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#51 wca

Posted 07 July 2007 - 04:14 PM

Hi Girls,

Dad didn't end up coming over. I phoned this morning and confirmed that he was coming (he has a habit of saying yes then saying no) and we made sure that we kept Tayla at home as long as possible so he could see her before she went to SIL's. He said he'd be here at 2:30ish. Well 2:30 came and went. Then 3pm came and went. So I messaged him and said "how far away are you" and he said he was still at Victor harbour (an hour from where we live) and that 'he's coming tomorrow instead'. yeah thanks for f**king telling us! We waited around all day for him and he knew we were! If I didn't msg him I wonder how long it'd take until he told us he wasn't coming? He is becoming more and more selfish and inconsiderate. He is becoming one of those people no one invites over anymore because they always always back out of plans. I SWEAR he is loosing the plot. I am SO mad at him. I really wanna send an 'assertive' msg back but don't have the guts mad.gif

Anywhooooo! Enough of that!

Chad and Tayla left 10 mins ago and I am enjoying a yummy cold glass of chardonnay original.gif I have my music cranked, and it's just me, Indy, music, wine and EB. Oh this is the life!

JULES> Do you have any family members near you who could have Ella for a while so you can have a rest?We get a 'night off' every few weeks and I have to admit that I am extremely grateful and lucky. SIL always asks to have Tayla, she has two boys so Tayla is her substitue daughter laughing2.gif She totally dotes over her. She'd have her every weekend if she could! My mum and MIL also ask to have her all the time. SO many people have trouble finding people they trust to care for their kids. I guess I am lucky in that I don't have to 'ask' for them to babysit, they are always the ones who offer out of the blue. Anyway Im rambling now....

RACH> Loved the vid of Holly! God she's SOOOOOOO cute wub.gif I can't believe she feeds herself so well!!! Hope your not feeling too seedy this arvo.

Make bed
Clean bedroom
Tidy Taylas room
Clean bathroom
Tidy up lounge room
Clear dining table
Sweep floors
Mop Floors
Clean Luandry
Fold washing


#52 wca

Posted 07 July 2007 - 04:59 PM

Yo Yo! Where is everyone tonight/this arvo? C'mon! I have a couple of hours all to my little lonesome for the first time is a gazillion years! Come play!


#53 Nephnie

Posted 07 July 2007 - 05:43 PM

Hey girls.

Miky's fine.  I'm fine.  It was just a fleeting vomiting thing.  Nothing too dramatic.  She's got no temp or any other flu sypmtoms so I'm not worried about the flu warning right now.  Didn't stop me from checking her every couple of hours last night though... LOL!!

I had a bit of a spack this morning.  After yesterday's episode, I really needed some time to myself.  So I told DH that this weekend is my holiday.  Well, I apparently had to organise it with him.  Yet he's ok to bugger off somewhere without organising it with me.  

I just just got so cross that he couldn't see what my beef was about.  I got so upset as I am jealous that he can just pick up his wallet and leave.  I told him that.  But I told him I don't resent HIM as such.  Just the simplicity in which he goes about his day to day things.  If he wants to go to bunnings, he just goes.  If I go, it's operation prepare baby as you lot would be well aware of.  Nappies, snacks, drinks etc...

Especially seeing as I'm having Miky all on my own for a week without any help, I just want some down time.  I get bloody caned for wanting it!!  Or not ORGANISING it with him!  WHAT THE??? You're her parent toO!!

Sigh... He was supposed to pack his fishing gear and take it to his mates house today.  I told him nothings stopping him from packing.  I have to pack for our trips to Perth with Miky.  Maybe he needs to learn to cope with packing while looking after her too.  He couldn't do it.  Hmmm.. ok.. So that's my fault too...

