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Lactation Cookies

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#1 Dazzle1980

Posted 28 February 2008 - 01:44 PM

Just wondering if anyone has tried these?

Did they work?

How often do you eat them and how many?

#2 feistyhorsegal

Posted 28 February 2008 - 03:05 PM

I have a constant supply of them in my house. I would probably eat about 5 - 8 per day  blush.gif . They are so yummy! They do work. I definitely notice a drop in supply when I've run out of them. Its the linseed meal (v high in protein) brewer's yeast and oats that help with supply.

#3 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 28 February 2008 - 03:07 PM

Have never heard of them!  Can you give me some info - particulary where to buy them!!

#4 Cluckster

Posted 28 February 2008 - 03:12 PM

The midwives at Sleep School recommended I eat lots of almonds, tuna and avocado: all high in protein. My GF (EBer Nayetti) went to Sleep School just afterward and was given the Lactation Cookie recipe and she says they work a treat. I'm too lazy to bake so I'll keep eating the avo, tuna and almonds - they definitely have a similar effect.

Although if Nayetti wanted to bake me some cookies and bring them over, I wouldn't say no. laughing2.gif


#5 Dazzle1980

Posted 28 February 2008 - 03:22 PM

ToodlePopsMum - if you google "Lactation Cookies" you will find the recipe. The are meant to assist in increasing milk supply. I had no issues for the first 2 months (actually had heaps of milk) then my supply dropped, I got it back to an acceptable amount however it has dropped again and I'm oretty certain my bub is hungry, hence the reason I want to give them a try.

Cluckster - Unfortunatley I don't eat fish or nuts however I will look into protein and breastfeeding - maybe I need to supplement my protein! As for your friend making cookies, maybe slyly suggest that if you provide the ingrediants, she 'might like' to bake you a batch when she does her next one  grin.gif

#6 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 28 February 2008 - 03:26 PM

Thanks Hayley-m.  I have already "dr googled" it and found the recipe.  Will definately give them a shot.  My milk took about 8-9 days to establish when I had DS so I am going to make a batch to take to hospital with me when I have this baby.  Once my milk was in, it was abundant (think jersey cow!) but once it started to dwindle at about 11 months my DS self weaned as I dont think he was getting enough and hey, I'll put myself out and eat cookies if it helps keep my supply up original.gif

Ahhh the things we do for our bubs original.gif  bring on the cookies i say!

#7 feistyhorsegal

Posted 28 February 2008 - 04:06 PM

Lactation Boosting Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip & Linseed Cookies

1 cup butter or margarine
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons linseed meal
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups oats, thick cut if you can get them
1 cup (or more I use a whole packet J) chocolate chips (milk or white chocolate both taste yummy)
2 tablespoons brewer’s yeast (be generous)

Preheat oven to 180c (fan forced) 200? (regular oven). Mix together 2 tbs of linseed meal and water. Set aside. Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time, mix well. Stir linseed mixture and add with vanilla to the butter mix. Beat until blended. Sift together dry ingredients, except oats and chips. Add to butter mixture. Stir in oats, then chips. Scoop or drop onto non stick baking sheet, or one lined with baking paper. Bake approximately 12 minutes.

Linseed meal can be found in the health food aisle of your supermarket or at health food stores. Brewer’s yeast can be found at health food stores. It MUST be brewer’s yeast - NO substitutions

Thats the recipe I have. Don't know if its the same one thats on google.

#8 feistyhorsegal

Posted 28 February 2008 - 04:18 PM

No bake lactation cookies (my favorite!)
These also make a GREAT gift for new mothers

1 cups sugar
cup of unsweetened dark coccoa
cup goats milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
cup extra crunchy peanut butter
2 cups oatmeal (or until thick)
cup crushed peanuts
cup ground flaxseed
2+tbs brewers yeast(must be brewers yeast!)

Lay out a cookie sheet BEFORE you make the cookies.
Combine the sugar, cocoa milk and butter in a saucepan. Bring to a heavy boil for exactly one minute. Remove from heat.
Add the vanilla, peanut butter, and oatmeal; stir well to mix up all the ingredients and scoup spoon sized amounts onto cookie sheet andlet cool.
The key to making these set right is to boil them for one minute exactly. You should start counting the minute once the mixture comes to a rolling boil.
I like to put them in the refridgerator when I'm finished

Serves: 3 dozen cookies

I also found this one which sounds yummy, BUT not sure about all that peanut butter and peanuts I was told by a LC not to eat too many peanuts because of the risk of allergies in bub. So you couldn't eat the ones above on a daily basis really could you?

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#9 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 28 February 2008 - 04:44 PM

feistyhorsegal:  the first one you posted is the one i found as well.  i have also sent it onto my friend who is having her third baby in about 3 weeks - she has never been able to establish bfing so is really keen to give these a try as well.

i'm quite excited about them actually!  might make them for my friend as a birth gift to get her started original.gif

#10 Dazzle1980

Posted 28 February 2008 - 07:59 PM

FHG~ thanks so much. i have the first recipe but not the second. I will give them both a try and see which i prefer. Can't wait to head to town next to get the ingrediants.

