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Expecting Multiples ~ # 39

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#51 IvyRose

Posted 31 July 2007 - 11:03 AM

Fringe82 CONGRATULATIONS on your news. Very scary I know. I found out at 6 weeks we were having twins. Very excited to begin with and then reality set in so for a few weeks we were in a bit of a panic.
I am now 18 weeks and all going pretty well. I am so excited and so is DH. Our due date is the 29th December but will be induced on the 15th if we make it this far.
As far as having vaginal or C Section it will depend on your Dr. Mine deals with a lot of multiple pregnancies and so is more than happy to go vaginal provided everything is ok.
I think with the twin stroller you can get a stand that goes at the back for toddlers and some of them have a clip on seat.

We bought our Mountain Buggy on ebay and saved approx $500.

Robyn OMG I can't believe what you have been through. How scary. That would just be the most frightening thing especially at 25 weeks. Make sure you take the Dr's advise and rest as much as possible now . So glad to hear the bubbas are ok

At work now so really have to cut this a bit shorter. Hope everyone else is doing well

#52 Ladyhawk

Posted 31 July 2007 - 01:52 PM

Fringe82, WELCOME... yes we all understand the stress  excitement of discovering more than one little alien in your tummy. I am 19 weeks and am just starting to get my head around it! Some great advice can be found here and on other websites and organisations... try these to start with:
parenting multiples forums
Australian Multiple Birth Association

Hi to everyone else, double belly rubs all round, especially to those of you who are on the home straight now!
I have my anatomy scan tomorrow morning - can't wait!

Leisurly, I really hope that rash resolves soon... it would be hard enough with you new arrivals, without having to deal with that!

Robyn, rest up. I am glad that it wasn't too serious after all that horrible stress.

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#53 leisurly

Posted 31 July 2007 - 02:29 PM

Hi all

Special hi to all you new twin mums to be

Just a quick message from me as you can imagine life is busy with the twins but with this awful rash covering myself in cream takes over an hour and that is 3 times a day, then the awful itching is really getting me down.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to mybabyboy for posting the boys names for me, infact you all found out the
names before my dad and the majority of friends, time difference and all.

I had trouble with photobucket so delayed getting photos, but by midnight last night I'd got one uploaded so here it is


#54 rob6712col

Posted 31 July 2007 - 02:54 PM

Lesley, those boys of yours are just sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! What a gorgweous pic!!!!!!!  Sorry to hear about your rash, it must be awful and so not needed with everything else you have on yuor plate at the moment.

fringe82 - congrats on your twin pregnancy, you will get your head around it as we all have had to do!!

Gotta run, will do personals later, DD not having a nap today and I so need rest so going to turn the tele on and sit on the couch with her - bad mummy that I am


#55 Ladyhawk

Posted 31 July 2007 - 02:56 PM

Leisurly!! They are beautiful!
I forget, do you know if are they identical?

hands.gif your rash settles sooner rather than later.

#56 jill72

Posted 31 July 2007 - 03:59 PM

I had to come out of lurk mode to say to Lesley, those boys are soooooooooooo deliciously cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First thing I thought too like Ladyhawk, they look identical to me.  That bloody rash sounds awful, I hope that goes overnight.  You've suffered from itchies through your pregnancy as well didn't you?  How are you all going, getting any sleep?  Dumb question.

Will pop back in later to do some personals.  Have had an annoying experience over the weekend.  Sorry for being slack.


#57 JunkandDisorderly

Posted 31 July 2007 - 04:24 PM

Leisurly, Belated congrats on the arrival of Alexander and Magnus. Gorgeous photo, they sure do look identical and with so much dark hair. Beautiful.  biggrin.gif Hope the rash is improving with all the potions.

Nessrose, Congratulations on Renee and Rachel's arrival.

Fringe82 Congratulations on your exciting news! It will sink in eventually, especially when everyone wants to talk about it with you. I'm still amazed by the huge level of interest in my pregnancy when people know there is two! And it gets you a discount at all the baby shops.  wink.gif

My Dr, quite the slash happy chappy, is confident I can birth mine naturally if they are postioned well. That was one of my biggest concerns.

