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Nov 05 Parents # 271

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#1 Sandra

Posted 27 October 2007 - 07:57 AM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 Puggle

Posted 27 October 2007 - 07:58 AM


Yet also pea green with envy at what you have planned for today, Sezo. Today I am doing housework and mowing the lawn.

Chantelle, I really hope you can get some answers for Xavier soon. Sounds like you are well on the way to finding the solution.

Edited by Puggle, 27 October 2007 - 08:05 AM.

#3 XxLady_SarahxX

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:09 AM

Silver! biggrin.gif

Sarah (Lady)~ I am sure that Hunter's hearing problems will be solved by the specialist. Are you fair dinkum that you can last until the wedding night? Does anyone want to lay a bet?

I hope so, and i think i can  laughing2.gif
Its proving to be a pain for him thou laughing2.gif

BBL to do proper personals. hhugs.gif

congrats susan :hugs hope ou have a uneventful time original.gif

Edited by XxLady_SarahxX, 27 October 2007 - 08:10 AM.

#4 Night0wl

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:13 AM

November 2005 Parents Group

Guess Who Is Turning TWO !!

21 August 2005
Sophie Louise

Born to: Carolyn (Sonara)

11 October 2005
Angelique Rose

Born to: Michelle (~Sonique~)

19 October 2005
Hudson Max

Born to: Ren (Homer)

20 October 2005
Riley Angus

Born to: Jess (Jayden1)  

21 October 2005
Connor Ryan

Born to: Melissa (Bremel)

Reiley Thomas
Born to: Kelly (Kafs)

22 October 2005
Matthew John

Born to: Sarah (Sezo)  

25 October 2005
James Edward

Born to: Emma (emma_louise)

28 October 2005

Born to: Chantelle (VJ’s_Mummy)

1 November 2005
Harrison Anthony

Born to: Megs (MegsJolley)

Benjamin Andrew
Born to: Kylie (magoo-moo)

Hunter Jay
Born to: Sarah (XxLady_SarahxX)

3 November 2005
Georgia Grace

Born to: Sam (Sam I Am)

Hayden John
Born to: Donna (donna2332)

Lucy Rose
Born to: Jane (thrilled)

4 November 2005
Lily Mai

Born to: Carol (flanette28)

5 November 2005
Keira Louise

Born to: Sara (Keira’s Mummy)

6 November 2005
William Matthieu

Born to: Cecile (willsmumsos)

7 November 2005
Zane Michael

Born to: Fiona (Zanily)

8 November 2005
Haydn Anthony

Born to: Susan (slj)

10 November 2005
Lucas Oliver

Born to: Sharyn (Dory)

11 November 2005
Benjamin Gregory

Born to: Jodes (jodemeister)

Mia Rose
Born to: Kathy (kat73)

12 November 2005
Eva Mae

Born to: Kellie (kellie)

13 November 2005
Ruby Mae

Born to: Ellie (The Clampitts)

14 November 2005
Xavier Thomas

Born to: Ange (AngelaK)

16 November 2005
Lily Mae

Born to: Kylie (LilyMae)

17 November 2005
Joshua Alexander

Born to: Kathy (oceanblue)

18 November 2005
Grace Sofia

Born to: Mel (Laineyberlin)

20 November 2005
Indyannah Rose

Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger)  

21 November 2005

Born to: Anne (Puggle)  

22 November 2005
Kyla Gail

Born to: Lauren (*Lauren*)

Miriam Isobel
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie)

23 November 2005
Alana Grace

Born to: B (AliLani)

Claudia Bronte
Born to: Heather (Popsical)

25 November 2005
Austin Mitchell
Born to: Joy (jgal)

Imogen Grace
Born to: Tameika (Tameika)

Charlotte Anneliese
Born to: Teresa (Tpe) [/color

27 November 2005
William James

Born to: Kirsty (elliam)

30 November 2005
Ruby May

Born to: Sal (Reje-Ru)

5 December 2005
Hayden James

Born to: Sarah (Sez_First)

Saxon John
Born to: Susan (Sashworth)

bbluestork.gif EDD’s of Pregnant DIN05 Mummies  ppinkstork.gif

Ren (Homer) #2 due 27/11/2007
It’s a GIRL!

Tameika (Tameika) #2 due 05/12/2007
It’s a BOY!

