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November 05 Parents #211

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#1 Lucky Mama

Posted 26 March 2007 - 09:51 PM

New thread time



#2 Puggle

Posted 26 March 2007 - 09:57 PM

Greeting from the land of DUH.

Kirsty, I really hope A has a moment of clarity and an injection of perspective sometime soon. Things cannot go on as they have been. Sending you a big hug.

The big trip - can you believe that at 4.30am when I woke Claire in preparation for going to the airport she was covered with a rash?!?  ohmy.gif  unsure.gif  wacko.gif  sad.gif  She seemed well enough in herself so we decided to proceed as planned - I just dismissed it as that generic 'post viral rash' and hoped like hell we wouldn't infect a whole planeload of people with anything nasty blush.gif . Anyway, the rash worsened on the flight and when we landed we made an appointment with the family GP who has pronounced she has 'some kind of virus'  rolleyes.gif  but to be sure he wants us to go back on Thursday.  Anyway, she really is so much better than anytime since last Friday that I am convinced my diagnosis is correct. I promise I won't come to your place Sarah unless she has had the all-clear. Nik and Sammy, I amd hoping hoping hoping that Claire didn't share her germs with GG, Indy and Ebz.  sad.gif

The flight was pretty good as these things go. I had two spare seats in between me and the next person and at one point Claire was sitting up in a seat watching cartoons on her own TV screen (pity my camera was stuck in a locker half way down the plane). We had a bassinet too, but after the last time I didn't even bother with it. I think Claire recognised my parents (it has only been about 8 weeks since she last saw them) and she has had the best time re-acquainting herself with her toys here and the house etc

Anyway, I am sooooo tired so off to bed


#3 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:01 PM


#4 Zanily

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:04 PM


Anne - I hope Claire is okay and the virus clears up quickly. Glad the flight went well original.gif

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#5 thrilled

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:06 PM

SILVER biggrin.gif ( bugger i babbled too much!!!!!!!!cancel the silver)

I forgot to mention that i took Lily for her newborn check today with the GP & she wants us to come back in 4 wks as she thinks Lilys feet are turned in a little & wants to make sure  its just a newborn thing & not something else.Now the reason i worry is my DH was born with severe talipes & had mulitple operations & casts etc as a child/teenager & he has several cousins with a mild form.Also at my 20 wk U/S i overheard the sonographers muttering about turned in feet but they assured me it was nothing as did the OB when we discussed the final report.Anyway i told the GP about DH after she said it.Im actually quite sure its not talipes because ive seen her feet when she relaxed & they look ok & its only when shes crying that she draws her legs up that you notice but its lingering in the back of my mind now but if it is it would be a very mild case not like DH.Well thats off my chest now wacko.gif


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#6 Zanily

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:14 PM


7th - Lauren (*Lauren*)
13th - Joy (jgal)
16th - Laurie (Laurie82)

7th  – Lani (Worrywart)
7th - Kathy (Kat73)
12th - Michelle (Mechelle)
25th – Sal (reju-ru)

2nd – Heather (Popsical)
20th - Susan (SLJ)
26th - Becky (Beckyyy)

12th – Amy (Butterfly82)
18th - Teresa (Tpe)
27th – Sarah (XxLadySarahxX)
27th - Peta (Petie)
28th – Carol (Flanette)

5th - Kirsty (Elliam)
5th - Emma-Louise
6th – Anna (Howie & Charlie)
25th – Kel (Kafs)
31st - Kathy (Oceanblue)

12th - Kylie (Wantabubba)
13th - Ellie (Ellie13)
14th – Meg (MegsJolley)
16th - Fiona (Lil_Wombat)
27th - Jess (Jayden1)
29th - Kylie (Magoo- moo)
29th – Ande (Monique’s Mum)

4th – Sarah (Sezo)
24th - Nik (Little Frog)
24th - Sam (Sam I Am)
25th - Jodes (*Jodes*)

