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#26 ***jules***

Posted 11 March 2007 - 09:13 AM

Morning girls

Kristie - no I am home alone too!  DH has gone to work for a few hours - bugger!

Kristi - that nappy looks great!  You are getting good! Sorry about AF arriving.  You next little one will come when they are ready.

Mandy - oh your poor little girl and poor you with all that spew!  Yuk!

Britt - my DH is my best friend too.  I know what you mean in that respect.  Sometimes when DH gets home from work I just yabber yabber yabber and he is like "slow down!" but I just always have so much I want to talk to him about.

Steph - how was the party last night?  Hope you had a good time.

Ella is being so cute lately.  She just laughs all day long - at absolutely nothing.  All I have to do is look at her and she cracks up laughing.  Its a nice change from whinging! And she has slept through 12 hours the past 3 nights.  I'm not getting too excited though.  We usually have good weeks and bad weeks.  

I think I am going to pack away all her 0's and get out her size 1's.  She is just getting too tall for the 0's!

ok - bye for now!

#27 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 11 March 2007 - 09:14 AM

Hi girls

Well, had a great time last night, DH drove and I got to drink so it was great, DH and his best mate retreated to the garage after the BBQ to watch Jackass (it's on now  rolleyes.gif ) so my gf and I and a few other girls I knew through her had a great time drinking and giggling hehe - didn't get home till after 1am though, I didn't think it was that late, but time gets away when you're having fun.  Jack was a dream, he slept outside with us in the pram after dinner and I had to wake him to put him in the car, he was straight back to sleep after that, so that was really nice  biggrin.gif

Beck - Don't talk about naan bread and butter chicken - my fav, and mango lasi (sp) AND pecan slice, this is terrible, I've read your post and I'm starving hehe  blush.gif  glad you got to have a great time out!

Steph - wow, you are doing so well with TW!  Good on ya.   sick.gif  for Miky kneeing her pooey nappy, not nice huh? wacko.gif

Kristi - Your PUL and pocket is really great.  Thanks for the prices on the ring slings too.. might have to convince DH we need one now hehe  wub.gif  I love your designs, count me in for a pocket or PUL if you're selling down the track  tongue.gif  - Bugger about AF arriving for you <_<

Mer - sounds like you Sydney girls had a great time out!

Britt - glad you got to spend some quality time with DH last night, just what you needed biggrin.gif

Kristie - poor Ella, hopefully the tooth breaks through soon for her... What's your long weekend for?

Rhiannon - that's great that you are entitled to JET now - I remember you saying you were told you couldn't get it - that'll help out heaps I'm sure  smile1.gif  Sushi and Ed Norton sounds divine hehe...

ETA - Jules - how sweet that Ella is so carefree and happy - these are the best parts huh?  wub.gif  Can't believe it's only a little teeny while to her 1st birthday!

Mandy - hope it's only a 24 hr gastro thingy DD has... hope she's feeling better soon  original.gif

Edited by Chels13, 11 March 2007 - 09:21 AM.

#28 senorita

Posted 11 March 2007 - 12:28 PM

good morning girls original.gif

kristi: i love the colour and pattern of the boy nappy! so cute! biggrin.gif  pity i dont use cloth...

sounds like everyone had a great night last night!
ours was ok, not a big night or anything, but nice to get outta the house for a few hrs original.gif both boys came home & went straight to sleep so that was nice. plus slept in til 8.50am (apart from masons wakeup for a btl at 6).

mason has a dry rash around his mouth and cheeks for the last couple of days, im not sure if its like a teething rash? anyones bubs had this? its just dry and red and blotchy...

renee xo

#29 hollybeagle1981

Posted 11 March 2007 - 01:57 PM

gosh it's quiet today!