Kelly (Kafs) #2 due 21/02/2008

Susan (Sashworth) #2 due 29/03/2008

Ellie (TheClampitts) #3 due 5/04/2008

Susan (slj) #2 due 19/05/2008

Kathy (Oceanblue) #2 due 11/06/2008

Carol (Flanette) #2 due 29/06/2008

bbaby.gif Second Generation DIN05 Babes  

Leo Ernest
Born to: Sarah (XxLady SarahxX) 29/9/06
Little Brother to[color=blue] Hunter Jay

Ebonee Willow Belle
Born to: Nikki (HaggisHugger) 24/11/06
Little Sister to Max (watching from Heaven) and Indyannah

Jackson David
Born to: Liz (Cookiemonster) 24/1/076
Little Brother to Emily and Isobel

Lily Louise
Born to: Fiona (Zanily) 5/2/07
Little Sister to Zane

Charlie (Charles) Edward
Born to: Kirsty (elliam) 07/03/07
Little Brother to Eleanor and William

Lily May
Born to: Jane (thrilled) 16/03/07
Little Sister to Lucy

Harriet Niamh
Born to: Anna (Howie&Charlie) 18/03/07
Little Sister to Miriam

Xavier Daisuke
Born to: Chantelle (VJ’s Mummy) 24/4/07
Little Brother to Van-Jordan

Charley Alexander
Born to: Jess (Jayden1) 13/05/07
Little Brother to Jayden and Riley

Zoe Isabelle
Born to: Cecile (willsmumsos) 16/05/07
Little Sister to William

Jasmine May
Born to: Lauren (*Lauren*) 21/05/07
Little Sister to Kyla

Madison Grace
Born to: Sharyn (Dory) 24/5/07
Little Sister to Lucas

Joseph Harry
Born to: Kell (Kellie) 23/06/07
Little Brother to Grace and Eva

Elizabeth Malain
Born to: Kell (Kellie) 23/06/07
Little Sister to Grace, Eva and Joseph

Eleanor Margaret
Born to: Emma (emma_louise) 8/07/07
Little Sister to James

Tahli Matilda
Born to: Sharon (alyssasmummy) 14/08/07
Little Sister to Alyssa

Jett Ashley
Born to: Sara (Keira’s Mummy) 3/09/07
Little Brother to Keira

Harrison Jack
Born to: Sally (Reje-Ru) 25/10/07
Little Brother to Reiley, Jesse and Ruby

Leo Victor
Born to: Heather (Popsical) 30/10/07
Little Brother to Aidan and Claudia

Donna’s Beautiful Twins – Baby Angel and Brooklyn Elizabeth
~ Much loved, Sadly lost, Forever Remembered ~

DIN05 MSN Group

Edited by elliam, 31 October 2007 - 08:16 PM.

#5 Guest_Tameika_*

Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:21 AM

Congratulations Susan! Hope you have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and the horrible m/s passes for you soon.

How scary I'm 3rd from the top of the list now! I doubt I'll be staying there very long, weres Heather?

Am in a bit of a cranky today. The right side of my body is all screwed up especially my hip which is causing me some pain. So yesterday i found the first chiro i could who would get me in same day. $65 later I'm cranky cause my original chiro only cost me $40 (he was booked up), none of this initial consultation fee crap. And I'm still sore  cry1.gif Not as bad I'll give him that. Maybe i needed more sleep last night but i had insomnia then Imogen woke like 3 times and still wanted to get up early closedeyes.gif I'm supposed to go back next week but yesh $100 is alot for a sore back  cry1.gif

sorry for the winge

#6 Zanily

Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:40 AM


7th - Lauren (*Lauren*)
13th - Joy (jgal)
16th - Laurie (Laurie82)

7th - Kathy (Kat73)
12th - Michelle (Sonique)
25th – Sal (Reju-ru)

2nd – Heather (Popsical)
20th - Susan (SLJ)
26th - Becky (Beckyyy)

18th - Teresa (Tpe)
27th – Sarah (XxLadySarahxX)
28th – Carol (Flanette)

5th - Kirsty (Elliam)
5th – Emma (Emma-Louise)
5th – Sharyn (Dory)
6th – Anna (Howie & Charlie)
25th – Kel (Kafs)
31st - Kathy (Oceanblue)
31st – Angela (AngelaK)

12th - Kylie (Wantabubba)
13th - Ellie (Ellie13)
14th – Meg (MegsJolley)
16th - Fiona (Zanily)
27th - Jess (Jayden1)
29th - Kylie (Magoo- moo)

