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November 05 Parents #214

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#1 Sandra

Posted 09 April 2007 - 09:54 AM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 VJs Mummy

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:04 AM


#3 thrilled

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:28 AM

silver grin.gif

#4 *~Kellie~*

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:30 AM


#5 Guest_Tameika_*

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:33 AM


Was feeling ok til i tried to eat some banana  sick.gif oh well. I've been sooo moody today and yesterday, poor DH lol. But i really need to have a minor vent:

EVERYTHING STINKS!!!!  sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif

Chantelle- hope things start moving along for you soon and bubs arrives healthy and safe. Wishing you a great labour!

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#6 Night0wl

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:40 AM

21 August 2005
Sophie Louise

Born to: Carolyn (cazm)

11 October 2005
Angelique Rose

Born to: Michelle (Mechelle

19 October 2005
Hudson Max

Born to: Ren (Homer)

20 October 2005
Riley Angus

Born to: Jess (Jayden1)  

21 October 2005
Connor Ryan

Born to: Melissa (Bremel)

Reiley Thomas
Born to: Kellie (Kafs)

22 October 2005

Born to: Sarah (sezo)

25 October 2005
James Edward

Born to: Emma (emma_louise)

26 October 2005
Natarsha Irena Katarzyna

Born to: Keren (TaffySeraphina)

28 October 2005

Born to: Chantelle (VJís_Mummy)

1 November 2005
Harrison Anthony

Born to: Megs (MegsJolley)

Benjamin Andrew
Born to: Kylie (magoo-moo)

Hunter Jay
Born to: Sarah (XxLady_SarahxX)

3 November 2005
Georgia Grace

Born to: Sam (Sammy)

Hayden John
Born to: Donna (donna2332)

Lucy Rose
Born to: Jane (thrilled)

4 November 2005
Lily Mai

Born to: Carol (flanette28)

5 November 2005
Keira Louise

Born to: Sara (Watson)

6 November 2005
William Matthieu

Born to: Cecile (willsmumsos)

7 November 2005
Zane Michael

Born to: Fiona (Lil_Wombat)

8 November 2005
Haydn Anthony

Born to: Susan (slj)

10 November 2005
Lucas Oliver

Born to: Sharyn (Dory)

11 November 2005
Benjamin Gregory

Born to: Jodes (jodemeister)

Ethan Christopher
Born to: Sylvi (sillybilly)

12 November 2005
Eva Mae

Born to: Kellie (kellie14)

13 November 2005
Ruby Mae

Born to: Ellie (ellie13)

14 November 2005
Xavier Thomas

Born to: Angela (AngelaK)

16 November 2005
Lily Mae

Born to: Kylie (Wantabubba)

Katie Maree
Born to: Christine (PookieBear)

17 November 2005
Joshua Alexander

Born to: Kathy (oceanblue)

18 November 2005
Grace Sofia

Born to: Mel (Laineyberlin)

20 November 2005
Indyannah Rose

Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger)  

21 November 2005
Declan Thomas Clifford

Born to: Becky (Beckyyy)

Born to: Anne (Puggle)  

22 November 2005
Kyla Gail

Born to: Lauren (*Lauren*)

Miriam Isobel
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie)

23 November 2005
Alana Grace

Born to: B (mumto2A's)

Claudia Bronte
Born to: Heather (Popsical)

24 November 2005
Isobel Olivia

Born to: Liz (cookiemonster)

25 November 2005
Charlotte Anneliese

Born to: Teresa (tpe)

Austin Mitchell
Born to: Joy (jgal)

Imogen Grace
Born to: Tameika (Tameika)

27 November 2005
William James

Born to: Kirsty (elliam)

30 November 2005
Ruby May

Born to: Sal (Reje-Ru)

5 December 2005
Hayden James

Born to: Sarah (Sez_First)

Saxon John
Born to: Susan (Sashworth)

EDDís of Pregnant DIN05 Mummies

Chantelle (VJís Mummy) #2 due 17/4/2007
Itís a BOY!

Jess (Jayden1) #3 due 11/5/2007
Itís a BOY!

Cecile (willsmumsos) #2 due 15/5/2007
Itís a GIRL!

Lauren (*Lauren*) #2 due 19/5/2007

Sharyn (Dory) #2 due 3/6/2007
Itís a GIRL!

Kell (Kellie) #3 & #4 due 14/7/2007

Emma (emma_louise) #2 due 20/7/2007
Itís a GIRL!