Robyn What an eventful weekend, glad to hear all is well. Now rest up for the next 15 weeks.

Ladyhawk Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Mine is on Thursday. Are you finding out what you're having?

Hi to everyone I've missed, hope you are all going well.  

All going OK here. Having my scan on Thursday mid morning, DH and I are going for a long lunch afterwards (child free  grin.gif )

We have decided to find out what we are having but not telling anyone, I'm going to ask the sonographer to write the sex down in two separate envelopes (one for each child) and each of us will open one up at lunch.


#58 Ladyhawk

Posted 31 July 2007 - 05:06 PM

Hey ET good luck with your scan too..
yeppa would like to find out what sex they are (if they cooperate) but would be happy with a 'healthy' tag at the least original.gif

On the caesar vs 'natural' birth, I have been told it is all in the positioning too.. there are a few options on that tho...
#1 head down, #2 head up - good chance for natural
#1 head down, #2 transverse - posible natural
#1 head up, #2 any which way - most likely caesar
both transverse - most likely caesar

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#59 telli

Posted 31 July 2007 - 09:03 PM

Hi girls,

Thank you for the welcome, welcome to the other newbies and congratulations to the 2 new twin Mum's, that photo of the 2 baby boys is just beautiful.  I can't wait to get to that point.

I had my first appointment with the OB at the hospital yesterday and he made me feel sooo much better about the twin pregnancy.  He was very straight to the point but told me everything I needed to know and I found him very reassuring.  One thing I wanted to check with you guys that have been there is when did you know for sure that they were picking up 2 separate heart beats and not the same one?  The Dr couldn't be sure yesterday but wasn't concerned because their still so tiny and close to each other that he didn't expect to know for sure that he was hearing one each?  It just would have made me feel better to know that there was 2 healthy hearts beating away  hands.gif

About the birth the Dr told me that provided twin 1 was head down and either the same size or bigger then twin 2 I could go for a natural birth regardless of twin 2's position.  He did make it very clear though that it's dependant on a number of things and not to get my heart set on a natural birth.  Something I wasn't expecting was that he said that if we do go for natural birth they will only do it with an epidural.  Was hoping to avoid that but will go along with them if it means both babies are healthy.


#60 leisurly

Posted 31 July 2007 - 09:41 PM

I'm feeling bad that I'm not keeping up with you all

but like to pop in - the rash is going to be a long process I think each day it spreads and as the first patch now is just horrible hard skin and very red looks like rhino skin, my tum which has been inflamed for a week now with the post baby excess looks like elephant legs, so with the spread now making its way down the legs and accross thew back - even moving in on the boobs (which will be a problem as can't use the potions.

Boys are NOT identical, they look very different though of course the size makes quite a difference. My little boys are a week old already

Hiya Becs - tried to come over to the other thread today and post the boys pic but phone rang and thats it oportunity lost


#61 gumby

Posted 01 August 2007 - 06:16 AM

Just popping in to say hello  waves.gif to you all and welcome to all the new twin mums to be original.gif , still pop over in here for a read occasionally to see how everyone is doing and keep a watch out for when anyone gets close to the finishing line wink.gif

Lesley - Your boys are just adorable, I love how they are 'nose to nose' in that photo - too cute!  Am also hands.gif for you that the rash clears up very soon, it sounds awful sad.gif

Chantel - I was also told that natural birth would involve an epidural, moreso because of any complications that may arise would more than likely be with Twin 2 - the epidural being in place would allow for them to manually retrieve or manouever the baby to allow it to descend if it wasnt doing so itself, or, if an emergency c/s was required the epidural would already be in place saving time and the need to knock me out.  My two arrived in such a hurry there was no time for an epidural though (first twin made his entrance 45 minutes after I arrived at the hospital!) ohmy.gif

Ladyhawk & ET - Good luck for your scans original.gif

Robyn - Glad to hear that your accident didnt turn into anything sinister, and, as the other ladies have said - rest, rest, REST!!

