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#26 ~strawberry~

Posted 14 May 2008 - 08:25 PM

laughing2.gif  at Tasha. I never would have noticed!

#27 muppet

Posted 14 May 2008 - 10:35 PM

Just HAD to come in and get my baby "fix" blush.gif, as there will DEFINATLY be no more mini mupps from me lol, and ofcourse to see how all the yummy mummys with their beautiful baby bumps are doing  wub.gif

Savy Am SO hanging out for news lol!! I am putting in a request to your bubba for the 22nd though lol, goos birthday! original.gif Glad to hear your doing well! I remember just how hard/tiring it was keeping up with the first two mini muppets while waiting for #3 to arrive!!

Barky I smile every time I see that date above your sig  wub.gif

MummaSgettie The pictures of your special little blue bundle are just divine!!  wub.gif Thanks for posting them, has definatly helped with the baby "fix"

purpleoj & Puggle am also stalking your posts too lol  blush.gif glad to read your both doing well original.gif

Everyone else huge CONGRATS!! original.gif

Ok will go get back under my rock  ph34r.gif lol belly rubs to you all!

#28 darnie

Posted 14 May 2008 - 11:04 PM

Thanks Tasha for pointing that out. It was bugging me too, but I didn't want to be the first to mention it! laughing2.gif

#29 Savvy

Posted 15 May 2008 - 08:29 PM

Just a quick one from me - about to watch a DVD with DH but just wondering if someone would like to be my SMS buddy for when bub arrives? I doubt DH would think to come in and post for me tongue.gif

Thanks original.gif

DH Chris

#30 Mel_Mac

Posted 15 May 2008 - 10:04 PM

ph34r.gif  Kelly, if no one else volunteers I will wink.gif

#31 darnie

Posted 15 May 2008 - 11:48 PM


Thought I'd quickly catch up on a few personals. Did everyone see the thread about emishka in the the main ACT forum? A little girl, Isobel Patrica - how cool! wub.gif I love the name, and a nice size, too!

MummaSgettie: laughing2.gif My DIG call me the Queen of Personals too! I'm not really, I am just addicted to EB and also paranoid that I am going to miss someone out! laughing2.gif Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I love your u/s photo! Yes, not long to go - probably around 3 1/2 to 4 weeks! I can't believe how quickly things have gone!  We're getting very excited, but I am also stressed about how much I should do between now and then! cry1.gif

Barkie: It was exciting to see the baby again, and I saw the mouth from above, and also straight up its nostrils and everything! I am getting very excited! Hope the morning sickness calms down soon.

Savvy/MelMac: Hi! Hope all is going well!

Everyone else: Hope everything is going well for you!

Well, Erin has been home all week with a throat infection. Poor thing. She has been pretty good, considering. Her temps are still going up and down, so I think that she will be home tomorrow too. I hope she gets better soon. Thankfully, she actually requested that she have a sleep this afternoon, so I had one too, which was great.

We have our ante-natal refresher course thingy on Saturday. Everything is starting to feel real. I can't believe that we are going to have a newborn in our house in a month or less!

Better go - the dog is lying on her mat beside me snoring like anything and it is making it difficult for me to concentrate!

Take care everyone,

#32 beaglebabe

Posted 16 May 2008 - 07:39 AM

So many lurkers in here at the moment - everyone loves a bit of baby news wub.gif

I figure it's about time I fessed up and joined this group!

I'm currently almost 13 weeks along - due on 22 November.  Which is five days after DS's 2nd birthday.

I went to have an NT scan last weekend.  It was reassuring to see the baby moving about, doing summersaults etc.  But apparently it was just a tiny bit too small to do the NT measurements, so we are going back early next week.

Good luck to Savvy and Darnie on their imminent arrivals - so very exciting!

Sgettie - glad to hear that the morning sickness has finally settled a bit.  Wonderful news on another little boy!  I'm just amazed at what they can see on U/S so early on.

That's about it from me at the moment - Toby has finished his breakfast and is finger painting with the remains of his weetbix so time to clean him up I think!


#33 Savvy

Posted 16 May 2008 - 07:58 AM


Thanks Mel - I will send you a pm original.gif

Michelle - Congrats on your pregnancy - wishing you all the best for the next 6 months or so. I look forward to "chatting" to you more original.gif Though hopefully with any luck I'll be having a baby soon and that way can become a lurker wink.gif hope the weetbix weren't too bad to clean up!!

