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#26 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 13 January 2009 - 01:36 PM

Deanne what date do you go back to work?
A few of us discussed this morning discussed trying out monkey mania at DFO and definitly want you to be able to come before you return to work!!
I've just looked at dates, how are people for thursday the 29th january? (if deanne hasnt gone back to work yet)

Thanks girls for the nice chat this morning, we went through babies r us on the way out and their wipes (special starting this thurs) were already on special .99c for 80!!! i got 10 packs!! just opened one to see what they are like and i like!!!

#27 darnie

Posted 13 January 2009 - 04:24 PM

Hi All,

Hope you had fun today!

The good news is that Erin's hearing was fine! eexcite.gif We have to go back to the ENT specialist, but he said before that he would not feel comfortable doing grommets if she passed the hearing test, so we are assuming that he is going to say not to worry about it for now.

Oh, before I forget - I start work on 9 Feb. That would be 27 sleeps away cry1.gif 29 Jan looks ok for me for a gtg. I'll have both girls with me.

Erin just had a friend over for the afternoon. It's the first time they've played together (since they were babies, anyway. We met at mother's group when Erin was a baby but lost touch then made touch again through ballet). Anyway, they played so well together. wub.gif

I just went to the freezer to get some meat and vegie ice cubes out for Alice and the door hadn't been closed properly and everything had thawed out!  oomg.gif cry1.gif rant.gif I can't remember whether I went to the freezer today or not so at the moment, DH is blaming himself because he put new meat in there last night. dev (6).gif Looks like it's pizza tonight, which Erin is pleased about but our waistlines won't be, especially since we are having an eating weekend in Sydney this weekend.

Anyway, I should go.

Take care all,

#28 wrappedup

Posted 13 January 2009 - 05:54 PM

Deanne - great news about the hearing test! Not so great news about the freezer, hope it wasn't full.

29th sounds good, I'll just have Summer (with any luck!)

We have a plan of attack for tonight to try and assist Miss Summer to get a few more hours sleep. Will report back tomorrow original.gif

#29 ~the~missing~

Posted 13 January 2009 - 06:05 PM


Edited by ~the~missing~, 13 January 2009 - 06:42 PM.

#30 shelly1

Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:07 PM

I am disappointed that I missed today. I got my days mixed up and had already made plans with a friend and Maddy really wanted to go that. Hopefully I can make the next one  biggrin.gif

The toys r us wipes sound like a great bargain - Did they have heaps or will they be sold out by tomorrow?

Lara (from the last thread) - Jade is in a reversable carseat. Though today she slept so there was no screaming. She is awful to settle if she is even a little bit overtired. I am also starting to think she may be a pram hater like her big sister was.

Deanne- thats a pain about the fridge. Our outside freezer is a bit dodgy and I always worry that one day we will lose all the meat we keep in there.

I hope Summer starts sleeping better for you. I sometimes find it hard having to entertain Maddy when I am really tired - I dont know how I would cope having to entertain more.

#31 darnie

Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:24 PM

We have a plan of attack for tonight to try and assist Miss Summer to get a few more hours sleep. Will report back tomorrow
hands.gif ing that it works for you! (we need a "fingers crossed" emoticon laughing2.gif )

#32 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 13 January 2009 - 08:36 PM

Yep Shelly they had heaps of wipes, some in one of those whit ebasket things in the middle of the main aisles and some more on the end of a row near the register. JUst watch though as they are still scanning at their regular price the lady had to override each packet coz they dont technically go on sale till thursday.

Okay so with Deanne, Sam and Shelly (and myself) all wanting to make the next get together, should we put down Thursday 29th at sround 10ish at Monkey Mania DFO (fyshwick) so everyone can put it in their diaries?! From memory mornings suited everyone best? I am flexible on tues adn thursdays!

Good luck tonight Sam am really hoping you get a decent sleep!

#33 ~strawberry~

Posted 13 January 2009 - 09:11 PM

Hi all original.gif

I am finding it really hard to post during the day atm, I just don't seem able to gather my thoughts clearly with the kids around. They are both good now at going to bed so I've had some time to unwind!

Last week DH, William and I went to Sydney for a day (Ella was at home being looked after by my wonderful mother who flew up from Melbourne specially) so that I could go and see a sleep specialist. Those who don't know, I have had insomnia for about 17 years, am medicated, but my type of insomnia is one which has had very little research done. I went to see if more research had been done since my last appointment with a specialist, and if a better medication is available. The one I'm on is an epileptic medication, and while it helps, it could be better. Anyway, they had no new info, no useful tips (nothing I didn't already know) and didn't seem to know anything about my specific condition. Disappointing, but at least I tried.

