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#1 Nut

Posted 25 November 2007 - 04:24 PM

New thread!!!

Have we got the next morning tea organised yet? If so it might be good to start the thread with who/when/where original.gif

I will host one after christmas probably original.gif

Link to old thread

#2 Mariamsmum

Posted 25 November 2007 - 04:25 PM

gold biggrin.gif

cut and paste from previous thread...

hi lovely mums original.gif

sorry I have been MIA, between ft work, zayn and everything else it has been really tough the last couple of weeks...
Zayn has been finding it difficult adjusting to me not being home and has been very clingy and waking a lot at night again...still working through those issues, but spending lots of time with cuddles and extra BF...

I hope everyone is well and I hope you had a good time at Michelle's, wish I was there sad.gif...

anyway, I haven't had a chance to read back properly, so just a few quick personals:

laurel: yay on the tooth original.gif! Zayn hasn't got one yet, but he is definitely teething atm...

Tan: way to go Mac, what a clever girl eating her solids biggrin.gif biggrin.gif!

Nut: wub.gif gosh Alex is so gorgeous, so glad I got a cuddle wub.gif...motherhood suits you so well...

hi to everyone I've missed, will be popping in much more frequently I promise...

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#3 Guest_gollygar_*

Posted 25 November 2007 - 04:53 PM


Tan, was I right in thinking that you are hosting a morning tea this week? blush.gif

And then on the 12th is my morning tea here in Duffy ..... biggrin.gif

#4 L712

Posted 26 November 2007 - 08:42 AM


According to my calendar Tanya (trixmama)had offered to host this Wednesday.  She was going to QE2 so hope she pops in today to let us know if she can still host.....

I hopefully can make it...Edward has a cold (thanks to his big sister) will have to see how he is....


#5 beaglebabe

Posted 26 November 2007 - 06:44 PM

Hi ladies,

Sorry, have been reading a bit, but haven't got as far as posting.  I had a lovely time at morning tea last week - thanks to those who came.  Karen - was it Niamh who had the Dora book?  I found it on the couch afterwards.

Toby had his birthday party on Sunday.  We had it at Weston Park, so I'm glad the showers managed to hold off until today.  It was a really nice afternoon.  My SIL and BIL surprised us by coming from Sydney with their 3-week-old son  wub.gif  And Toby had a ball playing with his new toys and getting lots of cuddles.

I'm exhasted though - it was such a big effort to get everything organised, and then clean up the mess and get sorted for work today.  I can't wait to collapse in bed tonight....

Amaly - it does get easier.  I hope Zayn adjusts soon - it's much easier to focus on work when you know they are happy.  And getting a decent nights sleep helps too!

Laurel - how are you finding being back at work?  Is Edward going to childcare?

Tanya - hope QE2 went well.

Tan - awesome news about little Miss Mac! Perhaps solids will help reduce the vomiting.  Fingers crossed!

Nut - it was lovely to meet your little man.  Although I think my DH was a bit worried I might not give him back to you.  I agree with Amaly - motherhood suits you.  You seemed very relaxed.

Time to go and wash dishes and then try and find something for dinner.  I used to enjoy cooking, but it's just a chore now as I'm so tired by the time I get Toby into bed.


#6 trebambinibelli

Posted 27 November 2007 - 02:25 PM

Hello ladies
I'm back  biggrin.gif jury is out on whether QE2 was a fruitful exercise, my main reason was to increase my lacking supply and all they focussed on was his lack of weight gain a few months ago when he had bad reflux.  They decided that because he is slightly built and apparently needs to "chunk up" I need to compromise my supply to give him huge top ups, even to the point of overfilling (as they said whatever it takes to get weight on).  Hmm.... Maybe he does need to catch up with weight but who's to say how much he SHOULD weigh, all my life I've been criticised for being slight when I ate like a horse, and now I'm criticised for having a slender baby.... rant.gif  It's not like I'm starving him and he has been putting on weight without all the top ups, the week before we went in he gained 320 gms in one week!!  Sorry just a little frustrated... Still trying to increase my supply, that's going to take weeks probably, who knows.

Yep I'm still on for tomorrow, please pm me for my address.
Will bbl for personals, just had to have my rant...

ETA It's on at 10am tomorrow, have PMed you Tan & Laurel.  I will check tomorrow morning for any other messages, sorry about only being able to log on now, having probs with internet connection right now *grrr*

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#7 Tan72

Posted 27 November 2007 - 02:57 PM

Tanya - Am over weight issues and babies...  I think you should do what your gut tells you as you know your bub best!  

