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#51 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 10:31 AM

Erin - Have fun packing for the move. I am with Steph. Moving time is fun.. NOT! LOL! I moved last year at 37 weeks or so pg!

Jean - How nice of your mum to send you guys on an expense paid holiday! I am so jealous! I am sure your Izzy and Shaq will enjoy the theme parks dispite the season! biggrin.gif

Steph - Its hard not to be tempted when so many of you in here use cloth and rave on about them. And then you see all those cute cloth bum pics! LOL! biggrin.gif

Kirsty - Have fun at centerlink and having a bt! tongue.gif

ETA: Erin - I love the pics of you guys at Underwater world. Looks like Cooper really enjoyed it. And looks like her and Jedd get on really well! biggrin.gif

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#52 ~Rebekah~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 11:25 AM

sick.gif   cry1.gif

OMG what a morning  ohmy.gif

I was just about to hop in the shower earlier and Cooper came up to me while I was on the phone to a daycare centre with something in his hand and all over his face.  I looked down and he didn't have his nappy on.  I knew straight away what it was.  He was eating his poo  sick.gif   I quickly grabbed him and went searching for his nappy.  There was a trail of poo from the study into the lounge room.  Thank goodness it was only on the tiles.  It was so..... disgusting, in fact I still feel like I can smell it LOL!   Talk about gross!!  

Moral of the story...

Don't put a Tots Bots velcro nappy on a curious 9 month old without a cover  blush.gif  

So as you can imagine I am still at home because Cooper has now gone down for a nap.

Jackie YAY on the Bubblebubs score, great job!  Which ones did you get ??  Can't wait to hear how you go with them and see some pics of course  tongue.gif   I scored the Zebra print one with side snaps, lets hope Cooper doesn't figure out how to undo those ones  laugh.gif

Kirsty Good luck with the blood tests original.gif  I am sure everything will be fine.

Erin Great pics!  Looks like you all had heaps of fun.  Jedd is a bit of a spunk isn't he  blush.gif   Good luck with move also, how exciting!

Steph I was going to email you actually.  Guess what ??  Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a minky cover from a well know nappy maker about the same time I got yours and yours gets used ALOT more use.  And the minky one has started falling apart  cry1.gif   But yours is still going strong now, good as new  tongue.gif

Jean Oh WOW how exciting!!  What a lovely thing for your Mum to do  smile1.gif   We so have to catch up this time.  I am only about 20min drive into Surfers  smile1.gif   Actually I think Britt may even be up here at the same time !

I still feel sick thinking about what Cooper had for morning tea  sick.gif

#53 Guest_**Slappy**_*

Posted 12 March 2007 - 11:26 AM

Hi girls,

I hope you are all doing well. I just cant keep up without internet at home! Even coming here to my mums every day I am missing a lot of stuff!

Erin - wow you are moving! Very exciting! I hope it all goes well original.gif Is Coopers hair getting lighter?  huh.gif Or is it just me?

Rach - Bridget is very clingy ATM too... it drives me insane!

WLC - I havent even bothered weighing myself this morning, I just KNOW I have put on weight. I dont want to know about it. Is that cheating?  dev (6).gif If anybody has losses PM me and I will get the list up tomorrow original.gif

Well this is just a short and sweet one!

Oh, and at this stage I dont think I am going be able to make the 1st birthday bash, but I really, really want to  sad.gif I have got 2 interstate weddings to go to this year and I dont think I will be able to afford a 3rd trip... but I will make a final decision once some plans have been made original.gif

#54 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 11:30 AM

Beck - I got the Lavender/Zebras and Pale Pink/Purple Monkeys. All I know is they are purple and pink. I saw them come up and I went through the list, these are the only plain ones and all the other ones are animal prints which wasn't really what I wanted, so I just took these 2. LOL!