2nd – Sarah (Sez First)
11th – B (mumto2A’s)
13th - Chantelle (VJ’s mummy)
20th - Melissa (bremel)

2nd - Kylie (KMP)
4th - Carolyn (Cazm)
11th – Sara (Keira’s Mummy)
19th - Tameika
27th - Susan (Sashworth)

9th - Anne (Puggle)
14th - Kellie (GGandEvasMummy)
18th – Donna (Donna2332)

17th - Ren (Homer)

12th – Jane (Thrilled)
19th – Cecile (willsmumsos)
27th - Mel (Laineyberlin)

#7 Zanily

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:28 PM


I hope you had a wonderful day
and that tattoo didn't hurt too much!!

#8 AstroGrrl

Posted 26 March 2007 - 10:30 PM

Happy Birthday Becky!!!

Carol - Hi hunnie, yes chemo patients can get odd sensations in their mouths etc when on chemo... I know a metallic taste is common, also I heard that tastebuds can sort of 'numb' so food that is normally eaten just doesn't taste right.  He may want extra sugar/salt etc... anyway, how did he go today?  I was thinking about you (((hugs)))

Anne - Glad to hear it went well... LOL at Claire sitting up like a big girl and watching her own TV awww...
I would say your diagnosis is correct as a post viral rash... GG, Indy, Ebz all fine xo

Jane - A lot of babies have 'odd' footsies as newborns and it corrects itself... if it was talipes, then I am sure it would look more severe original.gif

Well the aliens came and took my daughter away and left a clingy/crying (make that SCREAMING) little girl behind today... I now know what a lot of you have been going through with not being able to even leave the room... Poor bubba is finally asleep and hopefully will stay there until morning.  Oh and the Minx is suddenly SPRINTING everywhere!  Makes it hard to go anywhere/do anything as she zooms off the miute I takemy eyes off her!  
Gawd, I just knew she would be a live wire... she is such a light weight as well - makes me wonder if it makes her lighter and faster on her tootsies?  May have to look at jockey school.
Night night xo

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#9 kat73

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:20 AM

Hey Everyone

I have finally managed to go back through all the threads that I have missed since we lost our internet. You can see what I have been doing with my child free day, though I did do some vacuuming, washing and tidied up a bit too. OMG that was a huge task. You girls have made me have such an amazing range of emotions whilst I followed your lives. I have sobbed till I thought my heart would break and laughed till I thought my ribs would crack. So now it’s time for some personals (I promise I’m not going back before Xmas).

Donna I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Brooklyn Elizabeth. She is simply gorgeous. My heart broke when I read that she was gone. I think that you are an amazing woman and I am so glad that you and Daniel have helped each other through this dreadful time. Hugest Huggles to you.

Sam Congratulations to you and Jim on your BFGW. You looked absolutely stunning, as did all the perthettes too. I was sad to read of the loss of your little jellybean. Here’s hoping the baby dust hit you on your honeymoon.

Perthettes You girls just rock. Reading of the things you have done for each other just made me smile and cry at the same time. Eg setting up for Sam’s hens night, Anne cooking for Kirsty when she was doing it tough.

Cecile Did you end up staying in Bordertown?? Yeah I live here and we really aren’t that feral (well there are some like every town). What a shame we couldn’t catch up. Think of me if you ever come through this way again.

Kirsty Please can you put Mia back on the list. I have been reading the thread from the day you had Charlie, my goodness all those “aunties” waiting with baited breath. LOL. He is gorgeous by the way and I love his name very regal. I think the funniest thing I have read though is the reasons why you couldn’t let anyone know I truly cracked up at some of them. PMSL From the sounds of it today A needs a good kick up the ass and needs to spend some more time with his beautiful family. Grrr men!!

Nikki I hope Max’s fair goes well on the weekend. I thought of Max often on his and my birthday and lit a candle of remembrance for him too. hugs to you all.

Also congratulations to Liz and family on the arrival ofJackson, to Jane and family on the birth of Lily and Anna and family on the arrival of Harriet

Sarah (I think) I am glad that Mia is not the last to walk. I know a little one born 2.5 months after Mia and he is doing heaps more than she is.

