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Non-Vaccinated Kids Discussion #6

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#51 Taurean

Posted 08 October 2008 - 10:24 AM

Its been a while since I have much to ask,say on here but love reading everyones advice on certain things. My youngest 15 mths has had the birth,two months and 4mths with much hesitation as I was still making sure I was making the right decision and heaps of researching. He is on the homepathic immunisation thingy now.

I am finding that I am a lttle cautious though when my youngest gets sick  I do think the worst is it mengitious (sp) etc. I like to have his immune system to fight the colds,ear infections and that and normally use homeopathic remedies, I went to Gps recently as I hate as always waitng for that lecture that they might give me. He gave me a script for antibiotics and said see if he gets worse in a couple of days his throat was real red he could not see in his ears as too much wax build  blush.gif up so he said he was unsure if there was an ear infection there. Ds had this chesty cough no fevers at this stage. I though he got worse the next day and gave him the antibiotics then after a day thought maybe I jumped the gun and rushed putting the abs down him so stopped. Last night he had a mild fever and he was in pain with something so I gave panadol and the abs again. I am so hesitant again to give him this and hurt his immune system as I only gave abs 3 mths ago.
Shall I just bloody finish this bottle of abs ? and next time don't jump the gun and get his immune to fight more of the illness. I know you guys are not GPs but you will probably have some great advice for me please as I do get doubtful sometimes.

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#52 precious1

Posted 08 October 2008 - 10:48 AM

I am not a Dr by any means but have done a bit of research into Immunity etc and the amazing body we have.

With my knowledge and if it were my son - I wouldn't be supressing the system's way of purging and creating an immunity to these things. Antibiotics mask the visible symptom but don't really help in getting an immunity for this bug at a later stage.
I believe that they also compromise the body's abilities to fight off other things naturally too.

A fever is the body's way of healing itself. He needs the fever to get better. Even Panadol is only masking it and does not assist it - it is more to make you feel more at ease. Too much panadol also compromises the liver. It does accumulate too - even if you think they don't have it often. Basically it is not really helping anyway!

Wax build up can be eased and eradicated by giving your son flaxseed or omega 3 (fish) oils. Make sure you get a practitioner quality product however.

The lymphatic system is incredible in how it cleanses bugs etc but needs to do it itself. Compromising it with drugs gives it a much harder task and ultimately lessens the immunity you are relying on afterwards.
Things swell on purpose to kill the bugs, they reduce appetite to help the other parts function at clearing the system better - all sorts of PLANNED ways the body heals itself. These look like symptoms but are actually showing that the body is working efficiently.

We all unfortunately have the mind set that these are bad and need treating. Admittedly they can be painful, annoying, uncomfortable BUT very necessary.

I hope this makes sense and eases your mind.

I am not sure on whether it is good to stop during a course of antibiotics (I had been told it is bad) however it may be propaganda too. blush.gif That info came from an antibiotic pushing GP  grin.gif and I don't allow AntiB's in our house ever anymore.

Good luck and hopefully your son is perky again very soon!

ETA - I am saying son all the time and am not sure if it is related to a daughter - so apologies if I have confused the gender.

#53 BonnieKing

Posted 08 October 2008 - 10:54 AM

precious1 - Thanks so much for the information. That was really fascinating. I'm finding it hard because as soon as one of my children gets a little sick or feverish I reach for panadol or some kind of medicine. I have read a book recently on childhood illness and natural remedies. It was great. It talked about homeopathy, chinese medicine and old fashioned home remedies. It's helping me alot with my confidence to not run to the doctor and get medicine for everything.

Taurean - I honestly have no idea, sorry. My only recommendation would be a probiotic for his digestive system as antibiotics will kill all the good bacteria too.

#54 naturalgoodness

Posted 08 October 2008 - 11:05 AM

Any time that Eloise has had a/b (which I rarely do, but sometimes given her age and pain related we do not have the luxury of time to get the homeopathic remedy right) I always make sure she has yoghurt with the good bacteria for a few days later to return the balance in her gut.

