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October 'Older' Mums and Mums-To-Be

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#1 Bluemist

Posted 01 October 2007 - 06:00 AM

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an asteroid hurtling from outer space?? NO! Its new thread time original.gif

Link to September thread

Link to Oldies TTC thread


SHER34 - TTC # 2
JOK1812 -TTC # 2
41MUM-please update me

Pregnant Mums:

DARLO-#3 DUE 26TH FEB 2007
KAS-EDD 21/10/2007
NICKIH- please pm me with your details
JAHBEE-#3 due EDD 19 NOVEMBER 2007
JILL37-#2 DUE 6TH MARCH 2008

Babies Born:
KAS-Alexia Rose 11th October 2007
KAZZA66- Maddison Sally-Anne 25th September 2007
OLLIANDY-Isabella Mary Rae 31st Aug 2007
BONDGAL008-Saska Kala 31st Aug 2007
INBAMNS-Baby boy 10th June 2007
MIFFYMOO-Oliver Paul 19th May 2007
STAR276- Alexandra Grace 20th March 2007
MAZZALEXROBYN-Robyn born 23rd Jan 2007 @ 5.15pm 8lb 6oz
YELLOWROSE - Asha Lara 15th Jan 2007
CORDU68 - Jason Oliver Born 25 December 2006
ANNA-NT - Eve Jasmine Rose born 2nd November 2006
MS FLIB - Stella Antonia born 31 October 2006
FIONA40 - Finn Jacques Born 31st July 2006
OLIVERSMUM- Oliver James Born 20th July 2006
LOTZY - Cooper John Born 3rd June 2006
MAXNJACKSMUM- Max 19th May 2006
CLAIRE36 - William Jack born 6th May 2006
BANANA PEEL – Lauren Paige born 19th Feb, 06
GABISMAMA - Gabrielle born - 13 Feb 2006
CRISTAL - Luka Bonnie born 21st November 2005
SLJ - Haydn Anthony born 8th November, 2005.
WISHINGSTAR - Amy Lyn born August 23rd, 2005.
SAMBAMBINO - Coco Feona born August 22nd, 2005
LOHLA – Liam James born 9 August 2005
JAHBEE - Dylan John born 9 August 2005
HARRO - Peter Ian Born May 30, 2005.
CHRISSY36 - Gorgi Louise Born May 28th, 2005.
CATHY44 - Isabella Mary born September 28th,2005.
SYDPROD2001 - Phillippa Louise Born 9th May, 2005.
BLUEMIST – Alina Joan Born 4th April, 2005.
GUMMYBEAR - Brock Born 4th April, 2005.
KFOGO - Nicholas David Born 15th March, 2005
VICTORIA1394 - Jade born on Valentines Day!YEAR????
HEIDIH - Miranda 20th Jan 2005
MAZZEE - Gabrielle born 23rd October, 2004.

Any changes or donations of chocolate please pm me original.gif


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#2 ♥MazzAlexnRobyn

Posted 01 October 2007 - 09:39 AM


Hi everyone
where did september go wow its getting close to Xmas already  this year has just flown by sad.gif my baby girl is now 8 months she is crawling & standing up ohmy.gif
DH is off to SA for 2 weeks but could be longer ?? work need him there sad.gif tha girls will miss him too sad.gif

#3 mrs*p

Posted 02 October 2007 - 07:08 PM

Hi ya girls

Just thought that I would update you on what has been going on for me in the last couple of days.

Had another biggish bleed last night, just before bed. Didn't sleep to well as wondering whether it was going to turn into another bleed like last Sunday. Anyhoo, rang the OB-1-Knobi this morning to tell him about the new bleed and also the report from the sonographer (SKG) from last weekend, he said that he is positive that SKG would have grossly overdiagnosed and that to ease my mind that I should come in and see him today at 12:15. Best thing I ever did, he had a look at the scans that SKG did and the report and he said that he bets that they are wrong. It is possible that they may be on to something ie: the placenta accreta but that we will deal with it when the baby arrives. He then did another scan in his rooms and even though SKG said that they couldn't see a haematoma last weekend the OB said that he could see one on the screen. He said that the type of bleeding that I had last night sounded like a bruise coming out which is what the haematoma is and that I might get some more bleeding.

Soooo, I have to take a chill pill and try not to get stressed out.