Rhiannon:  sorry i forgot to tell you about my sushi.  Wash the rice until the water runs clear.  I cook the rice in a rice cooker, add sushi vinegar and a sprinkling of sugar.  cool to room temperature.  Marinate chicken in teriyaki sauce and crumb in strips.  Shallow fry.  ON a bamboo mat layer seaweed (nori), rice on top (it's easier to spread out with wet fingers) then in a line about 1 inch from the end of the seaweed closest to you, chicken, avocado, mayonnaise and cream cheese.  Roll up and slice.  Serve with pickled ginger and kikkoman (or a BREWED soy sauce).  That's our fav! Well until I learn where I can buy yummy sashimi (salmon and tuna)..

We are having sushi again for lunch, that's why i remembered.. better be off and make it!

Kristi and Vienna

p.s. just uploading some step by step sushi pics.. lol original.gif

Edited by hollybeagle1981, 11 March 2007 - 02:14 PM.

#30 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 11 March 2007 - 02:13 PM

Kristi-i snuck and had sushi after i got my haircut on friday, i just brought some  home for DH this arvo after i went shopping. We made rice paper wraps for dinner last night, ive never had the rice paper before, it was a funny sensation in my mouth, not sure if i liked it or not, we just made a chow mein mince with vermicelli(sp) noodles as the filling.
Chels-sounds like you had a good time last night.
Renee-sorry cant be of much help with the rash,maybe it could be  dermatitis. Jake used to get tiny dry patches under his eyes.
Jules-I had to try all Hollys new winter clothes on her cuz i got 0's and thought id made a huge mistake but she fits into them ok. I will panick if she shoots up between now and winter.
Mandy-sorry to hear your DD has got the vomits. Not good. Hope she gets over it fast.
Kristie-how is Ella doing this arvo, has that tooth come through yet.

Me-had some me time today. Spent 5 hours shopping with my mum at Penrith. I got a new pair of jeans......i got in a size 14 WOO HOO biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  I was so happy to finally get out of a 16. Mum got Jake this really cute super soft dressing gown from Target, he has been modelling it for me since i got  home. I got Holly 2 hats for $1.86 each at Target, both Fifi and the flowertots, one is a beanie and one is a cap with the legionaire flap at the back. Great bargain. I also got the kids some Story CDs' with read along books at kmart. Had a beautiful toasted chicken wrap for lunch, DH is now out in the shed starting on the toy furniture so prob wont see  him for hours.

#31 ZachandPaigesMum

Posted 11 March 2007 - 02:27 PM


ok so far we have

first birthday meet.

chels (maybe)
kristi (maybe)

is there anyone else who wants to come?? any more sydney girls???

ok now when do you all want it ??  we know kristi wants it in july, i think may itself will be to busy so it is either june or july??

#32 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 11 March 2007 - 03:03 PM

Hi girls

Not much happening here this arvo, been down the supermarket and it's pretty hot outside, so I've got the air con on and Jacks asleep, DH is outside in the garage  rolleyes.gif  and he's promised me we are going for an extra long walk this arvo after all the yummy stuff I ate last night hehe blush.gif

Renee - I've had the exact same prob with Jack for weeks, I went to the pharmacy on Wed night and was recommended Dermaid cream that is 0.01% cortisone which is good for babies, I've used it only a few times and it's pretty much gone, he had red splotchy bits near his nose and cheeks, mouth, and little pimply things too, it's worked a treat - might go ok with Mason too... HTH's

Rach - sounds like you've had a great afternoon, yay for size 14 jeans!!!

Erin - poor little Cooper, I hate when Jack gets bitten sad.gif

Sarah - so far June or July suits me, have to be a Thur/Frid/Sat/Sunday if possible, so I'm not working - if that suits others of course original.gif


#33 hollybeagle1981

Posted 11 March 2007 - 03:27 PM

1st Birthday meet.

Pretty much the ONLY time I could make it would be the 29 June, 30 june or  1st July weekend. (or possibly stretching it the 7th of July as well).  As we are in Sydney between those weekends.  

Seeing how V's birthday is only on the 12th June anyway, that's not too late is it? original.gif.

How does that work??

Love Kristi and Vienna

p.s Erin are you coming too??  We are going to drive down for our sydney conference.  We could have a convoy, lol.