He relaly is a good dad, but gee he has no idea about being sensitive to my needs sometimes.  IT's my fault my mum's not coming up anymore... Or that I haven't organised a proper holiday for Miky and I.  Umm... Do you girls think going away somewhere strange BY YOURSELF with a baby is a holiday??? Gawd... I couldn't think of anything worse!!

Mum coming up was my holiday... It's not her fault her brother's dying and she has to work through her holidays... Sigh... I know I'll be fine, but it does make me nervous being up here by myself without family.

I ended up leaving DH and Miky to sort themselves out after a few choice words.  I lobbed up on a girlfriends step and started crying the moment she opened the door...

Anyway... I'm ok now.  I think I might book us in for lunch tomorrow at the local winery.  I just need someone to look after Miky for a few hours.  We need some us time too.

Ok.  Off to ring the winery.

#54 wca

Posted 07 July 2007 - 06:15 PM

Oh Steph, I hear ya loud and clear sweets, I'm sure many mums feels the same, I know I do sometimes!! Actually I have been feeling like that heaps latley. I long for the days where I can just pick up my wallet and say "Seeya in a couple of hours, just popping to the shops and then to Bobs for a quick beer"!! Of course I dont want drinks with 'Bob' but you know what I mean!

Well I have AFI up really loud, another glass of wine, and have just puyt my f**k me boots on dev (6).gif

ERIN just read your post. So sorry to hear your feeling run down, that was me all week. I hate that feeling, you need a break, even for half a day. I was just about to suggest you swap the choccy for something alcoholic! Then I remembered you have a wee little baby in there!! Aaaawwwww....still amases me how so many of our May mums are baking precious goods ATM.

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#55 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 06:23 PM

Hunter has a temp of 38.8 I've dosed him up again, he is so flushed and tired, poor darling. He has had a boob feed, surprise surprise after a few days of no feeding at all, maybe he wants it now cause he is sick. I've still got milk so I'm happy if he wants it. Stoked in fact.

For all the MCN users, my Dh has made me a fantastic home-made little squirt, it is so great, he has been working on it this afternoon. Thank goodness for having a plumber in the house to save me buying one for $50 ++ dollars. I'll have to take a photo of it.

Better get back to my little man.

#56 wca

Posted 07 July 2007 - 06:34 PM

BRITT> Oh poor Hunter sad.gif Give him a big cuddle for me! Hope his temp goes down, I hate it when they look so flushed and sick. Although, stoked for you that you get a boobie feed!!

Well tonight we are going out for dinner and then meeting friends at a pub/club. Hopefully I'll be able to use the toilets without being abused laughing2.gif


#57 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 07:05 PM

Hi girls

Well... I'm on my own right now... DH has been out riding his new motorbike this arvo after work (he's gone and bought a 125 whatever the heck that is and is paying it off... it's only from his mate accross the road who sells em  wink.gif ) at his property, but he's just rang to say his mate's ute has broken down so they might be there a while... great... I sooo wanted to go down to Coles before Dr Who starts to get choccy and wine  cry1.gif

Jack has been sooo whingy/clingy tonight, he even had a cry last night and tonight for about 15 mins before going to sleep... I know he's been teething so I gave him some bonjella.

Didn't do too much today, the arvo flew by, just went shopping/coffeeing with mum and Jack after work, then came home and it was all go with Jack after that...

My Saturday night is just sooo exciting lol... Dr Who, The Bill then EB lol... yay for me pmsl...  ph34r.gif  tongue.gif

I got a good bargain today at Big W, they had Kids DVD's reduced from $16 down to $8 so I got Jack an Elmo one, but put it on this afternoon and he was more interested in the vacuum cleaner...  unsure.gif

Rach - lol bout your night of drunkeness  laugh.gif hope the red wine stains came out for ya hun... yep, I was going to a Melbourne Cup lunch, it was just last year... there are about 20 of us that go every year, I love it, sooo much wine lol... wink.gif

Britt - I read your post bout bf and I totally understood how you felt, I didn't bf for very long, but I did miss it once I ceased, yay that Hunter wanted booby tonight though!! Hope he's feeling better soon...

