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#51 ~Kirsten~

Posted 08 April 2007 - 10:48 AM

I just wanted to say thanks to Lily's secret 1st birtday friend for the lovely book, hair clips and teddy with her name on it.  Just lovely!

Here are some assorted photos, Easter egg hunt and Lily's birthday...

Lily's Number 1 cake today -

Lily is 1!

Lily and Me! -

My niece Juliet -

Easter Egg Hunt: Lily -

Easter Egg Hunt: Noah -

Pink cakes -

The Birthday Girl on Friday -

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#52 LittleAnnie

Posted 08 April 2007 - 01:08 PM

Here is a recent picture of my little boy :

My beautiful blue eyed boy ...


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#53 LittleDCJ

Posted 08 April 2007 - 02:11 PM

Hi girls



Yay to Joel sleeping through the night!!  Keep it up champ!!

Kirsten and Linda - thanks for sharing the great photos.

Gotta go, Carter is feral today.  He hasn't sleep at all since waking ay 8am.  We are meant to be staying in a hotel tonight and the boys are staying at the ILs but I feel guilty leaving a sick child with them.  They will be up 2-3 times during the night with him.  But I really would love to sleep through as the last week has been hard work with the little man.


#54 tomkatsmum

Posted 08 April 2007 - 02:11 PM


Happy 1st Birthday Lily
Happy 1st Birthday Riley
Hope you both have a great day.

Just quickly popping in to say hi and we are back from our camping holiday!  we had so much fun and the kids were so good.  We swam and went to the beach everyday and had some very cheeky neighbours (kangaroos) who liked to help themselves to food from our tent!  I am just about over the tonsilitis which is good, especially seeing DH is away from tomorrow morning with a school basketball carnival in adelaide.

Will BBL to post some of our camping pics.  

Happy Easter to all!

Love sharyn

#55 shelldar

Posted 08 April 2007 - 02:12 PM



Thanks for all the birthday wishes girls.  
Linda- Elii looks so spunky!!  Glad work went ok for you.  Just pop in when you can.  How did Aaliya go with the easter bunny?

Kirsten- Lily looks so cute, and you did a wonderful job with her cakes.  Looks like she enjoyed them.

Tracy- hope Willows cold doesn't get too bad.

Kaz- Have a lovely day with all your family today.

Mel and Nat- Hi grin.gif

Karla- Hope it is just the pill and that you can get it sorted soon.  hugs to you, hope you feel great soon.

Us- Well I wasn't really sure what to do this morning, to wish my boy a happy birthday or a happy easter!!  But after a big cuddle and a bottle, Jack woke up and was very excited to see the easter bunny had left a trail of eggs through the hosue and left some big eggs in his and Rileys rooms.  So we did the big egg hunt, then opened Rileys pressies (which by the way he was just not interested in!! ddoh.gif )  
We were going to go shopping, but realised that nothing is open, so we popped into a friends for a cuppa, and she put on a great big spread for lunch.  So Jack and her two kids played for ages and we had a lovely lunch.  Have family coming over for dinner tonight, so need to get cooking soon.  Nothing big tonight, the big party is next Saturday.
Might get back later after I upload some photos.


Oh by the way.....still no baby.  Just don't want her to go into labour today, don't want to miss any of my boys birthday!

#56 ~shell~

Posted 08 April 2007 - 07:09 PM

First of all the formalities – and apologies for being late – I am lucky to get on here twice a week these days.

Happy Birtyday William
Happy Birthday Kristy
Happy Birthday lily
Happy Birthday Riley

Willow – you make a very cute bunny.  

The last two posts I have done have been massive (sorry) and only personals, so tonight it is all about us!

Kaylee is on school holidays and has been so excited all week waiting for the Easter Bunny – who by the way is named Peter Cottontail.  She was so excited this morning.  She is absolutely loving Prep and has matured so much in the first semester of school.  I am so proud of her.   She goes to ballet and swimming lessons and is always quite active.  She is really quite a clever girl.

