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Our millenium 2000 babies!

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#1 Dani

Posted 02 September 2007 - 01:58 PM

Got fed up looking....think a mod went on a locking spree and forgot to crank a new one up. shrug.gif

Anyhow, could you girls do me a favour please?  Could you please count your kids teeth and report back for me?  It's just I'm pretty sure Emily has "missing teeth" and I know it's worrying her sleep specialist (as well as a her shorth 4th matacarpel and other quirky things) but I'm hoping she's just got bigger spacing. LOL

FWIW she's a January baby so yeah the Jan ----> Aug kids would be great.  

Many Thanks!

#2 katesmum*

Posted 06 September 2007 - 03:46 PM

I have an April 2000 baby (omg it seems so long ago now) she has 20 baby teeth and 4 permanent teeth (6 year old molars). We're a bit slow here losing our baby teeth though.

#3 NicKy2G

Posted 21 January 2008 - 10:21 PM

were is the thread for 2000  millenium kids it wont let me start a new thread so if their are any eb mums of 2000 babys it would be great to talk to you
i have little girl born 14/9/00 sorry she is not so little she woudn t like it if i called her little she is my big girl who is growing up to fast  biggrin.gif

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#4 tykita

Posted 02 March 2008 - 09:19 PM

would love to chat as well,my son was born july 00.

#5 ~Nat-n-Mays-Mum~

Posted 03 March 2008 - 10:01 AM


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#6 RedHibiscus

Posted 02 April 2008 - 07:00 PM

ROFL Jodi. My DD was born in June 2000, and I sooo kwym about the attitude. laughing2.gif

Glad I'm not alone! original.gif

#7 julsmum

Posted 17 April 2008 - 12:43 PM

hi everyone my name is jodie and mum to my eldest dd who is a 2000 baby she was born in oct 2000 would love to chat to other 2000 mummies I have msn messenger the id is vorsa@hotmail.com I am 34 and live in st marys near penrith in nsw.

#8 Empire

Posted 17 April 2008 - 03:32 PM

Oldest DS born in 2000.... and is also apparently hitting 'teenage' style mood swings!!!!

Actually was wondering do you girls struggle with your oldest being what seems like miles apart in activity and needs to your younger kids?  I am really struggling these school holidays with finding activities to suit all the kids!  And my oldest is really grumpy that we need to hang around while 2 year old has day naps etc.

He is feeling very sorry for himself and says his holidays haven't been much fun... as you can imagine - i am ripping myself to pieces with the 'im a bad mum guilt' and am just showing it to him by being annoyed and short with him because i cant change the situation!

GRRR - perhaps this should have been in vents!

#9 mummyof4kids

Posted 24 June 2008 - 06:38 PM

Hi there!
Great to see there are people i can relate to having a 2000 baby!! My first son was born in October 2000! Time sure does fly, almost 8 already. It seems like yesterday i told my partner we were going to be parents...what an unexpected shock that was LOL!

#10 -Nicole-

Posted 28 June 2008 - 09:14 PM

My DD was born in June 2000. She is in Grade 2 and loves school.

She enjoys athletics and calisthenics and socialising with her friends  rolleyes.gif

#11 kidznco4

Posted 08 July 2008 - 12:45 PM

Hi there i have a January 2000 DD she was my first and how quickly time has flown hard to believe she is now 8yrs old but somedays feel i have a 16yr old.

Love to chat about her amongst mums with same age kids, especially her moods, is it me or are kids growing up to fast, i want it to stop.  

Anyway love to chat

#12 bubba5

Posted 12 July 2008 - 12:48 PM

Hi Ladies

I see not much has been going on in this thread for a while, hopefully bumping it up may give it another chance. I have DD1 born December 2000. She was meant to be our last but as you can see in 10 days (FINAL COUNT DOWN) we are expecting DD2 (yes, this 1 is definately our last tongue.gif )

My DD1 has morphed into this moody, rude, sassy little miss in the last 2 weeks. Have been struggling with "is it the holidays? is it the new baby coming? All these questions are running through my head but i think now its just a part of the stage she's in & a combination of everything & we just have to ride it out with a firm hand & alot of loving........