Taurean - I will get the opinion of a GP when I think it could be ear or throat related, babies have difficulty saying whether ears or throat hurt and I want to know if she is in pain. My GP knows that I do not like to use a/b and he will usually give the script and tell me that if she has not resolved by "x" day I should start giving them. I can only recall 2 occasions we have administered them, but never give panadol etc.

Interesting about the water - a few months ago I changed our family to bottled water, and not only could I stop boiling the water for bottles etc, all of the dry patches of skin the 2 smallest children had cleared up and have completely vanished tongue.gif

#55 Taurean

Posted 08 October 2008 - 11:10 AM

WOW thanks heaps Precious1
Wax build up can be eased and eradicated by giving your son flaxseed or omega 3 (fish) oils. Make sure you get a practitioner quality product however
He has been on a really good fish oil for ages now sees a chiro as well as well as probitics too and I do hate giving him panadol and have heard it is best to let them ride out the fevers for sure.
I believe that they also compromise the body's abilities to fight off other things naturally too.
It is a never ending cycle with ABs how do you go with none of these in you're house ever ? do you treat with homeopathics or something else?
I was shocking with my Dd who is now 12 but when she was little she was always getting ear infections colds etc  always given antibiotics as well we ended up at an ENT specialist for grommets and agnoids removed. I am thinking if my son is going down this path as well. Naturalgoodness you are right with ears throat we are not sure how much it is really hurting them and if it is a bacteria thing too thats why I thiunk I jumped the gun in the first place with Abs. It is fascinating about the water as same thing with son excema patches all over him when we use to boil his water. I used to think it got rid of all the fluoride and the chroline (sp v bad?)yuck you can even smell our chroline when we have our taps running.
This thread is moving quick today lol

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#56 Freethinker888

Posted 08 October 2008 - 01:53 PM

Regarding fluoride, when I mentioned the connection between fluoride and ezcema to a friend of mine, she told me that when they lived in Sydney, her young daughter suffered from eczema all the time. When they would visit her mother in Brisbane, it would stop, and flare back up when they returned to Sydney. When they moved here to Brisbane permanently, it went away completely. Of course, now that we're having fluoride forced upon us, so she'll probably start suffering again. I told my friend about reverse osmosis filters, hopefully she will get one.


#57 precious1

Posted 08 October 2008 - 02:11 PM

It is a never ending cycle with ABs how do you go with none of these in you're house ever ? do you treat with homeopathics or something else?

I have a homeopathic first aid kit with a great book to work out the treatments required that I use for everything.

However my biggest resolve is knowing that I am confident that his, diet, level of hygiene and uncompromised system will beat the dis-ease. Notice the spelling choice of "dis-ease" - this is because it is your body's symptoms that makes you think or feel not so good but it really isn't as bad as we are made to believe. It is actually healthy in most cases.

I to, have a GP that I use to diagnose what is painful with anything in my son but then find another treatment - if at all.

We use a chiro for general maintenance and I just don't feel that pharmaceuticals are the answer for anything...

They only give you the need to have further drugs and make the drs and drug companies rich! And ourselves unwell and yes really unwell not just dis-eased. sad.gif
Take cholesterol for eg - what a scam!

Anyway before I fall off my soapbox  laughing2.gif ...

BTW - I agree totally with the fluoride poisoning and am disgusted in that sham too.

I have sourced filters that fit to your showers & taps too for when I need to get them due to our mass-medication happening soon. When is it happening anyway?
We already drink tank and RO water and have for ages now. But bathing in it is almost the same as drinking it - so don't be fooled by thinking you are not ingesting it by drinking another source!

Time to go - Precious1...

Might get shot if I continue LOL grin.gif
Lucky it is an understanding thread...  grin.gif

#58 Freethinker888

Posted 08 October 2008 - 02:27 PM

BTW - I agree totally with the fluoride poisoning and am disgusted in that sham too.

