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Fourty Plus Babes #1

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#51 tracymumto5

Posted 17 June 2007 - 12:43 AM

Hi I'm Tracy
I'm 40 and due to have bub 6 in december. Dh is 49.
I had my first  child at 30 and didn't stop.

I love being pregnant again. Must admit it is geting harder on the body.

Nice to see so many other "older" mums around, Was starting to feel like I should of been grandma instead of mum original.gif

#52 Bloomer

Posted 17 June 2007 - 05:32 PM

Should start a conversation with all us older mums..

Q..Has anyone assumed you were your childs Grandma?..   I haven't had that problem yet but a santa I went to was very careful to check I was mum before he assumed.  I am after all older thatn some of the mothers of the girls in my parent group.. laughing2.gif  laughing2.gif   Will be interesting when we start school...

#53 linnieloo62

Posted 21 June 2007 - 10:07 AM

Yep Cathy once so far sad.gif

My DP is a SAHD at present so is often see out and about with DD. Once I was at the park with DD and a younger mum came up to DD to say hello (the girls knew each other from playing in the park).

A few weeks later DP commented that this mum had mentioned to him that she had seen DD at the park with her grandmother.

Um no-her grandmother is 80 and has never been to the park with her.

She was talking about ME  ohmy.gif

Welcome to all the new people in this thread!

#54 lynnybee

Posted 02 July 2007 - 08:31 AM

Hello everyone. I'm yet to reach the magic milestone of 40 but January is fast approaching. DH and I have been ttc for 9 months now (his #2) so I'll be eligible for "The Club" by the time that happens.  grin.gif
Must update my sig too... they're all a year older now and bubby will be one in 2 weeks. *sigh* Where did that year go??
I've never been mistaken for grandma (yet) and even though I have earned every single grey hair I admit to covering them up with lots and lots of dye!!  LOL

#55 chillicat

Posted 02 July 2007 - 12:25 PM

Hi guys can I join? I am 42 and have a little girl who is nearly four months. I want another one! Had her so late in life as it was with my second husband. She is just gorgeous.

#56 Kitkat244

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:25 PM

Hi everyone,

It is so good to hear that there are other mums out there in their 40s having babies.  I have 4 boys, their ages are 15, 13, 10 and 8 months.  My DH and I are considering having one more.  My first three boys are from a previous marriage and they have all been so wonderful with their new little brother.  Motherhood this time around has been a breeze for me.  I had my 8th month old baby last year in October when I was 42 yo.  I am now 43 and would love to try for a little girl, but I don't like my odds.  I really wouldn't mind if I had another little boy as my boys have all been just beautiful boys.  I have been very lucky with all of our boys.

Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your posts and I will keep you posted if we have any luck TTC again.  Take care.

#57 Bloomer

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:55 PM

i just have to post I was asked if I was my girls Grandmother today(by the taxi driver in broken english)..  I am in Singapore(DH is working here for a few weeks) and was a bit grotty looking after being in a playcentre for hours with DD1 & 2 both a bit clingy and upset.  It is also very hot so probably not my best look.  Also this guy was probably my age and was a grandfather himself..   biggrin.gif i'll get over it.

Edited by cathy40s, 06 July 2007 - 11:56 PM.

#58 Monket

Posted 11 July 2007 - 08:16 PM

Hi Ladies, I love reading all the stories!  My name is Heather and I am 39+2 (yes, I have issues  biggrin.gif ).  I live in Central Queensland and gave birth to my first child in February.  I cannot fathom why I waited so long!  DH and I have been together for 15 years and married for 12 and I guess there just never seemed to be a 'right time'.  

DS was conceived via IVF, due to high FSH, on our fourth attempt...after 3 failed cycles locally we travelled to Sydney and the experts managed to get it right first go.  I consider myself blessed to have him and cannot imagine life without him!  I love being a mum and I relish every part of it (even the night feedings and the sad days).

We still have 3 frozen embryos and will look at using them further down the track.  I want to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible so I am not sure when this will happen.

I am dreading the day I am mistaken for DSs grandmother but I know it will happen.  I live in the country and the more mature mother is not that common.  In fact, when I was in labour the midwife was telling the student midwife that this is the reason you should have children when you are young!!  I didn't think I was doing that bad!!