Hayden melts my heart every time he looks into my eyes. wub.gif   He is loving life and is such a happy boy who is learning so much every single day.  I love this age, he is so much fun.  I just wish he would learn how to sleep a full night aannoyed.gif .  He is walking around furniture, but still has gumby legs and no balance so he is far from walking independently.  He still only has 4 teeth.  There are two that are giving him grief and have been troublesome for a couple of weeks now, but they refuse to pop up.  He loves playing outside, but geez he gets dirty.  I don’t remember Kaylee getting so dirty.  We spent a couple of hours outside this afternoon doing some garden clean up in prep for next weekends big party and Hayden crawled around happily with us.  At the end of the day and clean up time we both took one look at him and decided to chuck him in the laundry tub rather than letting the dirt ball upstairs.  Was very cute, and I got NO pics!  Oh, and one more thing – I bought him the cutest pair of jeans the other day.  But they are a size 2.  OMG!  oomg.gif  Kaylee was 2 1/2 when she got into size 2 clothes.  Hayden is not even 1.

Mick is still Mick!  He has said that he has been away too much lately and is not going away for a while.  We’ll see! rolleyes.gif

I don’t think anything has changed with me.  I am still working, still tired all the time, still struggling.  But my family needs me and I do what I do for them.  I love it and would not trade it.  I am looking forward to next weekend – Hayden’s birthday party.  I am working only 3 days this week, as I have Friday off to go shopping and get organized for the party.  

Ok – enough dribble from me.  I need an early night tonight.  I just know Hayden is going to be up tonight.  He went to sleep at 5.30pm and there is no way he will get through the night. ssleep.gif  

I hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend with the family.  I really do appreciate public holidays now.  tthumbs.gif

#57 scuttlebutt

Posted 08 April 2007 - 07:31 PM

Sorry this is so late  blush.gif we've been out all day

Happy first birthday to Lily!!!

Happy first birthday to Riley!!!

#58 Sweetchild

Posted 08 April 2007 - 08:34 PM

Just wanted to say

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kristy!!

Happy (Belated) Birthday William!!!




Hope everyone had a great day  tthumbs.gif !

Just a few quick personals......

Shelldar - Your boy is 1! What a lovely DH! Love that pic  happy.gif Lol about Riley not being interested in the pressies  rolleyes.gif

Tina - i hope you are enjoying a restful night away and not feeling guilty. I'm sure the inlaws don't mind - at least they know that tomorrow night they will get a full nights sleep so i'm sure it doesn't matter to them  grin.gif

Kaz - We gave Mia a little pink bunny as well with eggs around it's neck. Love your new sig - she is certainly a lucky girl with all those brothers  wink.gif

Kate - hope you had a good day out  original.gif

Kristy - loved the pics - your girls are so cute happy.gif

Kirsten - love the pics - especially the one with the balloons! Those cakes look great!

Linda - Glad to hear that the Molluscum is clearing up for him. What a cute little boy - love those eyes  wub.gif

Karla -  Hope you're feeling better soon and it really was just from the pill like the doctor said.

Nat - That must have just melted your heart when Hannah said that  wub.gif How special is she  happy.gif Yay to Joel for sleeping through  cclap.gif  ddance.gif I really hope he has another  good night for you tonight  hands.gif  

Mel - I can't believe how long Taya's hair is - it's adorable! I love the one with the hair up and the sunnies on!

Sharyn - Glad to hear you had so much fun camping! Looking forward to the pics.

Shell - You sound absolutely in love with your kids every time i read your posts (not that everyone isn't i guess.... rolleyes.gif ). Hope all the party organising goes smoothly for you. Would be great for you if Mick traveled a bit less like he said - i'll keep my fingers crossed for you  grin.gif

Tracy - Willow looks so cute with those bunny ears - what a great shot  happy.gif

Us - we had a great day at my parents for lunch. It was also to celebrate my twin brothers birthday's. Mia had a great time and was given constant cuddles. She didn't wake up until 9am this morning and so missed her day sleep but was just so happy all day - she went to sleep VERY quickly tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to have a picnic with DH's family which should be fun.

