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May 06 Parents #167

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#1 Sandra

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:15 AM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:17 AM


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#3 ~Rebekah~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:19 AM



#4 Nephnie

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:19 AM

Boobies1 (.Y.)

Geez I feel blah now... I just wanna curl up and go to sleep but I can't... Miky's just demanding my attention right now.  I rang a girlfriend to see if I could go and hang out at hers, but she's not home... sad.gif  I just wanna cry!!! cry1.gif

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#5 Guest_dai-kichi_*

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:19 AM

ETA - kick up the bum for me then laughing2.gif

About time for a new thread.

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#6 ribenaberrie

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:19 AM

May 2006 Parents Group

Welcome to the May 2006 Parents Group.

Our Babies
Boys: 17 Girls: 22
25th March

comjulia123 (Jules) It's a girl! - Ella Grace @ 33w 6d - 5lb 12oz - HC 31cm, L 48.5cm - Perth, WA

9th April

jodi22 (Jodi) DD Jade Elly (4) It's a girl! - Emily Sarah @ 36w 0d - 6lb 2oz - HC 36cm, L 48.5cm - Geelong, VIC

12th April

4lildarlins (Chris) DD Emma (5), DD Sarah (4), DS Callum (2) It's a boy! - Joshua William @ 38w 2d - 6lb 13oz - HC 36cm, L 50cm

16th April

ribenaberrie (Jackie) DH Jimmy It's a girl! - Jocelyn Ariel @ 38w 0d - 6lb 6oz - HC 34.5cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW

1st May

Wickazoid (Angela) DS Xander (3) It's a boy! - Zayden @ 40w 3d - 8lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Wavell Heights, QLD

3rd May

**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) DH David, DD Kloe Taylor (3) It's a boy! - Zack Reily @ 39w 3d - 7lb 8oz - HC 35.5cm, L 54cm - Southern Highlands, NSW

5th May

Sushi (Rhiannon) DD Brenna Rose (2) It's a girl! - Bridget Lillian D'Brass @ 39w 0d - 7lb 2oz - HC 35cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW

smiliek (Kylie) DH Tom It's a boy! - Thomas Roger Warren Ross @ 36w 6d - 6lb 12oz - HC 33cm, L 48cm - Morley, WA

8th May

geniebottle (Jeannie) It's a girl! - Lola Jorja @ 40w 6d - 8lb 6oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Sydney, NSW

10th May

jeaniebean (Jean) DS Shaquille (4) It's a girl! - Isabelle Scarlett @ 39w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Blacktown, NSW

rachandbub (Rach) DS Jake (2) It's a girl! - Holly Rebecca @ 41w 0d - 8lb 5oz - HC 36cm, L 51cm - Hawkesbury, NSW

11th May

*MikyMonster* It's a girl! - Mikayla Jane @ 41w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 36cm, L 53cm - Geraldton, WA

leamacka (Leanne) DS Will (3), DD Lauren (18m) It's a girl! - Amelia Rose Mackenzie @ 38w 0d - 6lb 1oz - HC 33cm, L 51cm - Narrandera, NSW

**LYN** (Lyn) DH Dave, DD Molly (2) It's a boy! - Max Devron Walkerden @ 38w 4d - 8lb 12oz - HC 36.7cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW

Nomm (Naomi) It's a boy! - Yisroel Hirsch @ 41w 4d - 8lb 10oz - HC cm, L 53.5cm - Brooklyn, NY

flicksgifts (Flick) It's a boy! - Broden @ 40w 0d - 7lb 8oz - HC 35.5cm, L 50cm - Far West, NSW

12th May

TazzieD (Shari) It's a girl! - Emily Grace @ 38w 2d - 7lb 13oz - HC 35.8cm, L 51cm - Brisbane, QLD

14th May

caznluke (Carol) It's a boy! - Luke David @ 41w 0d - 8lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L cm - Melbourne, VIC

15th May

brittlestar (Britt) DH Simon It's a boy! - Hunter Jesse @ 41w 5d - 9lb 0oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North Coast, NSW  

~jama~ (Renee) DS Jacob (2) It's a boy! - Mason James @ 39w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 38cm, L cm - Waroona, WA

carrothead73 (Natalie) DD Emily (3) It's a girl! - Gracie @ 40w 0d - 7lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW

chloes-ma (Lauren) It's a girl! - Chloe Arabelle @ 38w 4d - 6lb 6oz - HC cm, L cm -

17th May

HairyMaclary (Kath) It's a boy! - Joshua David @ 38w 6d - 6lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 55cm - Mackay QLD