Anyway, enough rambling from me...I look forward to getting to know you all better.


#59 sweetlilman06

Posted 11 July 2007 - 09:39 PM

Hi ladies,
I am new to this forum and its great to see quite a few older mums. I am 41 sad.gif ,live in Sydney and my children are 22,19,10 and 1 yr old tomorrow. biggrin.gif  My DP and i have a 10 yr age difference,he is 31, and our baby boy is his first child.I was supposed to be unable to have any more children. It took 37yrs to find the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend and our beautiful baby boy just completes what is so perfect.

Look forward to chatting with other mums around my age.

#60 Bloomer

Posted 11 July 2007 - 11:23 PM

Sorry to the others but we should organise a coffee or something for those mums in Sydney..I am OS at the moment with DH but when I come home(Sept1) I will see if anyone is interested..

Monket I am so interested to know where you are.  I was born in central QLD, i always say under the the first N on most maps.. tongue.gif   I am so pleased more and more over 40 mums are surfacing..original.gif laughing2.gif

Edited by cathy40s, 11 July 2007 - 11:23 PM.

#61 sophiaanne

Posted 11 July 2007 - 11:56 PM

Hi Ladies
well i haven't been asked if i'm her grandmother yet!!I think i'll knock that person out!!
I'm the same i don't now why i waited so long. i have been with my partner for 13 years. I just kept putting it off.
I'm one of the lucky ones i fell pregant naturally.i had a easy pregancy no sickness at all and the birth was fine, as births go!!!
I'm the old one in my mothers group! I'm 41, the next is 33 going down to 23!!
Anyway i couldn't see myself with kids when i was younger i was traveling and having a ball.I'm contented and ready now!  my baby girl was born in Jan this year, she's such a good baby.She has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks old! I'm certainly blessed!
I'm considering having another, if i can! Before my eggs dry up!!!

#62 Monket

Posted 12 July 2007 - 09:21 AM

Hi Cathy, your girls are gorgeous by the way!  I am in Rockhampton.  I was raised in Canberra and moved up here about 8 years ago to find the sun....well, I found it!  Where did you grow up....I don't have a map handy and am struggling to think of N towns in the region  biggrin.gif

It is great to see so many older mums, I don't feel so alone!


#63 Bloomer

Posted 12 July 2007 - 03:26 PM

No when it is a printed map it is usually underneath it..original.gif  Winton is where I was born but luckily my parents moved to Tville.. It is great you can have IVF in rockhampton(even if it didn't work) My sisters SIL both live in Mt Isa and had to travel to Brisbane every time.. Only one of them was sucessful and only once out of a few attempts.. but  this is 15 years ago..

I did the opposite i was looking for some seasons and some cooler weather.  Would be nice to be living up there again it has changed so much but i love living in Sydney and have never regretted it.  I have moved around a little and did not marry until I was 40..

Edited by cathy40s, 12 July 2007 - 03:29 PM.

#64 Monket

Posted 13 July 2007 - 08:18 AM

Ah, Winton!  I used to travel around CQ for work and spent a bit of time in Winton...nice town, very nice people.  I like Townsville too.  The strand is beautiful and I am amazed at the activity there both night and day.

I love Sydney but I don't get down there as often as I would like.  DH is from Sydney originally and we both have rellies there.  It was kind of fun to do IVF there as we stayed in the city and did all the things we used to do as kids...Manly Ferry, Zoo, Circular Quay....we had a ball!  Not to mention discovering Krispy Kreme (I rue that day!!)

We are lucky to be able to do IVF here but in saying that, the clinic really does not have the expertise to help older women.  I wish we hadn't wasted so much time with the clinic here.  The embryologists at Sydney IVF are, IMO, the best in the world and we really couldn't have done it without them.  Yay them!!

Gosh I can rave on, hope you all have a great Friday!  DH has been away for 2 days (for the first time since DS was born) so it will be interesting to see how DS reacts when he sees his Dad today.  Can't wait.

Have a good one.

