attempts and 1 M/C (that was heartbreaking!!)
we concieved our daughter in March '02.

BFP Cycle Stats:
ICSI, FET, Down-reg Colarado C*cktail, 2 2 day embryos transferred. I eight cell -lost 1 cell at thaw, other 7 cell no cell loss.

This was my 2nd cycle with a natropath (specializing in fertility treatments) and my first with Colarado.

I had implantation bleeding prior to B/T for both pregs, that's what the reakon it was? Who knows! With our DD preg I also had spotting at wk5 and wk6.

We had another FET in April'04 basically same drug stuff, no natropath 2 damn dear! Bono Fide Nothing!

One of my girlfiends, mentioned in the first paragraph said to me she was rapt to hear I was preg b/c she felt it gave her extra hope and that's why I'm sharing.  After nine years of crap it pulled thru for us and sometimes it was only sheer will and determination that keep me going.  My advise for what it's worth is exhaust every avenue, ask a million questions, even really stupid ones if it makes you feel better and more informed.

Take it easy

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#35 Jenni

Posted 01 July 2005 - 05:27 AM

Our story goes as follows:

Me at time of BFP - 28
DH at time of BFP - 34
dx - endo & mf (low morph)
7 clomid assisted cycles - all BFN!
5 IUI cycles with clomid - all BFN!
Two laps - Oct 2002 & Feb 2004
1st ivf cycle - started Nov 2003
Drugs - pergonal, clomid, progynova & cetrotide
Eggs retrieved - 5
Number fertilised - 3 but one stopped dividing
Number trfed - 2 on cd2 (ZIFT trf due to slow cleavers)
Prog pessaries to beta day - ended in BFN!!
2nd IVF Cyle - started April 2004
Drugs - menagon, fertomid 50 & progynova
Also increased amount of protein in my diet as well as drinking wheatgrass (ahhh the things we try!!)
Eggs retrieved - 9
Number fertilised - 7 but one stopped dividing
Number trfed - 2 blasts on cd5 (embrologist was soooo impressed by the quality of my embies she only wanted me to trf one. Our clinic does not have good FET rates &, as such, does not freeze the remaining embies. They do however monitor their progress further - of the 4 embies left, 3 made it to blasts of which 2 went on to hatch!)
Prog pessaries to beta day - ended in BFP!!Beta was 363 & then 2403 four days later!
Scan at seven weeks showed singleton! Now proud mummy to almost 6mth old little boy! (Pregancy very normal, baby born by emergency c-section because of fetal distress).

Good luck everybody!!


#36 Pepsi

Posted 12 July 2005 - 11:35 PM

Hi Robyn
Congratulations! Its such wonderful news... I have similar problems to you, although I don't have ovarian cancer... but I do have endo and one ovarian working properly. Can you give me any suggestions as to how you looked after your body, say did you do something specific with your diet, or had a strict exercise regime.. Obviously you can see I'm trying to get some idea of our to prime my body for the best possible chance of conception.

And there seems to be so much waiting with endo. I had my first stimmulation cycle (unsuccessful) about 6 weeks ago and now have to wait for 2 periods to let my body get back to 'normal' before I can have a 2nd stimmulation.

Did you go through something similar?

Hope you can help.

33 years old
DH 37 years old
one unsuccessful stimulation cycle

#37 ratbag

Posted 25 July 2005 - 10:22 AM

I am currently pg (9wks 3d) after multiple attempts at assisted conception. Here is a summary and I'm happy for people to pm me with any questions:

May 04
IUI Clomid/No LP support
3 follicles/Spotting 10DPO - BFN

June 04
ICSI #1  Syneral/150 Puregon/1x Pregnyl Injection
2 days after transfer 3 eggs/3 embryos
2 transferred at day 3 / 1x frozen
Spotting 10DPO - BFN

FET #1 Embryo didnt survive thaw

August 04
ICSI #2 Syneral/350 Gonal-F/1 x Crinone gel daily from transfer  
15 eggs/8 fertilised/3  embryos  remaining at transfer (2 x 8 cell and 1x 4cell transferred at day 3 with embryo glue)
2 x frozen (6& 7 cell)
Spotting 10 DPO - BFN

September 04
FET #2 1x pessary daily from transfer
1 embryo transferred at 3 days - assisted hatching and embryo glue used
Spotting 12 DPO - BFN

November 04
ICSI #3 Syneral/300 Gonal -F/Cardipan, Prednisone and Crinone gel daily from ovulation/1x Pregnyl injection post transfer
10 eggs/3 fertilised/2 remain on day 3 and transferred - assisted hatching and embryo glue used.
Spotting 12 DP0 - BFN

Feb 05 ICSI #4 New Protocol
From CD 3 - 400 Gonal-F/Orgalutran injections/
Ovidrel for trigger/1 x Cardipan, Prednisone and Crinone Gel daily from EPU
10 eggs/9 suitable for injecting/7 fertilised.

