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June 06 Parents #83

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#26 laraq75

Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:10 AM

Jodie - I forgot to mention before, if you want i can take over managing the MSN group.  But I am not even sure people are still using it. I will wait to see what everybody else thinks

Schell - That little girl of yours needs a stern talking to.  I will get Audrey to tell her how good sleep is. original.gif

#27 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:10 AM

Hi girls

f**k I am over this. Last night it was Iz's turn to be sick.  All over me, all over the lounge and herself.  She did it at 9pm (just as she was feeding to sleep!!), and again at 1am.  Argh.  I think she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her.. She is happy as now though.   So our lounge stinks, and there i was trying to scrub it both times and trying not to wake the boys up. Argh.  I am so so so so over doing this on my own.  DF rang just after she  sick.gif  sick.gif  the first time.  So he knew how i felt about it.

I was going to have dinner after Iz went to sleep so ended up not eating cause all i could smell was  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif .  Yucko.

Well we are on our way to the gym. Izzy is fine today so i am sure she will be fine.  She is eating dry toast and having water. I thought i would wait and maybe give her formula when we get back from the gym, just in case she is sick again. If she is sick again then i will take her to the doctors this arvo.

So Schell & Lara - not sure if i'll be at PG this arvo.

Schell - Gecko Gang & KidCity - I honestly think these are a bit too old for 1 yr olds.  Just becuase the "party food" is sausage rolls and all that sort of stuff, that my boys are only just starting to eat.  They also provide "cordial" for the party drink and i think that is way too old for little ones.  JMO though.  If i were you i would do what i did for the boys for their 1st birthday, and that is have a simple BBQ or something like that. You can just provide sausages and bread and a few little party food thingies and its all good.  Easy peasy.  If you don't want to do it at home, you can have it at a park. I know it will be cold - but everyone you invite can rug up?  

Lara - Can you add me to the Secret Birthday pressie list too.  

HB - You coudl definitely use the prefolds & terry squares with the PUL covers - i did this when Iz and the boys werebubs. I would only use these at home though.  As they tend to leak more. Another good MCN site to look at is www.mandymac.com.au - they do good bulk deals and are a good price. They do need covers though - but the price is pretty good.

Okey gotta go,

BBL Rach wink.gif

#28 laraq75

Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:52 AM

Leah - If I had access to the internet when I was at the coast I would have taken pity on you as well.  But not luck. sad.gif

Rach - Oooh, No what an awful night you had.  I really hope you can come to PG, but if not, do you want me to come visit this week? or on the weekend.  DH is away for army all weekend and I can come out and play. original.gif

#29 Honeyblonde

Posted 20 March 2007 - 10:21 AM

Oh Bec+3 so sorry to hear about Jonah, yeah the macadamia nuts sound sus, strange though if thats what it was, that it wasnt immediate, you know, that it took till the next day?
He hasn't been bitten by anything either has he?
Let us know how he goes, and I almost cried reading about how you had to hold him down, you good mum being able to sing to him, I would have been bawling myself!

Oh and as for the new bub comment, ROTFL, sorry girls,  blush.gif but no,no,no,no, NO!!! I am not pregnant, nor am I TTC!!
It was just me thinking aloud, I didn't even realise when I typed it that it would sound like that, I just meant that if I outlay all this money for the nappies, that Jack would get a little bit of use out of them, Reeve would use them for ages and then maybe the next bub, which is not planned until 2009!! And may not ever eventuate at all!
So I was just *justifying* all the initial cost is huge, but 2 maybe 3 kids will get use out of them IYKWIM? Sorry!!
For a start if I got pregnant there is no way I could come to the birthday bash, so not missing that!!

So sorry if you all got excited, wasn't intentional!
Go focus on Gemma and Julia, they are the ones up the duff!!  tongue.gif

Char hope Chayse gets better soon.  sad.gif

Okay gotta go
Take care

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#30 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 11:44 AM

Bec - You poor thing..  sad.gif  sad.gif  Poor J.  I hope you and j get to have a rest before the girls get home.  

Well i just went to the gym and only managed 20 mins on the treadmill cause the kids weren't 100% and i felt bad.  Then we did our groceries.  The boys were really good and walked beside the trolley and sat in the trolley some of the time too.  Iz slept.  Then on the way home Keenan  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  again! So yay. I think they have a gastro bug and keep giving it to each other.  I have to clean the car out YET again. I AM OVER THIS!!! So no playgroup for us. We are off to the doctors in the morning just to check on the kids and also my caesar scar seems to have a split in it.. Very odd but it is bleeding, so i am a bit concerned about it.  So want the doc to check that it hasn't ruptured.

