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#26 magoo-moo

Posted 27 March 2007 - 11:17 AM

Hi Girls,

Has been an absolute age since I posted so thought I would make the effort in a quiet moment at work.

Firsty Congrats to Jane on the birth of Lily! Glad to hear everything is going well for you guys so far.

Kirsty - I hope you are having a better day today. You are doing so well coping with 3 kids without much help or sleep. Hope you get a chance to let him know how you are feeling. You need and deserve a break - no one can keep going forever without a rest.

Carol - Hope Lily is doing better today. Grr to the silly Dr. I hear you about being bored at work, some days I feel like I dont accomplish anything at all. Better than being run off my feet I guess.

Cecile - This is pretty rare I think so probably not Wills problem but something to keep in mind I guess if it continues. A friends little girl used to bang her head and rock her whole body when she was trying to get to sleep and often all through the night. She was a very poor sleeper and hated going to bed and was always tired. My friend had a sleep study done for her when she was 3 years old and they have found that she is actually lacking the hormone that helps us fall asleep. The study found she never went into the deep stage of sleep the entire night and she was rocking/banging etc to try and soothe herself to sleep. They have started her on an artifical version of the hormone and she now sleeps normally.

Easter egg hunts - it is a tradition in our household to have an easter egg hunt at my Mums on Easter Sunday. The kids love it (as do the adults). This will be the first year Ben will be involved but I think he will get the basics as he loves chocolate! We will just hide some in plain sight for him.

Sarah - Like Kelly said we all have days we wonder why we ever wanted to be a mum. It must be so tough having 2 so close in age. When I feel like that I find it easier to get out of the house and do something to distract myself and the kids. Even just going for a walk and getting some fresh air sometimes helps everyone calm down.

Sarah (sezo) - Would love to come and meet you and catch up with Anne but a bit to far a drive for me I'm afraid.

Us - Have had a shocking few weeks sleep wise and am feeling very very weary. Both boys have been waking a lot and DH has been sick so hasnt been much help. Sam keeps waking and crying saying his legs are hurting. Not sure if he is having cramps or growing pains - will have to take him to the dr if it keeps happening.

We are off camping down the south coast on the weekend which I am really looking forward to but hope we dont keep the whole camp site awake! We havent been since before Sam was born so am a little apprehensive how Ben will go in a tent but hopefully will be fun.

#27 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 27 March 2007 - 11:51 AM

Thanks for the suport ladys.

I try to say it will be better 2morrow, and normally it is the same or worse.
The only time its better is when Jon walks throu the door, its like the boys know when he is comming and going and they are so much better when he gets home. I dont know why but its fustrating and when jon says "i know its hard for you during the day"  mad.gif Like he would kno, he hasnt had the kids for more then 2 fuggin hours on his own.

I live about 7km out of town and i could only walk that once.

Im honestly sceard to take the kids out while they are like this. I have had social phobias for almost 6 years now and it hasnt gotten better but i try to get out when i can and thats why we are moving closer to town so i can try to get out with the kids on my own during the day as honestly i feel like im a basket case.

I planned to leave a few times but didnt cos id miss the kids too much even though i thought they'd be better off without me.

I love my boys so much and i hate getting mad but im finding this so hard, i thought i can get through it. But latley things just get worse.

Just befor Hunter bit me so hard i now have a bruse and bite mark on my boob, and he did that through my shirt  ohmy.gif

! baby is quite so im hopeing they have worn themselfs out enough to sleep for me cos they have been up since 6am oh fabulas now hunter is screaming gtg

#28 TheClampetts

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:01 PM

Hey Jodes

I just bought a slow cooker  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Have printed off the EB Slower Cooker Recipe book and am sitting here like a dog with two tails thinking about what I am going to cook.  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

Busy day at work today  tongue.gif

#29 *~Kellie~*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:03 PM

oooh, I just put in my order for a slow cooker for Mother's day - what brand does everyone else have.

Figured with the twinnies on the way it would be a good idea.

