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January 2006 Parents #117

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#1 Sandra

Posted 26 June 2007 - 09:36 AM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 KateE81

Posted 26 June 2007 - 09:57 AM

OMG  ohmy.gif GOLD YAY

Not much happening here just being a sickie and wish I could be in bed especially cause it is overcast and raining.

BBL to try and catch up on personals.


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#3 mystic gal

Posted 26 June 2007 - 09:59 AM

eexcite.gif SILVER have 2 feral sick kids and 1 trying to climb on me

thanks for telling me kate

#4 Guest_~melinda~_*

Posted 26 June 2007 - 10:01 AM


Well really not much to report on this end of the woods... I've had a very sick little girl but she is mostly better now... my monkeys are getting more and more loving to each other which i love to see... I hope everyone is well and keeping safe i best go sorry no personals i have a friend coming very soon bye for now

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#5 rachelemma

Posted 26 June 2007 - 10:20 AM

And I get the boobie prize. glare.gif

#6 rachelemma

Posted 26 June 2007 - 10:43 AM

Jodes – We can all understand you not posting. Just take it easy. Sorry to hear you’re still not 100%. I know what you mean about the docs. Last year when I was having all of my trouble I was sick of them. Felt like a human pin cushion. How cute that Miss B is a little helper. Now I’m kicking myself saying that as I have a shadow. Everyone tells me how cute it is. Okay, yes it is cute but I really would like to be able to go to a room in the house without a small person following me. Especially the toilet! I quite like going there on my own. But a certain little Miss can’t understand this and stands at the door banging on it. Ah, no peace in my house. I’ll get to my own personals after I’ve done the others. (just for you wub.gif )
Kate – Sorry to hear you’re still not well.
Annette – Your kids are too cute to be feral.
Melinda – I’m sorry your darling girl has been sick. Thank goodness she’s on the mend. It must melt your heart to see them being loving to each other.

Okay now on to me. (obviously the most important part of your day cool.gif ) I have a cold that Emma kindly gave to me. At least I don’t have a sick child anymore. Mandy, you’re not going to believe it (we were talking about this in the last thread) DH actually got up on Sunday morning and fed Emma. I DIDN’T get out of bed.  ohmy.gif Maybe that’s why I’m sick. Heart failure. laugh.gif  I’m now 12 weeks. I’m a little excited and nervous today as I go for my scan that tests for Down’s. Actually, I’m more worried the doc will spill the beans on the sex. It’s something that we both just don’t want to know. Work still sucks but there’s only three weeks left so I’m clinging to that. And I can go home at 12:30 in the last week. On Sunday we went to a Wimbeldon thing at the cricket club and I’ve discovered that I am the proud owner of a dancing queen. My girl did not stop dancing the whole day. One guy said, “There’s cute kids and then there’s Emma.” She is just so gorgeous. When I leave for work now she says, “Bye-bye, see ya.” And blows me a kiss. I’m really looking forward to coming to Oz. Who’s up Gold Coast way around the 25-31 July? Chris and Anna we started organizing a Melbourne meet last night but never really got anywhere. What about one at the beginning and one at the end of my trip. That way people can choose to come to one or both. I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have when I’m home so it would be great if we could sort it out in the next three weeks. Actually, if someone from the Gold Coast and someone from Melbourne could PM me their phone numbers then at least if I don’t have email access, you guys can organize something and I’ll call you. Okay, enough rambling from me. Have a great day everyone.

#7 mystic gal

Posted 26 June 2007 - 11:07 AM

HAPPY 19MONTHS MY LITTLE ANGEL GIRL ( though she is on holidays while the cranky monster is here) wub.gif you lots sweetie

Well thought i should attempt to catch up from this thread ( better late then never)

I feel craptacular my head is pounding and my 2 kids are being feral though rylin is asleep and Belle is in her cot and jsut threw her bottle out hmmmmmmm but it's quiet will check on her later..

Am so loving Belle (when she isnt sick of course) her favourite sentence is " ry share yummy" or "daddy share" it's so cute.

Rylin said " dad" yesty and dh got to hear so he was stoked..

