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#51 Sonara

Posted 28 March 2007 - 09:41 AM

Jodes - the bbq chicken worked out yummo. It was just right for us, not a big tomato fan myself. My kids are sooo fussy, they even ate it, mind you they picked the chicken out from the sauce  rant.gif  Which of the lasagne recipes in the eb book have you or anyone else tried?

Kathy - sorry to hear about your uncle.  sad.gif Hope Caleb's behaviour starts to improve for you soon

Anna - good to hear from you. I agree, make the most of her sleepiness whilst in lasts, glad everything is going well.
We need piccies!!!! original.gif

#52 ~Lucison~

Posted 28 March 2007 - 10:08 AM

Morning all,

Lucas is at daycare today, and I feel so much better knowing that he is back in his normal routine.  I'm really looking forward to having tomorrow off with him though.  I've missed my little guy so much, and I've only worked 1 day extra this week!!!

I'm sure I was awake half the night scratching, so I'm looking forward to the doctor's appointment tomorrow to see what the heck it is.  Hopefully it is something innocent, and not something more sinister like I'm thinking.

Kylie - Have fun camping.  Don't worry if he wakes, they normally wear themselves out heaps more being outdoors, so they sleep better anyways.

Ellie - That's great that you got a slow cooker.  I don't use mine anywhere near often enough, and have mainly cooked roasts in it.  They come out so tender that you can't really cut the meat into slices.

Kel - How did your exam go yesterday?

Kylie - Yay, it's your last day tomorrow.  That's great news about the pergola too.

Emma - Hope you are feeling better soon.  Take it easy.

Lauren - I too have just gotten Lucas a maxi-rider.  He loves it, although I've put it behind the drivers seat to have the baby's seat on the passenger side, and I hate it that I can't see him.

Kathy - Sorry to hear about your uncle.  And I hope Caleb's behaviour improves soon for you.

Anna - Glad to hear that you have settled in at home nicely.  Make the most of the quiet times while you can.


#53 kafs

Posted 28 March 2007 - 10:25 AM

Anne - I'm glad you made it in one piece to NSW and the plane trip was bearable for you. We must be living parallel lives at the moment as Reiley had an ear infection last Friday and then broke out in a rash yesterday. Dr.'s can't decide whether it is viral or a reaction to the antibiotics. Have a great time with your family and get lots of rest.

Kirsty - the main reason I came in here is to see if you are OK. I know it must be very hard to log into EB now with a newborn and kids in tow but I hope you are alright my dear and getting the help you so very much need and deserve.

Donna - haven't heard from you in a while. Everything going OK? Hope you and Daniel are happy and having more up days than down.

Kathy - good to see you back. Sorry to hear Caleb's behaviour is still challenging. I wish I could offer some advice but I am yet to encounter the grown up years.

Carol - I'm keen to hear how your dad went this week. I agree with Sammy on the sweet tooth thing. It does sound like he is eating sweets because it's probably the only thing he could taste. My dad complained that was one of the worst things, not being able to taste anything and he was so damn excited when he first got it back eating trying to eat a meat pie!
I have the opposite problem with our day care centre, they never ring me to come and pick him up. It's usually us that say 'he feels like his got a temperature' or 'how long has he had this rash for'. Not that I mind too muc, but if my little boy is upset an in pain I would prefer they call rather than just see it out until I get there.
By the way, please don't change your username I am starting to feel new again trying to match names up. I like Flannette!

I am trying so hard to do this uni essay and just can't get motivated, hence why I'm in here when I shouldn't be. I'm home because Reiley has this rash and really should be making the most of it but he is being so dfficult and can't decide what he wants to do.

I have started back on the weight watchers challenge. I put on 3 kg in 3 weeks (but I'm blaming the whole gain on the Darwin trip) and already in the 1st 2 days I have failed miserably going well over the points. I wish it would just fall off me, I hate watching what I eat and I'm not a big vegie eater, so I tend to eat too many carbs.

By the way, stupid question coming, what does a slow cooker look like? (Can you tell I don't cook?)
I was thinking it would be great for DH to put on in the morning so I can have something other than frozen meals and he has something ready for when he gets home from work late at night, which is just about everyday, and then I can save the frozen meals for when he is away.

Edited by kafs, 28 March 2007 - 11:31 AM.