As for us, our babies are doing really well, they will be 8 weeks old on Thursday and have finally started to work out night and day.  We even managed a huge 7 hour straight sleep from them both (and at the same time ddance.gif !!) last night biggrin.gif biggrin.gif - am just praying its not a once off and we get a few more repeat performances, lol.

Belly rubs to you all original.gif

#62 *~Kellie~*

Posted 01 August 2007 - 08:12 AM

Just a quick one as I've had a shocker of a night, but wanted to let Chantel know that I delivered naturally without epi in place.

I was advised not to, but I just kept declining, I knew my body could do it and as I explained to the Ob and middies later I felt that an epi would be more harm than good to me psychologically (i.e. fears of loss of sensation and control).

Joe was head down, born naturally and easily, Beth was transverse and was externally 'captured' immediately on Joe's birth and was guided to a head down position.  I have a not so flattering pic of Beth being guided down, which I would be happy to show anyone who is interested.



#63 dainz

Posted 01 August 2007 - 09:49 AM

Hi all,

ROB- you've certainly had an adventure already. I think you should just nest yourself on the lounge and stay safely cocooned for the next 12 weeks. DD will understand back to back DVD's

LEISURLY - Your babes are dreamy, do you just waste hours of the day gazing lovingly at them. That stinkin rash! What's the name of the skin condition during pregnancy that does that to you? Is it that? Have you tried a naturopath? my DS had an outbreak of really bad excema and there's no history of it in the fam. I took him to a naturopath who explained that the skin is our biggest organ and when something irritates it it is usually toxins in the body releasing through the skin (especially if your natural waste system is in upheaval-constipation)My DS just happened to have a big constipation prob at the same time. I fixed up his diet, when he began pooing regularly the excema cleared up. Just an idea. Goodluck.

CHANTEL - congrats. It took me 'til 25 weeks to accept and be ok with the news. Reading twin books, amba, and this forum helps heaps. They suggest the Epi because the 2nd baby usually doesn't enter the birth canal on it's own and the Dr has to go fishing for it = pain. I'm booked in for a C-section because I had one with my DS.

FRINGE - Big congrats to you too. take your time with the news, read heaps and talk to people. It is super scary. Whenever I picture myself trying to get around with a 2 year old and 2x newborns I shudder and vow to put myself under house arrest for around..... say.....3 years.

GUMBY - 7 hours sleep!!! heavenly.At the same time! Woohoo! Did you have a few ports the night before to help them sleep so soundly?

I'm 26+3 weeks. Osteo 1x weekly has helped the SPD settle down a lot, I can actually walk and move with minimal discomfort I'm so relieved about that. She actually said we usually have a big hormone surge around 22-24 weeks which would have contributed to it. Except for some rib pain in afternoons I'm feeling the best I ever have this pregnancy.
Can anyone suggest a good baby carrier/sling? Bubba-Moe? ergo?

#64 lawshas3girls

Posted 01 August 2007 - 10:44 AM

Morning All

Gosh, I turn my back for a second and there's just so many new twin mummies to be!!  How amazing!

Leisurly - Oh your baby boys are simply divine!!  What a gorgeous photo!  Hope your rash clears up really soon.  It sounds really awful!  I am still amazed that you are managing to pop in here!

Dainz - glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well and your SPD has settled down.  Can't give you any advice on carriers I'm sorry as I never had one, but I have heard that the Ergo's are good.

Hi Kellie - your birth story still amazes me!!  You are an inspiration!!  

Gumby - Hi, nice to see you in here.  Woo Hoo on the 7 hours straight sleep!!  Hope it is the start of things to come.  Lucky you!

Chantel - Hello and welcome to the group!  With regards to a natural birth I have been told the exact same thing as everyone else in here.  Won't even look at you for a natural birth if twin 1 is not head down.  Mine are both breech at the moment (or last scan anyway) so it is not looking good for me cry1.gif which I am really quite stunned about actually!  I am scared about having an epi too as I didn't have one with my DD, but also scared of them reaching up to pull out the second twin!!  Anyway, I have decided to wait till I'm closer to delivery to see where the bub's are at and just take it as it comes.