I was just popping in and now i've been on for 30 mins  ohmy.gif  laughing2.gif  rolleyes.gif

Night everyone  original.gif

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#59 natw

Posted 08 April 2007 - 10:09 PM

Evening girls,



We've had such a beautiful, uplifting  Easter Sunday  happy.gif Though I feel so sick from eating way too much chocolate  sick.gif Hannah actually had chocolate for breakfast, hehe (and a bit more for lunch and dinner, with a bit of normal food too  grin.gif ) We celebrated my eldest brother's 40th birthday today!! Makes me feel like my family is getting old - including me huh.gif

Joel had another good night, sleeping until 5.30am! He then went back to sleep after a quick feed and slept till 7.30am, YAY! I really think we're turning a corner  ddance.gif

DH didn't get home from the bucks night until 4am, so I still didn't really get much sleep. They had a great time until the end of the night, when my cousin ended up in hospital getting stitches in his head after someone threw a glass at him  ohmy.gif

Chelle Sounds like you had a great day with the family. I bet Mia was exhausted after her big day. Joel was sooo ready for bed tonight, after a busy day of playing with his cousins. Have fun at your picnic tomorrow.

Shell Awwwwww, sounds like Kaylee and Hayden are going great (except for Hayden's night sleeping  wacko.gif ). Hang in there. I honestly thought Joel would never get the hang of it. Yay to the short working week  ddance.gif  even though you'll still be busy organising Hayden's party - better than working, hey?

Shelldar Wow what a big day for Riley, easter eggs AND birthday presents!! It's all too much for a one year old, hey?  grin.gif I'm sure you're getting really excited about the impending birth - it's gotta happen eventually..

Sharyn Sounds like you had a fantastic camping trip! Glad that your tonsillitis is getting better.

Tina Hope you enjoy your night with DH  wub.gif Sometimes kids play up more for their parents. I'm sure Carter will be fine with the ILs  wink.gif  

Linda Awwwwww, Elii is so sweet  wub.gif That's great that his molluscum is clearing up - I was meaning to ask  original.gif Gee it's a bit rough having such a busy first week back, hehe.  I hope work is easier on you this week   tongue.gif  

Kirsten Great pics! You're so talented making cakes and taking beautiful photos! I hope you had a lovely birthday celebration for your little girl today with just the 4 of you happy.gif

Kaz I bet it's lovely seeing your boys get so excited getting their easter eggs  happy.gif I hope Caitie got to eat all of hers - Hannah kept taking Joel's  rolleyes.gif He's too young to care yet though, hehe.

Mel, Tracy, Kate & Nat Hi  original.gif

Karla I'm glad you're getting some answers  original.gif You seem much happier in your posts.

Hope you all have a lovely day with your families tomorrow  original.gif

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#60 2forSuz

Posted 08 April 2007 - 11:35 PM

Sorry so late but we've been out all day at mum's, gorging ourselves silly on choccie eggs grin.gif


Kirsten - loved all the pics of Lily's big day original.gif

Shelldar - sounds like you all had a good lunch today.  The perfect day for turning one tongue.gif  How overdue is your client now?  

Natw - go Joel!!  That's great news.  Ryan had chocolate for brekky too just like Hannah and only made it to about 10am before declaring that he felt sick sick.gif  rolleyes.gif

Chelle - wow, Mia slept until 9am original.gif  Amelie never really makes it past 6-7am.  Sounds like you had a great day today.

Kate - hi there, how did Austin enjoy the visit from the Easter bunny? original.gif

Shell - Ryan's on holidays from Prep too. The Preps seem SO much bigger than the little kindies this year! Hope the kids enjoyed what Peter Cottontail (cute wub.gif ) left for them today  wink.gif  Hayden sounds such a delight.  I bet he had the best fun crawling around outside.  Amelie is moving into a size two as well!

Sharyn - looking forward to seeing the camping trip pics.   So glad you all had a good time and that you are just about over the tonsilitis.  

Tina - hope you're enjoying the night in the hotel ddance.gif The ILs are probably LOVING having the boys.  Enjoy that sleep-in!!

Linda - oh look at those baby blue eyes!!  Elii is gorgeous, spots or not happy.gif  Hope Aaliya had fun finding all the eggs Easter bunny left.

Mel - Taya's hair is beautiful, such a lovely colour too.  I have a real battle if I even go near Amelie's hair with bands or slides so I usually give up after a while.

Tracy - Willow's bunny ears are super cute!!  Love your sig - Skye's hair is so pretty.  