Am feeling very relieved at the moment as had a call a while ago to say that my sister’s surgery went well. She just turned 40 has no kids and had to have a hysterectomy due to serious fibroids (one 10cms in diameter). My DH did give me a laugh as he thought she was having something done to her thyroid??? OMG I just went you are thick he heard me talk about everything and still thought she was having an op on her thyroid. I am PMSL still about that.

Had some sad news tonight. My uncle, my mum’s brother died today of a brain aneurism sp?. Mum is ok with it all she said at least he went quickly as that was how he wanted to go (another uncle died of a horrible brain tumour that changed his whole personality). He was 75. She is still pretty stressed about my sister though Sue seems to be doing ok. The GA made her a bit sick as does the pethidine but she is good otherwise.

OK lovelies sorry about the epic but I will be keeping up from now on. I often found myself wondering what you were all up to and I'm so glad I could read all about it.

Oops I really need to update my sig that photo is soooooo old. LOL. Must charge the camera batteries so I can download some photos.

Enough drivel from me.

Thought I'd better edit to say that I have been typing this on and off all day so have popped things in as I knew them.

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#10 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 27 March 2007 - 06:56 AM

Kirsty, Can you get help elsewhare?

Happy belated birthday becky *insert big bunch flowers here*

Welcome back Kat.

Q: how tall and how much do your bubs weigh?

Hunter is 83cms tall and weighs just over 10kg  laugh.gif
Leo is 70cms tall and weighs almost 7kg  ohmy.gif
Hunter will have Leos hand me downs soon  laugh.gif  laugh.gif
They both are skiny waists but BIG rib cages and are long legs.
Hunter can fit into 0 pants and tops but leo is in 00 pants with room but for the length and hunter needs 1 for the length but the fall down  laugh.gif

Thanks everyone for our replys ablut Hunters behaviour issues  original.gif

I talked to Jon last night and we will try to reward good behaviour and ignore the bad, but its hard when you get a bite out of our shoulder  blush.gif
Plus i havent been giving Hunter as much attention as Leo, its not intentinal, im packing this place on my own and i know Hunter can play by himself happaly at times. I try to do what i can with him then Leo gets into something so he gets upset cos i have to deal with Leo.  unsure.gif

Dam gtg kids not happy  unsure.gif

Hopefully bbl to do more personals.

#11 Reje-ru

Posted 27 March 2007 - 07:25 AM

hi all,

Just popping in to give Kirsty huge hugs, I wish I was closer, I'd be over to look after the kiddles and give you a break (and a cuddle)

Happy Birthday Becky! (for yesterday) I wanna see the tattoo!

sorry, cant do more personals. I have a house inspection this morning and I need to do all the floors. PLUS I'm sick  cry1.gif sneezing and blocked up and headachey yuck! I had yesterday off work and prolly will have today off too. Yesterday I made ruby a curtain and today I want to finish the other curtain and start a bedspread for her too. Will post pics but I'm not the worlds best sewing type person so you cant laugh at my uneven hems and crooked hanging curtains LOL also whipped up a cute yellow curtain for the laundry and started knitting Ruby a pink furry poncho. That furry wool is sooooooo hard to knit with YUCK.

anyway, better go
love u all,

#12 Mummy to HJ

Posted 27 March 2007 - 07:39 AM

Happy Birthday Becky!!!! (from yesterday)

K - I hope you gave A a swift kick up the ass!!!

Us - omg, i THOUGHT Hayden wasn't affected by the DLS thing...I THOUGHT one day of waking up at a decent time would mean everything is OK  blink.gif but obviously not, yesterday and today were 6-6:30 starts *yawn*   Yes, i know daylight is shining through, but you really need more sleep!!!   He got 9hrs last night, he usually does between 10-12hrs!!!  blink.gif

Hayden has also realised that pants can come down...he doesnt know how to do it yet, but he is pulling at his pants.

