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Graduate Mums #3

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#1 Nut

Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:18 AM

New thread time ladies!

Link to old thread

#2 Tan72

Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:21 AM

  ph34r.gif  GOLD  ph34r.gif  

First gold ever!!!!!   grin.gif  YAY me  grin.gif

Edited by Tan72, 16 August 2007 - 11:24 AM.

#3 Michelle&Girls

Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:45 AM

First the worse, 2nd the best....

Cute sig Tan- can you believe our babies are 4 months. Since our girls are so close in age and we are only a suburb away from each other..we will have to organise a play date for them, when Mac finishes all of her surgeries.

Well i took DD to get her vaccinations yesterday, The doc came and checked her weight gain, and shes only put on 100g in 2 wks, shes gone from the 97th percentile and is dropping way below the 50th...I have to go see her again in 2 weeks to check her weight again....

#4 L712

Posted 16 August 2007 - 03:40 PM


Edward is rolling onto his side now!  April and I sit and watch and keep saying 'come on roll over!' He just flops back on his back and laughs.  He giggles now when I dress him-he is really ticklish!

Well better go April wants a box from the garage to make a cubby rolleyes.gif

#5 Purple_Gecko

Posted 16 August 2007 - 03:41 PM

Bronze for me.

nyone want a crappy cranky snotty little 22 month old.
FREE TO ANY HOME  rant.gif
I only picked her up an hour ago...can i take her back  rant.gif

#6 mumma-g

Posted 16 August 2007 - 04:42 PM

No thanks Purple_Gecko! We've all just got over some horrendous colds/spews/poos type thing - it is so exhausting when they are sick.

All good here. Ashlee rolled over today stomach to back. A complete fluke she lifted her leg and gave it a twist while trying to reach for a squeezy Grace was dangling for her, and flip over she went. It shocked her (more me). I'll be interested to if she ever does it again soon. Especially as Grace didnt even move until she was 8 mths.

Hope all bubba's, mumma's and dadda's are all good


#7 muppet

Posted 19 August 2007 - 01:46 PM

Hiya lovely ladies and beautiful bubs  wub.gif Long time no post (from me anyway  ph34r.gif)

TanCongrats on the 'gold" original.gif That sig is super cute!

Michelle&Girls Oh heck re the weight loss sad.gif Hoping she starts gaining again for you soon! Will be interested to see what they say when you take her back in 2 weeks.

ljr2005OMG re Edward rolling! It seemed like only yesterday he was just a little bubba! There will be no stopping him now  dev (6).gif

anyone want a crappy cranky snotty little 22 month old.
Oh you poor thing sad.gif We went through a terrible couple of weeks, about a month back! It seemed like everyone was sick and as soon as they got better they would get sick again! Not to mention a cranky almost 5 year old grrrrr!! Although at least ours was just a cold/flu rather than that horrible vomiting one thats doing the rounds again! Sent you a pm btw!

mumma-gWOW Ashlee is on the "roll" too! Has she done it again?? Yep gotta love siblings and their enticing!! Quinn keeps putting toys up the other end of the lounge and calling to Leon to come get them! I swear he thinks Leons a dog not a baby  rolleyes.gif

As for us well Mr Leon, about a week ago, decided he wanted to try his luck at crawling! Mum and I where busy chatting, while he happily played on the floor! next thing we looked down and he was up on kness moving forwards! He kept splatting on his tummy in between goes but no the less managed to move across the distance of the room in a straight line!! Part of me thought it was really great  biggrin.gif while the other half got a little sad at the thought of him growing up! It just seems to be going too fast! He will be our lucky last so am just trying to savour it all!

In other news he moved on from his month of rice cereal and is now eating proper food! I started him off with a meal of apple, then pear, then potato then though "sod this" and gave him lamb stew! He loved it and hasn't looked back since!

Little mini muppet is waking 2 at night still though! Dosen't sound that bad but it takes me for ever to get back to sleep in between iykwim sad.gif Am going to have to start re settling instead of feeding!

Anyway better go do something constructive lol!