Kaz - Caitie is one lucky little girl to have her big brothers looking out for her smile1.gif

Karla - I'm glad you got some answers at the doc's.  With any luck you will start feeling better very soon.  Big day tomorrow for your little man! eexcite.gif

Hi to everyone else, hope you all had a good Easter.

Us - Amelie has a cold at the moment.  Don't you just love it when they wipe their noses right across their face with their hands? tongue.gif  When I gave her some Panadol last night, she cried and I noticed one of her lower molars is coming through!  oomg.gif  That's 9 teeth now. I've tried to clean them with her tiny toothbrush but she is very uncooperative tongue.gif Just wants to chew on it!

We had a nice Easter day, way too much chocolate of course.  Spent much of the day at mum's and stayed for dinner tonight.  Nothing like mum's roast beef  hheart.gif  Ryan was glad Easter bunny came and loved hunting for his eggs.  In the last few days if he did anything naughty, he'd whisper 'sorry Easter bunny!' thinking EB could see and hear him tongue.gif   Now I'll have to start saying Santa's watching and wants you to be good laughing2.gif  Whatever works!

It's ridiculously late, better go to bed.  Night!

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#61 blueynat

Posted 09 April 2007 - 06:25 AM

Happy Birthday Alexander

I hope evryone enjoyed easter yesterday.Yolanda and Shaun loved it.Shaun got soooooooo many eggs (and bouncing off walls),Yolanda never got as many but still got a fair few.Yolanda can only eat white chocolate so we have to make sure she doesn't steal her brothers(like she did).

Well best be off as I need to change Yolanda and Shaun is going out with my dad today and have to get him ready.

Have a great day all

#62 shelldar

Posted 09 April 2007 - 07:11 AM

Have a wonderful day!

Morning all, just a quick update for you all........SHOULD BE A BABY TODAY (or tomorrow)  bbabyflip.gif I got a call at 6.20am to let me know that her waters had broken at about 5.25am, so have sent her off to have a nice bath and maybe a walk, and will see how we go.  My labour bag is packed and ready to go whatever happens, just charging the camera battery and emptying the memory card!!

OK back for promised photos.

Jacks basket
Riley hunting
Rileys first easter egg
Boys together
Little people bus
Cake time
Freddo head!
Enjoying some cake

We had a lovely night with just us, my mum and DH's sister.  Riley had a great time with the pressie from his Aunty Kathy, she got him the little people bus and plane.  There was heaps of fighting already between Riley and Jack as to who got what wacko.gif
So still heaps more people to see him, OMG there are going to be soooo much more toys yet, I can feel it.

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#63 ~shell~

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:04 AM

Had to jump in just to say a massive

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALEX - I hope you have a fun day.  

#64 tomkatsmum

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:32 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY aLEX!! Hope you have a great day darling boy!

well, have just packed Dh off to Adelaide for the basketball tournament so it's just me and the kids till midnight thursday!

Have a friend and her two kids popping round for coffee soon (her Dh has also gone to Adelaide) but i will be back this arvo to catch up on personals and post those camping photos.

love to all. Sharyn

#65 princesstaya

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:54 AM

Have a fantastic day little man!
Just a quick one as Dh is about to head off to work mad.gif  again, (so much for easter time off!!) and so i will try and get back later while Taya is sleeping and boys will hopfully be playing quietly. hands.gif
Have a good public holiday!![/

#66 2forSuz

Posted 09 April 2007 - 09:26 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX !!!! Have a wonderful day, sweetie biggrin.gif

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#67 My3kiddies

Posted 09 April 2007 - 09:42 AM

Happy Birthday Alex cclap.gif  cclap.gif Hope u have a great birthday today!!!!

shelldar:- Great pics, great to see that Riley had a great birthday. Wow how exciting that lady going into labour. I bet u are getting so  eexcite.gif .

blueynat:- Nice pics of ur kids too. White chocolate is so less messier then brown chocolate. I found that out with Skye, so alot of time when I buy her a treat at the shops she has a white fredo . LOL. Good luck with ur chart, its still lookn good. original.gif

2forSuzL:- Skye has so much hair and its so thick. Its so hard to manage somedays. Willow's is completely different, thin and so short, not that I am complaining. Good luck with the Santa thing with being good, if it works on ur ds then tell me and mite see if I can get it to work on Skye. laughing2.gif

natw:- Wow can't complain about that sleep from Joel. Willow sleeps thru the nite now, its so nice since she was up 3 times a nite until around 6mths.Chris is turning 40 this yr. But he always says "That he is only as old as the woman he feels" that would be 34 laughing2.gif

Sweetchild:- Hope u have a great picnic with dh family. Willow gets passed around so much when we have a bbq or party. I won't see her much at her birthday party LOL.