19th May

MaddisonsMummy (Corie) It's a girl! - Maddison Jade @ 39w 6d - 8lb 9oz - HC 36cm, L 53cm - Sydney, NSW

23rd May

zachsmummy (Sarah) DP Rodney It's a boy! - Zacharius Rodney Muiser @ 41w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 54cm - Sydney, NSW

*ellasmumma* (Kristie) It's a girl! - Ella Louise @ 40w 2d - 7lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Melbourne, VIC

24th May

nambassa (Beck) It's a boy! - Cooper @ 40w 2d - 8lb 4oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Gold Coast, QLD

Wowie (Kath) It's a girl! - Luella Elizabeth @ 41w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 34.8cm, L 49.3cm - Yarra Valley, VIC

dai-kichi (Dani) It's a boy! - Oliver Alexander @ 39w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Brisbane, QLD

25th May

mers (Meredith) It's a girl! - Chelsea Ann @ 40w 1d - 7lb 15oz - HC 34cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW

26th May

corri (Corrie) DH Justin It's a girl! - Keira Emilie Sebire @ 41w 0d - 9lb 10oz - HC 37cm, L 54cm - Dee Why, NSW

jellybelly1 (Kylie) It's a boy! - Keegan @ 35w 0d - 6lb 3oz - HC 34.5cm, L 48cm - Brisbane, QLD

28th May

Chels13 (Chelsey) DH Luke It's a boy! - Jack Leonard @ 39w 5d - 7lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Newcastle, NSW

MeMimi (Mimi) DH Michael It's a girl! - Alice Eve Cook @ 40w 1d - 8lb 5oz - HC 34.5cm, L 50cm - Adelaide, SA

29th May

*Princess-Coopers-Mummy* (Erin) It's a girl! - Cooper Mikyla McKenna Law @ 40w 3d - 7lb 9oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Caloundra, QLD

31st May

stirkykitty (Kirsty) DS Clayton (2) It's a boy! - Preston Thomas Charles @ 40w 4d - 9lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L 55.5cm - Beaudesert, QLD

1st June

^Mandy^ (Mandy) DD Nadine (12), DD Brianna (8) It's a girl! - Lily @ 41w 6d - 7lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L cm - Brisbane, QLD

7th June

Binna (Belinda) DS Twins Caelan & Liam (2.5) It's a girl! - Evelyn Lola @ 40w 6d - 8lb 9oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North-West Sydney, NSW

12th June

hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) DH Matt It's a girl! - Vienna Rose Lyons @ 41w 6d - 9lb 5oz - HC 37cm, L 57cm - Logan, QLD


Mummies Currently TTCing

hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) ~ TTC #2

Wowie (Kath) ~ TTC #2

chloes-ma (Lauren) ~ TTC #2

caznluke (Carol) ~ TTC #2

MaddisonsMummy (Corie) ~ TTC #2


Posted Image Mummies Currently Pregnant

ribenaberrie (Jackie) ~ EDD 23/07/2007

jellybelly1 (Kylie) ~ EDD 30/08/2007

stirkykitty (Kirsty) ~ EDD 29/10/2007

flicksgifts (Flick) ~ EDD 20/11/2007

*MikyMonster* (Steph) ~ EDD 05/12/2007

brittlestar (Britt) ~ EDD 31/12/2007

zachsmummy (Sarah) ~ EDD 26/01/2008

*Princess-Coopers-Mummy* (Erin) ~ EDD 28/02/2008


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#7 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:20 AM

We tied Erin!!

Motivation station

Take Jasper Dog to get clipped at vets
Go grocery shopping
pick up niece to be babysat
hang clothes on line
fold up towels
fold up washing
sort nappies
Clean toilet

Well I've been out of the house since 8am, been busy already this morning.


#8 ~Rebekah~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:56 AM

I'm just about to sit down and have some lunch and relax while I can without Cooper wanting a taste test of everything I eat  tongue.gif

But wanted to share some pics  smile1.gif

My little munchkin brushing his teeth NB. His funky hair style  laughing2.gif

Our backyard  wub.gif


I am so stoked that it's finally finished.  Cooper and I spend so much time out there now, it's lovely!!

#9 senorita

Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:57 AM

good morning everyone original.gif

i got up and got organised early this morning, have vacumned and mopped, finished the washing, cleaned the kids rooms and all thats left is to decide whats for dinner....
my sisters coming over for a scrapbooking night so might be naughty and have take away!  tongue.gif

not much else to say, a friend i havent seen for ages is coming over today sometime to catch up....
renee xo

#10 Nephnie

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:02 PM

cry1.gif WAAHHHHHH!!! Now I have a puking baby!!!  Mikayla was sitting in my lap when I heard the *noise* gurgle in her throat.  I took her straight to the tiled area and let her puke there.  That's a heap easier to clean up than carpet!! LOL!

