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November 02 Parents # 126

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#51 Mandy1980

Posted 25 May 2009 - 02:47 PM

wwhistle.gif   "Dooonnn't hold back!!!   Is there anybody out there...feeling something"""

tthumbs.gif   waves.gif

Bumpity bump bump!!!

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#52 SimplySweet

Posted 28 May 2009 - 12:03 PM

Hello everyone

Been a while since I posted, ok a few months, oops

Life has been pretty crazy. One of them years of lots of hurdles and crap going wrong. Things at home needing replacing, lots of work on the car, etc, etc. My parents seperated so the family is currently crumbling.  But it's all ok, getting through everything. Dh and I had a rough time but we are really good now. Just took some counselling and for us to get back on the same page again.

We have been pretty sick of recent. 4/5 of the kids had a vomity bug then a few days later DH and I and Lis and Ryan got the flu, omg the pain. Then I also got a gastric bug for 2 days as well, was shocking. Then Brett came down with a bad case of tonsilitis. So we had a lovely 2 weeks. All on the tail end of it all now.

I have had, well have some dental issues. I have the beginning of periodontal disease so have had quite a few dental trips getting on top of that (it's something I have for life but will do my best to keep it at bay) and have to have all 4 wisdom teeth out next month  unsure.gif  

Brett is doing well. Busy umpiring lots this footy season. He does 2 country games on Saturdays and 2 local league games on Sundays (brings in over $200 per weekend just for them). This week he is umpiring at a half time game at AAMI stadium. He is doing well at school and works at Subway 8 hrs a week. He has a lovely gf of about 6 mths now.

Jayden is doing well at school, he still has his issues but he is getting there. He is into a private school next year and it can't come quick enough. The school he is at is quite rough and I've really had enough of them. He is doing well at footy, playing up a year level. He enjoys footy season.

Thomas is doing fabulous at school. His teacher is very happy with his learning. He has completed the years worth of words already, she has been making some up the last 2 weeks,lol . And is on level 22 readers. She is holding him at that level a while as they are novels and quite long books with big words. She said he is more than capable of reading it all but he needs to be able to comprehend them too and understand the stories. She said there is not one part of schooling that he is struggling with. All topics and everything he is taught he is doing with ease, he just lvoes maths and can do most of it in his head, doesn't need fingers, etc. He is friendly, well mannered, confident and just a perfect student.  He is loving footy season and it's really clicked this year. He is after the ball and trying to kick goals, marking, hand passes, etc. Loving it and doing well.
He played a half time Auskick game at AAMI stadium 2 sundays ago

Alyssa is going great. She is such a sweet girl and such a girly girl. No tom boy in her at all. She adores Ryan and they play so great during the day. She is loving learning with Thomas when he draws,reads and writes and can already write her name by herself. She is enrolled to start pre-entry kindy in term 4 then next year has a year of kindy before starting school term 1 2011. She got a place at the college the boys go to now (except J who starts there next year)

Ryan is just adorable. He is 16mths old now. His speech is developing slow so am starting to be concerned. But overall he is a happy chappy. Very easy. Sleeps and eats great. Loves his big sister and brothers. A real joy.

I am still a SAHM and have no plans to return to work anytime soon. After working for so many years with the kids I am enjoying some time at home.

We are pretty busy every week
Lis does gymnastics on monday mornings, tues mornings I take Lis and Ryan to a playgroup. J and T have training tues nights. Wednesdays Lis and Ryan go to cc for the day. My 6 hrs a week childfree time tongue.gif . Wed night B has training.  Thursdays Lis has cheerleading in the afternoon and J and T have training and B has work at Subway.
Once a week I catch up with friends. We have a meet and it changes days and houses/parks each week.
Saturdays Dh plays footy, J does scoreboard for his home games. B umpires 2 country games then works at Subway during the evening and on Sunday B umpires 2 games, J plays and T plays and then presentations.
So all in all we have a bit on, just a nice steady stream of activities most days. I like to be busy so it's good.

Hope everyone is well  original.gif  original.gif

#53 TheClampetts

Posted 21 June 2009 - 06:49 PM

Just lurking around EB the other day (bored at work  ph34r.gif ) and did my eyes read it right!!! Is Nee pg with another little baby?

