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#26 wrappedup

Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:20 PM

Happy due date Anne.

I just realised last night that I'm due in 6 weeks.  Bloody hell, that's a bit close!

#27 asignatureofthings

Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:41 PM

Hey ladies waves.gif

I haven't been in here much really  blush.gif  But i do occasionally lurk  ph34r.gif

Congrats to those who have had thier gorgeous babies  wub.gif  And good luck to those due soon  wub.gif

Hope you aren't too far away from meeting your little one Anne   wub.gif

Hopefully I can be a bit better and make more of an effort and stop by here more often  blush.gif

#28 AmIdoingitright?

Posted 23 October 2008 - 04:25 PM

Well I'm having a fantastic day because I've just found out I DON'T HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES  - YAY!!!!!!!!!  I was seriously obsessing on this because of family history, being a bit overweight etc, and failing the first screening test.  I had to sit down and have a cup of tea when I got the good news this morning, just to let it sink in!  I've had a bit of a bad run with this pregnancy and I think I was just expecting another piece of bad news, so the relief is just incredible.

Darnie I'd be interested to hear how you go at the sleeping clinic. I'd only just found out that they have one here in Canberra - I knew about the one in Brisbane before we moved and was hoping they have something similar here.  Is it hard to get into?  I saw a show on TV a few months ago where someone would come to your house as well, so I thought that might be a good backup if bubs has sleeping problems.

#29 darnie

Posted 23 October 2008 - 07:23 PM

Canbea-ite: Yay for not having GD! eexcite.gif I had GD with Alice, and was insulin-dependant. It was a bit sucky.
I've had a bit of a bad run with this pregnancy and I think I was just expecting another piece of bad news, so the relief is just incredible.
My last pregnancy was a bit like that, but it was all turned ok for me in the end wub.gif Re QE2: I don't know much about it but when I do, I'll let you know. I didn't need to go with Erin (and we thought that she was our stubborn baby! laughing2.gif Seems she wasn't! cry1.gif ) You need a referral from either the MACH nurse or your GP. The MACH clinics also offer a sleep group and a day stay and they tend to like you to have done each of those before they refer to QE2. The GP will just refer you if he thinks it is necessary. I have talked to him about it previously but decided to wait until after our Tassie trip. It's after our Tassie trip now, and things aren't looking that much better, so we'll see what happens.


#30 beaglebabe

Posted 24 October 2008 - 06:14 AM

Hi All,

Apologies again for being so slack with the list.... I'm all over the place at the moment.

We sold our old house at auction last weekend.  The last of our furniture (we left it furnished while on the market) is being picked up by the removalists this morning and delivered to the new house.  I can't wait to have my bed back.  We've been sleeping on a matress on the floor for a month!  I'm starting to feel the need to nest badly, so hopefully having the rest of my furniture will help me feel more settled here.

I've had a cold for the past week, and I just can't seem to shake it.  I feel better for a day, and then come crashing down again.  Work is stressful as we are short-staffed.  I can't get through everything in my three days a week, so constantly feel rushed.  And then feel guilty for bringing home work in the evenings, and just being too tired generally to enjoy Toby.  Toby's childcare is near our old house, so it is taking me an hour to get to and from work.

To further help matters, Toby stopped having his day sleep last weekend, so I hardly got anything done around the house on my days off.  He's been sleeping well for childcare and my parents the last three days though, so I'm hopeful he might have a good sleep for me today.

Sorry for the huge whinge - I just feel so constantly disorganised, tired, and stressed.  Only two more weeks of work to go and hopefully it will be better after that.

And now for the baby news.  At my last midwife appointment at 34 weeks all was looking good.  Measuring perfectly (despite my tiny bump) and in a good position.  Too good infact - I am already 2/5 engaged!  I really hope this bub is planning on staying put until it's due date!  I have an appointment with the doctor next week to discuss Toby's birth, in particular the shoulder dystocia, so that should be interesting......

Enough about me!

Peta and Leonie - congrats on your baby boys!!!  I hope you are all settling in well  wub.gif   Peta - have the feeding issues gotten any better?

Anne - Happy due date for yesterday (although it doesn't sound like a great day, with broken windows to contend with....)  I hope things start happening for you soon.