Would be great if this thread got back up & running so we could all compare notes. Found my DSs were totally different to my DD at this stage & agree that kids are growing up a lot faster these days.......

BBL Leisa

#13 kidznco4

Posted 13 July 2008 - 10:02 PM

Hi Leisa, i agree with you i hope this thread starts up again, it would be nice to talk to others about our moody girls, or boys.  I am so thankful school holidays are finished and they go back to school on Tues, i have enjoyed having them at home, but DD 8yrs has being moody and annoying and picking on her sister who is 6yrs and ive just about enough, i so hope she grows out of it   hands.gif  Goodluck with the final days of pregnancy of DD2 hope all is going well for you i have 4 children DD1 DD2 DD3 DS1, i love your sig as well absolutely gorgeous.

Well i hope others will continue with the thread


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#14 bubba5

Posted 19 July 2008 - 08:26 PM

Hi Melissa

Thank god that there are other parents out there experiencing the same sort of growing pains..... My youngest two are going back to school Monday (we pay for their education & they still get more days off, go figure  blink.gif )& then Tuesday DD2 is arriving so they are having that day off as well, after that i am not sure what DH has planned for them but i will be in hospital & not really worried what happens over the next week  laugh.gif

I noticed that you are the opposite to me in that you have all girls first then your son, how wonderful. I find that even though DD is the youngest she still manages to annoy the heck out of the boys & i hear you on "just about having enough"

What are the ages of your 2 youngest?? Hope the kids went back to school ok & that you have managed to salvage some of your sanity again laughing2.gif

We have 3 more sleeps now til DD2 arrives & whenever i think about it I initially get excited & then start to get nervous, knowing whats to come with recovering from c/s & then doubting myself on whether i will remember how to care for a new born anymore. My Mum assured me that its like riding a bike & that if Grand Parents can remember than I'll have no probs (valid point from the old girl).

Well take care & hopefully this thread will live on even if there are just the 2 of roll2.gif

BBL Leisa xox

#15 kidznco4

Posted 23 July 2008 - 09:19 AM

Hi Leisa,

Well you should be in the hospital now hope all went well for you and i do believe we never forget how to care for our babies i was like that with DD3 after having a 5yr break i thought, OMG i dont know how to bath and BF i was stressing over such little things and after having her it all came back to me

The ages of my 2 youngest Dakota 2 and Jackson 9.5months they are so different to my older girls Courtney 8 and Chloe 6 who will be 7 in 8days

I do hope this thread keeps going even if it is the 2 of us but hopefully others will join in

Well the kids have being back at school now for 2weeks my first week was so peaceful and i got in to clean there room, my god the amount of crap you find in there room, there little horders  laughing2.gif well its being nearly 2weeks and so far they have learnt to keep it clean, but wonder how long it will last  laughing2.gif

Must go little jack  cry1.gif  good luck with everything and hope to hear from you soon


#16 poppypenny

Posted 31 July 2008 - 07:25 PM

Hi Leisa and Melissa,
I'm not sure if either of you are around anymore though.
I have a daughter born in 2000. I have children nearly the same ages as you, Leisa. Mine are 1990, 1993,1998 and 2000. We will probably have our last one next year.

#17 kidznco4

Posted 01 August 2008 - 10:12 PM

Hi poppypenny, we are still around, we are trying to get the thread back up and running, you to certainly have your hands full i to have being considering having #5 i would love to try for another boy as i already have 3 girls and 1 boy, the kids keep me young, are your pregnant atm or are you trying, look forward to getting to know you and welcome


#18 bubba5

Posted 01 August 2008 - 11:28 PM

Hi Melissa & PoppyPenny

Well little Lola & I have been home a week & gee its amazing how bizarre it is to have a new bub in the house again. You forget how tiny a package they come in. She is feeding 2hrly except for on day 7 she had a 4hr break, nearly wet myself with excitement but it was short lived of course laughing2.gif