#54 ~CJ~

Posted 21 June 2009 - 08:48 PM

I saw the exact same thing and just thought OMG...and due very soon if I recall correctly.  oomg2.gif

I will do a bit of an update while here...we are going OK. Maddie growing up way too quickly though nno.gif I took her to a party the other week and there she was in a gorgeous dress and cardigan and her favourite pink shoes. ALL the other kids were dressed in that Bratz Tween type clothing, I felt terrible for her. Things have changed since then which I understand but it's sad as she has been such a girly girl I feel like she's being pushed into the tween stag far too early - it was a 7th birthday party for crying out loud!

Eliza is plodding along, infection after infection but I think we are getting somewhere. Still yet to discuss with paed as she has multiple health issues which need addressing but the ENT wants her tonsils and adenoids out ASAP. One risk being the minimum weight for surgery is 15kg and she is barely 12kg (issue with the amount of blood she has, if there is any bleeding) but he thinks it's something that needs to happen regardless as she is FTT (failure to thrive). Aside from tonsillitis she has been on ABs for chest infections, UTIs and ear infections. She just jumps from one thing to the next. I guess it all is upsetting because I said years ago I didn't feel everything was right but from every direction have always had "she's ok" and it's had to get this severe before anything is done, as in her growth is badly stunted, her hearing impaired, behaviour issues and now developmental. Mothers Instinct just isn't enough though is it.

oops sorry a bit of a vent there. I hope everyone is well waves.gif

#55 SimplySweet

Posted 22 June 2009 - 10:40 PM

Wow how exciting for her, I don't see many people around here anymore, I don't go looking though either
Kinda figure those that ditched us here don't really warrant me looking either   ph34r.gif dev (6).gif

Cathryne, Sorry to hear that Eliza has so many issues sad.gif
I can't believe they told you minimum weight is 15kgs, what's with that. Thomas had his first surgery at 18mths and he weighed 11 kgs. Lis had her tonsils and adenoids taken out in march and she is 13kgs
Lis couldn't eat well or sleep well so after 2 appts she went in for surgery. Was affecting her too so the quicker out the better
Thomas had 3 sets of grommets and his tonsils and adenoids done as he had issues for so long, healthy happy boy now who is rarely sick. We are hoping that will be Lis soon too. And looks like we are travelling down same path with Ryan. He has an aptt in a few weeks to get reffered for his hearing
I hope they start listening to you soon. A mother knows her child better than anyone else, make them listen hun

#56 TheClampetts

Posted 23 June 2009 - 10:56 AM

They do grow up so fast CJ.  Dont follow the flock I am sure M was a standout in her outfit.

Gosh K you have certainly had a run with it with the ears with your kids.  You could almost qualify as and ENT specialist  wink.gif

#57 SimplySweet

Posted 23 June 2009 - 12:59 PM

Lis's wasn't her ears. Just HUMUNGOUS tonsils and adenoids, both were obstructing her airways.
She could hardly eat and was gaining no weight and was waking multiple times at night and you could hear her breathing in her sleep from the other room.
She didn't have repeated bouts of tonsilitis or any infections. Just was affecting her ability to grow. She couldn't eat well and never had a good night sleep. She has gained 1½kgs since then and sleeps beautifully all night.
When she was put to sleep in the operating theatre she wasn't able to breathe, they totally blocked her airways, was very hard for me to leave the room watching her fighting for air and turning a not so nice colour in front of me. But all good now
Thomas has had repeated ear problems. He still has one grommet in but still sees the ENT few times a year. His problems seemed to ease up heaps when they took the tonsils and adenoids during surgery #3  After winter the ENT will take out the last grommet as it hasn't come out on it's own yet if he has a good year and doesn't need the other put back in
Cost us nearly $8000 for the 4 operations

#58 ~CJ~

Posted 23 June 2009 - 02:05 PM

Hmm why has the ENT had to scare the crap out of me about her weight? Thanks that is really reassuring. It is times like this I wish she was being seen at the specialist childrens hospital but three months post referrals (yes we had two sent due to her sleep apnoea) we haven't heard a word. This ENT is the only local one, and was so concerned when he got the referral saw her within 24hrs (he has a 7month wait list) so at least he is taking this seriously which I am happy about. I noticed yesterday when she was walking her leg is hyperflexing at the knee and I just about burst out crying - explains why she is always saying her legs are hurting and another thing to follow up on now ddown.gif I am so tired dealing with her all the time, including 2-3times a night still. I know it isn't her fault but it doesn't make it any less exhausting.

