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FDC chat #1

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#51 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:06 AM

Have fun Tami! biggrin.gif

Rotating Toys - most of my toys are out where the children can access them. There are some stored in a big cupboard in the garage that the children can ask for or I will get out fairly often. There are also some upstairs in my sons room that I will rotate down at different times. As I collect more I plan to rotate toys every few weeks so there is always 'new' stuff original.gif

Accreditation - we are going through QA right now actually. I believe the six week time frame started last week/week before. So will see shortly if I am picked to be visited unsure.gif  I need to look at getting all my paperwork together better I think so I can have a few folders out when the accreditor is here. Probably good idea to have it better organised anyway rolleyes.gif
Visual aids for the kids always go down well with accreditors too - we have a handwashing sheet, feeling faces, 'room rules'  a whole body listening display. I am working on a rountine made of pics or the kids to follow and labels for the toys tubs with pics instead of writing too atm

I do agree that QA is made out to be worse than it should be though. If you are doing the right things anyway what could go wrong??

Mulitcultural - I have been working on the multicultral side of things, my kids are mostly too little/not interested in doing craft. I have a few aboriginal prints on the walls and a couple of welcome posters in different languages. There is a new cabbage patch doll that arrived this morning with dark skin and another little people figure that has dark skin. I am hoping to get out and pick up some books on different countries on the weekend too. I also have a 'sign off the week' poster as we are learning makaton (signing) here so that also counts. Need to find scarves and dress-ups that are multicultral too. Other things you can do are have cushions and blankets that have other cultures portrayed on the lounge/reading corner etc biggrin.gif  Getting there... Might boost my supply of this stuff whe I gi to Thailand next year too original.gif

Best go kiddies arriving! biggrin.gif
Have a lovely day everyone

Oh, feel free to add me to MSN too: ambeil@hotmail.com
and Facebook: Amber Latham

#52 *~Bee~*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 10:39 AM

This is what I have been thinking about lately. I have a stack of 5 draws, which I am going to buy two or three more stacks before I start.
They are to be filled with different toys, which so far I have:
1. Mixed rattles, & other baby block, or toys
2. Fisher Price PeekABlocks and Girrafe
3. Wooden Building Blocks
4. Mr Potato Heads
5. Matchbox Cars
6. Little People toys
7. Dolls House toys (and I have the dolls house)
8. Books, board, touchy feely and regular books.
9. Colouring books, blank paper, crayons & pencils.

What I still want as my 'basic inside toys' are:
1. Duplo
2. Dolls & Dolls Clothes (Which I will cull from DD's stash)
3. Kitchen toys, cups, plates, saucepans, plastic food
4. Tools, plastic hammers, and other tools
5. Wooden Puzzles

Other things I have:
1. I have an outdoor childrens table
2. Small ride on bike
3. Scooters
4. Sandpit toys
5. Playdoh
6. A multitude of childrens videos and dvds for rainy days

Other things I want to get:
1. Sandpit - DP's Friend is going to make for me.
2. Swing Set - Already on Layby for my kids for Xmas
3. Enclosed Trampoline - (I am only still considering this so far)
4. More ride on bikes or cars.
5. Paints, finger paints and other craft stuff like printables and pipecleaners

Ok any other suggestions? Anything that your kids LOVE that I am missing? I plan on having most of the morning either outdoor play with outside craft like painting and playdoh and glueing and free play in the sandpit etc or out at things like playgroup, park etc.

I also plan on having a few different boxes of toys that are for raining days only, like indoor crafts, dress ups, and only bring it out on the days we cant go outside.

#53 dixilee83

Posted 19 August 2008 - 10:48 AM


#54 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 11:05 AM

Dixielee - Sorry I don't even know where those areas are. I am in east brisbane. Goodluuck

Bee - looks good. Are the children going to be able to access the draws. Just asking as my scheme are very big on the chn being able to access and do things for themselves. I am using a bookshelf atm for most of my toys. I have just bought some low lying cube style bookcases that I will set up so they can reach everything. They will also mean I can create spaces inside IYKWIM?

What about indoor chns table and chairs? Where will they eat/play if its raining?

Other toys my kids love (most you have already listed though) are puppets, balls and hula hoops. We use these everyday here original.gif

#55 forestfriends

Posted 19 August 2008 - 11:27 AM

Hi Dixi Lee
My FDC is based in Burpengary however my scheme also has carers in areas close to Lawnton visit my website for contact details of my fdc and the scheme.


#56 TeamBlue

Posted 19 August 2008 - 11:36 AM

original.gif Thanks for the replies to my Question. They generally like sandwiches for lunch but some days they like things like soups or pasta's. Given I would be supplying their food, should I list ingredients incase of another chidl with allergies?

