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Non-Vaccinated Kids Discussion #7

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#26 tjmama

Posted 29 November 2008 - 11:27 AM

No I haven't done most of what you've just said. blush.gif
I'm only 'new' to all this & only just found this thread a few days ago.
My DS could only BF off me for 3wks, he is now FF & eats some solids. (he's 5mths)
I am looking for a Homeopath in my area (Brisbane, Qld)

thanks so much for replying original.gif

#27 Guest_**KM**_*

Posted 29 November 2008 - 11:41 AM

Trudy, there's nothing to be embarressed by (my DD1 was also f/f by 2-3 mths due to my lack of knowledge about b/fing and ongoing issues - with my DS I researched b/fing til the cows came home and successfully b/f him for 14 mths).

It's just that those things support the bodies ability to fight disease, so f/f babies don't have the same immunity that b/f babies do unfortunately.  Then babies who are fully b/f don't need solids until at least 6 mths or even later so their systems are in peak condition due to only having breast milk and getting the mother's immunity (which peaks at 6 mths for exclusive b/fing).  I didn't know any of this with DD1 and wasn't even really into natural therapies back then so did everything opposite  cool.gif

If I was you I would find a good homeopath, one I click with and can trust the care they give.  I would then make sure your babies diet is very natural even organic if you can.  I really don't know alot about formula fed babies being non-vaxed, maybe some others do in this thread??  My DD1 and DS are fully vaxxed except their 4 yr old shots, so I didn't have that dilemma of a decision.

Good luck with it  original.gif

#28 emskies

Posted 29 November 2008 - 11:59 AM

I really don't know alot about formula fed babies being non-vaxed, maybe some others do in this thread??

I was breastfed until the age of 2 and still managed to contract whooping cough. Unfortunately I don't think that breastmilk is the magic elixir that will ward off all diseases.  original.gif  Sure, it's very important in the line of defence but not the 'be all and end all'. Interestingly, the breastfed babies in my mothers group have had many more colds and ailments this year than the FF babies (mine was BF until 7 months).
Go figure?!

KM, I'm interested in using pro-biotics. A friend of mine adds it in a powder form to her baby's milk. How do you give it?

#29 Guest_**KM**_*

Posted 29 November 2008 - 12:11 PM

Sure, it's very important in the line of defence but not the 'be all and end all'.

Oh I agree which is why I listed the other things  original.gif  My point is that it is how our bodies are intended to work ... the design is that babies are breastfed to gain the immunities of the parents - as with any immunity there are other things that add or take away from that immunity.  Which is why not all b/f babies are healthy ... it depends on the other things that parents are doing to support it.

emskies  I use Metagenics pro-biotics (which is naturopathically prescribed), but I have heard inner health is good as well.  All you need to do is either take the powder out of the capsule or get the powder form bottle, mix it with a little breastmilk or water and just rub it onto bubs tongue (or you could add it to some food if they are on solids).  I take it myself and therefore it passes through my breast milk, but I was thinking of rubbing some on DD2's tongue as well as we are suffering from thrush  wacko.gif

#30 emskies

Posted 29 November 2008 - 12:48 PM

but I was thinking of rubbing some on DD2's tongue as well as we are suffering from thrush

OUCH! Hope it clears up soon.

Great, thanks for that info re the pro-biotics - will definitely go down that track.

#31 daffodil27

Posted 01 December 2008 - 12:51 PM

VITS: when I weaned my babies I put pro-biotics in their milk bottles, now I add it to their juice in the morning.

I would just like to give everyone a friendly reminder about VITAMIN C! I give it to my kids every day to boost their levels and it can have such a postivie effect on their immune system.

I have also found these Omega oil jelly lollies for the kids as they wont take the oil and I think its also helped alot.

#32 tjmama

Posted 01 December 2008 - 01:07 PM

Is there a certain brand of pro-biotics that you ladies use? or just any one?

vitamin C, yep got it wink.gif thanks daffodil

#33 po

Posted 01 December 2008 - 07:50 PM

daffodil, you don't think our kiddies can get enough Vit c through diet?? Just curious, I am not wise on the whole dietry intake and benefits of bottled vitamins.

As for the breastfeeding I am a huge[i][u]fan of breastfeeding and the benefits it has for baby, mother and the environment, it is just 'meant to be done, the way Mother Nature intended'. However I do think it is a combination of all things, but overall breastfeeding is the majority.

