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#1 Sandra

Posted 27 December 2008 - 09:48 AM

New thread time ladies, link to old thread:


#2 Guest_**Jak**_*

Posted 27 December 2008 - 02:46 PM


Merry Day After Boxing Day!!!!!

And GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!!! to me!

Hope you have all survived christmas....We are not camping this year...Spewin'...NOT!!! Lester flies out next weekend...*sigh*...I actually think I might be a bit of a mess come next Sunday...
Be back later with a post about how 'connected & protected' I feel.... :xmas_wacko: ...(Those with Barbie & The Diamond Frigging Castle will know what I mean...)

#3 ~*~Jacqui~*~

Posted 27 December 2008 - 05:48 PM


#4 LyndyLou

Posted 29 December 2008 - 04:14 PM

Hi Girls

Hope everyone had a great Xmas.  We had a nice day, with the folks over from Adelaide.  They left yesterday.  Dad has really gone down hill this past year with his parkinsons and dementure.  He's not very mobile either so we had to get a wheelchair if we wanted to get anywhere.  The Disable Parking sticker, I have to say though, was GOLD JERRY.... scored some fantastic Xmas parking... could have stayed there for a week lol.

DH is on hols (finally, at last, yippee) and we went to Balmoral this morning.  We had two plus hours on our parking ticket so I tapped a girl waiting at the parking metre machine to offer it to her and it turned out to be Nikki.  Small world huh?  Hope she got some swim time in because it was about to storm when we left (she said she knew that but it took so long to pack and get there they were going swimming regardless lol).

On a bit of a downer, I've been having some tests lately on the ol' boobs (what's left of them).  What started out as a trip to the gyno to sort out hormone probs has become a breast cancer issue.  Had to have mammo, then scan, then 2x fine needle biopsies on 5 lumps, then more core biopsies on two lumps (of course on different breasts) oomg.gif ... am now waiting for results.  As usual, I have &%$#@^ awesome timing with things probably taking longer than usual.  Don't get results until 7th.  Hoping it is just bad fire thingys or at worst pappalomas (sp?) which would need to be removed, but benign.  Fingers crossed anyway.  Mum had breast cancer at 62, which still puts me mod risk, but still a worry at the back of my mind.  

Anyway, we're going to Forster at a resort for 5 days next week and I'm going to forget about it until I phone the dr.  She was good and said I didn't need to come in since we'd already booked.  Have to say I've been very very impressed with my gyno and the breast cancer institute at Westmead, even if you do have to wait 3 hours or so.  THey are very thorough, and are obviously so with everyone.  Good thing.

Not sure if we're going to friends for pool party on NYE or not this year.... I rarely make to midnight these days lol.  SUCH a change from the old days.  Sad but true.

If I don't get back on here... hope you all have a fab NY whatever you do.


#5 ~*~Jacqui~*~

Posted 29 December 2008 - 07:02 PM

Holy f**k, Lyndy!!  I wish you nothing but the best results, all my positive vibes & best thoughts are going your way!!

#6 Guest_**Jak**_*

Posted 01 January 2009 - 11:29 AM


#7 ~*Bee*~

Posted 03 January 2009 - 10:29 PM

oomg.gif Lyndy... I hope that when you come back from your holidays you have good news for us all. Must be a VERY long wait though. I realy am not a fan of this time of year.

Sorry to hear about your dad. How is your mum coping with it all? Do they know about your recent tests?

Did you ask Nikki where she has been? LOL cos I am sure that is the first thing that would pop into your mind when you saw her after so long biggrin.gif

Jak... wishing you all the best for the next few days. At least you managed a few words in your giddy first place getting efforts AGAIN! LOL

Hope are all able to enjoy the up coming year ahead.

#8 LyndyLou

Posted 04 January 2009 - 07:04 AM

Hey Bee.  Thanks for your thoughts.  I have successfully managed to keep it out of my thoughts over the 'festive' period... due to lots of events (and alcohol lol).  Will be glad to find out anyway.  I have to ring in from my holidays on Wednesday.

Dad's condition is VERY hard on my mum.  They say carers always go first and I can understand why.  Dad is, most of the time, in his own little world and quite relaxed.  Mum is the one that gets all the stress and strain.  She's exhausted and I don't know how much longer she can continue like this.  I'm going to look into some extra help for her.. occasional respite, cleaner, or at least a support group for her. Its hard being so far away from her.

They were here when I had to go for all the tests (thank goodness because one day I was there for 5 hours and Si was still at work - Mum had the kids).  Mum had Breast Cancer but at age 62 so thats not so bad gene wise.

