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#6 Combined Work and Breastfeeding

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#26 happilou

Posted 02 January 2008 - 02:34 PM

Hi ladies...

I'm new to the forum & really glad to find this thread original.gif I've just gone back to work & DS is 2.5 months old now (I wish I could have more time off work). Am expressing 3 times at work everyday!! Tried freezing some EBM, but bub is quite fussy & likes his milk FRESH... so I just refrigerate the EBM for next day's usage.

Started him on the bottle a while ago since I knew I was going back to work. He likes to struggle when he drinks his milk, whether EBM or direct fr breast! Not sure what's wrong?? He's using Avent bottle wif Pigeon teat (size S), tried size M & he gags/ cries. He drinks his milk really slowly... takes me up to 1 hour to feed him (bottle or breast) & it can be quite frustrating! DH & I really don't understand why he struggles... any ideas?

Happy new year to all  :biggrin:

#27 looselipslou

Posted 02 January 2008 - 08:51 PM

Sorry, I've got nothing on the long feeds??????

How did today go Ericak?

ME - feeling very un well here, at first I thought it was mastitis but Dean is also really crook.  It feel like mastitis except my boob are fine.  Have chills, ache and one hell of a headache.  

Going to end this there.  Off to try to have more sleep.  I am sure that this 'what ever' I've got is effecting my supply.

#28 pinotgrigio

Posted 02 January 2008 - 09:42 PM

Back to work tomorrow after almost 2 weeks off . . . what a shock to the system. Haven't even looked at the pump since 21 December.

happilou - I can't help much either with the long feeds. I kept Mark on the newborn teat (first Pigeon, then when it tore used the one that came with the Avent bottle) for all his bottles (he's now 15 months) so it probably takes a while to drink them (but I don't have to give them to him so I"m not that fussed  tongue.gif ) - my reasoning was to try and avoid letting him think the bottle was easier than the boob. But an hour sounds like a long time for 2.5 months feeding. Is he actively feeding all that time, or is a lot of it comfort sucking?

looselipslou - you rock! I can't imagine pumping in the office, that is great that you manage it. I know it *shouldn't* be embarrassing, after all it is bubs food, but I still (after 8 months) feel like I'm sneaking off when I go to pump.

Ok, got to go, computer going into the shop tomorrow, so I have to pack it up. What am I going to do without it for a week ??  cry1.gif

#29 ericak138

Posted 03 January 2008 - 06:56 AM

My first day back went well in terms of expressing, it was frustratingly long and boring though!  The usual hassles of no password to log into the computer and then no email access which means no access to a heap of other programs that need your email address to activate!  So I snuck out at 4.30 and picked up the girls.

I pumped twice and got 125mls at 10.30 and just less than 100 at 2.45.  I'll see how that goes, I might pump a third time.

Bub drank quite well from the bottle. 50, 50 then 80mls.  They said she would just have "sips" from the bottle - she didn't really understand to drink it all down in one go.  I'd sent 100 mls defrosted and 2 lots of 50mls frozen and they only justed 1 frozen lot.

Thanks for thinking of me looselipslou.

Happilou - Only thing I can think of is that the bottle top is on too tight.  I was told that when you tip it up it should drip about one drop per second.

Talk to you in a week sleepydwarf

OK got to get ready for today.  See Ya.

#30 looselipslou

Posted 03 January 2008 - 01:00 PM

- Only thing I can think of is that the bottle top is on too tight
  NOw that I think about it, yes, if the teat was screwed on too tight it caused a kind of vacuum!  I am using the Tommee Tippee Closer to nature ones at teh moment and (Dean) thinks they are perfect.

#31 Dahlia

Posted 03 January 2008 - 03:38 PM

Hi All

I am glad that I have found this thread as well!!

I am just wondering if anyone has any hints and tips for trying to stimulate letdown.  I started work this week after 11 months of maternity leave and it is really difficult for me to get letdown and when I do sometimes it can take 20 - 30 minutes. Once it happens, milk flows really easily.  Getting let down means the difference of pumping around 40-50 mls of milk to pumping over 100mls with letdown happening.

I have tried everything from closing my eyes and imagining a waterfall of milk flowing into my baby's mouth, having a photo of bub, tweaking my nipples etc etc.  If anyone has any hints and tips to what they found work for them, that would be much appreciated.  I am worried if I can't get letdown it is going to affect my supply a bit.

Thanks again.


#32 anon60

Posted 03 January 2008 - 04:25 PM


Are you using a pump or are you hand expressing? After 4 kids, I could never get much from a pump, but could get a decent amount expressing by hand. Whether is was due to massaging the breast while expressing, I don't know. If you haven't already tried expressing that way, it might be worth a go.