I have sourced filters that fit to your showers & taps too for when I need to get them due to our mass-medication happening soon. When is it happening anyway?

I'm not sure when it will happen on the Sunshine Coast. But where I am in Brisbane (Narangba, far Northside), it will happen in December. However, other parts of the same shire have different water sources, so will happen in 2009. Your best bet is to find out where your water comes from and  ring them, or ring your local council.


#59 ethereal

Posted 08 October 2008 - 02:45 PM

Taurean - I have had that lecture from my GP after taking my little man in after struggling 3 days with a very bad flu.  He was not immunised and I was holding off on panadol for the fevers (which reached 40 degrees).  Anyhow, in that case it was the wrong course of action as he had convulsions due to the temps and both his eardrums ruptured in one night so he had pus streaming down his neck.  It was terrible and now I am a bit less reluctant to get antibiotics when my babies are in real pain.  I should not have let him suffer like that.


#60 BonnieKing

Posted 08 October 2008 - 02:50 PM

I'm not sure when it will happen on the Sunshine Coast. But where I am in Brisbane (Narangba, far Northside), it will happen in December. However, other parts of the same shire have different water sources, so will happen in 2009.

That soon!  unsure.gif I'm not ready!!

precious1 - May I ask where you can get the filters from? Its easy to say that you won't drink the water but then you have to bath in it anyway  rolleyes.gif

#61 precious1

Posted 09 October 2008 - 12:44 PM

precious1 - May I ask where you can get the filters from? Its easy to say that you won't drink the water but then you have to bath in it anyway.

These are the ones I will be getting - http://www.phatwater.com.au/8-stage-shower-filter/index.php

I will be needing a few  blush.gif They are $150 each - but when I queried a while a go they were going to do a deal due to the amount I needed. There is no freight either.

They are the best I have found and I already have their drinking RO system and have spent a bit of time talking to the owner and am quite confident he knows his stuff   grin.gif

Now just to get my finger out LOL and seeing it could be so soon I will have to contact him again. Where do you live? When I get mine I could get some extras at the reduced rate (he may even do better) However depending on the quantity you need unless you picked them up the postage may make it almost similar.
I am putting mine on each of our showers, the bath and possibly the washing machine but unsure yet on that one. I will wash my teeth in the shower or from our filtered tank water in the bathroom tap. I did enquire about a system that filtered water with RO from the street but it was SOOOO expensive and would need filter changing all the time.
So these are definitely the best option and I haven't seen other 8 stage ones before - well at the time I investigated anyway  blush.gif They kinda look OK too not hideous attachments.

I rang the water board yesterday and they didn't know when the water on the Sunshine Coast was being fluoridated so I will call another number again today.

I hope that helps...
Take care.

#62 Freethinker888

Posted 09 October 2008 - 08:55 PM

Thanks for that link, Peta. When I first looked into shower filters, they were way more expensive than that (or maybe I was just looking in the wrong places), so I gave up on the idea. $150.00 is a lot more reasonable, I might look into getting one.

I've found a fluoridation timeline from the QLD Health website:

*2008:  SEQ major water treatment plants – Mt Crosby, Landers Shute (Sunshine Coast), Molendinar, Mudgeeraba and North Pine.(54%* estimated State coverage)

*2009: SEQ minor water treatment plants, Indigenous communities, commencement of Cairns, Gladstone, Mackay, Rockhampton and Toowoomba Regional.(80%* estimated State coverage)

*2010: Completion of Cairns, Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton; Fraser, Gympie, Somerset, South Burnett, Southern Downs, and commencement of Dalby.(83%* estimated State coverage)

*2011: Blackall, Emerald, Dalby completion, Goondiwindi, Hinchinbrook, Longreach, Mornington, Mt Isa, Murweh, North Burnett, Rio Tinto (Weipa), Tablelands and Whitsunday.
      (92%* estimated State coverage)

*2012: Balonne, Banana, Barcaldine, Bundaberg, Burdekin, Carpentaria, Charters Towers, Cassowary, Cloncurry, Flinders, Isaac, Roma and Toowoomba Regional completion.
      (95%* estimated State coverage)

Your council's website should at least have where your water comes from, see if the name is on the list.