#8 L712

Posted 19 August 2007 - 08:34 PM

WTG Leon on the crawling original.gif
But I know how you feel when part of you thinks they would just slow down a bit sad.gif They really go grow up way too fast.

#9 Tan72

Posted 19 August 2007 - 10:47 PM

Purple_Gecko - No thank-you.  Am having my own 21mth old issues  grin.gif

mumma-g - Good job Ashlee.  You know though that as soon as they are mobile it makes a hell of a lot more work for us  laugh.gif

Alex - I can't believe that Leon is crawling and eating so well.  Has grown up so quickly, or I have been under a rock?

ljr2005 - Edward moblie as well  oomg.gif  He is a little champ for rolling.  I don't think Mac will roll for a long while yet, maybe she can watch Edward and get some lessons.

I just thought I would pop in to say toodles.

We (Mum, Mac & I) are off to Sydney for the last part of Mac's nasal surgery.  Surgery isn't until Tuesday arvo and hands.gif we will only be in o/n and home on Wednesday.  DH & DS are staying home cry1.gif and I really don't want them too, but work etc make it impossible.  I just worry about her and want DH with me when she is in surgery.  The surgery itself is a walk in the park, it's the anteseptic that concerns me.  I hate that she has to be knocked out again! How much more should she have to endure...

It is so sad that DH & I are  eexcite.gif  about her having a nasal-gastric tube.  Current tube is in her mouth, which is totally NOT ideal.  It is such a huge step for her & I, because as soon as her feeding tube goes into her mouth I can start proper suck training with her.  I have a dream that I have held onto since her birth... that I will get her breast-feeding  hands.gif  hands.gif  hands.gif I don't care if it is only one feed a day, as long as it is one I will be so estatic.  If we can do it I will feel that the past four months are really behind us- IYKWIM.  Ok feeling a little teary now must go have a cuppa express and start packing for tomorrow blush.gif

#10 Purple_Gecko

Posted 20 August 2007 - 06:48 AM

It would be hard to go through without the support you are used to and need.
I am sure your mum will be a fine replacement though and you might even find it a little easier. Funny how mums can come to the rescue when we need them too.
It must be hard seeing your little bubby go through surgery so many times.  sad.gif
I hope she learns to suck quickly and strongly enough for you to have your dream come true. You deserve that after all you have been through.
I will be thinking of you  wub.gif

People who want to come on Wednesday.
I am going to postpone to next week due to tonsilitis.
I am on AB's and am feeling better but everyone has been sick enough as it is so I sdont want to take risks.

If you are interested please PM me for addy.

No worries bringing older kids here at all.

#11 L712

Posted 20 August 2007 - 01:31 PM

Tan-Good Luck will be thinking of you all.

PG-No worries I know how horrid tonsilitus is, went through years of it before finally getting my tonsils out at 20 something.  We won't be able to do next week as MIL is visiting ohmy.gif


#12 muppet

Posted 22 August 2007 - 01:41 PM

ljr2005 Glad its not just me being a sook about the little man growing up lol! Dh keeps egging him on to do more and I keep wanting him to SLOW down!

Tan72 Nope not you under a rock lol, he is definatly growing up super quick! Hoping everything went well for your beautiful little princess on Tuesday and that you are on your way home to be reuinted with DS and DH! Great that your mum could go up with you but completly understand the feelings of wanting Dh with you! Its a very important time for your family!

It is so sad that DH & I are  about her having a nasal-gastric tube
Hell no!! You sream it from the roof tops my dear!! I also thought your post was just beautiful about you wanting/ and soon to be, starting to proper b/f! Brought a tear to my eye and made me appreciate Leon's feeds that little bit more!

Purple_Gecko Oh heck re the tonsilitis sad.gif Not what you needed with your little one being sick last week as well! Glad to hear that the ab'S are working though! No worries re the meet on Wednesday original.gif Look after yourself.

ljr2005 So is mother in law visiting a "good thing" or a "bad thing" ?? lol tongue.gif

As for me well not much really! Little man is still waking twice during the night for a feed! I had been planning to start getting him to drop it but he has the sniffles so will wait until he is 100% before I try! Also he is over due for his 6mth needles but again would prefer to wait until he is better as I seem to remember the 6mth ones knocking Quinn and Zoe hard when they had theirs!

