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Choking on mucus, What Do I Do?

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#1 Kailey47

Posted 21 October 2007 - 03:15 AM


My 6month old has had a runny nose and slight temp over the last 24hrs. She has also been incredibly unsettled (understandable considering the temp and nose) I had put it down to teething as I am pretty sure she has another 2 teeth coming through.

Tonight after I finally got her to bed, she woke up crying at about 12.30am I went to check on her and she was still asleep but obviously congested and not breathing well. I went to find the vapouriser and when I came back in the room she was awake and choking on the mucus, (This happened in hosipital when she was 3days old aswell) Her eyes were rolled back in her head and everything. After I got her breathing properly again and cleared as much as I could out of her chest I gave her some Demazin (Chemist Brand) put the vapouriser on and put her back in bed (she didn't want cuddles at all, was happier to lie in bed with her blankie. She lied there breathing slowly (as in taking slow deep breaths) and drifted off to sleep.

Then 30mins ago, the same thing woke up to her crying and when I got to the room she was really congested again and felt very hot. I went and got the thermometer and took temp it was 37.5, so picked her up and tried to clear her throat but no success, so went and got some panadol to try and bring her temp down and then she gagged on it started choking again, so cleared her throat ou and tried to clear her chest out (get her to cough it up whilst over my lap) once she had clamed down and was breathing a little better i tried the panadol again but she started gagging again, so I have left it.

But now I really don't know what to do with her, I feel safer having her in her cot rather than with me as we have a breathing monitor. But if this keeps happening what do I do, as I can't just keep getting up to her choking through the night..... Any advice.... And what temp do i start to worry at....

Thanks & Cheers

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#2 Kailey47

Posted 21 October 2007 - 05:04 AM

Anyone... Only had about an hours sleep, she crys if I put her down. have tried giving her water but no interested, should I try formula....


#3 skae

Posted 21 October 2007 - 05:17 AM

I *think* you are doing everything you can for the mucus problem. Have you raised her cot (either put phone books under the head end of the cot, or put a pillow under her mattress) so that she can breathe easier?

As for the temp, you dont need to be too worried until her temp reaches 39-40C.

Hope you both get some sleep tonight!

#4 EB34

Posted 21 October 2007 - 05:17 AM

Ring health direct and ask them!

Hope it gets better soon


#5 VJs Mummy

Posted 21 October 2007 - 06:28 AM

I agree withh the raised cot suggestion, you are doing everything you can the only thing that worked for the nurses to get xavier back to sleep when he was congested was to put him on side in a anti roll pillow and rub his back. Panodal didnt work for him so they said nurofen for temp or lukewarm bath ( u probably already know this)
Hope she feels better soon if it gets to bad u should go to the docs goodluck and hope your getting some sleep now

#6 Kailey47

Posted 21 October 2007 - 07:08 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, her bed is already elevated as she is a bad reflux baby. ended up putting her in her rocker and i laid on the lounge, she was happy like that as long as my hand was on her and she could see me, could keep her more upright then the cot to.

Her sister is playing with her at the moment, dancing around like an idiot and Hayley loves it. Her temp has gone down too, so hopefully she'll be able to have a good sleep today so i can.

Mum-in-Awe - Don't think we have a health direct in NSW. someone tell me if we do as i'd love to have the number. My only issue with those help lines is they always seem to tell me to go hospital, and with a 3yr old aswell and DH not home thats easier said than done, everytime I have gone to hospital on their advice I have ended up sitting in the waiting area for hours on end to be told go home and give them panadol, see your gp if it doesn't get better. So a bit reluctant to call them now.


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#7 Guest_JoJoJoey_*

Posted 30 October 2007 - 09:23 PM

How is she now?

DD has had one cold after another since starting child care three months ago.  Her cot is always elevated these days, as just as we think she's all better less than a week later and it's elevated again.  

When she gets bad the mucous makes her cough all night.  She ended up throwing up because of it Sunday night.  Our GP suggested Otrivin Junior nose drops.  It helps to dry up the mucous. Might be worth trying.

#8 fionaw1

Posted 31 October 2007 - 09:09 AM

I hear you!!  I hate it when my reflux bubs gets colds!  They seem to suffer much worse with the mucous.

My health nurse gave me this tip to help clear out the mucous during the day...do it in the MORNING.

Turn them over on their tummy across your knees and about 2 fingers below the bottom of their ribs just tap the back with the sides of your hands.  You kind of cup your hands with your fingers together in a 'C' shape and use the side of the little finger and palm IYKWIM.  This works to bring up the mucous and you'll find her cough is a lot more mucousy.  This works a treat, but NEVER do it at night!  I made that mistake and, of course, the mucous came up beautifully all night and it was a BAD night!!  If you do it in the morning, it should clear a lot of it out for a better sleep at night.

Good luck!

#9 mellyg

Posted 01 November 2007 - 08:48 PM

Hi there,

The same thing happened to my so (11 months) 2 weeks ago except he made himself sick trying to get the mucus up. I woke up at midnight to the sound of him gagging and found him on all fours with the cot covered in vomit and he was choking - it was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me. I grabbed him out of the cot and stuck my fingers in his mouth and dragged out the longest piece of mucus. I passed him to my husband and called Mona Vale hospital. The nurse at emergency suggested that I keep him at home as there was nothing they could do until morning - no x rays etc. So we cleaned him up and put him back to bed, 2 hrs later, same thing again. Cleaned him up again changed the sheets and put him back to bed. This time I took some cushions into his room and slept next to the cot, as I was scared I wouldn't be able to hear him. He did it once again during the night but by this time was really frightened so I pulled his mattress out of the cot and put it on the floor next to me. I put one of my pillows on it to try and elevate him a little and he slept next to me on the floor. By the time morning came he seemed a bit better but after each meal he would cough about 3 times and on the 3rd  make himself sick and throw everything up. I went to the doctor and she thought it was from him having mucus on his chest and advised to keep up his fluids and feed him less but more often so that his belly wasn't so full and that would kerb the throwing up. His temp also went up to 38 and I gave him Panadol to try and bring it down. The whole thing probably lasted about 48 hrs, he wouldn’t really eat and I spent $35.00 on Pedialyte iceblocks and sachets, which he wouldn't take. He did drink plenty of water though and I found that commercial fruit gels were really the only things that he would have.

I know exactly how you feel and how frightening it is.  If it happens again in the middle of the night maybe you could try calling your hospital or the children’s hospital, most of the mums in my MG do this and have always found them to be extremely helpful. And if worst comes to worst and you're really worried, don't be afraid to put your baby in the car and take them to the hospital. I hope your little one if on the mend :-)

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