Proceed to blastocyst stage.

On day 5 there were 3 blastocysts and 3 morulas. 2 x blast transferred (and hatched) /1 frozen (morulas not frozen)
Spotting 9-10 DPO - BFN

May 05 - Lap, D&C and Endometrial Biopsy. Lap and D&C clear but biopsy showed that while we had always been diagnosised as male factor only I appeared to have a delayed response in the receptivity of my endometrium, meaning that when embryos were being transferred, conditions may not be at there ideal for implantation.

May/June 05 IUI #2/FET #3  
From o 4 x pessaries daily/4 x provera daily/
1 x Cardiprin and Prednisone daily/3 x Pregnyl injections (2 before and 1 after transfer)

IUI preformed at ovulation and FET 1 x blastocyst performed at 10 DPO 6/6/05 (instead of the 'usual' 5 DPO).

My doc had never done this before and a 2nd opinion from another clinic confirmed that this was very unusual - but we did it anyway!)

16/6 HcG = 41
20/6 HcG = 256

Continuing - pessaries, provera, cardiprin and prednisone till 12 wks.

This is my AC journey and believe me I'm not out of the woods yet by any stretch but felt it was time to post this.

Good luck to each and every one of you in achieving your dream.

Ratty x

#38 Laney

Posted 29 July 2005 - 12:53 PM

Hi Ratty

My name is Laney, I'm very new here.  Was just wondering did they do your endo biopsy at any special time of the month??

I wish you much luck for your pregnancy..

Matt - March 02
~Paige & Amy~ - July 03
Feb & Mar 05 � Cancelled cycles (poor response)
Apr 05 � Trans 2 Blasts � spotting 12 days post EPU - BFN
Jul 05 � Trans 2 x 5 cell/day 3 � AF � 18 days post EPU � BFN

#39 ~NatB~

Posted 29 July 2005 - 10:14 PM

Hi I just discovered this thread and although my story is nothing like the trials here I thought I'd share -
TTC 6 months before seeing Doc who refferred us to Specalist after seeing my DH test results which were hopeless Thankfully they got it wrong as our Doc reordered them. DH low motility, high count. Basically they needed a good stiff kick in the bum to do anything. Me - Cycle ranged from 21 to 38 days with erratic ovulation. Lap performed where it was discovered my left ovary was adhered to my abdominal wall so it was set free to do what it was meant to do. Small problems but still had no luck. I was put on clomid can't remember what dose and after 12 cycles we tried Artifical Insemination with only stim injection prior to ovulation.
BFP first go DS#1 Oct 2000
Decided to try again went straight to AI again same drugs same stim injection
BFP first go DS#2 Mar 2003
Apparently it dosen't happed very often to have positives first go both times we were chuffed
Miracle was concieved naturally and out of the blue
BFP DS#3 Oct 2004.
Our story is not nearly as heartbreaking as some but I just wanted you to know that even though we go through all of this to have these wonderful beings in our lives sometimes they deciede to come on their own.

Make sure you smile today,

DS#1 Ryan 23/10/2000
DS#2 Liam 22/3/2003
DS#3 Conor 28/10/2004

#40 6749

Posted 08 August 2005 - 02:37 PM

Here is my info:

me: 33
DH: 50
High FSH
4 x IUI 04 - Clomid/Gonal-f - BFN
Lap 08/04
1 x ICSI 11/04 - 400 Gonal-f, 2 eggs, 1 embie - BFP (200 hcg 14dpt)
M/C 01/05 - 10 wks D&C, Trisomy 9
2 x ICSI 04/05 - Cancelled
3 x ICSI 05/05 - Nat Cycle - 3 eggs, 1 embie BFN
4 x ICSI 06/05 - Flare - 450 Gonal-f, 7 eggs, 2 embies BFN
5 x ICSI 07/05 - Flare - 450 Gonal-f, 4 eggs, 1 embie BFP!!!!! (hcg 619 14dpt)

biggrin.gif APRIL 1, 2006 - BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY BORN BY C-SECTION - 7lbs15oz!  biggrin.gif

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#41 Jubilant

Posted 10 August 2005 - 11:39 AM

I felt like it was time for me to post here.