I've got an exam today its making me feel  sick.gif so I've done the study, starting to get brain fry  wacko.gif , have done the self assessment quizzes and assessments - and average around 80-90% over the 3 units we're being tested on - so, I should be right, right?  unsure.gif  unsure.gif

#30 Sonara

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:03 PM

Happy belated birthday becky for yesterday - sorry i remembered sunday then forgot yesterday. Hope it was very special for you.

Sarah - ((hugs)) to you. Kids are such hard work. Remember you are a fantastic mother, and you are doing a great job with the boys. It will get easier, as they get older. Sounds like you need some time to yourself, can Jon mind the kids over the weekend for a couple of hours for you to have a break.

Kirsty - you are on my mind constantly, ((hugs)) to you too.

Kellie - good luck for your exam

Slow cookers - i have jodes bbq chicken recipe cooking as we speak. Smells delish! I have the el cheapo tiffany brand - bought it at kmart on sale.

Edited by Sonara, 27 March 2007 - 12:05 PM.

#31 KylieY

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:19 PM

Hi Lovelies,


KIRSTY - You need to stick the boot in hun! Sorry for sounding so harsh, but  I am so  rant.gif for you! I cannot believe he went out and then again for lunch when he took the week off to help you with the kids. And what's worse is that he can't see what he did wrong. I like Kell's suggestion of going to your mum's and leaving him with Billy and Miss. E. It should give him some perspective. If I was in WA darl i would be there to give you a hand. I am sorry you are struggling at the moment, but please know I am thinking if you and I really hope that he snaps out of it and lifts his game.

KELL - Yay on the news of moving home to SA. I am thrilled you were able to talk to DH and sort it out.

BECKY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday! Love the tatt!  I havr one too on my lower hip and I love it!

EASTER EGG HUNTS - Yep, definatley doing one here. I can't wait. Lily loves being outside in the garden. Prolly more so for my excitement at this age, but I can't wait all the same! And no doubt my parents will have one for her too!

CECILE - How did Will go last night?? How long have you got to go???

SARAH - We all have days like that hun. I feel for you and hope the day improves. You are doing the best you can and you are a great mum.

KATHY - I am so sorry to hear about your mum's brother. How awful. My thoughts are with your family.

ME/US - Nothing much to report here. Finishing my job on Thursday and start new one on Monday. Yay!!  While I will miss working here I certainly WILL NOT miss the freaking drive!  It's at a new lush residential estate & golf course. And a bonus is that I can use the brand new gym for $20 a month!  Woo hoo!!  I wanted to go back to the gym but didn't really want to spend the $$$ on a years contract, so this is perfect!

We are finally building our new pergola over Easter. Well my dad is anyway!  Yay!!  I have waited 4 months to rip down the crappy one we have now and replace it.

Well I had better go...lunch is calling and I can smell my curried egg sanga from here!  wub.gif

#32 AstroGrrl

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:30 PM

Kathy - Condolensces to you and your family xo

Michelle - Yes Nikki and I are having the 2nd hand book stall... Taryn & Shaye are manning the 'cafe' so we get REAL coffees (as they are experts) yum!  You are doing a GREAT job with the tix - you know you can pre buy them right?  PM Kaylene if you need any info on that.  

Raffle Tix - You girls pretty much have to get them today, cos Michelle probs needs the money to clear by Friday?  And the raffles keep getting better all the time as new prizes keep getting added!

ELLIE - You wonderful, generous woman you.... Megs told me the Bunnings vouchers thathave been donated were from you (((hugs))) , what a champion idea xo

OK I have the two munchkins today while Nik and Andrew run about town (they have Ebz)... so let's hope there is no in sync pooing for me!  sick.gif

Love to all xo

#33 Guest_Tameika_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:33 PM

Hey all

Belated Happy Birthday to Becky!
Hope you had a great day!

Kirsty- sending you big ((hugs)), hope your DH pulls his finger out soon, he's going to miss out on seeing his kids grow up if he's not careful, and loose his wife to the looney bin too  tongue.gif Really though Kirsty, i think you are a wonder woman, i dont know how you do it. Your an inspiration to me.  original.gif

Slow cookers- i got one as an engagement present. Its ronson brand i think. Anyway, one thing i love to do is just chuck in a pile of diced veges and meat, and some stock and leave it go for a really nice soup. Also its fantastic if you want a really tender roast.

