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November 02 Parents # 126

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#26 SimplySweet

Posted 26 September 2008 - 01:09 AM

Awesome news

Congratulations Amanda on the birth of Riley
He is just adorable

wub.gif  wub.gif  wub.gif

I'm so glad all went well and he is here safely.

I will come back this weekend and post, been slack

Hope everyone is well

#27 Mandy1980

Posted 26 September 2008 - 12:38 PM

Congratulations AJ!!!

CJ - your post is hilarious!!  laughing2.gif

Now I have to go back and read what I have missed.


#28 ~CJ~

Posted 02 October 2008 - 09:28 PM

What was that Amanda, you want to keep her?? tongue.gif

BIG news today, we had a special visit from the tooth fairy!

Any DIN updates? AJ how is everything going?

#29 SimplySweet

Posted 04 October 2008 - 01:44 PM


Thought I'd do an update on how things are here

Lapping up the holidays at the moment. So nice not to race off every morning doing school runs, etc
Had a few nice sleep ins, had some nice outings.
One more week and back to school

Things are pretty good here,had a few hurdles but getting through them.

Ryan is doing great. He is just over 8mths old now. He is such a delightful baby. Sleeps great, feeds great. Few issues with him not wanting fruits or yoghurts but he loves his veges and eats finger food well. He is such a happy baby and so easy going. No issues at all with the little man. Still no teeth,lol. And he is pushing himself around the floor and rolling everywhere. Won't be long before he takes off, lol

Alyssa is a bit trying but it's the age. She is a little madam for sure, lol. Keeping us on our toes. She is such a little girl though. Loves clothing and her hair done. We watch her with her babies and teddies and how she cares for them and feeds them and you can see how it's just in her. No influence from any of her brothers  biggrin.gif
It's her birthday on friday and she will be 3 (she sais 4 though  tongue.gif )  She adores Ryan and loves being on her brothers tails wanting to do everything they do.

(ignore grotty face she was eating)

Thomas is great. Can't believe he is nearly 6. He is doing so well at school. He recently jumped from level 9 to 12 with his readers. He loves going and has lots of friends. He is a wonderful little guy, always full of smiles and laughter. Gets on his older brothers nerves from time to time, same reason as Lis, wanting to do everything with them,etc. His footy season not long ended, he had a fun season playing. He got a trophy, here he is excited with his best buddy

Jayden is doing much better at school. We changed his schools and they are working with him much better, helping him. Having that assessment report makes life much easier with telling them how to help him. The school has been tutoring him twice a week for the past term, it's part of a government scheme to help students struggling. He has 5 sessions left. Footy season is over and cricket season is here. He is doing ok all around

Brett is pushing some buttons, oh the joys of teens.  wacko.gif  He is a good kid but has to use his brains more when making silly decisions doing silly things at school that get him in trouble.He is very influenced with peer pressure and wanting to be cool. He was suspended twice last term, OMG, I couldn't believe it. Not major incidents but it's a strict catholic/anglican school and they don't mess around. J has a place there for 2010 for Yr 8. Thomas is there now. We took everything away from him, his phone, msn, computer, grounding, the lot. He seems to have learnt his lesson, but is it until the next time  unsure.gif  sad.gif  huh.gif   His umpiring has finished, he had a great year, umpiring many games, even a half time game at AAMI stadium as J's team played and he umpired. He earned quite a lot of money. We are still deciding whether to allow him to play cricket this season due to his recent behaviour.

All of them on thursday

Dh and I have gone through a really big bad patch but we are trying to get back on track. We are determined to make it work so that's what matters hey.

I was offered some different hours doing a different job for Term 4 at work but I turned it down. They want me hrs I can't do with the kids and not a job I want to do. I am happy to have some time at home for a while. I never worked full time anyway but it is nice to have one less thing to stress over tongue.gif . Getting the kids to all the places they need to be keeps me busy morning and avo. Catching up with friends more too

Cathryne, Wow she lost her first tooth. Great photo. She has cute freckles. Thomas hasn't lost any yet. PMSL at her 3 husbands, hehehe

Mandy, How are you and your 3 young lads going???