Deanne - I hope you can get some help with Alice and her sleeping soon.  Sleep deprivation must be so much harder with an older child to deal with too.

Canberra-ite - Welcome.  I can hardly keep up with this group, let alone a due-in group!  Yay on the gestational diabetes (or lack there of) original.gif

Hi Tess  original.gif

Sam - the last six weeks seems to go so quickly too! I've got a month to go now, and it is racing along.

Jen - I'm the opposite - this is my second pregnancy, and I'm so much smaller this time.  I go to yoga and look at everyone else's bellies and they all seem so much bigger than I do.  We all carry differently I guess, and different pregnancies can carry differently, even within the same body.

Hi Carla!  How are you?  Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Sgettie - It's lovely that your kids are helping so much  wub.gif

Eileen - take advantage of the energy while you have it!

I'm off to clean the kitchen while Toby is still being babysat by the TV (it's a playschool DVD - at least it's educational, right?)


#31 Mama8

Posted 24 October 2008 - 10:16 AM

Hi all :wave: well 31 weeks now yay!

Bub is still sideways and seems comfy and to tell you the truth so am i happy.gif  i can eat,walk,and i dont have HB so im not complaining too much.

Thanks for that Deanne, i think i will just leave her how she is and if she doesnt turn then its a c/s but i will get the tubal done at the zame time.

Started to get things ready like put the cot up sort out clothes etc and now making a list of thing i need to buy for myself for hospital yay shopping trip!!!!

nothing else happening round here, oh except a late night "fox mask making' project for DS2 who is a fox in todays assembely at school grin.gif  looks sooo cute and now im feeling a bit talented laughing2.gif

hope all are well.


#32 blissfulqueenb

Posted 24 October 2008 - 10:18 AM

Oh I saw new posts in here and thought "it MUST be Anne"   laughing2.gif

Yes, sorry Anne - still stalking!  tongue.gif Will PM you instead.

Hi Michelle  (waves).  Thanks.  YOU TOO!!!

#33 sot

Posted 25 October 2008 - 01:57 PM

Michelle - sounds like you need a rest, with moving on top of normal life when you are so pregnant!!  Let me know if I can help out.  Feeding has improved, I think finding out that it was normal to be sore and grazed in the beginning was a relief - obviously the baby blues weren't helping. James also had shoulder dystocia, was a bit scary, do they think it is likely with the next one?

Deanne - good luck at the sleep clinic, it sounds like there is some great support if you know about it.

Anne - Anytime now, are you getting impatient yet?

Canberra-ite - I agree there were way too many people in my dig I found it much easier to keep track of everyone in here, and everyone is so nice!

LittleE..- your poor friend.  I was at calvary and they were great, but that was the private side maybe there is a difference in the care

Sam - It is funny it seems to take forever and then suddenly it is nearly time.  I kept putting things off thinking it was too early to get too organised and then by the time I thought I should get a move on I was big and uncomfortable - hence why they say to get ready early!

Mumof5 - hope you bubs turns by themself soon

Leonie - Glad everything is going well with Max and the boys love him (as to be expected).  I had to be induced with James and then 10 mins before he was born they discovered my forewaters hadn't broken only the hindwaters.  (they were very suprised considering how much "leaking" I had been having.)  After they broke those there was no stopping him.

ok James is crying, better go.


#34 darnie

Posted 26 October 2008 - 07:09 PM

Hi All,

I was sure there'd be baby news in here by now! laughing2.gif We've been to Sydney for the weekend. We had a good weekend, although not long enough (even though we went up Friday morning - laughing2.gif ) It was great to have family time away. The girls were really good. wub.gif

My Dad had another stroke yesterday morning. cry1.gif He has been admitted to hospital. On the whole, he seems better than last time. Unlike last time, however, he still doesn't have the use of his left arm back. Hopefully, it is just taking longer this time but I guess we just have to wait and see. It is a bit of a bummer that he is left handed! I had a chat to him tonight and he sounded well. He is understandably down, but ok. I feel so sorry for him - he was bouncing back so well and only had a month to go until he would probably have been able to drive. He was so positive and well, this is such a kick in the pants for him. Still, could have been much worse, I guess.

Anyway, I should go. Love, happy baby vibes and happy, painfree labour vibes being sent to everyone!