Sharon (alyssasmummy) #2 due 31/8/2007

Sara (Keiraís Mummy) #2 due 1/9/2007

Sal (Reje-Ru) #4 due 4/10/2007

Heather (Popsical) #3 due 30/10/2007

Tameika (Tameika) #2 due 5/12/2007

Second Generation DIN05 Babes

Leo Ernest
Born to: Sarah (XxLady SarahxX) 29/9/06
Little Brother to Hunter Jay

Ebonee Willow Belle
Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger) 24/11/06
Little Sister to Max (watching from Heaven) and Indyannah

Jackson David
Born to: Liz (Cookiemonster) 24/1/076
Little Brother to Emily and Isobel

Lily Louise
Born to: Fiona (Lil Wombat) 5/2/07
Little Sister to Zane

Charles Edward
Born to: Kirsty (elliam) 7/3/07
Little Brother to Eleanor and    William

Lily May
Born to: Jane (Thrilled) 16/3/07
Little Sister to Lucy

Harriet Niamh
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie) 19/3/07
Little Sister to Miriam


Donnaís Twins Ė Baby Angel and Brooklyn Elizabeth
~ Much loved, Sadly lost, Forever Remembered ~

DIN05 MSN Group

DIN05 Trivia

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
their wings disappear at the time of their birth

One look in their eyes and we're never the same
They're part of us now and that part has a name

That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever
our Babies are Angels, we love them forever

#7 KylieY

Posted 09 April 2007 - 12:02 PM

Hello ladies!

I have missed a crapload of news....CONGRATS TAMEIKA!!  I am thrilled for you.

Now I must go and catch up on all the goss. BBL after my lunch outing.

#8 Puggle

Posted 09 April 2007 - 12:28 PM

Sounds good Chantelle. Lucky you having all these promising signs before your due date - I'm so jealous!

We had a lovely day on Saturday - the in laws picked us up and took us for a drive down to Kiama via the Southern Highlands (Bowral, Burrawang, Robertson). It poured with rain pretty much the whole time, so we ended up having our picnic in a shelter shed in Jamberoo, while Claire tantrummed because we wouldn't let her play outside in the rain. wacko.gif  We did have a great time despite the weather, I just love that part of the world. Must buy a lotto ticket...

My Dad has just made Claire her own set of keys from all the odd ones he has lying about the place. She's going to love them!


Edited by Puggle, 09 April 2007 - 12:28 PM.

#9 thrilled

Posted 09 April 2007 - 01:09 PM

Hi everyone
Anne : i was born in Kiama but we moved up north when i was the same age as Lucy.Next summer we plan to go the that Jamberoo fun park i love things like that & Lucy will love it too.

Kylie : enjoy your lunch.

Chantelle : sounds like it could be any day.I cant wait to hear of your bubs arrival im sure he will be as handsome as little VJ.
Its my first day on my own & so far so good.Ive done loads of washing(thats all i seem to do these days),unpacked the dishwasher.The house looks like a bombsite but both girls are dressed & fed.Lucy now having her nap & i would love to join her but Lily is due to wake any second for a feed so theres no point.Thats my next aim to co-ordinate their day sleeps so i can have one too.I feel i really need it at least until Lily sleeps a bit longer at night.LOL Fiona i wish it was her that slept that long laughing2.gif

DH will be home from work early today & i think we are going to visit some friends im just waiting for him to call to let meknow for sure.

I have done nothing for easter because i havent had a chance to buy anything.Luckily Lucy is none the wiser & i promise i will make it up to her next year tongue.gif

Take care


Edited by thrilled, 09 April 2007 - 01:15 PM.

#10 VJs Mummy

Posted 09 April 2007 - 02:26 PM

blah went to the hospital contractions slowed down god damn it had internal and was sent home she did say things are starting to progress so i guess i can take comfort in that but i think this little baby is gonna be one very stubborn little boy why oh why cant my waters jusst break and OMG he has a big head Lol

#11 TheClampetts

Posted 09 April 2007 - 02:27 PM

Oh Jane - I hope the sleep situation gets better for you soon.  I am with Kirsty and would say not to rush it just yet.  Lucy is still just a baby and is probably feeling a bit out of sorts with the arrival of her little sister.  I don't believe the transition from cot to bed to be so easy so just do it when you feel you are both ready or at least when you have some sleep up your sleeve as we all seem to function/cope a bit better when we have had some.

Anne - I too am originally from down that way. My grandparents were all born raised and wed in Kiama.  It truly is a beautiful part of the world.

Kathy - Your new sig is just gorgeous Josh looks like you more and more everyday I swear.

Michelle- What a great little car.  That is the first one I have seen like that that has seatbelts.  Tres cool I say.  Friends of ours have a John Deere one like that they zip around the yard like old pros...

