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Babies with large and/or fast growing heads

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#1 kayjayx1

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:25 PM

Hi Ladies,

I'm not sure what I'm after here - just a bit of reassurance I guess...

My DD has just turned 6 months old, and has always been a big girl - 97th ish percentile for weight and head circumference, and 75th ish for length.

Anyway, the doctor who examined her before her 6 month injections yesterday has referred her to the pediatrician because her head is now over the 97th percentile.  
It was 36cm when she was born, and is now 46cm at 6 months.

I'm really terrified that there is something wrong with my little girl  cry1.gif

Her daddy has a big head, and I'm just  hands.gif  that she takes after him and theres nothing to worry about.

Does your baby have a big head?  Or a fast growing head?  Or has your baby been for a scan because of the size?  Would really appreciate hearing how you got on...

I am just stressing so much about this and wishing the weekend away.  I'm lucky that I have managed to get a pediatrician appt for monday but.. future note to self..DO NOT go to the doctors on a friday again!.

TIA, Kay.

#2 Lori81

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:29 PM

your story is spooky!its my DS3 all over.Hes 6 months and 97th percentile for weight and 75th for length and his head is also 97th.Hes 9.7kgs and my DR didnt think anything was wrong with him.He explained that some babies just inherit large heads from parents(in my case their dad  laughing2.gif )so there was nothing to worry about

#3 MPS mummy

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:35 PM

my BF's to DSs have very large heads! but they're totally normal!

my DD was was always in the 5% percentile but her head deffinately was not! in our case it did turn out to be something very serious, but it was a 1 in 88,000 chance disease! so please try not to stress.

is you paediatrition concerned? if not, dont worry!

#4 LCM

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:42 PM

We are going through the same thing at the moment.

It isn't so much that she has a big head but the fact that it has jumped so much in the last couple of months.  At 6 months she was in the 50% and now at 9months is just off the chart.  She was also 6 weeks early so her corrected age she would be well off the chart.  We took her to the Dr and he gave us a referral to a pediatricion.  Our appt is for DEC (that was the earliest appt they have!!!  and that is private on the GOld Coast.  We are taking her every two weeks to get it measured.  We all have big heads so aren't really worried but think it is best to keep an eye on it as it sometimes can mean fluid on the brain.  The Dr said that there would likely be other symptoms such as being delayed which DD isn't.  she is also heavy (10.5kg) and is quite long.

Good luck with your appt on Mon and let us know how you go.


#5 Guest_**emma**_*

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:46 PM

My DS had a head circumference of 45cms at 6 months and there was never any concern about it

#6 puggy

Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:55 PM

My 11 month old daughter also has a big head, 38cms at birth and at all her checks has been between 97th and 99th percentile. No one has ever said I need to worry. From what I understand the only time to worry is if there is a massive change ie. was 25th percentile and then is at 95th percentile.

Try not to worry too much. Although that is eaiser said than done, as mothers we cant help but worry regardless. Take heart in the fact that studies have shown that babies with big heads in the first 12 months of their life turn out to be smarter than their small head counterparts.

#7 sarahch

Posted 28 June 2008 - 11:19 PM

My sons head circumference is not even on the percentile charts!!! It is huge and is over the 97th percentile which is the highest the chart goes. His head circumfernce is half a cm bigger than my DD's who is nearly 3 (my son is 10 months).
I wouldnt be too concerned. My DS has other health concerns so has spent alot of time with doctors and paeds and no-one has been concerned about his large head.
I just believe he has a big brain and is going to be really smart  grin.gif

#8 fiandmike

Posted 29 June 2008 - 10:09 AM

hi, my DS has a head over the 98th percentile and weight is between the 25th and 50th percentile. We ended up going for an ultrasound on his head, and all was fine. It was completely non-invasive for him and the hardest thing was keeping his head still for the test! The Dr told me that there are a few treatable conditions that can lead to a 'big head' and most common reason is that parents have big heads. I would just have an ultrasound one if you are worried as it is a pretty straightforward test for your baby (ie does not involve nasty needles etc!) I think it must mean lots of brains too!!! Good luck!

