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June 02 Parents # 73

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#1 Bel

Posted 24 September 2008 - 08:34 PM

New Thread Time original.gif


#2 Guest_Chadvikise_*

Posted 25 September 2008 - 03:11 AM


Sal: Hope you enjoy the Melbourne Show

Em: Congratulations to patrick on getting his first grading.

#3 Freckles

Posted 25 September 2008 - 09:47 AM

SILVER original.gif

Can't rmember if I told you in the last thread or not, but we've all been sick here. I  have a ripsnorter of a middle ear infection, Beth ahs some nasty viral thing and Andrew is only very slowly getting over his sinusitis/tonsilitis. Also fell and sprained my ankle quite badly, so it's been a tale of woe here.

On the plus side Patrick has been well (the only one that has been!) and is doing great at school. His handwriting leaves a lot to be desired blink.gif but his reading and comprehension is going great. He's enjoying karate (I posted a pic in the last thread with him wearing his yellow belt that he got yesterday) and not missing rugby. LOL

Carmen - Looks like Chloe has a ball at calisthenics! You always post such cute pics of her in her costumes. original.gif

Hope everyone is well. Off to check the old thread again and see if there's anything else to reply to. original.gif


Sally - PMSL at Owen sometimes knowing when Liam doesn't! That's just too funny. Sounds like your boys are going great guns. original.gif

#4 Guest_Chadvikise_*

Posted 28 September 2008 - 06:48 AM

Hi everyone

Chloe's last comp is next Sunday, then she has the concert in a few weeks time. I can't beleive next week she starts her last term of prep. it just goes so fast. She's suppose to start little aths next week, but still has calisthenics classes. I'm hoping she can make it for the last 1 or 2 events. I guess it's better than nothing.

Em: I hope you feel much better soon. I suffer from sinus problems, so can sympathise with how bad that feels.

#5 jane-and-noah

Posted 30 September 2008 - 10:45 AM

Hi guys

I'm slack I know I know.   blush.gif  It's been a wee while since I have been in here but hey, I have a good announcement now that I have come back.

Noah is going to be a big brother, with our little 'Smidge' due 3rd May 09.  We had a dating scan today just to confirm the dates, and we saw it's little heartbeating 182bpm, and measuring 25mm.  Woo hoo!

Needless to say, Noah is very excited about the prospect of being the 'eldest', although not so sure about sharing his toys, lol!!

I have had the usual morning sickness, heartburn, lethargy etc etc, but am not going to complain.  I was clucky the minute I had Noah, so I have waited 6 long years for this little one.

Noah is doing well at school.  He is currently doing an accelerated reading program as he can read most things now.  He is half way through his school holidays and being an angel.  I can't really ask for more. original.gif

Aiden had a check up with the Gp today and his height is 129 cm and weight 35 kg fully clothed.

Holy moly!!!  Noah weighed himself this morning and he was 22kg!!!  And he started off as such a chubby baby at 9lbs 2oz!!  He takes after me though I think as I am still uder 50kgs, and am only 5 foot 2.

She's suppose to be Zig Zag Zebra

Lol, very cute.  Noah dressed up as Red Robot last year at daycare from the same Letterland books. original.gif

Em, Patrick looks very cute in his karate outfit.  They do so grow up quickly, don't they?

Here is a pic of Noah in his soccer kit...he got a trophy at their break up which was really cute....

Anyway, better get a move on and get some work done.

Take care all


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#6 nic74g

Posted 01 October 2008 - 09:57 AM

Congratulations Jane...enjoy!

Noah looks gorgeous in his soccer gear. Aiden played this year and got the m ost inproved trophy...he was stoked. He is a big kid, I am not tall and neither is his dad. He has his dad's shape though...really barrell chested.
We have actually had some issues with his weight but he has remained steady this year which was our goal (peadiatrician and dietician) He is looking great except for this massive gap where he lost his front tooth. It makes him look very cheeky.

Emma, Patrick looks very proud of his belt. Too cute.

Carmen, is there another bub on the way in your house?

