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#1 Nut

Posted 10 January 2009 - 10:13 PM

Over due for a new thread I think

Link to old

#2 Puggle

Posted 10 January 2009 - 10:20 PM


#3 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 10 January 2009 - 10:27 PM


Now i really should be getting to bed!

#4 Tinkerbelle

Posted 11 January 2009 - 01:35 AM


I really should be IN bed!

#5 beaglebabe

Posted 11 January 2009 - 04:04 AM

And the wooden spoon for me....

I woke Lucia after my last post, changed and fed her, and she went back to sleep.  So was very pleased about that.  But then she decided that to compensate for her early bed time, 4am would be play time.  Not so happy about that.  Especially as I had spent the previous hour or so up and down to Toby (who managed to fall out of his big boy bed, despite the bed rail).

She's finally gone back to sleep in her swing, but she's in the loungeroom, and I can't move her back to the bedroom until she is properly asleep.  So that's why I'm on EB at this ridiculous hour of the morning.

Does anyone else have a DH who seems to be able to sleep through baby noise?  I could hear Lucia crying from Toby's room at the far end of the house (and it's a big house), but when I got back to our room, DH is soundly asleep less than two metres from her.  He appears not to have stirred at all, depsite me being up and down for the last 2.5hours.  Gee DH, thanks for the help.... or at least a little acknowledgement that you realise I am awake.

I'll be kicking him out of bed when Toby wakes in the morning.....

Hope everyone is getting a good nights sleep.


#6 Puggle

Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:50 AM

Michelle, my DH can be a bit like that. He used to get up when C & L were having protracted crying sessions as newborns to see if he could help, but he rarely could and soon worked out that I got more stressed by him standing around helplessly (not that he wanted to be helpless, poor man!) So he soon falls into the habit of ignoring the crying and leaving it to me. Although he sometimes does get up to Claire because he can usually solve her problems and he doesn't need boobs to do it  wink.gif. When it starts to bug me that he sleeps through noise that he could help with, I try to calm myself down and rationalise it by telling myself that he is the one who has to function through a working day to earn the money so that I can stay home with the kids. It sometimes works  tongue.gif. By the way, I'm going to have a good hunt for that hammock part today - I know what room it is in so will sort it out this afternoon and be in touch.

And yes, I won my ebay auction  ddance.gif. I've been on the hunt for an aromatherapy oil vaporiser the same as my Doula has, because I just loved the colour. Of course, when I started to look for one, I discovered that particular colour was discontinued  rolleyes.gif. Then I missed out on an earlier one that had been on ebay because I forgot to bid (I'm a last minute bidder). So this time I placed a low opening bid, intending to go back and increase it close to the end. I got distracted and didn't get there in time to increase my bid, but got it for the opening bid amount anyway  tthumbs.gif.

Crying baby ...

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#7 Puggle

Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:27 PM

Good luck for your return to work tomorrow Leonie.

ssecret.gif Lauren has not vomited for four days now!  happy.gif

#8 darnie

Posted 11 January 2009 - 11:02 PM

Good luck for tomorrow Leonie!

Anne - yay to the no vomiting.

Michelle - DH's are programmed like that, I am sure.

Everyone else - Hi! waves.gif

Gotta go. Need my beauty sleep. Off to the ENT specialist tomorrow with Erin to get her hearing tested. Just a precautionary thing because she mispronounces a few words and I am not sure whether it is developmental or her hearing. She has previously had two lots of grommets, so just playing it safe.


#9 ~strawberry~

Posted 12 January 2009 - 09:03 AM

Just popping in to say that I won't be able to make it tomorrow morning. I have a couple of appointments which I have to get to. I hope you all have a great time, and hopefully I can make it to the next one.

#10 darnie

Posted 12 January 2009 - 10:06 AM

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well. It looks as though I can make it tomorrow - yay! ddance.gif So what were the time and location again pls? wacko.gif There's a chance that I may bring a friend. Is that ok, please?