Poor love... I'm just going to give her little sips of water for most of the day.  Maybe a dry biscuit a bit later on.  Is that all you have to really do?  I've not dealt with a pukey baby before??

Well, when she was breastfeeding it was easy... Just boob feed her little and often... Now I feel a little lost...

#11 Guest_dai-kichi_*

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:04 PM

Great pics of your backyard and also Cooper

Have fun tonight and also when your friend comes over.

I hope Mikayla gets better soon.

#12 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:22 PM

Steph - poor Miky... just make sure you keep her fluids up, water is great, and maybe a dry bit of toast/biscuit too.. and hydrolyte or gastrolyte is great if she gets worse... hope she's better soon... poor little munchkin  sad.gif

#13 Nephnie

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:27 PM

Thanks Chels.  She seems to be ok.  I've only given her water for the moment.  She's had several sips and nothings come back up so I don't know how bad the vomiting will be.  

Me on the other hand... oomg.gif I feel like I've just pooed my entire inards out!! oomg.gif  Talk about Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire...

#14 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:43 PM

Oh Steph - I had to have a little giggle at you describing that lol  tongue.gif Maybe it's something you both ate if you've feeling that way too  wink.gif either way, hope it's only a 24 hr thingy...

#15 Nephnie

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:49 PM

Chels- Nah, I *think* I feel fine.  I just hadn't had a proper crap in a few days...  Sorry for TMI... LOL!!! I look back and thought... oh I shouldn't have posted that.. But... Oh well. :shrugs:

#16 wca

Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:49 PM

Hi girls,

Feeling better now original.gif
Just had MIL round for a coffee, her hubby works away and she's picking him up from the airport (I live 5 mins from the airport), so she can relate to it. She had a shocker of a week too and feels pretty much like I do.

STEPH> LMAO, jeeze girl your a cracker!
Talk about Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire...
laughing2.gif Sorry to hear Miky is spewy, tayla used to be a chucker way back when she was newborn, but she hasn't vomited since (except the other day when she was choking), so I dont have any advice! I guess lots of water and plain foods.

BECK> LOVE the pics! I just bought Tayla a toothbrush last week, how do I get her to brush them? Do I do it every night??Your backyard is fantastic! I cant wait until ours looks like that!

Anyone else brushing their kids teeth?

RHIANNON> Oh I hate these crisis times where you feel like your at a cross roads and can't decide what the best option is. I'm a big believer in follow your gut, you gut is always right. But then again, when there's little one's involved it's much more complex, and it sux having to think about it so much!!! Big hugs to you, I know how you feel xx

Oh I LOVE the list thingy! How do I cross things off? Oh ok I think I just worked it out wink.gif Most of my stuff is done today soI will start my list tomorrow. What a great idea!


#17 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 01:04 PM

Anni - I just *brush* Jack's teeth (well the 3 he has) with a face washer with warm water on it... I think I'll wait till he has a few more teeth before I get him a tooth brush but if he had more teeth, I would prolly be using one now if that makes sense lol..

I only do it once daily after his last bottle before bed.. maybe I should start doing it in the mornings too hmmm...  smile1.gif

Edited by *~Chels~*, 06 July 2007 - 01:05 PM.

#18 ~Rebekah~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 01:16 PM

Anni We brush Cooper's teeth twice a day.  We've been doing it since he had the top two.  Luke does it in the bath with a face washer and then when he's dressing him for bed he gives him his tooth brush to use himself and then in the mornings after breakfast I do the same.  We just use the Milk Toothpaste that came with the set of three toothbrushes.  I'm glad you're feeling better, yay for your MIL coming over biggrin.gif

Make beds
Clean Kitchen

Clean Bathrooms including toilets
Load of washing on
Load of washing out

Clean and polish all timber furniture
Tidy Toy Room

Wipe down and tidy Cooper's bookshelf
Scrub highchair and wash cover
Load dishwasher

Tidy study wardrobe
Sweep patio

DH is home so we are about to head out, will have to get back to my list this afternoon biggrin.gif  DH walked in the door and commented on how nice the place looked  wub.gif  smile1.gif

Edited by ~*Nambasa*~, 06 July 2007 - 01:18 PM.