Birth details & pic to follow of course  wink.gif

Lola Faith M
7lb 14oz
length 51cm
h/c 36cm

Our little honey child

Melissa I love all your childrens names, they are lovely. Jackson is adorable & looks so happy & full of mischief  wink.gif  laughing2.gif at little horders. Thats cute, I gave Miss B's room a makeover before i started decking out the nursery & she is pretty good with keeping it clean these days - it was back in Jan when i did it so she's not doing too badly. Every now & then i have to prompt her to clean it but she's usually pretty good.

PoppyPenny its cool to hear that our kids are close in ages. I started at a ypoung age & People freak out when i say i have 5 kids then nearly fall over backward when i say their ages. But the good thing about starting young was that we had the option to have Lola come join our family & I am so glad that we did. Completely besotted with her  wub.gif

Ok i had better get going - am typing this with one hand as she is attached to da booby & fallen asleep. Can catch some shut eye myself.

Take care ladies & BBS Leisa xox

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#19 kidznco4

Posted 02 August 2008 - 09:51 PM


Oh Leisa she is absolutely gorgeous, what a prescious gem i  wub.gif the name Lola, how are you feeling, recovered nicely.
She was a good size, she was the same length as Courtney and same weight as Dakota
Its so nice to start young i wish i had started young but i just hadnt found the right person to have children with, but now that i have i have 4 beautiful children and thinking of going for #5 but thinking i might wait till Jackson turns one than maybe start trying.

I bought Courtney a Nintendo ds with my tax money this yr and she has gone ape over it, and it was Chloe's bday last wednesday and i bought her a puppy a pommeranian x Chihiua he is a little black ball of fluff, once i get my main computer up and running ill post some pics for you, Courtney was a little jealous but she is fine now.

We are off to the sunshine coast tomorrow for a picnic at the beach, i just need to get out of the house,

Now that dh got his tax money i promised the girls that i would do there room up, they want purple and pink so ill be getting new bed spreads and new curtains and deck the room out in beanbags and pillows, they love to sit on the floor, they are so looking forward to doing it up, and it also makes them feel a little more grown up, as there room is the same since they were 4 and 5 so high time to do a makeover, wheres one of those home shows when you need them  laughing2.gif  

Anyway must go hi poppypenny how was your day today

Take care ladies and bbs


#20 Lizz

Posted 02 August 2008 - 09:56 PM

I didn't even know this group existed.  I was about to go and count DS2's teeth as he's a week or two younger than Emily (19th Jan 2000) then I realised how old the thread was! LOL

#21 kidznco4

Posted 04 August 2008 - 09:47 PM

Hi Lizz welcome, we are trying to start the thread back up, so please join in,  laughing2.gif at the checking teeth, i actually did that then realised how old the thread

Anyway im Melissa and have 4 children Courtney 4th Jan 2000, Chloe 30th June 2001 and Dakota just turned 2 and Jackson 10months, i live in QLD look forward to catching up


#22 bubba5

Posted 09 August 2008 - 09:22 AM

Hi Melissa

Thanks hon for your lovely comments about Lolly, we love her to bits, but struggling to find me time since we got home, hence why I'm rarely on EB these days.

Good to hear that things are going well in your fab household. Sounds like you got a good return on your tax. Mine was pathetic, think it was something like $84, guess its better than owing laughing2.gif

Love puppies, i have a little maltese X sh*tzu miniature - Marly, we love her to bits. Where in Qld are you? I'm on the outskirts of Brissy on 5 acres.