Me: 27
DH: 33

TTC #1 - 18 months.  DD was conceived on Clomid cycle #6.

Tried 6 months naturally.
5 cycle of Clomid
HSG showed both tubes blocked.
LAP 07/04 showed tubes blocked but where able to be flushed clear.
5 more cycles of Clomid
2005 - 3 Gonal F IUI's - BFN
6/05 - IVF #1 - Long Down Reg - Synarel - 250iu Puregon - 25 eggs retrieved - 20 fertilised - 16 good quality. 2 x 3 day embies transferred (1x 8 cell & 1xcompacting).  14 x 8 cell embryos frozen.

BFP 16dp3td - BETA 269
    23dp3dt - BETA 3130
    30dp3dt - BETA 13150

Ultrasound at 7 weeks found 1 baby measuring 7w2d.  Heartrate was 145.

#42 diva

Posted 11 August 2005 - 12:23 PM

Finally brave enough to post here as we have a heartbeat (8 weeks today)


Syneral / 187.5 Gonal F
11 eggs retrieved
9 fertilised
2 grew to blast.  Transferred one. Chemical pg.

FET #1:  BFN

Transferred doctors within SIVF

Lucrin / 187.5 Gonal F
10 eggs retrieved
4 fertilised
2 grew to very early blast.  Transferred both.  BFN

Did D&C/ endometrial biopsy while downregulating with Lucrin.
Did immunology/karyotyping testing.  Found blood clotting disorder.
Lucrin / 175 Puregon
17 eggs retrieved (2 with cracked zona)
15 ICSI'd
9 fertilised
Assisted hatching at 3 days
5 grew to blast- transferred two.


Beta at 16DPO:  615
        18DPO:  1220
        22DPO:  5900
        26DPO: 18600
        31DPO: 32850
Currently pregnant with singleton (note HcG levels are not necessarily indicative of multiples).  Injecting anticoagulant Clexane daily and will continue Crinone 2x daily until the 10th week.

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#43 kstewart

Posted 13 August 2005 - 02:12 PM

1st IVF Cycle 08/04: Had Egg collection no transfer due to severe case of OHSS. Had 26 eggs collected 17 fertilised

2nd IVF - FET 11/04: On HRT support, Progynova and Progesterone pessaries as well as 5 Primogyn injections
1 Blastocyst transferred.BFN

3rd FEF 02/05 : HRT FET. Progynove and Progesterone pessaries as 5 Primogyn injections

1 Blastocyst transferred.  BFN

Took a four month break and went on a cleansing diet and got very healthy,.

4th FET 07/05: HRT- Same as above.
1 Blastocyst Transferred.  BFP

Currently 4 1/2 wks pregnant

HCG 2240  16dp5dt

#44 magicmummy

Posted 16 August 2005 - 04:49 PM

Hope this helps someone:

(1) TTC "naturally" for 12 months - BFNs all the way

(2) lap/hyst/D&C - PCOS diagnosed + male factor

(3) ovulation induction with 50mg Clomid - BFN

(4) IVF/ICSI #1, May/June 2005, SIVF. "Down Reg" protocol. Synarel and 125iu Puregon. At ER had 43 follies, 39 eggs (35 fertilised). Freeze-all cycle due to OHSS. 10 Grade 1 blasts frozen.

(5) "Rest" cycle

(6) Medicated FET #1 (estrogen tablets and progesterone pessaries). Blast lost no cells in the thaw. One blast transferred. Tested + on HPTs two days before my Beta. Beta at 16DPO was 506.

Like Diva - I'm still hanging out for that heartbeat!