Well back to work


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#7 Freckles

Posted 04 October 2008 - 05:46 PM

Hi girls,

Hard to get motivated to psot when the sickness fairy keeps visiting me. I'm not really over the ear infection yet (I'm still deaf and have ongoing ringing) and now have a snius thing! Grrrr. Otherwise all is well here. Half-way through school hols. Patrick is heading to Canberra tomorrow for a week with my sister and her family. He's so excited. He's flying down with my sis tomorrow (she flies in from a holiday in the morning) and then I will head down later in the week for a few days with my folks and to collect him. original.gif Here's a pic of my two yesterday: Beth & Patrick

Jane - I'm so thrilled that the scan brought good news! eexcite.gif That's such fabulous news. original.gif And Noah looks so cute in his soccer gear. original.gif Sounds like Noah is actually heavier than Patrick. At last count Patrick was only 20kg, but he is a bigtime skinny mini. LOL

Nic - That's great news about Aiden's weight as you have posted before about it being an issue. original.gif And has A lost teeth already? Patrick hasn't even got a wobbly one yet! LOL

Carmen - CONGRATULATIONS! I see in your byline that #6 is on the way. original.gif Best wishes for a very sticky, healthy and happy pg. original.gif

Better go. Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend. original.gif

#8 nic74g

Posted 25 October 2008 - 01:33 PM

Whatever happened to all those others who used to post?

Aiden has had some behaviour issues, I have had a few chats with his teacher. He alternates between aggro, defiant and then non comunicative! He drew all over our wide screen tv with texta last week. I think it is attention seeking.

Aiden is whinging because he is bored, Ella just cut her own hair, DH is at the pub. What a life HE has. I could just scream sometimes. A crappy afternoon so far.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am sure my funk will end soon. The thing with parenting is that it is so relentless and the demands don't wait until you're ready do they?

Take care all


#9 Freckles

Posted 26 October 2008 - 09:47 AM

The thing with parenting is that it is so relentless and the demands don't wait until you're ready do they?
Too true! Nic, you sound like you are having a hard time ATM mate. sad.gif Hope things pic up for you very soon. hhugs.gif

Jane - Wondering how your pg is going my dear. original.gif

Nothing much here, just busy as always. We are out two afternoons a week (Patrick's swimming and Patrick's karate) which limits the time we have for other things. Lots of busy weekends coming up in November, including a trip to CAnberra to see my family, so lots on.

Hope you are all well. original.gif

#10 Guest_Chadvikise_*

Posted 09 November 2008 - 08:00 AM

just posting a pic of Chloe (and her sisters) from yesterday's calisthenics presentation. She now had another 17 medals that I need to sew on her sash, was very pleased with herself.

#11 ~*~Jenni~*~

Posted 20 November 2008 - 11:36 PM

Hi Everyone,

Long time no speak.  I have been lurking in here a lot though.  We're all going very well though.  Kayla is getting very excited about starting big school next year and Ben seems to be in his element telling her all about what she can expect.  We've started our orientations etc. It's funny how laid back we feel about Kayla starting compared to Ben. They are just 2 completely different kids and where we had a few issues with Ben settling in, Kayla just takes everything in her stride and doesn't let anything faze her at all.

Ben is going well at school.  His reading and writing is amazing - to think that he couldn't read at all before he started school and to hear him now is so special.  He has made a great bunch of friends and they all play soccer together which has helped bring him out of his shell.  He is still very reserved and quiet but I think that is just his nature.  We're busy all the time doing the activities for the kids - they definitely have a better social life than us!  They both do swimming and are going great guns as well as Ben's soccer and Kayla's dancing amongst all the birthday parties and social outings we just never seem to stop.

Ben hasn't lost any teeth yet but one is very wobbly - he just wont wobble it enough and wont let me anywhere near it but I'm sure it'll come out in time.

Carmen - congratulations on your pregnancy.  Love the photo of Chloe, she looks very proud of herself.

Emma - I can't believe how big Beth is now.. She's very cute!  As is Patrick of course!

Nicole - I hope things are settling down for you and you can work out Aiden's attention seeking soon.

Jane - congratulations on your pregnancy.  We often wondered how you were going.  Noah looks so grown up in his soccer gear.

Well, take care all. I won't let it go so long between posts next time.


#12 Freckles

Posted 21 November 2008 - 11:54 AM

Hi girls,

I came in to post (first time in ages blush.gif ) and see Nic posting at the same time! LOL biggrin.gif

All is well here. Patrick is continuing to do well at school. His reading is excellent, writing not quite so good (read: very average) but his motor skills (colouring in, cutting out etc) are improving every day. Can you believe that our babies have nearly finished kindergarten?? It seems to have gone so fast. Beth is doing well too. Growing like a weed. She's much more cuddly than Patrick was at the same age, but much more independent too. blink.gif

Jen - Great to hear from you! I can't believe that Kayla is starting school next year. That seems to have just flown. Ben and Kayla look so alike and both look heaps like you. original.gif

Nic - Hope you are doing a bit better than last time you postd. Guess I'll find out when I post this post! LOL

Jane - Hope your pg is progressing well. original.gif

waves.gif all round, hope you are all doing well. original.gif

#13 nic74g

Posted 21 November 2008 - 11:56 AM

Hope everyone is well with everyone.