~shell~:- Hayden sounds like he is really coming along now original.gif Willow still only had 3 teeth  ohmy.gif She has stop teething atm but waiting for the next lot of grieve to start any-day.

I gotta go, Willow still has her cold and she not very happy today. I mite give her come panodole to see if that makes her at least feel better.

Off to playgroup tmorrow (IF Willow is better) so I will be back probably on Wednesday. The computer has been playing up too and sometimes it won't open certain websites so if u don't see me around for a few days its bcause I can't get in here  cry1.gif

Enjoy ur last holiday today.
Tracy original.gif

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#68 ~cackleberry~

Posted 09 April 2007 - 09:58 AM

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ALEX!   biggrin.gif  Hope you have a wonderful funfilled day!

We had a very busy day yesterday, getting home at 10.30pm.  Had a  fun day though and the kids had a ball.  Caitie loved her choccie eggs, getting it everywhere, of course.  tongue.gif She even managed to pinch her brother's and cousin's eggs too and ate some foil.   rolleyes.gif  The boys tried on their vests last night for my dad's wedding this Saturday.  Michael is going to be handing out the bubbles and program at the door and Cameron is the page boy.  They look very cute in their vests.   happy.gif

Mel - How annoying that your DH has to work today.  sad.gif  I hope the boys are good for you.

Sharyn - Sounds like you had fun on your camping trip.  Looking forward to seeing some pics.

Michelle - Love the photos of your boys.  Looks like they had lots of fun.  Love the freddo shot of Riley.   laughing2.gif  How exciting that the birth will be happening today or tomorrow.  Good luck.  original.gif

blueynat - What a lovely dad you have to take your two children out.  Hope they have lots of fun.  original.gif

Suz - Wow, 9 teeth!!  Caitie has just got her 5th tooth pop up.  I hope that Amelie's cold clears up soon.  LOL at Ryan saying sorry to the Easter Bunny, Cameron was much the same in the last week before Easter.  He kept on asking if he was being really good because he wanted to get eggs.  Pity he doesn't be good for the rest of the time.   rolleyes.gif

Nat - Sounds like you had a great Easter.   happy.gif  Happy 40th birthday to your brother.  Go Joel!!  Great to hear that he had another good night.   biggrin.gif How scary for your cousin ending up in hospital getting stitches.   ohmy.gif

Chelle -
Happy birthday to your twin brothers!   happy.gif What was it like growing up with twins as brothers, are they older?  Sounds like you had a great Easter, those little pink bunnies are so cute, hey?

Shell - Kaylee does sound like a very clever girl. I can't wait to put Caitie into ballet.   happy.gif OH wow, Hayden in size 2!   ohmy.gif  Caitie isn't out of some 00 size clothes yet!  LOL.  Caitie loves to get dirty outside too, we just bought her her first pair of pink gumboots yesterday.   laughing2.gif It sounds like you are still very busy in life atm, try to take it easy as much as possible, it's great to hear from you.

Kirsten - Love the photos of Lily's birthday and Easter hunt.  Gorgeous little cupcakes!!

Tracy - Have fun at playgroup tomorrow.  I am having playgroup withdrawals as it's school holidays.  sad.gif  Hope Willow feels better soon.

Linda - Beautiful blue eyed boy!  Thanks for sharing the pics.

Hi to everyone else, this post has taken me so long to type!  You've all been so busy in here lately.  original.gif  Have a great public holiday today everyone!!  grin.gif

ETA - Not sure if you still read along, babyhugs, but happy 11 mths to Amelia!   happy.gif

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#69 blueynat

Posted 09 April 2007 - 01:04 PM

Mel~I know what it's like DH working today as mine is too  mad.gif .He has worked Saturday,yesterday and today.The tax man will love them this week i guess.