#54 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 10:59 AM


Today is the last day for purchasing raffle tickets for Max's Legacy Fair. For those who want to support this great cause please contact me by lunch time today.

thank you  original.gif

#55 Renoir

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:04 AM

Kelso:  A slow cooker is usually oval in shape and stainless steel on the outside with a ceramic type of crock pot insert.  They have a glass lid and settings like "high, low, keep warm (& sometimes) auto".  Pretty much all electrical brands have them; mine is a Breville that I got on spesh at Harvey Normal months ago - it was $39 down from about $60 I think.  Mine is a 4 litre one as I didn't want to splurge on anything bigger until I knew I was going to love it (which I do).  A big stew/casserole in that will feed DH and me dinner plus give us anywhere from 4 to 8 frozen meals for work lunches, depending on what you have with it.

Edited to say, they look like these Kel:

Slow Cooker Pics

But not that dodgy weird one at the top.  Think silver coloured, think oval shaped...

Edited by Homer, 28 March 2007 - 11:11 AM.

#56 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:06 AM

Kylie, best of luck with the new job and a gym for $20 a month? You lucky gal  happy.gif

Slow cookersI think mine is a sunbeam, its a "banquet" one (f*ing huge)  laugh.gif I got it for under $100 at the good guys. Its good i do things and have enough for the 3 of us for days  blush.gif oh and it fits 2 chooks in it  wink.gif

Tami, i got the pram today so i will take the boys for a walk, thats why i cant wait to move cos the beach is only a 5 mini walk from the other place and a park not far (about 10 minis).

Carol, how did things go with your lil one? Everything ok?

Emma, hope you feel better sweety, almost half way  ohmy.gif Also your lil man looks so grown up.

Kylie, slow cookers are great Jon grew up eating the stuff  laugh.gif But seriously it helped me out heeps, just cut up the stuff befor the kids got up and put it all in and off it was, cooking while i was doing everything else.

Lauren, may i risk sounding stupid but what is a maxi rider?

Becky thats great you had a good day and fab about the tat.

Cecile, i hope things settle down soon and your lil boy stops the head banging and gets sleep soon.

Kathy, Hope Calebs behaviour settles down soon and its good your sis is doing better.

BBl for more personals kids gone feral again  unsure.gif

#57 Renoir

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:07 AM

Michelle:   Have PM'd you blossom, ta.

#58 kafs

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:41 AM

Thanks Ren! You are fabulous wub.gif ! I think that would be a great pressie for DH. Am I bad for buying him a present that is ultimately to please me???? dev (6).gif
I was looking at those Ebay ones thinking sh*te they are cheap, but it is $29 postage, rip off. Will check out the Tiffany's at Woolies when the little boy wakes up. I am going to be good and walk there, so boring!

Mechelle - have PM'd you too.

#59 TheClampetts

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:46 AM

Michelle - I haven't PMed you  tongue.gif   dev (6).gif   biggrin.gif   wink.gif

#60 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:48 AM

I'll let you off Ellie  biggrin.gif

#61 TheClampetts

Posted 28 March 2007 - 11:50 AM

Emma - I see you lurking - everything okay?

#62 *Moi*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 12:24 PM

Sarah - No worries, not a silly question at all. original.gif A Maxi Rider is a convertible booster seat that can be used for child from 8kg - 26kg (I think that's right...) It's made by Safe n Sound. original.gif

Okay I REALLY want a slow cooker now! I'm like you Kafs, we have the quickest meals for dinner now, so it sounds ideal!

Edited by *Lauren*, 28 March 2007 - 12:24 PM.

#63 SLJ

Posted 28 March 2007 - 12:39 PM

Hi All

Just a quick drop in today, have been very busy, didn't even get time to read much yesterday.

All this slow cooker talk is making me hungry! I love a good stew, willhave to check it out.

Have decided Haydn is getting more and more like his dad every day........he very nearly got Daddy slapped at the pool the other day...we were walking in and they had two lines to go in, I walked in ahead of DP who had hold of Haydns hand, as we were going down the pasage DP asked me 'Did you see that?' then explained that on the way past some young women in the other line, Haydn had patted one on the backside as he went past!  ohmy.gif lol She had given Dp a filthy look until she relised he couldn't possibly have done it, and then saw the 'sweet innocent' smile of the little fella looking up at her..lol  Apparently she did see the funny side... blush.gif  I tell you he is going to be trouble by the time he gets to his teens!   wacko.gif He has decided he just has to see down the front of everyone shirt now.......DP finds it amusing....I keep telling him it will come back to bite him! lol

Too many personals to catch up on, so won't even attempt it, and will start from scratch again.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Michelle - I have missed getting sported out for the raffle, is it possible to make a straight donation?