Hi to everyone else and sorry if I've missed anyone.  Taking it easy today as feeling really tired.  Weather is shocking anyway.  I'm feeling really big and awkward and my back hurts no matter what position I'm in!  Sorry for the whinge!

Well have a great day and I'll BBL to check in!


#65 nessrose

Posted 01 August 2007 - 06:20 PM

Evening all,

As you've probably already heard, I gave birth to 2 gorgeous girls on 26 July 2007.

Renee Isabel, 2.7kg and 48cm.
Rachel Mary, 2.7kg and 48cm.

Apparently it's the first time the hospital has ever had identical birth weights and heights. Amazing! biggrin.gif

I promise i'll put up some photos as soon as I work out how! tongue.gif

The whole birth was an amazing experience. My waters broke at 9pm on 25 July and contractions started at around 3am, but very mild. My OB then suggested a drip (syntocinin) to get things going.

Established labour started at 10.30am. By 1pm, both girls were born, 13 minutes apart, no drugs and no stitches. Yes, it CAN be done! I was definitely not expecting such a quick no complications labour and am absolutely ecstatic about how things went.

My first labour I had pethedine, so didn't remember too much of it. This time was completely aware and on a high. Am still laughing! biggrin.gif

Anyhoo, sounds like the girls are waking up for a feed. Had forgotten how much they sleep at this age. They are feeding well and gradually settling in.

Leisurely, congratulations on your beautiful boys!!

Will be back soon to update!

Take care all,

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#66 lawshas3girls

Posted 01 August 2007 - 06:43 PM

Hi Ness

Congrats again on your two baby girls!!  It is amazing that they are both the same weight and height!  Love their names too.  Can't wait to see some pics!

Sounds like you had a wonderful birth and I am so pleased for you!  Must feel great for things to work out better than you expected.  Great that you had a natural birth and NO STITCHES!!

My first birth was a bitter disappointment as I thought it would have been much better!  It actually upset me for months afterwards which is stupid I know, but I just had unusual expectations I guess.

It's been quiet in here today.  Where is everyone?

OK, off to prepare dinner


#67 Ladyhawk

Posted 01 August 2007 - 08:06 PM

Hi Everyone,
My scan today went well and I have 2 healthy bubs... ones a boy, and one's an "i'm not really sure, think it might be a girl, but then look now... it could be a boy..." Both were moving heaps even tho I can't really feel it.. the sonographer thought I was really lucky to not feel it... I think I agree after watching them kick the 5hit out of my diaphragm! Both are head down at this point, so hopefully they'll hold it and I can follow in nessrose's footsteps with a wonderful, fast, natural birth!

Okay.. Photo Time... Remember you asked for it biggrin.gif

I had a little trouble deciding which one to show you all, so I have uploaded 4, plus 2 belly shots (I have hopefully edited them to really incy wincy small file sizes so it shouldn't slow up you girls with dial too much at all)

Twin A's 'Boy Bits'

Twin A's Face

Twin B's Face

Twin B's Profile

Sucking it In

Letting it all hang out
Posted Image

Belly Rubs All Round Gals

#68 LCM

Posted 01 August 2007 - 08:13 PM

Hi everyone,

It has been ages since I have posted in here.

Thanks for keeping me on the list.

Well everything is going well.  Had a bit of a scare with my blood pressure last week but am now on meds and it seems to be doing the trick.  

I still think I am in denial that I am going to have 3 girls under 3!!!  I have finished work and am taking it nice and easy- well as easy as you can with a 2 year old.

Well I just wanted to pop in and say congrats to all the graduates I love hearing the stories and seeing the pics.

I promise it won't be too long before I reply again.