Tracy~I hope Willow feels better tomorrow.I'm still too scared to test with my chart atm due to so many ppl saying this month is a dud LOL.I will see how i go tomorrow.I been using OPKs today for fun.

Kaz~Dad ended up just taking Shaun with him today as Yolanda was asleep.My dad spoils them both rotten(only grandkids) but i love him as he is so much of a big kid himself.

Yolanda finally has got her 4th tooth now.I see she has 2 more coming down though, so if they come down soon she will have 4 up top and only 2 on the bottom(no sign of teeth down the bottom).

I better go as my kids are very quiet and that only means trouble with my 2  blush.gif

BBL enjoy the rest of the day.

#70 natw

Posted 09 April 2007 - 03:20 PM

I hope you've had a wonderful day  happy.gif

We've had a great day today! Another good night from Joel  ddance.gif (I just like using this little dancing emoticon  laughing2.gif) We went to Target to exchange some stuff that I bought the other day. Then we went down to the river with some chicken and hot chips for a little picnic followed by a play on the swings and slides  happy.gif Hannah and Joel are both asleep now, and I've just had a little snooze too  original.gif

Arrgghhh gotta go, Joel is awake. I'll be back later  wink.gif

Shelldar Hope all is going well! Can't wait to hear how it all went  bbaby.gif

#71 Freyja

Posted 09 April 2007 - 03:26 PM

For yesterday :

Happy Birthday Riley!
Happy Birthday Lily!

And for today :

Happy Birthday Alex!

Sorry to be rude and run off so quicky, I was meant to get on the net only to transfer some money  ph34r.gif

#72 LittleDCJ

Posted 09 April 2007 - 03:48 PM

Hi girls

  I hope that you are having a fantastic 1st birthday and getting lots of cuddles and kisses from your mum and dad.

Freyja - Hi, I often do that as well.  Jump on the computer for something else and then quickly pop into EB.

Nat - Wow, Joel is doing so well with his sleeps.  Chicken and chips by the river, sounds like fun.

Blueynat - Great to hear that Yolanda has got her 4th tooth.  I hope the kids being quiet didn't mean too much of a mess.

Karen - Sounds as if you all had a great Easter.  Any plans for the school holidays?

Tracy - I hope that Willow is feeling better. Carter is finally over his cold.

Suz - Hi!!

Mel - I hope you survived with DH at work.  For once DH has had most of the w/e off which we are all loving.

Sharyn - Glad to hear you had a great time camping.  I hope DH had a successful basketball tournament.  Katie and Tom, be sure that you are on your best behaviour for your mum!!

~shell~ - Hi, how are you?

shelldar - Thanks for sharing your photos.  The boys look so cute in their pjs.  The birthday photos are so cute, what a great cake.  Looking forward to hear how your lady goes with her birth, I am sure you will love the experience.

Hi to everyone else!!

Us - DH and I had a great time last night in the hotel.  We went out to dinner and it was so nice to be able to sit down and chat about anything and everything.  We woke at 7am so not much of a sleep in.  But we did laze in bed and watch Sunrise until 9am.  I then went for a shower and DH flicked the tv stations and discovered Foxtel sport and watched an AFL game.  We then went out to breakfast and picked the boys up at noon.

The boys were really good for the ILs.  Carter even slept through the night so hopefully that is a sign he is finally over his cold.  Deakin loved having his brother sleep over with him and looked after him well.  We are going to make sure we go out on a date night once a month from now on.

I must be a really mean mother as I didn't give Carter any chocolate for Easter.  He has never eaten it.  We gave him some money and Deakin a couple of eggs to find in the back yard, some Thomas trains and a book.

Enjoy what is left of your long weekend.


#73 ~Kirsten~

Posted 09 April 2007 - 06:54 PM

Evening all.

Happy Birthday To Alex!

Hope everyone has had a relaxing long weekend.