Next scan is in 3 weeks time (19 weeks) so I will be interested to see what is going on then.

I must admit that I feel much better after speaking to the "Oh Wise One".

Looks like it's work for me tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good night and week.


#4 CascadeLily

Posted 02 October 2007 - 07:47 PM

Hi gals - work has been stupidly busy and my folks were visiting for the past four days, so I'm really out of the loop.

Nicky g'day. Don't worry, I think we all worry about things going wrong and a big bleed would send my mind racing, so you're not along there!!! Sounds like your OB is very sensible and experienced, so some reassurance there. Hope things settle down for you soon and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

Not a lot going on here. Am very tired after the visit from my parents and working very long hours. Going to watch taped Idol tonight and crash. Will BBL during the week a lot sparkier I hope!

#5 Bloomer

Posted 03 October 2007 - 12:30 AM

Nicky sounds like you have  great OB and totally relaxed that is great.

I have been off line since friday as I have been ill.  Luckily I was fine Friday after noon as it was Bella's birthday being in a strange country with no family or friends around i wondered how we could make her day special.  It was wonderful, we have been staying in serviced appartments for 3 months(I know too long) so I arranged for huge cake.  Normally I make them.  Asked all the people who were around to have cake.  A few have become friends and they gave her little presents, the hotel even bought Bella a cake as well. We haven't even opened it as I have been in bed with high temps since then.  The kids and DH have been eating the cake we bought.

must update my sig now.. this is the latest is have been awake in ages..

#6 Jill35

Posted 03 October 2007 - 09:25 AM

Morning ladies.
Happy October. Gotta love school holidays, travelling to work is just that much easier and quicker!
Nicky - I'd panic too if that happened to me I'm glad your obs is down to earth and reassuring. Your next scan will be perfect you just wait and see.
Hi Lily, Cathy MazzAlexnRobyn and Bluemist. I'ev had the flu last week ( the pits aint it) and it sounds like everyones had it.
Cathy - another Cake story! You're making me hungry girl! It must've been gratifying to you for Bellas birthday to be special when you had your doubts.
Lily, I'm about to go down to my parents in Tassie for a few days - they so can't wait to play with DS, and I can't wait for them to 'take over' ( they will) so i can just mooch about - fine by me.
MazzAlexnRobyn - I hate it when my DH goes away for work , and its usually only for a couple of days. 2 weeks sounds like a long time when your'e doing it all on your own. Hope the time flys.
Bluemist - Looks like were living parallel lives. My son was born in APril, and tis babuy is due a few days before yours! We'll both have 2 kids under 2. WHat are we thinking??
I had an amnio done nearly 2 weeks ago and I get the results tomorrow. Feeling more than a bit nervous about the results even though the initial tests came back clear. Wish me luck everyone.

#7 oliversmum

Posted 03 October 2007 - 11:49 AM

hi everyone!
not much going on with me except work and teething atm...
cant believe its october already,
nicky... l was thinking too that your obs sounds like he is very on the ball so least you are in the right hands.best of luck for you
lilywashere... yeah its so tiring when you have someone staying, l just recently had my mil staying only for a few days but that really made me tired.
cathy... hope your on the mend now, doesnt it make you feel so great when your better again, l think we take our health for granted, cos you feel like a new woman when you get well again!oh yumm that cake is just making me hungry, it must be really hard staying in apartments with little ones too, you are doing well.
jill, hey me too for 2 kids under 2, well in feb 2008 anyway, will be easier in the long run though, well thats what people are telling me laughing2.gif

#8 SLJ

Posted 03 October 2007 - 04:12 PM

Hi All

Busily catching up on some paperwork and thought I'd drop in and see how everyone was.
Not a great deal happening here, plugging along at work covering everyone on holidays except me  rant.gif

The hurricane is driving me to distraction of late, getting too smart for his own good me thinks.

thinking of taking Haydn to one of the little shows happening at the minute, to see the animals and such, our local show although small by city standards is still way too big, expensive and side showy, so we thought one of the little ones might be of more interest to him at the moment. And it is a day away.

Mazz -  ohmy.gif don't mention the C word. Don't want to know about it. We have Haydns 2nd birthday to get sorted over before then.....can't believe my little man will be 2 in a few weeks.. cry1.gif

Nicky - big hugs I would be a nervous wreck in your situation but then I am an incorrigable worrier. Your OB sounds wonderful and very reassuring. Hope it all settles down for you soon.