Gotta run and get more work done!
Hopefully catch up soon.

#64 emma_louise

Posted 28 March 2007 - 12:44 PM

I'm feeling a bit better, thanks Ellie. I made it to work, but that's about it. My cold isn't too bad, but I'm still achy, headachy and still have a bit of a temperature, and am missing my bed! Woe is me wink.gif

I was thinking of getting a slow cooker too but apparently ILs are getting me one for my birthday. I told DH to speak to them and see if it can be early! They're a hot topic in my new DIG atm, too!

Tameika - can you post that broccoli soup recipe please?

Kirsty - I hope you're getting a rest, and that Alex is helping out.

Kellie - Great that you'll be moving back here; even if it is a few years off yet.

#65 Flanette

Posted 28 March 2007 - 01:09 PM

Hi ladies

Lily just need to sleep yesterday. Picked her up in the arvo and she was fine  wacko.gif Slept though again last night too!

Anna - Good to hear from you. Im sure Harriet will start to chubb up just like her big sister real soon.

Kafs - Iam about to PM you and Sammy when I finished this post and I will warn you its a but of a novel. I got given my slow cooker from my Aunty and I love it. I do like that CC calls me, but I sit here and stress out trying to decide weather to go get her or not. Lily always comes home with something every week that is unexplained  <_< Ok Ill stay Flanette just for you  blush.gif

Caz - I used the first lasange recipe in the EB SCB and added the white sauce in the last two layers. YUMMMOOOOO

Kylie - Never been to Merry Beach, but I did have friends that use to holiday there every year and loved it. Have a safe and fun trip.

Becky - Glad you had a great birthday. Story sounds dodgy to me.

Better be off I actully have work to do!

#66 Sonara

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:02 PM

Kirsty - i hope everything is okay with you, we haven't heard from you since yesterday morning (a long time to not hear from you, you know we worry), please pop in and let us know that you are alright

Edited by Sonara, 28 March 2007 - 02:08 PM.

#67 Night0wl

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:37 PM

Hi Gals original.gif

Apologies for taking so long to get back, seems like every time I get to the PC someone is awake/tired/pooey/hungry or just needs a cuddle  wacko.gif

Well things have improved original.gif After ignoring him all night I decided to take a different approach and treat him exactly how he treats me wink.gif Before I took the big kids to CC, I went into the bedroom (he was STILL in bed grrr), gave Charlie to him to look after and off I went. Took my sweet time having a chat with everyone before coming home  happy.gif

I then TOLD him what we were doing that day (instead of asking what his plans were, like I normally would) he was coming food shopping and carrying the baby for me, then he was taking me out for lunch, then we were going to set up the study together, then he was going to spend the afternoon with the kids while I read my magazine.

He must have been feeling guilty because he complied with all requests biggrin.gif

While we were at lunch I said I wanted to talk to him, and I wanted him to just listen and not say anything.

I said I wanted him to either negotiate less hours with his work or get another job. THIS WEEK. I told him I was sick and tired of being a single parent in a marriage, I was fed up with him living like a single man with all the benefits of a relationship, that I needed him to be at home more and to take a more active role raising OUR children TOGETHER. I said I need him to treat me as an equal, I am not his housekeeper/maid/nanny, I am his WIFE and deserve more respect and consideration.

I was so proud of myself for not getting overemotional and upset and was pleased that he actually sat there and listened for a change instead of arguing with me.