#19 ellacy

Posted 06 July 2007 - 01:32 PM

Ella has an ear infection. I sort of suspected it might be that cause last time she was off her food/milk this was the case but there was no temp so thats what threw me. The doc recommended that if Ella wont drink her milk from a cup (ive tried 3 types so far today and nothing) that its best that i do give her a bottle to keep her fluids up and try weaning when shes not well. So I think i will continue with at least the bedtime bottle. I just dont know how to get her to drink it from a cup....

Brushing teeth - I brush Ellas in the morning and dh does in the evening while shes having a bath. We just say "show us your tongue" and she sticks it out and lets us brush. She also will move it around like shes brushing herself but dont really think she connects with any teeth. I dont use toothpaste cause i thought you werent suppose to till they're 2?

#20 TheyCallMeRach

Posted 06 July 2007 - 01:49 PM

Hi ladies,
Well my morning only got worse. As we were heading out the door to the dr Jake told me he was cold and i noticed he was shaking. I put the kids in the car and we got to the dr and whilst she was looking at Holly Jake kept saying he was cold so the dr took his temp and it was 38.6 so she said to give him panadol when we got home, she thinks Holly has a virus but i have to get a urine sample just to rule out a urinary infection (but now i strogly believe its just a virus now that Jake isnt well).
So Jake looked white as a ghost when we left the dr and i ducked into coles for some stuff then we were driving home and i heard him making noises and looked back and he was throwing up in the back seat.  sick.gif  sick.gif Lucky i was almost home. I stripped  him off once we got home and gave him panadol. He was laying on the lounge and threw up again, all over himself and the lounge. Lucky he was on the old lounge in the family room and not the suede lounge. So now i have 2 sick kiddies.

Steph-OH no, hope Mikayla isnt getting a virus too. I just gave Holly toast for breakfast but she was starving by lunchtime and ate 3 weetbix. Jake just had a crumpet but threw it back up.
Kristie-How did Ella go at the dr? That doesnt sound good about all the noise you will have to put up with next door with the builders.Just read your post, poor Ella, hope she gets over the infection fast.
Anni-loved the footage of Tayla, she is a groover all right. glad Chad will be home tonight. Sorry to hear you got a BFN. AWW thanks for saying i look warm and friendly in my sig. I used to have the same reaction as you when my dH went away with work, he would forget to ring and when i would ring he would be out enjoying a nice dinner and a few beers and i would be stuck at home.
Rhiannon-sounds like you had a cr@p night. Hope you can sort out what what you want in regards to work and study. Maybe you need a holiday to have a rest.Easier said than done i guess.
Beck-thanks heaps for the sig. Love your backyard. Cute pics of Cooper brushing his teeth. Have fun at the expo. Im a but  rant.gif at Nurture Nappies at the moment, been waiting ages for my order and still hasnt come.
Chels-Maybe put a few dummies in Jacks cot at night. I always have 2 in Hollys cot incase one falls out. I like your sig, were you off to the races or something in that pic?
Kristi-sorry to hear that your quote for the house was too expensive. I hope you can find an alternative builder as  i know you have your heart set on this. Good luck.
Lauren-LOL bout your nappy story, sounds like something my dH has done.
Jackie-OMG ohmy.gif  i would be making a complaint about them leaving it so long to tell you that you have GD, its just not on. I cant talk cuz a midwife stuffed up my first induction with Jake and we really should have put in a complaint but didnt. Thats why i changed to a different hospital when i had Holly.
Renne-YAY you are now free from work. Wish you lived close to me, we could meet for  a hot chocolate, and a box of chocolates laughing2.gif I hope you had some choccies for me.
Jules-My friend lost over 30kg doing Tony Ferguson, she is now studying to be a personal trainer. I tried OPtislim for 2 weeks but needed food. I did lose 3kg but it went straight back on again once i ate.
ERin-bugger bout the m/s, hope you can get something for it.
Kylie-love the snow pics, especially the one of Keegan laying stiff as a board.  laughing2.gif
Britt-how is Hunter, did his temp go down?

Ok sorry if i missed anyone, i will try not to get so far behind in future.

Ive just done 3 loads of washing and pegged out, one was my towels that i washed in the soap nuts the other 2 loads were of spewy bedding and clothes. Im not doing any more spewy loads til tonight incase either of them throws up again. Well im gonna go do my exercise dvd now that DH is home and Holly is asleep. BBL

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#21 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 02:02 PM

Take Jasper Dog to get clipped at vets
Go grocery shopping
pick up niece to be babysat
hang clothes on line
fold up towels
fold up washing
sort nappies
Clean toilet

Right well those jobs are finished, now to sort out what to do next.  I have bad indigestion today, chewing on Rennies, and I'm tired.