#11 Nayetti**

Posted 28 February 2008 - 08:17 PM

hahaha Tam.... I am about to make the next batch (hopefully tomorow)... maybe we should arrange a meet and I can bring you some.. laughing2.gif

They are yummo and I definately see an increase in milk...

#12 Cluckster

Posted 29 February 2008 - 09:51 PM

hahaha Tam.... I am about to make the next batch (hopefully tomorow)... maybe we should arrange a meet and I can bring you some

Hell yeah! I'm up for that grin.gif

#13 my little pony

Posted 29 February 2008 - 10:28 PM

Aargh! I got excited at the no-bake idea, then I saw the peanuts. Bloody nut allergy  rant.gif .

I guess I'll just have to do some 'proper' cooking!  wink.gif

Thanks so much for posting the recipes. I don't have supply issues, but any excuse for cookies, right?? dev (6).gif How long do they last?

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#14 Nayetti**

Posted 01 March 2008 - 04:30 PM

How long do they last?

dev (6).gif not long in this house  laughing2.gif


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#15 missmaybe

Posted 03 March 2008 - 09:50 PM

thanks for posting the recipe for the cookies. I just baked the first recipe and they are scrummy. Very sweet tho. i might cut down the sugar next time to make myself feel a little less guilty about eating lots of them!

Thanks grin.gif

Me 27
DH 26
DS 3 months

#16 Dazzle1980

Posted 07 March 2008 - 10:58 AM

OMG, they really do work!!!!

Mum got to ingredients to me yesterday (not available locally) and i made them last night. I had 2 at 10pm ish then the scraps this mornign whilst putting them into containers.

At the 10am feed today, my boobs were quite full and Josh has a good old guzzle, feels so good that i can provide enough for him again.

We both ended up waering the milk and he even ended up with it in his hair!!!! laughing2.gif

#17 missmaybe

Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:48 PM

Same here! How exciting that they really do work!
Not just yummy but also v useful for more milk.

#18 tam1979

Posted 11 March 2008 - 03:29 PM

I just made a batch and have eaten two already  blush.gif  

They are delicious, cant wait to see the increase in my milk  biggrin.gif

#19 papilio

Posted 11 March 2008 - 05:02 PM

I made something similar today with chocolate chips, linseed, cranberries and oats.  Very yummy!

#20 Butterscotch

Posted 11 March 2008 - 08:37 PM

How do you think these cookies will go being frozen??  A good friend made me two batches biggrin.gif  She gave them to me this morning and at lunchtime I took Madeleine for her 6 wk check up with the Paed.  We've been having some feeding issues and he thinks it might be that she's sensitive to dairy sad.gif  I have to go off all dairy for 3 days (and obviously if it makes a difference to Madeleine's behaviour go off dairy whilst BFing).  I have HEAPS of these cookies and don't want them to go to waste so want to keep them fresh till my 3 days are up and I can eat dairy again (if I can, that is, if her behaviour doesn't change) or to give me a chance to give them to a friend who recently had a baby but I know I won't get to see her for a couple of weeks.  Would love any thoughts!  rolleyes.gif

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#21 mogy37

Posted 12 March 2008 - 08:06 PM

Does anyone have any ideas for making these a little healthier i.e. reducing butter and sugar? I think they are great but eat WAY too many for the amount of butter and sugar in them, not good when trying to lose some weight.

#22 CheynKissy

Posted 13 March 2008 - 11:25 AM

Does anyone have any ideas for making these a little healthier i.e. reducing butter and sugar? I think they are great but eat WAY too many for the amount of butter and sugar in them, not good when trying to lose some weight.


#23 mamabee

Posted 13 March 2008 - 11:36 AM

They sound really good (and healthy) but will it make your supply go out of control if it is not low to start with? Just scared I will explode if I eat too many!!  biggrin.gif

#24 whitto04

Posted 13 March 2008 - 06:59 PM

I make these a lot. I love them, and they really do work!
Instead of freezing the biscuits, I freeze the dough. I roll it into a log shape, wrap it in baking paper and freeze until needed. Then, when I want some fresh cookies, I just slice off rounds until the baking tray is full.
For variations- I have made apricot and almond cookies, and glace cherry and choc chip.

#25 feistyhorsegal

Posted 13 March 2008 - 08:31 PM

Does anyone have any ideas for making these a little healthier i.e. reducing butter and sugar? I think they are great but eat WAY too many for the amount of butter and sugar in them,
I've wondered the same thing. Haven't been game to experiment with reducing sugar and butter though in case they don't turn out. I've also tried the no bake ones recently - they are very yummy - sort of fudgy and very chocolatey. I didn't have goats milk though - just used normal milk and normal cocoa, and didn't have oatmeal either so just used quick cooking oats and they still turned out yummy. I hadn't had any bfing cookies for about a week, and was having terrible trouble with low supply at the bedtime feed. As soon as I was back on the cookies my supply is back up. biggrin.gif

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