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April 06 Parents #75

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#26 Stumbles

Posted 19 March 2007 - 05:34 PM

Hey guys!

Been slack here again... been reading along though.

Have had lots of stuff happening here. Life is getting away from me daily, my days are getting shorter it seems, very strange. Iíve been madly working on Reubenís birthday party invites and have them finished. original.gif Only problem is their eyes keep falling off! Iím apprehensive about super gluing them on... have had bad experiences in the past. tongue.gif They look like this:  Reuben's Invitation Iíll have to start sending them out tomorrow. I have lots of addressing to do! No doubt their eyes will fall off in the mail though. wacko.gif Oh, incase you were wondering, I photoshopped our personal info out. wink.gif

We are looking to buy a new car finally! I have been so patient in that department. So it could be happening at the end of this week, probably on Saturday! We are really hoping that no one buys the car we want as we love one in particular! It was calling my name! We looked at a few but always came back to that one. Itís a Commodore VT Wagon. Massive compared to the one we have now! ohmy.gif By a long shot! TTC looks like a sure thing now... besides the lack of space... but at least extending is on the cards now. original.gif
For the moment it looks like weíll be extending our home rather than moving. Itís a bit disappointing, but hey, thatís life. It will probably turn out cheaper anyway.

Reuben is going well. original.gif He is starting to crawl properly now! Only just though, he takes 6 crawls forward then thinks itís too hard so commando crawls, heíll get there in his own time. original.gif Heís mumming and bubbing now too, it makes me melt, guaranteed everytime!

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#27 ~shell~

Posted 19 March 2007 - 09:50 PM

Just dropped in quickly to say hi.

I am exhausted and have no idea why I am up so damn late.

We went to the Sunshine Coast on Saturday for a day trip to visit boring relos (You gota do your family duty every now and then).

We went to the Gold Coast yesterday for a day trip to Wet n Wild.  4 adults and two 5 year old girls.  Wow - we got there at opening time and left at closing time.  7 hours of non stop action.  My everything aches today.  biggrin.gif

Mick went to Canberra again today - this time till Friday.  He is home for the weekend then off for 3 more days,  So out of 10 he is home for 2.

Hayden is still not well - still having asthma attacks.  I am getting no sleep at night - I jump up at the slightest noise from his room now.

Kaylee is a jem.  She adores her brother and is a great help.

I am a zombee.

Mick is................ um.... Mick who?  <_<

Just also wanted to add - Kate - hugs to you.  Oh how devastating to have to experience the loss of a child.  I hope they, and of course you are holding up ok.  

And, CONGRATULATIONS TRACEY AND CHRIS. wub.gif  wub.gif  wub.gif

Hello to everyone else, and sorry for not participating.

#28 mummy2bailey

Posted 19 March 2007 - 09:59 PM

HI ladies,

Just a quick HI from me, will try to do some personals tomorrow if the "master's" will let me,lol. Just wanted to let everyone I am around stalking ph34r.gif .
And I also wanted to show of my new signature, one of 3 new ones(one for every week till Connor turns 1)

Night all, will back tomorrow wub.gif

#29 Polaris

Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:52 AM

Thought that I would get on this morning and post real quick.

Gee I missed you guys, I have been getting on and having a skim through but I have been trying not to spend too long on the computer.

DH and I have just gone through a bit of a rough patch (part to do with the stress he has been under and part to do with my job), I guess it just all came to a head, so we have started to make some changes.  Number 1, I have asked work to put me somewhere where I don't have to fly!  This is becoming too much for DH, Eylee, my parents and me so I want to see if I can go somewhere else where I just do my normal 0700 - 1600 hours.
Number 2, we have written out a timetable for the week which plans our time to the hour (which we really needed to keep us on track).
Number 3, I have told DH that he needs to stop listening to other peoples problems as he worries about them and thinks about it al the time.  Which is getting him down.  He has a friend who is having problems with his wife and just from constantly listening to him, DH said it is hard not to think the same (you know like when a friend b**ches about another person it is so hard not to get caught up in the emotion).  Well I told him that had to stop.
Number 4, I told DH that we have to try to spend some one on one time together, we have friends who are happy to look after Eylee so we need to get out and have couple time.
Number 5, I told DH that I don't like him going out so much, he went out two nights last weekend and the same the weekend before, not only does it cost money but I am left holding the baby (so to speak).

Feeeewwwww,  sorry about the long rant blush.gif but I feel better now that that is off my chest.  