Lily- Work and visitors, I'm stuffed with just work.  rolleyes.gif

Cathy - Happy Birthday Isabella!! Sounds like it was a good day despite being away. Hope you're feeling better.

Jill - Fingers crossed the amnio results are back soon and you can get some piece of mind.

Bluemist / Jill - can't believe you girls are so far along! it is flying by.

Olivers mum - the year is just disappearing, February seems to be hurtling towards us... tongue.gif

Ok best go finish my paperwork so I can head home.

#9 littleman

Posted 03 October 2007 - 04:47 PM

i really shoudl have poppe din alot soner, this pregnacy has driven me around teh bend, been most sick ever, and now only have 11 more sleeps( if you call insomnia sleeping) till I have my c/sec.

Again i promise to come back for proper personals soon, isort of dont knwo where the time has gone but also why its taken so long lol.

#10 CascadeLily

Posted 03 October 2007 - 06:04 PM

Hi gals. Too zonked for personals.

Just want to say good luck for the amnio results Ash and also for the c/sec littleman.


#11 Bloomer

Posted 03 October 2007 - 10:59 PM

Yes it is wonderful when you feel better. I was lying in bed and wondering if I was ever going to get better when i woke on the 3rd morning and my temp was 39.. DH's attitude is you just keep on powering through these things which I think i was doing until Bella's birthday was over when I relaxed and it hit me hard.  Apparently a few people at his work have it and have passed it onto their partners now..

i am of course feeling a lot better a bit shakey but heaps better..

#12 tracychook

Posted 04 October 2007 - 10:12 AM

Hey there - newbie to EB dropping in to say hi.  I'm 37, partner is 34 and our first is due 30 October - so not long to go!  And of coure the fear of labour is starting to kick in big time. I know I just have to deal with it to get to the good part at the end, but the closer it gets the more I remember the bad parts of helping my best friend give birth to her first in 2000.  I suspect I'll be screaming for an epidural pretty quickly!

#13 oliversmum

Posted 04 October 2007 - 10:58 AM

welcometracychook, gee very close to the mark, do wish you the very best have only had 2 C/S myself but have been in labour, lm sure you will do fine and the best thing is you get the greatest gift of all at the end of it all so you forget all the rest smile1.gif !
welcome to EB and hope to hear from you in the future
littleman....how exciting, will be thinking of you....after 10 sleeps.

#14 CascadeLily

Posted 05 October 2007 - 07:33 PM

Cathy, hope you're feeling much better soon! Horrible to be that sick - esp when you have to be 'up' for birthdays and things.

Tracychook good luck for the next few weeks - I hope they go smoothly and calmly!

Zonked again after a big week at work. Also had dreadful PMS and now have a horrid AF. Blergh. Am feeling fat and horrible. Better drink more wine I think!

#15 SLJ

Posted 07 October 2007 - 04:09 PM

Hi All

Just a quick one to let you know I am still around!  wink.gif

Have had gastro go through the house again in the last few days, myself included, first Haydn then me now looks like DP is in for it too. Couldn't even keep water down for a couple of days, very nasty, but looks like we are over the worst of it now.

ok best go and catch up on housework I haven't done while sick  sad.gif Good luck to all those close to having their bubs!  biggrin.gif Hope to get back in through the week and check on everyone.

#16 Mumto3cheekyboys

Posted 07 October 2007 - 09:18 PM

Hello Everyone

I am official considered an older mum from today as I turned 36 today so I hope that you do not mind me posting in here. I am a mum to three cheeky boys and I work part time at the moment. If you do not want me to post in here just let me know.  I wont be offended.

I hope that everyone is well.

Take Care

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#17 Dora3

Posted 08 October 2007 - 01:51 PM

Hi all,

I was hoping to pick your brains/wisdom on some older mums and labour stuff.......

I am 42 and have had a previous caesar for placenta praevia in oct 2005, was thinking of trying for a vbac with my second due in november.

Not sure of the real pitfalls of labour with older mums having a first time labour
are we more likely to tear?
less likely to dilate?
what effects do age really have? if any?

not sure of  this is the right board to ask this?????? feel free to point me in another direction if needed.

hard to make a decision when I get the feeling most people think i am mad to contemplate a vbac and should just go another caesar. i get the feeling this is solely due to my age.