Oh, he has also started to crab crawl...he used to only do it to get over something he put in the way...but now he is doing it more and more biggrin.gif   Maybe he is waiting to get up and walk during the school hols coz then his grandpa is home LOL.

*Yawn* I guess I had better get some breaky into Hayden

#13 Zanily

Posted 27 March 2007 - 08:17 AM

I want daylight savings back  cry1.gif Zane woke at 5.45am this morning!!! But I was up since 5am feeding Lily and had only just gotten back into my nice warm bed  cry1.gif

#14 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 08:21 AM

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BECKY Hope you had a fantastic day  original.gif

Kirsty - I'm dying to know what happened last night...hope you gave him a huge kick up the bum.

Sammy - Are you going to run a stall at Max's fair? Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kathy - I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. That is really scary, my ex neighbour had a brain aneurysm and was healthy on the outset but just died. Must be a quick way to go though.

Will BBL to drum up some more support for Max's fair  wink.gif

#15 Night0wl

Posted 27 March 2007 - 08:45 AM

21 August 2005
Sophie Louise

Born to: Carolyn (cazm)

11 October 2005
Angelique Rose

Born to: Michelle (Mechelle

19 October 2005
Hudson Max

Born to: Ren (Homer)

20 October 2005
Riley Angus

Born to: Jess (Jayden1)  

21 October 2005
Connor Ryan

Born to: Melissa (Bremel)

Reiley Thomas
Born to: Kellie (Kafs)

22 October 2005

Born to: Sarah (sezo)

25 October 2005
James Edward

Born to: Emma (emma_louise)

26 October 2005
Natarsha Irena Katarzyna

Born to: Keren (TaffySeraphina)

28 October 2005

Born to: Chantelle (VJ’s_Mummy)

1 November 2005
Harrison Anthony

Born to: Megs (MegsJolley)

Benjamin Andrew
Born to: Kylie (magoo-moo)

Hunter Jay
Born to: Sarah (XxLady_SarahxX)

3 November 2005
Georgia Grace

Born to: Sam (Sammy)

Hayden John
Born to: Donna (donna2332)

Lucy Rose
Born to: Jane (thrilled)

4 November 2005
Lily Mai

Born to: Carol (flanette28)

5 November 2005
Keira Louise

Born to: Sara (Watson)

6 November 2005
William Matthieu

Born to: Cecile (willsmumsos)

7 November 2005
Zane Michael

Born to: Fiona (Lil_Wombat)

8 November 2005
Haydn Anthony

Born to: Susan (slj)

10 November 2005
Lucas Oliver

Born to: Sharyn (Dory)

11 November 2005
Benjamin Gregory

Born to: Jodes (jodemeister)

Ethan Christopher
Born to: Sylvi (sillybilly)

12 November 2005
Eva Mae

Born to: Kellie (kellie14)

13 November 2005
Ruby Mae

Born to: Ellie (ellie13)

14 November 2005
Xavier Thomas

Born to: Angela (AngelaK)

16 November 2005
Lily Mae

Born to: Kylie (Wantabubba)

Katie Maree
Born to: Christine (PookieBear)

17 November 2005
Joshua Alexander

Born to: Kathy (oceanblue)

18 November 2005
Grace Sofia

Born to: Mel (Laineyberlin)

20 November 2005
Indyannah Rose

Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger)  

21 November 2005
Declan Thomas Clifford

Born to: Becky (Beckyyy)

Born to: Anne (Puggle)  

22 November 2005
Kyla Gail

Born to: Lauren (*Lauren*)

Miriam Isobel
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie)

23 November 2005
Alana Grace

Born to: B (mumto2A's)

Claudia Bronte
Born to: Heather (Popsical)

24 November 2005
Isobel Olivia

Born to: Liz (cookiemonster)

25 November 2005
Charlotte Anneliese

Born to: Teresa (tpe)

Austin Mitchell
Born to: Joy (jgal)

Imogen Grace
Born to: Tameika (Tameika)

27 November 2005
William James

Born to: Kirsty (elliam)

30 November 2005
Ruby May

Born to: Sal (Reje-Ru)

5 December 2005
Hayden James

Born to: Sarah (Sez_First)

Saxon John
Born to: Susan (Sashworth)

EDD’s of Pregnant DIN05 Mummies

Chantelle (VJ’s Mummy) #2 due 17/4/2007
It’s a BOY!

