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Graduate Mums #3

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#26 beaglebabe

Posted 25 August 2007 - 02:56 PM

Hi everyone,

I've been missing-in-action as we have moved into our house but don't yet have the internet connected.  I'm suffering withdrawls, so am currently at my parent's house to use their computer.

I don't have my diary with me, so not sure if I will have a car on Tuesday to get to Purple Gecko's.  But I'll get there if I can....

Tan - that's awesome news about Mac's surgery and the suck feeds.  I hope you get your breastfeeding dream soon...

Sorry for lack of personals... need to get home for Toby's sleep.


#27 L712

Posted 26 August 2007 - 07:53 PM

OMG!!! I just put Edward to bed and was sitting on the computer.  I could hear alot of grunting and then banging blink.gif
So I checked him, he was
a. unwrapped.
b. out of covers
c. feet at wrong end where head should be AND
d. on his stomach ohmy.gif

Just rewrapped him and all is quiet!  What a monkey!!!

#28 Purple_Gecko

Posted 27 August 2007 - 02:16 PM

Only a few of us tomorrow but thats just fine with me.
If anyone else is interested in coming please PM me for details. Those that are coming can you please confirm.
I look forward to it.

#29 Tan72

Posted 27 August 2007 - 03:32 PM

Miss M and I will be in attendance PG, with a lazy packet of choc chips cookies from Aldi blush.gif .  

We will probably be there around 10am now as I have to go into bloody work and put in my annual leave forms as my Mat leave is nearly run out!  That means my DD is nearly 6mths  oomg2.gif

Have an appt at TCH Clinic with the surgeon tomorrow arvo and will hopefully get a date for DD's next and FINAL surgery. DH and I are so excited...

See ya tomorrow....

#30 beaglebabe

Posted 27 August 2007 - 05:29 PM

Hey girls,

I'm hoping to be there tomorrow.  Just have to convince DH to catch the bus to work  original.gif


#31 L712

Posted 27 August 2007 - 07:57 PM

We will be there (Me, DD and the monkey boy!) Am still bringing fruit wacko.gif
Left a post it on facebook for you Sylvia original.gif

#32 Purple_Gecko

Posted 28 August 2007 - 01:59 PM

Thanks to those that came for coffee this morning.
It was great to meet you all and your beautiful kids.

How small is the world we live in  biggrin.gif

It was great to meet you and beautiful Mackenzie. Thanks for letting me have unlimited cuddles. She is adorable.

Will have to do it again soon.

#33 L712

Posted 28 August 2007 - 02:07 PM

Yep thanks for this morning  original.gif

Edward is still flaked, big morning for him original.gif

Off to airport soon to get MIL.

How does Tuesday 11th September sound for next meet at my house?  Check your diaries original.gif
When is next surgery Tan??  Will make sure you can make it so we can chat more biggrin.gif I want Mackenzie cuddle too!  She is so little compared to my big boy!  

Better go and tidy up rolleyes.gif

#34 mumma-g

Posted 28 August 2007 - 02:36 PM

Yeah - Thanks for having us! I hope this children enjoy their afternoon tea.

It is true, even in cyber world - way to small.

Thanks again.


#35 cheeky_monkeys

Posted 28 August 2007 - 04:50 PM

Sorry i have been MIA for awhile, I have been trying to get this house back into MY routine and not Alex's blink.gif

Things have been going good he is only waking once during the night around 2am then not till 6-7am so it is going great!!
I had forgotton all about this because rachel was premmie and i had to wake her not the other way around..

I am sorry i missed the meet up would have really loved to have come but i have only just seen it now cry1.gif

I will be at the next one though

Tan it is great to hear about mac's improvements and the success with her surgery's and YAY to only 1 more. You have had a hard slug for the last 5 months i really dont know how you did it

OMG Laurel i can't belive that edward is doing that in his cot that is great!!

We are still trying to roll here he will grab a hold of toys and shake rattles.