The upshot of the Sydney trip was that I got to pop into Glicks (amazing bagels) and Haighs (devine chocolate). That alone made it worthwile!

I don't post here about William much (even though it's a grad mums group!). I read everyone's difficulties with their baby and sit here thinking how lucky I've been this time around. **Warning, brag ahead** William self settles, sleeps for long periods, sleeps through the night, rarely cries (even for a feed), rarely grizzles or grumps. He is perfectly happy to be left to his own devices on the floor, on tummy or back, and just as happy to be held, or to have cuddles with his sister. He is rolling, and moving. He pulls himself around in circles, gets up on his hands and knees and has moved backwards in this postition, and he can pull himself forward along the floor. I feel like I've been given the perfect baby who gives me absolutely nothing to worry about! I did do the hard yards with Ella though, at this stage she didn't sleep, didn't feed, didn't grow.... She gave me everything to worry about, and now there's poo.

On the weekend my good friend from Melbourne was passing by (with her DH) and they stopped by for dinner. So nice to catch up with friends that you don't get to see often enough!

Sam - Good luck for the sleep strategies tonight. I hope you get some success quickly. Did you have any success with Lulu and the potty? I would love to train Ella (and not have to clean up so much poo paint) but I really don't think she's ready yet.

Shelly - I hope Maddy had fun  original.gif

Deanne -  oomg2.gif  at the freezer. And why does it always have to happen when you have just stocked up on meat! Great news about Erin's hearing. Big YAY for Alice's sleep last night. It's amazing how much better you feel when you haven't gotten up 15 times! I'll keep my fingers crossed for another good one for you.

Leonie - I think the 29th sounds good. Thursdays are generally a good day, and I prefer the morning. Having it at DFO sounds dangerous though! Might be an expensive morning! Bummer about having to go back to work, it sounds like the 3 day a week is a good way to ease back into it though.

Nic - How is everything going? Many scans yet?

Michelle - Yay! for Toby sleeping through in his big bed! Hopefully this is a turning point for him, and he'll start letting you get some sleep! How did they both go last night?

Anne - Did you make day 6 without vomit? William was a projectile vomiter early on, but he hasn't had even a big spit up for ages, he's down to little dribbles now which are so much easier to cope with!

waves.gif to anyone I've missed.

#34 Puggle

Posted 13 January 2009 - 09:22 PM

We had fun this morning, looking forward to another meet on the 29th.  yyes.gif

Damn, I missed seeing the wipes, Leonie. Bugger. Oh well, I've been meaning to sew some cloth ones anyway.

Sam, good luck with Summer tonight.

Shelly, Claire was a car screamer right from her very first car ride and it was awful, so I feel for you. Thank goodness we were living in Perth at the time and had no need to do any long drives, unlike here where we have regular trips to outer Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She's a super little traveller now though, no DVD players etc in our car. Anyway, I did read somewhere that discomfort in newborns while in the car can sometimes be a symptom of reflux - might be something to keep an eye on?

Deanne, bummer about the freezer!

Day six with no vomit from Lauren and (for those who patiently listened to my frustrated whinging today) Claire finally did a #2 in the toilet after her bath tonight. Now we just have to hope that she remembers how she did it laughing2.gif. Happy day  happy.gif.

It is still mighty hot in the house and I'm so not looking forward to the heat that is forecast for the next few days, blah. I think I might buy a paddling pool tomorrow - one that has room for me too!

#35 Puggle

Posted 13 January 2009 - 09:35 PM

I'm very envious Jo, I've been meaning to have a day or two rediscovering Sydney for ages. I lived in Glebe (well, technically it was Forest Lodge but no-one knows where that is!) for a couple of years and haven't sent any time to speak of in Sydney since I left in early 1997. I'd love to go to a couple of the markets and check out some of the places I used to frequent. Maybe at the end of this year when littlest miss is a bit bigger but not yet trying to climb out of the pram!

I'm sorry you didn't get better news from the specialist though. Sounds like it is just as well that William is such a good baby, bless his cotton socks  wub.gif.

And how great that your friend could stop off for dinner. One of my friends from Perth visited me last week and it was so fabulous to catch up. Her in-laws are going to buy a house in Bowral and my friend will be flying over to visit them a couple of times a year so it will be brilliant to see her when she is in the area. We met at the Child Health clinic way back when our big three years olds were just new!