Aiden has had some ups and downs but I think things are calming down. We had to go to the Principal to discuss the behaviour blush.gif He is a good kid, his actual work is fine, but he just gets angry and takes it out on whoever is close!

Jenni, good to hear from you. Amazing to think you will have both the kids is school next year. Ella has another year of pre-school but I have no second thoughts about sending her in 2010 (she will turn 5 the week school begins). She can already write her name and counts pretty well. She recognizes numbers up to 10 and some letters. It spins me out how quickly she picks things up. Hanging out with her big brother helps I'm sure.

Both my kids have swimming and Aiden did soccer in winter and has Milo into cricket up until Christmas. Ella would like to dance but between the other commitments and work there is not much time to fit it in. Plus I must admit I am not keen to do the whole concert thing. (how slack)

I have only just made a start for christmas shopping so will probably end up in a mad rush in a couple of weeks time.

Work is work and am a bit over it at the moment. I would like to be home for the kids more.

DH is working close by at the moment so no late at night or weekend only sightings original.gif

I am taking the kids to Hunter Valley Gardens tonight to see the christmas lights (getting in early) I hope it is something they enjoy as it is about an hour each way from Newcastle.

Well I have 2 baskets of clothes to get put away so will get to it.

Thanks Emma, am doing better. I just keep reminding myself of what is important in life. FAMILY. Thats pretty easy. Plus I have also put my hand up a few times to say "i've had it" which works well original.gif

Take care all


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#14 sallan

Posted 02 December 2008 - 12:59 PM

Hi Girls,
Sorry I havent been here alot, things and time are just passing me by at the mo.
We are all good here at the mo.
Owen is going great guns at the mo. He is such a social fella. We usually have a friend over to play most days and his special girlfriend comes after kinder.
He is doing great. Cant remember if I mentioned that he is on the list to have his adenoids removed? It should be done within the year but I wont hold my breath.
He is sleeping through now which is such a godsend for all of us.
Dh had his tonsils and 40% of his soft pallette removed at the end of October. He was in such pain for about 10 days. It has stopped the snoring but we dont think it has helped with his apnoea which is a pain as this is the last thing they could do to help with that. He goes back for a check up this week so we will just wait and see what happens.
Im dreading Owen having his op. I have a bit of a phobia about anasethetics, especially when it involves the kids. I just have the feeling that they are never going to wake up from them. I dont know what Ill be like on the actual day of the op, I dread to think.
Owen is going onto 4 year old kinder next year. He goes to the kinder attached to Liams school. Its a great little kinder with only a small group which Im very pleased of.
He has loved 3 year old kinder immensley. I am so amazed with some of the stories he comes home with.
Liam is doing really well. He lost his first tooth in October and it wasnt even loose. He was mucking about and had his pj leg in his mouth, I tickled him and out it flew!! Lots of blood as it had broken off. He was quite upset until I mentioned that the tooth fairy would be coming!!!LOL  
He is doing great at school. He has been on Grade 1 level reading for about 4 months now. Im so proud of him. I go into the school and do readers and without sounding biased, I would say he was one of the top readers. He is in a mixed class this year of Preps and Grade ones but probably next year it will be completely Grade 1s. His teacher is amazing in what she has achieved with him, his confidence has grown so much in the last year. I really hope it all continues.
He learnt to ride a 2 wheeler bike and is now doing basketball and swimming.
For Xmas we arent going too overboard. They are both heavily into Lego. Liam loves the Lego agents and Owen likes the Batman. We have got them a box of each. Its pretty expensive stuff. You will fall over when I tell you that there arent any trains on their wishlists this year. This is the first year they are both not too bothered about trains.
I want to get Liam some board games too as he is getting into them. Speedracer movie was requested too.

Well I will try to keep up with this now and not lag behind
Will try to get back for personnals

#15 Freckles

Posted 06 December 2008 - 07:40 AM

Heloo fabulous ones,

Thought I'd better drop in as it's been a while. Just usual crainess here, nothing out of the ordinary. Nasty casse of gastro a couple of weeks back that got us all sick.gif but otherwise we are ok. Patrick is not into his lst ouple of weeks of kindy. As far as I can work out all the serious work is done and it's not just fun Christmas stuff. The kindy concert is coming up next week. Patrick ia actually performing in his own class performance as well as in another kindy's. THe other class are doing dancing and one of the boys will be away on holidays, so Patrick is making up the numbers. He's so excited about the concert, then Christmas and a week inn CAnberra with my sister and her family. I worked out yesterday (with the assistance of a primary school teacher friend) that Patrick is reading at about the end of yr 1 level, so I'm pretty happy about that. His writing is  ohmy.gif  unsure.gif but I guess one child can't do it all. laughing2.gif Beth is Little Miss Independent but makes up for it by being enormously cuddly. Still, she's very stubborn. Can't imagine where she gets that from. wwhistle.gif