Currently I am just waiting for my bosses to get back to me about if they could get me a ground job.  So fingers crossed.

Okay back to more happy subjects - Eylee pulled herself up on the ottoman yesterday, I was real impressed (she loves standing up but as yet hadn't been able to get there by herself).  It was however only once (I have been trying to get her to do it for daddy but to no avail).  Apart from that she has been good (except for a runny nose).

Suelee - I will have to look on the home computer to see you sig, I am sure it is just divine!

Shell - Wow Wet and Wild - I bet you are sore.  I love the water parks they are so much fun.  Sorry to hear that Mick is away so much (I certainly understand the frustration!).

Stumbles - Oh I have my fingers crossed for the car.  We have a VS (it was a later model VS so it has the VT dash) and we just love it.  So much room, which is what we need when we galavant across the countryside!

Tracy -  wub.gif CONGRATULATIONS wub.gif So happy for you and Chris!!!  We have a few toys to Eylees birthday (and I might get some clothes for her too).  I was thinking of getting a piece of marine ply and painting it with blackboard paint and fixing it to the wall under our patio (but I think I will save that for a birthday when she is a bit older).

Kate - That is devastating news about your friends little one.  Real big hugs for her!  Sorry that Austin is being a PITA.  Eylee has had a few choice moments this last week but nothing that the swing won't fix.

Sue - Eylee still does the Dah Dah Dah.  But now (every now and then) she will slip in a mum mum.  She usually only changes the first letter on the ah sound. Bah, mah, wah.

Kaz - Oh Caitie's haircut sounds gorgeous (can't wait to see some pics).  Wow first birthday party this weekend.  I still have so much organising to do before Eylee's I am doing a tiara cake and I am so looking forward to the day!  It will be great because all the family will be at the BBQ.

Kirsten - Poo to the midwife who dobbed!  How bad is that, you think she would have been a little more professional than that.  I am so glad we have a $39 broardband package (at least I think that is how much we pay), and I think that it gets us 8G download a month.  No chance of going over that as we just use the computer for cruising and study and the occasional music download.

Sharyn - ohhhh aerobics, you good girl (I am lucky to be motivated enough at the moment to move to make myself a cuppa).

Cookies - luuuurrrrrve the pic.  Eylee has that skirt too!!!  Eden looks like such a smiley little girl.

Okay I think that I have turnned a quick post into a mammoth essay so I will say adieu and go and grab myself a cup of tea (I need a little perk me up and am saving my red bull for this afternoon, when I will really need one).

hugs to all

#30 tomkatsmum

Posted 20 March 2007 - 07:50 AM

HI Everyone,

well i was hoping to get a call into work today but nothing, and seeing it's after 8.30 there is little hope.  Oh well, i have so much to do here it's not funny.  I have been so slack lately.

Dh is doing his Masters in Education (student welfare) atm and of course who is left to write the essays and assingments???  ME.  so once i have cleaned the house today i will be searching the net for educational policies relating to bullying. I'm just peeved that it wont be my name on the certifcate.   rant.gif  Of crouse the same thing happend when he did his advanced diploma in Business management!  oh well, at least it gives me something to work on.  We can't afford for me to do my masters atm.  It is SOoooooo expensive.  I am trying to find a reasonable professional writing course so that will be on the list today too!

Kids are doing well, Tom is being such a brat I just dont know what to do with him.  He slapped DH in the face this morning.  I know in my head that it is just the "terrible Twos" but it breaks my heart to see my loving little man be such a devil. Katie was so happy when i dropped her off at daycare this morning.  Sucha  change from the end of last year where i would have to pgo back after 2 hours.

okay, am going to quickly do some personals and then invesigate the strange (and slightly gross) smell eminating from my kitchen sick.gif

Dee I'm so glad you were able to sit and talk to Dh and get some things sorted.  I hope you get the ground posting you are after.  Let us know how you go hon.  And take care of YOU too.  Glad things are working out.

Sulee Whata  gorgeous Sig.  Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Shell Sorry to hear hayden is still not well.  What a good girl Kaylee is helping out.  Hope you go OK without mick this week.

Stumbles Yeah on the new car.  Thats great.  Can't wait to hear the news once you start ttc.  An extension sounds liek a good compromise atm.  It's all happening for you guys.  Oh and Love Reubens invite.  Very creative.

Trace Willows party sounds just a nice size.  Good luck doing the invites.