Jess (Jayden1) #3 due 11/5/2007
It’s a BOY!

Cecile (willsmumsos) #2 due 15/5/2007
It’s a GIRL!

Lauren (*Lauren*) #2 due 19/5/2007

Sharyn (Dory) #2 due 3/6/2007
It’s a GIRL!

Kell (Kellie) #3 & #4 due 14/7/2007

Emma (emma_louise) #2 due 20/7/2007
It’s a GIRL!

Sharon (alyssasmummy) #2 due 31/8/2007

Sara (Keira’s Mummy) #2 due 1/9/2007

Sal (Reje-Ru) #4 due 4/10/2007

Heather (Popsical) #3 due /10/2007

Second Generation DIN05 Babes

Leo Ernest
Born to: Sarah (XxLady SarahxX) 29/9/06
Little Brother to Hunter Jay

Ebonee Willow Belle
Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger) 24/11/06
Little Sister to Max (watching from Heaven) and Indyannah

Jackson David
Born to: Liz (Cookiemonster) 24/1/076
Little Brother to Emily and Isobel

Lily Louise
Born to: Fiona (Lil Wombat) 5/2/07
Little Sister to Zane

Charles Edward
Born to: Kirsty (elliam) 7/3/07
Little Brother to Eleanor and    William

Lily May
Born to: Jane (Thrilled) 16/3/07
Little Sister to Lucy

Harriet Niamh
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie) 19/3/07
Little Sister to Miriam


Donna’s Twins – Baby Angel and Brooklyn Elizabeth
~ Much loved, Sadly lost, Forever Remembered ~

DIN05 MSN Group

DIN05 Trivia

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
their wings disappear at the time of their birth

One look in their eyes and we're never the same
They're part of us now and that part has a name

That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever
our Babies are Angels, we love them forever

#16 Night0wl

Posted 27 March 2007 - 09:03 AM

Will make this quick as the kids are feral this morning  <_< and Charlie is still growth-spurting and kept me up all night sucking me dry and screaming *sigh*

I ignored him last night, refused to speak to him when he got home, I was just too tired to fight. He knows I am sh!tty with him but seems he has no idea what for  rant.gif imbecile

Kids are in CC today, 10 bucks says he will not be home today for me to talk to him  <_<

Have to get out and about today as well as much as I want to stay home and sleep, my sister broke her wrist at netball last night so we will have to try and get her car home from thr sports centre, and of course she plays netball a good 40 mins drive from her house  <_<

Charlie screaming, gtg


#17 SLJ

Posted 27 March 2007 - 09:12 AM



(sorry didn't get in yesterday)

Hope you had a good one!

#18 *~Kellie~*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 09:14 AM

Kirst - as much as I know you'd like to help your sister, I'm sure she has other people she can call on.  Your plate is more than full and hauling yourself and Charlie 1/2 way across town is not the thing to be doing to yourself.

Have you thought about a night at your Mum's with just you and Charlie?  Organise E and B as best as you can, prepare a meal, get their bedtime things out and tell Alex you will see him in the morning.  Cruel I know, but this boy needs a baptism of fire and I think if you stay there much longer, things will get done and said that might not be repairable  sad.gif

I have been thinking about you all night.

xx K

#19 TheClampetts

Posted 27 March 2007 - 09:40 AM

*waves hello to everyone*

Jane - I was just reading your post about Lily's feet and could not post.  What you describe is exactly what I had with Ruby only not diagnosed inutereo.  I noticed it almost immediately after she was born and just kept thinking it was my over active worrying mum gene.  I did eventually mention it to my GP at our 4 mth check/imms and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon  sad.gif  which straight away had me worrying  heaps more.  In the end he was reluctant to do anything (there is a name for it but it escapes me atm - I will get back with the correct name - not talipes) anyway I wasted 12 months going for check ups and am now going to see a podiatrist.  I am peeved at myself as I am betting the pod is going to say 'oh if only you had come to see me 10 mths ago' rant.gif Now that Ruby is walking the 'defect' is even more noticable and she can not walk in shoes properly as her feet keep coming out of them.