He was so good all afternoon, spent the whole time playing with the kids and being 'available' to give me a hand with things and the difference it made around here was immense, everyone was smiling, even me biggrin.gif

Before I went to bed I said to him how nice it was this evening, no fighting, no crankiness and that I wished it was like this all the time, it's how it should be original.gif

So today I am happy, even more so because DH has just rang me and said he has had a meeting with his boss saying unless he goes back to 38 hours a week (not the current 50-60) he will be out of there by next week biggrin.gif

Hoping that this will be the beginning of a whole new life for us original.gif

Thanks so much my dear friends for all your support, you are always here for me and I appreciate it more than you will know biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Will try hard to bbl for personals, I promise and big apologies to Jodes, I am so very sorry I missed our 'date' yesterday sad.gif

K xxx

#68 AstroGrrl

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:44 PM

Kirsty - That is FANTASTIC!  Well done! xo

#69 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:46 PM

Raffle update

Just in case I have stuffed up somewhere and have missed anyone out I have the following people who are purchasing tickets for Max's Legacy Fair, *means I've already received the money -

*Kell (kafs)
*Susan (SLJ)

As I am with the Commonwealth payments come through straight away, so any CBA account holders there is still heaps of time.

If anyone else would like to participate please PM me and I or Sammy can always pay the tickets in advance  original.gif


Kirsty - I'm proud of you, stick to your guns girl  original.gif

Edited by ~sonique~, 30 March 2007 - 07:34 AM.

#70 Sonara

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:46 PM

So glad you have sorted everything out kirsty original.gif  original.gif
Great News!!!

#71 kafs

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:56 PM

Good on you Kirsty, I am so proud of you. It sounds like even he might have enjoyed the family time too! Just stick to your guns girl and rest as much as you can.

Lauren - I just went and looked at Woolies for the Tiffany brand and there were none there. Might have to venture to the Bogandome on the weekend to have a squiz. I am very jealous of your maxirider, I bet Kyla feels very spesh now  wink.gif !

Hey Mechelle!
Kell-smell (kafs)

What's this??? I call you a beautiful woman and you call me smelly. Geez.....  tongue.gif  rolleyes.gif I might have to turn into a  cry1.gif baby like Sammy...hehehe!

Edited by kafs, 28 March 2007 - 02:59 PM.

#72 VJs Mummy

Posted 28 March 2007 - 02:58 PM

Becky - Happy belated bday - good to hear u had a good time though original.gif

Kathy - Sorry to hear about your uncle and thinking of you. Also hope u have some more normal weeks soon with calebs behaviour just wanted to let u know thinking of u

Lady-Sarah - Hey sorry to hear u having a rough time at the moment thinking of u and if u ever need anything or someone to listen to you just pm me im more then willing to listen original.gif

Anna - Congrats again on little harriet, glad you are setting in nicely at home and such a tiny baby aww  hope her weight gain is good take care

Sharon - I had spots on my tummy too adn kell suggested polmarine which u can take whilst pregnant adn that helped mine just one decide is they can cause drowsiness hopefully the itching stops soon for you

Carol - Hey how are u and how is your dad?

Cecile - Hey hope you are well and hope will stops headbanging soon for you

Kirsty - Glad to hear u are sounding so much more happier and that ur DH has complied original.gif

Me - Well had midwife appt and ultrasound done yesterday and the ultrasound said bub was measuring 38 weeks :-o that puts me a week ahead of my dates and 2 n a bit weeks ahead of their dates. Anyways bub is engaged just at 4/5 so hoping he comes early and is nice for me as im just waiting to hear from the pysio to hav appt with them too cause of the pain ive been in so fingers crossed they get back to me soon as i have the referal and everything just need them to put me in somewhere.
VJ has been ok very clingy lately and just always wants mummy but mummy been a bit of a basketcase and emotions all over the place lately so hopefully everything is normal soon and then mummy can be normal Too lol. Sorry i havent posted much girls but am thinking of you all and hope you are all well
take care

#73 Guest_~sonique~_*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 03:09 PM

Kell - NO NO NO it's because I like you so much, I am always calling Angelique Gel-smell....it's a term of endearment  wink.gif

#74 *~Kellie~*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 03:37 PM

Kafs - I have a friend from high school who STILL calls me smell!!

K - I'm so glad you were able to get it all out in the open.  Let's hope the change is permanent.

xx K

#75 *Moi*

Posted 28 March 2007 - 04:01 PM

Woo hoo Kirsty, that's brilliant news. original.gif

Kafs - Cooly, they'll be heaps of places at Bogandome that would sell slow cookers. Let me know how you go!

Chantelle - Wow, not long to go! Hope the remaining couple of weeks go quickly for you!

YES - Hump of the WEEK!!!

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