At this stage DS, DD and I will be attending tomorrow's morno's, can you please PM me your addy.

#8 L712

Posted 27 November 2007 - 05:03 PM

I'm over it too blush.gif I'm at the other end of the scale though!!  I have a big boy and that's just the way it is!!!  I also have a smallish girl and they have both been fed the same! They will be what they will be!!

I am a def. maybe for tomorrow lol
Edward is heaps better and should be fine but will make a decision in the morning if that is OK...
I'll PM you Tanya, 10am??

#9 Purple_Gecko

Posted 27 November 2007 - 06:03 PM

I would love to come tomorrow Tanya
Can you please PM your address.

#10 muppet

Posted 27 November 2007 - 07:29 PM

Hiya lovely ladies and beautiful bubbas  wub.gif

Well we are back!  biggrin.gif

Unfortunatly not the best holiday we have had sad.gif It rained most of the time that we where there, Quinn got a terrible cough so was up alot of the night and Leon is teething (big huge drool patches) so they where not the happiest bunnies! And then for the icing on the cake....Quinn  sick.gif in the car on the way home!! No warning at all sad.gif It was like the scene out of the exorcist!! All over our nice new car  cry1.gif! I managed to hose him down (as best as you can by the side of the road half way up a mountain) but lets face it you can only do so much with a beach bucket, water from a drink bottle and a squirt of shampoo (hey I had to improvise tongue.gif)! So for the rest of the trip home it was an interesting smell coming from the back!!

Anyway car totally scrubbed (how the hell do they manage to get it in the seat belt clip) Childs car seat scrubbed and 5 loads of washing later I now need a HOLIDAY lol  blink.gif

trixmama Sorry to hear that QEII wasn't as much help as you thought it might be sad.gif I second what the others say though, you know your bub best original.gif They all go through growth spurts! Mine start of huge and then end up way down the bottom of the scale! They even told me Quinn was too short once! But Dh and I aren't very tall so I wasn't overly worried :wink:

Would also love to come tomorrow but Zoe seems to of brought back a nice cold from the coast (the green snot kind sad.gif) So unfortunatly wont be able to come.

beaglebabe Glad to hear that Toby had such a special birthday party original.gif What a lovely surprise for your SIL and BIL to drive down  wub.gif

Mariamsmum I was wondering how you where doing original.gif Sorry to hear that Zayn is having such a hard time being away from Mum sad.gif huge hug to you as I know it can put alot of stress on you seeing him so upset by it all sad.gif Hoping his clingy stage is short lived and that you both find your "groove" and he is able to settle a little more!

Waving "G'DAY" to everyone else !  biggrin.gif


#11 beaglebabe

Posted 28 November 2007 - 07:50 AM

No morning tea for me this morning - I'm at work  cry1.gif   Very tired still, and would much prefer to be at morning tea with you guys....

I took Toby to the MACH nurse last week.  Was a little unsure of how it would go after hearing stories on here about how unhelpful some of them can be.  But it wasn't too bad.  He now weighs 10.5kg (at 12 months).  He was 9.8kg at 7.5 months.  But strangely the nurse didn't seem too concerned about such a small gain - even though he's dropped from the 90th percentile (where he has been pretty much since birth) to the 60th.  He's still 90th for length though. I'm not at all worried about it - he's very mobile, and it's fairly normal for breastfed bubbas to gain a lot in the first six months and then drop back.  But I did expect a bit of a lecture from the MACH nurse!

The only thing she seemed concerned about was Toby still being rear facing in the car.  She had never hear of a carseat that could stay refacing until 12 kgs, and she tried to tell me that I should have turned him at 8kgs.....

Muppet - Yuck on Quinn being car-sick.  I don't do vomit!  Well done on the improvisation in cleaning it up.  I bet you need a holiday now - preferably a kid free one I'm guessing  grin.gif

Tanya - I'm with the others - you know your baby best!  And if you are slender too, then it's hardly unexpected that he would be lower on the percentile charts is it?  Sorry to hear that QE2 wasn't as helpful as it could have been.

Better go and do some work.... lots to do today.  Have fun at morning tea  original.gif


#12 L712

Posted 28 November 2007 - 07:55 AM

We won't be there guys  sad.gif Would appear hot water service has died so am waiting for electrician!
Edward seems better and now has 2 teeth!!  Still coughing so have app. this arvo just to check it...

#13 Purple_Gecko

Posted 28 November 2007 - 08:14 AM

I already sent Tanya a PM. I have to take Chris to the Dr. He has been sick for thelast 3 days and I dont want to leave him alone when he is so dizzy.
I have a 9.45 appt with the Dr.