Kate Hope Austin is being a good boy for you today.  

Suz Yeah for broadband.  NOw you can be like me and spend too much time on here!  he he.  Sorry that Amelie was not hapy at daycare today.  It does get better hon.  A few months ago Katie would scream the hosue down when we got there, now she squeals with delight when we reach the car park!  

Kaz CAn't believe it's almost party time for Caitie.  Can't wait to see her haircut.  I'm sure she will be even more adorable - if that is possible!

Kirsten How ar eyou going with your internet time limit? Good luck finding schools that do there own ET.  Being a smalll town here all the school do there own so that is a bonus for me.  BUt the grammar does pay at a higher rate than the catholic school. (secondary) which is interesting. I wont work at the high school here though.  I worked there for 6 months when we first got here and it is just not worth the stress.  Kids are a bit rough!  Glad to here your two kids are being good for you.  

okay, thats the last ten i think.  HI to everyone else.  

Hope everyone had a great day.
LOve to all, Sharyn

#31 ~Kirsten~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 09:16 AM

Morning all, hope everyone is well.  Lily asleep and Noah doing some stamping in here with me (grr...he has just shown me that he has stamped all over his belly)  Oh, well, it's keeping him quiet.

Sis-in-law's waters broke at 9am but no pains as yet.  They have just left for the hospital for a check to see where they are at.  Not sure if they'll come home again or not.  She was 2cm at her stretch and sweep yesterday so hopefully things are on the move and there might be a baby by tonight.  It's horrible knowing someone is in labour, makes me feel sick in the tummy.  They also told her yesterday bub was posterior - Noah was posterior so I tried to offer her a few suggestions for labour etc.  But hey, we all know it's worth it once you meet that baby, just horrible while you're labouring!

Lily has started taking a few steps on her own.  Yesterday she took 3 steps in a row and she did this morning also.  Looks like she'll be on the move in no time.

Ok, must get some cleaning done.  Will let you know if a baby arrives today!

Added at 1.58pm - Bro and sis-in-law sent home from hossy.  No contractions.  have to go back at 2pm tomorrow if nothing has happened.  They will let her go 72hours from when water broke until the induce.

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#32 Mumtotrampolinists

Posted 20 March 2007 - 01:33 PM

original.gif Hello Everyone.

Thought I would duck in and say hi.
Daniel is watching the AmityVille Horrors..eewwwyyy.
Very busy here,the dog is here and daniels step mum turned up and stayed for 2 days..well that was unexpected.So now we have daniels Mum and step dad here til Sunday. Sooooo busy and crowded.

We arent having a birthday for mavvy just a cake and us. We dont do parties til about 5 yrs of age.

Well must away have to get ready for a school run soon.
PS Courtney got a call from Hungry Jacks to go for an interview this arvo for a part time job
XXX fingers.

Bye for now
Love Debbie and The Mav

#33 scuttlebutt

Posted 20 March 2007 - 02:31 PM

Oh my what an afternoon.

Austin woke up at about 11:45 screaming, and I mean he was hysterical.  Well cuddles didn't work, nor did a new nappy, food, more cuddles, nothing.  So I took him to emergency cause he started looking really funny (not ha ha funny)

So he screamed in the waiting room, which meant that we got bumped up the list  dev (6).gif He just would not stop.  Eventually the nurse looks in his ears to find one really red and infected  glare.gif so after a dose of panadol and a big cuddle he fell asleep.  

We have AB's for him, and have to give him regular doses of panadol for the next few days.  Poor bubba!

Thanks to those who have let me know that they have sent off their first birthday pressies!  For everyone who has a bubba who's birthday is coming up - this is a gentle reminder wink.gif


#34 ~cackleberry~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:22 PM

Hi girls,

Just got home from taking Cameron and Michael to the dentist.  Poor Camo had to have another tooth pulled, it was the remainder of a tooth, as most of it had rotted away.  sad.gif  He screamed the whole surgery down.   cry1.gif So hard to watch him in such pain.  The dentist told me that it didn't hurt him as it was numb, but it certainly looked as though it hurt.  Michael had a protective coating on his molars and an x-ray and has to go back with Cameron on the 8th May for some fillings.  Hopefully only one more visit to go.

Kate - Awww, poor Austin with his sore ear. sad.gif  Hope the AB's kick in soon and he's feeling much better.