Okey off to clean the car and then get these boys down for a nap.

Rach wink.gif

#31 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 12:34 PM

I actually have a doctors appointment this arvo, so that is good. Izzy seems better. She is crawling around chatting and the boys are asleep. Keenan is really not happy. He was lying all over me and crying.. I am not really in the best of moods today either so probably better off not at playgroup. Plus if the kids have gastro i don't want to pass it on to the other bubbas.

I have so much washing. We used 15 towels last night cleaning up  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  so have lots to do!  Crap thing is laundry is right near the boys room so i have to be quiet or else it wakes them up.

Ok gotta go - Iz whingeing now, so she might be ready to nap

Rach wink.gif

#32 ~gemma~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 12:46 PM

i spy with my little eye...something beginning with S hehehe

Now is that Shannons sister or ummm someone elses....Anyway Hi Aunty Kristy  biggrin.gif

Hmm i have finsihed cleaning, apart from the cutlery which is soaking in the sink til the water cools down LOL, oh and i bit of washing to hang out

Bec - Hope you find out what caused the reaction soon. Poor boy.

ETA - I had a strange phone call last night, from melbourne.

Me :"Hello"
Him :"How are ya?"
Me :"Good thanx, how are you?"
Him :"Who is this"
Me :"Gemma"
Him :"Its not is it? Are you sure" (in a very "oh really is it" happy kinda tone)
Me :"Yea im sure, who is this?"
Man then hangs up phone  wacko.gif

I hate when i get those sort of phone calls coz i just really wana know who it is now LOL

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#33 BelnBen

Posted 20 March 2007 - 01:33 PM

Char - Thanks, Dh is sick though, Ben is fine - but was manic yesterday and being a sleep refusenic!

Shan - thanks on the results. I just couldn't remember whether i posted the most recent ones from Valentine's day as it has been SO hectic since then and don't know who I've said what to! Equilibrium (just asked MIL) is in the main drag - opposite side to Springetts and the next block down. Thanks so much about Toby and thank you for your thoughts on me. The sleep thing could definitely be a contributing factor - I know I haven't been getting enough. I felt that I was adjusting to just coping with less, but maybe this is how I'm adjusting! I will have to limit my night times too, its just hard when you wnat some 'adult' time afte B goes to bed - which lately is LATE!! And when Dh works really late most nights, it's nice just to get some time with him. But will look at making some changes. Ta muchly! cool.gif

Schell - Ben had a few days where he had a ball with baby sandwiches, but since yesterday - he hardly touches them! Finicky aren't they! That's the first time he's really gotten finicky! I hear you on the no sleeping baby!

Shaz - Ta. Sounds like the right way to go for now seeing as there was no enlargement on the u/s.

Lara - You can add me to the secret birthday list too thanks.

HB - I use a mostly folded terry squares with PUL's ( I think what I have are PUL's - not really sure what it stands for!) Anyway - also use flushable eco friendly liners.

Rach - Ooooooh on all the sickies. Hope they and you are on the mend v soon!

Bec - OUch on J!!! blink.gif Sounds awful for you hon! I hope it all comes out with no lasting effects and allergy. Maybe it was a bite - did they look for a mark?

I came out this morning with 8 little itchy bumps on my right hand! Mostly in the webbing! Seem to be dissipating now, but weird!

Nappies - Can someone please explain boosters for me?
Also - those of you who use AIO's - are they difficult to dry?
And - Does anyone use cloth/wool/whatever non-disposable liners? If so - how do you cope with the poop thing? And also - do they stain, do you soak etc? Ta.

Sleep!!! Thurs/Fri/Sat - B would not go to sleep till 9.15 pm - trying to get him to go earlier and he was just not interested. Plus, he's been waking up 2 nights in a row after only 2.5 hours and wanting a feed! Thsi is the baby who has been a 7+ hour a night sleeper since day dot virtually! And then yesterday he 'napped' 35 mins and then 25 mins at 6.30pm!! He was manic!!!! SO tired, but just all over the place and hypo!! No, he didn't eat anything different - only peeled grapes. Thankfully he slept a little better last night - 8.5 hours - but I only got 6.5. I know this is probably great compared to some of you, but it certainly ain't what I'm used to and a bit of a body shock!

Okay - got to go and do some housework! Spent most of morning talking to PIL's. FIL threw his Sugarines out straight away after a discussion about one of the ingredients in them! He vows to not use them again!