Amanda, How's everything going?? How's Riley settling in??

Nic, Hello. OH no about the heart surgeries, that is really bad. I really didn't find much difference in tting the boys to my daughter. They all at times were stubborn. B and J were tted at 2 whereas Thomas was 2¾ and Lis was about 2½

Louise, How are you and the kids going??

Barb, How are you and the boys ???

#30 thisismyname

Posted 08 November 2008 - 08:21 AM

Hello DIN-ers! (Sumara here)

This must definitely be the first birthday season that we've had no posts going on!

Big HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to all  our beautiful November (and October/December!) kiddos!

CONGRATULATIONS AJ on the safe and gorgeous arrival of Riley - that photo is divine. Hope all is going well.

Kristy - Sorry to hear they took your job out from under you like that. sad.gif But maybe with how busy you are with the kids it's a blessing in disguise hey? Hope Brett's teenager-ness doesn't drive you too crazy!

CJ - my sympathies to Maddie on not being allowed the marriage choices she desires. Really, it's so unfair, poor thing. wink.gif Talitha's having similar dilemmas - she just can't decide who she wants to marry, and she thinks it's rotten that she can't marry her aunty or her cousin. It's a hard life, hey.

Anyway. I don't have much to update - Talitha's doing great at school and we're gradually overcoming her crazy behaviour issues at home.
Beryl's in the same phase as Alyssa I think - a little madam. Demanding and bossy but oh so cute as well!
Charlie's just over 7 months and started crawling last weekend. We're suddenly realising our house is not at all babyproof! Just a few minutes ago he let the canary out of its cage! It's all fun and games.

Hope everyone's doing well. original.gif


#31 kabcor

Posted 08 November 2008 - 09:27 PM

Wow, we really are slack aren't we? blink.gif Just finding the time is really hard isn't it everyone - I know I haven't been on for absolutely ages.

All is well with us.  Kids are great - love each other to bits but fight like crazy.  Nicky is going really well this year with school - got another merit award last week.  He is such a grown up little 6 year old now - can't believe how this year has changed him so much from the sensitive scared boy at the beginning of the year to the stubborn, clever and funny boy of now.  We have some incredibly challenging moments with both of them - tantrums from a stubborn 6 year old and super dooper ones from Miss Amy.  But then they'll do something gorgeous and you forget how mad you were at them!

Anyway, it would be nice if we could all start chatting again - I'll have to make more effort.  Happy Birthday to our DINs - they've come a long way.

Take care everyone.


Edited by kabcor, 11 November 2008 - 07:56 PM.

#32 SimplySweet

Posted 13 November 2008 - 07:56 PM

We have all been really slack  ph34r.gif

Ill come in tomorrow and post  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

#33 SimplySweet

Posted 14 November 2008 - 09:06 PM

to all the November 02 kiddies

Hope you all had/have
wonderful birthdays

Nothing too exciting happening about here

Kids all good. Thomas had his party last weekend which he really enjoyed. We went to the beach wed night for dinner on the beach for his b'day too.

Few more birthdays before Christmas, and we have so much on between now and Xmas
Have Jayden's birthday, my birthday, Brett's birthday. 2 weddings (Dh's brother and following weekend Dh's cousin) We have 2 xmas work do's (one family one and one adults one) An XMas bbq with friends/families, Xmas dinner out with friends. T has 2 birthday parties to go to. Can't think what else at moment

Sumara, Nice to hear all is well. Wow that she is crawling already. Ryan is very close, he can kinda commando crawl (started the other day) but can't get too far yet.
It is all fun and games hey  tongue.gif

Jodie, Great to hear how everything is. School helped Thomas too, he has alawys been shy. He has so much more confidence now and really loves school and his friends.

Hope everyone else is doing well  original.gif

Edited by SimplySweet, 14 November 2008 - 09:07 PM.

#34 A*J*

Posted 24 November 2008 - 10:39 AM

Hey there

Sorry for being so slack... time just seems to run away on me!

All going good here.  Cannot believe Keeley only has 3 weeks of school left!  She is going great at school... was awarded a Bronze Award last week - basically for great behaviour, presentation, etc.  If only she was as well behaved at home!  At church yesterday I had both Keeley and Josh throwing tanties left right and centre (and of course DH was away at work  wacko.gif )  Ah well.