Well, I'm feeling great today. Alice seems to be doing better with her sleeping - still not as great as it could be but certainly a light at the end of the tunnel. ddance.gif As well as that, I started the day with a walk around the lake and on top of that the lovely little man from Jim's Mowing just called and he is going to come around on Wednesday to do a quote for tidying up our yard! eexcite.gif He was even talking "cheaper options" which will be good because DH will probably listen to those! laughing2.gif I am finally starting to feel as though we may have a small amount of control over our life! laughing2.gif I now just need to ring the carpet cleaning people and book a date so that I can give DH a goal for cleaning up the study dev (6).gif

Poor Alice kadunked her head on the tiles a while ago. She fell over backwards when I had my head turned and she hit the tiles so hard! cry1.gif He cry was just awful. Poor little thing. She's now back in bed, so I will be keeping a close eye on her for a while.

Oh, the best bit - Alice has now started to sleep for two sleep cycles in the pram! eexcite.gif For the first time since the tiredness from her jaundice wore off! eexcite.gif She has now done it twice in a row!

Took the girls to see Bolt yesterday. I made sure that DH was there and we sat up the back where I could easily escape if Alice became over it. She lasted for about 45 mins. She was tired and I tried to get her to fall asleep in my arms but she wouldn't. She was also doing the loud groan that she does when she is tired, and let out a small grizzle. I decided that it was easier to leave, so I left, got the pram out of the car and walked around Belconnen Mall until she fell asleep. That's when she slept for two sleep cycles. I thought that she did a really good job actually since we had to wake her up to go to the cinema in the first place.

She really stared at the movie for the first 45 mins, and seemed to enjoy it. Oh and these girls - late teens - came up to me in the ticket line and said "Excuse me, can we please tweak her cheeks?" laughing2.gif When I said that everyone wants to do that, they said that they didn't wonder why! This girl even stuck her finger in Alice's mouth and let her suck on it!  oomg.gif I wasn't overly excited at my daughter having a stranger's finger in her mouth but even more so, there is no way that I would put my finger in a strange baby's mouth sick.gif Anyway, they chatted to her, tweaked her cheeks, etc. She gave them big smiles. They asked her name and when I said, that made them more gushy because it was one of the girls' favourite name! grin.gif

Well, I am rabbitting on and I need to get organised to leave here at 12:30 to collect Erin and take her to the ENT.


#11 darnie

Posted 12 January 2009 - 02:26 PM

Me again...

Turns out that I won't be able to make it tomorrow after all. Sorry! We took Erin to the ENT today and he said that she most likely needs grommets. He wants a hearing test first, so I rang to make the appointment - hoping we could get in before I go back to work - and got an appointment for tomorrow morning!

Have a great time!


#12 wrappedup

Posted 12 January 2009 - 03:12 PM

Afternoon everyone

Deanne - so this is her third time with grommets? Fingers crossed her hearing is fine.  I need to get my 7 yr old back to the Dr to get a referral for the ENT.  I never followed up on it (naughty mum) because Lulu had some health issues around 6 months old that became a higher priority.  Must get onto though as the poor kid keeps getting an infected throat.

Leonie - I hope today is going well for you.

Anne - excellent re the vomitting and yay on winning the auction.  Whenever you look at it you'll remember how awesome you were birthing Lauren.

Michelle - my dh can sleep through the other kids, but he doesn't tend to sleep through Summer's crying unless he's really tired.  That will change though, he worries far less about them once they are about 3 months old and more robust.

Still having yucky nights here, last night I did get to sleep between about 9.30 and 12.20 beause dh cuddled Summer in the family room, but I then fed her at at 12.30 (both sides, BIG feed), 2.20am (and she stayed up til 3.10am), 4am and 5.40am. We then got up at 6.30am as Lulu was up. Am glad MIL changed her days this week as I needed a quiet one today, and Summer has been happily sleeping/feeding/having nappy off times so it's been good.