BIRTHDAY BASH - anyone who is on the list - if you are NOT intending to come for dinner, or if Dh is on there but no intending to come etc, can you let me know by PM please - just want to get an idea of numbers for places to look at.


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#34 MRT

Posted 20 March 2007 - 02:22 PM

Hi Lovely Ladies

Question for you all, I know we had the discussion a while ago about when to introduce eggs and Zoe is now 9.5 months old so I'm thinking I can try her on some egg yolk. My question though is how do I introduce it? Can I make her a soft boiled egg and dip toast in it, scramble it or what?

Also, anybody got any ideas on what they are going to buy their baby for their first birthday? I am looking for ideas cos I want to layby some stuff soon. Have the party all planned (in my head anyway) we are going to have construct your own burgers rather than a BBQ. That way I don't have to make salads just chop up lettuce, tomato etc and DH can cook the burgers on the BBQ. Not sure what I'll serve the few babies that will be there yet - they will probably be fine with a burger actually.

Got a bargain at Toys R Us yesterday. I went there to get a Port a cot they had advertised for $74.99 instead of the usual $149.99. When they scanned it though it was only $59.99!

Shannon - as somebody else has said if you'd wanted to discuss something at length she probably would have kicked you out in 2 mins.

Gemma - her's hoping somebody buys the house as an investment or it at least takes a while to sell.

Schell - I don't know how you manage to function on so little sleep, especially now you are working. I'm so sure that I'll go back to work in May and that's when Zoe will finally decide to get teeth.

Rach - good idea to get the scar checked out you wouldn't think it would split this far on. Sorry about the kids  sick.gif

Bec - What a horrible trip to the hospital. Hopefully whatever caused it never happens again.

Char - Hope Chayse is feeling better soon

Bel - I actually think it's probably a healthy thing for you to not think of Toby's anniversary. He knows you think of him often and don't need a special day to do it. I know what you mean about being negative all the time I have been the same lately and it's so not like me. I too started to think maybe it was depression but DH thinks its lack of sleep. I'm going to keep an eye on myself though and have to say I've felt a lot better this week after having a few quiet (well apart from housework) days at home. I think though since you have felt like it since Xmas its well worth seeing some one - let us know how you go.

The washing is calling me.

#35 ~NatB~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:14 PM

Just flying in as we are all sick now. sick.gif ......

Bec - I hope J is OK now. My first thought was a bite aswell as a food reaction like that is usually instant. You did really well at the hospital coping with it all. How was the weekend otherwise did you get much sleep?

Nappies......Liners - The liners most people use are polar fleece or micro fleece. As the poo gets thicker when they eat more it just tends to roll off into the toilet. You can also use a little squirt or just hold it in the water as you flush.

PUL - Poly urithane Laminate (i have no idea how to spell it) It is breatheable but water proof. The other choices are fleecy, wool and minkee. Wool shorties and longies are best at night but they do need to be lanolised. Fleecy is good during the day and now that it is starting to get colder you can use flongies and no cover.

AIO - Depends on the AIO as to how long it takes to dry. Wether it has a snap in booster or not, and how many layers of hemp or bamboo there are.

Thats all I can think of for now. must go as I am feeling tired again. Hopefully we will all be better soon.

Big cuddles to all the sick bubs out there.

#36 Honeyblonde

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:20 PM

Hi Melbourne Girls

Meet-up tomorrow, Wednesday 10 am Lollipops Fountain Gate.
People coming: Me, Julia, Susie, Danielle, and anyone else??

I hope you girls are coming otherwise I will be driving down there for nothing LOL!  tongue.gif