So after all that gooblededook..in short I am saying follow your instinct and don't give up until you are fully satisfied iykwim.  PM if you want to chat about it.

Happy Birthday Becky...

#20 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:11 AM

Okay ladies,

For those of you how would like to donate money towards Max's Legacy Fair here are the details of the raffle which is being run on the day -

Tickets are 50c each or 3 for $1.00 if you win then I will donate postage costs to get the prize to you  original.gif

Raffle 1
1ST PRIZE...Night at the Sorrento Beach Appartments for two
2nd PRIZE...huge nestle gift pack.
3rd PRIZE...Masters Cheese platter set.
4th PRIZE...Gloria Jeans pack.

Raffle 2
1st prize Sony MP3 player
2nd prize USB webcam
3rd prize Grand cinema movie tix

Raffle 3
1st prize huge knitted dragon
2nd prize Masters pool ring
3rd prize Movies By Burswood passes

The fair is on Saturday so tickets will need to be organised by Thursday at the latest.

#21 willsmumsos

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:15 AM

Kirsty - like Kell said I have been thinking about your situation all night and what she suggested about a night away at your mum's is a good one except I say let Alex get Billy and Miss E their dinner and everything else that you do day in and day out without anyone preparing it for you...I know you were too angry to do it last night but you do need to talk to him and just let him know that he has certain responsibilities that he MUST fulfill as the children's father and YOUR husband (ie. the man who is meant to support you however he can, whenever he can). More than that though I would just really push how terribly dissapointed you are that he doesn't feel the NEED to spend time with his wife, new son and his other 2 children when he has this time off for that sole purpose. Sorry I have ranted a lot but I am just so angry that he's letting you do this all on your own. BTW I agree that someone else has got to be around to help your sister get her car back you've got enough on your plate.

Becky - Happy Belated birthday for yesterday I read about your tatoo and didn't even click that it was a birthday present!!! I hope you had a fantastic day. Big hugs to you.

Cathy - yes we stayed in Bordertown for one night and found it to be absolutely fine. We had dinner at the pub and breakfast at the bakery! Will really liked the park near the info centre as we stopped there on the way home for lunch too. I wanted to go to see the white kangaroos but DH was against the idea for some reason...it may have something to do with paying to see something that we see in our backyard every day (well grey ones anyway!) Sorry I didn't contact you b/c you'd been MIA for a while I wasn't sure you wanted to hear from anyone from DIN05!

Us - Well I've been doing some research about c/s and all it's done is freak me out even more! Anyway this time next week I'll know what is happening and then I can come to terms with it!!! DH is finally painting the nursery this weekend and over Easter we will try to do as many other jobs as we can with the help of my parents and the IL's. I've packed the baby's bag and started packing mine too so I guess things have started to really feel 'close'!

Will still continues to 'wake' at 4am and commence the head banging but last night we just ignored it the best we could b/c every other night when we go in to try to get him to stop it just upsets him more than anything else. I feel awful that he does this to himself but we just don't know how to get him to stop.

ETA:Oh before I go...who is going to do an easter egg hunt for their tot? DH suggested taht we do it but I'm not sure it will be worth it as I doubt William will understand.

Have a good day everyone,

Edited by willsmumsos, 27 March 2007 - 10:17 AM.

#22 ~Lucison~

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:46 AM

Morning gals,

Happy Birthday to Becky for yesterday!!!  Hope you got all the lovely things you deserve.