#9 Tyfle Hour

Posted 29 June 2008 - 10:17 AM

Sorry, butting in to this section, but saw the thread title in most recent forum topics.

My DD1 has a large head and my GP showed a bit of concern s a baby, in that she asked us to come back more frequently to keep an eye on it.  

As long as its being looked at and mesured regularly, I wouldn't be too concerned. The fact that your DH has a larger head is reassuring, I think.

It turned out that my DD just simply does have a large head - like myself, so of course I agree with this
I think it must mean lots of brains too!!!

#10 KareBare

Posted 29 June 2008 - 03:53 PM

My son has been way over the 97th percentile since he was 7 months and no one has ever questioned it. He is now nearly 3 (in Sept) and not even on the chart anymore!! blink.gif  His head is the same size as mine......maybe I have a small head?? He is healthy and happy. I wouldn't stress too much, I think some kids just have big heads! original.gif

#11 joddic

Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:05 AM

DS1's head was 36cm at birth and 46cm at 6 months.  I was never told it was anything to worry about.  Other than having trouble finding tops to fit over his head  laughing2.gif

He is now 3 and his body is finally growing to match the size of his head.

#12 jovana

Posted 02 July 2008 - 12:38 PM

Our DD was born prem, she was tiny at birth, but she grew really quickly, especially her head   biggrin.gif .
By the time she was 4 months corrected, her head measurements were off the charts for 4 month old babies.
Our doctor was worried because she was early and had some hemorrhage (sp?) in the brain... So we were sent to have an U/S done on her head, but it was all OK.
We realised it's probably just genes, both me and DH and few close relatives have large heads.
My dad said to us once, trying to be reassuring tongue.gif , how he looked like an alien when he was little blink.gif ... Because of the shape and size of his head.
He was lucky F.Mulder wasn't around 50yrs ago...

#13 ozsuikerbos

Posted 02 July 2008 - 01:13 PM

When my brother was born the first thing you noticed about him was his big head, and by the time he was 6 months old his head was bigger than mine - and I was 9 years old ohmy.gif Needless to say it turned out to be nothing to be concerned about and when he makes jokes about his "BIIIIIIIIG" sister I just call him Big-Head laugh.gif

Don't worry too much -  if they're measuring and keeping an eye on it I would think it is just a precaution. And if it makes you feel any better, a baby with a small head is usually of far greater concern.

#14 madcracker

Posted 02 July 2008 - 01:18 PM

One of my two year olds has a huge head. I just tell everyone it's to hold his big beautiful brain  grin.gif

#15 Titania

Posted 02 July 2008 - 01:23 PM

DS2 8.5mths head is off the charts.

DS1 also has large head. DH has massive one.

It will probably be just fine, and a case of a big headed family, but always best to be safe. original.gif

#16 Blondiebear

Posted 02 July 2008 - 01:24 PM

My whole family has huge heads, my head has been large since birth and as a young kid I looked quite bizarre, skinny little body with huge head. I'll never forget having a heap of measurements done in Grade 6 and the only kid in my class with a head bigger than mine was a boy known as 'Moony' after Moonface from the Faraway Tree books.

DH has a very big head too so I'm anticipating my bub's will be freakishly large!

#17 ~FrenchFries~

Posted 02 July 2008 - 02:08 PM

My DS had a really big head until he grew into it at about 12 months. I was concerned too but the drs assured us it was all ok. He looks fine now

#18 Spark

Posted 02 July 2008 - 09:47 PM

DS had a 41cm head at birth and was about 59cm long.  At 3y9m his paediatrician measured him and said his head was adult sized.  No health problems to do with DS's head whatsoever!

Both DH and I have big heads, I've never been able to find a comfortable hat and my secret nickname for DH is Egghead...

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