thinking of doing some easter egg shopping while I am there too! biggrin.gif

Okay seeyou tomorrow girls!  original.gif

Take care

#37 danicol

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:31 PM

Hi everyone....
long time no post blush.gif
we are still waiting on our container to clear customs... it's taken forever.. mad.gif  rant.gif
DH has a laptop for work.. but whenever he is in the country.. or state.. which is not often, i seem to be too tired to get past reading..
but i was touched to see that at least 3 people noted my absence... in the past month  cry1.gif guess that's another reason why i haven't posted.. cry1.gif feeling very much out of sight out of mind...
Leah, Kylie and Cass seemed top be the only people that realised i hadn't been around... thanks for the lovely pm's Kylie.. they mean more to me than you realise..
settling back in has been more difficult than i ever anticipated.. feel like i don't really belong anywhere at the moment.. sad to to say but here as well... sad.gif
several times i have wished i was back in Singapore, where we had a routine.. and life, despite not having family around.. seemed so much easier.. maybe that will change once we have our furniture..
everyone here in Aus life seems to have moved in different directions.. and although we now have the wonderful addition of Lachlan we seem to be stuck in a rut.. and it's been hard to invite friends over when you don't have much furniture.. i love cooking, but even what i can make is dictated by the minimal supplies i have here...
DH has been travelling pretty much non-stop since we returned.. KL once and interstate to Adelaide and Perth (in fact he was in Perth while you were Jodie original.gif ) and was also busy for the duration of the Grand Prix, so he hasn't been around much.. and without a computer during the day i have gone a bit crazy.. wacko.gif
Lachlan since arriving home has cut 3 bottom teeth... all while DH was in KL closedeyes.gif and has been extremely miserable of late.. partly picking up on my mood i guess.. but i also suspect he has more teeth coming through... but in general he continues to a delight..however Schell,i think it must be a born on the 21st thing.. as he believes sleep is very over rated.. and i can't recall the last time i slept for more than 3 hrs in a row.. huh.gif
okay... thanks for letting me get all this off my chest.. feeling lots better... pity party is now over!!! tongue.gif

#38 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:34 PM

Dani - I had noticed. Sorry  sad.gif  I always forget half the things i want to post.  You are most loved and i'm sorry if it seems like we forgot about you. We definitely didn't.

Keenan just  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  again.

Love it.

#39 ~gemma~

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:36 PM

Awww Dani i missed you too, i just didnt say so, i often  thought about where you are, but im pretty sure last i heard you were going to be offline for a bit, so didnt worry too much  ph34r.gif

Hope you settle in and feel you belong back here soon enough biggrin.gif

Anyway i gota go shops, need to buy food for dinner 2nite and 2moro night. Im going to do a stew with dumplings 2moro in the slow cooker, wish me luck, never made one before LOL.

#40 MacFeral

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:49 PM

Hi everyone,

Bel: Yep, I just use mircofleece or polar fleece liners instead of flushable ones, they do as you said, keep him dry and catch the poop. They can just go in the wash with the nappy. If they get too grotty (i.e. stained, which doesn't happen all that often) you can just chuck them out since micro/polar fleece is is cheap. I just buy a meter of whatever is available from spotlight and cut it up to size. Occasionally I still use the flushable ones if Ned is having really sticky poos which he gets occasionally but I put them over the fleece as the fleece keeps his bum dry - otherwise he gets a rash. Boosters are just extra layers of material (cotton, hemp bamboo etc). I have to boost nappies because I have a heavy wetter here. AIOs take varying times to dry depending on the type as Nat said. I use wool covers at night because they are really breathable. Good luck seeing someone with the PND. I hope it helps you. And I hope your DH gets better soon too!

Char: Hope he gets better soon.

Rach: Bugger on all the at your place. Plus I think I would freak if my scar did that, you sound so calm about it.

Bec+3: Poor Jonah and poor you. I would've been the same.

Natalie: Hope you all get better soon.

Jodie/Lara: I don't really look at the MSN site anymore to be honest.

Danielle: Hi there stranger!

Sorry if I missed anyone. It seems we all have (or have had) sick babies at the moment. Lets hope they are all better soon.

Well better go, I am fighting for control over the keynboard at the moment.This is froZM NI8EBGVMU3T CVVVV Ned:


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#41 MRT

Posted 20 March 2007 - 03:49 PM

Dani, I'm a ditto to what Gemma said I definitely noticed you were missing I was sure I read somewhere you were going to be offk=line for a while after you left your IL's and while you waited for your stuff.

I'm sorry you are feeing out of place, I guess its almost like moving somewhere new agin. Hopefully you will feel better when your stuff arrives. I'm sure your Melb meet up tomorrow will help.

#42 Honeyblonde

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:05 PM

Danielle, I am about to PM you again  wink.gif (you will get sick of me soon!)  tongue.gif See you tomorrow sweetie!!

Oh and Bel, nice to see you are still around,  biggrin.gif I dont know how you manage your busy life, do you get much time to see Ben? It must be hard trying to juggle Uni, social things and a baby and a marriage! You seem to be overloading yourself so slow down a bit and enjoy the ride, and remember Ben is only little for such a short time, enjoy him while you can!
Hopefully some more sleep will help it really does make a difference to your emotions and ability to cope!