#34 senorita

Posted 11 March 2007 - 04:32 PM

hello again..

trying to catch up whenever i can!  tongue.gif

Erin: poor cooper sad.gif have u got some Stop Itch or something u can put on them?

rach: yay on the new size jeans! sounds like u got some great bargains, a good day in all  biggrin.gif  good on you! cant wait to see some pics of the kids furniture!

chels: thanks for the tip on the dermaid cream, i will be popping into the chemist tomorrow. its a little worse this arvo, poor thing...

my mum came for a visit this arvo, which is nice since DH's working all this weekend- she has taken the boys for a quick walk down the street, so ive had a tease of some peace and quiet!! they will be back soon so better look like i was using the time productively!

renee xo

#35 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 11 March 2007 - 05:25 PM

Hi girls,

The wedding was really nice, I wore a dress to the wedding and then changed for the reception which was at the pub, so I got into more casual attire.

There wasn't enough food, we were all starving, but the drinks were plentiful (now I just hope Hunter doesn't want to be fed for a couple of hours.) so we are having take-away and relaxing at home.

bbl when I'm not so alcohol affected.

Britt xx

#36 smiliek

Posted 11 March 2007 - 05:43 PM

Hi everyone,

We've had a trying couple of days with Thomas very miserable with teething - bit of a shock for us as he didn't suffer at all when he cut his first 3 teeth, they just appeared.  He has been so whingy, clingy, tired, hot and crying, but today is almost back to his normal happy self.  I even resorted to Nurofen as well Bonjella and Braurs Teething Relief.

Yesterday I hosted a Wikidz Kids Clothing party, had fun catching up with friends as well as buying some lovely clothes for Thomas.  It's a WA based "party plan" kids clothing company from newborn to size 6.

Today just been hanging out at home, doing washing and cleaning, we did go for a walk this morning to get the newspaper and then to the park and Thomas had his first time on a slide and then sat on my knee on the swing.  Need to try to get out for walks to the park more often.

Britt - shame there wasn't enough food at the wedding, seems to be quite common unfortunately.

Beck - when do you leave for New Zealand? I will try to get back to you with more suggestions/ideas of places to see in the North some time this week.

Jules - myabe you can bring some of the maternity clothes with you to show us all when we meet up at Toddler Town later this month.  Glad to hear that Ella is being a good girl for you!

Kristi - loved the boys blue paw prints, if we were using cloth I would definitely buy it, just for how gorgeous it looks.

Well better get going, my dad is coming over for dinner as my mum is away in Margaret River with my Nana for a holiday.  We're having Spag Bol and I've made it so Thomas can try it as well - hope he likes it.


#37 shoofly

Posted 11 March 2007 - 07:46 PM

Sarah - Im more likely than not to come to the first birthday bash. Just depends on when - with work and everything.

Took Lola down to Centennial Park today, her fascination with Birds is sooo cute. Every time she sees one she says 'Birrrsss', and there were gazillions (well maybe 50 biggrin.gif ), so she was squealing and laughing....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Too cute!

Ok off to bed, i feel better but not 100%

#38 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 11 March 2007 - 08:36 PM

Evening all

Wow, it's quiet in here tonight....

I've just been chatting with my brothers gf on msn and they have decided to stay two years in the UK instead of one  ohmy.gif  Don't know if they've told mum yet, she's gonna be shattered...  sad.gif

Britt - sounds like you had fun - shame there wasn't enough food to go round though  rolleyes.gif

Kylie - smiliek - I hope Jack is fuss free when he finally gets a tooth too... yum - spag bol I'm sure Thomas will love it!

Jeannie - hope you feel better soon? Do you have to work tomorrow? Jack loves birds too, it is a huge fascination with him  tongue.gif

Well, now that Jack has figured out how to climb things and stand up, he won't stop, it makes me feel so proud but at the same time, I see him growing way too quickly for my liking  sad.gif  smile1.gif

Nighty night girls


#39 ~Rebekah~

Posted 11 March 2007 - 09:06 PM

I had all intentions of being able to catch up tonight but my eyes are falling out of my head and my bed is called me.  Early night for me after last nights late night and this mornings 6am wake up call  wacko.gif

Just wanted to share the Cooper took 2 steps today!  Granted it was only because he wanted a cuddle from Mummy and didn't even realise he was doing it but it was very cool all the same.