Lady Sarah- I think it would be very good for you and the boys to get out a bit more, a change of scenery might help you all. Being so far from town makes it a bit hard though. Do you have any parks nearby you could take them to, or maybe just a short walk might help? Even just some time in the backyard. I dont have my license yet but i notice if we dont go out for ages Imogen does get bored and her behaviour becomes terrible, so i try to get her out when i can. Even just some playtime in the backyard helps heaps. You are doing a fantastic job though with the two boys so close in age. Hang in there.

Knitting- all the talk of it inspired me to try and knit Imogen a hat. But silly me i got this bubbled wool that would look nice but its so hard to knit with! Only done 3 rows and getting fed up lol.

#34 Golden oldie

Posted 27 March 2007 - 12:48 PM

Caz I forgot to mention yesterday that I sometimes add some tomato paste to my mixture as well. We love the tomato flavour here and it isn't quite intense enough for us without it. It will still be fine without it though wink.gif

i hope you all love it as much as we do!

Ellie It will become your most treasured appliance! During winter, I use it about 3 times a week, and most of the other nights are spent eating the leftovers  blush.gif  . I think I am lazy, but Andrew tells me it is foresight biggrin.gif

We also used to have the Apricot Chiclen A LOT from the EB recipe book, but I am over it, so rarely do it these days.


#35 Flanette

Posted 27 March 2007 - 01:08 PM

rant.gif  rant.gif Bloody Kindy  rant.gif  rant.gif They rang me at 11am to tell me that Lily feel asleep on the floor and that she was lathagic. They didnt think I should come get her cause she didnt have a temp. So I say put her in bed and I will call back in an hour. I call back and they say she is still sleeping, no temp. So do I leave work and go get her or just let her sleep (which is probably all she needs after not sleeping properly for a week)RAHHHH I hate having this conflicting feeling  wacko.gif

Ellie - Bored here too! I cooked a couple of the recipes from the EB slow cooker book. The lasagne was the best and I would avoid the basic curry it was very bland and needed to be cooked on a higher temp then suggested. I cooked another casserole but I havent tried it yet.

Kylie - Where abouts are you heading to down the coast? I think everyone knows when you go camping that other people may keep you awake so dont worry about it. Last time we went camping Lily woke up at 5am  blush.gif so then everyone was awake.I hope you have a great time.

#36 emma_louise

Posted 27 March 2007 - 01:23 PM

Kirsty - I second everyone else's advice and send you huge hugs, that's not on.

I have been in the bed the last few days. Sore throat then achy and sick.gif heaps last night. At last I have managed to keep something down, but am exhausted. I need to rest again. but am sick of lying down, and that is getting uncomefortable, too. Will try and BBL with some very overdue personals.

#37 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 02:08 PM

Ellie - Re Bunnings vouchers you are wonderful, such a champion yey. I love it how we all pull together it makes me feel all tingly  laugh.gif

Emma - I've been wondering where you were.

Sammy - Yes guru Kaylene  original.gif   original.gif   original.gif   original.gif

I've just come out of a 2 hour management meeting and I was already falling asleep in the first 5 minutes  ph34r.gif

#38 magoo-moo

Posted 27 March 2007 - 02:19 PM

Carol - We are going to Merry Beach. I think its just past Ulladulla. Thats a tough one with Lily. She is probably just tired and making up for lost sleep - if they thought there was something really wrong with her they would advise you to pick her up I guess. Hope she is ok.

All this talk of slow cookers is making me want one!

#39 TheClampetts

Posted 27 March 2007 - 02:26 PM

Kylie - The ronson is on special at Target for $59.95  dev (6).gif

Thanks for the tip Carol - I was planning on buying some veg today and some kind of meat and just throwing it in and see what happens  wacko.gif

#40 *Moi*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 02:48 PM

I want a slow-cooker...  cry1.gif

Yay, yay, yay! My mum is buying Kyla a Max-Rider! I am soooo happy! My little princess will be 'safe n sound'...

Edited by *Lauren*, 27 March 2007 - 03:16 PM.