Ok well better go and get dinner started

talk to you all soon biggrin.gif

#36 Tan72

Posted 29 August 2007 - 06:57 PM


It has taken me all day to type this message!

Firstly thanks heaps to PG for having morno's and apoligies again for being late blush.gif  We had a great time, was good to finally put names to faces. Was also great to catch up with Fergus' mum dev (6).gif  No prob's on the cuddles Syl, although I think she might have enjoyed it a little too much as today she cried everytime I put her down  grin.gif

Laurel - Glad we finally got to meet you and kidlets.  Although it was brief grin.gif next time at your place I will be on time I promise.  

Lisa - It was also great to meet you Lisa, even though that was briefer than Laurel grin.gif.  

Michelle - Again I can't believe how big Toby is.  

We have sort of got a date for surgery.  Sometime in the next 3 weeks! The problem is they need a whole surgery list, which is 3+ hours of theatre/surgery time.  He also want's a particular anaesthetist to be availiable too.  So it could take a few weeks to get all the ducks in a row IYKWIM! We don't mind waiting though, as we really can't fault the public health system here and TCH have been brilliant.

#37 L712

Posted 29 August 2007 - 08:38 PM

So Mackenzie's next surgery is at TCH?  Gosh that would make it somewhat easier for you all.

Am glad you are happy with the public system and TCH original.gif Mackenzie deserves the best, so wait for those duck's to be lined up wink.gif

Well MIL is here and is not too bad yet, however it is only day 1 wacko.gif

Edward is continuing to roll over.  As soon as I put him on the floor he rolls straight over then after a minute cries to get back and I have to come and flip him rolleyes.gif Also likes to roll over at 3.30am unsure.gif

Well better go...

#38 NewLifeDirection

Posted 31 August 2007 - 03:17 AM

Just barging in to say "Hi Tan"!  Great to hear that things are falling into place for Mackenzie!!  I hope all goes smoothly in the next procedure!  Thinking of you and your family from over here!    hands.gif  original.gif  grin.gif

#39 Purple_Gecko

Posted 31 August 2007 - 03:51 PM

Tuesday 11th sounds good to me  biggrin.gif

It will be such a relief when all her surgeries are over. I will keep checking here for news.
HAHAHAHAHA re her being spoilt on Tuesday.....I intend on spoiling her whenever I see her  grin.gif

#40 muppet

Posted 31 August 2007 - 04:15 PM

ljr2005 Glad to hear mother in law's stay is going well so far original.gif Have my fingers etc crossed for you that it all stays that way too for the rest of her visit as I KNOW how hard it can get lol (although mine always come for 5 weeks at a time)

Tan72 Glad to hear things are finally moving in the right direction for your beautiful little family original.gif It will be such a wait off for you all when she has finally had that last surgery! Also nice to hear that you are finding the TCH so helpful!! Dad has been going through there with all his cancer treatment, op, etc and has always found majority of the staff etc fantastic! THere have been a few issues but I really do think it comes down to over worked staff and problems coming from much higher up the food chain iykwim!

LiL_Angels It was lovely to meet you the other day original.gif Nice to be able to put a face to the username iykwim  wink.gif Alex sounds like he is doing brilliantly re sleeping! original.gif Could he give my little one a few lessons??? original.gif

Purple_Gecko Sorry we missed Morning tea sad.gif especially as I have a feeling you don't live very far away from me lol

As for us well I *thought* we where doing really well. Leon was feeding 3 times a day and then I cut him down from 2 feeds at night to just 1. He has had the snuffles for awhile so I didn't mind getting up twice at night to feed. Anyway little monkey has now decided 4 times waking at night is the way to go  wacko.gif Add to this Zoe or Quinn getting up at least once during the night also (we seem to be going through nightmares lately) I am one EXTREMLY tired muppet  blink.gif

I am sure he will grow out of it soon enough but just hard while they are going through it iykwim!!