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#45 yummummy

Posted 18 August 2005 - 08:36 AM

I felt it might help to post here - I'm still eargerly awaiting the heartbeat scan but reading everybody's positive outcomes certainly helps pass the time.
Started TTC in 2001 - 2 clomid cycles, 2 AIH, 1 lap discovered 1 blocked tube - told that only chance was IVF.
Changed doctors in 2002, 3 AIH with 3rd resulting in pregnancy - no problems apart from a little spotting in early days. Result: Very cute DS born in June 03.
Started trying again in April 03 (never really not tried ifykwim!).
2 AIH BFP - M/C at 7wks
3 AIH BFP - M/C at 6wks
Conceived naturally straight after - M/C at 7 wks
Consulted another FS in Brisbane (we're from country QLD)
225 Puregon
Cardiprim, Elevit etc.
14 Follies collected, 8 fertilised, 2 transferred (day 3)
5 frozen.
Mild OHSS - still bloated now.
LP support: a combination of crinone & pessaries + provera and pregnyl (although stopped this due to OHSS)
16dpt Beta of 470
20dpt Beta of 2600
Still not out of woods but am doing all that I can - still on pessaries (4/day) and 8 provera

Hope this helps!

#46 k&s

Posted 01 September 2005 - 03:06 PM

TTC since March 03

1st Cycle
First pick up: 17 collected / 10 Fertilised (Hyper stimulated)
Transfered 6 embies over 4 FET's.
We tried a 3 day transfer with AH on prognova,a three day transfer on a natural cycle,2 day transfer on clomid and a 2 day transfer on a natural cycle. All with pesseries.

2nd Cycle
Second pick up: 12 collected / 8 fertilised (Hyper stimulated again)
Transfer 1: natural cycle with pesseries. Transfered one fresh
Transfer 2: thawd reamining 7 to get as many to blasts as possible. 2 made it!! Took Clomid to get a regular cycle (32 days, usually 52!) transfered 2 blasts. - BFP!!!

Levels at 9 days post transfer were 145

Now 4 1/2 weeks

#47 aliciah

Posted 16 September 2005 - 11:31 PM

Cant really believe i am posting here already...but here goes.

PCOS and Dh irreversable vasectomy
Age 29 & 47
Metformin, then BCP, syranel, Puregon and Crinone.

Baseline scan showed over 80 follicles.
Started on 125iu puregon, because of ohss risk.
Scans showed no leading follicles at 14d. All were size 8mm or less.

Supervising nurse cancelled my cycle altogether.
Had appointment with FS three days later- to be told that there had been a massive mistake, and that i should not have been cancelled.

Bumped immediately onto 225iu because i was still down regulated.

Many scans later showed 70+ follicles, with 40+ over 10mm.
Obviously was in a lot of pain; very bloated etc. But drank LOTS of water (3-4lt per day) and stayed on the couch.

EPU 29eggs. 18 fertilised.

1 x 6day blast transfered.

4 x 6day blasts frozen, 3 x 7day blasts frozen.

BFP- beta 200.

Good luck to those still trying.


#48 Gnome

Posted 20 September 2005 - 06:10 PM


Thought I would finally post my success story.

We originally tried clomid for 2 months however, it didn't seem to be working and DH sperm count was low with  significant numbers of abnormalities so the RE recommended ICSI.  

Used pill to regulate cycle on all below attempts.

Our first attempt Sept 04, 200 Puregon +  Synarel.  Poor response even though we contined for 5 days longer.  In the end we used half the pregnyl dose and tried naturally with no luck.

Second attempt Nov 04. 375 Puregon + Synarel.(short flare cycle due to synarel shortage) Initial ultrasound  too few follicles. After another 4 days. EPU - 7 eggs, 5 fertlised.  1 fresh, 2 FET (Feb 05). BFN

Third Attempt April 05. 400 Puregon +Synarel. (contined with short flare as it worked the previous time). EPU - 7eggs, 4 fertilised.  2 fresh embryos transfered - BFP (single baby). Prior to this attempt I had joined the gym where I lost 6 kg.  Also we got the transfer at a different centre due to the public holiday and they used ultrasound guided transfer.  I had some difficulties at the start of the pregnancy (of course on a weekend) - if you get bleeding even if the emergency doctor tells you its a miscarriage continue with your pessaries etc until you have this confirmed by the clinic or ob.  I had extremely heavy bleeding at 6 weeks and was told 100 percent miscarriage so stopped the pessaries, luckily I saw my gp who told me this was not right and to continue the pessaries until the miscarriage was confirmed by ultrasound and repeat HCG.  I had the fantastic news that I was still pregnant with a live baby and since approx 16 weeks have not had any bleeding and all is well with baby at every one of the numerous ultrasounds.  My ob tells me that bleeding is  more common in IVF pregnancies, despite this many deliver healthy babies so never give up.  I am okay with this now but was very traumatised at the time so felt you may benefit from the info.  Good luck.