K i'll be back pestering you with ENT questions now lol...oh do you want to see her xray? I have been passsing them around our nursing friends trying to get an idea if we are looking at the surgery or not lol

#59 SimplySweet

Posted 23 June 2009 - 06:46 PM

We went private too Cathryne.
We were not willing to wait publicly, I can't believe they make children wait that long, it's so very wrong at such a developmental age sad.gif .
But sounds like your limited with options there having one ENT locally
T's ears were done at a local private hospital but when he and Lis had their tonsils/adenoids done they went to a private hospital in the city (across the road from the womens and childrens hospital)
The money was well worth it. If Ryan needs them too we will see the same ENT and pay again for surgery rather than wait. His speech is very crucial at this age.
I can understand how you are feeling hun sad.gif  sad.gif
Yes I will look, what are the xrays of??

#60 ~CJ~

Posted 23 June 2009 - 10:43 PM

Thanks Kristy. I am not sure if we will need to go Private as he is the only ENT doing both hospitals it's his schedule not the private fees that seem to be the issue, it surprised me but makes sense I guess - the difference being rural? If we don't have to pay that will be a great bonus.
I took her to the GP today and he checked her ears with some machine that confirmed her ears are completely filled with fluid so am not sure if we are looking at the grommets, adenoids and tonsils at the same time. He had the letters from ENT and Radiology both suggesting tonsils and adenoids are an issue- but she needs to be assessed by the paed due to her other issues before ENT will do anything.

She has gained weight, but tonsils and chest dodgy so she is back on antibiotics for another two weeks. The third lot in 6 weeks or so. I am exhausted!

I agree with you about development and that is such a huge issue, the longer this goes on the more I worry about the long term consequences.

#61 SimplySweet

Posted 24 June 2009 - 11:16 AM

If you don't have to pay that's fantastic. I wished we didn't have to but the waiting list is sooooooo long here.
Thomas's were orginially his ears but his tonsils and adenoids kept getting infected and the fluid would just keep filling up, either pushing out the grommets or blocking them. Since they have been out, not one infection and ears are clear

I hope you get some answers soon as to what they are going to do and hope they don't take too long to book her in

#62 kabcor

Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:02 PM


It sounds like you've been through a lot CJ.  Hope things improve - I agree with mother's instinct - you just know when things aren't right.

We've all got the flu at the moment - its hits Amy particularly badly because of her asthma/croup attacks.  She coughs so much that she throws up and she gets so distressed.

Work sucks lately for both DH and I but as we've added so much to our mortgage to build on we're stuck.  On a positive note our extension is virtually finished and its fantastic.  We will finally have some space and maybe my house will look semi clutter free.

Nick is going great guns at school and soccer.  He's been in the paper a couple of times for soccer and is a natural.  We're very proud of him.  He's in the top reading and maths group and just seems to love it all.  

Amy and Nick fight constantly - and the tantrums from both are enough to drive us mad.  This NO right back at you when you go to discipline is very hard to cope with.  When they're good they're very very good but when they're bad their rotten - that saying is so true.

Well this was just a quick drop in.  Hope everyone is well and all the kids are thriving.


#63 **paris**

Posted 13 July 2009 - 03:13 AM

Wow, you are all still here chatting with each other.  Im amazed!!!  I havent been on here in years and thought Id pop in and see how everyone is going across the ditch!!

Things are going fine here, Reece is now comming up 7 and Lukah comming up 6...we are really busy with me working and them both at school.  Ive also just recently seperated with my husband (very amicable!) so am slowly adjusting to that.   The girls are fine and happy and thats all that matters!!

Its absolutly FREEZING here in NZ and here I am awake at 5.11am doing my housework and having my morning coffee, might have some brekkie soon.  I love getting stuff done at this time of the morning as the kids are tucked up in bed and I get to wizz through the house like a mad woman.  I have work at 9.30am so I have heaps of time to get the washing, vaccing, general tidy up done.

Well Id better go and have something to eat.  Hope you are all doing well and are happy and healthy and not too cold.