Also had my appointment for Leons 6mth check yesterday. Always interesting to see how much he has grown but gee whizz I had to SERIOUSLY bite my tongue on a few things *sigh*

Like I said, probably me just being tired but I have got this far with the other two so am guessing I must be doing something right iykwim!

Anyway better go wander!

#41 L712

Posted 31 August 2007 - 06:47 PM

Oh Alex!  You are doing it right!  Mum knows best!  I always walk away from the MACH nurses feeling like I am doing something wrong, hence why I only go for the blue book checks!

OK next Grad Mums's GTG

Tuesday September 11th 10am at my house West Belconnen (PM for addreess)
All welcome (including soon to be graduates wink.gif looking at you Nic!)

Better go almost bath time!

#42 Susana

Posted 31 August 2007 - 07:25 PM

Syl: Sorry I missed it too. I couldn't face the drive on the day  sad.gif

Alex: Leon looks so happy and healthy! The MACH nurses sometimes have very poor people skills. Want to hear my *funny* incident with one? She measured Darcy and said "gee he's short" and then weighed him and said "well that makes him quite fat" while doing up his blue book. What a moron, what am I supposed to do? Put him on a stretching rack??  ph34r.gif He's solid but I've never really thought of him as fat  wacko.gif They do have a nasty habit of undermining your confidence as a Mum with their seemingly innocent remarks!

#43 Purple_Gecko

Posted 01 September 2007 - 07:14 AM

OMG Susana, I cant believe she said that to you  ohmy.gif
My oldest son was short and solid when he was little, then he went really really skinny and now he is tall and normal.
So stupid they have such small windows for their averages  glare.gif

Yeah, I see you at the hyperdump all the time so I figured you might live nearby.
I will have another here after everyone else who wants to host hosts.
Could always just have a coffee for no reason aswell  tongue.gif
I would ignore what they say. I had a few issues with Amanda when she was growing up. She was always on 110% for weight and height but they always told me she was overweight..how do you figure that when she was the same for both  blink.gif
She is a bigger build person aswell and not a teeny tiny build so ther eis no way in the world she would ever be in that smaller weight range.
Ignore them, he looks happy and loved and that is all that matters.

#44 cheeky_monkeys

Posted 01 September 2007 - 11:19 AM

ex i would not worrie leon looked fine like any other 6 month old.  I went through all this sh*t with rachel "she is too small, she has not gained enough weight" for a full year!! befor they turned around at her 12 month check and said "well some babies have to be small other wise the 3% line would not be there" don't stress.

laurel i will be there i will have rachel too is that a problem??

ok better go typing one handed and i think we have just wet through AGAIN!! rant.gif  only in the baby love any one else have that problem??

#45 L712

Posted 01 September 2007 - 02:45 PM

Sharon, Rachel is no problem original.gif April will be here too so older siblings are more then welcome!
You remember where I live??

Edward constantly wet through the Baby Loves.  I think they are on the small size and he is a big boy!!  Maybe time to go up a size? Huggies were fine and now we are using Aldi with no problems original.gif


#46 Tan72

Posted 03 September 2007 - 06:28 PM

Thought I would bump us up from a few pages back...

Not a big fan of the MACH nurse's here, they are so bloody negative.  But Susana she was downright rude to you about Darcy!  I am so glad I have the NAPSS nurse's coming from TCH to weigh Mac.  I do have to link into the MACH system but this time I will be telling them what's what in regards to Mac.  I will not let them put her or our parenting skills down with there off the cuff comments!  

Laurel we would love to come to your place. Mac has her immunisation's on the Monday so I will have to see how she is travelling.  Will pm you shortly....

waves.gif to everyone else

#47 L712

Posted 03 September 2007 - 08:01 PM

I agree Tan they make off the cuff comments, that I used to take personally (and get hurt by) but second time around I take it all with a grain of salt.