#63 ~Sorceress~

Posted 10 October 2008 - 02:18 AM

I have had that lecture from my GP after taking my little man in after struggling 3 days with a very bad flu.

Ouch, poor baby! Were you using any treatments? My dh is a chiro and I find an adjustment works really well with ear infections.

We also don't use Panadol or antibiotics except in emergencies, and feel sure our children's short and long term health is the better for it.

#64 BonnieKing

Posted 10 October 2008 - 03:03 PM

Thanks so much for the link!

I will need at least three. One for each shower and the bath. Our washing machine uses tank water thank goodness.

What do you do about your kitchen sink? Is that hooked up to your tank water or do you have a filter on that too?

If the seller will do a reduced rate again then I would be happy to pick them up from you. You live on the sunshine coast? Or am I confusing you with someone else?  laughing2.gif I live in Caboolture region anyway.

#65 precious1

Posted 10 October 2008 - 08:57 PM

Yep I am on the Sunshine Coast  tongue.gif

I will follow them up probably Monday for us...
That will inspire me to do it anyway  blush.gif Aaargh December is so close.  ohmy.gif

Re the kitchen sink - I have the extra RO tap it is connected to the mains for drinking and cooking etc. I would only be washing my pots etc in the sink - as the majority of dishes are done in the dishwasher. So I don't feel the need for one there. Maybe I will just invest in some kitchen gloves when I wash up.
The washing machine will be due to the possibility of it affecting us through the clothes we wear etc - but I am not sure if that is even possible. I figured it may be overboard but worth it if there is a chance. huh.gif

Maybe PM me with the definite number you need so that I can order ASAP.

The offer is open to anyone else who wants to pick up from Buddina and take advantage of a bulk order discount.
Please only serious purchasers as I don't need a stockpile  grin.gif I only have so many faucets in the house LOL!

KirstyAnne - do you want to do the bulk thing? You never know what I may be able to negotiate with a big order  rolleyes.gif

Edited by precious1, 15 October 2008 - 02:23 PM.

#66 BonnieKing

Posted 10 October 2008 - 09:19 PM

I will have a chat to DH over the weekend and get back to you on Sunday night via PM to let you know how many etc.

Thanks heaps!!! original.gif

#67 precious1

Posted 15 October 2008 - 03:24 PM

Well I ordered my filters today and found that they had a 4 stage one that takes out chlorine / fluoride as well. It is cheaper than the 8 stage and solves my washing machine problem  grin.gif So got the 8 stage for the showers & bath anyway.

I mentioned this site and the owner said he would be happy to give $10 off per filter if you told him you saw it here. He gave me a code of "family10" to use on the site for $10 off per filter. I can only assume that works for the 4 stage one too  blush.gif
The postage is free anyway.

He also mentioned he could possibly arrange a payment scheme if you really needed.

Oh God - this sounds like I own the place   ohmy.gif blush.gif I promise I don't!!!  huh.gif

Anyway maybe this helps someone that needs some.

I can't wait to get mine in the mail next week ddance.gif

Also I am not sure if they are not already adding the fluoride ATM as my husband is at home with a massive rash everywhere that is not disease related. He is seeing the specialist later this week.
Will see if it subsides when we have clean water  sad.gif

I tried to talk to so many Government places and no one can tell me when exactly the fluoridation is happening. If they are so proud of the fluoridation process why can't they say when it is happening  rant.gif

#68 ~Rose~

Posted 15 October 2008 - 03:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't mind me crashing in. I see a few familar faces here:)

Our gorgeous baby girl was born at home into daddy's arms just over a month ago and I have been considering not vaxing since before she was born. So I thought I'd join the group original.gif

So far she has had nothing. She hasn't been seen by a dr or had any needles and I like it that way. She hasn't been touch by anyone other than immediate family.