I so can't wait on saturday Tristan and I are going on a date, my brother and sil are looking after the kids, going to hogs breath yum i love it and havent been there for ages.. and we are thinking maybe a movie depending how we feel on the day.. eexcite.gif

Ummmmm lets see


You Biatch having a kid free night and day, hope your getting things done!!! and had a great sleep wub.gif ya let me know about tomorrow for shopping yay,lol what time blah blah


Hope things start improving for you hun,how gorgeous is your little girl


Trust me they can be feral even if they look cute,lol good luck today hun am sure things will be great, fingers crossed that they dont slip out what sort your bub is,lol


How gorgeous is that Isabelle has been very affectionate to Rylin always cuddles and kisses him it's so lovely until he touches her hair then she isnt happy,lol hope Aerith is truly well and mended


OMG that ice-cream looks huge for him,lol but he looks like he well and truly enjoyed it original.gif such gorgeous photo's of him..

ummmmmmmmmm cant remember anything else,lol Isabelle is suppose to be asleep but jsut proceeded to say Mummy Mummy,lol JUST GO TO SLEEP HUNNY!!!!!!!!!

Better go b4 she wakes Rylin have a lovely day talk soon

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#8 *littlemiracles*

Posted 26 June 2007 - 11:43 AM

Yep, still waiting to be disconnected!! Certainly hope they aren't this slack with reconnecting us rant.gif
Raining and very cold here today.  I am supposed to be at work, but have absolutely no voice and coughing like mad so a day at home. Kept Emily home too because I just can't be bothered taking her into kindy, lol.  Plus since I work there, I don't want to go in, he he.  Went to docs yesterday and I have a chest infection and am on antibiotics.  Hope all is better by next week, I have to work 5 days and step up to do the directors job whilst she is on hols.

Since it is raining, I am having a relaxing and lazy day.  Gonna sit back and watch the midday movie whilst munchkin is asleep. Been so busy with moving etc I feel I have earnt a quiet day off.  We will actually move into the house on Saturday so that is very exciting.  probably about 3/4 unpacked so far.

My Grandma is off to the docs again today. she has been very sick lately, lots of vomiting and not eating a thing. Not good for a diabetic. She has lost 9kgs too.  Mum is coping ok with looking after her, a few tough days but all in all not too bad.

Emily, like all of yours, also loves tissues and wipes. She is happy to have just one, and then proceeds to clean the floor, her toys, anything really. She loves to "clean".  She is talking heaps and is doing really well with animal sounds at the moment.  Cracks me up!! She is 17 months today!!!

Annette - happy 19 months to the darling Isabelle. Hope she feels better soon and you too!! Yay for Rylin saying Dad - what a clever boy.

Rachel - goodluck with the scan!!!  Will def catch up with you when you are on the Gold coast. The other girls are in South Brissie - but hopefully someone else will be able to make it too. Will pm you my numbers as I will be offline soon.

Kate - congrats on gold!!!!

Melinda - so gorgeous that your two are being so loving and caring to each other.

Hi to everyone else.  Going to go and have some lunch now.

Bye for now!

#9 Janibe

Posted 26 June 2007 - 12:14 PM

Just a quick one from me..I should be cleaning but have a sooky on my hands...

Our bank loan has finally been approved... cclap.gif  ddance.gif  eexcite.gif  tthumbs.gif

Less then a month before we move cclap.gif  ddance.gif  eexcite.gif  tthumbs.gif

#10 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 26 June 2007 - 12:30 PM

Hiya girls,

I am  sick.gif ,some flu virus thing my heads pounding 24/7 i have no voice to swallow is like ohh so painful...

Well on top of this you can all uncross eveything as there is no BFP,from this little black duck..We are glad really as we have decided to wait  little longer  to ttc,as our baby girl is starting kindy-BIG SCHOOL in feb,cant beleive im saying that,time sooo does fly and i dont want to be heavily pregnant whilst she starts her schooling..So we are actually happy to have AF rear her UGLY head,lol...

Thanks everyone for your positive vibes just save them for a few month time,lmao grin.gif

Okay gotta go have some more pain releif for this damn head..

Hope all is well original.gif

#11 Jayla

Posted 26 June 2007 - 12:42 PM

Our Pregnant Mums


Jayla   19/08/07 It’s a boy!
EddiesMum  19/09/07  It’s a girl!
Tildababy  28/09/07  It’s a surprise!
petrie_h  25/10/07  It’s a surprise!
mamazay  24/10/07
kerrie23  19/11/07  It’s a girl!
KateE81  29/11/07
Rachelemma  7/01/08
rortsey  10/01/08
Ryn 16/01/08


Bethany Marie
Amelia Kathleen

Dominic Jayme
8lb 3 oz

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#12 2littlekiddies

Posted 26 June 2007 - 01:22 PM

Just a quick one from me as Tahlia is being naughty and playing with the VCR and DVD players!!! ahhh!!