#36 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 13 January 2009 - 10:10 PM

Hi Jo, yeah Monkey Mania is expensive, so was lollipops today (cost me$27 just to get in!) but a few today mentioned they hadnt been yet and would like to try it! It is good though quite a bit of variety!Wow William just sounds great! Max is also quie good, my easiest baby and im just so in love! I think its the age gap, i just get like a huge endorphin rush when i talk to him  wub.gif

Blake is having a friend from school over tomorrow night for a sleepover  oomg.gif  so we'll see how that goes! Blake and Jack share a room so we asked Jack if he wants to stay there with the boys or have a sleepover in mum and dads room and he chose our room!

Mum and Dad got the boys one of those pools with pump and cover for XMAS but we decided there was nowhere practical at our place to have it so Dad set it up at their house and they have been texting me pics today of them lounging around in it, so i think we may head over tomorrow! Speaking of water i out Max all the way in (not his head!) at mu uncles pool on the weekend
I think it was a little cold for him because he was looking quite overwhelmed but didnt cry!

I guess i should go to bed, ive got not motivation at this minute, thats no motivation to go to bed! Weird hey!! probably because of the heat.

#37 Nut

Posted 14 January 2009 - 05:34 AM

Jo - I've only had the one so far. Being very good I think.

It's lovely to have such a wonderful baby. Alex was much the same. Doesn't mean you can't post in here though! Even if it's about Ella instead. You're a grad no matter which child you're talking about, or even if you don't talk about either!

Leonie - Awww those pics are cute! I tell you what I am having a hard time finding a pair of swimmers in boys size 1 at the moment!

Anne - If you're desperate to escape you can come around here for a bit. Ducted cooling original.gif

#38 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 14 January 2009 - 06:51 AM

Nut: I was in Millers the other day and was suprised to see that they had kids clothes, and really cute boys swimmers! Dont remember what the sizes were though! That was in QBN but you could call Tuggeranong and ask.

#39 Nut

Posted 14 January 2009 - 07:06 AM

Interesting, I might have to check it out. I am not going anywhere until it cools down (or I am desperate). I just need something for when we start swimming in a few weeks time.

I got his last pair from Big W but of course now they don't have them. Target has plenty of girls but no boys, Kmart has plenty of girls and only speedos for boys...

#40 darnie

Posted 14 January 2009 - 07:59 AM

Good Morning Everyone! waves.gif

Just a quick one - even by my standards! laughing2.gif

Nut: Have you tried Best & Less? I always get Erin's swimmers at B&L or Big W at about this time for the next season. They often have good sales. Must admit, I've never needed to check out boys swimmers. Also, the Cancer Society shop, which I think is at the airport. It used to be, anway. I can ask DH if you like - I know he' been there.

Leonie: I love the pics! wub.gif Alice starts swimming lessons on 31 Jan. I'm looking forward to that.

Sam: hands.gif Ing that the plan of attack worked.

Anne: Yay for the vomit-free days! ddance.gif We still get daily voimits with Alice cry1.gif

Jo: Sorry that you didn't get any answers from the specialist. Yay to a day in Sydney, though. I love visiting Sydney - we are going up for the weekend and I am so excited. It's great that William is such a good sleeper/setller. Alice has always settled well, just not re-settled. She'll sleep through anything, just not the clock ticking to 40 mins! laughing2.gif That really is improving though and we seem to be getting consistent results! eexcite.gif

Shelly: This is at least the second time that we have lost all of our meat due to the door not being closed properly. 4th time in total because it broke down and the repair man said that it was fine, then when it happened again, he said "oh look at that, it's broken down" rant.gif It's an upright freezer. Funnily enough, I was just as worried about losing all of Alice's cubes of food that I had so painstakingly stockpiled cry1.gif Back to the stove for me, I guess!

Everyone else: Hi! waves.gif

Really gotta go. I need to shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. I have a man coming at 10am to give me a quote on weeding our entire garden! eexcite.gif I can't wait! I finally feel as though we are getting some control over our life!

Take care all, and have a great day!


#41 ~strawberry~

Posted 14 January 2009 - 08:29 AM

Leonie - I'm not worried about the entry price, it's all the money I'd spend after in DFO itself  (where's the blush smilie gone?)!

#42 wrappedup

Posted 14 January 2009 - 01:12 PM

The entry fees for these places are pretty bad - and if you buy the kids any food it adds up.  I can afford it now, but once my maternity leave pay stops it will be a different story!