#41 ~*Becky*~

Posted 27 March 2007 - 03:27 PM

Thank you all so much for all the happy birthday's i had a great time out with my sis and to be honest the tattoo didn't hurt at all it was more stingy then hurt..

I got a question for you all G's best mate rang me this morning he has been seeing a new girlfriend for almost 3 weeks now and this morning she told him that she's a week late for AF and she's got the implanon implant in and has had it in for just over 12 months now.. he is really worried that she's PG but i am pretty sure i read somewhere that you can't really get PG with that implant thingy in can you ??? unless it's not inserted properly anyway please someone correct me if i am wrong.. she said she also gets her AF normal and pretty regular  is that also normal with that implant thingy i know Rach had one and never had any bleeding with it at all no AF or anything so i only sorta know what her experience was with it and not really anything else.. Other thing i didn't think if she turns out to be PG that it would be his she was with someone else about 2 weeks before she got with him so any advice or what not would be really helpful


ETA i might post this in the contraception part too

Edited by ~*Becky*~, 27 March 2007 - 03:29 PM.

#42 Golden oldie

Posted 27 March 2007 - 03:31 PM

Becky I didn't get AF when I had the Implanon. Maybe just a bit of spotting here and there, but definitely no 'flow' IYKWIM?

Sounds a bit weird  ph34r.gif .


#43 ~*Becky*~

Posted 27 March 2007 - 04:01 PM

Thanks  Jodes i think it's a bit weird too i am kinda worried that she's lying to him and trying to hide something only god knows what tho... she seems a bit sneaky to me

#44 willsmumsos

Posted 27 March 2007 - 04:47 PM

Michelle - sending money through staight after this. Were those buckets from Target?

Kell (Kafs) - have pm'd you back, you wonderful lovely woman.

Kylie - another one with a new user name!! 7 weeks to go today but looking like maybe only 5 if the c/s is booked at 38 weeks. Will still banged from 4am til we got him up at 6.30am but it seemed a little less manic b/c we didn't interrupt him at all!

I have taken Will to the MCHN today to try to get some guidance on how to deal with this extra night head banging...her wonderful, helpful advice is that he will probably grow out of it by about 2!!!! No seriously, she gave me one or 2 things to try but they are more for kids who have just started doing it to put themselves to sleep when initially put to bed whereas Will had been banging to get to sleep for about 9 months now so he's well beyond getting out of it I think and I'm only concerned about the middle of the night 'awake' banging anyway. Grrrrr, I am so over having issues with his sleep. The only 'good' thing about all this is that he definitely still needs 2 day sleeps (allowing me to get some stuff done)as he's thorougly exhausted all day due to his nocturnal habits tongue.gif  tongue.gif !!

Must go find something to eat for dinner.

#45 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 27 March 2007 - 06:17 PM

Michelle - sending money through staight after this. Were those buckets from Target?
Thanks Cecile you are a champ  original.gif  Yes those buckets are from Target, I think they are advertised in Thursday's catalogue.

#46 Tpe

Posted 27 March 2007 - 07:27 PM

Becky: My sister fell pregnant on Implanon(sp?) a few years ago but lost the bub at 8 weeks. I've also had another friend who has fallen on it as well.

It very much depends on the person I think.  But I wonder why she's not doing a HPT.  I would have to know either way.  I hope that she's not up to no good.

#47 ~*Becky*~

Posted 27 March 2007 - 08:11 PM

Teresa thats what i am thinking and she's been uncontactable (is that a word) since he rang me this morning. Its a bit suspicious if you ask me... I said to him on the phone that i think it's kinda odd and strange.. I really feel sorry for him he's had a rough time loosing his grandfather and then his ex cheated on him..

#48 kat73

Posted 28 March 2007 - 12:23 AM

Evening chickadees

Lady Sarah You poor thing sounds like it's really hard for you at the moment. As others have said you are not alone by any means. I certainly have days when I wish I could go but never actually do it. Do you have any community services near you that could help. I was a family support worker thru an organisation and I know that here in SA the maternal health nurse runs a volunteer program to help out, sort of a dopt a granny (i say this as they tend to be older retired ladies who volunteer). HTH Sending thoughts for easier days.