Anyways....I hope all the sickies are feeling better soon!!!

A question: I have been feeling movements...ie little flicks on my right side and yesterday I felt a little flick on the left.  Could bub get that far over or is there a chance there may be more than 1.  Definitely bub I can feel as it is the same as with Tahlia.  I am very sensitive down there...can feel ovulation at times.  WDYT??

#13 cjpj

Posted 26 June 2007 - 03:21 PM


One 18mth old girl.  

i will pay for delivery.

#14 rachelemma

Posted 26 June 2007 - 03:22 PM

Send her over. Emma can teach her to throw food.

#15 twosweeties

Posted 26 June 2007 - 03:34 PM

HI everyone

rorstey - I've got no idea about the movement thing....I'm just impressed you feel anything so soon...you must be having a scan soon right?

Jayla - ok I'll post a belly pic of me if you promise to post one of you! And everyone else needs to show & tell as well.

I'm bloody huge now....fat mostly..this one is from almost 2 weeks ago at 21 weeks, I feel very blimpish:

...ok so I've shared....NEXT!!!

Oh yeah and for the list...I'm having a SURPRISE!

Amy - sorry about your BFN, but if you're happy to hold off now then all the best for another couple of months time.

Peta - congrats on the home loan, must be exciting! I can't wait till we sell this place & leave & go "shopping" for a new house.

michelle - hope your better soon.

mystic - what clever munchkins you've got there with their talking! We are definitely still doing one word at a time in this house...no sentences here, except for maybe "poo, yuck" lol!

rachel - I am always so impressed with your personal effort. And actually your little "me" update was actually about the most exciting thing in my day so far lol!

melinda - your munchkins sound so cute!

Jodes - I've got one of those shadows/helpers too!

Ok, well I think I hear Zay stirring...he had THE worst day yesterday. He was pretty sorry for himself with his teething & was just crying over EVERYTHING! Like his little world was ending. I was very sympathethic though lol! So far today has been not too bad so hope the arvo is ok & doesn't bring too many tears.

Monique xx

Hey Chris, I'll take yours for a week then you can take mine.....ohhhhh, imagine the serenity!

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#16 ~4LittleDucks~

Posted 26 June 2007 - 04:42 PM

Monique:- you look awesome,i so wish i looked that great at 21wks..With Rhys i didnt show tii nearly 24,but g and C's pregs,man i was size of a house sick.gif This scares me for future pregs that why i will hopfully be at my biggest during winter..

Ohh and how do you find the large bubblebubs sizing on ZAY??Ive just ordered2 lges,as i think our time is limited in the mediums rolleyes.gif

Gotta go cant breath,feel like death sick.gif

#17 mystic gal

Posted 26 June 2007 - 04:49 PM

afternoon mummies

yyawn.gif after not having a great sleep last night didnt get a sleep today as my Darling horriddaughter decided that she was going to much up big time...

Rylin has been up and down poor little thing have a doctors appointment tomorrow to check him out he sounds chesty and his poor little nose...

Ummm trying to think of what else is going on but not much gotta start dinner soon though

Bummer about the BFN but it's great that your not too worried love the way you have thought though makes lots of sense


Good luck hope you get the results you want

eexcite.gif thats awesome how lucky are you original.gif


OMG!! you call that a belly,lol i was way bigger with both my kiddies, but you gotta love belly pics especially preggy ones
poor Zay with his teeth they suck big time, lol at zay saying poo,yuk... i can't shut belle up,lol she just rambles on and on and on, but ti's cute too


thanks for the wishes for my little ( big girl) yeh my boy is clever saying dad,bugger about them not disconnecting you yet, how slow are they.. hope you feel better soon you poor thing.. hope that your nan is ok


Sorry cant help you out there,you should be due for a scan so time will tell whats happening if there is one or two


LOL send her here i have one cranky girl why not have 2,lol hope she sint too bad


LMAO at Emma teaching Lily how to throw food,lol how did your scan go hun??

well best go do dinner have a good afternoon ladies having my coke fix right now,lol

wub.gif Annette

#18 Jayla

Posted 26 June 2007 - 05:49 PM

Monique, I think I was bigger than that before I got pregnant!  laughing2.gif

Will have to get DP to take a pic soon...

#19 KateE81

Posted 26 June 2007 - 06:56 PM

When it rains it fricken pours  cry1.gif

We found out dog has passed away this afternoon.  It has been raining all day and I hadn't seen him.  The vet thinks that he died of a heart attack being so old and it being so cold here atm.  We have had him since he was born being a pup of my SIL's dog so been with us a very long time.  He was 11 year old and such a beautiful dog.  I am going to miss him so much as will my DH and Chloe she just loved him.

