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Our Angel Babies

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#1 yankmomof3

Posted 01 October 2008 - 11:15 AM

Our Angels

The agony is so great...
And yet I will stand it.
Had I not loved so very much
I would not hurt so much.
But goodness knows I would not
Want to diminish that precious love
By one fraction of an ounce.
I will hurt.
And I will be greatful to the hurt
For it bears witness to
The depth of our meanings
And for that I will be
Eternally grateful.
~Elisabeth Kubler Ross~


Anthony Robert 08/01/10
bladder Outlet Obstruction and kidney damage
Babe of Love you Anthonyxo

Ella Nicole 12/01/09
Died suddenly from heart failure 31/01/09
Babe of pceh

Ellanor Ruby 13/01/04
Born at 29+6wks with Truncus arteriosus
Succumbed to NEC suddenly 12/02/04
Babe of Magentababy

Mikayla 19/01/12
Born sleeping at 23+1 weeks
Babe of Melissa130970

Anabelle 21/01/08
Born sleeping at 39 weeks
Babe of tfor2

Ruby Leisha 22/01/08
Died 31/01/08 at 9 days old of hypoplastic left heart
Babe of ~ky~

Madeline Chloe Anne 26/01/10
Born sleeping at 20 +1
Babe of Erica33


Michael 4/02/08
Born at 21 weeks due to Trisomy 18
Babe of angellight

Breanna 4/02/10
Born sleeping @ 40w+2d
Babe of HSV1986

Philippa (Pippa) Vivienne 09/02/11
Died 15/02/11, due to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with Intact Atrial Septum
Babe of item

Gabriel Valentine 16/02/08
Born sleeping at 22 weeks, reason unknown
Babe of yankmomof3

Rose 20/02/07
Born sleeping because of Anencephaly
EDD 20/07/007
Babe of Jules379

Laila Anne 26/02/04
Passed away from SIDS after only a few hours
Babe of natme5

Vincent Stanley 26/02/2011
24 weeks and 3 days
Unknown reasons
Babe of Red31


Kloe (twin 1) 01/03/11
Lived for 1 hours & 17 minutes - born at 20+6 weeks due to PPROM
Twin sister to Fallon Hope, born 22/03/11
Babe of frogneek

Ethan 07/03/10
Born sleeping at 19w3d after prom
Babe of julz78

Lissa Poppy 08/03/02
Lived for 3 hours & 13 minutes - 11:40am to 2:53pm
Babe of Redonk

Emma Maria 08/03/02
Became our angel 11/07/03
Babe of moos mum

Sam Elias 12/03/05
Born sleeping at 17 weeks
Babe of ~ky~

Fallon Hope (twin 2) 22/03/11
Passed on 31/03/11 - born at 203+6 after infection set in (PPROM)
Twin sister to Kloe, born 01/03/11
Babe of frogneek

Connor James Pieters 23/03/06
Born 27/06/03
Died of paraquat toxicity
Babe of tina-6

Hamish Dennis 28/03/11
Born sleeping 28/03/11 at 40wks + 11 days
Reason unknown
Babe of Brissymumtobe


Dakotah Bailey 02/04/04
Born at 12:55am- Flew up to the Angels 3:45am
Babe of BabyButterflyKisses

Neve Ava 22/04/08
Born still into this world at 29 weeks
Babe of sevvie

Bernadette 23/04/10
Born Sleeping
Trisomy 13
Babe of pamjjll

Dylan Thomas 24/04/08
Born sleeping at 36 weeks
Babe of beauty queen

Tadgh Savage 24/04/2008
Born sleeping at 5mths
Babe of miss*k

Harry Line 24/04/08
Born sleeping at 39 weeks
Babe of tarquinsaffron

Alexander 28/04/04
Born at 37 weeks
Chord wrapped around both feet
Babe of *tina*


Destiny Gail Fry 09/05/08
Born sleeping at 20 weeks, 3 days
Babe of zacandjetsmum

Lily June Pauline 10/5/10
Born Sleeping at 21 weeks
Joining her beautiful sister Ruby in heaven xxx
Babe of rubylilysmum

Alexander 17/05/08
Born still at 34 Weeks - Umbilical cord twisted around ankle
Babe to alexmyangel

Dean Kenneth William 19/05/07
Born via emergency c-section after uterine rupture
Flew to heaven 20th may.
Babe of rumple bear