Darnie - Hope Erin is feeling better soon, I hate when the little ones get sick - I always feel so helpless sad.gif Good luck with your ante-natel refresher, we did one with DS through the birth centre and DH and I enjoyed it. The midwife said we wouldn't need to worry about it this time around - though I don't feel like an expert laughing2.gif

That's great news about Emishka - another one who loves the name wub.gif I look forward to hearing the birth story and seeing some pics.

I better go, DS has been up since 5.30am this morning wacko.gif very unlike him as he usually sleeps till 7.30-8.00am so he is extremely whingy this morning - wish me luck!!!

Hope everyone else is well original.gif

DH Chris

#34 darnie

Posted 16 May 2008 - 08:21 AM

Hi All,

Michelle: Congratulations and welcome! Looking forward to hearing how things go with you! I hope that you managed to clean your work of weetbix art up without too much hassle!  biggrin.gif Thank you also for the good wishes. I can't believe time has gone so quickly!

Kelly: Good luck with DS today. It's not fun when they don't get enough sleep. You're right - it's not nice when they are sick and I never know whether I am running to the doctor too quickly or not quickly enough!  unsure.gif Yeah, the refresher course should be interesting. I don't think one could ever be an expert at this childbirth gig!  laugh.gif I am getting very excited for you - not long to go now! Can't wait to hear your news!

Well, what a night. Had a snooze for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, so didn't feel like going to bed until late. It ended up being 12:30am. Then at about 1am, Erin woke up coughing and crying. Then 2:00ish. Then 3:00ish, so I got into bed with her and we both slept until about 6.00ish. Mind you, my not so small frame wedged in between the side rail on the bed and Erin was neither pretty to look at nor comfortable! laughing2.gif Anyway, I gave her a drink of water and a cuddle at 6am and she went back to sleep until about 8am. I got to catch some sleep in my own bed during that time. Got her up. Temp over 39 degrees. Looks like Mr Nurofen is coming to play again today! Hopefully Mr Daytime Sleep will also visit for a couple of hours! laughing2.gif

Well, I'd better go.

Take care everyone!


#35 Mel_Mac

Posted 16 May 2008 - 09:48 AM

Michelle - CONGRATULATIONS!!!  That is super exciting news.  I am thrilled for you original.gif

So, wonder if this one will be an 11pder wink.gif  You never know though, Liam was smaller than Ayden so you could have a petite little bub this time round  laughing2.gif

ph34r.gif The more I lurk/post in here the cluckier I get.

#36 ~strawberry~

Posted 16 May 2008 - 01:49 PM

I never knew so many people lurked in the pg mums thread  laughing2.gif

Michelle - Congratulations on your news! I hope you have a nice boring pregnancy!

Savvy & Renee - You two are both so close now! I can't wait for news!!!

emishka - I replied in your other thread, but again CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope Isobel is settling in well and that you are enjoying your babymoon.

barky - I would love to come to a gtg.

darnie - What a night  ohmy.gif  I hope your DD is feeling better today and that you both manage to have a sleep.

I hope everyone else is feeling well.

I've had my parents visiting all week whilst DH has been away on a work trip. My sweet little DD decided that this week would be a wonderful time to stop sleeping through the night and wake up twice, screaming both times instead. Often it was taking an hour to get her back to sleep also... Any money the cheeky monkey sleeps through tonight once her Dad comes home.

I saw my OB last week and all is going well. I am ahead for dates still, but all was good with my 20w u/s, and my m/s finally seems to have eased up. Yay!

#37 darnie

Posted 16 May 2008 - 02:21 PM

purpleoj: Glad to hear the ob appt when well and that the 20 wk ultrasound was ok. Also good to hear that the morning sickness has eased up!  Hope that your DD gets back into the routine of sleeping through the night! hands.gif


Edited because I mucked up the formatting!

Edited by darnie, 16 May 2008 - 02:22 PM.

#38 Barky

Posted 16 May 2008 - 02:36 PM

Good afternoon ladies,

purpleoj- I have learned the hard way that many people lurk in here so wanted to be sure before I posted in here again otherwise people get too excited. Children are little ratbags aren't they. They always know when we need them to sleep and do the opposite.

Mel-Mac- come and join us....... wub.gif

Darnie- I hope you get some much needed sleep tonight. Being pregnant is so exhausting let alone being tired overnight.

Savvy- I am anxiously awaiting baby news. Hoping things get moving for you. My older sister is due next week and I am so excited.

Beaglebabe- congratulations on your pregnancy!