#57 *~Bee~*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 12:20 PM

Willambian ~ Thanks. I have a huge 10 seater wooden table indoors so the kids will sit there for their lunch and afternoon tea, etc. And I plan on getting a high chair or too aswell. As far as the boxes go, they are going to be in the section that the kids play, but obviously some boxes will be out of reach. I would rather stick with the boxes though for ease of pack up etc, and help keep things out of the way. I thought we could get a few child/age appropriate boxes out to play with.

#58 ~*Bec*~

Posted 19 August 2008 - 12:49 PM

Hey girls...

Not much to add today, i have my FDC co-ordinator coming today  blink.gif  to check out my kiddies (i just putthe boys to bed) and the girls are going to be making biscuits this avo and washing clothes in the tub outside and hanging them in the clothes airer to dry.

teamblue - My day care kids always bring noodles and pasta's and re-heatable foods, i have no problem heating it and i just feed my DD according to the foods the other kids bring.

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#59 forestfriends

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:03 PM

things are going well my only child down for a nap now been a pretty cruisy day!

#60 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:13 PM

forestfriends - lol with just the little one i imagine it would be pretty cruisy original.gif  Lucky you!

Bec - my twins always seem to be sleeping when a coordinator visits! laughing2.gif Washing clothes - will remember this activity when it warms up some! original.gif My boys are making mini pizza's on english muffins this afternoon

- I thought you probaly already had the inside option for seating but thought I would throw it out there in case grin.gif  I actually thought not long ago about the drawers and have changed my mind. I think I might get one or two so that in the higher drawers I can store all the smaller toys like matchbox cars and craft stuff out of reach of little hands biggrin.gif As long as they can get at some toys I don't think it matters that they can't get everything out...if you'd seen my house earlier you'd understand why!! wacko.gif

TeamBlue - maybe have just the menu available to parents and even store the recipes in a folder they can view if they wish. Obviouvly you will be aware of any allergies etc so there shouldn't be a problem. I thought about offering food but decided against it. Had I done it it would have been a mix of sandwiches and hot meals depending on the season and what we were doing. (ie sandwiches when we do picnics at the park etc) I will still consider doing meals at some stage as I find the chn always want what the other has! rolleyes.gif

#61 biene_maja

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:14 PM

Hi everyone,

Can I join you guys???

I just had my first interview with the scheme coordinator in my area. She gave me sooo much stuff to read and then I'm supposed to get back to her.

I must say it seems like heaps of paperwork and so many safety details that I never thought about before.

I'm just afraid that the grant will be spent on safety stuff and I won't have money left for toys etc.

I haven't finished reading it all but the safety checklist (20 pages or so) scares me.

#62 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:23 PM

Hi Maren waves.gif

The list is long but remember that it lists everything for every room. You might not use all areas and most of the safety things you will probably find you already do with chn of your own.

As far as setting up goes. Get creative with what you need. Do garage sales, op shops, $2 stores. Make ebay your friend! original.gif

You don't need all the toys to start. Buy the basic items that will keep all sorts of ages entertained for hours (blocks, lego, dolls, cars, trucks, sandpit, craft items, playdough - make your own) You will build up more toys and resources as you go and as you make money. Set a budget (easy to say) for spending once you are open and continue to expand the resources and toys as you need them.

There is alot of paperwork to start it up I find but once you are set up it gets easier. Once you have everything in place it just seems to flow from one week to the next (apart from the programming for me ph34r.gif )

Goodluck! original.gif

Haha It must be nap time! Look at everyone in the thread! laughing2.gif waves.gif

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#63 biene_maja

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:39 PM


I'll go through it all tomorrow.

Does anyone know a cheap and easy way to set up a fenced play area outside. We've got a really big carport at the side of the house. The whole backyard is fenced off but I'd like to put a childproof fence around the carport so that the kids can play in the shade. I've looked at pool fences so far but they still cost $100 per 2.5m roughly. I don't really want to spend close to $1000 on the fence.

And where would I buy a fire extinguisher (sp?) and fire blanket???

#64 ~*Bec*~

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:55 PM

I made a fence out of old fence pailings from bunnings there like $1 each and you have to build it yourself (all claimable on tax keep your receipt) and i bought my fire blanket for about $10 rom kmart and my extinguisher from bunnings for about $20 remember all claimable on tax!

#65 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 01:58 PM

I got my blanket from the First id stand at a local shopping centre.

We put up temporary fencing (we rent) outside to keep kids from going down the side of the house and onto the driveway and also along the garden as it has a few spiky plants they needed to be kept from. We used star pickets and plastic trellis with cable ties to hold it together. Looks pretty good actually for temporary fencing. My scheme said it only needs to be a deterrent as obviously supervision is most important. If you want pics let me know  original.gif

Another idea is a portable saftey fence. Toys R Us had some a while back. They were quite long and I imagine more supervision would be need with this as they just stand upright and look like they would fall down if pushed too hard. But I didn't look too hard at them. They were with the rest of their safety gates.

#66 biene_maja

Posted 19 August 2008 - 02:27 PM


thanks again. You guys are a big help.