ICSI#3 April 2005 BFP

#49 sushee

Posted 07 October 2005 - 03:02 PM

Well, this is my story:

Fell pg young, at 19, to my bf at the time and we eloped. Went on to have 6 pregnancies from ages 19 to 25: 3 children, 2 terminations and a miscarriage (my second pg) at 9 weeks.

At 26, at my XH's insistence, had a tubal ligation. When we divorced in 2000 when I was 30, I immediately started looking for a surgeon to reverse the ligation. By the time I found one (in Singapore) I'd met and moved in with my now DH. The ligation was deemed very successful and we then tried naturally for 2 years.

When I finally got the courage up to see an FS after 2 years of trying without success, a HSG found my tubes completely scarred over. I had zero chance of falling pg naturally.

On to IVF:

1st cycle 100iu Puregon, got 6 eggs, 5 fertilised, 1 embryo trf at day 2 BFN

2nd cycle FET, 2 embryos trf at day 2 BFN, 1 frozen embryo left, all others succumbed.

3rd cycle 100iu Puregon, got 7 eggs. 6 fertilised, 2 embryos trf at day 2, BFN

4th cycle FET 2 embryos trf day 2 BFN, no embryos left, all remaining had succumbed.

5th cycle 100iu Puregon, cancelled due to poor response, only 3 immature follies after 10 days of stimming.

6th cycle 200iu Puregon, got 10 eggs, 5 fertilised, 2 embryos trf at day 2, BFN

7th cycle FET 2 embryos trf  at day 3, with assisted hatching, BFN, no embryos left, all remaining had succumbed.

8th cycle, 200iu Puregon, got 10 eggs, 6 fertilised, 3 made it to blast, 2 trf at day 5, and I'm now almost 13 weeks pg to a singleton!


#50 squirt70

Posted 14 October 2005 - 09:47 AM

Just thought I'd add my story..

I'm 34 - PCOS, Endo. DH is 33
TTC#1 since Jan '02

* Tried naturally for 9 mths. BT's showed no immunity to Chicken Pox, etc.. had vaccinations & abstained from TTC for 4 months.
* Insisted on referral to fertility specialist (have always had irregular periods & just "felt" something wasn't quite right. Sister has Endo).
* Attended MACC (Melb) - HSG & other tests conducted. U/sound diagnosed PCOS. Metformin. Clomid for 3 months.
* OI with Gonal F. Daily urine testing. Clinic missed ovulation.
* Jan '04 - Insisted on lap (again "that" feeling) & ovarian drilling to assist PCOS. Extensive Endo found.

* ICSI Cycle 1 - Feb '04. Synarel; Puregon 250. 8 eggs. 4 fertilised. 1 x Crinone daily. t/ferred 2 x 3-day. froze 1. BFN
* FET 1 - Apr '04. Synarel; Progynova. 1 x Crinone daily. BFN
* ICSI Cycle 2 - Jun '04. Synarel; Puregon 300. 17 eggs. 12 fertilised. 2 x Crinone daily. t/ferred 2 x 3-day. froze 6. BFP, but m/c at 5 weeks.
* FET 2 - Oct '04. Clomid. Cycle cancelled. All embryos died during thaw.

* Feb '05 - Another lap as intense pain - thought Endo was worsening. 6cm cyst removed from bowel/ovary.

* ICSI Cycle 3 - Apr '05. Synarel; Puregon 225. 10 eggs. 8 fertilised. 3 to blast. t/ferred 2 x early blasts. 2 x Crinone daily. 1 frozen. BFN
* FET 3 - May '05. Progynova. 2 x Crinone, then 1 x Crinone & 2 x Messaries daily. BFP!!!!

Currently, 20 weeks pregnant.

Other things we did in last 2 cycles:
* Regular acupuncuncture (twice a week when cycling)
* Liquid zinc - both DH & I
* Herbs in between cycles
* Vitamin B - DH
* Fish Oil tablets
* Elevit
* DH emptying barrels every 2nd day
* Quit my [horrible] job & did temp work. Didn't work at all during my last 2WW.

My best wishes,

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