I hate to winge since some of you are about to pop but I am so sick of m/s and headaches. I just want to enjoy tis pregnancy. To top it off we are still trying to sell our house but the market at the moment is shocking. Hopefully our potential buyer will make an offer over the week..please please. I am sick of cleaning for open house inspections.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

#39 darnie

Posted 16 May 2008 - 09:45 PM

Hi all,

Just a quick one since I have made a deal with myself that I will be in bed by 10pm!

I am very excited because I just ironed on the very last lot of applique on my nursery curtains! ddance.gif That would be the very same nursery curtains that never got finished in time for Erin's arrival almost 4 years ago! blush.gif Now all I have to do is blanket stitch around all of the applique! I feel ready for this baby now - because at least if I end up in hospital sitting around waiting like I did with Erin, I'll have some sewing to do! laughing2.gif

Gotta go - my 10pm curfew is calling!

Take care everyone!


#40 beaglebabe

Posted 17 May 2008 - 07:06 AM

Morning all,

Toby has a cold, and was up at some ridiculous hour of the morning again.  He's so exhausting at the moment, and I wonder how on earth I will cope with him AND a newborn....

Thanks for all the welcomes.  I'm finding this pregnancy so much different to the last.  It sounds awful, but I'm just not as excited this time around.  Not sure if I'm just too tired to be excited at the moment, whether it's a second child thing, or whether it's that it was a bit of a surprise pregnancy.  I'm looking forward to the NT scan on Tuesday and hoping it makes things feel a bit more real.  And I bought a new pram (a Phil and Teds) on Ebay last night - a bit of shopping always helps too!

Darnie - well done on the curtains!  You gave me a giggle about taking four years to get them done - sounds very much like me.  I hope Erin is feeling better now.  It's awful when they are sick.

Barky - I can imagine that keeping a house clean all the time with two boys and m/s is not easy!  Near impossible really.  We are contemplating whether to move or not before this baby arrives, and I'm certainly not looking forward to the selling process - or the packing!

Purpleoj - You get used to them sleeping through hey?  And when they suddenly stop it's amazing how tired it makes you.  Sometimes I think I am more tired now, when Toby has a bad night, than I was when I was used to getting up 3-4 times a night.  Hope she goes back to sleeping through again soon.

Kelly - how are you going?  How long have you got until your EDD now?

Mel_Mac - Gosh, I'm hoping this one isn't 11 pounds!  10 was bad enough.  I love hearing stories of people who had smaller ones second time around though - it gives me hope that I might end up with a nice petite one this time.


#41 Puggle

Posted 17 May 2008 - 07:58 AM

Congratulations Emsihka on the arrival of Isobel Patricia!

Beaglebabe, congratulations. I can really relate to not being as excited this time around. I also had a 10lber last time and am wondering what size this one will be, especially as I am aiming for a VBAC. I'm measuring 4-5 days ahead at the moment, and I am looking forward to my morphology scan so that I can compare the measurements with Claire's results. I think I just don't have the time to be as excited this time around, and I also have a fair idea of what to expect after the birth and am bit nervous about it, to tell you the truth unsure.gif. That can be turned around though, at least I have some idea of what to expect with regard to feeding etc. I have heard quite a few stories of big first babies and smaller subsequent babies, so I am hanging on to that hope!

Darnie, well done on the curtains. Keep going!

Savvy, how are you tracking? Are you still here with us or should we be expecting a big announcement any minute?

Barky, I don't know how you can keep up with the inspections. I'd have been crawling into bed and saying "Yep, don't mind me. Feel free to keep looking around and don't trip over the washing in the laundry".

purpleoj, my DD has been a shocker with sleeping lately too. Last night she kept waking every half hour or so and screaming and at about 3am she started sneezing and now has a shocker head cold sad.gif.

My first OB appointment went well, all results good so far. Dr happy for me to go to 43 weeks  blink.gif if I want to in an attempt to achieve my VBAC, but given Claire's size I reckon by then I could well be carrying a 5+ kg baby around so I am not so sure about that. We'll see.

#42 MarlaMoo

Posted 17 May 2008 - 08:15 AM

Morning ladies,

Thought I should just pop my head in and say G'day waves.gif haven't posted in here for awhile but have been  ph34r.gif

Not much news to report, bubs is engaged, growth scan last week but still not sure of the size and having a repeat u/s this coming Thursday as well as catching up with Dr.  My midwife thinks that there maybe some decisions to be made about when/how bubs will be entering the world as I have low fluid, so we'll just wait and see.  In the meantime, bubs seems to be happy enough to stay put.