Sally -
You will fall over when I tell you that there arent any trains on their wishlists this year.
I nearly fell off my chair reading that! LOL It's a bit sad when the no train time comes actually, after so many years of them being the most exciting thing ever. Sounds like both of your boys are going great guns. I can't believe that Owen is old enough for 4yo kinder! Gee time flies doesn't it? Hope his op goes ok when the time comes. Sorry to hear that DH's op hasn't helped the apnoea. sad.gif

Nic - Glad to see that you are doing better.
Plus I have also put my hand up a few times to say "i've had it" which works well
Good on you! I think that we (as a society) don't so this often enough. It makes a difference too. original.gif

Jane - Still wondering how you are travelling... original.gif ETA: OK, have to confess to a teeny bit of stalking, just to see how you are. :rolleeyes: Looks like you are 18 wks and going great guns. Also I read that you referred to bub as a 'she'. Does that mean there's a girl on the way? So happy to read that all is going so well for you. original.gif

So, waves.gif all round. Hope you all enjoy these last few weeks of our (older) babies being in kindy. Year 1 will be upon us before we know it! biggrin.gif

#16 Neonatal Diabetes

Posted 11 December 2008 - 11:09 AM

Hi All

It has been a long long time since I posted in here

My DD Jess is a June 02 kidlet.

We have just added number 4 to the family, a wee little thing but is getting stronger by the day wub.gif

I will try and pop in a bit more often, Ive been reading up in here, but just never got around to posting.

#17 Freckles

Posted 12 December 2008 - 11:43 AM

Hi girls,

Warning: boast post!  tongue.gif

I'm just home from Patrick's end of year kindy concert. It was all very cute, with each of the 4 classes doing a season of the year song (his class did autumn) and lots of Christmas songs. We knew before we went that he was getting an award, but didn't know what for. My baby got the Academic Achievement Award for his class!  wub.gif I'm so very proud of him. When he started kindy he could read mum, dad and Patrick. Now he's reading The Enchanted Wood! Can't wait to see him this afternoon and give him a huge congratulatory cuddle. Unfortunately Andrew couldn't make it as his Yr 10's were graduating at the same time. Still, I got it all on video, so Andrew can have a look when he gets home. original.gif

Pincushion - I saw your story recently in BBE when I was trawling the Sandy and Griffin thread. I'm glad to read that your new addition is doing well for such a tiny girl. original.gif

waves.gif all round. Hope you are all doing well. Bet your kids are all excited about Christmas - mine certainly are! LOL original.gif

#18 nic74g

Posted 12 December 2008 - 04:29 PM

Hi ladies,
Emma, big congratulations to Patrick on his award.
We should get our school reports soon. Aiden's behaviour (while good at the moment) has been pretty bad. His school work is great though!

Pincushion, I read your birth story. I hope things continue to go well with your family.

I am babysitting 2 nights this weekend...all wonderful people who have helped me out through the year have come calling at Christmas! DH has decamped to catch up with friends in Sydney. Pizza night tonight for sure.

Feeling pretty much ready for Christmas. most things that need to be purchased have been. Now to clean up the house and the yard (ick)

Well, my kids are screaming, better go before they do damage to each other. Take care


#19 sallan

Posted 13 December 2008 - 10:13 AM

Hi Girls,
Congratulations on Patricks award. Well done. Doesnt it make you feel so proud.
Funny you should mention the Enchanted Tree, Liam is readin the Faraway Tree, great books arent they.
Hey did you hear Cazbirs news? Little Max was born on 11th.
Went to see him last nigh, he is soooooo cute and little.
Caz is doing ok, but has alot of mixed emotions as you would expect, with Hayleys first anniversary being tomorrow.
There is still a risk that Max could be sent to another hospital if his breathing doesnt improve so she is very stressed and emotional.
Pincushion, think you know Caz too and probably know exactly how she is feeling at the mo. Hope your littlie is doing ok.