#55 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 12:00 PM

I am feeling really uncomfortable today. I feel like my insides are all squashed.  sick.gif But then I feel hungry at the same time!  wacko.gif I have eaten my lunch and a crunchie freddo and I'm still hungry!  mad.gif

Beck - Meant to say...  sick.gif on what Cooper did!  tongue.gif But lucky it only got the on the tiles!

#56 Nephnie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 12:10 PM

Jackie- My point is, I'd love for you to become a cloth addict, but if you don't, don't feel bad.  Try it for a bit and then buy a couple more if you're happy.  That way if you decide it's NOT for you, you won't be out of pocket too much.  I'm all for cloth nappies, but I do GET the whole 'sposie thing too.  Just take baby steps for starts and gain the momentum if you do like it!  I hope you do!!

Erin- Gorgeous piccies!!

Well I'm listening to a baby grizzle... My friends baby is grizzling away as is Mikayla.

BBL on.

#57 hollybeagle1981

Posted 12 March 2007 - 12:15 PM

Oh Beck.. poor you and Cooper sick.gif !  I bet he looked pleased as punch too  biggrin.gif .    I had to scrub Vienna's fingernails too as it got underneath when she was playing with hers lol.  That valentines material is reduced to $3/m plus 20% off today Beck!!  (i bought 5m..  blush.gif )

I went on a massive shopping spree at spotlight! yay!  DH is gonna kill me, but I got some really good bargains.    As spotlight is open until 9 p.m. I'm now thinking I should go back when he gets home.. hehe.

Jackie:  Well there is less room inside your tummy now, lol.  I hope you can satisfy your hunger somehow!

Erin:  you'll  have to show us some pics of the new place.  Good luck with the move!  I loved the pics of underwater world.  That's where I went scuba diving with the grey nurse sharks.  How hot was it yesterday!!

Something new:  I was singing and signing the alphabet to Vienna last night as she loves watching my hands move and DH said 'I didn't know you could do that'.  It's nice when you still find out you have something left to surprise DH after 8 years.. biggrin.gif

Love Kristi and Vienna

#58 Nephnie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 12:16 PM

Beck- I was teling Jules on the phone last night that one of my dogs has developed a penchant for poo... We have a fold up changetable in a spare room and it has a tray under the changetable bit.  We leave the dirty nappy under there while we bath Miky and dress her and then put it in the bucket afterwards.  Well... SOMETIMES it's CLEAN when we go to put it in the bucket!  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif   Buzz seems to like poo...

Miky also left a trail of poo in the hallway again while waiting for her bath.  Buzz beat me to it again and clean up the mess!! LOL!!  Saved me doing some scrubbing!! PMSL!!

Better go.  We had a big water mains burst yesterday morning.  It was fixed a couple of hours later, but after it was fixed and they turned the mains back on, the pressure popped the pipe on the water corp's side to our house PLUS it's made our hot water system start leaking AND our toilet run in our ensuite. NOT HAPPY!!

They are sending someone to look at the hot water system for us in case we need to put a claim in for it.  We only had it serviced a year ago and everything was fine.  Hopefully they'll fix it for us.

Oh, I can hear them here.

#59 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 12:21 PM

Kristi - LOL at still being able to suprise your DH! I don't think I can sign the whole alphabet though.  blush.gif

Steph - Hope you get your water probs sorted.

Edited by ribenaberrie, 12 March 2007 - 01:40 PM.

#60 hollybeagle1981

Posted 12 March 2007 - 01:10 PM

Hi girls!

Just came in to say I'm soooo not as hungry now that I've cut back BF'ing. (although still hungry Tounge1.gif) I decided to pretty much wean Vienna  sad.gif .  I am only giving her the first BF of the day when she wakes at 5.30 a.m.  and the rest are bottles and normal food.  This is my third day of doing that and finally my boobs aren't leaking all over the place in the afternoon! yay.  My nipples are still cracked though, so hopefully they'll heal up today.  I should take my bra off huh.

Steph:  sick.gif  about your dog eating Mik's poo.  Our dogs eat their own in the back yard all the time (we are not the best poo cleaner upperers blush.gif ).  It's disgusting isn't it?  Is that cyclone anywhere near you?