#65 Lizzicat

Posted 13 July 2007 - 12:47 PM

Aaaaaaaawwww now you've gone and made me homesick for the things I miss about Sydney, and we're only 2 and a bit hrs away.
  I want to do all those touristy things with Alex, Sit and watch life go by at a cafe, take a ferry ride and go to Taronga zoo.

But...Alex has done some amazing things already in his short life, and like Cathy's girls biggrin.gif his passport has a variety of stamps in it. He still remembers the elephant rides, patting a giraffe and the amazing colourful fish(Like Nemo Mum Mum) from our travels. Then I feel he's so lucky to have all this space to play in, and see our "pet" kangaroo and Barry the kookaburra up close enough to pat, if he'd be quiet for 2 seconds tongue.gif

My DH also travels a bit, and is usually away 4 days a week, it only takes Alex about 10 mins to warm to Daddy again.

Sophiaanne - Meant to say our life stories are similar. DH and I were together 13 or 14 yrs before we decided to have a baby, and it happened 1st go for us as well, easy pg, just crappy long 25hr labour that ended in an emerg c/s.

As for being mistaken for Alex's Gran mad.gif , mmmmmmmmm most ppl say I'm only about 34 - 35(I'll be 41 in Sept) yet I did have 1 idiot at KMart about a yr ago comment on my Grandson ohmy.gif the checkout girl said you're kidding biggrin.gif  to him, only if I had a child at 15 and she had a child at 15. Nice checkout girl thought I was only 30 laugh.gif
  Sometimes it gets to me that I'm the eldest Mum, and living in the country everybody knows, but most days I say SO WHAT! Alex doesn't get excluded from things just because Mum Mum is a bit older than his friends Mums, we're all battling tongue.gif 3 1/2 yr olds.

Now I've rambled on a bit, see I'm in need of adult conversation especially when DH has been away for a while and we live on property so so no actual pop next door to the neighbours for a chat.

original.gif  original.gif

#66 Bloomer

Posted 13 July 2007 - 02:08 PM

Lizzicat, I hear you on the having to ramble when DH is away.. He was away for 2 months and it was so interesting to see DD2s reaction to him.  One time he came home and her first reaction was to say hello and a cuddle as that is what her big sister did. Soon after though she started to punish him and he had to work hard to get back in her good books.  Probably as a result of his absences(21 trips over 240 days of DD2s life) she is a mummy's girl when not well, but I am currently enjoying a spell of  daddy  being the favourite, right along with separation anxiety when he goes to work.  I think she still does not expect him home at night.  I figure as long as one of us is there they should be fine.  The things we have to do to live the life we do.

My Parents are going to visit us in Singapore in a week or two before we leave and Grace is referring to them as my mum and dad, it is so cute she has made the connection.  Pity she will be too young when they leave us, I am darn lucky both our parents were young parents when they had DH and I..

See I am rambling as usual as well.  DH thinks I am addicted to EB and he is right thanks to his absences..

I know no other mums IRL who are as old as I am.  Couple in their 40s and a GF is going to be a couple of months older than i was at DD2s birth (I was 45 +1)  she will be 45 +6 original.gif

#67 roundtreequeen

Posted 16 July 2007 - 08:23 AM

biggrin.gif Hi all,
This is my first post to this forum. I'm 41 and live in Sydney, am 16 weeks pregnant.  I have DD 22, DS20, and DD6.  This pregnancy was quite a suprize but am getting used to it now.  I have had severe morning sickness which still continues the doctor said Im probably actually bordering on Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Some days I can't even get out of bed.  I've had to stop work at the moment. I'm pleased to meet you all and its lovely to read about the lovely stores of older mums.

#68 hughsy

Posted 16 July 2007 - 05:25 PM

Hi all
Just stumbled across this forum.  I had my DS at 41 and (much to my GPs horror) DD at 43.  I am now 47 but certainly don't feel like it.  Both were concieved naturally.  Great to find you as living in the country there are fewer 'older mums' compared to the city and sometimes I feel a bit isolated.
I too am a cradle snatcher as my DH is just turning 40 this year!

#69 Jahbee

Posted 16 July 2007 - 08:04 PM

Finally Time for a new thread.  original.gif

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