Well I did it, I 'surfed' well that is a bit of a stretch but I stood on the board and managed to stand all the way into the beach several times so in my book that is 'surfing'  tongue.gif   Watch out Layne Beachley I am on your tail girly  grin.gif  tongue.gif  wink.gif

Jess - Hope all is okay 35 weeks is it just me or has that flown by... ha ha says the lady not pg....  Hope the contractions ease off a little for you and you can keep baking for a few weeks more.

Okay must dash got a couch to lie on and a book to read.

#12 Night0wl

Posted 09 April 2007 - 04:43 PM

Hi Chickadees  grin.gif

Little fellas sleeping and DH & Miss E at the park flying a kite (how WHOLESOME  laughing2.gif ) so here to dash off a few quick personals to you lovely lassies  biggrin.gif

Had a good easter, lunch with the nutcase family was hectic with the kids destroying my Mum's house  ph34r.gif chasing, wrestling and OMG the SQUEALING ... oh well at least I made out like a bandit in the chockie dept, got a couple of big boxes of those Cote Dor Bouchee's mmmmmm my favourite!! One is already half gone...  blush.gif  yum!

Chantelle: Hang in there honey, it will all be over before you know it and you will be cuddling your new little man  wub.gif

Jess: Great to hear from you, not long til you have a new man in your life also!!

Jane: You sound like you are doing great at the whole Mum of 2 business, well done biggrin.gif

Fiona: I use the Moo Goo udder cream, makes your skin feel absolutely gorgeous, once the site is up again I will  be getting the milk wash and the shampoos as well, I am sold biggrin.gif

Cecile: I got your pm, will pick up the cream this week sometime ok??

Jodes: Happy Birthday to your little girl  wub.gif

Susan: The book I got is the cookbook of a TV series that was on (from memory SBS??) in about 2001 called "The Best". It had Paul Merrett, Ben O'Donoghue (now in 'Surfing the Menu') and Silvana Franco (who I am a big fan of, I love her style of cooking, she makes it all seem so simple!) I really loved the series and have watched the repeats over and over on the foxtel food channel. I searched high and low for a copy in australia, one rare book place located a copy (for NINETY DOLLARS) but I ended up scoring a copy on ebay for $12, it's the postage from the UK that is the killer, more than twice the cost of the item!! Still I don't care as long as I get my book biggrin.gif

oops kids awake gtg biggrin.gif

K xxx

#13 SLJ

Posted 09 April 2007 - 05:33 PM

Hi All

Had a productive day here, finally got my windows washed! They have been driving me nuts for ages, but just don't generally get time to do them. How sad is that the highlight of my day is washed windows... blush.gif

Have had a lovely easter break, spent lots of time with Haydn, we have been out and about getting a bit of exercise while the weather is so nice. But now I have to get back into work mode  rant.gif Don't want to don't want to.  mad.gif

Kirsty - I used to love watching the cooking show 'The Best' and trying to guess who was going to win! Although must admit I didn't often get to watch it. Well done on scoring the book!

Woo Hoo Surfer dude Ellie! I reckon it counts big time....gnarly dude...lol (yeah you guess it old fart trying to sound hip...lol)

Chantelle - after our chat the other nioght was hoping your post was to say things had progressed.....oh well sounds like it won;t be too far off.

Jane - Haydn wasn't really into the easter thing either we didn't do much, he had I think half and egg before he decided he didn;t want any more.

Anne - Haydn has a set of keys like that, mum made them up from old keys, he loves them. Puts them in his shopping bag (one of the reusable ones from the supermarket) and takes them shopping....cause you can't go shopping without your keys....lol

Jane - Woohoo Lucy on sleeping through for mummy!!

Joy - Haydn wasn't all that interested in choccie either, he was more obsessed with my apple and blueberry muffins....love them....which is good, as they are better for him (low GI recipe).

ok gotta get back to the real world now........sort out the bins and put them out, get my bag and lunch ready for work tomorrow, sort out all the other stuff and get clothes ironed and ready.....you know all the fun stuff   sad.gif

#14 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 09 April 2007 - 05:59 PM

Chantelle, quick and safe labour vibes hun. Your body is doing something  bbighug.gif  eexcite.gif  hhugs.gif

#15 Gussax

Posted 09 April 2007 - 07:30 PM

Sorry MIL vent.

rant.gif  rant.gif  rant.gif

FIL came down from QLD to spend some time with Saxon and Craig (and me too i guess). FIL and MIL split up over 15 years ago, and she cannot get over that long enough to come down and see her son and grandson for easter.  rant.gif  rant.gif  rant.gif

She lives in the same street. Not even 1km away! She is such a selfish cow that she would put her stupid feelings before her children and grand children. She did not go to her other Son's wedding because she did not want to be near FIL or his new partner. She hardly new they have been together since MIL and FIL split. The worse bit is she LIED to us and said it was because she could not afford it, but we found out later that BIL had told her that he really wanted her there and was prepared to pay for ALL of her expenses to get there. AND SHE STILL DID NOT GO!!! No BIL is not speaking to her (rightly so) and she keeps asking 'do they have the sh*ts with me or something?' She doesn't get how her behaviour can be so hurtful!!!