Thanks for the link to the pesticide site......I was surprised to see pototoes so high on the list, I thought cause they grow like weeds they wouldn't be sprayed as much....interesting to know the real facts

#34 teabags

Posted 02 December 2008 - 08:59 AM

Trudy - I would definately be finding a decent homeopath & you can get your probiotics & whooping cough homeophylaxis from them it that's what you want to do. My naturopath suggested I give DS another course of the WC homeophylaxis due to it going around.

Emskie - DS is 11 months old, so I just mix his probiotic powder (that I got from the naturopath) in his breakfast daily.  I also give him cod liver oil (also from the naturopath) - just a couple of drops, twice/day in his bottle.

po - did you see my post with the links?

#35 po

Posted 02 December 2008 - 09:37 AM

saffi - I did see the links, thanks so very much, i have visited the sites and am getting more and more knowledgable about our options.....thanks

Does anyone here simply not immunise and not do any other forms of naturopathy or anything??

#36 tjmama

Posted 02 December 2008 - 10:11 AM

Saffi- what is 'homeophylaxis'? Does that come as powder form that you add with milk etc?

Daffodil - where did you find those Omega Jelly Lollies? DD won't touch the fish oil ones from woolies. what do the jelly lollies taste like? Do your kids like them?

Does anyone live in Brisbane?

#37 emskies

Posted 02 December 2008 - 10:15 AM

Thanks Saffi.

Does anyone here simply not immunise and not do any other forms of naturopathy or anything??

Me, but  I'm going to start with pro-biotic powder.

#38 tjmama

Posted 02 December 2008 - 10:23 AM

Ditto what Emskies said.

#39 babymoo

Posted 02 December 2008 - 01:33 PM

Same here, just need to get pro-biotic powder.

#40 po

Posted 02 December 2008 - 01:41 PM

so what is pro biotic powder and how does it help our littlies??
I got my books today from NZ, I have to say I am very excited about learning more and to make it better DH has suggested he read one and I read the other  grin.gif his support is invaluable on this decision so I am very happy  biggrin.gif

#41 tjmama

Posted 02 December 2008 - 03:18 PM

so what is pro biotic powder and how does it help our littlies??

Great question wink.gif I'm still yet to get to a Natrapath & ask all about it, so I will be watching here to see what the answer is to your Q.
So glad you have your DH's support Po my DH is very skeptical  about it all & says our son's health is on my 'head' IF anything happens to him huh.gif
I feel I am making the right decision so thats all that matters.

#42 teabags

Posted 02 December 2008 - 03:41 PM

Does anyone here simply not immunise and not do any other forms of naturopathy or anything??
We have only used the homeopathy for Whooping Cough & no other immunisations atall. We use Cod liver oil & pro-biotics from the naturopath.

po - a healthy gut is vital for a healthy & strong immune system. Pro-biotics provide lots of healthy bacteria which is really important for the gut.

Saffi- what is 'homeophylaxis'? Does that come as powder form that you add with milk etc?
Homeophylaxis are the homeopathic equivalent to immunisations & are given as drops. Ask the naturopath/homeopath about them if you're interested. I really believe good nutrition & pro-biotics are the go, we just did the WC as a precaution.

#43 tjmama

Posted 02 December 2008 - 07:05 PM

wow, this is all really interesting.
Need to get out and search for a good Naturopath!

Do the kids get any side effects or anything from having Homeophylaxis? Do they get sick from it? Is Homephylaxis better than the vaccine? Are they still at risk of getting WC for instance if they have the WC Homeophylaxis?

sorry for all the qs blush.gif

#44 teabags

Posted 03 December 2008 - 12:15 PM

Trudy - no vaccine offers 100% protection & the protection rates of the homeophylaxis are similar to that of regular vaccines.  It seems that the majority contracting Whooping Cough are in fact vaccinated, so I really don't see the point in considering it.  Homeophylaxis are harmless & work with the body to help deal with exposure to disease rather than giving a dose of that disease & harmful toxins directly into the blood stream (not even giving the body's defenses a chance to protect itself as they normally would.

IMO homeophylaxis are much better than regular vaccines as they are effective, harmless & stress free.  They are natural, don't contain toxins & there is no risk of vaccine injury.  My opinion is based on my own investigations & I think it's best that you go out & do your own research.  This thread is a great start & don't be embarrassed about asking questions, it's important.  But I think it's vital to find your own facts & be confident in whatever decision you go with. It's great that you're considering your options.

One fact about vaccines that shocked me (along with many others!) is that only completely healthy babies are allowed to take part in trials - even if a baby has a hint of a sniffle (let alone anything serious) they cannot take part (I wonder why - perhaps pharmaceutical companies are keen to get things out onto the market). So the final trial in effect, takes place on the general public, our babies.  GP's often encourage us to give the vaccine when our babies are sick - it's all so risky & non-scientific.