The boys are fine here. Owen finished kinder yesterday with a little carol concert, so cute.
He had 2 parties yesterday so was so in heaven with all the sweet stuff.
Liam finishes 19th but its only half a day.
All pressies bought for them now, just have to concentrate on Dh.
Hope you are all having a good time

#20 Freckles

Posted 20 December 2008 - 07:40 AM

Hi girls,

So, I'm guessing by now that all of you, like me, have your big kids home for the school holidays. :xmas_blush: We've got lots planned to try and stave off boredom. LOL Patrick finished up yesterday. He got an excellent report (good work, talks too much LOL) and is excited about going into Yr 1. However he came out yesterday afternoon in tears, as his teacher is leaving the school and moving north up the coast. He's a very sensitive kid when it comes to these things so he was actually sobbing when he got to me. So then of course I cried rolleyes.gif and it was a big sob fest. biggrin.gif

Anyway, he's SO excited about Christmas this year, more so than any year in the past. He's counting the sleeps now. I hope that the presents live up to his expectations, because he told a friend yesterday that he asked Santa for Bumblebee ! (Transformer) Unfortunately Santa is not getting him Bumblebee. :xmas_mellow:

Sally - I've been following Caroline's story with Max. For someone I haven't met IRL I'm pretty close to Caroline. I chat with her regularly in Celtic's Comfy Sofa and announced Max's arrival in there for her. I'm thrilled to see Max is doing so well now and hope he's home for Christmas. BTW, I've seen you on her FB page as a friend. I'll send you a friend link from me. original.gif

Nic - How did the yard cleaning go? :xmas_eek: 'ick' sounds pretty accurate! LOL I loathe that sort of thing. Hope Aiden's report was ok after all that. original.gif

waves.gif all round, hope you are all well. original.gif

#21 sallan

Posted 20 December 2008 - 02:44 PM

HI All,
Yes Em we are off school until Feb 2nd!!! Yay, although the behaviour today makes me wish it would come sooner.
Dont know whats up with them, being cheeky and rude and generally not listening. Its quite rare that they are like it, so Im trying to tolerate it.
Liam got a great report being at Grade 1 level for Reading and speaking and listening, and being excellent at listening time- find that one hard to believe. So he got 2 Bs and the rest were Cs. Cant complain at that.
He is going into Grade 1/2 class next year. i think being with the Grade 2s will be good for him.
I got a bit upset yesterday too. His teacher in my opinion, is the best in the school and for him not to have her anymore was a bit sad. I got a photo of him with her so that I can do the scrapbooking page of his last day.
Today we have been making cookies and truffles for our Mothers group Xmas party tomorrow.
Yes Em, Caroline is a very close friend of mine and in my mothers group. She will come along tomorrow but without Max of course. He is still in the baby care unit until he starts taking milk by bottle every time.
Its so sad for Caroline not to have him home but hes in the best hands.
Well hope we manage to keep this thread going.
Take care all

#22 nic74g

Posted 23 December 2008 - 07:16 PM

:xmas_tongue:  :xmas_tongue:  :xmas_tongue:  :xmas_laugh:  :xmas_laugh: :xmas_laugh:


Hope Santa is kind to you all and that your little ones have a great christmas

Take care all


#23 Freckles

Posted 25 December 2008 - 07:10 AM

Merry Christmas lovely ladies!
:xmas_happy:  :xmas_happy:  :xmas_happy:  :xmas_happy:

Hope you all have a really fabulous day with your loved ones. original.gif

Patrick: "Mummy, this is the best Christmas EVER! ... Actually, it's the best Christmas so far."  :xmas_laugh:

#24 sallan

Posted 25 December 2008 - 07:41 AM


Hope everyone is enjoying the rush of present opening. My kids have opened their stockings and a few big pressies and we have come to a halt for brekkie.
Speedracer racing track and Lego Agents are the big hits.
Have a good one everyone

#25 Freckles

Posted 30 December 2008 - 07:08 AM

Hi girls,

How did you all survive your Christmas? Ours wasn't too bad, although the present opening got rather hectic at times! Patrick had an absolute ball (see my post on the day biggrin.gif ) and was very spoilt. Then yesterday I loaded him on a plane to fly (unaccompanied) to Canberra to spend a week with my sister and her family. He was so excited about going that he could barely sit still. I thought that some nerves might hit when the reality of flying unaccompanied hit, but no he was tough. In fact I'm sure he only tolerated the goodbye kiss and hug for my sake! laughing2.gif We caught the train to the airport and I had the call from my sister to say that he had arrived safely before I had reached home myself. wacko.gif So, a whole week with only 1 child. It was quite weird only having Beth last night, I'm sure she's missing Patrick. She had a strange look on her face when I loaded her into the bath by herself.

Hope you are all well. original.gif

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