Why did he have to die?  He didnt seem old even though he was still such a pup at heart and so loveable.  I don't know what to say to Chloe she wont understand I dont think that he is not there when she goes outside.  Not that I will either TBH.

Well gotta go can't see the screen anymore.


#20 mystic gal

Posted 26 June 2007 - 07:22 PM

awwwwwww Kate thats horrible bbighug.gif sorry to hear that your doggy has passed away, very sad that it happened all of a sudden. Hmmmm Chloe wouldnt understand that he isnt there must be very heart breaking for you atm.. bbighug.gif hope the pain eases soon for you

#21 Rinnie78

Posted 26 June 2007 - 07:53 PM

Hi everyone biggrin.gif

Kerrie- congrats on our little girl.

Monique- I will post a belly pic soon, i dont have a camera at the moment but ive been borrowing my brothers every so often so i can take pics of chloe so i dont miss out on her growing up. I cant believe the size of zays ice cream, look so yummy tho. By the way you dont look huge original.gif

Jody- wow 8 weeks to go, have you got my new phone number? im pretty sure i sent it to you in an sms but cant remember, let me know, if not i will send it to you, certainly dont want to miss out on the birth news! looking forward to the scan on friday, im getting excited now, please dont scare me by saying there mght be 2! i think i would faint lol

Kate- im so sorry to hear of your dog passing, its such a sad thing and certainlyis losing a treadured part of the family, i lost my little doggy not so long ago and i was devestated. Sending hugs your way and get well vibes to you also.

Rach- must be something going on, my Dh has been getting up for chloe during the night! She has been unwell and i just couldnt cope on my own. Feel sick if i dont get enough sleep, dh could see i was struggling and is helping out and i didnt have to say anything. Looking forward to catching up with you. Ive pm'd my phone numbers aswell, im sure you have already got numbers from the others.

Well im feeling alot better, although still have days where i gag for no reason and still feel a bit yuck at times but it is livable and i can do everyday things unlike the last time i was still bedridden at this point so im very pleased.
I know that you show earlier with second pregnancys but gee i didnt expect a belly already.
You can tell im preggers, even my mum made a comment on my size compared to last time.
My jeans are getting tight already..

chloe is doing alot better and is nearly over her virus.
We bought a second hand toddler bed for Chloe and she had her first day sleep in it today, with no problems. Went straight to sleep like normal. She looked so tiny in it, curled up in the middle. will just put her in it for day sleeps until she gets used to it and them go on to the nights, as we all know she is not hte best night sleeper lol.

One thing tho is im so over her whinging evey time she cant have her way, i feel like im saying no all day and she is crying all day.

well thats about it from me

take care

#22 ~Butterfly~

Posted 26 June 2007 - 07:55 PM

Hi Girls

rorstey With both Phoenix and Dominic I felt movements very early on and all over my belly so it is possible.

Kate hhugs.gif

ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif

Dominic at 11pm last night sucked boobie like a pro ddance.gif He has had NO expressed milk since then. He is so much like he big brother that way lol. Phoenix did the same day 4 latched on and knew what to do original.gif

We had a scare I did not want to say to much but Dominic was not peeing what he should have been  cry1.gif And 2 pees almost 12  hours apart had a little blood in it. They ended up getting us to wrap up his doodle with cotton wool to get a really good idea what and how much. He ended up at 9.30pm (so lucky as at 10pm he was to go back up) He peed and OMG did he pee  laughing2.gif There was a little blood but pink colour and not much so they told us to watch next pee. Well OMG he is now peeing through to his cloths  tongue.gif And it is all normal original.gif tho they want us tomorrow to catch a pee in a bag the midwife is bringing over to test just in case and My Dr on Thursday is to also check him totally out original.gif But he is doing very well now.

#23 --binda--

Posted 26 June 2007 - 08:48 PM

Hey Guys,

I'm kid free for another night!!!! I miss her soo much, but boy, I needed the break!!!

My House is almost spotless!!!! Waz just has to take a few bags of clothes to the charity bins, and I need to clean the bedroom, and then its DONE!!!! ohmy.gif

All my clothes are now in boxes, so when Jade and I move out, won't take much - Jade's summer clothes are now in a box with my clothes too. I really need to sort out my scrapbooking stuff, and find a container that will hold everything - so that's still on the dining room table - and I have managed to do one page tonight too!!!