He also cut his 4th tooth up top, without fuss actually thank goodness.  So........ not like his last tooth  tongue.gif

I hope everyone is well, kisses to all the mummies and bubbas!!

BB tomorrow  smile1.gif

#40 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 11 March 2007 - 09:38 PM

Beck-yay Cooper, way to go. Its funny how they dont even realise what they are doing.
Chels-I bet your mum will prob be upset cuz your brother is staying over there another year. I bet you prob  miss him heaps too.
Jeannie-thats cute about the birds. I took the kids to the pet shop the other day, Holly wasnt too fussed on the birds but loved the puppies and kittens. Her favourite word to say is duck.
Smiliek-ive never heard of that party plan company.......probably cuz i live in nsw i guess. I bet you had fun buying stuff. Poor Thomas and his teeth. Hope they come through without much more bother.
Sarah-im pretty easy with dates for the birthday meet. As long as its not the last weekend in July or the long weekend Monday in June i can make it. Do you have any ideas  for a venue? Let us know if you need ideas.

Me-well i had a bit of a snap this evening.Dh was in the shed all evening and the kids were so grizzly, Holly was screaming hysterically because i wasnt fussing over her, it drove me nuts and i went and layed on the lounge and put a pillow over  my ears, well that made the kids act up even more. I tried to ignore Holly cuz i want to get her out of this clingy thing she has with me and after half an hour i couldnt stand the tantrums so i  picked her up and she just clung to me like glue, she layed on my chest on the lounge and wouldnt budge, everytime i went to move  she just dug her hands  tighter into my arms. She seems to be getting worse with this clingyness, she must have missed me today.  
I pulled the $1.86 stickers off the fifi hat and beanie tonight to reveal the original price of each, they were $17.99 each so i got $36 worth for $3.72..gotta love that. Anyway better go get ready for bed. I just had some ice cream with mint  slice balls on top, bad bad bad.........dont wanna weigh in tomorrow now.

Edited by rachandbub, 11 March 2007 - 09:40 PM.

#41 senorita

Posted 11 March 2007 - 10:30 PM

rach: dont feel bad, i just scoffed down a huge peice of choc chip cheesecake... yum but now i feel a bit  sick.gif
sorry to hear about your stressful night, i know how hard two can be, esp when they r both demanding your attention!  sad.gif

beck: yay on cooper taking his first steps! how clever!

chels: bummer about your brother staying for longer sad.gif your poor mum, i was sitting here thinking if it was one of my boys leaving for that long id be heartbroken. i guess u really dont realise how things feel until u become a mum yaslef hey...

jeannie: great to hear ur on the mend  original.gif

britt: glad the wedding was good, bummer about the lack of food tho sad.gif hope u dont have a hangover tomorrow hehe

wow i can actually catch up since its so slow in here tonight!
DH is watching the movie "school of rock", its so dumb!!! im off to bed!
renee xo

#42 hollybeagle1981

Posted 11 March 2007 - 11:09 PM

Renee:  I love school of rock.. I think it's so funny  biggrin.gif .

Rach:  yay on your awesome purchases.  I totally understnad the clingy baby thing.  (but I only have one to deal with..)

Beck:  Wow cooper's walking!!  Get some on video! Or do you ahve some already  ph34r.gif .. lol

Chels:  I was thinking the same thing with Vienna tonight.  They are just standing up on everything aren't they?!  I couldn't wait for it to happen and now she is I can't really remember what she was like as a tiny baby  sad.gif .  She's my little girl!!

Off to bed now!  Massive spotlight 20% off everything sale tomorrow.. so better get my 'don't mess with me' face on for the morning.  Oh, I love having a new addiction to pursue!!


Love Kristi and Vienna

p.s. I finished my crochet soaker today but it's massive!  I'm undecided whether to pull it out or just keep it until she's bigger.  It is a real nice colour and I'm proud of it though.

