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#51 marsi

Posted 06 September 2007 - 01:43 PM

I have my preadmission appointment with them on Monday so will see what story they have then. rant.gif

I am pretty ready at my appointment with Armellin on Tue to ask if I can get in to JJ. This is reluctantly though as Calvary is 2 min from home and JJ is 15-20min. With a toddler in tow this is a bigger consideration. wacko.gif

Go girls for getting in to gear!!!

#52 Mel_Mac

Posted 06 September 2007 - 02:04 PM

I had a hint of this last night and whilst it's a start, it's still not really good enough is it!

The reality is that there just are not sufficient bedding arrangements/staffing numbers to cover the number of bookings.  It is a real shame because I know they have recieved numerous complaints, and some which are significant enough for them to be trying to find alternative solutions ASAP.  But really what on earth did they expect!

My friend who is booked into the public ward knew about the renos and had received a letter on Tuesday so perhaps some of them were sent staggered?

Maria - I hear you!  JJMH is about 30 minutes from our home whereas Calvary is 7-10!  It really does add a whole new dimension on in terms of Tim and Ayden visiting if I were to stay at JJMH.  At least with the Hyatt if I wanted they could stay too you know  laughing2.gif

Be interesting to see what information you get at your pre-admin appt.

I've got an action plan to bring on labour on the 24th September wink.gif  I am still meant to be at work that week but maybe I will get lucky and go into labour and miraculously have the baby 2.5-3 weeks early  blush.gif

#53 mia7

Posted 06 September 2007 - 02:27 PM

Sorry - forgot to mention I had asked about the staffing arrangements and whether due to the reduction in beds (and therefore their capacity) the staffing numbers would also be reduced.  I was told no - the same number would still be working the ward.

Consolation from today (trying to find a positive) was that out of the nine women at my session, only two were private patients, the other seven were public.

Mel - good luck with willing yourself into labour.  Unfortunately I am due in eight weeks so no chances of missing out on the renovation debacle! My hope is that I can avoid a c section and escape to the privacy and comfort of my own home as soon as possible!!


Re-reading my last post - I think I should clarify.  

My comment about the number of public patients at my session today was that I was hopeful that of women due in the next two months less would be private and therefore maybe there would be better chances of getting my own room - bit of a long shot but......

Just in case someone read it out of context.......

#54 jckalilvi

Posted 06 September 2007 - 06:33 PM

ok... well i have just returned from my last appt with Dr D grin.gif. One of the ladies in the waiting room asked if I was aware of the rennos and I said yes that they were from 2 October through to December. She advised that she had received a phone call from Calvary this week advising that rennos will start on 19 Sept  rant.gif . If this is the case, I will be mighty peeved... I am booked in on 18 Sept so I will be there mid upheaval... not happy rant.gif  rant.gif !!!

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#55 ~mimo~

Posted 06 September 2007 - 08:15 PM

SAHM I guess if that's true you can hope and hands.gif that they start moving public first as less upheaval to the private patients.

Odd that you didn't get a call. wacko.gif

I got one today from the Antenatal Clinic saying they haven't decided where the Oct/Nov classes will be yet as apparently it will be fairly noisy in the clinic (renos directly above I guess). rolleyes.gif

Good luck and I hope for your sake you get the stay you want. original.gif

#56 ~mimo~

Posted 07 September 2007 - 11:55 AM

Has anyone heard much about this?

Hyson Green is a modern 20 bed mental health facility, offering premier facilities including single rooms, single rooms with an ensuite, executive suite accommodation and a separately designed post natal depression suite. There are also consulting rooms, large dinning and lounge rooms, therapy rooms and recreational facilities.

It's on the Calvary website under the private maternity section. Don't know if it's an option for those of you that will be affected.

Apparently dates are confirmed as 2 October - 26 November.

#57 Mel_Mac

Posted 07 September 2007 - 12:08 PM

Mimo - Hyson Green is the Mental health facility at Calvary so I'd say it's probably not an option.  They are sensational for dealing with post-natal depression, depression, anxiety issues and the like.  As it is though they are usually at full-capacity.

#58 mia7

Posted 07 September 2007 - 12:27 PM

Hi All

I just checked my mail box on the way out to the office - and there was another letter from Calvary.  I'm assuming this is the update/Q&A letter that was promised.  Essentially there isn't a lot of information that we don't already know.  

Key bits:
  • Private patients will be moved to the 6th floor
  • If demand for private maternity services follows the usual pattern,  they will be able to provide a single room on the 6th floor.