#13 Nut

Posted 12 January 2009 - 03:32 PM

Does anyone else have a DH who seems to be able to sleep through baby noise?

Yes, but that is probably because he is partially deaf (about 40% deaf).

Even awake with his hearing aids on he won't always hear it. Asleep with them off he won't hear it in the same room much less anywhere else.

So what's happening tomorrow??

Deanne - Bugger about the grommits!! Still I guess best diagnosed now...

#14 beaglebabe

Posted 12 January 2009 - 03:40 PM

Hi all,

Anne - I generally don't mind DH sleeping through the kids when it is a work day, but I was peeved on Saturday night as he didn't have to go to work the next day, and I had gotten up early that morning with Toby so he could sleep in.  He made up for it Sunday morning though, by getting up to Toby when he woke at 6am, and making me a cup of tea as soon as I got up at 7.30am.  I think he realised I was annoyed when he saw I had changed his facebook status at 5am to read "Andrew is fast asleep zzzzz"  wwhistle.gif

Leonie - hope work went well this morning.  It's nice you can take the boys with you.

Deanne - yay on Alice's improved sleeping.  You can get a lot of shopping done during two sleep cycles biggrin.gif  Lucia hated the pram at first, but in the last week she has fallen alseep in it a couple of times.

Sam - Bummer about Summer's frequent waking.  It's hard to function when you don't get a solid chunk of sleep.  It's funny you mention Summer having nappy free time, as this is how I entertain Lucia during her awake time.  She grizzles if left on the floor - unless she has her nappy off, and then she is happy as larry!  As long as she out grows this habit some time before she turns 16!

Us - Lucia is being an angel at the moment.  Last night she slept (Sam - perhaps don't read this bit!) from 7.30pm til 2.20am.  I swas very impressed.  And the even more exciting news is that Toby slept through the night in his big bed (that makes 5 sleep throughs since Lucia was born six weeks ago).

Better go - Toby is attempting to help me type, so I think he wants me to go and entertain him.


#15 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:32 PM

Nic: meeting at lollipops at 10am
Who is coming?

Deanne: poor alice's head! i hate when they bump their heads  sad.gif  I hope things go okay for erin tomorrow, shame you cant come anymore, we'll do another just before you go back to work! Whats happening to the girls then?

Sam: you poor love, just reading your post made me tired i do hope you start getting more sleep soon. Are you coming tomorrow?

my DH also sleeps through everything, when i had that bad night the other night he was suprised to find me and max asleep on the recliner coz he hadnt heard one sound allnight! It doesnt bother me  on weeknights either or weekends really, id just appteciate if he let me have a sleepin on one of the weekend days!
Thanks for all the wellwishes for today, it wasnt bad actually. I know that i am very lucky that all the boys can come to work with me, but i was and am worried about routine and sleeping for max because he doesnt sleep that long in his pram, i've managed to get someone to do 2 days for me so its just mon, wed and fri in january and ive taken first 2 wks in feb off to get the boys settled at school so it should be ok!

#16 sot

Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:51 PM

Sorry I can't make tomorrow  cry1.gif  would love to see how all the babies are going.  I show everyone the photo from Deannes house.  Maybe we should make a regular gtg plan/roster?  

Deanne - gromits, poor thing, hopefully she grows out of them soon.

Leonie - hopefully Max will settle into the routine to make work easy for you.

Michelle - Lucia is doing wonderfully (and Toby), I can't believe it was 6 weeks ago!

- you poor thing, you must be exhausted.

Anne - 4 days, hopefully that is the turning point.  I have noticed that James has grown out of certain things that gave me stress in the beginning, but seem so worrying at the time.

As to sleepy DH's, mine seems to hear the unsettled change over sleep noises and go and check on James so wake him up.  But when I get up and feed him (including 7am feed) and come back to bed he asks me aren't I going to feed James because he is starving!!!  When I've already been up for an hour it doesn't go down too well...

