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#51 ~strawberry~

Posted 15 January 2009 - 02:56 PM

Anne - I hear you on the heat. Back in FTG we didn't have cooling, no insulation for the first year, and really crappy curtains. It used to get so hot that it was better to hang out in the backyard under the trees than be in the house! I used to hang blankets over the windows too to keep the heat out for as long as I could. When we bought here, it only had an old style air-con, so we bought a split system in Melbourne and shipped it up with all our belongings, and had it installed the day after we moved in!

Deanne - I think you'll find that when Alice gets on the move that she'll slim right down. William had his 4th month stats done on Tuesday. He's a bit below 50th% for everything. As for Ella, well her H/C makes it onto the charts (almost) but thats about it!

Leonie - I love your new sig!

Eileen - Good luck with negotiating the block of land. Are you looking at floor plans etc yet? Sounds exciting!

Lara - I can't get Ella to sit on the potty either. Pop her on and less than a second later she is off and running! It's frustrating isn't it!

Michelle - Congrats on being restrained in your shopping laughing2.gif I'm okay at Brand Depot (though haven't been since TRU opened), but DFO I'm usually a lot worse... Although not having PP here makes it not as expensive!

I hope everyones keeping cool. Ella had a friend over to play this morning, and now we're just taking it easy. Off to the osteo again tomorrow morning. My body is improving, but it is taking such a long time. Because my tear was so bad, my muscles are shot so it seems like two steps forward, one step back each time. It's a good day today though, I carried William in the sling whilst I did the shopping and I can still walk this afternoon  tthumbs.gif  

Gotta go, William has just woken.

#52 beaglebabe

Posted 15 January 2009 - 03:21 PM

Anne - I know what you mean about going out versus staying home.  Getting into the car is awful when it has been in the heat.  I got all ready to go and pick up DH yesterday arvo, loaded the kids in the car, and discovered the battery was flat.  So unloaded the kids and came inside again.  And that was enough to to make me hot and bothered!

Deanne - best not to ask about the Thermomix!  They sound wonderful, but are rather pricy.  If you don't know, then you can't want one!

Jo - What's William's weight up to now?  He'll be giving Ella a run for her money soon, I bet.  Have you discovered the codes for the on-line pumpkin patch store?  There is a website that has lists of heaps and heaps of codes for old stock, and some is very cheap.  Although perhaps it is the same as the Thermomix - it's sometimes better when you don't know about these things, as it just leads to spending more money...

Leonie - I love your sig too.  Lucia is also doing most of her sleep in the family room in the swing.  I usually rocker her in my arms until she is pretty much asleep before putting her down, but it's just too hot at the moment.

Eileen - I enjoy making cakes too, but mine aren't anywhere nears as good as yours!  As for hobbies, I enjoy sewing, but don't get much time for it, as it is impossible to do much when Toby is awake.  Mostly I just make cloth nappies and baby blankets, but I am going to start doing some clothes for Lucia too.


#53 shelly1

Posted 15 January 2009 - 04:05 PM

Hi Everyone  original.gif

I just got back from visiting a friend who had her baby today. She is already at home so we went there - I guess we are a bit spoilt having evap air here as I was absolutely sweating without it. Jade looked massive compared to her little one and she is only 3.5 weeks old. Jade is having her first day in cloth today - a bit of trial and error means I have learnt she is quite a heavy wetter so got wee'd on with the first nappy.

Thanks for the suggestions of reflux for our car seat problem. I have always noticed that Jade is coughing and bringing up milk but she swollows it back down. She also brings stuff up in her sleep and pulls faces. It also makes sense that when I feed her and put her in the car she spews and that even 20 mins after a feed I cant lay her down to change her nappy as it sets off hiccups and makes her distressed. I have bought some of the brauers stomach calm but might ask the doctor at the 6 week check up if I should try something else.

Sam - I hope Summer gives you more uninterupted sleep. I have just realised who you are LOL - well I think we met at a meet up a long time ago.

Eilleen - I have seen a picture of 1 or 2 of your cakes. If you are in business in September I would love to get one for Jades christening.
Wagga - takes me back to my Army recruit training days  ph34r.gif

Hi everyone else - I hope you are all finding ways to keep cool.

#54 beaglebabe

Posted 15 January 2009 - 05:05 PM

WHOO HOO!  Toby did his first wee on the potty today!!!!  Just had to share with people who will understand how exciting this news is.

He did it at my parent's place, so I missed the big event.  But apparently he said 'wees coming', so they put him on the potty and after a few times getting up and down, he produced a wee.  So he obviously has some understanding of needing to go before he wees, rather than just knowing once he has already done it.

#55 sot

Posted 15 January 2009 - 05:18 PM

Anne - I agree - HOT.  We don't have air con either, but bought a portable aircon for the lounge, so we are all holed up in here, with James sleeping behind the lounge.  Very cosy, cooled down to 28 degrees...