#35 Puggle

Posted 26 October 2008 - 09:10 PM

Oh Deanne, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's second stroke sad.gif

Thanks for thinking of me everyone. I'm still in one piece, but have had several days of posterior labour pains (started losing my plug on my due date which was quite exciting at the time!) and I'm pretty exhausted. Labour just won't establish properly which is very annoying, not to mention painful! Trying a new approach at the moment which is to try and ignore any contractions and pretend it isn't happening rather than repeatedly getting my hopes up only to have them dashed again - very demoralising.

I guess the good (?) part of such a drawn out affair is that it looks as though I will make it through my OB's weekend off in one piece. Have an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon ...

So, feeling tired and more than a little emotional at times, but I'm trying to keep positive that my body and the baby know what they are doing and we will get there in the end.

Edited by Puggle, 26 October 2008 - 09:14 PM.

#36 darnie

Posted 26 October 2008 - 11:18 PM

Anne: Thank you for your thoughts. Good luck with your ob visit tomorrow! I hope that things happen soon for you and that the pain subsides! hhugs.gif wub.gif

#37 beaglebabe

Posted 27 October 2008 - 07:28 AM

Oh Anne, how frustrating!  I think your new tactic sounds like a good one though.  Even though it seems like nothing is happening, hopefully all the pains are due to your body getting ready, cervix softening and perhaps dialating.  Good luck with your OB this afternoon.  I hope he/she has good news for you.

Deanne - I'm really sorry to hear your news about your Dad, especially when he was doing so well, and feeling so positive.  It must be hard for him to feel like things have gone backwards.

It makes my whinge seem trivial.  I was so looking forward to the weekend, and having a bit of a rest, but Toby got gastro on Friday evening.  He seemed better yesterday, but had another foul nappy this morning, so obviously not.  Now he won't be able to go to childcare tomorrow (they have a 48 hour rule), which means my day-in-lieu (work owe me a bit of overtime!) to get my hair cut, do shopping without a toddler etc, is gone. And after a weekend of a child who refuses to move off my lap, I kinda needed a day off.  I am soooo sick of watching the same Playschool DVD over again, but it's all he wants to do.

Peta - I'm glad the feeding is going better.  It annoys me that they tell you that a correctly attached baby shouldn't hurt, as I know lots of people who found feeding quite painful at first, even though attachment seemed fine.  Knowing what 'normal' is, and having realistic expectations, can help immensly.

Mumof5 - I love your by-line about the 6 pack - very cute!  You sound much more organised than me.  I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and have hardly done anything in terms of setting up baby stuff, or shopping.  I did buy a packet of surboard pads at Woolies the other day, so I guess that's a start....


#38 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 27 October 2008 - 10:07 AM

Deanne sorry to hear about you dads second stroke.

Michelle thats interesting about Toby having gastro, sorry for asking but was it vomiting and bad nappies or just bad nappies? Reason i am asking is Jack woke at 3:15am vomiting (thankgoodness i had literally just put max back into his bassinet!) and he is not well today. He has only been vomiting but there is hardly anything in him to vomit, so he is just in alot of pain.  cry1.gif I feel so helpless when they are sick and in pain. Im pretty sure its nothing he ate because he ate the same things as Blake yesterday and Blake is fine. TOUCH WOOD, ive been thinking that the last thing i need now is for blake or myself to get sick aswell! I really need to go to the chemist to get him those hydralite iceblocks but dont want to have to drag all 3 of them to the shops, maybe ill have to call my dad and ask him to come over?! Oh hindsight is wonderful, telling myself i should be more prepared and have some in the freezer for this kind of situation!

Oh well hope veryone else is good, thinking of you Anne!

#39 beaglebabe

Posted 27 October 2008 - 12:09 PM

Hi Leonie,

Started with a few bad nappies on Friday evening.  Then he vomited a few times overnight.  Saturday the gastro seemed to settle down, but he had a fever, was incredibly clingy, and didn't want to eat.  Yesterday seemed ok-ish - still clingy, one yucky nappy (but not full-on diarrhoea), ate dinner as normal.  So I thought he was over it.  Then this morning, he's had two bouts of diarrhoea again.