Steph - yep, it's NOT a holiday when you've got a baby to look after and sort everything else out - mainly DH's  wink.gif ) Hope you get to enjoy your time together tomorrow at that winery.

Anni - you go girl lol... have a great time out hun... and no more talking to toilet b**ches ok  tongue.gif

Kristie - it's good that Ella is still taking water...maybe she's just cutting down on her milk bottles....

FTB - I'm waiting till tax time before I get ours given to us, we were only entitled to the bare minimun as far as we know, so didn't want to risk owing anything if possible...

Beck - love your backyard, it looks really lovely, and I love your feature on the ?patio with your pebbles and pot...

Erin - yep, know a good pikelet recipe - it's the one you buy that you add water too pmsl  ph34r.gif  tongue.gif

Kylie - that pic of Keegan stiff as a board is hilarious, and soo cute  wub.gif

Shari - wow, very impressive that you've been given this other job... woot woo... good on you!

I had my first Gardisil jab yesterday at work, so if you girls are interested, your GP's should have it in by now!

BBL girls  wub.gif

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#58 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 07:15 PM

Chels  - Am I too old for the Gardisil injection. I'm 29? Or can I just pay for it when I'm not pregnant?

Shari - That is fantastic you've been headhunted for the job, so nice and flattering when people want you. Well done honey!!

Anni - Have a great time tonight!! If you get abused in the toilets, kick them in the shins with your boots on, lol. Seriously if anyone attacks you, go for the nose, throat, sternum or for males the groin. Easy to remember, they are all in a line down the middle of the body.

Chris - Thanks for the PM.

Kylie (JB) thanks for the belly shot and the gorgeous pics of Keegan, he is adorable, and his hair has grown so much. Your belly is lovely and round.

Jackie - How are you? How are your Blood Sugar Levels?

Hunter is asleep again.

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#59 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 07:17 PM

Britt - yes,  sad.gif which sucks... they are doing the program for 18 -26yr olds through the GP only, which is really unfair...

#60 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 07:37 PM

Erin - the PI (product information) states that it's not recommended for use in pregnant women, but you can have it done afterwards, it is most likely going to be free for all women aged 9 - 26 for a long while. original.gif


#61 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 07:56 PM

Kylie - yep, it's an off road bike but it's illegal to ride it around the bush because of it's size I believe, it's only legal to ride on private properties (but I could be wrong lol)
I am too scared to get on it as I've never had anything to do with bikes... DH also can't wait to get Jack onto it.. even just to have a cuddle on daddy's new toy (ahem bike lol  laughing2.gif )

#62 Guest_Sushi_*

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:00 PM

Hi Girls,

Well I have my girls here with me tonight. XH didnt take them this weekend because they are both sick and because he pulled a muscle in his neck  rolleyes.gif

Brenna still has conjunctivitis, its still all pussy but it IS better than it was yesterday. Plus she has started with fevers, a cough and a sore throat, and green nose. And Bridgie has a green nose and a cough too.  glare.gif I feel like I ALWAYS have at least one sick child!

Erin - pancakes (this is all approx measurements)
1 1/2 cups s/r flour
1 egg
castor sugar to taste
milk - depends whether you want thick or thin pancakes... I usually put about... 2-3 cups in i think???

Then just whisk and fry in frypan original.gif

Britt - sorry to hear that Hunter has a temp sad.gif Hopefully the panadol works for him and brings his temp down.

Chels - thanks for reminding me about the Gardisil, I need to ring up and make an appointment with my doc to get it original.gif

Shari - well done on being 'head hunted'! wink.gif

Anni - have fun tonight! So sorry I couldnt come sad.gif

Steph - I agree... going somewhere strange by yourself with a baby is SO not a holiday wink.gif I hope your DH pulls his finger out!