Josh is a very active full on little boy.  Lucky he is so cute...  rolleyes.gif

Riley is just gorgeous.  After a horrendous week with him being sick and not sleeping more than a half hour at a time day or night (and again DH away at work!!!) we are back to normal.  He is such a gorgeous kid... sleeps pretty well, feeds great and is a little spunk in general.

Very busy with trying to cull and declutter the house as well as helping organise various fundraiser stuff for the million different committees/groups I'm involved with!  I will try really hard to upload a few photos of the three kids soon to share with you all.

Ok gotta go, busy, busy, busy!

Take care,

#35 Mandy1980

Posted 27 November 2008 - 11:24 AM

Hi all

Been MIA lately, you all know what its like.

Just wanted to come in and say Happy Birthday to all our 6 year old DIN02'ers.

And a special Happy Birthday to my big boy Jacksyn, who turned 6 yesterday.  He is so stoked to finally be 6.   tongue.gif   Cos apparently it is a very important age.  He had a great birthday, we made a heap of cup cakes that he took to school and shared with his class, they all sang happy birthday and made him feel very special.  We then went out to the beach and had fish and chips (his choice), a walk along the rocks and then ice cream for the way home.  We all had a great day.  As soon as I find the cord for my camera I will upload a few photos of my three big boys.

I hope everyone else is doing great.


#36 LouiseT

Posted 10 December 2008 - 07:33 AM

Can't believe our babies are 6 now!  And have finished their first year at school (Prep here anyway).  Hope the school holidays treat everyone well, and we all have a Merry Christmas!

Updates from us?  Matthew had a great year, fun teacher who very much believes in play based learning.  Made heaps of new friends and surprised us by teaching himself to read and apparently has  advanced maths ability.  He started Rugby Union and tennis this year, with DH as his Rugby coach, and made some lovely new  friends there.  Sadly he takes after me when it comes to sport!  But he had fun, and a bit of exercise.  And he looked so cute in his little footy boots!

Rest of the kids are fine - Siobhan just finished year 3, and has been competing in Irish Dancing this year.  She made a few really good friends this year, hopefully she will continue those friendships next year.   Imogen has really missed her old daycare buddies, but will start 2 days of Kindy next year, and can't wait!    She has been such a great big sister to Joe - he follows her around all day and they have a great time together.  Joseph is 18 months old now,  saying lots of words, into everything, climbing.  He thinks he is just as big as the other kids, and tries to do whatever they do - no highchair, must do things himself, etc.  

Me?  I've had a busy year, but I have to say resigning from work was a good decision.  I've been involved in the kid's classrooms, have developed a new hobby into a little home business (I'm now a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator,  it is kind of like Tupperware for craft), and have very much enjoyed this year.  Next year is going to be the year I get my body back - sadly I've put on weight again and allowed myself to get very unfit.  That will change in the new Year!

How is everyone else?  What is the 2008 round up in everyone else's family?
xx Louise  original.gif

#37 SimplySweet

Posted 27 December 2008 - 06:03 PM

Hope everyone had a


and has a


#38 LouiseT

Posted 23 January 2009 - 07:49 AM

ddance.gif   First post for 2009!

Hellooooooooo?  Anyone there?   waves.gif

#39 ~CJ~

Posted 23 January 2009 - 08:59 PM

Goodness it has been quiet unsure.gif

I am anxious about the new school year with Maddie in Year 1!! Her Pre-School was just great and the school a good reputation but I need to meet her teacher and suss everything out... I just feel like it is such a hage step from the safety confines of pre-school in the huge open big school nno.gif

Otherwise we are ok, I work full-time now and Eliza in childcare 3 days a week - life is pretty hectic.