Hi to everyone else, and have fun tomorrow.


#17 laraq75

Posted 12 January 2009 - 05:15 PM

Leonie - I am still keen to meet up.

Is anybody else coming?

#18 darnie

Posted 12 January 2009 - 05:20 PM

Deanne - so this is her third time with grommets?
Yep, if it happens. It is not the norm to need more than one set (not uncommon but not the norm). She definitely has fluid on her ears but has only had one ear infection since this lot fell out (compared to about 5 in two months starting as soon as the first lot fell out). The hearing test is to see whether the fluid is impacting her hearing. If it is, then grommets will be the go. If not, then we will keep an eye on it. Who is your ENT wub.gif Safi Albekaa wub.gif

Gotta go - need to bath Alice and also get the "Pasta Bolognese Bake" on. AKA Lasagne but Erin doesn't like lasagne dev (6).gif

#19 beaglebabe

Posted 12 January 2009 - 07:18 PM

Nic - didn't see your post before (it takes me about half an hour to type a post these days!).  At least Paul has an excuse!

Lara/Leonie - I'm still on for tomorrow.  Toby is very excited about going to the 'inside park'.

Peta - LOL at your DH.  Mine also insists that Lucia must be hungry if she is grizzling.  I keep telling him that she also cries when tired, but he seems keen to hand her back to me for some reason.

Deanne - my Mum calls omlettes 'cake' to get Toby to eat them.  It's amazing what he will eat if he thinks it is cake!

Well, it's not even 8.30 yet, and both my kids are in bed.  This is rather unusual.  Toby's not asleep yet though, so I shouldn't count my chickens.... hmmmm, he's whinging again now....

Leonie - have you tried Max in a battery operated swing?  Lucia sleeps really well in that (even if it does cost me a fortune in batteries!), so it might be an option for Max when you are at work.  Ours is a fisher price takealong swing - it's a bit bulky, but theoretically it is portable.


#20 Puggle

Posted 12 January 2009 - 07:46 PM

Quick one as I have to go grocery shopping (I don't think I will ever take extended trading for granted after living without it in Perth!)

Yes, we should be there tomorrow.

Deanne, Hope all goes well with Erin's appointment. By the way, I've been meaning to say how much I love both your girl's names. Dh wouldn't let me have Erin as it was too close to Anne in sound and Alice starts with an A so that wasn't allowed either! Oh, and  laughing2.gif at  Pasta Bolognese Bake.

Sam, I hope Summer finds a routine and lets you get some sleep soon. I was hanging out for the six weeks milestone with Lauren as that was when Claire settled down, and while there was an improvement it has only really been in the last week that she has got herself into any kind of pattern.

Day five without vomit here!  eexcite.gif

#21 sot

Posted 12 January 2009 - 08:48 PM

My kids hated egg and bacon pie, but ate scrumptialumptious, nor pumpkin but ate fairy potato...


#22 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 13 January 2009 - 07:55 AM

OKay people, still going to lollipop playland this morning? I am just going to hop in the shower and plan to leave in about 45mins. So i'll be looking out for Lara, Michelle and Anne at least. Any others?
I will be needing to stop at toys r us on the way out as i kinda melted most of Maxs dummies together and to the bottom of the pan when i forgot i was boiling them  wwhistle.gif DH was not impressed! My reply was that i had left the stove light on to remind me i had stuff boiling! hhmmm no good if i didnt actually go into the kitchen to see the light!

#23 darnie

Posted 13 January 2009 - 07:56 AM

Hi Everyone!