I hope Jack is over it quickly.  It is so hard to watch them and feel so helpless.  And trying to deal with two other kids at the same time must make it even worse.  Call your Dad - I'm sure he would be happy to help!  I've already called mine this morning to get him to take my step-son to school.  He goes to school in Bungendore (where his Mum lives) and there was no way I was strapping Toby in the car for a hour long drive after this mornings nappies!

Will be lurking this arvo for news from Anne....


#40 darnie

Posted 27 October 2008 - 05:01 PM

ph34r.gif for news on Anne

#41 AmIdoingitright?

Posted 27 October 2008 - 05:46 PM

Arrgh!  I'd just written a big long post and the computer swallowed it!!  Sigh... starting again...

Darnie I'm very sorry about your dad's second stroke - it's a really scary time for you.  Imagine I've inserted a hug smiley here because I don't know how to do it  blush.gif

Anne I hope you get some movement soon and we see an announcement

Beaglebabe your son's gastro bug sounds very icky.  When this bub is born at the end of the year it will be the first time in my life I've changed a pooey nappy!  I'm not even sure how I'm going to deal with that, little only a gastro bug with an older child.  I guess I'll get used to it...

I had a lovely weekend with a visit from an old friend from interstate.  I think I overdid the walking around a bit yesterday though, with 4 hours at the War Memorial.  Last night I had achy pains in my lower stomach, I think where the ligaments attach to the pelvis.  I've spent today on the couch being lazy and it feels a lot better now.

Saturday was very exciting - we had a 3d scan at Bundles Baby and got the first decent picture of bubba.  All of our previous ones really only showed a blur with a backbone - this one looks like a human child!  It was good to get a second opinion on the sex to - this sonographer confirmed a little girl - yay!  It made me brave enough to take the tags off all her clothes and start washing today.  I counted 19 all in ones!  And that is only the new stuff that we've been given as presents or bought ourselves - not the 2 bags of hand me downs we've scored as well!  This bubba will be better dressed than me  laugh.gif

#42 sot

Posted 27 October 2008 - 09:15 PM

Deanne - So sorry your dad had a second stroke.  I hope things improve.  Do they know why he had a second one?

Michelle - hope Toby is better today.  I was sick over the weekend as well, wonder if I somehow got the bug.  James has cried pretty much all day today so maybe he is sick.  

Leonie - hope Max is feeling better.

Canberra-ite - sounds like you won't need to do much washing!!  

Anne - hope all the pains are preparing your body so it will be quick and not too painful when your baby decides to come.


#43 darnie

Posted 28 October 2008 - 06:10 AM

Hi All,

Michelle: Hope Toby is feeling better. Bummer about your destroyed day off. I remember my first week of maternity leave was spent with Erin home sick and whilst it is awful when they are sick, it was a slightly different way of spending my first week of mat leave than I had planned!

Leonie: Hope baby Max is ok now and that all is going well.

Anne: Still waiting for your news!

Canberra-ite: It sucks when you lose a long post. rant.gif Thank you for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Dad seems ok, although still no movement in his left arm and very tired when I spoke to him last night. I think he is just devastated that this is all happening again.

Peta: Hope things are going well for you. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Do they know why he had a second one?
This will be a bit of a rant.gif sorry blush.gif The first stroke was a blood clot, caused by Atrial Fibrillation (and I can't spell) which is basically a dodgy heart rhythmn. The second one was the same which means that medication, etc hasn't been sorted out properly. So, last time he was told that he could go home on the Friday but only if he made an appointment with the GP for the Monday, which he did. They also said that he would have a follow up appt with the hospital a month after discharge. Rocked up on the Monday to the GP who didn't have any notes from the hospital and basically said "sorry about your stroke. You seem ok. If that hospital is involved, then I might be lucky to get your notes by Christmas time" and sent him on his way. Then the appt card arrived and his appt with the hospital was for 3 months after discharge. When he left the hospital, they stopped his regular aspirin and also some daily injections and told him that he didn't need them. They also said that he didn't need Warfarin. Anyway, he went back to his GP a couple of weeks after the first visit and he said that he still didn't have any notes and that Dad was fine. My sister and I felt uncomfortable because it felt as though he had been dumped with no support and being of the generation that he is, he was never going to question anyone. He was also still tiring easily and getting very sore and achy. We suspected that his medication wasn't right. We finally convinced him to make an appt with his GP. That was schedueld for yesterday because he couldn't get in on Friday. He had the stroke on Saturday morning in bed. Anyway, he rocked up to the hospital and the first question that he was asked was why he wasn't taking Warfarin. When my family explained what had happened, the doctor was very embarrassed and said that the notes said that Warfarin was to start 2 weeks after discharge. It also became apparent that the notes were very incomplete "probably because half of our doctors don't have passwords to access the system and update it" and that there was no evidence of anything ever being forwarded to the GP and that follow-up care procedures hadn't really been followed. So, in short, the reason that it happened is that his medication isn't quite right yet and it may take a bit of time to get it right. The long story is that there was a whole comedy of errors that contributed to the medication not being right. Sorry, you probably didn't want to hear all of that, but gee I feel better now blush.gif (The hospital is treating him very well now and just can't do enough for him and everyone he came into contact on the day was embarrassed and amazed about how things went last time.)