#63 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:06 PM

Erin - DH wants to get a quad for Jack too as his 'first' foray into the world of big toys  rolleyes.gif lol... men and their toys  tongue.gif

Rhiannon - sorry to hear both the girls are still unwell... I hope they both sleep well for you tonight...  original.gif

#64 Nephnie

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:08 PM

HEy girls.  Thanks for letting me vent. The winery is a no go tomorrow though.  I asked DH if he wanted to go and he told me to go with some friends instead.  Umm... I wanna go with YOU!  

Sheesh... They really are good at making you feel guilty for wanting a little bit of alone time aren't they?

Shari- That's fantastic about your promotion.  Well done!

Britt- I felt a little wistful yesterday when Miky was sick and I couldn't BF her... It was so easy to deal with her when she was sick and still BFing.  It comforted her a lot.  You could try Hunter again to see if he wants a bit.  Hope bubby gets better soon...

Chels- My Saturday night is probably going to be a DVD and that's it...

Oh.  Dinner's ready.  I'd better go.

#65 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:17 PM

Kylie - oohhhh I'll have to let DH know bout training wheels on quad bikes, he'll be happy to hear that... he's still stranded so to speak, trying to get his mates carby dry  wink.gif Don't think he'll be home for a while yet...

I'm replying to your post for names as well  tongue.gif

Steph - bugger bout DH being a no go tomorrow...  What DVD's ya watching?

This is sooo weird, I'm waiting for The Bill to start on ABC and they've got bloody animated Mr Bean on WTF...  laughing2.gif

#66 ~Rebekah~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:32 PM

I haven't had a chance to catch up yet but just wanted to report in  tongue.gif

I have had the hugest day at the Expo and only got home at 6.30pm biggrin.gif  Cooper had a ball at Mum & Dad's but he was so happy to see me, god it was good.  He was so excited and just grabbed me and cuddled me forever  wub.gif   I started  cry1.gif  Sook aren't I ??

The expo was brilliant.  I was very good and didn't spend much money.  I got one of the new BBB's PUL covers in the aqua  wub.gif   I did however fall in love with the new Phil & Ted's Sport E3.  They had it on sale for $575.00 including the toddler attachment which is $100 off.  My GF who is expecting her 2nd baby soon brought one!!  I also got to touch and feel the new BB Magic All OMG they are gorgeous  wub.gif   I sold my first Ergo for Nurture Nappies which was very cool  biggrin.gif

I have just got to brag!!  Luke definitely won Husband of the Year tonight.  When we got home he had brought the washing in off the line, dinner was cooked, a drink for me was poured and he had even tidied up around the place  wub.gif  wub.gif   Talk about a new man.  Do you think he wants something in repayment  ph34r.gif  laughing2.gif   I was so stoked because I am so buggered.  He is about to give me a back rub and we are going to snuggle on the couch and watch some DVD's that he got  wub.gif

Have a great night girls, will hopefully catch up tomorrow biggrin.gif

#67 ~ZiggyStardust~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:37 PM

Kylie - thanks for the tips, I WISH they had a bloody hairdryer but they are on his mates property which has more of a shack then a house on the property rolleyes.gif , all blokes and I'm safely assuming NO hairdryer... arrrhhh..... so they are just 'waiting' for it to dry... I assume... DH's cursing the fact he didnt' take his own ute round instead  rolleyes.gif  Good luck with the names...!!

Beck - yep, DH sure is back in your good books... lol... Sounds like you had a ball today... did you order any Magicalls through BBB? How nice are they? lol

#68 hollybeagle1981

Posted 07 July 2007 - 08:52 PM

Hi girls!

Just had to come in and let you know that we arrived safely back from Sydney.  12 hour drive.. but we made it in time for the rugby to start!  (by about 1 minute) so DH is extremely happy.

I'm just catching up on the thread but I may be back in later.  We are both sick now, so maybe not, lol  laughing2.gif .  GO THE WALLABIES!!