I dont know of any seats to 12 kilo either  blink.gif  hahaha.

OH NO about hot water system  sad.gif

#14 Nut

Posted 28 November 2007 - 09:23 AM

Tanya - Sorry I won't be there today. 10:30 and I just woke... We go to bed late but thankfully get to sleep in original.gif

Hope you all have a good morning.

#15 Tan72

Posted 28 November 2007 - 10:22 PM

Sorry Tanya that we couldn't make it, I was really keen to go to.  We were all set to go then the morning just went to crap and the day just it got worse from there!

We hopefully will make the next one, when is that?

waves.gif to everyone and hopes their day was better than mine!

#16 Michelle&Girls

Posted 29 November 2007 - 02:49 AM

Michelle- those baby health nurses know soo little, mine didnt even know motilium existed, never mind what it did!

my brother is a carseat installer, (well did the course) and insists Alex is rear facing til 12kg, ours goes up to 12kg rear facing.
i can see how its safer and she doesnt know any different so she can stay that way.

Muppet--- ewwwww gross about the vomit, make sure you get it all out other wise it will stink on hot days, the idea of it is making me feel  sick.gif

Nut: a sleep in til 10:30, how did you manage that????

#17 Nut

Posted 29 November 2007 - 08:17 AM

Michelle - Alex often doesn't go to sleep until 1 - 2am many nights... he then sleeps 3 - 4 hours (Paul does the morning feed) and again until 9 - 10amish.... He grizzles in his sleep for around half an hour before waking up so it's my cue to have a shower before he wakes up original.gif

Michelle - Different people seem to have different views. The argument over 8kg vs 12kg is never ending.

Laurel - Bugger about the hot water!!! Hope you've had it sorted out.

#18 Mariamsmum

Posted 29 November 2007 - 09:55 AM

Nut: yay for the sleep in!!! Zayn used to sleep till 7am but in the last month or so it has been 5am wakeups here  blink.gif ...so tired aahhh!!! so lovely to see you and Alex the other day, you look so happy as a new mum biggrin.gif!

Michelle: we have a rear-facing car seat till 12kg too, atm we are using the fisher-price capsule, but it is getting a little too narrow for Zayn, but I hope to keep him in it till he is 12 months old, then he goes forward facing in the meridan original.gif

Syl: hope Chris is feeling better original.gif

muppet: thank you for the hugs, they were lovely and needed original.gif. we are doing well thanks, although I did take a sickie yesterday as Zayn had a mild fever, nappy rash and was unsettled I think due to teething...wish he would hurry up and get one already! he is settling much better at the moment, so that is good original.gif. sorry about your holiday and Quinn  sick.gif, hope he is feeling better...

sorry to hear that QE2 wasn't as helpful, you know your baby and you are doing an amazing job keeping up with the BF, well done and I hope things improve for you soon...

as for me, going well, just procrastinating a lot LOL..should be writing a report! no luck with TTC this month, have started spotting and can feel AF coming  sad.gif

hi to Tan, Laurel, Michelle and everyone else I've missed, I should get back to work now  blush.gif

#19 Purple_Gecko

Posted 30 November 2007 - 06:44 AM

Just sticking my nose in to say hello.
Chris is still at home and now Domonique has a temp aswell  cry1.gif
She is supposed to have her christmas concert and party this afternoon. I will see how she goes and might take her in for the concert. She was there all day yesterday.
I hae to read back for everything else, Will come back later.

#20 muppet

Posted 01 December 2007 - 10:31 PM

WE HAVE A TOOTH!!  biggrin.gif

Stuck my finger in his mouth yesterday morning to rub bonjela on his poor little gums (very cranky bubba) and felt something sharp. On closer inspection (talk about the trainers head in the lions mouth) I got a glimpse of a tiny little tooth which has just cut through the gum. Its right at the bottom, in the middle! Am just hopping that the biting dosen't follow soon after  unsure.gif

Purple_Gecko Awww sorry to hear about chris feeling crook and now Domonique, poor kitten sad.gif How is she doing today?

Mariamsmum I hear you on the teething front sad.gif Leon has been the same, no fever just a cranky sad little monkey sad.gif Glad to hear Zayn is settling much better now  biggrin.gif  Some children seem to take to it straight away others just need that little bit of extra time iykwim! Still makes it bloody hard though on both of you sad.gif Especially with all the other emotions of going back to work, TTC'ing etc! I think your doing fantastically original.gif

Nut Awww bless re Paul doing the morning feeds  wub.gif thats really nice that they get that special time together iykwim (Dh only got to feed the kids probably once each and he said he just loved the closeness of it iykwim I think I kinda just take it for granted abit that I get to just do the feeding thing myself and forget he kinda misses out on that bit.