#18 purplebilby

Posted 08 October 2007 - 01:57 PM

didn't even know this thread existed, saw the OLDER MUMS bit and just had to have a look.

i have just hit the big 4 0 and have a 10.5 month old bilby, she's my first and probably only bub, just started crawling and saying Dad dad.

Despite hearing about all these older mothers around, in my mother's groups IRL (two) i am the only person over 26!!!!  so i feel very ancient, with the baby that these mums thought must either be my "mistake" baby, after my non-existent grown up kids, or my grandchild!!!

#19 Bloomer

Posted 08 October 2007 - 04:45 PM

Dora, not sure but I have had two VB one at 42 and the other at 45..  DD1(2.97kilos) was in a rush to come and I had 1 stitch and basically the same for DD2 who was almost a kilo heavier(3.820).  I am not sure but we really shouldn't have too amny extra worries with the exception that because Menopause is closer I think all the problems that come with that come quicker. I beleive things can losen up.

GF's mum had a prolapsed uterus with the birth of her third child, She was in her late 20's I think.  Her daughter only had one child at 40 and had the same problem.  Not sure that it was just genetics or age.

#20 Dora3

Posted 08 October 2007 - 07:17 PM

thanks for that.I am thinking its a bit of a lucky dip with tearing and the whole labour process, no-one seems to be able to predict much until you do it biggrin.gif

#21 Jill35

Posted 09 October 2007 - 09:30 AM

Hi everyone. Lots of new friends! SOrry its been a while, I've been caught up in general boring things like renovations, work, toddlers, blah blah blah.
Am feeling fat and horrible. Better drink more wine I think!
You betcha, the only antidote for having a PMS driven day ( or just for getting through it). Shame the same solution doesn't apply when your up the duff...... I feel permanently fat and horrible..... tea just doesn't cut it like a good shiraz...can I substitute with a packet of TOOBS or a Wagonwheel?

Purplebilby - I joined the old chicks group for the same reasons as you - I'm 37 and felt ancient in my Due In Group - also the posts move so fast that unless you log in a few times a day, you miss stuff and get left behind. In here, we're about mid range!! Nice to meet you.

Happy Birthday 3cheekys for Sunday. I'll have 2 cheeky boys by Feb next year ( 2 under 2), I'll be asking you for survival tips as my bump gets bigger and my nerves get more frayed...!
Dora - howdy.I can't help with our questions as I had a CS, but I know of quite a few gals that had VB's in their 40's and they had no worse or better experiences, I think its a general confidence thing like Cathy has pointed out.
Hi Cathy - Hope veryone in your household has recovered from the flu. YOu must be due back in OZ soon?
Hi SLJ - glad that you cant pass on that gastro virus by the internet... we've all had the flu and are now in the grip of the 100 years cough - all night someone is hacking away (TMI) I'd hate to be our neighbours!
Traceychook - welcome and how exciting. Hope your feeling ok - the last few weeks are the longest. I went 2 weeks overdue with DS as well  so even tho you are due on 30/10, you may still be in here in November! For your sake, I hope I'm wrong....
Hi Oliversmum - you always know what to say! I'm going in for my 2nd cs with this baby, but I also rememer what labour was like, and you when they hand you that baby, all is forgotten.

Me - Getting bigger. I refuse to wear maternity clothes just yet, they make you look just another bit bigger again, and I'm trying to avoid unnecessary frumpiness - still trying to look corporate and professional ( like who am I fooling?)DS has started sining his own version of Twinkle Twinkle, just adorable.... handmovements and everything - not bad for a boy who's not yet 18 months.
ANyway, better go and do some work. I'm the boss today, best I set the appropriate productive example.
HAve a great day everyone.

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#22 KAS

Posted 09 October 2007 - 01:31 PM

Hi Ladies,
Just poping in quick to say I am having bubs on Thursday via c/s. Will update you all once I am home.
Sorry I haven't had much chance to post or keep up with everyone lately.
Hope you are all travelling well.

#23 Bloomer

Posted 09 October 2007 - 05:48 PM

Another Oct baby good luck..