Deb - YAY to Courtney getting an interview with HJ's.  Good luck to her! original.gif  Wow, you do have a crowded house, make sure you set aside some time for you, go out for a coffee one evening.

Kirsten -
Exciting news about your SIL's water breaking.  Means a bub is coming very soon for her, yay!  Hope she's not in labour too long when it all happens.  Thanks for keeping us updated, it's bringing back some memories, lol.

Dee - Sounds like you've been going through a rough patch, big hugs!  Glad that you had a chance to sit down and have a chat to your DH about things.  Communication is the key.  Some 'alone' couple time sounds wonderful too, hope you get to have that really soon.

Sharyn - Aww, that's not fair that you have to do your DH's work for him.  Tell him that he does the work, or no certificate.  You have enough on your plate looking after two kids and the house.

Sulee - Hi! original.gif Love your new sig.  I was thinking of getting one of the girls on EB to make me a 1st b'day sig for Caitie too.  I'd better get onto that soon.  

Shell -
Just reading the things that you've been up to makes me tired, I know why you are exhausted.  Hope that you get to slow down soon.  Must be hard having Mick away for so long each time.  Must feel like you're a single mum.  sad.gif hugs!

Melissa -
Love your new sig with your little man.  Gorgeous!  Was great to see you today at playgroup! original.gif

Hi Tracy! original.gif

I just made a guest list of who is coming to Caitie's 1st b'day before and there are more people coming than I thought.   ohmy.gif  21 adults and 18 children (inc us).  WOW!  I am getting really nervous about it.  It's been a while since we've entertained people here and had a party.   unsure.gif

Here is a pic of Caitie's haircut just after it was done.

Also wanted to add that i've just dropped Caitie down to one b/feed per day now.   cry1.gif Not sure when i'll drop that last feed, but I don't think it will be too soon, she's my baby!

Anyway, best go think about what i'm cooking for dinner.  Chat soon! xx

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#35 2forSuz

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:30 PM

Kate - Awww  poor little Austin  sad.gif  Hope the ABs kick in very soon.  Must've been pretty scary for you too.

Deb - crossing my fingers for Courtney's job interview this arvo!

Kirsten - looking forward to hearing all about the new bub.  Hope your SIL has a relatively easy labour  unsure.gif I remember thinking 'this is going to end, this is going to end!' original.gif

Sharyn - wow, your dh is very lucky to have you to write his essays/assignments! Hope Tom is over his terrible twos bout very soon.

Dee - well done to you & DH for being able to talk about the changes you need to make!  Hope you get that ground job, sounds like that would take a lot of the stress away.

Sulee - beautiful sig!

Shell - you must be totally exhausted, wish I could drop by to take care of the kiddos while you get some rest wink.gif Wet & Wild sounded like heaps of fun, I've never been there - one day.  Hope Hayden feels better soon, poor little man.

Stumbles - yep I agree, there are definitely less hours in the day wacko.gif   Reuben's invitation looks great!

Tracy - I've been looking for a cute toybox, will be interested in what you get for Willow biggrin.gif

Work is going okay, it's certainly nice to be 3 days instead of full-time.  Had to go into the bank today to restart the mortgage repayments  cry1.gif  
Better go start the evening routine wacko.gif - drive home from work (luckily it's Hobart so doesn't take too long), pick up kiddos from daycarer, unpack bags, bath kids, get dinner going and on and on and on it goes! tongue.gif Might get to sit down and watch All Saints if I don't fall asleep on the couch beforehand blink.gif

Edited to add - hi Kaz!  Caitie looks so cute with her new do!  Wow, what a guest list for the party.  Hope you take lots of piccies.

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#36 LittleDCJ

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:29 PM

Hi girls

Karen - That photo is so cute.  We have 31 adults and 15 kids coming to Carter's party.  We're having it at a park, so no cleaning the house before or after!!   I have also dropped Carter down to 1 breastfeed as well.  I am thinking of weaning him on his 1st birthday, his last boob feed and then that's it!!  

Suz - Glad to hear that work is going well.  Routine is so important in the evenings when you have so much to do and very little time.

Kate - I hope those Abics kick in soon.  Give Austin a big hug from me.

Deb - Sounds as if thing are very busy and crowded at your house.

Kirsten - All the best to your SIL and her babies arrival.  Look forward to hearing her name and details.  

Sharyn - Wow, you're a good wife doing your DHs assignments and letting him get the degree.  I hope that Tom is a bit easier to handle soon, I so understand!!