Love kristi and Vienna

p.s. Beck did you work on the Nurture Nappy stand?  How was the expo?  I really wanted to go!

#69 ~Rebekah~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:01 PM

LOL girls  laughing2.gif   I now know how people become so addicted to the P&T's, they are great  smile1.gif  

Erin It was actually Bubs Baby Shop that had them on sale, and yes the same price as you got.  I made a mistake there.  

Kylie I think the P&T's are the only way to go with two bubbas!!  I think I would get either the red or the charcoal.  I am hoping that by the time I'm in the market for a double pram the new P&T will be out and a bit cheaper  tongue.gif   The Ergo's where only $130 and you got a free set of babylegs too  wub.gif   Don't worry about hiring one, just take mine for a few weeks.  We don't use it much now so I think I will be cleaning it and putting it away for the next baby, Cooper much prefers to walk everywhere now  wacko.gif  laugh.gif

Kristi Glad to see you got home safely.  Yes I was on the Nurture Nappies stand.  Got to pat Tots Bots Bamboozles and Berry Plush all day  wub.gif  laughing2.gif

#70 Nephnie

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:04 PM

Erin- LOL!! I've got 3 prams myself so I can't talk... Peg Aria for the car, the Childcare Infinity for home (That's the one I got off Channel 9) and another Peg something or other that's in Perth.  That one was second hand but in great nick.

I'm going to sell my infinity and the Peg in Perth and buy a Twin stroller and take the Aria for Mum's place.  She's really happy with that as it has this dinky little tray at the front she likes.  Weirdo... wacko.gif

I was thinking about getting a walking pram for home, but I think my neighbour will let me have her old twin pram.  So all I really need is a stroller for the car.  That's my mission when I'm in Perth.  To find a twin stroller that I like that doesn't cost the earth!! LOL!

Beck- That's fantastic Luke's done so much today!  I shouldn't complain too much about Paul.  The house is spick and span and dinner was cooked.  He's not getting any nooky though...  How much were the Ergo's selling for at the expo?  I think there's a baby Expo on when I'm in Perth next which I'm really excited about!! LOL!!!  Pretty lame when you think about it...

Chels- DVd... Chopper I think.  We've seen it before, but DH got it out again.  We had an overnighter last night and he got a free weekly.  Dunno what last nights movie was.  I fell asleep. rolleyes.gif  I ALWAYS fall asleep in movies I'm not really that enthralled about.  If it's one I don't know about or don't wanna see, I nodd off pretty quickly!! LOL!

Me- Well I'm listening to Miky have a grizzle.  Her molars are giving her grief right now.  I've given her panadol and I'm about to go and give her some Sedagel on her dummy.  Poor love.  She was chewing hard on her hands earlier on so they must REALLY be hurting her...


#71 senorita

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:07 PM

hi girls

pram talk: i have never seen a P&T, might have to check them out... i had a valco rebel 3 wheeler but sold it as it was too big and chunky and drove me mad... i just have a cheap stroller now, but dunno what to do when #3 comes along! jacob will always be old enough to walk but ill need something for #2 and #3...hmmm...

rhiannon:bummer about the girls not being well, its the hardest thing with 2 sick kids... hope your weekends better tomorrow original.gif

chels:  my DH is motorbike mad too, he has a new KTM525, its his baby  wub.gif we bought jacob a 4 wheeler for his second birthday, he loves it.

beck: sounds like uve had a great day, and a nice home to come home too! thats impressive of DH original.gif enjoy your night!

kristi: glad to hear ur home safe original.gif

us:well my dad, stepmum, sister & nephew have been here all day, dad painted my french doors, so us girls went shopping most of the afternoon after a big roast lunch.
my stepmum bought my sister and I some new sheets, 1100 thread count, they r soo lovely and soft  wub.gif
boring night here, im in my pjs already having a bourbon original.gif we r such homebodies!!

renee xo

#72 Nephnie

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:12 PM

sad.gif  cry1.gif  My poor baby.... No wonder she was crying... I put my fingr in her mouth and discovered the sharp tops of a molar... It must have cut today...  Sedagel calmed her though...