Williambian - Did you mean this one???http://www.babyloc.com/home/Baby_loc_home_set.htm

I really like that idea but am wondering how much it costs. Does anyone know??

I'll look into the temporary fencing next.

Just checked out temporary fencing hire. Their pool fences would be great. How much does hire cost???

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#67 ~*Bec*~

Posted 19 August 2008 - 04:14 PM

Hey ladies,

My FDC Co-ordinator just dropped a catalouge over ill give you the link, its a fundraiser maybe you can order straight from or talk to your scheme and see if there up for some fundraising, the scheme gets 20%of purchases for there local playgroup.


#68 Guest_Willambian_*

Posted 19 August 2008 - 07:02 PM

Bec  - I had that catalogue not long ago but the scheme weren't doing the fundraiser. They just got sent them so passed them along. My scheme do a toy fundraiser at the end of the year I think so I will probably wait for that.

Maren - That fence looks great but not at all what I meant  laughing2.gif I will see if I can find a pic tonight or tomorrow. It would be interesting to see how much to hire a fence. I guess it depends on how long you plan on needing to hiring to whether it was worth buying or not too. unsure.gif

#69 ChunkyChook

Posted 19 August 2008 - 07:58 PM

cry1.gif I feel like it is a never ending story. The kids went home and I went and grabbed bread and some mushrooms for tea, come home and cooked tea. Dishes are done and now I have to tidy and set up for tomorrow and fold 2 clothes horses of washing and put them away and then hang 2 more loads.

I want to get it all dont because I have child protection training tomorrow night and wont have time to do much.

Anyway, how is everyone else?

What's on everyones lists for tomorrow?

#70 biene_maja

Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:12 PM

Williambian - I'm near a Toys R Us tomorrow so I could try to find out what you ment. A photo would be great though.

Fences - I rang a fence hire company in Melbourne to get quotes. For pool type fences (I need 30m) it would cost over $900 a year. For the normal contruction type ones it would be around $500 for a year. But the construction one has a 20cm gap at the bottom.
Does anyone have a better idea?

Toy Catalogue - I got one from my play group. We're ordering through our group and then spending the money we earned on new toys for the group.
I saw some great stuff in it. I've got my eye on a set of 5 place mats/art & craft table covers for $9.90 I think.

Kodi - Hope you're done quickly and can relax.

Oh I have a question relating to "cleaning up". If I work full time FDC I'm wondering if I could hire a cleaner once a week to really give the house a good clean. Could I write this off as a business expense since we have to keep a tidy & hygienic envirement for the kids??? Please say yes!!! grin.gif

Toy Libraries - I also looked into toy libraries today and my closest one is open on Thursday so I'll see if it's any good. I thought it would be so great if I could hire toys (costs $60 a year for 6 toys at any time)and swap them every week. Then the kids don't get bored with what I've got.
Has anyone used a toy library before?

Library - And I joined my local library today and will check out their toddler story time soon. Also a great cheap way to get new books every week I guess.

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#71 forestfriends

Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:24 PM

Kodie Tommorow I have playgroup which my other business runs from my home. My scheme has been kind enough to let me continue running it rather then me taking kids to another playgroup outside the home. I also have my co-ordinator coming to a visit tommorow for the first time since I started. Should be a full on day. Don't know that i'll get on for 'sleep time chat'


#72 ChunkyChook

Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:39 PM

I'm nearly done!

Just have to go over the floors quickly, take out the rubbish and recycling and dive through the shower.

I have 4 all day tomorrow from early morning. Quiet afternoon again. DD leaves at 2 and the rest all sleep from 1-4 tomorrow. I like Wednesdays.

maren cleaners are tax deductable, as are gardeners.

#73 forestfriends

Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:55 PM

Kodie do you have young ones tommorow sleeping from 1pm - 4pm is good!

#74 ChunkyChook

Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:07 PM

They are 2 and 3. I couldn't believe it. If my 2 year old slept from 1 til 4 she would be up all night. She doesn't nap unless she is at daycare. So only 2 days a week.

Off for a shower.

#75 daretofly

Posted 20 August 2008 - 07:56 AM

Hi all. I have three coming in to care today. One will be at kindy in the morning though. The other two come to library with me, where it's kids morning, with story time and craft.
Then it will be kindy pick - up, lunch, quiet time for an hour (my time for a coffee), then circle time (we are looking at antartica and other really cold countries), I have to do some one on  one work with one of them for speech and language, the others will join in when it's possible or do some puzzles or play board games.
Then it's craft time. Free play if it's possible and school pick up.

wednesdays and Fridays are our most structured day because of the amount of children in care and the ages.

maren - Yes you should be able to claim tax for a cleaner. Not sure if it is the full amount or just a percentage though, maybe someone else may be able to answer that for you.

Kodi - wow about your sleeping kids. One of mine today will sleep two hours but she is starting to give up her afternoon sleep.

Have a nice day everyone. Will chat if I get a chance tonight.


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