Sarah (paris) xx

#64 Mandy1980

Posted 04 August 2009 - 07:03 PM

Hi all

Seems like everyone is busy busy as usual!!  original.gif

We had our local festival on here last weekend, it is kinda a miniture royal show. Anyways, they have a float parade as part of the opening ceremony so we decided to put a float in to raise money for our Auskick trip to Perth - not sure if I have mentioned it before but DH and I run the Auskick up here and we have organised a half time grid game during the Fremantle Vs Essendon game at the end of his month. This means taking 58 kids from around our region and flying to Perth. Anyways the prizes for the float parade are quite good so we thought we would put in a float. It was great fun, alot of hard work, but the kids had a hoot. We transformed the back of a semi trailer into a small footy oval, with fake turf, goals, goal umpires, cheerleaders, we had a grandstand, the siren sounding, plus all the traditional footy songs playing out of the loud speaker, we even had a mascot Lion!!! The kids all sat on there waving their little arms off to the spectators on the 40 minute trip, and it was awesome fun, we didn't end up winning anything but nevermind!!!!  Was all worth it tho, seeing all our excited little Auskickers up there so proud!!!

Paris - great to hear from you, and yes it is amazing that we still chat in here.  With our Nov02 bubs coming up to 7 it has been close to 8 years we have been chatting in here.  Pretty amazing huh!!  Sorry to hear you have seperated from your hubby!!  I hope it all turns out well.

CJ - I hope things get sorted out for your poor little princess very soon!!  You have been thru so much!!  

In other news.....We are TTC #4 at present and I am trying a few gender swaying methods.  Nothing too drastic just trying to swing the "girl" vibes in our general direction....altho I was scared to try again in case I got another boy, but now that we are actually trying, I am scared of having a girl, I can really see myself with 4 boys....I guess we will have to wait and see!!  

Also, I saw on another thread that Nee has had another bubby...a girl named Eden...if I read right she is only a couple of weeks old.  Congratulations Nee and family.


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#65 A*J*

Posted 04 September 2009 - 07:26 PM

Hello all  cool.gif

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last checked in here!  Oops!  ph34r.gif

Great to see some of you are loyal though  blush.gif

All is going ok in our household.  Keeley is having a fabulous time in Year 1, and has a better social life than I do.  She is into dancing (jazz and tap) and has her concert coming up in a couple of months.  She is generally a beautiful, kind-hearted girl (with the occassional fiery flare-ups!).  I simply cannot believe she will be 7 so very soon  ohmy.gif

Josh is.... well Josh!  An absolutely beautiful boy (who at his sweetest rubs my cheek gentle and says "Mummy is my good mummy") who has such a wild streak sometimes...  Can throw a mean tantrum (with screeching thrown in for good measure), but thankfully these are not too common.  He is going to kindy one day a week and will go 2-3 next year.  I have a couple of concerns about his development, but we are off to see a paed and get his hearing checked next week as well.  He and Keeley together are either perfect, or horrid.  I try to remind myself that they are only horrid occassionally (but boy do they make the most of it when they do act up!)

And my little man Riley - well I can't believe he will be one next week.  It will be a very busy week with the school concert, then the trip to Rocky (2 1/2 hrs away) for J's appointments and then to my parents for R's birthday on Saturday!  In amongst all this, I am resposible for getting a grant through for extensions on our kindy... plus farm work, etc.

I am going ok, had a really bad stretch where I was pretty depressed for quite a while, I think I made life for my family pretty much hell.  Thankfully, I have a fantastic husband, who has seen me through.  Plus I have rediscovered the joys of exercise!  Hopefully will help me get back to looking a little more like my old self!

Well, now I have rambled on plenty...  It has been lovely to read how you all have been going!

Better get moving now as it is kids' movie night in our household, and there will be a mutiny soon I fear!

Take care all,

#66 ~CJ~

Posted 08 September 2009 - 12:48 PM

Nice to see more updates, even if I am slack at getting in here lol

Thanks for the thoughts on Eliza, unfortunately we are still on the round about!! Because it isn't straight forward anything, we're always waiting on something. Hearing test came back she has mild-moderate hearing loss, the paed has done different ests and results are good - kidneys etc seem to be fine. It all just adds so much time though!

After a horrible night with Eliza last night we now know she has pneumonia for the third time in three months. SO ENT stuff all has to wait until we figure out what is going on here now.

Maddie is great, a bit jealous of the attention Eliza gets though and we try to do special things just with her because it isn't fair. She is a wonderful child and is going through a clean-feak stage which has been interesting! ALWAYS makes her bed and cleans her room up in the morning before she goes to school. Who does that lol

Amanda ours are the same, when they play well it is fantastic but if they don't it is hell, and both girls can really get stuck into each other.

#67 thisismyname

Posted 16 September 2009 - 10:03 PM

Well hello!