Was in a rush when I saw Nikki because we were sort of blocking the road... so I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her.  She looked really thin, that's all I remember saying lol.  I was quite shocked how different she looked.  Hi Nikki if you're lurking... you looked FAB.  Jamie was there too (across the road) and she looked quite the big girl. Hard to believe we have school kids now hey?

Also thinking of you Jaki... ssorry.gif Think of the money if you can lol. xx

Hi everyone else... Happy New Year


#9 nw0301

Posted 04 January 2009 - 09:09 PM

grin.gif Hi Guys

I am the habitual lurker - not very often but a lurker all the same!

I don't post often as the few times I get on here during the day are often very quick visits and I work at night so don't frequent the boards as much as I used to. Tonight however is different as I am procrastinating!

I actually came on tonight to post a very big thank you to Lyndylou for the parking ticket - we stayed for the 2 hours, the kids ahd a swim and an ice cream and the storm kind of went around us and whilst it was overcast, it was actually quite pleasant. Two hours was ample though so it was great to get free parking!

I am so sorry to hear your news....a terrible wait but I will be praying that everything turns out OK. Sending positive vibes your way while you wait - glad to hear you have been able to enjoy the festive season somewhat despite the wait. You looked fabulous too - really well and healthy (and happy too) so I am going to go with the thought that someone who looked so good, can't possibly be sick in any way! Also feel for you and your Mum, like you say, its the carers that get hit the hardest. A few hours respite a week would do her good. Charlie is gorgeous and so well spoken - answered all my questions and he wouldn't know me from a bar of soap - not like JE who is generally mute to "strangers" but is getting slightly better.

As for us - we are plodding along - I say plodding but its more like paddling as fast as we can to stay afloat. One of Bens jobs didn't go so good last year so finances are a bit thin but despite it all he is still in the black (just) and we are persisting. Having your own business is certainly stressful. To that point, I have been working a full time job to ensure that the mortgage gets paid and there is food on the table. Fortunately its mostly from home and whilst the kids are in bed so daycare costs are minimal. They kids have been in care 1 day a week and will continue this year except Joel will be in pre-school 3 days so I will be in the office 2 school days and one full day which will reduce the amount of time I have to work at night. I can't wait!

JE is very grown up and certainly ready for school - she will be going to West Pennant Hills Public and she knows her teacher and her classmates. They have this starting big school program which runs every fortnight from term 3 and so she is very comfortable at school and with her teacher etc. A big thumbs up for any school that offers this program - great for kids like her too who are reasonably reserved. I should note that the reserved facade only lasts so long and once she knows you, she is very much the bossy big sister!

Joel has surprised me - I think he will be my "clever" one, he takes everything in and his thought process is second to none. Amazes me every day. He is quite sporty too so I am hoping that counteracts any nerd factor that may be there! He will be going to school next year so I will have one after the other. Had thought about keeping him back but the pre-school reckon he's almost ready to start now so will see how we go by term 2 this year.

Me - I am well. I have been going to the gym (thanks for noticing Lyndylou!  tongue.gif). It has been great for my mental state as I was getting quite depressed re the business etc. It had given me renewed energy and a new lease on life. I am still bigger than when I fell pregnant with JE though so a lot of people have commented on how "small" I look but really its just in comparison to how they have known me, I had to eat like a pig to maintain that weight and I haven't changed too much just increased my exercise. People who knew me before I fell pregnant have hardly noticed as its just the way I was before. I must say thought that my hips are wider after childbirth regardless of how much weight I lose! Please tell me this is natural!

Just a thought but it would be great to catch up before our kids go to school - would anyone be interested? I am happy to host if so (just excuse my backyard which has no grass still but with finances the way they are I think we will have to seed rather than lay turf!) I am free most fridays if people are interested - throw a date out there and we can see if we get any takers.

Take care everyone - I do come in and catch up on occasion so a gentle prod to update may be needed so I keep in contact. It was really lovely to see Lyndylou and I wish I had got there earlier and seen you so we could have chatted!

#10 ~*Bee*~

Posted 05 January 2009 - 11:36 AM

Nikita!... I am happy to prod at will  dev (6).gif
Good to hear from you, though hon, I have to say, I think that both your little ones are a little cluey. Nothing wrong with Nerds, tis the way of the future.
Now that your night workload will be reduced, maybe you can pop in here more often wink.gif

Come back soon.

#11 Wickedness

Posted 08 January 2009 - 12:15 PM

fingers crossed that the appt webut can nt well Lyndy. i read this thread earlier but couldnt log in as DH has refurbished my laptop. all good now i hope.