It's so HOT again TODAY!

Love Kristi and Vienna

Edited by hollybeagle1981, 12 March 2007 - 01:11 PM.

#61 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 02:05 PM

Hi girls

Thanks for your tips about Jack - I think surely a tooth is to blame, I can't wait to finally see one hehe  tongue.gif

Beck - I almost was  sick.gif  when I read your post, poor little Cooper, I dread the day Jack does that, now I'll always make sure he has a cover on at home...  smile1.gif  Thanks fro the tip on eating bananas too!

Kristi - LOL about Matt discovering something 'new' about you hehe, they never cease to amaze huh?  tongue.gif Hope you don't have too many dramas weaning  smile1.gif Yay for V pulling up and all, but why why why??  cry1.gif  laugh.gif  do they have to grow up at all...

Steph -  sick.gif  to your dog eating Miky's poos hehe, great way to clean em up though  tongue.gif  Bugger about your water dramas  <_<

Jackie - I have no doubt you will prolly be hooked on MCN very very soon hehehe  dev (6).gif

Jean - that is great news about your holiday - nice of your mum to do that for you all!  smile1.gif

Erin - the pics are great, looks like you all had fun at Underwater World...  smile1.gif

Renee - I thought of Jack too, when I found out my brother would be staying another year, I couldn't even imagine what it'd be like to have them away for that long, on the other side of the world  sad.gif

Kristie - enjoy your public holiday!

Rach - Can your mum or DH take Holly for a little while so you can have a 'break' so to speak?  Jack gets a bit like that sometimes and it's kinda frustrating having to be joined at the hip when you just wanna relax...  smile1.gif

Well, I"ve just finished lunch so back to work hehe oooh, got two Mandy Macs today, and a bit of fluffy mail from the trading room, can't wait to get em home woo hoo!


#62 wca

Posted 12 March 2007 - 02:17 PM

Hi Everyone!

Have been absolutley flat chat this weekend so this will only be a 'me' post, cos I haven't even read any of the last few pages.
We have been super busy, went to BIL's 30th on Saturday night and Tayla was a gem, charming everyone and didn't even crack the sh*ts once despite being out and up till about 10pm! We took our nephew back home with us for the night so that BIL and SIL could party and have a huge night (they don't often get the chance). We've never babysat before so it was super scary but really really good. He's 2yrs old so is a little monster and full of beans. Both kids went staright to sleep when we got home and both woke up at about 7am Sunday. We had him all day sunday, and OMG I don't know how you girls with two do it! I had a 2yr old running everwhere demanding my attention and a 10 month old crying in her highchair cos she dropped her food and it never ended LOL. Later that arvo we had a 5 course dinner at MIL's which was awsome. Got home late again and I had a few dinks at home with Chad just watching a movie. And today mum, tayla and I went to the Animal Expo. It was so much much, Tayla was so excited! I just got home 30mins ago and she's now sound asleep and Chad's gone for surf so I am finally relaxing.

I am feeling 100% now, I think finally having a fun weekend where I have spent time with family and generally doing funthings has really helped me. Both Chad and I agree that this has been the best weekend we've had in months.

Anyway I'm off to read the last few pages of this thread!


#63 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 02:40 PM

Chels - I think I'm addicted already! I want to buy more but I haven't even got the ones I bought yet!