Bailey Taylor 21/05/08
Born sleeping at 20 weeks
Babe of 2girlshere1boyinheart

Zenith 23/05/11
Born at 41+6 weeks
Breathed for 20 minutes, pulmonary hypoplasia due to suspected ARPKD
Babe of kujunchild

Flynn Sanigear 24/05/11
Born sleeping at 34+6 weeks
Trisomy 18
Babe of Shelbysmum


Amelia Grace 04/06/10
Born sleeping at 40w and 5d
Babe of aussiebella

Elizabeth Jane 11/06/07
Born at 24 weeks, passed away 16/06/07
Babe of Joey-annie

William Charles 13/06/02
Lived for 9 1/2 hours
Born 4.25 am - Born into Heaven 2.00 pm
Babe of nessiehorses

Daniel Joseph Garrod 17/06/02
Grew his wings suddenly 26/07/11
Babe of LittleBear's Mammy

Cooper 27/06/08
Born sleeping at 40 weeks
Babe of jcladybug


Victoria and Lara
Babes of Latoriana

Dustin John 01/07/08
Born sleeping at 24 weeks
Babe of Aimee

Samuel 09/07/07
Born at 20 weeks due to HLHS
Babe of Grobanite

AJ 14/07/09
Born sleeping at 14 weeks due to PROM
Babe of ~ky~

Harley William Lines 17/07/07
Born at 24 + 4 weeks
Lived only a short time
Babe of antz-pantz

Jonah 24/07/06
Born still 36 weeks
Babe of jjjmum

Shane Anthony & Joshua James 27/07/11
Born still, lost in labour, reason unknown
Babe of starletta

Harrison 25/07/01
Born at 22.3 weeks
Lost to Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
Babies of SJ2571

Ruby Rose 28/07/2010
Born sleeping at 21 weeks
Babe of MummaofRubyRose


Nikki Lee 04/08/00
Born sleeping at 15 weeks
Babe of ~ky~

Charlie 07/08/08
Born sleeping at 17 weeks
Babe of ~*~Dragonfly~*~

Jordan William Michael Clark 14/8/02
Babe of jacaxelach

Stegs Jr MacKellar (Princess Stegs) 24/08/11
Born sleeping at 21 weeks
Babe of Kellzz

Henry Shane- Born 27/08/03
Born at 27 weeks, passed away 18/09/03
Babe of BlackSocks

Amelia Molly May 27/08/07
Born an angel star at 25 weeks
Babe of becandbub

Daymon Reece 30/08/95
Born still-But still born at 27 weeks
Babe of *Pru-Bear*

Jacob Mitchell 31/08/09
Died unexpectedly 1/9/09 Undiagnosed HLHS
Babe of corenmh-ma24


Jamie 14/09/04
Born Sleeping at 32 weeks
Babe of boy-angel

Chloe Jade 14/09/07
Born still at 20w2d gestation.
Babe of desiderata

John Cecil 17/09/09
Born sleeping
Babe of suzy-c

Jacob Connor 18/09/09
Born sleeping - Turners Syndrome
Babe of Ames84

Anabella Aniwa 21/09/08
Born sleeping at 37 wks
Babe of kiwim2b

Lily 22/9/2010
Born sleeping at 28 weeks
Babe of alices

Layla Grace 23/09/07
Born 20-9-07 at 40 weeks + 5 days
Babe of Christine28


Logan William Donald 6/10/2004
Born sleeping at 24w1d due to placenta abruption
Babe of ~Sarey~

Ruby Jane Michaela 09/10/09
Born sleeping at 28 weeks
Babe of rubylilysmum

Joey 10/10/96
Born sleeping at 20 weeks
Babe of ~*~Dragonfly~*~

Christopher Robert 11/10/96
Born sleeping
Babe of spersephone

Chloe Paula & Hayley Grace 12/10/09
Born at 23.3weeks due to PROM on Chloe's sac at 20weeks
Babes of *Chloe_Hayley*

Javier Max Jennings 16/10/07
Born Sleeping
Babe of elby

Ashleigh Elizabeth- Born 24/10/06
Died 22/12/06 from SIDS - 8 weeks and 3 days old
Babe of mickeymouse

Hamish Gordon 27/10/08
Born at 36 weeks along with twin Alexis
Passed away from limb-Body wall complex
Babe of kymberley