Renee- Oh you're lucky with the sheets!!!  They'll be lovely to sleep on...

I've just logged in on MSN if anyone wants to chat there instead of clogging up here!!

#73 shoofly

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:35 PM

Lola is sick... Whats the go with the 'cyber' bug at the moment!

She seemed better during the day, but started going down hill around 5pm (just as DH left for work). She ate dinner fine, all was well in the bath until gumby Lola entered and she slipped. She has been waking every 30 minutes and crying/sobbing  sad.gif . I can 'handle' crying but the sobbing gets me. So i went in at 9pm, she was very snotty. Gave her some dimetapp, baby balsam and a drink tried to put her back to bed with no luck. 20 minutes of cuddling on the spare bed, and she was nearly asleep, till stoopid mummy said 'time to go to bed now..'!

Ok she has stopped making noises...I've even set up my bed for her to sleep with me, it pretty cold here tonight so i needed a heater  wink.gif

Im rambling arent I....

Hope Hunter gets better soon Britt.


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#74 ~MaidenWarrior~

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:40 PM

Hi girls,

I've been researching prices for the Phil and Ted's all night, I'm definitely getting one, there is this site called babyzonedirect.com.au, they do package deals and have a lay by system. I'm getting a quote for a P & T sport with doubles kit, and a maxi rider. New registered customers also get 10 % off. The prices for each item singularly are $583.00 for the P & T with double kit, and $323.00 for Maxi Rider. that is before they do the deal and the discount. So I'll see how it works out, I may be able to get a maxi Rider BN off ebay, but so far it is no cheaper.

I've only got one pram, Hunter has always slept in it really well and I can't be bothered buying anything else til i get the P& T. I've got my new Ergo too, which is so exciting.

Hunter is much better tonight, thank goodness, he has eaten dinner after nothing for lunch, is keeping his fluids up and is temp free for the moment. he is going from good to bad and then great to worse!!

Hope all the bubbas get better soon, miserable to have them all be so sick.

Beck - HOw exciting going to the Expo, I wish I had been able to go. I can't wait to receive my Magicalls, and I will have to check out the PUL covers in Aqua, are they on the BBH website?


#75 hollybeagle1981

Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:44 PM

Pram addicts:  I don't quite get it  laughing2.gif .. but I haven't let myself look at any of those prams yet! haha.  I have my babylove travel system and my target stroller.  I only use the stroller now for carrying shopping, lol, and I carry V everywhere in the mei tai.  She's too likely to run off and grab some lollies when we go shopping, so I can't let her walk around yet.

Jeannie:  cry1.gif Oh, poor Lola.  I hope she gets better soon.  Be careful with the dimetapp!  The pharmacist told me it can make them drowsy but if you give them a little too much than their body can handle it can make them hyper.  It did to Vienna one day.. and it was a nightmare to get her to sleep!  I give her just over 1 ml now.. and it works a treat.

Steph:  Poor miky!  I feel so sorry for them when they're crying and they can't tell us why.  Vienna's canines are coming through now (well they're all poking through.. but still moving IYKWIM) and she is very whingy/drooly sometimes.  Love the sedagel.

I'm just about to upload our piccies from Featherdale, hopefully BBL with them.  

I need a 'beautiful' signature too now.  V's birthday was a month ago so that's a bit outdated.

Love Kristi and Vienna

ETA wowee!! it's taking 12 mins to download all the piccies from our camera.. and it's a really fast memory stick.  we must've taken about a million pictures.. so it won't be until a bit later!

Also ETA:  Britt I'm glad Hunter is feeling better now!  He sounds like he's had a rough couple of days/nights now.

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