Take care everyone


#69 jill72

Posted 02 August 2007 - 09:09 AM

Hi girls!!  I've been lurking more than posting.  I was worried this thread was going to get so quiet after the previous group had their twinnies, well, it's busier than ever! biggrin.gif   I've had a week of sickness in the house because my sister decided to bring my poor sick niece over.  My poor little girl has been really sick since & now I'm fighting it off. mad.gif   My neighbour threw me a lovely baby shower over the weekend, no one's ever done that for me before, I felt so excited & special.

Anne, hi again, welcome back.  So how many weeks are you now?  Congrats on finishing work.  I hope your blood pressure behaves, mine has a tendency to get high too.  How high did it get?

Ladyhawk, I still have to do my pic!  Congrats on two healthy bubs, at least you know there's def. one boy.  When they have difficulty seeing at 19wks it's usually a girl, but you'll have heaps more scans yet.  Great pics!!  You've grown a fair bit since your last belly pic biggrin.gif  woohoo!!

Ness, congrats on your two little girls, amazing their identical in weight & lengths.  It's funny how that's really uncommon & yet the average joe bloe usually expects twins to be exactly the same weight. wacko.gif   Are yours identical Ness?
Wow, both naturally too & now stitches, that's remarkable how did you cope?  Well done, I'd be the drug queen, but I'm having a c/s for these.

Laus, need I say the word Pram??  Aaah  forget it, I'm none the wiser anymore.  Is your nursery finished?  I've still done nothing, but have grown a lot in the last week & feel a slight desperation to do something. I'm starting to suffer from back ache & a bit of rib pain somedays.  I can't imagine what your back ache must be like.

Robyn, hope your feeling better after your accident!  That must have been terrible, I think it must be pretty easy to have a fall when you can't see your feet!!  Take it real easy.

Fringe, welcome & congrats on being a twin mummy!!  Don't worry

a lot of us have toddlers as well. I've got a 3yro DD, which is a pretty good age I suppose.  Joining AMBA is an essential thing to do I think, they have wonderful little playgroups & morning teas.  It's great to draw off the first hand experience.

Dainz, interesting about the hormone surge - I'm a bit over 22wks & have started to get sciatica.  I'm going to have a pg massage soon.  Hope your pain eases up.  Do you find the rib pain makes it uncomfortable to wear a bra???  I just want to rip mine off but I hate the feeling of my massive boobs sitting on my tummy! Gross! glare.gif

Leisurly,  That allergy sounds dreadful, what do they think you're allergic too?  How are those beautiful boys going, I had to show my DH that piccy last night.  Their hair is gorgeous.  When do you have to shift to SA?

I know I've missed a heap of girls.  Sorry, hello to everyone.  Will BBL.

Jill  xxoo

#70 rob6712col

Posted 02 August 2007 - 02:50 PM

Hi Everyone, ready for some personals at long last!!
gumby- glad to hear from you, and 7 hours straight sleep with your 8 week old twinnies!! fantastic, just hope we will be able to follow

dainz- the only baby carrier we ever used was the baby bjorn and found it great but heaps of people I know used the slings. A lady from my old mothers group used to make her own and everyone raved about them.  Glad to hear that the osteo was able to settle the SPD a bit for you.  What actually is SPD.  I have pain in my groin area and feel like I am walking like I just got off a horse, is that anything like it?

Laus73- sorry to hear you are uncomfortable and I am sure I have that to come soon too.

nessrose- great birth story and can't wait to see some piccies of your girls

ladyhawk- great scan and belly pics, still haven't attempted to post mine yet but have my handy instructions ready.  One boy and a mystery, will you try to find out again?

Lilismum - welcome back, I too will have 3 girls under two and a half so know what you mean.

Jill34- everyone sick in the house is not good, you have enough to worry about without that too.  I haven't don the nursery yet but have bought the pram - we ended going for the Mountain Buggy Designer and will use a skateboard for DD if we need to.

Leisurly - so hope that your rash is settling for you and that some type of routine is emerging from the haze.  1 week old already, how time flies!!!!

Fringe 82 and Telli - will pop you both onto the list and welcome again.

ET- so how did your scan go today??and did you have a really lovely relaxing lunch with DH?  So do we get to know what is in the envelopes??