Mariam 29/10/05
Beautiful firstborn daughter born sleeping
Babe of mariamsmum

Lewis 31/10/2009
Passed on 11/1109
Babe of 3cubs


Matthew James 5th November 2002
Born prematurely at 21.4 weeks
Babe of morgansacre

Taylah Michelle 07/11/99
Born 30/07/99
Died of Ventricular Septal Disorder
Babe of three-shining-sons

Eden Matilda 11/11/08
Born at 33 weeks+6, reason unknown
Babe of purplemonkey

Joshua 13/11/08
Born still at 22 weeks
Babe of SusanFarr

Tayla Rose 13/11/11
Arrived in Heaven 16/11/11
Born at 37 weeks, prolapsed cord
Babe of lisajoy

Luke 14/11/07
Born sleeping at 21 weeks
Babe of jobo77

Jack 18/11/95
Born sleeping at 24 weeks
Babe of ~*~Dragonfly~*~

Blake Michael 24/11/09
Born Sleeping at 26 weeks
Babe of boy4me2009


Brenton Michael 03/12/09
Born Sleeping at 21 weeks
Babe of stillhopeful

Cooper James 3/12/10
19 weeks and 1 day, Potter's syndrome
babe of jens1607

Lily 05/12/07
Born sleeping at 20 weeks due to PROM
Babe of Eirinn

Devaney Maighen Ashlea
9th December 1999 ~ 16th December 1999
Congenital Heart Defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart.
Babe of ratbags

Veronica Margaret 10/12/09
Born sleeping at 41 weeks
Babe of poppess

Hayley Elizabeth 14/12/07
Born sleeping at 38 wks + 2 days, reason unknown
Babe of cazbir

Charlie Atlas 14/12/09
Born sleeping at 23 weeks
babe of Jacni

Liam 17/12/10
Born sleeping at 36 wks 5 days, reason unknown
Babe of Madametulip

Bella Rose 23/12/07
Born sleeping at 39 wks + 5 days, tightly coiled cord
Babe of emmal00

Tia Kaye 28/12/05
Passed away 07/01/06 of CDH
Babe of Sussan

#2 MagentaBaby

Posted 01 October 2008 - 11:45 AM

cry1.gif  wub.gif It's great YMo3, you're a legend.

So lovely and comforting to see our babies' names all here together. Inevitably, the list may grow but I hope in doing so, it brings some sort of comfort to us knowing we're not entirely alone in remembering.

xx Well done!

#3 Mariamsmum

Posted 01 October 2008 - 02:29 PM

Thank you so much yankmomof3  wub.gif

So lovely and comforting to see our babies' names all here together

excatly what I was thinking MB original.gif

Mod: I was wondering if we could sticky this so we can easily check in on upcoming anniversaries?

#4 miss*k

Posted 01 October 2008 - 02:42 PM

awwwwh yay original.gif

Good Stuff!!

#5 ~ky~

Posted 01 October 2008 - 03:55 PM

Thankyou  wub.gif

I find myself praying desperately that July will never have any little names added to it ... it's almost like a little ray of light in the midst of such pain  cry1.gif

#6 beautyqueen

Posted 01 October 2008 - 04:44 PM

Thanks YMO3!

You have such a huge heart, doing this for us. What a beautiful gesture.. wub.gif

Jules X

#7 annabellesmummy

Posted 01 October 2008 - 04:44 PM

What a wonderful thing to do  cry1.gif   Just so sad there's so many names  cry1.gif

#8 jcladybug

Posted 02 October 2008 - 06:49 AM

Hi and thanks YMO3,
can you please add my beautiful boys name to your list.
Baby "Cooper" born sleeping 27th June 2008 at 40 weeks.
It is nice to see all their names together, like they have their own 'little angel' club up in heaven, thanks again. wub.gif

#9 Guest_boy-angel_*

Posted 02 October 2008 - 11:56 AM

YM03 - what a beautiful gesture of typing up a list  wub.gif

Could you please add my beautiful boy to your list -
Jamie - 14th September 2004
Born sleeping at 32 weeks

Thanks  smile1.gif

#10 3monsters

Posted 02 October 2008 - 01:28 PM

Can you add mine please

28/04/04 born sleeping at 37 weeks.
Cord wrapped around both feet.

#11 J-A

Posted 02 October 2008 - 03:48 PM

Thank you YMO3  wub.gif you have done a wonderful job with the list.