There is an attached Q&A sheet with five commonly asked questions.  I didn't really get anything new from this.  The Qs were - why can't I have a single room?  Why weren't we told earlier?  Why don't you do the work room by room over a longer time frame?  How long are the renovations scheduled for? and If I chose to go home early, can I still have the midwifery visits and assistance with nappy or cleaning services?  (This is the Q I was interested in - particularly assistance with cleaning - the answer, a very informative 'Yes'.  What does that mean?

It doesn't talk about how many rooms are allocated or the number that will have double bed facilities.  Being annoying, I'm going to write again and seek some further clarification (and hope that I don't get blacklisted as a trouble maker and sent to the 4th floor as punishment!)

#59 Mel_Mac

Posted 07 September 2007 - 12:34 PM

If demand for private maternity services follows the usual pattern, they will be able to provide a single room on the 6th floor.

What the heck does that mean?

Mia, I am about to follow up Sue McKee to request an ETA on a response to my email.  I'll be with you on the 4th floor  laugh.gif  laughing2.gif  - hahaha!

#60 mia7

Posted 07 September 2007 - 12:48 PM

Maybe we could be roomies? laughing2.gif

#61 ~mimo~

Posted 07 September 2007 - 12:52 PM

Mel, thanks for that re Hyson Green, I didn't realise. wacko.gif

Just sent Sue an email (my first lol) just asking exactly what is involved/included in the midwifery visits and the nappy/cleaning services.

I also asked if we get bubbly and chocolates. tongue.gif

Will let you know when/if I get a response.

I suppose we are at least getting a separate floor now. unsure.gif

If demand for private maternity services follows the usual pattern, they will be able to provide a single room on the 6th floor.
I'm guessing they are goinbg by births in previous years? Despite someone (I think you Mel) mentioned this time period being busy for babies.... blink.gif All just too hard!

#62 Mel_Mac

Posted 07 September 2007 - 01:31 PM

Mia - Yep, that'd be right wouldn't it original.gif  Both the whingers get slotted in the same room original.gif  Nah, we couldn't be their worst though. I believe they have had some threats from people going to the ACCC!!!

Mimo - We also need to lobby them for the dessert trolley back wink.gif

Edited by Mel_Mac, 07 September 2007 - 01:33 PM.

#63 mia7

Posted 07 September 2007 - 01:32 PM

OK - just had a very lovely chat to Sue's EA.  

There are 10 single rooms (as previously thought) on the 6th floor.  Most of these will have double beds - only one or two can't fit a double bed in.

The midwife/nappy/cleaning Q - if you go home early (classified as less than 3 days) then you will have a midwife visit you ('a couple of visits') and you will have a choice of either $100 cleaning services or $100 worth of nappy service or disposables.

We are allowed to visit the sixth floor - I was told Sunday afternoons you could go to the sixth floor and ask to see a room (being mindful that they haven't yet moved all of the surgical patients.)

I'm starting to feel a bit better about the situation.  I guess now it's just a matter of wait and see........

#64 jckalilvi

Posted 07 September 2007 - 01:38 PM

I believe they have had some threats from people going to the ACCC!!!

unsure.gif  unsure.gif The husband of one of the other couples that were waiting in Dr D's rooms last night did mention this!!

Edited to say.. I think I am just going to go with the flow now and hope that my birth experience at Calvary will be just as wonderful as my other births at the Mater and Wesley Private in Brisbane. Still have my fingers crossed that I will sneak in before the rennos start, who knows!! For those of you due just after me....go girls grin.gif , stand your ground!!

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#65 Mel_Mac

Posted 07 September 2007 - 01:41 PM

Yep, it's sounding better, I agree original.gif

Now to hope that when we deliver there is not a shortage of rooms biggrin.gif

I can tell you guys another snippet which does not benefit us at all but will be wonderful for future patients.....

One of the birth suites that is being renovated will include a huge bath to accomdoate birthing women and their partners.  I thought that was pretty cool original.gif

I have connections at the ACCC so wonder what they could tell me  laughing2.gif  laughing2.gif

#66 ~mimo~

Posted 11 September 2007 - 11:49 AM

Anyone received a response to their latest email? unsure.gif

I sent mine Friday lunch, so I guess not a great deal of time to be waiting.... mellow.gif

#67 Mel_Mac

Posted 11 September 2007 - 01:19 PM

Nope, still no reply for me, despite sending a follow up email  rant.gif

Anyone else see the article in the Canberra Times on Saturday where Sue McKee was qouted as saying the changes won't have any affect on us!!  Hmmmm, no affect indeed!

Saw Dr D yesterday and he agreed that the PR aspect has been appaling but did alleviate some of my concerns regarding the accomodation aspect.

Edited by Mel_Mac, 11 September 2007 - 01:19 PM.

#68 mia7

Posted 11 September 2007 - 01:31 PM

Hi Mel

Had heard about a weekend article but haven't yet had a chance to dig through the paper.