#43 ellacy

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:10 AM

They need to add a new smilie for "eyes hanging out of my head" cause that is exactly how i feel this morning. Why did i complain bout Ella waking at 5am? That is nothing compared to last nights efforts, waking every hour till midnight then awake from 12-2:30am and in that time i tried bonjela, nurofen, teething relief, in our bed, in her cot.... finally gave her a bottle and she slept till 6:30am! I want my sleeping baby back. I just wish that 2nd top tooth would pop through, i can see it protruding through the skin and i just wanna push on it to break the skin...

Chels - This is gonna sound stupid but i dont really know what public holiday it is today. I think maybe Labour Day?

Rach - Sorry to hear about your full on arvo yesterday. Hopefully Holly will get out of this clingy stage soon for you. I agree maybe it was worse yesterday cause she missed you

Kristi - Have fun at the sale today

Beck - Wow.. Go Cooper!!! That must have been so exciting for you, even if he didnt know he was doing it, it wont be too long now and he'll be running around all over the place/

My brain is too fuzzy to type any more. I just wanna sleep all day but they are still doing the pergola and making so much noise. Ive just put ella down for her morning nap - she better go to sleep quickly....

#44 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:11 AM

Good Morning Girls  dev (6).gif  (I love this new smiley hehe)

Well, I'm hoping some of you girls can help me with this one, Jack has been the last week doing really mushy almost like diarrhea poos (sorry TMI) and atleast 4-5 times per day  ohmy.gif  He doesn't appear to be sick, he has no teeth, but I do put bonjella on them every now and again when he's screaming and it helps straight away, but he hasn't been eating anything different at all, they are horrendous and almost smell like off or curd yoghurt, he does eat a yoghurt every day, but he always has, hope this makes sense... It could just be teething poos, and as I said, he seems fine, and he is putting on weight... TIA  smile1.gif

BBL for personals  wub.gif

#45 ~Rebekah~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:34 AM

Morning  smile1.gif

Rach I can totally relate to the clinginess!  Cooper is actually getting better as each day passes but gosh it's frustrating isn't it!  What bargains you got YAY  smile1.gif

Renee I hate that movie too.  I was flicking in the ads when I was watching channel 7 and I couldn't even stand to watch it then LOL  tongue.gif

Britt Glad to hear the wedding was nice, bummer about the lack of food, how wierd  wacko.gif   Can't wait to see some pics original.gif

Kristi LOL Cooper isn't actually walking.  And don't worry I was trying to get video footage for ages but it just didn't happen sad.gif  LOL  smile1.gif   Sorry I can't make it today sad.gif  I am heading over to Mum & Dads because they just got back from Melbourne last night so I want to take Cooper over there.  I am hoping I have time this afternoon to pop over to the one at Ashmore because I really want some things!!  Great work in finishing your soaker, pics please  tongue.gif

Kylie The first soaker I did was a tester so I just used some wool from Big W called Cleakheaton.  It's a great place to start because it's cheap but it's still 100% wool.  I would recommend using pure wool because it will work alot better overnight.  I have since purchased some really nice yarn to do the next two.  From www.wahmania.com.au (Susanne's House of Wool) and also www.ozebaby.com.au (Monsters Knits)  I have only just started my next one.  Well I have cast one and done about 3-4 rows  laugh.gif  

Kristie Sorry to hear about your night  sad.gif   Teething sucks doesn't it  mad.gif   What our poor bubbas have to go through, it's not fair!   Try and have a nap when Ella does.  Maybe turn some music on softly and that will muffle he noise of the banging out.  If all else fails, coffee and chocolate  tongue.gif

Chels Cooper went through the exact same thing about 2 weeks before his top teeth cut.  I just had to change his nappies alot more frequently.  Just be careful because that's when Cooper got his really bad sore bottom.  Do you use fleece liners in your nappies ???  Lots of changes and no nappy time will help too!  I hope it gets better soon.  Just a thought ?  Does Jack eat banana ?  One of you girls mentioned it for Cooper when he had the runs and it worked a treat  smile1.gif

Off to have a shower and get ready for the day  smile1.gif

#46 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:37 AM

Morning MMMs!!