Okay I'm off this time...really... cool.gif

Take care

#43 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:09 PM

I went to the doc and all is ok with the scar. I had a little boil in it (ewwwww!), so he drained that and put a little bandage over it.  I just loved showing off that area of my body.. NOT!! Lol

All is ok with the kids. He said that they don't have temperatures and all seem ok (ie no sore throats etc), so it must just be a bug.  He said that if they are still unwell on Thursday to come back.  So that is good.  Hopefully all the  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif  is over.

I just cooked a Shepherd's Pie.. Mmmmm is in the oven so can't wait to eat it.

Re: Nappies - I also use Microfleece. Like Kira & Nat said the poo does just fall off it into the loo and i have a little squirt if its a bit stickier.  If it is too gross though i just chuck the liner out as it is so cheap.  It is great cause it draws the moisture away from their bums.

Ok gotta go and see what these feral kids are doing.

Rach wink.gif

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#44 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:28 PM

Just watching on the TV the funeral of Mark Scott - the AFP officer who died in the Garuda plane crash. Kirsten is that the guy whose parents live next to yours? (I think it was Kirsten?). My sis is an AFP officer and knew him, she was devastated.  So very very sad.  I hate watching about funerals on TV, i am nearly in tears and i didn't even know him..  mad.gif  mad.gif  Poor guy, and his poor family.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  is it bed time yet?

#45 Xanadu25

Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:43 PM

HI all,

Dani: yes, you were missed. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow as well as the other girls. It will be great to catch up.  biggrin.gif I'm sure you will feel better when you have more of your own stuff around and it will feel more like home. Dont forget your cameras (if you have one)

Hope all the sick bubbas are better soon. The list seems to be growing.bec: I hope Jonah's rash was not serious and they figure out what caused it.

Rach: Glad to hear the scar is okay and its not a major thing.Was worried you did some exercise damage.Once in a while, mine feels a tiny bit numb right along the scar but thats about it. It healed really well.

Mell:  woo hoo on the bargain at TRU. It great when its scans even lower.
With the egg, I made scrambled egg yolk a few times to test and just fed it to Jack on a spoon and with sandwich fingers or toast. I now make it with all the egg and some milk. Its heaps fluffier. The yolk alone was very dry. He seems fine with it and seems to like it.
I might try the boiled egg and dipping bread in it. Jack is actually having mashed potato and chow mein at the moment and gutsing it down.

Kirsten: did you get your trade prob sorted?

Just had a question about disposable nappies for those who use them.  I have tried all sorts of nappies on Jack, cheap to exxy but he seems to wet thru them. I even put pilchers on him but its most annoying at night when you have to change everything at 4 in the morning and by then he is fully awake. Do you think its worth getting some inserts of some sort for extra absorption? Is there such a thing? If so, where would you get them?

1st birthday stuff: I bought Jack a Playskool Talking workbench (during the Xmas sales), Alphabet Peek a boo blocks, clothes, ride on bike thingy that converts to a scooter later and a few Disney Cars stuff. My parents bought him a Thomas armchair with train noises and a car mat carpet rug.As well as lots of other bits and pieces. FIL bought Jack a Little Tikes cosy coupe. I have organised a BBQ (all meat/salad/drinks provided) as well as kids food. Its going to be a double birthday so we might as well make the most of it. Its a public holiday too, so I'm guessing most invited will turn up as its in the middle of the week and not a long weekend. I'm going to order a Disney cars cake from the Cheesecake shop a couple of weeks prior. I was going to make it but I dont think I'll have the time. First time I have organised a party at our house (once in 8 yrs isnt bad -lol) .  tongue.gif

My mums last days of holiday so we went out galavanting. First to the wave pool which Jack absolutely loved. Gotta take DH with us next time. Then off to DFO for some shopping and lunch. Nothing like a bit of spoiling from my mum-lol.

anyway, better go do something. Dh is making chicken pasta for dinner.


#46 seepi

Posted 20 March 2007 - 05:30 PM

hi all

Rach - thank goodness your scar is ok - sounded like a bit of a worry. Your kids must surely be on the mend now too - and Nat - hope yours are doing ok as well. My mind boggles at the idea of looking after two, let lone more...

DANI - you have definitely been missed!! And it must be so stressful still being in limbo after such a big move and big decision to move. I'm sure life will improve once you have your own stuff around you - at least you can settle. Will DH always be travelling this much?? At least the sleep thing is bound to improve anyway -eventually. Next time DH is home all weeknd, put him on kid-duty and you have yourself a day or two to yourself (and especially the night time) and I guarantee you will feel 100% better. It worked for me anyway! Don't be a stranger.