Have just popped little man down for his nap and now am off to transform the dining table into a cubby house lol (They must of read your post re April Laurel)


#13 Tan72

Posted 22 August 2007 - 03:52 PM

Just popping in ever so quickly as am exhausted and need  ssleep.gif

Thank's for all your well wishes, thought's and prayers, they were much appericiated. Mac's surgery went extremely well. She was only gone for an hour and the surgeon said her nose is clear and complete  eexcite.gif  We were also discahrged last night  tthumbs.gif  so Mum and I decided to drive home and left Sydney at 9pm and got in at midnight  ph34r.gif  

The other brilliant news is - she had her first ever FULL suck feed (bottle feed of EBM) of 80ml's in recovery. I  cry1.gif  I just knew she could do it, she just needed to be able to breathe easier first dev (6).gif  She is still on oral gastric tube feeds and will be for 2 more weeks  sad.gif  Until we can put the tube nasally we will feed her 2 tube feeds to 1 suck feed. It was so lovely to feed her the usual way, I felt like her mum instead of her carer... This is one step closer to my b/f dream bbabyflip.gif

Now just have to wait until Tuesday to see the surgeon at TCH to get a date for her bowel surgery...


#14 renee_nay

Posted 22 August 2007 - 03:56 PM

Wow! Congratulations Tan and Little Miss M!!
wink.gif Renee

#15 Purple_Gecko

Posted 22 August 2007 - 04:20 PM

If Possible I would like to make meet here on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
If you are interested in coming along please PM me for my address.

Yay thats awesome news on both parts.
So glad it was all smooth.

#16 Nut

Posted 22 August 2007 - 05:07 PM

Tan - That's great news! So nice that she can start bottle feeding progressively and that her nose is clear  biggrin.gif

#17 L712

Posted 22 August 2007 - 06:41 PM

Tan so happy for you all!

Muppet-MIL coming is great for the kids.  I'll say no more dev (6).gif

PG We should be able to do Tuesday am as I don't think MIL is arriving til 4.30-Will PM you later. Am typing 1 handed due to small child on lap original.gif


#18 Tan72

Posted 23 August 2007 - 04:04 PM

It's so quiet in here today.  

PG - Morno's on Tuesday is way better for us, so it's a big tick for us coming.  Will PM for your addy.

Laurel - Hopefully you can make it as am looking forward to meeting you and Edward.

Big waves.gif to everyone else.  Am off to play with snapfish again...


#19 Guest_gollygar_*

Posted 23 August 2007 - 04:28 PM

PG, sorry we can't make it on Tuesday mornings - DS goes to Playschool and DD has swimming ... and then I savour as much time while DD is sleeping afterwards before the whirlwind returns at 1:30pm.

Have a great time. original.gif

#20 L712

Posted 23 August 2007 - 08:25 PM

Yeah! Tan so glad you will be there!  

Purple_Gecko did you get my PM??

Was just looking at my boy and I just can't beleive how big he is !  He will be 4 months on Tuesday and he looks the same size as April did at 6-9months ohmy.gif He is also wearing some clothes that she wore when she was around 6 months, but not the pink ones tongue.gif

#21 Purple_Gecko

Posted 25 August 2007 - 12:38 AM

I blame facebook for my lack of contact.
I have 12 games of scrabble going at a time and have completed both games of bloons.
I have PM's the both of you that want my addy.

Thats ok. I will meet you some other time I am sure.

#22 L712

Posted 25 August 2007 - 09:06 AM

Thanks for your PM original.gif What time is good for you?

#23 Purple_Gecko

Posted 25 August 2007 - 12:04 PM

10ish is good. Gives me time to do the kitchen from breakfast. biggrin.gif

#24 L712

Posted 25 August 2007 - 01:16 PM

Perfect..will bring some morning tea, probably fruit, trying to be good original.gif

#25 Purple_Gecko

Posted 25 August 2007 - 01:51 PM

thats good..hhaha..me too. My friend is getting married in November and I am the only bridesmaid so I have to lose a few kilo before then.

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