Far out I hate it when I am in the middle of a mammoth personal effort, hit an odd combination of keys and make my browser magically disappear! rant.gif

Guess what? Alice slept from 11pm until 5:30am! eexcite.gif She normally has a 6-8 hour sleep from 7pm then 3-4 hourly or less from then. Last night, she worke at 10:30pm and wouldn't settle so I fed her. I went straight to bed after that because I figured that if she had already woken, I as going to be in for a tough night. She woke at 5:30am and it was the first that I'd heard from her! eexcite.gif I fed her and she went back to sleep for another hour which was pretty good because her wake up time is normally 7am anyway! I hope she is planning on continuing that routine, because that will work very nicely with both my sleepign habits and full time work. hands.gif

Nut: Hope all is going well with you.

You can get a lot of shopping done during two sleep cycles
Hehehehe. I am so used to doing my shopping in 40 minute sessions that I found that I was bored by the time two sleep cycles were up! laughing2.gif I called Yorkshire Pudding cake so that Erin would eat it. She screwed up her nose in disappointment and said "I don't like that kind of cake" laughing2.gif

Leonie: How was work? Alice's head seems fine. She has kadunked it on the tiles a few times, but this was the worst one. I was so upset for her - poor little thing. Alice will be in full time childcare when I go back to work, and Erin will be two days at the childcare centre as Alice (the one Erin's always been at) and 3 days at 4 year old preschool. I don't know how we are going to cope with school holidays for Erin this year since I don't think that either of us has much leave. The first semester hols were tricky for us last year, but I have been home for all of the others. We won't have that luxury this year. I was thinking of finding someone who has kids who would like to share school holiday care - ie we look after their children and ours for some of the hols and vice versa. Cuts the leave requirements down a bit.By the way - I second Michelle's suggestion of the battery operated swing. A friend lent us one and it was a Godsend during Alice's worst sleeping moments.

Peta: laughing2.gif about scrumptialumptious and fairy potato. Yes, eventually she will grow out of grommets. Poor thing though, it must be a struggle with constantly blocked ears. On the positive - looks like we might end up hitting the medicare threshold again this year! I didn't think that we'd do that without having another baby! laughing2.gif

Lara: Hi! waves.gif

Anne: Thank you re the girls' names. Erin was the only name that DH said yes to. I suggested heaps of girl's names (including Alice) but he didn't like any of them. I don't even know what made me suggest Erin. I wasn't sure whether I liked it, I just said it expecting him to say no, and he said that he didn't mind it! I then spent the next couple of months changing my mind and yelling it out in the car on the way to work because I wasn't sure whether I liked it! Funnily enough, with Alice, I said that I wanted the names sorted out before the u/s because he was finding out what we were having. So on the night before, we decided that our girls name was Lauren! After the u/s, we got talking again and I said to DH that I really like Ava, so he agreed to that. The week before Alice arrived, we decided that we had met too many Avas, including one who would be at childcare with our baby. I said that I had always liked Alice, and DH agreed to it this time around! I was sure that we must have been having a boy! For both girls, he kept insisting that he wanted Adelaide. Sorry to offend any lovers of the name Adelaide, but he was so not getting Adelaide. Anyway one of the books that I read said that Alices comes from Adelais (?) which comes from Adelaide so I figured that was a sign that Alice was the name!

Hi to everyone else! waves.gif

Gotta go. I need to clean my house since we have a visitor coming this afternoon. Also need to get ready for Erin's hearing test.


#24 wrappedup

Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:39 AM

Summer woke every single hour last night so i won't be there today - I'll just be happy to get through the day ith all four, won't even attempt going out! She seems to be on a growth spurt though, both dh and I were marvelling last night at how big she looks all of a sudden.  Am also getting Lulu to spend the day on the potty in the hope a wee accidently lands in it  cool.gif  I am in good spirits though, just completely exhausted.  Summer give me a few smiles this morning, amazing how that makes up for it!  She is asleep now, so I dearly hope she learns day from night soon.  Ah well, this tiredness should knock off any cluckiness I have to have anymore  Tounge1.gif

I really hope to get to a GTG soon.

BBL for personals.

#25 Nut

Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:58 AM

Won't be there today, Alex is asleep.

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