I know she is the one who has the problem but it really makes it hard for everyone. Now DH won't go there 'on principal' and i am going to have to be the one to try and sort this situation out. I have to take Saxon there to be looked after while i go to work on Thursday (might need to find other arrangements I think glare.gif ) while DH get's to stay away and be grumpy at her and i either have to deal with it or pretend i have no idea why her family aren't speaking to her. cry1.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif

I hate conflict so much!!!


Thanks for that. Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

Saxon has been great all week end. We have gotten into a really nice (cute) bedtime routine. I give him a bath and change him into his Pj's. Then i put his bottle in the microwave and tell him to go and find ted and say good night to Daddy. He then goes running from the kitchen to find craig making kissing noises  wub.gif I follow with the bottle and pick him up for my cuddles then put him in bed.  wub.gif

Susan - Can you come and do my windows now? Mine only ever get done when i move house. ph34r.gif

Kirsty - Awwwwww I loved flying Kites with my dad! I bet she had a great time! happy.gif

Well better go. I hope everyone had a great break. I still have 2 days left.  dev (6).gif

#16 Puggle

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:24 PM

Anne - Haydn has a set of keys like that, mum made them up from old keys, he loves them. Puts them in his shopping bag (one of the reusable ones from the supermarket) and takes them shopping....cause you can't go shopping without your keys....lol
Susan, our two really are perfect for each other. Haydn sounds like he will grow up to be the perfect man for Claire - environmentally conscious (his reusable bag gives that away), and will like to go shopping with her. They'll probably fight over the keys and who gets to drive though.  laughing2.gif


#17 Flanette

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:37 PM

Im soooo sick from Chocolate  sick.gif

Anne & Jane - I got married at Jamberoo  wub.gif

#18 Puggle

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:39 PM

There were some lovely churches there Carol - were you married in a church?


#19 Sonara

Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:40 PM

Chantelle - sending you quick and painless labour vibes, hope all goes well, and can't wait for your news. Can't be long now

Carol- i feel quite  sick.gif today too from picking at chocolate all day long. Just come home from dinner at the pub over the road too - my tummy is churning big time. It all tasted good at the time though wink.gif

#20 My cup runneth ove

Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:04 PM

Not fair - I didn't get any chocolate this weekend.  cry1.gif  cry1.gif

#21 Nushi

Posted 09 April 2007 - 11:39 PM

Hi girls, hope you all had a fab easter!

Haven't posted in a while, had my mum here last week, dad here this week. His team Collingwood lost but he loved being at the game with all the atmosphere etc
It was so nice having them here and i could see Harrison changing with the extra love and attention-Tassie is beckoning!

Chantelle-lots of positive labour vibes to you. Hope it goes quickly and painlessly when it happens:)

Kirsty-am so looking fwd to catching up on sat! Can't wait to cuddle master Charlie:)

Mel-so sorry to read about DH's condition and missing the tri, i know how disappointed he must be feeling. I know a few guys(triathletes and Dr's) who have the same condition, let me know if i can get you any info, i'm also specialising in cardiology now so i have a few more 'contacts' in that field. Hope i can help original.gif
Meanwhile, i remember you saying that once this tri was out of the way, you were going to get back into training-remember;)

Sammy-where for art though Sammy? Haven't spoken to you in a while. Hope you're not getting too bogged down with too many things! Do i need to come over and sort you out?! See you soon chicky:)

Kafs-i wasn't lying to you about the tri date for Jodes, i honestly got the date wrong-sorry, my bad;) Give your gorgeous self and your little man a big squishy hug from H and i too original.gif

Nikki-have emailed it all off:)

Anne-hope you're having a great time away-we miss you:)

Oh, forgot to say, one of my younger sisters announced her engagement today, very exciting news. Apparently it's a massive Tiffany ring(i'm so NOT a jewellery person), but she is and she's a princess and so the wedding will be 'quite the affair'. yay, another reason to head back home.