4th – Sarah (Sezo)
18th – Annette (Mystic gal)
24th - Nik (HaggisHugger)
24th - Sam (Sam I Am)
25th - Jodes (Jodemeister)

2nd – Sarah (Sez First)
11th – B (mumto2A’s)
13th - Chantelle (VJ’s mummy)
20th - Melissa (bremel)

2nd - Kylie (KMP)
4th - Carolyn (Sonara)
11th – Sara (Keira’s Mummy)
19th - Tameika
27th - Susan (Sashworth)

9th – Anne (Puggle)
14th - Kellie (Kellie)
18th – Donna (Donna2332)

17th - Ren (Homer)

12th – Jane (Thrilled)
19th – Cecile (willsmumsos)
27th - Mel (Laineyberlin)

#7 Zanily

Posted 27 October 2007 - 10:16 AM

Congratulations Susan !!!!

Wishing you a very smooth 6 and a bit months original.gif

#8 emma_louise

Posted 27 October 2007 - 12:23 PM

I've just noticed we have at least one baby every month since Feb! And will the coming EDDs, this could continue for a good long while!

#9 Night0wl

Posted 27 October 2007 - 12:34 PM

Hey Fi, interesting post you made in the pregnancy thread this morning...  ph34r.gif  laughing2.gif

Let me guess, it was for someone else???  grin.gif

#10 AstroGrrl

Posted 27 October 2007 - 12:45 PM

Hey girls
I had Indy last night for a sleep over and the girls have just loved it... they are so sweet together wub.gif
I may as well tell you (as you are all probably wondering), but Nikki - is well, just run off her feet with a job, the kids (3 now!), DH working away at his parents farm and party plan a/h's that is booked solid until Feb next year!  So I have been telling her everyones news original.gif  She just doesn't get time for EB much anymore sad.gif

Kirsty - Maybe you are onto something?? Must go have a nosey now!

and this.....
*pricking up my horsey ears listening for a whinny...*

Do you mean that literally Emma??

About to drop GG at her Yaya's for a night away tonight and then off out to a festival with lots of dancing and merriment ddance.gif

Have a fantastic weekend friends xoxoxoxo

#11 Sonara

Posted 27 October 2007 - 01:52 PM

Kirsty - you never cease to amaze me with your detective work, how do you get the time?  laughing2.gif
Will have to go and see what you are talking about

Sam - say Hi to Nikki. Are things going well with her son living back here?

#12 KylieY

Posted 27 October 2007 - 01:56 PM

CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN!  Great news - and you are due the same day as one of my friends.

SAL - Love the name for new lil man. Can't wait to see pics.

ME - Not much happening here. I am cleaning wacko.gif the house. I have some old work friends coming tomorrow (all 16 of them) and I have so much to clean - not to mention cooking for all of them!

I picked up my new car and I am in luuuurve!  I also managed to pick up some extra shifts at night to payu for it!  Just a few extra hours on a Friday night and a few hours every second Sunday so it worked out well.

We had the Annual Dinner at our Fire Bridage where my dad received his 40 year honary life member award and mu mumj got her 20 year. That's certainly a long time to be a volunteer. I am so very proud of them both.

OK, the floors are crying out for  mop. Once I do it, I may just find out what colour they really are!   wink.gif

#13 emma_louise

Posted 27 October 2007 - 03:16 PM

He he he Sam! I am NOT pregnant, and never intend to be again! You'd all find out pretty quickly if I was!

QUOTE (Kylie)
OK, the floors are crying out for mop. Once I do it, I may just find out what colour they really are!
roll2.gif I sometimes forget what my tables and benches look like 'cos there's so much on them! As for the floors - DH will mop them tonight dev (6).gif

#14 willsmumsos

Posted 27 October 2007 - 03:45 PM

Congrats (again) to Susan, hope the m/s passes quickly.

Zoe and I have gastro now  cry1.gif Will's temp passed last night and he's been fine since then. We took him to the show this morning which was good until I started to feel very unwell sitting watching the Perry Brother's Circus. We got home just in time cause I've been on the loo ever since and Zoe started  sick.gif at the same time...so nice when DH decides he has to go to the TAB at that time too mad.gif

Hey K have I missed something...are you moving?

#15 Tpe

Posted 27 October 2007 - 03:57 PM

Congrats Sal on the birth of Harrison.