Great to hear how busy everyone has been. Nikita i would love to catch up again before school- i will have erin in daycare next friday but wil have ryan do you want to meet at a park or playvcentre then??

how is next friday for others?

jaki i hope your keeping yourself busy!! you are a gladiator of a mother anyway! i hope the kids arent being too cheeky or bored.

had a great holiday, now back to a new routine with school starting soon, i hope others had a good chrisyy.

gotta fly

#12 ~*Bee*~

Posted 08 January 2009 - 03:11 PM

If you guys do a play centre in Melbourne I would come too  grin.gif

Lyndy... it's the 8th now hun and I hope you are so releived that you have forgotten to post??????

#13 Guest_**Jak**_*

Posted 08 January 2009 - 03:48 PM

Hi Lovies,
Well I have survived Lester leaving, madge with her ear & chest infections, Sambo with his asthma, chest infection & a vomit bug...And its not even the end of the first week!!!!  oomg.gif
Lester left on Monday in a flurry of tears, snot & slobber...He really didn't cope with it all...Nor did I when I saw how upset he was...But he is there now. he is settled some what & alot happier than Monday night...
The Kids are being ok...Karli & Sam know what is going on but Madge...LOL...She has no bloody idea & we have to go through the whole emotion of loss & missing Dad everytime she sees his ute/hears a knock/ night time comes...LOL...It is exhausting & frustrating to say the least...I thought my days of looking after dementia people were over???  ddoh.gif
Here's a photo of the 'Wailing Wall' at the airport...LOL...

Lyndy...I hope the news was good for you lovie...And now you can enjoy your holiday...I am thinking of you xoxo
Nikki...I know how it feels to be 'paddling to stay afloat' hence the reason Les has gone to WA to work in the mines...The school Sambo is going to does a similar thing to JE school...He has been going every Friday since the beginning of Term 3 & loving it! He thinks he knows everything so he should be ok...LOL...

Now the meet up...I am happy to have a cuppa & a chat...Just say when & where & I will see if I can make it...The Girls are in care on a Thursday but any other day is ok with me... original.gif

Right I am off to make dinner for The Ferals...I shall return later..

Take care,
Jak xoxo

#14 ~*Bee*~

Posted 08 January 2009 - 08:41 PM

I can see you Nikkita! biggrin.gif

#15 nw0301

Posted 08 January 2009 - 08:48 PM

Look - I came back!  wink.gif

Well if next friday is good for Sarah and Jaki then maybe we should just call it for then and then hopefully more can join us.

To be honest, play centres scare me in the holidays - the park at Beecroft we met at once before is pretty nice but there is another one a bit further down on Beecroft Rd (still Beecroft though) which has more space and lots of trees for us. Then if its wet weather we can do my place - I packed up lots of toys before NYE as we had a party so I will just leave them packed up and then minimal damage can be done.

I feel a bit bossy making decisions but I trust if it doesn't suit then you girls will let me know. Anyone in contact with Foofie and can invite her along. I will gove TanD a call and hopefully we can round up a few more. Will be great to see how they have grown!

Sorry Bee - would love to make it in Melbourne - I am actually thinking of planning a weekend down there this year as I have a friend from South Africa living there and I haven't seen her since I was 16 - she has 2 little girls and I would love to catch up, will let you know before I come but probably won't be till later in the year, perhaps we could catch up too. I worked in Melbourne for 6 months but I never shopped there (flew home on the weekends) and since then all I have heard people talk about is how great the shopping is...perhaps we could indulge!

Lyndylou - hoping the news is positive and that you are relaxing on your holiday. Thinking of you anyhow.

See - now I have just popped in so quickly, I have no new news! Work was a bugger the last couple of days but I am refusing to do anything tomorrow so will take the kids bowling and to a party - looking fwd to it.

Hope everyone is well and if you were in Sydney, I hope you survived the heat the last few days (what a contrast today - I have a jacket on now!).

#16 ~*~Jacqui~*~

Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:45 PM

Bee was playing with Jaki's boobs  oomg2.gif

How saggy must they be to droop all the way to Victoria!!!

#17 Guest_**Jak**_*

Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:55 PM

Leave my boobs out of it Woman!!!!! oomg.gif

#18 ~*Bee*~

Posted 09 January 2009 - 10:21 AM

Jacqui... are you obsessed? Were you BF as a baby? LOL. Poor Jak...!

Ok Nikkita, I would love to meet up with you when you come to Melb. Tan escaped last time she was here. Slippery rascall wink.gif lol.
I suppose the shopping is good. Not a big shopper, so can't say blush.gif

#19 LyndyLou

Posted 10 January 2009 - 07:23 AM

Hi everyone

Thanks all so much for your positive thoughts.. they obviously worked because I pretty much got the all clear.