The plan crashed and burned last night - Summer must be the only newborn who is more awake after a quiet shower at 9pm in virtual darkness with Daddy and boob before and after. Grrr. BUT she did sleep from 2.20am-5.20am and so did I.  A few lots of one hour plus one three hour stretch is all I need it seems original.gif  Managed to get out with all four today.  Boy did I get some looks, I didn't know why for a while and then realised the sight of four girls under 8 is probably a shock for some. not to mention my girlfriend has three girls, so between us we had 7 eight years and under!

Jo - lovely to hear William is a happy and settled bub.  Lulu (2 yrs) was the same, she was such an easy baby.  She's the most full-on toddler I've ever known, but is still an absolutely sweetheart.  Summer is easy too, other than the waking too often for our liking thing! She is quite smiley already which is lovely at only 4 weeks.

Shelly - re the carseat, we had the same issue with Josie and she did have reflux.  She also didn't like the rocker which all three others loved/love.  Neither were the right angle for her.  Is she spewy at all?

Anne - yay on the poo in the right place and no vomit!

TT - Lulu hasn't yet done anything on the potty but she strips her nappy off in the morning and sits on the potty in front of Playschool, and we do the same again in the afternoon. The TT pants I ordered arrived and have already proved they are quiet absorbent  ohmy.gif

Deanne - that really sucks about the freezer. And yep, I'd be upset about the food, I've always made the girls baby food and it can take a while.  This time I have a thermomix, so it will be so easy I'm almost looking forward to it original.gif

#43 ~strawberry~

Posted 14 January 2009 - 04:55 PM

Sam - Which training pants do you have?

Hi Eileen  waves.gif  I see you down there!

#44 laraq75

Posted 14 January 2009 - 06:41 PM

Sam - i would be interested in the training pants as well.  At least lulu sits on the potty.  Audrey has no interest at all.  Oh well we will get there eventually.

Jo - I am so happy to hear that William is such a great bub I really do think you deserve it. Angus is a happy little boy as well he can just be tough to get to sleep at times.  Likes to be held.

Deanne - that is really annoying about the meat.

#45 darnie

Posted 15 January 2009 - 07:47 AM

Good Morning Everyone! waves.gif

Hope you all have a great day. We're off to Alice's 6 month check (at 7 months) this morning.


#46 beaglebabe

Posted 15 January 2009 - 09:04 AM

Hi All,

Sam - sorry the shower plan backfired, but yay to three hours sleep!  Toby sits on the potty for all of three seconds before leaping off saying 'no wees coming'.  I've put him in undies a few times (when he refuses to put his nappy on, and I can't be bother fighting him to get it on), but that just results in lots of mess to clean up.  In the last few days he has sometimes started telling me when he has a wet nappy though, and he wants to take it off and change it.  But's he's not very consistent about it. I also bought him a Wiggles toilet seat.  He only ever wants to sit on it when Lucia wants attention though - he's smarter than I give him credit for sometimes!

Lara - Toby seems interested in toilet training, until I put him in undies, and then he couldn't be less interested!  I'm in no hurry.  I think having two in nappies is far easier than trying to toile train a toddler and deal with a newborn.

Deanne - bummer about loosing all Alice's food.  I loved cooking for Toby when he first started solids, but it is time consuming, and repleacing a whole freezer stash would be rather annoying.

Jo - Our trip to Lollipops proved rather expensive.  The $25 I spent on entry and food was nothing compared to the money I spent at Brand Depot on the way out.  And I was rather restrained, as Toby doesn't tolerate shopping for long.  Sorry to hear there were no answers from your sleep clinic.  I'm glad William is being such a dream baby for you - you definitely deserve an 'easy' baby after what you went through when Ella was little.

Nut - I found shoe shopping for Toby was much the same.  There were heaps of different girls shoes, but only two or three choices for boys.

Leonie - How did the sleep over go?  It seems so grown up!  Love the photos of Max - he looks so chilled out in the second one.  We had Toby in the water quite early (I think he was about 7 weeks when he went down the small waterslide at Big Splash on DSS's lap!), but Lucia seems so much smaller and less tolerant than Toby, so I think it might be a while before she gets wet - even the bath freaks her out!

I can probably do Thursday 29th for Monkey Mania - although I will either be late (Toby has Toddler Gym til 10.15) or I'll leave Toby with my folks and just bring Lucia.

Well Lucia is asleep and it is my Toby free day, so best be off and make good use of my time.