#40 SimplySweet

Posted 25 January 2009 - 03:14 PM

Yay someone posted (well 2)
I check by often

We are all great. Ryan's first birthday today. We had a lovely party at the park yday with friends. Had a lovely morning with him. He is sleeping now
Off to a bbq at a friends soon

Kids are all great.
Brett is working at Subway and loving that. He is in Yr 10 this year, goes back on wednesday
Jayden is doing so much better at different school. He is in his last year at primary school this year. He goes back tuesday
Thomas is in Yr 1 this year, so second year of primary school, he can't wait to go back, he goes back wednesday.
Alyssa is cheeky as ever, a real little girl. She starts pre-entry at kindergarten in term 4. She will love that
Ryan is great. Happy smiley little boy, such an easy baby

Dh and I doing good, had a real rough patch and seeked some counselling but doing better now.
I am not returning to work this year either.

Well better get back to it, heading off soon.

Hope everyone is well, would love to hear from everyone again with an update on how you all are

#41 kabcor

Posted 25 January 2009 - 08:17 PM

Hello everyone

Update from me - we're doing fine.  Nicky's first day back is Wednesday and into 1st class.  Won't know who his teacher or classmates are until Wed and he's a little apprehensive about that.  Wants to still be with his friends from last year so hopefully that will work out.  He got an award for numeracy at presentation night last year so I'm hoping he'll continue thriving.  Amy is full of energy, cheek, stubborness and spirit.  She turns 3 in March and because her little friends have already turned three Amy went up into the 3-5 room this year.  A few transitional problems and she's still not fully toilet trained yet but I'm sure things will get easier for her.  Her problem is she just laughs at people who get cross with her and doesn't take them at all seriously so I think some ground rules are being laid.  

Amy and Nicky love each other to bits but fight so much it drives me and DH nuts.

I've been back at work since the 12th and DH has had all this month off.  He'll go back to work Monday week.

A big thing Nick is worried about is getting the school bus which he'll be doing this year.  He'll still go up to my Dad's in the morning but instead of Dad driving all the way into town to drop him off, he'll put him on the bus at 8.00am and pick him up from the bus stop at 4.00pm.  Nick's worried about it but he did say he'd do it this year.  Its only 10 minutes into town (or 14 kms) but the bus takes a longer route.  Oh to win lotto and be able to drop off and pick up forever.  I so much want to be able to be there for my kids in that way and so much want out of my work environment.

Anyway, we had a good Christmas and New Year and we're going to a village fair tomorrow for Australia Day. Should be fun.

On a personal note I've joined weight watchers as I am the heaviest I've been apart from when I was pregnant.  I want to be healthy and look good again.

Apart from that we're looking at increasing out mortgage to build on as we desperately need more room.  Any hints or tips would be appreciated.

It would be nice if we could all start posting again - finding time is so hard I know.

Hope you're all well.


#42 LouiseT

Posted 27 January 2009 - 07:43 AM

original.gif  I hope everyone had a great Australia Day!

Good luck with back to school (or starting school) today for those starting today; my kids go back tomorrow.  Imogen starts Kindy on Friday.

Jodie - you sound just like me!  I'm doing the Tony Ferguson diet (replace 2 meals a day with shakes) because I have about 30 kilos to lose  ffear.gif   cry1.gif  I've lost 3 kilos in 2 weeks, so that is a start, at least!

Kristy - I'm glad counselling helped you guys, that's fantastic.  Glad for you about work too - again, you sound just like me!   happy.gif   Can't beleive Ryan is 12 months old already!  He is such a cutey.

No wonder this board has been quiet, with many of us returning to work.  Hopefully you will still check back in when you can find time.  Can you believe how many years we have been online friends now?  

Have a great day and great school year everyone!

#43 Mandy1980

Posted 27 January 2009 - 11:50 AM

Howdy DIN'ers

Happy Ozzie Day for yesterday.  We had a nice day at friends house having a bbq and swim and a few brewskies, however the weather was terrible with a cyclone sitting just off the coast from us.  We were on Blue Alert all day, but it has gone past us now.  The amount of rain tho is amazing.  Being in the barron red Pilbara, rain isn't something we see that often.  We have waterfalls coming down the hills, everything is flooded, our roof is leaking and the water level is sitting just under our front door step.  Hopefully it dies off a bit today.  

My mum has been up here visiting us and was due to fly out yesterday morning but had to be postponed cos the plane that was coming up from Perth got all the way here and then couldn't land, they had to turn around and head back again.  Our runway was flooded and the wind and rain just made it impossible.  She finally managed to get out last night.  