It's Sumara here, in case nobody remembers my odd user name (I sure didn't remember it until I signed in with my email!)

So nice to see that some of you are still here chatting (even if it is very rarely).

Good to read, too, that we're all dealing with the same sibling shenanigans... Talitha and Beryl don't seem to have a single nice word to say to each other lately. So tiring listening to them at each other's throats all the time.

CJ, Sorry to hear about Eliza's troubles. I hope you can get the specialists to sort it out sooner rather than later.

Sarah! I often wonder how you're going over there in NZ. Sorry to hear about the separation but I'm glad things are amicable and the girls are happy. original.gif

AJ - I can relate to the dance concert excitement (yay?) and also the depression (not so yay...). Good to hear you're doing well now. I hope the paed appointments work out well. Maybe I need to try getting a bit more exercise too.

Mandy - good on you doing all that work with the auskick stuff! Nice. A little bit of gender--swaying seemed to work for us for Charlie... but you hear stories from both sides don't you. Either way, good luck! Maybe another boy would fit in well with your footy lifestyle... or maybe you'll get a little princess for a different kind of distraction!

Nice to hear how well everyone's doing at school. I wish I could say the same. Talitha does fine with the work - she reads and spells and does maths etc all very well - but she struggles so much with social stuff and behaviour. She just doesn't enjoy the environment of a classroom and she's a totally "hands-on" kid which, unfortunately, most teachers just can't deal with. She's had a horrible year this year with getting in trouble all the time, for really silly things, and also trying so hard to make some friends. Her only friend is a very bossy girl who just tells her what to do and won't "let" her play with anyone else. And Talitha's picking up that behaviour too and bringing it home. It's ridiculous to see what a different child she is on the weekends away from the school influence - so much more respectful and thoughtful and generally a lovely shiny thing. She just loves people with everything she's got.

Anyway! Wish I had a brighter update for you! "School sucks" pretty much summarises it! lol.

Talitha's started dancing this year - jazz and hip hop, which she loves, and she also loves most sporty things - bike riding, swimming, anything really. She really wants to do gymnastics but doing that as well as dancing would be crazy-expensive...

Beryl's been dancing (Jazz and tap) for 18 months now (she'll be 5 in January), and is quite a little star. Her teacher says so, anyway. I'm not biased or anything. wink.gif She's very keen to start school "when I'm 5, mum!". She's still very much a mummy's girl, but very confident in herself and a beautiful sensitive thing.

They're both fabulous big sisters to Charlie. As much as they fight with each other, they fawn over him and help him with anything they can. Even nappies and vomit and fun stuff like that. They are the best big sisters ever. biggrin.gif

Charlie's definitely a mumma's boy, too. He's 18 months, so just at that very cute stage of starting to say more words and put things together and wanting to be independent. He is awfully cute, with blonde curls and looong eyelashes and dimples, with a killer sad-puppy-dog look when he wants to.

Okay, it's late. I was going to bed ages ago... you know how it is...

#68 SimplySweet

Posted 29 September 2009 - 09:43 AM

hello everyone

Loving the school holidays. No school runs. Not getting sleep-ins as Ryan is up with hubby before he leaves for work but that's fine. It's the not rushing about bit I love.

Taking the kids to the park today. Meeting friends there. Sun is out. We've had crap weather for ages now. Nice to have a nice day before the rain returns tomorrow.
Jayden will stay home and chill out. And Brett is out for the day with his gf and family.

Trying to remember when I posted last. Must go check
Had Ryans' hearing tests (had to have it twice and results compared) as he didn't co-operate enough for either. He is a stubborn little man. End result he has hearing. he had trouble with a few pitches of sounds but got them in the end. He does have fluid on both middle ears though. But the ENT at his first appt said not enough to warrant grommets. And the audiologist said not enough to warrant him not talking. We are back to teh ENT next week.
I had Ryan's speech assessed at the Community centre and was diagnosed with needing speech therapy (we knew that) but we don't  fit their criteria for help. So made an appt with a private speechie but OMG at the cost. We got an Enhanced Primary care plan for Ryan but it's making very little saving in the cost. So I upped our PHI extras to cover speech. So now need to wait the 2 mth waiting list for that. We can't really afford to do that but we can't afford private speech either. Sucks so much
Ryan has also been referred for OT assessment and maybe to a paediatrician too. Few alarm bells sounding so best to get onto them now.