Cecile Glad you enjoyed your stay in my little home town. Were you at the pub across from the police station and bakery, Woolshed Inn?? Yep that bakery Morning Loaf is legendary. When I was in hospital with Mia people knew where I was from and 9 out of 10 would comment about the bakery. LOL. If you come through again go and check out the kangaroos as they are FREE!! you just drive around the enclosure. You would have almost passed it if you came in or out near the big orange foodland building. Glad you enjoyed your stay. C/S aren't that bad IMHO but I have nothing else to compare it to. A lot depends on how soon they get you up and mobile. Nothing really scared me about having a CS it was just odd feeling if that makes sense, but you forget about everything else when you see that little bundle come out at the other end.

Sam Hope you didn't get any tandem poos sick.gif

Kylie Hooray for your new pergola. Mmmmm curried egg sandwiches - might just have to brew some up tomorrow Yummo.

Carol Hope Lily is OK. I think the centres sometimes panic over nothing as they want to make sure none of the kids are sick with something that can be passed around. I've often had to pick up Mia or Caleb for nothing. Drives ya nuts rant.gif

Emma Hope you are feeling better. Love your name idea too.

These slow cookers sound like a great idea then DH and I wouldn't be having the what do you feel like tennis match about 5 every day.

Spoke to my sister today and she is doing well. Was really sad though one of my aunties rang my cousin and he had no idea that my uncle had passed away. How bloody awful is that, no-one had contacted him. My uncles partner spent the night in hospital because she was so traumatised at the quickness of his death.

Well so much for Caleb's behaviour "going away" like all the specialists said it would rant.gif We seem to get a couple of "normal" weeks and then we get the child from hell. So often lately I have to actually separate the kids as he is just at Mia constantly. It's so hard because she just adores him. I think today he would have made her cry about 15 times on purpose rant.gif (love the mad smilie)

OK I really must away I might end up with keyboard impressions on my face.

Love to all

#49 Renoir

Posted 28 March 2007 - 08:04 AM

Kathy:   You poor sweet, Caleb's behaviour issues have been going on for so long now!  It must be damn hard to deal with someone you love so much making you so stinkingly angry - I know what it's like with Hudson and his "naughtiness" is just naive innocence.

So sorry to hear about your uncle and feel terribly for his partner.  Quick deaths can be so difficult to get your head around.  I guess that when someone is ill first, you have the time to prepare and do and say whatever is needed iykwim?  Cuddles to your family.

#50 howie&charlie

Posted 28 March 2007 - 09:36 AM

Good Morning All,

Thank you for all your good wishes since Harriet's arrival! Whilst I was in hospital I could log in to EB via my work Blackberry, I just couldnt post due to some security thing so it was wonderful to read your messages!

Well after all the anticipation of a big baby, Harriet has had other ideas! Luckily for us my waters broke when they did and they induced me at 37 weeks as it ended up that I have had a compromised placenta for the past couple of weeks and Harriet's growth has been restricted. So whilst she is very small - 2.6kgs (5 pounds 13 in the old money) she is better out than in! Lucky for both of us she managed to turn head down and I pushed her out so quickly otherwise the OB was getting his tools ready! Talk about motivation to push hard!

I have had to hire the industrial breast pump so I can provide top up EBM for her feeds otherwise she wouldnt have the strength to take enough off the breast - but she has been steadily increasing her intake and I am confident that she will do well at her next weigh in. Funny that we had Miriam at weigh in for being too heavy and now Harriet at weigh in for being too light!

We are at home and settling in nicely, though I am very wary of the coming few weeks! Harriet is a very sleepy baby - she is only awake for about 1 hour in 24 due to some complications we had at the last minute. Everything is fine, I just know in a few weeks that it will be all on again so I am making the most of the quiet time now!

I have to say it is very very strange to have to set my alarm clock to wake up and feed my baby!

I hope everyone is doing well and the next lot of 2nd gen- DIN05's arrive safe and sound!

Sorry for no personals - I am doing the ESP thing and wishing everyone well though!


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