Dee - Thanks for posting, we were missing hearing from you everyday.  It sounds as if things are improving, communication is so important as well as time together.  You need to remember that you aren't must mum and dad, you are also husband and wife and that your relationships needs love and attention as well.

Sulee - Great sig, so cute.

Shell - You sound very busy.  If I see Mick I'll tell him to go home quickly!!

Us - Carter is slowly being weaned onto cows milk.  Atm he is having 1/3 cows and 2/3 formula and from tomorrow I'll switch it to 2/3 cows milk.  Deakin loves milk so when I have 2 boys drinking it I think our fridge will be overflowing.  Oh well, it's good for them and helps them grow big and strong I guess.

He is finally starting to get a bit more hair and it is going curly at the back.  Don't know where he got that from?  I hope he does get some curls, they look so cute on little kids.

Gotta feed the boys.  Chat later.....Tina

#37 Sweetchild

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:40 PM

Hi all  original.gif

It's been a very long while since i've posted so i don't know how many of you will remember me  blush.gif  (my username used to be Chelle)

I have been reading along but just not posting. I can't believe all of the bubs are about to turn 1  smile1.gif I have loved reading about the party preparations and hope all those parties planned for this week/weekend are enjoyed by all.

Things are really good here. Mia is such a joy - they change so much in a year, they have so many different stages they go through. She has been crawling for a couple of months now and also pulling herself up to everything and cruising around. She loves her walker (but also uses small tables and chairs to navigate around the house!). She has 4 teeth now - 2 top, 2 bottom and her hair is getting longer and longer.

We are still organising her party - the invitations were sent out 2 weeks ago and it is going to be on Sunday the 1st April. Her invitation was a 10 minute DVD to music of her first year with photos and video - we made a DVD label which had all the party details on it. It took ages and cost a bit but we really enjoyed making it.  

We are just realising how much work goes into a child's party! There are 64 people invited (i don't know how it got that big)! I have heaps to do at the shops in the next couple of days not to mention we have to clean up our backyard as it is in no state to hold a party  blush.gif !  

Just a few quick personals.......

Kate - so sorry to hear about your friends losing their child - it must just be unbearable for them. Also, i hope Austin's ear doesn't cause him any more pain - what a day!

Kaz - Caitie is such a beautiful little girl (even though i know she's still your baby  wink.gif )- her haircut is adorable. As of a week ago, Mia is down to 1 bf per day to. I think i will probably stop in a couple of weeks. I always planned to stop when she was one but i was never sure that i would make it that far. Now that i have i don't really want to stop.

Tracy - congratulations on the wedding plans!

Dee - sorry to hear that things have been a bit rough at home - it sounds like you have talked it through really well. You always sound so busy - it must be really hard.

Sulee - love your new sig - how cute is Connor!

Cookies - Eden is so cute - i love those volleys! DH has a pair so maybe i should get Mia some too!

Deb - i was so excited to read about the TTC news - so exciting!

Tina - Hi! Mia loves her cows milk. She has 2 bottles a day and one bf. I love curls on little kids too - Mia's hair is dead straight (not that it isn't cute too original.gif )

I know that is not even close to everyone but i am a bit behind. A big HELLO to everyone else!

I hope everyone has a great week!

#38 ~cackleberry~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 05:31 PM

Chelle - Great to hear from you!   biggrin.gif The DVD sounds great, good on you.  Your family and friend's would have loved it, i'm sure.   happy.gif

Hi Tina and Suz!

Just popping in quickly, cooking dinner at the same time.  original.gif  Hope everyone has a great evening.

#39 My3kiddies

Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:38 PM

  I'll be back tmorrow, I have been flat out today with playgroup, grocery shoppn and lookn for celebrants for our wedding. I finally booked one today. I feel so relieved now that is out way.

I better go and clean up, both girls just gone to sleep. Now I feel tired  blink.gif . Its not fair when I have time to myself at nite I spend most of it sleepn  laugh.gif

Tracy original.gif

#40 LittleDCJ

Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:48 PM

Chelle - Of course we remember you!!  Great to hear from you and that Mia is doing so well.  The birthday party DVD invites sound like a great idea.  

I'm off to bed.  I've been so busy today, cooking meals for the boys, cleaning around the house and looking after the boys.  I am exhausted!!

Chat tomorrow....night all....Tina

#41 ~Kirsten~

Posted 21 March 2007 - 03:55 AM

It's A Girl!