#12 cazbir

Posted 02 October 2008 - 07:23 PM

Thanks YMO3 wub.gif You did a lovely job. Its lovely now to see where all our Angels birthdays are so we can all remember them wub.gif

#13 three-shining-sons

Posted 10 October 2008 - 08:06 PM

Hi I would love for my baby girl to be added to the list

Taylah Michelle
Born: July 30, 1999  Passed Away: November 7, 1999
Ventricular Septal Disorder (hole in Heart)

#14 tina-6

Posted 10 October 2008 - 08:22 PM

could you please add my little man

connor james pieters
cause of death (paraquat.toxicity)

thank you so much

#15 zacandjetsmum

Posted 19 October 2008 - 09:21 PM

hands.gif  Please God, keep my baby safe give my baby the comfort she deserves... Keep her close to her Poppy Peter, Poppy Ron & Nanna Gail...

RIP Destiny Gail Fry
Born sleeping
9th May 2008
@ 20wks 3days...

'cause of death:-
medical termination due to Anencephaly...

Hi Everyone,
@ my 18wk ultra sound we were told there was something wrong with our babies head & was told by the lady doing the u/sound we will have to have a termination... After spending my 25th b-day @ a hospital having emnotic fluid extracted & having another scan it was conformed that our lil girl had a neural tube defect called Anencephaly which means from the top of her spine to just above her eyebrows her sckull was missing along with about 10% of her brain... Even born @ full term Anencephaly babies rarely survive longer than an hour... we had Dr's & Specialists appointments & everyone agreed the severaty of her condition it was best to terminate... it was the hardest decicionwe had ever had 2 make... after 3 days of trying to enduce labour my waters broke... Destiny had kicked her leg & umbilical cord through my uterus & i had 2 go for my 3rd c/section... athough she didn't make it through the birth the pain from my recovery was all worth it because in the end it was all for our lil girl...

Our princess our angel we will always love you & never forget you...

Love from
Mummy, Daddy, Zac & Jet

#16 joey-annie

Posted 20 October 2008 - 02:45 PM

Thanks YM03
Can you add my angel please?

Elizabeth Jane
11-16th June 2007
Born at 24 weeks.

Thanks again

#17 zacandjetsmum

Posted 20 October 2008 - 10:03 PM

ty YMO3 although it hurts so much 2 c my lil Destiny's name with so many others i would like to thank you it is a sweet & selfless act you are doing for those who need comfort...

#18 natmc5

Posted 30 October 2008 - 10:14 AM

Could you please add my little girl

Laila Anne
Full term
with us for a few short hours
no reason why she was perfect

#19 Jules379

Posted 30 October 2008 - 10:30 AM

What a lovely idea!
Please add my angel

Born sleeping with Anencephaly 20/2/07
EDD 20/7/07
Our little bud that never got to bloom..... Where we can see her anyway.....

#20 ~Aimee~

Posted 30 October 2008 - 11:07 AM

What a beautiful way to remember our darling bubs..

YMO3 could you add my boy

Dustin John
Born Sleeping at 24 weeks on 1st July 08
It's not known why your little heart stopped.
Mummy & Daddy love you & miss you so much little man xoxox

Edited by ~Aimee~, 30 October 2008 - 04:31 PM.

#21 emmal00

Posted 30 October 2008 - 02:22 PM

Aww that is so sweet to see all those little names, now we know all our babies heavenly friends!
Can you please add my little girl,

Bella Rose
Born sleeping 23 December 2007
39 weeks and 5 days
Tightly coiled umbilical cord

Thank you xx

#22 Sussan

Posted 01 November 2008 - 10:03 PM


Nice idea YMO3, it has been a while since i have visited but would love to have my precious angel added.

Tia Kaye

Born 28.12.05

Went to heaven 7.1.06

Due to CDH

Love you and miss you our brave princess!


#23 antz-pantz

Posted 15 November 2008 - 09:46 PM

can i please add my angel

harley william lines
born at 24+4 weeks
lived only a short time

rip my little angel

#24 Guest_purplemonkey_*

Posted 22 November 2008 - 06:46 PM

Could you please add my little princess.

Eden Matilda
Born sleeping November 11, 2008
33 weeks 6 days
Reasons unknown at this point

Thank you so much

Edited by purplemonkey, 04 December 2008 - 11:42 AM.

#25 SusanFarr

Posted 05 December 2008 - 10:11 AM

Please add my butterfly baby.

Born still at 22 weeks

Thank you very much

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