Kristi - Sorry to hear AF arrived. Your sushi sounds delicious! I love sushi and sashimi! Do you have like a fish market around where you live? I usually buy my sashimi from the fish market. Sashimi and wasabi and soy sauce... YUM!!! biggrin.gif

Rach - Our babies must be going through the clingy stage! Joey is so clingy all weekend too. She cries and whinges everytime I walk out of the room even if DH is there with her.  wacko.gif And then she starts laughing if I pick her up!  rolleyes.gif Hope she is better for you today.

Beck - Yay on Cooper taking 2 steps! biggrin.gif

Sarah - I would love to come to the birthday meet. June/July suits me fine.

I was planning to do proper personals but this will have to be all for now. sad.gif

Me - Well Joey has started standing up on her own! Haven't really taken any steps without holding onto anything yet though. They are growing up quickly! Also, I am so excited. I got 2 bubblebub AIOs on the weekend so I can't wait to get it in the mail and try it out. Probably will have to come on and ask some of you girls how exactly it all works. I think it was a bit of an impulse buy. LOL! I am excited about it though! biggrin.gif

Anyways, gotta run. BBL!

#47 -Screamapillar-

Posted 12 March 2007 - 09:10 AM

Just popping in to say hi and I hope everyone is well.

I'm still reading original.gif

Kristi- Have fun at spotlight, sorry about AF, I'm sure you'll have a bump in your tummy before to long original.gif

Kristie- Poor you and a crappy nights sleep, make sure you rest today chicky.

Beck- Whoo-hoo! Clever Cooper, it's so funny when the do things that are super clever without even trying, have fun at your parents.

Jackie- Pretty impressive nappy purchases, I'm sure you'll love them original.gif

Chels- If Jacks dribbling alot because of teething that could affect his poo's as well.

Rach- What bargain's, I love it when stuff like that happens.

Ok, I better go, I've got to go to centrelink (yippee, not!) and to get my blood test finally blush.gif

#48 ellacy

Posted 12 March 2007 - 09:48 AM

Erin - Did you end up getting that place?? How exciting!!

#49 Nephnie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 10:05 AM

Oh yay moving time!! NOT!! Good luck with your moving Erin.  Enlist as many helpers as you can.  I am sooo glad moving a year ago in a distant memory.. It wasn't fun doing it at 28 or 30 weeks pregnant...

Beck- Yay on Coopers steps!!  Miky's take an odd step here and there, but she prefers crawling, which I am MORE than happy with right now... LOL!!

Rach- Are you able to lob the kids on anyone and have a quiet day to yourself?  Or at least a few hours to yourself?  Sounds like you need it!

Jackie- Oh another MMM trying cloth.  WEll done!  Like I keep saying to everyone else starting, don't feel you have to go the whole hog straight up if you're not comfortable with it.  Just use what you've got and if you like it, buy a couple more etc to build up your stash.  Every less 'sposie is a bonus!

Sarah- Hmmm... If we can fix a date, I will see if I can make it across or not.  I have some frequent flyers sitting there and it might be a good excuse to use them! LOL!!  It would probably be a flying visit though.

Us- Well Miky's singing in her cot, but she's not coming out until her mate arrives in a minute.  I agreed to babysit and then the next day realised we had swimming lessons!! I couldn't cancel the babysitting though coz my mate has no family up here either and it would be too short notice.  I get a credit for the lesson anyway...

Speaking of which, I'd better go get out of my jarmies and ring the swim school.

#50 *~hotchocolate~*

Posted 12 March 2007 - 10:07 AM

Hi Girls biggrin.gif

Im All happy. My mum just called and she is sending the family on an all expense paid holiday to  Qld again tongue.gif . We will be staying in surfers from june 30 till july 14! Its the middle of winter but i cant wait biggrin.gif .
I better go tell DH to book in his leave unsure.gif

I'll be back later when i catch up. I've had a busy weekend.
Bye for now.

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