Hunter had a temp again this morning, he has had panadol and then later in the morning had nurofen. He is coughing, snotty etc, so I guess he just has the cold/flu that is going around.

Rach - Oh no, poor Jake and Holly, hope they arn't sick for too long.

Anni - We first gave Hunter a toothbrush when he was 9 months old, he would chew on it and it helped him to get used to it, now I say "brush your teeth" and he opens his mouth and we brush them. He watches me brush my teeth too and wants to copy, it is very cute.

We use toothpaste that is for 1-6 yr olds. Only the tiniest scrape though because they arn't meant to swallow it.

Beck - Cute photos and your backyard looks great. Must be so nice having it all done now.

Kristie - Sorry to hear Ella has an ear infection, must be hurting her, I know i can hardly eat/drink when I have an ear infection, hurts your ear to swallow.

bbl, i'm too tired.

#22 ***jules***

Posted 06 July 2007 - 02:10 PM

Afternoon girls

So sorry to hear that so many of you have sick children at the moment - and so much vomit!!!!  I'm not sure how I am going to handle vomit situations cos I have a very weak stomach.  Guess I will deal with it when it happens.  Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Brushing teeth - we do it at night after her bottle.  We use the milk teeth toothpaste and Ella loves it - she always wants to suck on the brush when we have finished.  Some night she lets me give them a real good brush and other nights I can hardly get to them at all but she chews on the toothbrush.  As long as our kiddies aren't having too much sugar during the day it is ok apparantly.

Just back from mothers group which was great - so nice to see all the girls and let the kids run amok for a bit.  Ella had lunch when we got home and now she is sleeping - crossing my fingers for a two hour nap!

Dh will be home at about 3pm I think.

Oh yeah - I was going to ask - does anyone give their bubs vitamins?  i was thinking about getting some Pentavite for Ella as I really struggle to get her to eat decently some days and it has iron in it too which will help if she goes days without eating meat.  Thought as she is starting daycare too it might help build up her immune system too - WDYT?

Edited by comjulia123, 06 July 2007 - 02:13 PM.

#23 4lildarlins

Posted 06 July 2007 - 02:21 PM

No hope of ever catching up  rolleyes.gif

Rach and Steph: I am so sorry you have spewy babies and sorry Rhiannon for your girls sick too .. dh is away for 2 weeks now so keep it to yourselves  tongue.gif  Grrrr to dh at now missing yet another one of my birthdays and anniversary .. we have only spent 2 anniversaries together in 8 years  rolleyes.gif

Teeth : we brush twice per day but I do not use toothpaste until they are 2 and able to spit it out .. I have not seen a toothpaste for under 2 .. I do not think?? I just do what our dentist says.

Nice backyard Beck : we just has our new grass mowed for the first time yesterday .. looks divine  biggrin.gif  Now I can get all the kids swings, cubbies, slides etc brought over for them to play with  grin.gif

Anni : so sorry about your crappy week  sad.gif

Rhiannon : My cousin is doing nursing fulltime and she says it is great, but the prac kills her esp doing the late shifts for prac and getting a sitter is hard for her if her dh is not home. I really want to do my post grad dip in paeds and maternal and infant nursing but it is the prac that is too hard so I will have to wait a few more years yet. I looked into doing the 12 months bach of ed since I am post grad but my next door neighbour is a teacher and she has turned me right off  blink.gif  So I'll just keep playing mummy  rolleyes.gif I hope you can feel out of your rut soon .. gee those land blocks are small  huh.gif

Not much here .. made the kids and my 6 monthly dentist appt and the other stuff that takes up stupid amounts of time. Going to pick up Callum from kindy in a minute and then the girls have a playdate on their jumping castle.

No dh  sad.gif  damn powerstations in the middle of whoop whoop!!

Why is it Josh always sleeps best when I need to go out  rolleyes.gif

Edited by 4lildarlins, 06 July 2007 - 02:22 PM.

#24 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 06 July 2007 - 02:31 PM

Just posting my 3000th post in here.  tongue.gif

#25 ***jules***

Posted 06 July 2007 - 02:33 PM

Britt - woohoo!  Congratulations on 3000!  Good effort!

Toothpaste - the one I have is from 1 year.

Pic of Ella last night - DH went a bit overboard with the bubbles and Ella thought it was great!  Am trying to upload some vids too so will be back with those later.


Edited by comjulia123, 06 July 2007 - 02:38 PM.

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