Hi to everyone I have missed!

Must go. Erin is up. Alice is refusing to go back to sleep and I need to get dressed and organised for the day. Oh, I meant to say - GP gave me a referral to QE2 yesterday. I am feeling a bit guilty because I don't think that Alice is as bad as other babies I've heard of, but I just need to feel a bit more in control than I do. I explained this to the GP though and he still thought that QE2 was a good idea.

Anyway, take care everyone!


#44 Kath1978

Posted 28 October 2008 - 06:30 AM

Updating with some Baby News  wub.gif

With great delight, Anne, Simon and Claire announce the safe arrival of Lauren Janet.  Arriving by drug-free VBAC, Lauren weighed 5.76 kg, and arrived at 12.11 am this morning.

Congratulations Anne, Simon and Claire - may Lauren bring you joy and happiness - and congratulations also on the successful VBAC!

Cheers, Kath

Edited by Kath1978, 28 October 2008 - 06:34 AM.

#45 Guest_TashaLilJem_*

Posted 28 October 2008 - 06:47 AM

*YAY* congratulations to Anne on her successful VBAC ddance.gif and congratulations to Simon and big sister Claire. Welcome to the world little Lauren biggrin.gif

#46 darnie

Posted 28 October 2008 - 07:04 AM

So exciting! Congratulations Anne & family and welcome to the world Lauren! Love the name!

#47 Guest_gardner1_*

Posted 28 October 2008 - 07:52 AM

Just curious about where you got the scan done. Is it performed here?

#48 AmIdoingitright?

Posted 28 October 2008 - 09:27 AM

Hi Gardner1,

The scan was done at Bundles Baby at Evatt - we had half an hour of scanning then our choice of one page of photos to take away, plus all the photos on CD, for about $200.  This is our little one:

A bit of an extravagance but it is our first bub!

#49 shelly1

Posted 28 October 2008 - 09:41 AM

Hi All,

Congratulations Anne on your new arrival (and successful VBAC)

Darnie - Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope they sort his medication out soon. It is frustrating when you know that something isnt quite right but the doctors dont listen to you.

I noticed this tread only opened up the other day and it has grown so fast. There is quite a few of us past 30 weeks now.

I have been feeling great (apart from some low blood pressure problems). I was also put through another round of GD testing yesterday as my GP freaked out (at my low blood pressure, dizziness and there was white cells and lots of sugar in my urine) The GD results came back fine, waiting on a few others. I see Dr Armellin tomorrow (havent seen him much at all this time) so I am sure he will check everything out. Baby is fine (good heartbeat) and is letting me know that she is running out of room.

Still havent done anything about a nursery - I have thought about it though LOL - might be a job for the public holiday next Tuesday.

DH actually commented the other day that he didnt know how I was going to get much bigger as I was quote "huge" - I just replied with "a thanks for that" LOL

#50 blissfulqueenb

Posted 28 October 2008 - 09:47 AM

Oh ANNE!!!

What wonderful news to start the day with.  A huge congratulations and joy joy joy at the safe arrival of Lauren Janet.   wub.gif


Can't wait to hear your birth story.  I hope you're home and resting very soon.

Love from all of us over here in the west
Jono, Carla, Sophie, Tessa and Bump

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