Plus remembering to drink plenty of fluids while at work too. :-).

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#33 looselipslou

Posted 03 January 2008 - 05:38 PM

Tragic as it is, I get a let down thinking of the pump! blink.gif One of the girls I work with could never express with a pump and only ever did it by hand, she bf'd for a year.  

I also found that I couldn't use the Tommee Tippee pump and went back to good ol faithful Avent.  I was useless with a lecky pump too.

Edited by looselipslou, 03 January 2008 - 05:39 PM.

#34 ericak138

Posted 03 January 2008 - 07:53 PM

HiDahlia someone had a good idea here the other day about a movie on your mobile phone to watch while expressing.  My phone's not that fancy but i thought it was a good idea.  What if you took one of bub crying - the sound might help. I just have a photo of my girls.

I have tried hand expressing, but haven't go the hang of it, I end up with milk everywhere but in the container and all sticky.  I have a medela pump but I was thinking today it was starting to make some sad noises.

Thanks anon60 I must remember to drink at work too.  I have been so hungry too at work the last 2 days.  I must have been snacking a lot at home!  smile1.gif No leftover crusts and half a biscuit to keep me going!

2 pumps again today and about the same result, 100 mls at 10.30 and a bit more than 100mls at 2.45. Bub didn;t drink so well for My Mum at home today than she did at daycare, but I'm sure they will work it out.  Mum said she ate heaps.  She;s had a little runny nose too so she might be a bit off.

see ya girls.

#35 happilou

Posted 04 January 2008 - 08:22 AM

Thanks for the advice.

sleepydawf: Bub is a slow sucker (although he's BIG, 6.4kg @ 2.5mth old) in general I think! He gags & fusses when the milk flow fr the breast is too fast. Sigh... Sometimes, it's hard to guage when he's full coz' he always prefer to snack, then have a proper full feed.

Dahlia, drinking warm & lots of water help. Give ur breasts a good shake & massage b4 pumping. Which pump are u using, the Medela pump in Style has a function to "stimulate letdown" before it goes into the pumping mode. Never pump when u're stressed or in a hurry... the supply really drops!!  smile1.gif

looselipslou, am using pigeon teat wif Avent bottle. Don't think the teat is the screw-in type.

ericak, how old is ur girl? how long does she take to drink the 1st 50 & next 50ml? Sometimes, my boy drinks only 50 & falls asleep for 1/2hr & wakes up crying for more milk coz' he's not really full... is tat normal? He's practically drinking every 1-2 hrs. It gets really tiring...  sick.gif

#36 anon60

Posted 04 January 2008 - 08:26 AM

"Dahlia, drinking warm & lots of water help. Give ur breasts a good shake & massage b4 pumping. Which pump are u using, the Medela pump in Style has a function to "stimulate letdown" before it goes into the pumping mode. Never pump when u're stressed or in a hurry... the supply really drops!!"

When massaging before and during expressing, use long, firm sweeping movements from you collarbone towards the nipple, from your underarm long the breast to the nipple, from the centre of your chest and from underneath the breast up towards the nipple. I found this helped me.

#37 looselipslou

Posted 04 January 2008 - 09:50 AM

Don't think the teat is the screw-in type.

I mean the actual top part the hold the teat and attaches to the bottle. biggrin.gif

#38 looselipslou

Posted 05 January 2008 - 05:31 PM

Just had a small cyclone though here last night and all I was worried about was - if I lose power my bloody EBM better not defrost!

#39 caznjj

Posted 06 January 2008 - 07:30 PM

Hi Ladies!!!

I'm still around.  Stopped getting reminders - they must have closed an old thread and I just never realised LOL.

For those that don't know me, I have a 3yo and an almost 1yo. I went back to work part time when bubby was 6mo, and up to full time when he was 9mo. Hubby is the stay-at-home parent.

Oh and I was working 2 days a week when the 3yo was little - went back when he was 10mo - but he totally refused the EMB, never tried him on formula - but he just wouldn't use a spoon, cup, sippycup, bottle, just refused totally. So when Caelan came along and had no issues with the bottle it was just bliss!

Caelan turns 1 on friday - eek!  where did THAT year go???  I'm back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off.  Hve been full time since 1 October, expressing just once a day - around 2pm - getting 100-120 ml, sometimes up to 150ml. Some days I have even not pumped, then get home and have Caelan on one boob nd the pump on the other LOL.

he drinks 1 or 2 bottles of about 100-120 ml, so if he has 1 bottle then I'm keeping up but days when he has 2 it's using up the supply - there's only about 8 x 100ml left in the freezer now.  But hubby has been giving him cow's milk occasionally (2 or 3 times now) and he says he takes 150-200ml of that without problem, wow!