Nope now DH has collapsed with the flu.  Tried to come home tomorrow but every plane (and airline) is fully booked disappointed aussies returning from the world cup.  As it turns out might not have been a pleasant flight if DH is not well. Though the flight back will not be pleasant anyway as it is fully booked and we do not have a seat for Bella.  Was ok on the way over as it was a pretty empty plane and had a spare seat.  Hopefully we will at least be well.  the girls were both sick on the way over.  

Did you know if they turn two on you holiday you do not have to buy them a seat.. shame I was hoping we would have had to buy a seat and send the bill to DH's work.  Might still do that, especially if DH is unable to come home with us.

Have a great time all we are quiet, would really like some sleep myself but all rooms are occupied at the moment.  DH must be sick he is actually sleeping during the day and that is unheard of for him.  Must pay some bills.

I am a little sad, here I am an old chook having babies relatively easyily and my friend has just had a blighted ouvum on about her 5th IVF cycle for her second.  It must be so disappointing for them.  Is there anything that can make someone feel better.  My approach is to give some space but not too much unfortunately i am na long way away.

#24 CascadeLily

Posted 11 October 2007 - 08:02 AM

Morning original.gif

We've had a house full of sickies here too. Gastro blergh blergh  sick.gif  sick.gif not me thank god, but DH and Romily. I now have had a headache for two days, so it's not been a lot of fun!

Sorry no time for personals - really should get my butt into the shower and go to work!

#25 tracychook

Posted 11 October 2007 - 03:11 PM

Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.

Lily, SLJ, Cathy - hope you're all over your various lurgies, or at least on the on the way up.

And Lily and Jill35 - god yes I miss wine!  And soft cheeses, and ham and salad sandwiches, and sushi!  I swear while I'm in hospital I'm sending DH out to get me a different lunch each day that I haven't been able to have for the last 8 months - there'll be at least one sushi feast consumed from my hospital bed!  And once I've recovered from the birth, my girlfriends are organising a wine tour in the local area for me - so I'll have to learn how to express pretty quickly so I can enjoy myself on that one!

And I'm feeling amazingly fine.  I figured I'd have some problems during the pregnancy being 37 and pregnant for the first time, but it's been fine.  The morning sickness wasn't great - but I had it way easier than lots of friends younger than me who've had kids.  And my back and everything is holding together well - hips are getting a bit sore when sleeping but that's about it.  The worst has actually been in the last month where I've gotten more snuffly in the sinuses on top of my hayfever, so DH has had to head off the spare bedroom about every second night because my breathing keeps him awake.  As long as he's well rested before bub arrives I'm very OK with him doing that!

It's my 2nd week off work now and I think I'd be less busy and tired if I'd stayed at work!  There's workshops at the hospital (yesterday was breastfeeding), various medical appointments (dentist, orthodontist, optometrist, osteopath, GP for my hayfever medication, not to mention the obstetrician), just finished the baby shopping yesterday...I think, car services booked in, etc.  And because I'm home we're booking in all the service/repair type stuff we couldn't get done with both of us working - septic system, water pumps and ride on mower all need servicing, hot water system seems to be chewing up an awful lot of electricity so need to get that looked at too, vet to come out to give our goats a once over and while she's here see why our cat has been off her food the last couple of days.  Dear god, all this plus a baby soon - what are we getting ourselves into!  original.gif

But felt like I achieved something today - I'm painting the nursery and got a huge chunk of it done this morning.  Just one more coat then onto the skirting boards and trim which will be fairly easy - at least I can sit cross legged on the floor for that which is more comfortable than up on the ladder or stool!  And why isn't DH doing the painting I hear you ask?  He's studying this semester and is behind on his assignments - so while I'd love him to be doing the painting, his main job is to get those assignments done before the baby arrives!!  We're only painting half way up the wall to add a bit of colour to the room, so it's not a lot of painting which is good.

But thankfully I have no appointments booked until Tuesday next week, so with any luck I should be able to paint the nursery in the mornings and have time to nap in the afternoon for the next few days - bliss!

Anyway better head off now to check on the chickens.  I think one of our chooks has gone broody - if she's still sitting in one of the nesting boxes (on a golf ball - I took her egg) when I get up there, instead of napping this afternoon I'll have to head to the pet shop to get a cage to put her in for the next few days to snap her out of it.

Look after yourselves everyone!

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