Hope everyone else is well and look forward to more baby news soon !

Cheers, Marla.

#43 ~strawberry~

Posted 17 May 2008 - 11:12 AM

Am I the only person hoping for a bigger baby this time round  laughing2.gif

#44 Savvy

Posted 17 May 2008 - 10:40 PM

Hi original.gif

Jo - LOL!! I'm not too fussed on size, I was just nervous that I could have a jump to 5 kilos but the Ob says they are estimating 4kgs (so a little lighter than DS but bigger than DD) As long as baby comes out easily and healthy I'll be happy original.gif

Marla - good luck with your upcoming scan on thursday - glad bub is happy in there though original.gif

puggle - still here tongue.gif Had a chilli chicken wrap for lunch and a mexican pizza for dinner and it hasn't moved things along so I've decided this baby will come when ready!! I seem to have the BH's at the same time each night, so baby likes to play tricks original.gif Glad all went well with your Ob appointment though I think by 43 weeks I would be well and truly over it!! I've told my midwife 10 days is the longest I will go, I know they are happy to let you go longer but I'm to impatient tongue.gif

Beaglebabe - not long for me - I'm due on the 28th May. I think it's harder to be excited 2nd time around because you are so tired and also dealing with a toddler. I worked right up with DS so it was alot different to my pregnancy with DD. I found though I got alot more excited closer to the due date - which is exactly how I feel this time around.

Darnie - Congrats on getting your curtains done original.gif I think I'm just about set for this bub to come home, the only thing I have to do is pack a few last minute things in my hospital bag and I'm set to go original.gif

Barky - don't be sorry - whinge away tongue.gif I think the first 12 weeks are the hardest, I always feel more tired and sick in those weeks than any other, it's especially hard when you have other kids to run after. Good luck with the house, hopefully you get it sold soon.

Jo - glad the morning sickness has settled original.gif It must be the week for little ones waking. DS also woke twice in the last week - very unlike him. I think he may have been cold as I put flanny sheets on his bed last night and that seemed to fix it. Even though he wears all in ones and we have ducted heating I still think he may have been getting cold. I hope Ella goes back to sleeping through for you.

Me - still waddling along laughing2.gif Getting really excited that it could be any day and can't wait to hold our new bub wub.gif I'm trying to be really patient but it's so hard - though I have to keep telling myself baby will make an appearance when ready!!

Hope everyone is well original.gif

DH Chris

#45 darnie

Posted 17 May 2008 - 11:47 PM

Hi All,

Sorry, I am being slack with personals, but will hopefully make up for it during the week!

Erin is still not well, although (touch wood) her temp seems to be stabilising a bit tonight. So far we've had 5 1/2 hours since her last dose of panadol! ddance.gif We also haven't had the hourly cough-and-wake-up-crying sessions - hopefully these won't start when we jump into bed! Will see if we can get into the doctor tomorrow, just to be sure. It is awful when kids are sick. cry1.gif

Had our ante-natal class today. It was pretty much what we expected, although I was pleased to see that they now teach about tired signs. Wish they'd taught THAT last time! It was all about labour before - nothing about how to look after it when you actually get it!

Curtains are going well. Tonight I've appliqued a pig, a sheep and more than half a cow. Still HEAPS to go, though! I am hoping that I can get them done soon so that I can start on a light shade and a quilt for Erin's room while I have the crafty bug!

Well, I am raving on. Once again, sorry about the lack of personals, but I promise I will try to get on to them when Erin is better and I have a bit more time!

Take care evryone!


#46 Mariamsmum

Posted 18 May 2008 - 09:52 AM

Just  ph34r.gif and saw Michelle's post...I am so, so thrilled for you hun, I know that it was a bit of a shock for you, esp given that Toby is such an active toddler, but what a wonderful surprise it is  biggrin.gif!  wishing you a very uneventful 6 months and a 9 pounder at the end LOL! wishing you all the best for the NT scan on Tuesday!

Savvy: not long to go now...all the best for the birth and can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of your bubba original.gif

Deanne: hope Erin is feeling better soon.

Barky: huge congratulations again biggrin.gif! hope you feel better soon and can sell your house quickly!

Puggle: glad to hear that your OB appt went well...wow, waiting till 43 weeks, I def couldn't have done that with Zayn, lucky for me he came at 38 weeks! and he was only 3kg at that point (and I still needed a vaccum delivery wacko.gif )

hello to everyone else waves.gif

sorry for the essay, I really only wanted to pop in and say congrats to Michelle  blush.gif but I do like to lurk in here LOL!