She arrived just before 4am - of course now I can't sleep.  They left for the hospital at about 9pm last night.  I quickly popped in to see them and wish them luck.  Sis-in-law was looking a bit distressed and she wasn't able to manage the pain any longer.  She started having pains at 11am but they started getting really bad at about 8pm.  So I guess that's not too bad for a first timer, about 8 hours of really bad labour.  

Anyway, no other details as yet.  I know her name is going to be Juliet but no other information at this stage.

Had to laugh, just spoke to my mum and I asked how sis-in-law was and apparently my bro said, "She is alright NOW but she wasn't!"  Totally understand.

Can't wait to hear all the juicy details - LOVE labour stories.  Although, it might be too soon for her to be reliving it all.  My folks are off there now to meet baby Juliet and I will go in for visiting hours at 2pm.

#42 tomkatsmum

Posted 21 March 2007 - 07:24 AM

biggrin.gif  wub.gif

YEah Kirsten.  Congrats to your sil.  A girl.  And what a beautiful name Juliet would be...can't wait to hear more deatils!

Justa  quick one, kids are watching madagascar:

went out to a play with a friend last night called "loveChild" starring Amanda Muggleton (she is awesome! It was about a mother and duaghter reuniting after the mother had given the daughter up for adoption 25 yrs before. It was very emtional and intense.  I don't know how they managed to maintin it on stage for 1hr 15mins but they were fantastic.  It was a bit close to the bone for me as i am currently in the process of trying to establish contact with my birth mum but it was so well acted. was nice to have a night out.

okay, had better go get some stuff done, am heading down thestreet to take the kids to story time at the library at 10.30 (providing katie doessn't fall asleep) and then off to the realeastate - i think i have convinced Dh we should sell this house and build again!  wink.gif

okay, have a great day eveyone.  
Love to all..

#43 reenie_78

Posted 21 March 2007 - 08:13 AM

Hi everyone!!!

Well everything here has finally settled down and will is back to his normal cheeky self!!Yay!! Back to work for me tomorrow, just one more docs appt this afternoon.

Kirsten - Congrats to your SIL, i'm sure she's relieved..

Kate - Hope austin is getting better, if only they could talk sometimes!>!

Sweetchild - hi there!! i saw in kmart or target volleys are on sale from thursday.

Tina - will has curls through his hair as well and Dh and my hair is pretty straight.

Dee - Great to hear things are looking up, take care

Hi to everyone else!

#44 shelldar

Posted 21 March 2007 - 08:36 AM

Morning all, time for some personals while I have a quiet moment.

Reenie- sorry must have missed it while i was away last week, but sounds like Will has not been well?  Glad to hear he is back to his cheeky self

Sharyn- That play sounds great.  Would be quite emmotional for anyone I guess, but even more for you wink.gif   Ooohh building again, sounds like fun!!  I loved building our house and would do it again in a heartbeat but the house we want is waaaaay out of our price range right now  sad.gif

Kirsten- Congrats to your family on the new addition.  Juliet is a lovely name.  Hope your SIL did not have too hard a time, maybe she needs to come see me next time!!  Did you see me in the Journal this week?

Tracy- glad your wedding preperations are well on the way.  Exciting times for you.

Chelle- the dvd you made is such a great idea.  Its so much more personal-good thinking 99!!  Mia sounds like she is going along well, hope you have a great time at her birthday.

Tina- I have been weaning Riley onto cows milk too.  He is currently having half cows and half formula.  By his birthday i will have him on full cows.  He loves it and drinks so much more than with just the formula alone.

Suz- glad work is going ok for you.  Did you manage to get to watch All Saints?

Kaz- ooohhhh Caitie looks adorable with her hair cut.  It always makes them look so much older sad.gif   Oh I bet you are over visiting that dentist.  He must have shares in your house by now mellow.gif

Us- Riley has about 7 teeth just waiting to pop through.  Poor little man, they have been giving him hell.  I'm sure they are all going to come through on one day.  But other than really bad nappies, he has not been too bad with them lately.
My editorial came out in the paper yesterday and I am quite happy with it.  The photos they used were great (more of Riley  than me tongue.gif ) It was written well too, so hopefully it will generate a bit more business.