Nice that you are getting into your "groove" and able to get a bit of a lie in and a shower to yourself original.gif

Michelle&Girls Yep so far so good re the car, fingers crossed I got it all! It was mainly his car seat that took the brunt of it all! Luckily thought it was a very easy one to disassemble and reassemble

Sorry Tanya that we couldn't make it, I was really keen to go to. We were all set to go then the morning just went to crap and the day just it got worse from there!
Oh no Tan sad.gif Are you guys ok?? Just one of those days?? *HUG* hoping everything has improved for you now!

ljr2005 Hot water sorted?? I hate dealing with stuff like that! I just feel so helpless as its always so hard to find some one then you have to sit around a wait, and wait, then they charge a small fortune! sad.gif (lol sorry mini vent blush.gif ) How Did Edward go at the Dr's re the cough??

beaglebabe Mine always start slowing right down with their weight gain at a year old. They always start at the top of the charts, if not off them all together, and then around the 1 year mark they seem to slowly sink back down to the 50th original.gif I think most children are similar, ie not much weight gain at this time, especially as they all get so damn active lol

I got told by kidsafe, when I went to put the car seats in the Kia, that Leon should be left rear facing until he was 12kgs! They said I could turn him at 8kgs (which is what I did with the other two) but they said he was safer to be left until 12kgs! So he is still rear facing original.gif

Better go as I have just realised that its 11.30pm (Dh is heavily engrossed in Tomb raider lol) and my eyes are falling out of my head lol! Off to the land of nod for me! original.gif

WAVES to everyone else and hope you are all doing well original.gif

#21 L712

Posted 02 December 2007 - 02:09 PM

WTG Leon on the tooth!!!  

I know what you mean about the hard work.  Edward got 2 last week!!  And he started crawling! He also was sick (viral bronchitas (sp) in the end) sad.gif So was waking at night again, so tiring when you aren't used to it!!  But through it all he was really still his smiley self original.gif He had a huge week!

The hot water was fixed by 2.30, we rang ACTWEAGL and was really happy with the service.  Luckily was just a blown element so not too many $$$$ to fix.  I hate dealing with these things too!

I am never going to get personals done for everyone so my apologies in advance blush.gif

Syl-Hope Chris and Dom are doing better.

Amaly-Hope you get a tooth soon too!!! And the settling in to work/day care gets better...

Nut-glad you get the sleep ins!

Michelle-I agree re the nurses!  

Tan-Hope things are going ok?  How is Mac going with the solids??

Michelle (other Michelle hehe)-Glad the MACH nurse wasn't too stressful!

My apologies in advance for next gtg at Helen's, it is April's birtday so we are going to do something with Daddy in his lunch break original.gif

I'll host another one in the New Year original.gif

I better go

#22 cheeky_monkeys

Posted 03 December 2007 - 08:25 AM

Hey all,
I am back.. The modem died sad.gif

Just a quick one tanya sorry i did not make it, hope you had a lovely morning though.

ok as usual alex has just woken bbl

#23 cheeky_monkeys

Posted 05 December 2007 - 07:58 AM

I must be a thred killer ph34r.gif

Just dropping in to tell you that Alex has his 1st tooth!!

laurel glad to hear the hot water was not too much trouble
Esward and Alex must be mewetibg up in their sleep with the teeth and crawling lol, Alex is trying so hard to go forward although he has mastered the backward crawl.

Syl I hope that Chris and Dom are better hope too catch up with you at the next neet original.gif

So sorry to thoes that i have missed but i will be back Alex is throwiong a whammy

#24 Purple_Gecko

Posted 05 December 2007 - 09:11 AM

When and where is the next meet????

Chris is back at school but is still not 100%

Neeky is being whingy but is ok otherwise.

I am flat out. I have taken on some real work for a magazine. It is volunteer for now but to me for my portfolio I am happy for the resume.  biggrin.gif

School is over for me but now xmas has taken over and the brindabella BMX challenge is this weekend and I designed the winning prizes YAY.

Sorry no personals...

I will SMS you soon  tongue.gif

#25 Guest_gollygar_*

Posted 05 December 2007 - 09:21 AM

Just a quick one for anyone who's interested ... next morning tea is at my home in Duffy, next Wednesday (December 12) from 10am. BYO a plate to share - I'll provide everything else.

PM me for my address if you'd like to come. original.gif

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