Hi Lizz & hope you are well Poppy?? Miss B (2000 baby) is being fantastic with her baby sister, although her behaviour outside of her sister has been rather frustrating at times, but nothing i wasn't expecting for this transitional period. My most disliked response & her most favourite response for just about anything these days is "What Ever" ahhhhhg its driving me mental but trying not to over react about it so it will hopefully die a sudden death - 2 weeks & counting - isn't that slow not sudden laughing2.gif

Do you have facebook? Here's my link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580061184 Have pics of both girls rooms that i did up for them b4 Lolly arrived. laughing2.gif at "wheres one of those home shows when you need them". Wouldn't that be lovely :dreaming:

Anyways take care ladies & pop back in when i can shrug.gif

Leisa xox

#23 kidznco4

Posted 09 August 2008 - 09:43 PM

Hi Leisa

Glad to here things going well, know what you mean about me time, my time is usually at night when kids are in bed, but for some reason they just wont go to bed tonight, we took them to the ekka today so i think there adrenaline is still running  laughing2.gif so there watching a movie to unwind.

We live out near Ipswich about 40min from Brisbane, nice 5 acres that is what we eventually want to move onto like to have plenty of space for the kids, sounds like your not to far eventually we should meet up when things are less stressful for you
I love little Maltese x sh*tzu my mum and dad have 2 sh*tzu, we looked at the Maltese x pups but ended up with the Pomeranian x he is so cute and such a good dog, he picks up training really well

Pleased to hear the kids are taking to Lola, Courtney (2000) is great with Jackson, she is like a little mum she will help me with anything, the only thing she doesnt like is when he crys as this annoys her  laughing2.gif I get the What ever comment from Chloe (2001) i like you just ignore it but it is frustrating as she does it just to annoy me, im so hoping it will pass.

Take care and Lizz and poppypenny


Ill catch up with you on facebook and check out your lovelly girls rooms, i have not yet started my girls room yet (secretly hoping makeover show will come in  laughing2.gif ), i have had them home sick this week and i havent had a car all week as it has being in at the repairers getting fixed so might see about doing something this week.

You take care and catch up next time your on
Have a great weekend and hope all of you are well and hope Lola is doing really well, i bet she has grown heaps


#24 NicKy2G

Posted 29 August 2008 - 12:43 AM

hi girls , i was the first to post on here after no one posting since 2007,
that is great you girls have kept it going i didnt reliise it had taken off after i posted it ,other wise i wuold have been on,
i was just think about my melenium baby wondering weather it was just her and had alittle chuckle to my self
when reading your post its good to here its not just us that has a little drama.
she is nearly 8 year in 16 days i cant believe it !
she is nearly as tall as my shoulders she is such a big girl now!

congratulations leisal on the baby!she is beutiful!

Melbourne has canceled 60% of all open heart surgery's due to a nurse shortage in ICU ,and their is now over 400 babies /children waiting for life saving open heart surgery at the moment. those poor mothers!(this is were a most of open hearts are done in aust.)

dd said to us today i wish Kynan wasn't here so i could have more cuddles! it really shocked me she loves her brother!

all the best!

#25 kidznco4

Posted 29 August 2008 - 11:02 AM

Hi Nicole

Welcome back, thanks for starting this up its nice to talk about your kids no matter what age they are, and i must admit i certainly have my problems with the two older ones.

Courtney my 8yr old is becoming quite moody, you would think she had the hormones for a 13yr old  laughing2.gif and Chloe my 7yr old is at the back chatting stage and say what ever when she feels like it, i would ask her to go something she would turn around and say no or do it later then i would say no tv or something that would make her do it straight away and she turns around and says what ever  rant.gif

Your children are lovely, and dont they grow fast

I cant believe how many children are waiting for open heart surgery, i am really surprised.

Hi Leisa, know you havent being in for awhile, how are things going with Lola, im sure she is growing very quickly, i finished the girls room finally so ill have to post a pic up for you, the girls especially Chloe  wub.gif  it

Hi Lizz and Poppy hope your are both doing well

Us - Well we are all just fighting the flus, it seems you get rid of it and it comes back this has to be the longest flu ever.  I had a massive spring clean of the house and have thrown so much stuff out, its amazing over time how much you collect or in my case throw in a cupboard and forget, now we are cleansed  laughing2.gif

Anyway must go hope you are all well catch up again soon


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