Dahlia, the best thing I found to get the letdown was calling hubby (there's a phone in the room when I express at work) and getting him to put the phone on speaker so I could hear the bub!

Who asked about sippy cups?  If you can afford them, try tupperware. I'd imagine they're pretty good. I have a tommy tippee sippy cup but it's a very slow flow so only really good for younger bub.  The ones I use all the time are "especially for baby" brand that I bought at toys r us when Jordan was little - 6 in the packet for $10.  Luckily with Caelan he will drink out of a water bottle, teat bottle, cup, spoon, whatever. He's so easy!!!  

As an alternative don't forget pop-tops. I used the pop-top with water when I wanted Jordan to stop feeding to sleep in the middle of the night. We co-slept, so feeding itself was not really an issue, but when I was pregnant with Caelan, (Jordan was 18 or 19mo when I fell)  my nipples killed when he latched on. So By giving him some water in a poptop and making him fall asleep on his own I wasn't in as much pain biggrin.gif

Must run, bub awake and I need to get my stuff ready to go to work tomorrow.

#40 Dahlia

Posted 08 January 2008 - 12:34 PM

Thanks everyone for your tips!
I use an Avent manual and also try to hand express a bit as well.  My let down is so 'tight' so to speak that I never had to wear breast pads at all.  Good in some ways but a big pain in this situation.
Happy expressing

#41 looselipslou

Posted 09 January 2008 - 08:00 PM

My supply has dropped dramatically!  I had soem bad codl last week with a headache lasting 6 day.  THe other hlaf was puking but I was only nauseas.  I am trying to get it back up.  Pumping ever hour (or when I can) and feeding Jamie off me then topping up wit what I've been expressing.  Started taking Fenugreek so hopefull combined with the expressing, things will start to get back up.

The MCHN suggest that if that fails then a trip to the DR for a prescription may be in the card but I don't really want to go down that track.  Jamie actually lost weight this week (only 10gms) so will weigh her in agian next week and if things don't improve much then I might try the nurses suggestion or alas, put an end to it (BFing that is lol).

#42 happilou

Posted 10 January 2008 - 10:49 AM

looselipslou, hope you are well now & ur milk supply is coming back! original.gif I hope I won't fall sick, am feeling so tired fr the lack of sleep after returning to work... Zzzz... ssleep.gif

Ladies, just some questions:
- Where do you get Fenugreek from, do you need a prescription?
- I have a few extra bottles of EBM in the fridge. Do you feed baby the EBM during the weekends tat you expressed at work or do you freeze it for later use? My baby doesn't really like frozen EBM. So, in the end... I end up feeding him EBM thru the bottle. Any other suggestions?!  blink.gif

#43 ericak138

Posted 10 January 2008 - 08:33 PM

Hi Ladies

Another tired Mumma here.  I think Bub i making up for not drink much EBM from the bottle by having catch up feeds overnight.  She was sleeping pretty well until last week.

I think I need to be a little more consistent with my fenugreek.  I am getting less than 100mls each time - twice a day, and seems to be a little less each day.  Bub is drinking it well though.  i have about 50mls left in the freezer so I tried to give Bub one formula bottle.  She got excited when she saw the bottle coming (which is a big improvement over the last week) but as soon as she tasted it she spat it out, pushed the bottle away and refused to open her mouth again.  I was hoping that I could leave some formula with daycare incase they use all the EBM.

Happilou - Fenugreek is just from the chemist - with all the vitamins.  

Bub gets the day before's expressed milk every week day except for Friday which gets frozen for Monday's feeds. On the weekends we just have normal breast feeds.

My DD is 9mths, I haven't given her the bottle, she won't take it from me, so I'm not sure how long it takes sorry.  I should ask. She did do that when she was little (bottle feed EBM for for the frst 5 weeks as she was early and couldn't manage to suck at the breast).  We did mean things like, tickle her feet and wipe her with a wet washer to keep her awake and get more in.  Did loosening the top of the bottle help?  It makes it really hard work for them if it is too tight and that would wear him out before he's had enough.

Looselipslou - I hope things got better for you.  How did it work out?

Hi caznjj. Nice to hear from you.  

Hope everyone else is having a good start to the new year and settling back into things.

Time for bed. Night.