My heart is definitely saying DONT VACCINATE! Now I just need my head to catch up LOL I'm struggling with answering questions when people ask and also the fact that my 3 other kids have been vaccinated - I wished I'd been more "educated" back then  sad.gif

Looking forward to getting to know you all better!


#69 teabags

Posted 19 October 2008 - 01:56 PM

Hi Girls

I haven't been around for ages but got so much fab advice when my DS was new & I was panicing about vaccinations.  Now I am very confident in our decision not to vax & the only jab my son has had is the Vit k - I'm debating this one for our next child, I would rather not but it's that same old fear (due in April).  Any views on Vit K appreciated?

Anyway, hope I can just pop in & ask for advice?.....

We lodged our CO form months ago & I gather we can recieve a benefit providing it's lodged.  We haven't recieved anything so I'm wondering do we have to apply for a benefit or how does it work?  I'm sure the amount is pretty poxy but it's the principle of it all that I'm concerned about.  

Last but not least, since there's been a bit of water discusion, does anyone know a good source for a Water filter with a solid carbon block??  I would like to tackle the drinking water first & then the shower/bath water (since we are moving soonish anyway).  I gather you can buy chlorine balls to use in the bath to take the chlorine out - since DS has a bath every day, I would really like to find these - anyone tried them?

Apologies for the long post & lots of Que's!

#70 Guest_**KM**_*

Posted 21 October 2008 - 10:58 AM

Hey Rose, welcome  original.gif  Have you read anything on vaccinations so far?  Hilary Butler's "Just a Little Prick" is a good place to start, if you google it you can order it for free and then send a donation after you receive the book.

Saffi  There was a thread in the home birthing section on Vit K .. here's the link: Vitamin K

Well we have met our MCHN and I am pleased to say she is very open and non-judgemental  biggrin.gif   She saw that DH is a homeopath and automatically asked if we would be vaccinating homeopathically (with no judgement in her voice).  DH then explained that he would treat illness when/if it occurred as that is how he prefers to practise and she seemed happy with his explanation.  So looks like we'll at least have a supportive MCHN  original.gif

#71 ~Sorceress~

Posted 21 October 2008 - 11:04 AM

For those looking at waterfilters, I just thought I'd share that we bought our RO system, and some shower filters from PSI filters about 4 years ago and have been very happy.

DH had no problem installing the filter, and the shower ones come a great water saver shower head original.gif.

#72 teabags

Posted 21 October 2008 - 01:32 PM

Thanks KM x

#73 vix

Posted 21 October 2008 - 02:00 PM

HI Ladies, I just got a letter stating that my son has not had his 4yo vaccinations and will need them for school enrolment. I dont want to give them to him (he has all the others) because of my concerns over autism/asperger traits in our family. Does anyone know if I need to take any action with his school enrolment or does it depend on the school. Thanks. Vicky.

#74 ~Sorceress~

Posted 21 October 2008 - 02:18 PM

I have always contacted our school and told them that we do not vaccinate, and that it is our understanding that our children may be excluded during an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease. The school then asks me to put it in writing. I put it in writing, and hear nothing more from them. original.gif

I am careful to specify on any medical permission notes for school camps or excursions that I do not give permission for vaccines.

#75 Freethinker888

Posted 22 October 2008 - 10:52 PM

Vicky, I vaguely remember reading at some stage that schools can't refuse your child enrolment if they're not vaccinated, because it would be considered a compulsory medical procedure, which is prohibited under the Australian Constitution. I read this ages ago, and have probably messed it up, but this does sound right to anyone else? I'm sure I must have been following a link off the AVN site or similar.

I had no problems enrolling my daughter at school. I asked before enrolling if they had a policy regarding proof of vaccination, as I was prepared to get something from Medicare regarding our positions as COs, but they said we didn't need anything like that, no problem.  


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