#47 darnie

Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:37 AM

whoo-hoo! Just took Erin to the doctor again and after a week of struggling, we have been given anti-biotics! What's more, it's Augmentin so it should hit it on the head soon! Yay! We just gave her the first dose, so hopefully she'll pick up quickly and I will be back later with enough time for personals!

Hope everyone is doing well!


edited because my fat pregnant fingers can't type!

Edited by darnie, 18 May 2008 - 10:37 AM.

#48 sot

Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:39 AM

Deanne - yay for the curtains, and then you are going to start some more things...  you are definitely trying to make the baby come soon.  I see you were up past 10 last night!!

Eileen - good luck with the house sale, any interest this weekend?

Kelly - so spicy food hopefully brings on labour??  Hopefully the baby comes along soon.

Michelle - hi and welcome

puggle - hopefully you can have your VBAC

Okay girls I need some cot advice, and most of you have little ones already.  Anyone have a Bruin sleigh from toys r us - it on special at the moment and I like the look of it - and the price!!  I have also seen a babyhood georgia sleigh package (cot, change table and mattress) for $650 as well.  Any opinions?



#49 renee_nay

Posted 19 May 2008 - 09:22 AM

Hello mums and bubs!

Wow - this group has grown considerably this week! Congratulations on all the BFP's!

I have been a bit out of the loop for the last few days, as our cheeky little bubba decided not to move from its transverse position. I went to my appointment as normal last Wednesday, thinking "Great - I should be home in time to get dinner going before DH and DD get home," but no, that wasn't how things worked out!

They admitted me that night for monitoring, and wouldn't let me go home because of the danger of cord prolapse if my waters broke  cry1.gif Needless to say, i started to get a bit emotional when they were talking "elective" c/s, and not being allowed to go home until the baby was born! What made things even worse is that DD has chicken pox, so I wasn't allowed to see her because of the risk of her infecting the babies (which I totally understood - I wouldn't want my baby infected!) So that made me even more emotional, and every time a midwife would come in to check on me and see how I was going I would burst into tears! Ahhh, gotta love the pregnancy hormones!

Anyway, we had an ultrasound to check the bub, and 'he' was still definitely in the wrong position, they decided to wait until the next morning to decide on a plan of attack (Friday) as my doctor wasn't in until then. When the doctor came in to check the next morning he had a bit of a feel, and looked at the registrar and midwife and said "This baby is longitudinal," which i was hoping was what it sounded like! At some stage during the night the bubba had turned (without me realising) and was head down! YAY!  biggrin.gif

So, I was allowed to go home on strict instructions to come back if anything happens, so they can check if everything is still okay!

My goodness - what an epic post! Sorry everyone for boring you with all the details. I think this has been my way of debriefing  laughing2.gif

BBL to catch up on personals!
Renee  original.gif

#50 ~strawberry~

Posted 19 May 2008 - 10:49 AM

Oh Renee, how scary! Thank goodness bub turned around and you were allowed home again. How is T doing? Is she better yet? Now you mentioned 'he'.........

SOT - I love the look of sleigh cots! I'm sure whichever you choose will do the job well.

darnie - How's Erin today, has she picked up at all? There seems to be so much illness going around at the moment  sad.gif

Savvy - lol at the things you are trying to move baby along! You know a 4kg baby is still more than double what DD was  ohmy.gif  My grandpa was well over 6kg, about the same weight as DD is now at 17 months!!! His poor mum!

Marla - Thats great that your bub has engaged! Good luck for Thursday  original.gif

Puggle - A 5kg+ bub  ohmy.gif  That would scare the heck out of me! How much did Claire weigh when she was born? I am also not as excited this time around, and less impatient for bub to come along. Not sure why this is, but I just feel more content and happy to wait I think.

beaglebabe - Good luck for your NT scan  original.gif

Barky - any interest in your house over the weekend? The market has changed so much since we bought, it's so much more of a buyers market now. I hope your house sells soon. Oh, and I'd love to come to a meet up (cant remember if I got around to replying to that!).

As for me, all is going well. My parents left on Friday and DH returned Friday evening so life is back to normal again. DD is still being a little miss and waking at night, but is improving at resettling herself again. The bub is doing well, very active, and I haven't been sick in over a week! Yay!

It's nice to see some sunshine today after such a cold weekend!

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