Have a look at the AVN site if you haven't already, it's packed full of links, articles, stories etc.  When you find pr-vaccination research, just keep in mind that the majority of it is funded by the companies which produce the vaccines, so it's not crazy to think that it may be biased!

Edited by Saffi, 03 December 2008 - 12:21 PM.

#45 tjmama

Posted 03 December 2008 - 12:41 PM

Hi Staffi,

thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
I totally agree with what you are saying about- ' most vax'ed kids are the ones 'getting' sick' ie WC.
I saw on sunrise a Paed talking about WC vaccination & how even tho kids get vaxed they can still get WC...I felt like slapping him in the head...why do it to our kids if it makes no god darn difference? wacko.gif
There's been many cases just amongst my friends where they've got their kids vaxed and the kids ended up WITH exactly what they just got vaxed against or come down with 'different' strains of the vax or have really bad side effects from being vaxed... I shaked my head.

I've been to AVN and read alot of stuff that Hilary Butler has written.. so much of it MAKES sense!!!!

I'll keep researching & reading (does your head in somedays wacko.gif ) thankyou once again biggrin.gif

Does anybody on in this group live in Bris or know of any fantastic Naturopaths in bris area? I'd be happy to see one who has been recommend, if not, thats ok. A hunting we will go....

#46 Guest_**KM**_*

Posted 03 December 2008 - 01:11 PM

Saffi  Where are the stats on homeopathic vaccination?  I was aware of the studies being conducted (by Isaac Golden) but hadn't heard of the conclusions.  My DH does not understand how it can work as it does not use the normal classical homeopathic rules (not that he is not open to being proven wrong).  We have not planned to use the homeopathic vaccination option but instead to treat when disease presents (which is the normal homeopathic process).  Would be interested to know where you have got your info from?  original.gif

Trudy  If you are looking for a naturopath for the homeopathic treatment then I would recommend you find a homeopath and not a naturopath.  Many naturopath's do use homeopathy but they are not fully trained in it as straight homeopaths are and many do not follow the classical homeopathic rules (which makes it less effective).  There are some naturopath's though that have done both courses so make sure you ask about qualifications etc.  Happy to explain this further if you need  original.gif

#47 teabags

Posted 03 December 2008 - 02:52 PM

KM - It was from material I read by Isaac Golden. A website selling his book quotes the following in summary of the 'salient points' of the research;
1) The consistency of measures of the effectiveness of HP at around 90%. This is a very strong figure, and very consistent with vaccine efficacy.
2) Long-term HP program was associated with an improvement in general well being and that the incidence of diseases like eczema and asthma goes down when homeoprophylaxis is used.

Trudy & po - Just wanted to add that my son has had 4 colds (all related to teething so his immune system was low) & one temperature which lasted a day. I don't want to jinx things by saying that, but I do know that his little vaccinated mates get sick alot - ear infections, colds, fevers etc. It may just be luck, but I think it has alot to do with focussing on strengthening his immune system, not vaccinating & avoiding anti-biotics unless absolutely necessary (he hasn't needed them thankgoodness) as they are terrible for the gut.

#48 *SYM*

Posted 03 December 2008 - 03:25 PM

DS is nearly 6 months old, we've not immunised except for the vit K injection.  Just wanted to say thanks for all the information on this thread, sounds like we need to find ourselves a homeopath.  biggrin.gif

#49 po

Posted 03 December 2008 - 03:30 PM

Just also wanted to say thanks for all the info!!  biggrin.gif
I am getting stuck into my Books from Hilary Butler and getting more and more informed.
as for anti biotics I have not had them since I stopped going to the Dr all the time  laughing2.gif They can be so script happy and I am also pleased to say my kiddies are yet to go to the Dr for anything other then a broken elbow for DD

#50 ~CJ~

Posted 03 December 2008 - 04:06 PM

Hi I am wondering if anyone can help, i've been searching google but getting frustrated!! We are in WA and I was just on the phone to a family day carer who in conversation brought up that her policy was NO un-vaccinated children, which caught me quite by surprise. DD2 has not had a vaccine (and will not have, as is my choice) and so she said no, on that basis she would not be able to help me. Surely this is breaking a discrimination law! I can find articles relevant to NSW but am unsure about WA. After consulting the FDC headoffice I was told that yes it is her centre, her policies and they support that. I have no intention of using the carer or FDC at all now but am upset about this situation and that this service is no longer available to DD, purely because she has not received a vaccination! Any help would be appreciated and sorry for barging in unsure.gif

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