Have Pm'd u back original.gif

#48 muppet

Posted 03 September 2007 - 08:28 PM

Thanks guys for the support  biggrin.gif

Being on number #3 I have well and truly learn't too take MACH appointments, and the comments made, with a LARGE pinch of salt  wink.gif Usually I am in and out pretty quickly as i am only interested in his weight but s it was his 6mth check I was booked in for the 30 minute session  wacko.gif

She seemed a really nice person and I am sure was only trying to "do the right thing" but it was pretty obvious that she had a checklist in her head that she was just going through and ticking of subconciously to make sure she had covered all the bases iykwim.

Ie as an example she asked me if he was getting lots of dairy (which she pointed out was for calcium *um yes gee thanks*) To which I replied yes he has yoghurt, cheese and a splash of milk (which she hit the roof about but thats another story) Anyway 10 minutes later she askes "Has he started solids"?  blink.gif hmmmmmmmm

Anyway, Like I say, normally I just smile and ignore it all but after 30 minutes of the condosending and stupidness I was seriously getting ready to bite back lol  dev (6).gif

SUE We got the EXACT same comment made to us (DH was with me and thankgod as if some one else handn't been there with me I wouldn't of belived it) as you! For Quinns 1 year check they told me "his weight is good but he's too short"!! We where like "WTF" Should we stretch him from the washing line!!!

Yeah, I see you at the hyperdump all the time so I figured you might live nearby.
  ph34r.gif OMG probably yelling my head off at Dh or the children or everyone or looking like something the cat dragged in  blush.gif

Leon has been doing the most disgusting nappies lately so am guessing he is finally starting to get some teeth happening! Still waking up 3 times a night but 2 are me giving him the dummy and only one feed! I really need to start getting him to settle himself  blush.gif

#49 Susana

Posted 03 September 2007 - 10:27 PM

Tan: yep I agree she was very rude and completely out of line. Anyone that knows Darcy, knows that he isn't fat  wacko.gif He had abit of chub but not much. I'd hate to think what they'd say about some of bigger toddlers you see round the place?

Alex: I though a splash of milk was fine? I use milk all the time in Riley's food. I would refer to it as 'a splash' too. How weird  blink.gif I still to this day don't get the short comment. What can you do about it?....really  glare.gif It's not like they aren't growing too their full potential because we can't provide the proper food for them or are starving them ***! Some kids are just short. He is still on the chart by the way, so what's the problem?

Edited by Susana, 03 September 2007 - 10:29 PM.

#50 KSparkles

Posted 04 September 2007 - 12:54 PM

Well I just have to get my recent MACH nurses visits off my chest...

I went last week for ds' 6 week check, where I explain that he was still very unsettled despite my best efforts to settle any old way.  Discussed that I thought that the reflux was not quite under control and just got told "if mum is stressed so is baby".

The next great line was "well he is not bringing that much up and he is now gaining lots of weight".

Weight is no indicator of health.  DD went undiagonsed with severe reflux / milk allergy for 6 months because she was putting on weight.  In fact by 6 months she was 9.5 kg, 1kg over the 99.7% line, having been feed since she was 2 days old on a formula she was allergic to. She hardly ever was sick and thats because the vomit was going into the lungs and not out.  It was only when she was 4.5 months old and started to get pneumonia / chest infections almost constantly and most scary of all stopping breathing for a few seconds several times a night, that drs started to think something was up.  Given this experience I nearly blew my top  rant.gif

Alex - I think we deserve a pat on the back for biting our tongues!

Today's visit was much better.  MACH nurse actually said I was doing everything right and that reflux babies can be very difficult and that I might just have to ride it out, she did try to make helpful suggestions and actually did comment that ds, might still have a couple other conditions wrong with him.  She said that most babies are unsettled at this stage, but saw that he was more unsettled than normal and it was not in my head.  She suggested I go back to the dr in a couple of weeks to insist on more investigations if things are still not improving.

So you just have to get the right nurse - one that understands common baby medical conditions!

Heres to us all getting some more sleep  original.gif

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