#47 Barky

Posted 15 January 2009 - 09:30 AM

hi everyone,
Michelle- TT certainly is harder than nappies. Hayden took a good few months to grasp the concept, mind you I never used a potty and he would have loved a wiggles one.  As you said, you have enough on your plate than having tt as well.

Deanne- I hope Alices check up went well. That reminds me that I must get Owens 6wk check done before I forget. Hayden still hasn't had his 3yr check up. Glad to hear you are getting your life back. I so miss being able to do whatever whenever but I guess that comes with having children. Sorry to hear about your freezer..what a pain.

Puzzlepieces- I hope that Summer starts to stretch her sleeps out for you. It must be hard not getting good sleep and then having to deal with the other girls.

Jo- I am glad that William has been treating you well. He sounds like a dream baby. Owen has been so much better than the other boys. Maybe it has something to do with us beng more relaxed. I hope you can get some resolution to your insomnia.

Anne- yay to no vomit days. That will save you on washing!! I can't believe how big Lauren is getting. They sure don't stay newborns for long do they.

Leonie- How did the sleepover go? I can't wait until Ryan starts having little friends over. In regards to the meetup, I will pass until Ryan starts preschool as they are so active that I would spend all my time chasing them and not having a chance to chat so will wait until the term starts. Only three more weeks. Can't wait as Ryan is driving me crazy, he so needs more stimulation.

Hi to everyone else. How are you all surviving in this heat?

Me- Owen gave me about 8hrs of broken sleep last night so I feel more revitalised today. If only he would do that everynight. He smiles more and more each day and is much more alert. I have started to get back into cake decorating again and can't wait to make his christening cake in two months time. Its going to be a baby dinosaur hatching out of an egg!! I use cakes as my  creative outlet as being stuck at home with three children tends to send me a little batty. Does any one have nay hobbies to keep them sane? We are also in negotiations to buy land in wagga and look set to move at the end of the year. We have chosen the builder and just need to get the ball rolling. I am also going to set up my cakes as a business so that I can make some extra money while at home.

Edited by Barky, 15 January 2009 - 09:32 AM.

#48 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 15 January 2009 - 10:56 AM

Morning everyone
The sleepover went well. The boy that came over is a really nice good kid and i had no problems at all! Now Blake is going to stay at his house on monday! All though Blake is a bit cranky and rude now id say because they talked for a long time before they fell asleep.
Just had MIL in for a few hours, was okay, you can tell that its not just 'natural' with us and we are both making an effort for each other!
I clean houses (well only one other at the moment) and i have to go clean her house now but i just dont want to go coz its so HOT! Its already 34 according to my google homepage, and her house will be all stuffy! At least she has evaporative cooling so it shouldnt take to long to kick in.
Our house is disqusting in the heat, the only nice room to be in is the lounge room so im letting Max sleep in his swing in here, and i just cooked dinner because if i have to stand in my kitchen in the evenings sweat just pours off me. No insulation at all. So once we head out we may stay at mums for the day.

Oh Max is sobbing in his sleep its so sad, the boys are watching him saying he must be having a bad dream!

Eileen: Thats great about your cakes, ive seen your pictures and they are awesome! And good on Owen for your long sleep!

TT: my boys were both about 2 years 7 or 8 months, and got it very easily except the pooing part? It was like they were scared to do a poo in the toilet. I eventually started a poo sticker chart and it worked!

Hi everyone else got to go, maxs sleep sobbing woke hime up to a big cry! and Jack is telling me to hurry up and give him some milk!

#49 Puggle

Posted 15 January 2009 - 11:56 AM


Hot hot hot hot hot.

Thanks for the offer Nic. Sometimes I think it is easier to stay home and be hot all day rather than go out in the heat, be cool for a few hours and then come home to a stinking hot house.  Does that make sense? And at home I can hang out (literally, sadly) in my underwear.

Sorry, this is the hottest corner in the house so I can't type more at the moment. I hope you are all staying as cool as possible.

Here's hoping a big southerly change blows in this evening  hands.gif.

#50 darnie

Posted 15 January 2009 - 12:31 PM

Just a quick hi! waves.gif Not up to personals today, sorry! Took Alice for her 6 month check this morning:

65 cm long (around 20th percentile)
45.5 cm head circumference (around 97th percentile)
8100g (around 65th percentile)

So, I don't think that she is going to be a basketball player but could end up playing rugby or something where a bit of sturdiness is advantageous! laughing2.gif

Anyway, better go. Gotta fold washing and get organised for Sydney.


PS Sam: What's a thermomix please? unsure.gif blush.gif

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