Kate - I'm sorry to hear about your Doggy. Hopefully he passed away without too much pain, and is now playing in Doggy Heaven. Hope Chloe doesn't miss him too much :bighugs:

Cass - Woohooo @ Dominic sucking like a pro!!! I miss b/f'ing soo much, and wish I had a newborn again... Cluck Cluck! SO what does your little man look like on Day 4??? wink.gif

Chris - Send Miss Lil my way tonight, Jade's cot is empty, and I keep looking at it, and wondering where she is wub.gif

MIL is looking after Jade - she went there last night at 7ish, and we were going to pick her up this afternoon, but decided to leave her til tomorrow morning, so I could get everything finished... Which, I won't - 'cause All Saints starts soon!!

#24 S-E-A-L

Posted 26 June 2007 - 08:52 PM

Hi All,

Jody: Wow you're next on the list to have your bubs!! how exciting original.gif THanks for the update on the list.

Cassie: Must have been scary!! Glad he is better now original.gif

mandy: THat's great about the toddler bed!! Eddie was Up the wrong way against his cot bars this morning, don't think he's ready for a bed yet!!

Kate:  cry1.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif  bbighug.gif Big hugs for you. It's hard loosing a pet that is part of the family.

amy: Hope you get better soon.. hugs!

Monique: Wow you look great!! I've got a pic just need to upload it from the camera which is in DPs car. Will do tomorrow, i'll be taking a new one in two weeks for 30weeks. Hope Zay gets better soon.. poor little man, Eddie was like that on sat and sunday, nothing would make him better.

Rachael: Did you want to catch up during the day, with kiddies or at night for a dinner? You guys can meet here at my place if you like, i work tues to thur though. There is a play cafe across the road, which is great for the kids to entertain themselves and we can have a coffe or lunch and a chat!

Me: not much going on today, have a day off tomorrow to go to a hosp apt and mum is comming over to help steam clean the carpets. Have a friend staying for a couple of weeks while he finds a place to live so i need to clean out the spare room as well. So much for a relaxing day off!! lol.

ok cya

#25 Tildababy

Posted 26 June 2007 - 11:02 PM

Amy – I would love to get away with Grace and DH but unfortunately it isn’t an option with drought feeding stock still! It is a wonderful suggestion. It does feel rotten to feel this way but hopefully I will turn the corner again soon. I have to try hard to see and feel the positive side of things…like I normally can. Hope you aren’t getting a yucky bug.

Michelle – Thanks for the well wishes….positive thoughts are high on my priority list!

Annette – I hope I can feel better soon too….trying hard!

Kate – Hope you get over your yucky cold really soon. Take care of yourself!!

Kerrie – Congratulations on your little pink bundle!! How exciting. I have to wait 13 weeks to find out what our little surprise is!

Monique – My mum has come to me!! I really want to stay at home with DH after having so much time away when I had the really bad morning sickness. Mum has been great and is going to come out again next week for a day or two if I need it. Just having someone to talk to can make all the difference. I will post a belly pic soon! By the way..loves Zays Mr Whippy shots.

Jody – Thanks for the well wishes. How exciting…only 8 weeks to go!!

Gayle – Thanks for the well wishes. I welcome big hugs anytime!

Rachel – Thanks for your support…means a lot!! If only I lived a little closer to where you are visiting when you come home to Australia I would catch up with you. By the way I have copied your idea on posting. Makes life easier doesn't it.

Jodes – You certainly would be over going to the Dr. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle – Hope you move goes well. Not long now!

PetrieH -  Fantastic news about your house…hope the next month goes quickly for you.

Rorstey – I didn’t feel any movements until 19 weeks with both of my pregnancies so I can’t help you there!

Chris – Is Beryl back again!

Kate – Sorry to hear about your dog. Take care darl.

Ryn – Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Fingers crossed for you that the m/s goes away fully soon.

Binda – You have been very busy by the sounds of things.

Anna – Can’t wait to see your belly pic!

Us - Well I have ordered a new carseat for Grace and a new nappy bag so I can fit gear in for 2 kids. All I have to do now is get a second chest of drawers for bubs clothes, wash them, put them in it and borrow the bassinette from my friend and we are ready to go. I have had my mum out since yesterday...she went home this arvo and I am feeling a little better about things. Certainly was nice to have the company and she had a lovely time with Grace while I caught up on some jobs that were troubling me.

Here is a photo of my little girl

And her Van Grace artwork

And my belly pic

Night all....way past my bedtime.


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