Kirsty - I hope things are on the improve today.  Men are gits and will never understand what we go through.  I just hope he stops taking you for granted.  BIG (((hugs)))

Cecile - I'm sure when you know one way or another what is happening with this bubba, then it will sit more easily with you.  You've jogged my memory to start getting my bags packed also (that'll take me a good month probably!!).  Did ignoring Will's headbanging help in any way?

Michelle - I will defo be getting some raffle tickets.  Thanks.

US - Lucas hasn't been well lately.  He had the run's the end of last week (courtesy of daycare!), and then got a cold, which he is slowly getting over.  The one truly remarkable thing is though, that apart from one night when he was really sick, he has been sleeping through every night (touching wood furiously) but with the vaporiser on.  It seems that ever since he went up to the toddlers room at daycare (even though he only goes 3 days a week), he needs his sleep and wants to sleep the whole night.  I've got everything I own crossed that it stays that way.  Now that he's finally sleeping through, I don't want to move him out of the cot!!

He's not at daycare today because he's still a bit snuffly - the in-laws have him.  And they took him out for a drive this morning.  ARGHHH!!  I nearly burst into tears when I heard that (and am tearing up just thinking about it again), but they are home safe and sound now so hopefully they won't go out again today.  But it has totally messed with his sleep routine, as he had a 40 minute nap while they were out, so he's not going to want his 3hr lunch time nap until about 2pm, which will set his bedtime back a heap now.  Grrrr.  I wish people would just stick with his routine. Sorry, that turned into a bit of a vent.  I'm feeling like a terrible mum at the moment, for dumping him at the grandparents when he's not 100%.  cry1.gif  I should be with him - damn work!!!  cry1.gif  cry1.gif

Pregnancy question - has anyone had that itching condition some women get with pregnancy?  I'm going to get my ob to check it out on Thurs, but have started to get a little worried about it now.  It isn't on my belly (where I thought is where it did happen), but on my bikini line and on my undies line  blush.gif .  I thought it was originally shaving rash, but it has gone on for 3 weeks now, and is actually waking me at night several times to have a big scratch.  I've heard that it can be dangerous to the baby.  And people have to deliver early sometimes.

Okay, enough of my ramblings.  Sorry for the lack of personals. So much going on at the moment and feeling LOUSY!!

ETA - I forgot to tell.  DH actually said the other night that he is now considering having a 3rd kid, because Lucas is starting to get to the fun stage and he thinks it wouldn't be so bad to have another one (he's not fussed on the baby stage).  Yippee!!!  That completely made my day, although I'm not getting my hopes up too high.  But it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Edited by dory, 27 March 2007 - 10:54 AM.

#23 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:50 AM

K, hope your DH wakes up to himself soon.

willsmumsos,  just rember even though its sceary you will be holding your bubba in the end and you will get through it, you are woman  biggrin.gif

Somedays i wish i wasnt a mum and today is one of them  cry1.gif i really dont know how much more i can take of this and K i dont know how you do and your such a insperation you strong chicky.

Im sorry if that offened anyone i just needed to get this out as i have both kids screaming like banshes and nothing i do fixes it, hunter screams so Leo dose too and vice versa they just set each  other off and keep going and going and going and my head hurts.

#24 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:53 AM

Ceclie - I am so looking forward to easter this year  biggrin.gif  I'm getting both kids one of these easter buckets, I'll take the eggs out and hide them around the house and give them the buckets to fill up. It's so funny watching them run around looking for the eggs and getting so excited when the find them.

#25 *~Kellie~*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:57 AM

Sarah - we all have days that we wish we could send them back to whence they came.  As a parent I've even had days where I thought the girls would be better off without me and I should just take off and let Paul look after them.  But I didn't, and that's the difference between a good Mum and a bad Mum, knowing the difference and not doing it.

One thing I always try to do (and its so hard for me cause I'm a real pessimist) is to try to think that "tomorrow will be better" and usually it is.

Take care, take small steps and just remember, you're not alone.



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