Can someone explain to me what the difference is between sciata and SPD please? Just curious. Me, well had a bit more spotting over the past couple of days but all seems to be ok.  Trying to take it easy but the park keeps beckoning me and my DD!!!  She is now truly loving her big bed so that is a relief, may need to tackle either the TT or the bottle next, not sure which!!  

Hope everyone is well


#71 Ladyhawk

Posted 02 August 2007 - 03:55 PM

Hey Rob, great to see you back...
Yep we will try to find out another time what sex the mystery twin is... the problem was she (or he) had her (or his) hands down between her (or his) legs and was playing with her (or his) feet, AND the umbilical cord was all down between the knees too... the sonographer was leaning towards girl, but was not really at all willing to make a commitment aeither way. Once i have been referred to the OB at the hospital, he has a US in his rooms and will do more scans... will try to find out then.

Okay SPD v Sciatica... I trained as a physiotherpist when I was younger, so I can tell you technically the difference, but having never experience SPD I can't explain what it feels like... (sorry, might get a little technical)

The sciatic nerve leaves the spinal cord down low near your tail bone, runs right through the middle of a couple of bum muscles and then heads down the back of your leg carrying sensation from your foot, whole leg below the knee and back of your thigh back to your brain... if the nerve gets squeezed where it passes through the bum muscles, your brain can receive a whole heap of signals from the nerve indicating pain or burning in its area of supply, even though there is not anything physically wrong in the leg... its like someone stepping on the hose while you are watering the garden... unless you can see them, you have no way of knowing whether the tap has been turned off... likewise the brain has no idea that there isn't really a problem in the leg... all it knows it that the nerve is telling you there is!

With sciatica, you generally feel a vague ache or burning, or occassionally pins and needles or numbness, starting in your lower bum cheek, but which can spread down the back of of your thigh, all over your shin and calf, sometimes even getting right down to your foot.

For treatment, physio wise, we used to massage the bum muscles in the lower outside quarter of each cheek (very painful to do), to try and relax the muscle that are squeezing the nerve, do stretches for the muscle - knee to chest and opposite shoulder (very difficult when pregnant), and some forms of electrotherapy.

SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (I think)):
The pelvis is made up of a few bones which fuse together early in life... where these bones meet at the front is a ligamentous disk (sort of like a spinal disk, but without the fluid) this is called the pubic symphysis. At the back the bones meet with the bottom end of the sacrum is a similar sort of joint. Most muscles in the legs and trunk connect to the pelvis in some way... the pelvis is like the solid base from which all the muscles work.

During pregnancy, the hormones soften the ligaments, and in some cases, the PS  loosens so much that the pelvis is no longer stable.. the bits of pelvis bones move a round a bit, especially when we walk or stand on one leg or use our trunk muscles in some way. The PS is meant to loosen like this to assist in the birth, but when it happens earliy in the preganancy it can make just everyday moving around extrememely painful and difficult. The pain distribution is different to sciatica - I think is is more front and groin pain, wrapping across the front of the thigh.

I really can't remember the treatment options... possibly deep tissue massage of the joint and muscle training to help support the pelvis.

Okay, I'll get off the lecture stand now. wink.gif

#72 lawshas3girls

Posted 03 August 2007 - 03:19 PM

HELLO (Echo!)  Where is everybody?

Well I went to my first local MBA meeting today and it was great.  Met another 2 preggie ladies who are about the same along as me so was great to swap stories.  Also there were a few babies there and it all became pretty real, but exciting!!  I think I'm getting excited!

Going to an expectant parent night in a week too for multiple parents so that'll be great to meet some others hopefully.  Everyone was sooooo nice and really supportive.

Feel like I'm getting a cold  cry1.gif  so not happy about that!!  Not what I need right now!  My poor DD has it too.  I slept dreadfully last night, if you could call it sleep that is!  In fact, I'm not sleeping well anyway anymore.  Just can't get comfortable no matter what I try!  Oh well, comes with the territory of late pregnancy I guess!

It seems as though once I hit the 30 week mark it has all been down hill with all the ailments.  Prior to that it seemed like a breeze!!