Wow now that's a healthy weight. Ouch!!! blink.gif
Are you still in one piece after the tornado in Lismore yesterday????

Congrats Kathy, I hope you have a very boring 7 months.

Congrats Susan, I hope the next 6-7 months are very boring.
Good luck with the NT scan.

Have I mentioned how much I hate windows vista.


#16 sezo

Posted 27 October 2007 - 04:10 PM

Well girls i am happy to say that my expectations were totally met - it was absolutely fantastic and i even caught myself falling asleep a few times (which is very unlike me). I now feel like a million dollars and my skin has never looked or felt better in its entire life. Now how to stop myself from going back again and again and again  blink.gif

Kirsty - gee you don't miss a thing do you...i will have to go and investigate what you are talking about now.

#17 AngelaK

Posted 27 October 2007 - 05:25 PM

OK, the floors are crying out for mop. Once I do it, I may just find out what colour they really are!

I sometimes forget what my tables and benches look like 'cos there's so much on them!

You girls have made my day - I thought I was the only one who had those problems!! laughing2.gif

#18 Puggle

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:38 PM

So is everyone out partying tonight or what?  unsure.gif  tongue.gif

Still haven't mown the damn lawn. Have to do it tomorrow  rolleyes.gif .

#19 Puggle

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:48 PM

Oh Heather, I see you reading. I had hoped you were out partying I mean having a baby. Or have you 'done a Sal' and popped out a 9lber and are home already?  wink.gif

#20 Popsical

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:55 PM

Nope  grin.gif I'm disappointingly still here.

I'm convinced when it happens it will be during the night. I had a cuddle of my friend's 1 day old today so maybe that will send the hormones over the edge.

Donna - nothing is gross at this point. Each time I go to the toilet I'm hoping that the plug will have come away. It seems to be happening slowly.

I must remember that I'm not even due yet! I feel overdue already!

Did Susan announce a pregnancy?! Congratulations! How did I miss that??

#21 Flanette

Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:57 PM

Nope, Im home alone its just me and my tim tams  dev (6).gif Oh Lil is here of cause

Or have you 'done a Sal' and popped out a 9lber and are home already


Sorry to see that you are posting Heather and not off having a baby  blush.gif

Sezo - Glad you enjoyed it  grin.gif

Kylie - So you should be proud of your oldies  wub.gif Good on them for doing such a great community service.

Sam - Have a good night. Hey I dont think Michelle replied after you called for her the other day, Michelle where are you..................

Cecile - Hope you feel better soon, its horrible being sick and the kids being sick too  sad.gif

Ok im off I have a date with my doona and the new Paulina Simons book  biggrin.gif

#22 Puggle

Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:05 PM

Hang in there Heather!

Apparently hearing newborn babies cry can set labour off. Maybe go and hang out in the maternity ward of the local hospital  wink.gif.

I'm convinced when it happens it will be during the night
Could be sooner rather than later then, it being night time and all. I'm looking forward to hearing the news and hope it all goes well for you.

Yes, Susan is pregnant smile1.gif. You missed it because she was hiding it up her jumper for so long.


ETA: Carol,  you haven't denied wwhistle.gif  grin.gif

Edited by Puggle, 27 October 2007 - 09:07 PM.

#23 Island-Kylie

Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:25 PM

*Hmmmmmmmmm tentative wave*  blush.gif  waves.gif

Not sure if anyone here remembers me, but I was in the original due in group. I drop in here every now and then, but kept thinking it's been too long since I posted, but the longer I leave it, the longer it gets IYKWIM.  blush.gif

Congratulations to all the pregnant mummies (was thrilled to see Kafs on that list!) and those who have had subsequent babies since our original Nov 05 lot!

Anyway, thought I might try and start posting more regularly. Kira is doing well, although has hit the terrible 2's with a vengeance! I'd love to know where she gets her temper from since DH, DS and myself are not quick to temper at all!

#24 Puggle

Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:54 PM

I remember you Kylie! waves.gif

And I believe you are moving away just as I have become a local (I have seen some of your posts in the ACT forum).


#25 Night0wl

Posted 27 October 2007 - 10:01 PM

Welcome back Kylie waves.gif

No partying here Anne, facebook *sigh* everyone I am playing scrab with FGS make a move, I have 8 games going and it's everyone elses turn!!

Good luck Heather, have been thinking about you original.gif (((Labour Vibes )))

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