I am about half way through the mountain of homework I came home with last week, so quite proud of myself I have managed to sit down and get it done.  Hopefully by the end of the week it will all be done.  Although with party preperations, it might be put  back till next week.
While you are all talking about first birthday parites, I am madly organizing our belated 30th which is being held on Sat night in our backyard.  Going to be a blast.  Its a Carnivale theme (as in Carnival Freaks etc!!)  And we are having a huge adult jumping castle (and I mean adult - it has a doodle and boobs tongue.gif ) a cocktail machine, a popcorn machine, and I have made lots of games like fishing for ducks (with prizes) knock 'em down tins etc.  I am soooo excited.  I am going as a fortune teller and have made up lots of dodgy cards to give out with things like "the yellow duck is the lucky one" printed on them!  Can't wait, will have to share photos next week!

Anyway enough rambling, hope you all have a good hump day!

#45 LittleDCJ

Posted 21 March 2007 - 09:29 AM

Kirsten - Congratulations to your SIL on the arrival of Juliet.  Try not to get too clucky when you have your first cuddle.

Shell - Your newspaper article sounds great, I hope you get a lot more interest from it.  Your party sounds like a blast, where are our invites???

- Building again, you are brave!!  Good luck finding your birth mum.  The play sounds like a great night out.

Reenie - Glad to hear that Will is better and you are back to work.

Us - Cleaning morning while D is at nursery school.  Lucky me!!

Chat soon....Tina

#46 ~cackleberry~

Posted 21 March 2007 - 09:47 AM

Kirsten - Congrats to your SIL on the birth of her little pink bundle, Juliet.  YAY, now Lily has a playmate.   biggrin.gif

#47 scuttlebutt

Posted 21 March 2007 - 11:37 AM

just wanted to send my congratulations to your SIL and family Kirsten!!! Juliet is such a lovely name!  Looking forward to a pic we can cluck over  wub.gif  wub.gif

Hi to everyone else, we are having a MUCH better day today!


oh P.S. Kaz, Caitie's haircut is just sooooo cute  happy.gif

#48 My3kiddies

Posted 21 March 2007 - 12:09 PM

     Just in the middle of colouring my hair. I was a bit upset today as I caught Chris looking at porn on the internet last night.  rant.gif  I don't know if I should be concerned or not. A few pple have told me its just a male thing.  <_<  Oh well I suppose as long as he looks and don't go out and really seek it in real life.

I am in the middle of finishing Willow's invites. I will post a pic of one later. I have finally found a celebrant for our wedding, costing $230 rather then $400  ohmy.gif . My mum is paying for it and she said that is finally and no arguments LOL. I am going down the shops on Monday with my mum to look for some dress's for the girls. So I can put them on layby. I saw a really pretty one that would had fit Willow but I didn't buy it as I didn't think I was going to get married this yr. I am really regreating it now.  rant.gif

I better go and wash out the dye in my hair. Sorry for not doing personals, I just don't feel in the mood, plus I got a cold too  cry1.gif

Tracy original.gif

#49 blueynat

Posted 21 March 2007 - 12:42 PM

afternoon all,

thought i would pop on inbetween decorating Yolanda's cake(stressful).

Yolanda had her needles yesterday and it broke her heart that someone could hurt her,but the Dr gave her a cuddle and kiss and asked if they were friends again.her reply was a big smile for him.

Kirsten~ congrats on becoming an aunty.Juliet is a beautiful name.

kaz~ Caitie looks so cute.

Kate~ I hope Austin feels a lot better than he did yesterday.ear aches aren't nice.

Well i better get back to decorating this ice-cream cake before i can't be bothered and it ends up half done.Will try and post a pic of it when it's finished.

Take care

#50 ~cackleberry~

Posted 21 March 2007 - 01:00 PM

blueynat - Look forward to seeing the pic of Yolanda's cake.  original.gif  Hard to believe that tomorrow we will have our first April bubby's birthday.   happy.gif

Tracy - huge hugs to you   about Chris.  I would be peeved off too, seems like such a betrayal in my eyes.  Keep the communcation open between you and Chris though and i'm sure things will work out.

Tina - Good luck with cleaning today.

Michelle - Happy to hear that the editorial turned out great!  original.gif  Haha, the 30th birthday this Sat night sounds like  it will be a blast!  Looking forward to seeing some pics.  wink.gif

reenie -
Good to hear things have started to settle down there for you.

Sharyn -
Sounds like you had a fun night at the play.  Sorry that it would have been hard for you as it was close to home.  Hope you have some luck with contacting your birth mother.  Big hugs!

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