DH and I took Noah to see the Monster Trucks and dirt bikes last night.  He LOVED it!  He was soo funny to watch, he had a ball.  Headed out to the shops today, had a pile of photos to get developed.  Left the kids with mum.  Noah had shocking hayfever so he was a bit of a crapper today.  DH was off at Easternats watching the drags.  Off to a friend's for lunch tomorrow.  Then I plan to get this house clean by the end of the school holidays - all the crappy jobs like wiping down all the doors, cleaning the skirting boards, washing windows etc etc.

Will try and get up before the kids to do personals tomorrow.

#74 ~shell~

Posted 09 April 2007 - 07:00 PM

Just in quickly to add - Tina - I must be mean too - Hayden got no eggs - he got a letter from the Easter Bunny and a little toy.  The letter said that he is too little for chocolate this year, but there will be plenty next year for him.

Kaylee got a letter telling her how good she has been and a big egg, a bunny and a dozen little ones.  Chocolate highs are fantastic.  NOT!

#75 Polaris

Posted 09 April 2007 - 07:46 PM

Evening all,

Sorry I have been so slack getting on the net (but the IL's are still here and I haven't had much time to do anything really - besides I feel a bit rude sneaking away to post).  But at the moment they are watching football so I am on the net. tongue.gif

Eylee's party was great.  She was such a good girl and had a two and a half hour sleep in the morning, she was still asleep when the guests started to arrive.  But I have some great pics which I will get around to posting up soon.  It was a bit of a bizzare day running hot and cold but we had a great time.  My family didn't stick around for long (which I wasn't too impressed with).  We also found out that our friend (the wife of one of the guys DH plays footy with) is pg.  She is 14 weeks and due in October.  She apparently is having a tough time of pg the poor thing - suffering from ms, she says that this will be her only one.  But they are stoaked all the same as they have been trying for so long.
The kitchen is all in - except for a door which they chopped up thinking that it was a spare....but it wasn't.  So now we just have to pay for it - photos to come.
We went to the footy yesterday - panthers v titans, which was pretty good.  Missy slept for a bit but was still grumpy come afternoon.

Kirsten - ohhh all the nitty gritty jobs.  I have to get them done sometime too.  I am thinking spring (you know to keep with the tradition of spring cleaning) so that gives me about half a year to wind myself up.  Oh how cute that Noah was having a ball at the Monster trucks.

Tina - oh your date sounds lovely!!!  And so important for the relationship.  Yeah I didn't give Eylee any eggs either (although the IL's bought her some and some friends of ours got some for her).  I have put them all in a basket on the bench and have left them there.  

Freyja - don't feel rude at all, I am sure that there are lots of things that I should be doing at the moment.  

Nat - ohhh yeah on Joel sleeping through, such a good boy.  Your day sounded lovely, I am thinking that I will have to convince DH to go down to the park some time - I think that it would be good for him to spend a bit of time with the family.
Good on you for scoring a snooze too.

Blueynat - teeth are strange things.  Eylee still only has her bottom two front teeth.  I had a friend who's little boy had one bottom tooth come through then one of the upper teeth (not one of the ones in the middle but the one next to it).  They called it his can opener!

Kaz - oh there is something about little kids dressed up in suits.  Your boys must look gorgeous - but hey they don't need suits to do that!  Hehehe about Caitie getting into the choccies!

Tracy - oh poor Willow, I hope that she is feeling better tomorrow.  Hopefully your computer sorts itself out so that you can get on EB.  I have been itching with withdrawals from not getting on since like last week.

Mel - oh that sucks that your DH had to work.  It is so upsetting when you set out to have a nice long weekend with your family and your plans are quashed.  hugs to you chick.

Hello to everyone else, sorry if I have missed anyone but I had best be going.  MIL has been making comments to me while I have been posting and the most she has been getting in return is a coupld of nods of my head.

Before I go

Happy Birthday William for the 7th
Happy Birthday Riley for the 8th
Happy Birthday Lily for the 8th
Happy Birthday Alex for today

Okay gonna go now.  Might get on tomorrow, will see how I go.  DH is going in for an op tomorrow (on his shoulder) so I will be busy in the afternoon but my IL's might take Eylee for a walk in the morning so I might get some time to myself.  Only a short week this week for me (I am only working Wednesday and Thursday YEAH!!!).

Good night all

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