Sam - three hours, woohoo!!!  Lets hope it is the start of a regular routine for you.

Michelle - what is this website? sounds like something I need to know.

Jo - enough gloating, he sounds wonderful.  cool.gif  

Leonie - I am so in love with my little man too, I so know what you are saying.  James weighs 7.1 (clothed) at 3 months, how is Max going?

Eileen - I grew up in Wagga and go back there pretty frequently, in fact my hairdresser is in Wagga, which reminds me I need to book in again.

Deanne - argh to the freezer, maybe you need to angle the front of the freezer so it is higher and automatically shuts.

Hi everyone else. waves.gif

Us - thanks for the advice on the vaporiser, James is all better now.  He rolled over yesterday from his back to his tummy, and has been doing it non stop now.  Does this mean I should stop wrapping him when I put him to bed?

I went to the post natal class this morning it was really hard work.  Anne make sure you get there on time for the warm up.  I have signed up for the remaining 5 classes from the 19th of Feb, and you can miss a class and then add it on to the end.  When you go Anne you write your name down for the remainder of the classes starting when there is room - so it might be a few weeks after.  Hopefully I will get to see you in the classes.

I'll be away for the gtg on the 29th!!  Damn, hopefully I make one soon.  Going to a friends tomorrow, she is making me cake (I am dreaming about cake all the time, it's killing me, I don't know what to do about it.  Apart from eating cake all the time! ddoh.gif )


#56 Puggle

Posted 15 January 2009 - 05:36 PM

Deanne - best not to ask about the Thermomix! They sound wonderful, but are rather pricy. If you don't know, then you can't want one!

That is pretty much what I was going to say!  roll2.gif

We went to view the first house of our grand house-hunt today and it was a bit disappointing. What's with those cameras that make every room look twice as big as it is in reality?  glare.gif  rolleyes.gif

I think we should have a cake get-together. Everyone bring a cake  laughing2.gif  

Baby to feed, which reminds me, make sure you are drinking lots of water in this heat, breast feeding mums!

#57 ~strawberry~

Posted 15 January 2009 - 05:41 PM

Michelle - Tell me more re PP!!! Do you have a link???  eexcite.gif Toby doing a wee on the potty  eexcite.gif William's weight has slowed down, so I don't think he'll catch Ella for a few months yet. He's 6.435kg, Ella was 7.76 when I weighed her last month. Funny thing is their head are nearly the same size!

Peta - My hairdresser is still in Melbourne (running back to hide now). Yes, I've lived here three years now, and I don't go back to Melb all that often...

Shelly - We were given liquid Zantac to try Ella on to see if she had reflux. Maybe speak to your doctor about it? I hope you get it sorted out.

Eileen - I think the cakes are a fantastic hobby, and turning them into more of a business makes a lot of sense! Hobby-wise, I used to scrapbook, but had tot pack it all up once the kids came as I didn't have the space in the house anymore. I also used to do a lot of gardening, but I don't do much of that at the moment either. I guess lately baking is becoming a hobby, but thats about it?!

#58 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 15 January 2009 - 09:29 PM

Hi everyone
Well i cleaned the house and it was a nightmare, the house stayed hotter longer than i thought and Max was not happy in there. I had to keep stopping to breastfeed him all though i dont think he ws hungry just wouldnt settle any other way! I knew i should have left them all at mums but i feel bad asking them to often!

I then went to the dropin clinic at tuggeranong to get him weighed and all! I was thinking that hes a little chubba so i was guessing anywhere from 7 to 8kilos.
He was: (right on months)6.9kilos (90th percintile)
64cm(90th percentile) and HC 42cm (80th percentile)
(Peta the boys must be pretty ,uch the same then!)
So checking back on Blake and Jacks bluebooks, Max was actually the smallest at 3months. I'm very happy and was having a little boast to the MACH nurse that ive beaten my own record for breastfeeding (blake wasnt breastfed and Jack was for 10 weeks) she was proud of me too  grin.gif
I used to be so paranoid with the boys weights becasue everyone would comment on how big they were, but im so much more relaxed about it with Max, and at least their height and weight have always been matched perfectly.
We also had a little chat about the foods starting at 4 or 6 months because of these new studies being done and finding that now it might actually be better to start at 4 months not 6  months, all to do with allergies and things. They still have to advise 6 months to people untilthey are told otherwise. I started Blake and Jack at 4months and they were both ready, i'll wait and see what Max is like at 4 months and decide from there.She was happy with that and said he is my baby so i'll know what i want to do! Where i've had a few who have bitten my head off for starting before 6months.  She was such a lovely lady i  wub.gif her! She remembers us now. She also did Maxs 2month needles and Jacks 3yr checkup before Max was born and was so good with him.

WE then went to DFO,Monkey Mania, if you go after 3:30pm its half price entry  tthumbs.gif So a friend and i stayed there until they closed at 6 and then took the kids to the outdoor QBN pool. Was lovely!
Oh if anyone goes to DFO in the next few days there is a new store Clive something (its like harveynorman) and the have .10c digital prints at the moment! SUPER CHEAP! only until the 19th i think.