#64 ribenaberrie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 03:27 PM

QOTD - This has been playing on my mind quite a bit and I'm not sure where to post without getting flamed or offending people so I thought this is a safe place.  original.gif Anyways, DH said to me the other day that he's concerned that the bleeding I had early on may affect our baby. I think it stemmed from a comment I made to him back then about the doctor telling me at the time that if the baby doesn't get enough oxygen because the placenta pulled away too much it will die. He thinks that if the baby was getting less oxygen because of the bleeding then what if theres some sort of brain damage as you would get if it was to happen to just anyone?! I am not sure how this works, I mean, I haven't heard that the 2 is related and I have heard about lots of people with early bleeding resulting in heathy babies. My doctor also hasn't brought up the bleeding thing again, which makes me think shes not concerned, but I will be asking her next time I see her. Anyways, any thoughts or experience or knowledge on this would be appreciated.  sad.gif

#65 Nephnie

Posted 12 March 2007 - 03:50 PM

TBH Jackie... When you first told us about your bleeding and then you found out you still had a baby in there, my first thoughts were that you were originally pregnant with twins and one m/c.   I hope that isn't too blunt for you...

It just sounded too much like a m/c too me.  It's awful to think that there may have originally been twins there, but that's the way it seemed to me.

I mean, look at people like Jodi, Jules(You had bleeding didn't you?) etc... THey all had bleeding at the start of their pregnancy.  I know a mate of mine had quite severe bleeding and she's now got a 6 week old healthy boy!

I would take your DH with you to your next Docs appointment and get him to ask the qn.  It's no good you doing the pidgeon post thing.  He's better off hearing it from a professional.

I hope what I've said isn't too hard for you.  I'm just giving you the impression I got of your bleeding...
P.s. I am SURE you'll have a healthy bubby.  Those scans at 20 weeks are amazing and pick up all sorts of problems.  If there were brain probs, I'm almost certain they'd have picked it up.

#66 ***jules***

Posted 12 March 2007 - 04:13 PM

Hi girls

So busy but had to say:

sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  about the poos!!!!!

Jackie - I had bleeding (a really large bleed to start with at about 7 weeks) and bleeding on and off until 20 weeks.  It was caused by part of the placenta pulling away.  We just had to hope it held on!  My ob sent me to a specialist to do some extra scans after 20 weeks to make sure the blood flow through the cord was satisfactory and growth was not stunted.  At no time did he mention anything about brain damage etc.  They just mostly need to make sure the bub is getting enough nutrients (hence the growth) and enough oxygen (via the cord).  Please PM me if you want any more details.  I am happy to share my experience.  Ella turned out 100% perfect so the was a whole lot of worrying for nothing.  I am sure your bub will be fine!

Have to try and come back tomorrow - Ella is just waking and then am off to WW tonight.

#67 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 04:25 PM

Hi girls,

I've been to swimming with hunter and then out to lunch with my friend and her baby. Also been trying to catch up on some washing.

I havn't read to catch up, but just wanted to say Hi.


Britt xx

#68 senorita

Posted 12 March 2007 - 04:53 PM

hi everyone

well i went to mothers group this morning, & mason threw up everywhere, all over me and himself... i thought maybe he just had a tummy ache. but then me & 2 other girls from mothers group went to Spotlight afterwards & his red cheeks got redder and redder....not to mention jacob falling flat on his face and having a split lip and a blood nose for 40mins in Spotlight!! sad.gif

so on the way home i took mason to the dr's & he said he has slap - cheek  sad.gif  some virus characterised by red cheeks that look like hes been slapped, fever, irritability etc.. poor thing hes all lethargic & irritable...
yucky day for me in all. im all hot and smelly from blood & vomit!

sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
renee xo

#69 ***jules***

Posted 12 March 2007 - 05:09 PM

Renee - you poor thing and poor Mason!  Just be careful not to be near anyone pregnant.  Slap Cheek can be dangerous for pregnant mothers I think until 12 weeks???