Just had a thought, i'm a bridesmaid, what if i'm fortunate enough to pregnant when the wedding is on, i'm going to be one fat mother of a bridesmaid;) !!!

And no i'm not UTD yet, too early to test-soooo frustrating! I do have nausea though-probably from thinking about it too much.

OK, i have waffled way too much-sorry.

Goodnight, sweet dreams:) xo

#22 emma_louise

Posted 09 April 2007 - 11:43 PM

YAWN! I am waiting to go to bed, but have to wait until the cream on the rash around the burn on my tummy soaks in, so I can dress the burn. It got too painful (and is waorse than I originally thought), so I got some get and dressings from the chemist, which work well, but the gel caused a very itchy rash. So we've been through a range of creams and dressings, and I'm trying to find a balance between applying cream to the rash and letting it heal, and sticking a dressing over the burn, which sticks on the area with the rash. It's a horrible mess, and painful every time I move, because my tummy moves and pulls on the skin. rolleyes.gif And because the skin on my tummy is getting stretched by bubs, it's slow to heal. *Whinge!* I can barely do anything with James, because of it; very frustrating.

Other than being driven nuts by my burn, we had a lovely weekend; got home at 10pm tonight. MIL and FIL helped heaps with James, and I mostly rested, and did a little sewing. Unfortunately all the foundations I printed on special order-from-the-US fabric paper were the wrong size (done in a rush before we left for the weekend), so I couldn't work on that (have to order more, now, too; but will find another project to use these on sometime).

We did a little egg hunt for James, basically walking around the garden and dropping a tiny egg here and there. He wanted to put them straight into his mouth, foil and all, but eventually put them in his little bucket. I didn't get many photos, either. I think overall he ate about 3 of the tiny eggs yesterday and today. And even DH and I were fairly erstrained; though i did leave the big box of Lindt Balls home for later...

Bubs has been busy wriggling away, and I'm disappointed that I'm not enjoying it as much as I normally would (the burn...).

I have a long list of personals from catching up, but am too tired, so will try tomorrow.


#23 TheClampetts

Posted 10 April 2007 - 08:49 AM

Oh Emma - you sound really down in the dumps you poor mite.  Burns suck the big one.  Especially on such a sensitive area and an expanding belly.

Now I dont normally do hugs and crap on the internet but I will make a special allowance today because it sounds like you need one...so here it comes...okay are you ready........
its coming.....

okay here it is.....


#24 donna2332

Posted 10 April 2007 - 08:50 AM

Thanks for all the support girls.  My EDD id coming up also and this has been playing on my mind (8th May).

We had a nice family weekend away which really helped.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful for what we have.  We went up to my parents place and for the first time in a long time all of my family were together.  Mind you I do get a little frazzled at my younger sister at times like these  rant.gif  rant.gif  rant.gif ...I better not start here though all my vent may take up the whole thread. rant.gif  rant.gif

Hayden is possessed too..........I just dont know what is going on with him.  Yesterday nearly did my head in. Having Hayden and Travis together certainly made me realise how hard it is having 2 under 18 months.  Hayden just tries to smother the poor child.

Some quick personals.....

Ellie: So do we have any photos?

Anne:  I was spawned and born in Kiama and lived there until I was about 6 years of age. I really love that part of the world too.

Mechelle:  How absolutley adorable are your children? That picture had me ROFL.

Mel: How scary about your DH.  I really do hope you find some answers.  I have heard some scary tragic stories of young fit guys these days.

Emma:  Your burn sounds very nasty.  I remember burning my tummy on the iron when pg with Hayden.  Take care sweety and sending you lots of healing vibes.

Carol: How is your dad going?

Megs: OMG what a happy time for your family.  I was my sisters bridesmaid and was 19 weeks pg with twins, suffice to say it was not pretty.  I do however think you will be a stunning pregnant bridesmaid.

Chantelle:  Sending labour vibes your way.

Susan/Sarah: I LOVE your new sigs.  

OK.  Must go and will BBL.

Take Care


#25 Night0wl

Posted 10 April 2007 - 09:27 AM

Will BBL for personals I PROMISE after dropping kids at CC/food shopping but just wanted to say:

Oh E, your tummy sounds so sore sad.gif May I suggest Dermeze?? It's designed for broken/sore skin and is basically just grease and for me (because everything irrittates me LOL) it feels very soothing on sore skin. Might be worth a try and if you do I hope it helps, you poor thing it sounds so painful sad.gif

Sara: OMG 18+4 already!! So when's your big scan??? Will you find out??

Ok will bbl...

K xxx

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