The joys of living in North West WA.

Anyways, kids are all doing great.  Jacksyn starts year 1 next week, which he is totally looking forward to.  Into big school now, which is a bit scary for me.  Tyler goes into Pre-primary, so I will have 2 in full time school this year.  Brody, is 2.5 years old, and I swear was sent to try me.  He is absolutley gorgeous, but just waaay to clever for his own good.  He is into everything, and is toilet training at the moment too.  He is little Mr Independant tho.  Doesn't want help with anything.  

DH and I are great.  Both got a bit worried with all these job cuts in mining lately, but so far so good.  I am working full time which is going well.  I am also currently training for the Touch Rugby State Titles in Perth next month.  On top of that I am secretary for the Touch Association in town, plus DH and I have taken on the co-ordinators role for our local Auskick centre.  So basically life is chaos.  

Anyways, best do some work.  Good to see a few updates.  Keep em coming!!!  


#44 Mandy1980

Posted 04 February 2009 - 10:59 AM

MARCO!!!!!!!  original.gif

#45 LouiseT

Posted 07 February 2009 - 08:06 PM

waves.gif   POLO!

#46 SimplySweet

Posted 14 February 2009 - 10:24 AM

Howdy everyone waves.gif

Hope everyone is doing fantastic. Life is good here.
Nothing exciting at all happening really  grin.gif

Dh did have the snip last monday so had a few days off recovering, so no more kiddies for us. Was a hard decision but the right one, we are happy with our 5

Mandy, You sound so busy, but so great doing all that, that's fantastic. How cool going for the state titles, awesome

Louise, I have been thinking about doing some shakes. I need to shift some kg's too. I have jut began walking on my own and with a friend, y'day I bought the Wii fit, I tried Calorie king but I was going under my daily limit, so food isn't my issue. Well done on shifting 3 kgs already
I know we have been here for years hey, how time flies

Well need to go pick up J from cricket shortly
Have to pick up B from his second game (he is playing seniors today too) and take him to work at 5pm. We have friends over tonight for dinner and a game.

Take care everyone hheart.gif

#47 SimplySweet

Posted 07 April 2009 - 11:18 PM

ph34r.gif  ph34r.gif

#48 LouiseT

Posted 09 April 2009 - 10:25 PM


LOL the K & L show!   wwhistle.gif    grin.gif

Kristy love your new siggy!  Jeez you make gorgeous babies woman!   wub.gif  

I've stopped the shakes already - It wasn't working for me - I was craving carbs all the time then binging  oomg2.gif so not losing weight.  I'm now at the gym 3 days a week and have a personal trainer for 3 weeks to help.  Fingers crossed!

Better dash.  Tired little bunny here.  

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

#49 kabcor

Posted 11 April 2009 - 03:27 PM

Tounge1.gif Hello I'm here too.

I've lost 7.6 kgs on weight watchers (woo hoo) but will probably put it all on again tomorrow  ddoh.gif

Kids are fine but fighting all the time - drives me absolutely NUTS.  And Nick's started lying and getting Amy into trouble.  I threatened him with boarding school yesterday it got so bad (I know bad mummy).  

Waiting for approvals from Council but plans for an extension on our house are well and truly rolling along.  In a few months time I might not have so much mess crammed into this house and DH and I actually will be able to watch the news in peace (well we can only wish can't we?).

Where has everyone gone???
Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone.

#50 KaChing

Posted 18 April 2009 - 04:37 PM

G'day from WA!!!

Its been such a long time since I have been in here.  All is going well with us over here.

Kids are going great guns.  Brayden can still do my head in at times, quite the strong willed boy but Jordyn is still just the sweetest girl  wub.gif

I see I am not the only one AWOL from here LOL.  It only dawned on me that I've not been here for a while coz I have been thinking of taking a break and going to the East - and then I remembered all of my friends whom I have not spoken too for ages.

I see read some of you have dropped some kilo's  ddance.gif

I rally don't know what to tell you, but I will keep popping in to see if we can energise DIN!

Seeya's xx

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