#70 senorita

Posted 12 March 2007 - 05:21 PM

jules: well, one of the girls at mothers group is pregnant, 33 weeks... thats the 1st thing i thought of!!
she is already on some anxiety type anti-depressant drugs coz shes having panic attacks and stuff worrying about the baby & that everything will be ok with him( after our friends baby died at 39weeks in utero), so i dont know whether to tell her! sad.gif   sad.gif
i read on the net that its not contagious once the rash is out, and not really harmful to preg women after 20 weeks... im still stressing tho, but i dont want her to worry, she already is on medication!!  unsure.gif  i feel so bad, i thought it was just a teething rash, even took him to the chemist this morning & they sold me some Dermaid cream....

jackie: i bled with jacob off & on, not much tho. but at 11 weeks i bled HEAPS, i was rushed to hospital, they basically told me i had miscarried, & were preparing me for a D&C... luckily they did a quick ultrasound b4, and found little jacob there beating away... they said they r 99% sure i lost a twin, since there was sooo much blood and even a huge jelly type clot about the size of my palm. wouldnt suprise me since DH has twin sisters...

what a day! told DH im having a few drinks tonight, so stressed and tired! bbl, off to bath the smelly boys ewwww!
renee xo

#71 ***jules***

Posted 12 March 2007 - 05:25 PM

Renee -  wouldn't worry her.  Especially if she's after 20 weeks andhaving panic attacks as it is.  Gosh then again if it was me - I don't know.  Ring the Health Direct Number and ask them their advice maybe??

#72 ZachandPaigesMum

Posted 12 March 2007 - 06:04 PM

first birthday meet.

chels (maybe)
kristi (maybe)
steph (maybe)

date - well it seems most ppl dont mind so how about we have it on the first weekend in july that way kristi and vienna can make it.

ok any ideas on what to do where to have it ??? i was thinking maybe sydney city??? any ideas ?

erin - zachs birthday party is the same day as coopers

been so busy here the past few days had rods mum here all weekend so sorry for no personals

#73 wca

Posted 12 March 2007 - 06:48 PM


RENEE> Oh Gawd, sorry to hear about your day, did not sound fun at all sad.gif Poor Mason, I've never heared of slapped cheek before but it soudns nasty. And then Jacob falling over, my gosh what a nightmare! Hope they both are ok, poor things.

ERIN> I absolutley love the invites, they're georgous!

Was gonna do more but dinner's ready rolleyes.gif Spare ribs, yumm!


#74 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:22 PM

Hi girls

Well, it's been a pretty crappy night here  <_<  DH and I have been at each others throats since I got home, for no particular reason really, just because, he's just got Jack to sleep by walking up and down the hall with him  <_<  and now he's crashed on the lounge, so much for our bd'ing tonight... oh well... I'm buggered anyway...

I went for a walk before with Jack across the highway and into this new estate that is being built, I was telling Jack that when he's older, he won't remember that this was once a bushland - not that he'll remember me telling him hehe  wink.gif

Jackie - I agree with Steph about getting DH to come to an appt and ask that q. I had bleeding at 13 weeks and was put in hospital over night and was told I'd prolly have to have a D & C in the morning cause my OB thought for sure I'd miscarried, but lo and behold, they did a scan and found Jack's little heart pumping!  All I'm trying to say really is that I hope it kinda put's your mind at ease a little  original.gif  Good luck Jackie  smile1.gif

Renee - hope Mason is feeling better soon - poor little mite! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a lousy day - hope it gets better from here on  smile1.gif

Erin - the invites look great - gotta love Vistaprint hehe original.gif


#75 TazzieD

Posted 12 March 2007 - 08:52 PM

Hi girls, did you miss me??! LOL!!

I've been in Melbourne for work and getting EB withdrawal symptoms!! I have SO much to catch up on....

Jackie, I read your post about bleeding and the best thing you could do is find some reading for your DH so he is informed, as it is really the fear of the unknown. I had bleeding at 13-14 weeks with Milly and she is perfectly fine. Bubs is the right size for his/her age yeah? If so, don't worry. But, to put your mind at rest make sure you ask at your next appointment.

Chels, sorry you had a bad night. Hopefully you can have some make up sex instead! LOL!

Erin, great invites!

Renee, it sounds like Mason was feeling terrible. Poor darling. I am glad you know what it is though. I think Jules idea of ringing the health line is a good one.

Anni, sounds like you had fun babysitting

Kristi, what are you going to do with all that material??

ok, gotta keep reading... BBL!

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