#44 happilou

Posted 11 January 2008 - 06:23 AM

Hi ericak, hope you're feeling more refreshed today. TGIF, the weekend is here!!  grin.gif

My bubba is funny... he likes his milk flow SLOW. Aft he drinks fr 1 breast & he's not tat hungry, he will fuss when I try to let him drink the other or try to get him to drink more fr the bottle. He rather jus look at his surroundings & watch TV!! Btw, he's only 2.5mths. My gosh, a TV addict!! The bottle top is not tightly screwed I checked... in fact sometimes it's too lose & milk starts to leak out!  laughing2.gif

Maybe I also give DS frozen EBM tat is 2-3 wks old, so tats why he doesn't like it! Frozen EBM somehow has a "fishy" smell. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try tat  :wink:   How long can you keep frozen EBM for, 1 mth or 3 mths in freezer compartment in fridge? How do you store EBM in freezer, the sterilised bags are SO expensive!!

At the moment, I am over-expressing. I have abt 7 extra bottles of 150ml in the fridge! I'll still keep up wif it as I am worried tat my supply will drop. I am v forgetful when it comes to taking vitamins/ medication... so hopefully I won't need fenugreek anytime soon.

Have a good weekend ladies bbaby.gif

#45 looselipslou

Posted 12 January 2008 - 07:41 PM

Well, suppy is on the up thankfully.  Took some fenugreek for a few days and the extra pumping and back to nearly normal.

Jamie is dringking about 150mls in a hit so I manage to fill up a 600ml water bottle each day she's at care.  I got a few spare in the freezer.  I've never had a problem with and other the kids drinking defrosted EBM so I don't know what can be done.  The older 2 would drink it straight out of the fridge but Jamie likes to have it a bit warmed up.

I do have some bags for smaller one off amounts but I buy a bottle of water at work then clean it out hat fill that up with EBM.  You can buy the smaller water bottle too it you want smaller sizes.

#46 ericak138

Posted 16 January 2008 - 08:34 PM

just bumping us up, nothing much new to report.

#47 looselipslou

Posted 16 January 2008 - 08:50 PM

Supply is good now and Jamie is has just started solids.

#48 pinotgrigio

Posted 18 January 2008 - 09:00 AM

Hi ladies
Been a while since i posted. Things have got a bit bad (understatement), I had what I thought was thrush, then got this little cut that turned into a huge cut & started bleeding whenever DS was feeding & when I pumped it was like pumping out blood  :eek:  sick.gif

Went to Dr, she wouldn't give me anything, was in absolute toe curling agony for a couple of days (I'm sure it was worse than when I started BF, which was pretty bad), went to another Dr & got some anti-bac cream which I am now into the second day of using & at least the bleeding has stopped. Still hurts (probably an 8 on the ouch scale compared to 9.5 before). Have decided not to pump till it heals, I just can't stand it & pumping blood can't be doing anything for it. I figure I have motillium script for if my supply drops but the main thing is to get the cut healed.

So DS is feeding only 4 times during the day when I'm home and only twice when I'm at work. At least I have the freezer stash  original.gif

And it's so nice not to have to go in to work without the bag full of pumping gear and ice bricks. I almost feel normal again  tongue.gif

#49 caznjj

Posted 18 January 2008 - 10:21 AM

since I had two weeks off at christmas, Caelan has been refusing to take EBM from hubby when I'm at work!  Wah!  I have got probably 10 x 100ml bottles in the freezer - yep I know it's nothing compared to some of you wink.gif but it's a lot for me if it has to be thrown away coz he won't have it!

He will happily drink cow's milk, just not the EBM.  Oh and when I'm home he's more than eager to drink from the tap.

I can actually go all day now without expressing, get full but not painful, so I think I'll just stop expressing.  He's still drinking at night and on weekends so it's not like he's weaning or anything. I fed DS1 till he was 2 and 2 months (self weaned just before DS2 was born) so I'm hoping to keep going with this little guy for many months to come

At home recovering from having my wisdom teeth out on wednesday - ouch.

#50 whitto04

Posted 18 January 2008 - 04:01 PM

It's great to see a few new names here! And even better to see some familiar names still. Well done to everyone.
I can't believe I am still BF a 20 month old. Thankfully I work down the road from the day care centre, so I no longer take my pump to work. I did use my pump when we were travelling recently- we were driving from Sydney to Adelaide and Emily wouldn't feed when we stopped. I would express while DH was driving, then hand the bottle to Em in the back seat. As awkward as it sounds, it worked- Em slept in the car after her bottle and we had an easy trip.
I have been back at work for a week now, and most days I only get to feed Emily once during work hours. But there have been some days where she is making up for it- she will feed almost constantly from the time we get home until bed time, with a quick break to eat dinner. I think it's so cute now that she can ask for it- she says 'boob' or 'more' now, and she will point to the other side when she is ready to swap.
Have a great weekend all!

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