Do you mind me asking what Dr D told you to make you feel better?  


#69 Mel_Mac

Posted 11 September 2007 - 02:17 PM

Hi Mia original.gif

To be honest probably nothing too substantial I guess as I was so tired yesterday arvo that I could barely sling two words together.  But I mentioned to him that I am having this baby in Cairns on my holiday (am heading there tomorrow) seeing as there will be no bed for me in Canberra  laughing2.gif  He basically said that I shouldn't worry and that they are certainly trying to work out the debacle they have created!!  He was quite calm when he said that and I just said, so I'll get my own room then and he said "that's the plan".  

It was such a funny appt.  I had so many things to talk about but then by the time I got into his room I was feeling like I'd been hit by a freight train and pretty much just said "can I go to Cairns" hahahaha to which he said "yes" hahaha, so other than the snippet about the hospital that was about it.

Sorry, that's not treally much help is it.  I think I just love Jakub so much he could say "there will be no bed and you will be delivering in the carpark" and I'd be like  wub.gif "ok"  ph34r.gif

#70 ~mimo~

Posted 11 September 2007 - 02:27 PM

Have fun on your holiday Mel, make sure you have the phone number of the hospital in your phone just incase!! tongue.gif

When are you back?

PS If you do have your bub at Calvary, do we all have to come in and visit every night with dessert? laughing2.gif

Edited by ~mimo~, 11 September 2007 - 02:27 PM.

#71 Mel_Mac

Posted 11 September 2007 - 02:34 PM

Back next Thursday original.gif  It's my cousins wedding on Sunday and I am the MC which is providing a number of laughs in my family and stress for me!  

I honestly can't find any CLEAN wedding jokes!!  I would go with some of the funny ones but my grandparents will be there and I am trying to weigh up the laughs value against my inheritance  tongue.gif

Anyway, I have looked at hospitals in Palm Cove and there are some lovely ones there I must say wink.gif  It's SO unlikely though so plan B is that my osteo may start accupuncture next weekend when I will be over 37 weeks.  The other thing is that my EDD is a little funny anyway as we never went with the date of my LMP but rather the date I *think* conception occurred so I am either 36 weeks now or 37 weeks now so either way i'll try natural methods for a september baby original.gif

ETA:  Oooh, and yes please for dessert biggrin.gif

Edited by Mel_Mac, 11 September 2007 - 02:35 PM.

#72 chat

Posted 11 September 2007 - 03:46 PM

Had heard about a weekend article but haven't yet had a chance to dig through the paper.

Mia I will scan it in tonight and post it in here.

#73 sparkle77

Posted 11 September 2007 - 04:27 PM

Hello ladies,

I have been following the Calvary story and I just wanted to say I hope you can get the private rooms and services you want (and are paying for!  I am hoping that the renovations don't drag on, and that I can enjoy the new facilities and big birth suite!

Just one question, I am booked in to see Dr D late next month, whn I'm about 17 weeks.  I haven't seen him before (this is my first) and only booked in following some strong recommendations in the ACT forum.  You all seem so happy and impressed with him.  But what exactly does he do that is so amazing and wonderful? The more you ladies rave, the more excited I am getting about meeting him!

Edited by sparkle77, 11 September 2007 - 04:27 PM.

#74 Shadowess

Posted 11 September 2007 - 06:21 PM

Sparkle, well, from my perspective, i like that he's easy going, and listens to me, and is open to what I want to have happen with me and my baby. He's very much of the opinion that it's my body, and my baby, and i can make informed choices about what happens. Also, i had a pretty traumatic birth experience (22 hours of labour, a failed ventuse, and then a c-section where I could feel everything that he was doing), and I felt completely supported the whole way through. He gave me options for progressing the labour, and was proactive in getting things happening. I also ended up with a uterus infection, and had to go back to hospital. He was great with that as well.

I'm with Mel, on the "I love Dr D, and would do anything he says" front.  tongue.gif I'm looking forward to seeing him again next week, when I go for my 6-8 week check up.

#75 pantherbaby

Posted 11 September 2007 - 07:31 PM

ph34r.gif  Hi Sparkle
I am another DrD fan and have used him for all 3 births.
When I was preg the first time round I had never heard of him as he was fairly new to Canberra so was a bit apprehensive so see him (I also had a backup OB so I could choose which one felt best). From the first meeting I knew he suited us. I found him very approachable, calming and reasuring during my numerous hospital visits and actually during the births, I also felt that I was treated as a person not just the next paitent in the waiting room. Everyone that I have recommended him to also feel the same way.
I have my final post-birth check with him next week and actually feel sad that it will be our last appointment.

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