Susie, we've never had a leak in a disposable so I don't really know. You could try wool covers over the top maybe? And extra padding inside - hemp boosters, or something disposable. Changing nappies at 4 in the morning doesnt' sound like muich fun.

ok - gotta go - scuse typos


#47 laraq75

Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:33 PM

Danielle - we have definitely missed you.  I just knew that you were still around because Kylie kept mentioning she was goign to contact you to meet up.  

Melbourne girls - I wish I was coming to the meet up.  Hopefully you will be able to have another one when I come down in April. original.gif

Rach - wow a boil on your scar, I am glad to hear that it is all ok.  It was very quiet at PG today, hardly anybody there.

Emma and nicole - I can see you down there.  Hello!!!

Bel - I agree with HB, you seem so busy all the time. Reading your posts exhaust me.  I honestly don't know how you find the time to do things.  Sometimes i get really overwhelmed and busy and I just think I am never going to get on top of it.  So I take a day and slow down and just hang out with Audrey.

Susie - wow, Mr Jack is getting lots and lots for his birthday. He is a very lucky little man.

Roni - I know you are busy with work but I just wanted to say hi.  

bec - I forgot to say, poor J man.  It must be awful when you have to get there blood taken.  I keep waiting for Audrey to react to something because of DH's family history.  But so far so good.  She still gets ezcema but it isn't as bad.



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#48 4littlebirds

Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:41 PM

Hi girlies
Just thought I'd drop in to say hi, I've been a bit mia, just super busy with uni and kiddies and everything else.

Bec - I empathise with that blood test for the J man, poor little thing. When Sarah was 3 she had pneumonia (thank goodness for firefox spellcheck wink.gif ) and they had to put a drip in but she has nearly invisible veins so we were in a room with nurses and me holding her down for about an hour with this poor bloody registrar trying to find a vein to put the drip in. By the end he had sweat running down his face. It was like a torture session, I felt like a horrible b**ch and Sarah had pretty much screamed non stop the whole time. I promised her that when it was in we could go and play in the kids games room but the only vein they could find was in her foot so she was in a wheel chair and all she could do was sit in the wheelchair watching the other kids play. It was really really crap!

Oh bugger it, there was so many things I wanted to reply to, but my brain, where is it blink.gif

Rach - hope you have NO MORE vomiting in your house, I feel so sorry for you, you are my hero.

Lara - hi there chicky babe biggrin.gif

Erm, that all I can think of, so sorry...

eta: oh yeah, Amelie has been sick too, she has had temperatures but it is just viral, she has a cold, poor little sausage. And she cut her two top teeth last week. So funny to look at her with these bucky beaver teeth now, lol.

Emma xx

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#49 4littlemonkeys

Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:48 PM

I just tried to give Iz some nurofen and she  sick.gif  sick.gif  on me. I did fight her to get her to have it though, so i think it was instinct cause she didn't want it. Little miss. She is asleep now - miracle as she is usually asleep around 9pm.  So i hope she stays there.  I had a little melt down when she spewed - i burst into tears and Keenan came and gave me a cuddle.  I honestly don't know how single parents do it. Yes i am on my own but DF is coming home, i don't know if i could cope if he left and never returned.  

I just made some healthy choc chip cookies and was going to eat 1, but because i was so stressed and p*ssed off at everything i ate 10!  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif  So i feel like absolute sh*t now. I hate this - i always sabotage myself.  WHY OH WHY.

I guess i just need to get back on track tomorrow.

Rach wink.gif

#50 nicolehurt

Posted 20 March 2007 - 07:03 PM

hi all  how r u all going

well where do i started

well at 5.40 last night tayla fell of the change table and hit her head (on her temple) so i put cold water on it then rang MIL and she said the she was not a Dr ( i was p*ssed off with what she said) so then rang 13 health and they told me to get her to a Dr so we did.  we got to the Dr and we were to see them 15 min after we got the (so we did not have to what long) well the Dr said that they wanted to whath her for 4 hours so i said OK we had to what for a bed in kid ward well that was 2 hours later. when we got down the i had to sing a form to stay the night  and i asked y and they said they wanted to keep and i on her, so i said to them well i hop u have room for me, dh, Michael and tayla and they said no so dh and Michael went home well after all tayla is good and i have to take her back nexted week but then she was eating lunch she  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif every where. so i had a f**ked day yesterday and today

tayla is crying so will speak to u all latter night

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