Had to phone the doctor on Wed 7th for results.  She phoned me back (while I was sitting by the pool lol) and its all good.  Left breast is another larger fibronoma and the right is some other condition which I can't remember (quite unusual she said) but benign anyway.  She wants to put it before the group of specialists again which meet in Feb to see if it should be surgically removed or not, but she is quite confident it will not need to be.  So, PHEW... all good.  Scheduled for followup ultrasound in March.  I personally would just like to lobb them both off and have 20 year old ones reattached... not too much to ask is it???

Nikki.. was great to see you and I'd love to catch up with others too.  Don't feel bossy, you're getting us all organised, which is great. I will have both mine on Friday (look out) and Sam is a bit of a runner ... so as long as the park is sortof enclosed that's good for me.  I usually find parks pretty stressful unless I know they (well, he) can't get too far away.  Simon usually does the park/bike/scooter thing lol.  They're such BOYS my two. wacko.gif

We just got back from our hols to Diamond Beach last week... really great time and we got the best of the weather too luckily.  We got a last minute deal so were very lucky.  Can totally identify with you Nikki on the own business thing.... very very stressful.  We've had a few issues this year with builders going broke or simply not paying etc so its been a very tough year, especially with the preschool fees etc... hence we were determined to scape up enough dosh for 5 days away. Was great to switch Simon's phone off...

BUT ... we're back now and its started already.  argh..  Oh well.  Hopefully this year will be a better year for everyone.

Will check in later for more details re our get together (are we talking the 16th)?

Jaki... hope you're coping ok.  I don't know how you do it.  Can only imagine the tears... my two would go ballistic I'm sure...  Can you go to Adelaide and look after my Dad btw... you would be such good medicine for him lol.  He's always had such a great soh. I can imagine you would be a PERFECT carer, now that I know what's required.  I certainly couldn't do it.  People like you are STARS, well and truly. tthumbs.gif


#20 nw0301

Posted 11 January 2009 - 05:44 PM

ddance.gif Fantastic news LyndyLou - the outcome I was praying for.

Friday the 16th it is - in light of Lyndylou's runner though, perhaps its best we move it back to the park at Beecroft station which has gates. There is a climbing train thing for the kids and swings and at least there is a coffee shop nearby for those of us who live on the promise of coffee!

If it is raining, my place is fine, its close by and I can pm my address to those coming - its close enough to Beecroft Station anyhow.

Would love to stay and update but I am off for dinner with the girls from my IRL mothers group. So deserved too if I do say so myself - issues with the IL's who I told last night were no longer welcome in my house. Oh the joys of family.....at least they are not related to me!

Edited by nw0301, 11 January 2009 - 05:44 PM.

#21 LyndyLou

Posted 12 January 2009 - 08:31 AM

Thanks Nikki... I am very relieved.  Hope you enjoyed your night out.

What time are we talking on Friday and this park is just at the train station huh?  I don't know it but have GPS will travel.  Sorry to be a pain about the location, hope everyone doesn't mind.  Definitely a coffee girl here... although I've been brewing at home recently as we got ourselves (with contribution from Mum & Dad) an espresso machine for Xmas.  Loving it I have to say... missed it when we were away for a week lol.  How sad is that???

So, who else is up for Friday??


#22 Wickedness

Posted 12 January 2009 - 09:56 AM

bbaby.gif good news lyndylou!  tthumbs.gif

i can make it, what time are we thinking? 10-11 is better for me, i dont want to be caught in fri arvo traffic up the F3.

is tanya still away bbaby.gif  have to use this one, its really cute! kids are back from harrasing the neighbour, will check back in later

#23 Guest_**Jak**_*

Posted 12 January 2009 - 10:51 AM

LMAO Sarah... If you are going to use this one... bbaby.gif ...I am going to use this one... oomg.gif  I love how this one has bug eyes...LOL

I think I can make it on Friday...I have no idea where I am going though...LOL...Even with a GPS Lyndy i get lost!!!! The other day I was heading from the airport to Foof's house & the bloody thing took me to frigging Ingleburn!!!!!!! LMFAO....

#24 ~*Bee*~

Posted 12 January 2009 - 01:53 PM

Ohhh I wanna come, no fair. biggrin.gif

So you do lurk Mrs Mangle  dev (6).gif

#25 Wickedness

Posted 12 January 2009 - 08:39 PM

bee its on your school day you could get a cheap airfare and pull a sickie and be in beecroft by 10, then back in yuor sickbed by 4 no probs!   ssecret.gif  wwhistle.gif

lol jaki! i love the bug one! this one has eyebrows  oomg2.gif  cool.gif

better go Crime investigation A is on one more, check out this one.... ffear.gif whATS with its lips!! Lol

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