Oh well, I'm off to go and lay down for a bit.  Take the weight off my legs and varicous veins.

Take care all


#73 Ladyhawk

Posted 03 August 2007 - 04:01 PM

Hey Laus,
congrats on all the groups.. I will be doing that at the start of september... network network!! The local group here has a playgroup for multiples and they want me to come along so I can get all the second hands and offcasts! Hopefully shuld save me a bit of $$..

I put on 7kg in the last month! Is that normal? I've been eating a little bit more than normal, but no more particularly this month than last... couldn't belive it when i stood on the scales today at the doctors!

#74 JunkandDisorderly

Posted 03 August 2007 - 05:09 PM


Ladyhawk, my Ob doesn't weigh me, although according to my scales I've actually remained the same, courtesy of constant nausea and not wanting to eat a great lot.

Laus, great to hear the MBA is worthwhile. Hopefully it is a false alarm with the cold. It's certainly in full swing here in Sydney, thankfully we have escaped mostly in this family.

Robyn , you're game getting DD prepared for the impending arrivals by weaning a 2 year old of their 'toys.' I'm not even bothering until after the arrivals, I figure when DH has time off is a good time to start, I'd need moral support I'm such a pushover otherwise. Except we need the cot so a big bed is on the cards soon.

Nessrose, looking forward to seeing pictures of your gorgeous DD's. Sounds like a great birth experience.

All well in this household. Had my morphology scan yesterday, after waiting 45 minutes it then took the sonographer another hour and a half to get all the shots she needed.

All good, keeping the sex's a secret (Hi sister, SIL  tongue.gif ). Had a not so long decadent (mmm Crayfish) lunch afterwards due to school/daycare pickups. Quite an event since we discussed and decided on one name already.

Hi to everyone I've missed, hope you are all well.

#75 Guest_~Karla~_*

Posted 03 August 2007 - 08:55 PM

Hi girls, sorry I've been MIA again lately.  I have been lurking and reading, just not posting.  I'm so uncomfortable already. sad.gif  I really get the feeling that I'm not going to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I did with my first - I feel so achy and sore already, and I'm not even 17 weeks yet! ohmy.gif

The good news is I got into the hospital I wanted to (Mater Mother's, public, in Brisbane), so I'm very happy about that.  It's just reassuring to know that I'm going to the place where they have all the experts, and have the care available for premmie babies.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't need it, but it's nice to know it's there.

Has anyone else been getting weird cravings?  Mine have started already - I nearly cried earlier tonight when I went to get some Nestle Club dark chocolate with peppermint filling as my local didn't have any. cry1.gif  So I drove up to the nearest Coles to buy some as I just HAD to have it. blush.gif  It was just bizzarre, as pretty much all I've been able to eat in the past 4 months is salty food.

Anyway, these babies are soooooo active all the time and keep kicking me and hurting me, so I think I'm going to head off to bed.  I barely get any sleep, between waking up for loo breaks, waking up cos I hurt and DS who still doesn't sleep through the night (and normally ends up in bed with us at some stage wacko.gif ).  

Sorry for the downer "me" post......


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Essential Baby and Essential Kids is the place to find parenting information and parenting support relating to conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids, maternity, family budgeting, family travel, nutrition and wellbeing, family entertainment, kids entertainment, tips for the family home, child-friendly recipes and parenting. Try our pregnancy due date calculator to determine your due date, or our ovulation calculator to predict ovulation and your fertile period. Our pregnancy week by week guide shows your baby's stages of development. Access our very active mum's discussion groups in the Essential Baby forums or the Essential Kids forums to talk to mums about conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids and parenting lifestyle. Essential Baby also offers a baby names database of more than 22,000 baby names, popular baby names, boys' names, girls' names and baby names advice in our baby names forum. Essential Kids features a range of free printable worksheets for kids from preschool years through to primary school years. For the latest baby clothes, maternity clothes, maternity accessories, toddler products, kids toys and kids clothing, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, check out Essential Baby and Essential Kids.