Brett recently suffered lots of lower back pain and shin splits. He also had a very sore foot where he had broken it in the past. Had some x-rays. His foot is fine, shin splints will go now footy season is over and he isn't umpiring every weekend. The last weekend of the season he wore a pedometer and he had run 36kms umpiring 4 games. That's a lot.
Anyways his spine x-rays showed he has scoliosis so he has been referred to the Scoliosis unit at the Women's and CHildren's hospital and also to see a physio. Poor kid, just 15. SHouldn't suffer from back pain. So will be onto that, doing what we can for him.

Rest of the kids are great. Alyssa starts pre-entry kindy on the 16th Oct. Thomas is doing amazing at school. He is Yr 1 but already been given Yr 2 work and put up to Yr 2 novels 2 weeks ago.
Teacher sais he is the best student. Lacking nowhere and a real delight to teach. He never has even got time-out or warnings for anything. Jayden is 1 term away from starting at the college. Really can't wait. The school is giving him no assistance whatsoever. It's feral. I hate it soooooooooooo much. He recently got his lans tests back which I knew he would not pass but to see the results he got was heart breaking.
Brett is nearly finished Yr 10 and onto Yr 11 next year. He has had a much better year. Still too social and could pick up his grades more but he is passing.
Jayden got Life membership given to him at presentations day on sunday at his local footy club. A great achievement for J.

Jodie, Yay on the renovations nearly over. BUmmer work sucks for yourself and DH. Well done Nick at school and at soccer

Sarah, Sorry to hear about your split with your DH. Glad to hear it was amicable. Time flies hey. So what kind of work are you doing?

Mandy, Your float sounded amazing. Hope you raised enough money to take the auskick kids.
Congratulations on TTC # 4, Hope it happens very soon for you guys
I love having my 4 boys and a girl. And can now back up what everyone else sais about girls being very different from boys, hehehe. And boys ARE easier, hahahaha

Amanda, SOunds very busy in your household. OMG he is 1 already. Kids definitely keep us much busier when they reach school and the after school activities come into play. SO glad to hear your hubby has been supportive and your feeling much better now.

Cathryne,  Sorry to hear it's taking so long to get some diagnoses with Eliza. Great news about her kidneys. I hope they can help her hearing. And I hope she has passed the pneumonia now. Poor little darling. Gotta love a girl who keeps her room so clean. Hope it continues into her teen years, hehehe

Sumara,  Gotta love sibling rivalry. I have it between J and T at the moment.
I hope things settle at school for Talitha. I hope overtime she adjusts to the rules and expectations at school and loses that bossy friend really soon
SOunds like they are loving their dancing. And wow at Charlie being 18mths old already. Big sisters to protect him

Gtg get these kids ready


#69 Mandy1980

Posted 20 October 2009 - 01:44 PM

Hi all

Just a quick one from me to update you on my news.............


Only very early days yet, but the nausea has kicked in already!!  Here's hoping for a pink bundle!!  original.gif

Edited by Mandy1980, 20 October 2009 - 01:44 PM.

#70 ~CJ~

Posted 20 October 2009 - 02:35 PM

Congratulations Amanda! Sending pink thoughts your way xxxx

Eliza had a sleep study done over the weekend, and is getting sick again at the moment - will see what happens. She has a respiratory specialist and is on a permanent low dose antibiotic so we're hopeful she can start fighting these illnesses better. She's already on 2-3hrly ventolin though so will see what happens. We just keep getting more questions, no answers.

Maddie is good, everything else is ok I guess.

I hope everyone else is well original.gif

#71 SimplySweet

Posted 10 November 2009 - 11:25 AM

WOOHOO Amanda, awesome news

Congratulations hun

ddance.gif eexcite.gif ddance.gif  

Cathryne, Poor darling really is copping it all hey sad.gif . I really hope you can get some answers soon. Poor sweety and Mum  sad.gif

Not heaps going on around here really
Ryan has had grommets put in and can already tell the difference with his hearing.
Brett has seen spinal unit and they are not too concerned with his spine but he is having an MRI in January to check other things out. The scoliosis isn't the reason for all the pain so what is??. He still sees physio weekly
Other kids are all good.
Busy month with lots of concerts, etc so will be a jam packed month, Dec looks a tad quieter
Few more weeks and the kids finish school

Feel like I am on the go all the time but it's all good, used to that
Still not interested in returning to work. Thinking maybe 2011 I might, now I am used to now working, will be hard to return,lol

Well better go, quick catch up

Hope everyone is well

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