Anne: Which suburb did you look at the house in? Did you look at the chisholm one i told you about?

Michelle: Well done Toby  tthumbs.gif ! I always go and start my car with aircon full for a few mins before we get in the car. Frustrating about the battery though!

Deanne: When are you going to Sydney? Did i miss something? I know people have been talking about sydney sometime butdidnt realise that you were going?

Nut: I keep seeing your ticker when i click on this thread and already your pregnancy seems to be moving fast! Did you end up finding swimmers for Alex? I was in riverside (QBN) tonight and they had size 1's in bestandless and target.
Hope tomorrow is not as hot all though i just bought this reallycool octopussy thing for the boys pool at mums so i would really love to try it out tomorrow!

#59 darnie

Posted 15 January 2009 - 09:52 PM

Just quickly...

Leonie: Off to Sydney tomorrow. Sorry, I probably didn't mention it! wacko.gif DH has a voucher to use for the jetboat and we wanted a last family weekend away before I go back to work cry1.gif We had a free accommodation voucher that could only be used on Sunday night, so sadly we are staying until Monday dev (6).gif Kind of defeats the purpose of a free night because we had to stay an additional night to get it, but oh well... We are planning a lazy weekend. Our hotel is in Darling Harbour and we will probably spend the whole weekend in Darling Harbour - aquarium, cafes, etc. We decided that if we did that, then when Alice gets tired and refuses to sleep in her pram, we can go back to the hotel room easily thus not ending up with an overtired baby. We'll probably also spend a fair bit of time at the hotel pool. Erin loves swimming and we want to take Alice again before her lessons start.

Hi to everyone else!

Anyway, must go. I have folded up 5 tonne of washing. It is now not possible to sit on the couch in the family room! I am now trying to pack enough clothes for the 4 of us into one suitcase. As if! DH is still at work. Poor guy is going to be knackered for the drive to Sydney. He didn't get home until 2:30 this morning, and looks like it will be at least that tonight! They have a tender due tomorrow.

Take care all, and have a great weekend!


#60 beaglebabe

Posted 15 January 2009 - 09:54 PM

Ok, you asked for it  biggrin.gif

Here is the pumpkin patch codes database http://patchcodes.whnz.net/main.php

You get the codes from the database, then go to the pumpkin patch website (http://www.pumpkinpatch.com.au) and type the code into the box at the top right corner where it says 'style code'.

There is a thread on EB in the Buddy Groups section that discusses various codes etc.  Someone on there has actually put together a much better spreadsheet than the one on the web, and if you PM her she'll send it to you.

It's a bit of a time consuming way to shop, as it is hit and miss to whether you find clothes you like, or are in the right sizes (you just have to guess from the descriptions), but there are bargains to be had.

Here's a few examples:


I take no responsibility for anyones credit card bill!

#61 Puggle

Posted 15 January 2009 - 10:04 PM

Ohhhhhhhh, how nice is that breeze?  biggrin.gif  My fork and spoon windchimes are tinkling away by the front door, and every window in the house is open. happy.gif

Eileen, you've reminded me that I need to arrange Lauren's baptism. She won't fit into the Christening gown unless I get on with it (although she isn't the butterball Claire was when she wore it). Simon's grandmother (Janet - also Lauren's middle name) made the gown for DH's mother when she was a baby, then DH and his brother wore it, and then Claire too. It is gorgeous. Hopefully we can arrange to have the baptism in the same church where Claire was baptised. DH and I got married there, and so did my parents, and there is a stained glass window in memory of my Pop so lots of significance and memories. I fear that one day the church will be sold off though, it has a small and aging congregation and the Minister who baptised Claire was a bit odd, to say the least  ph34r.gif. Must add 'Baptism' to my fridge 'list of things to do' ...

Michelle, hooray to Toby for wees on the potty! My stubborn girl today managed to not wee in the toilet, saving it up for her nap-time and bed-time nappies instead. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt today that it was just coincidence but it better not happen again tomorrow  glare.gif.

Peta, thanks for the tip about the exercise classes. I had better ring them up tomorrow and check when they have got me down to start. I found it really weird that I was told that the six classes won't be on consecutive weeks, I would have thought that made more sense - ? Another thing to add to my to-do list. I swear my mind is going, I have to write everything down these days.

Jo, we didn't have cooling in FTG either, although we did have insulation. I will have to chat with you about Osteo and Physio too - I think I need some help with an issue I have but not sure who to see.

Shelly, the Paed was more than happy to prescribe Zantac for Lauren at her check up when I described some of her symptoms. Of course, ever since then she has settled right down so I have an unopened bottle of it sitting in the cupboard.

Heat: I made Lauren her own air conditioned bed today. I hung wet muslin wraps around her hammock and it was like her own evaporative cooled microcosm in there. I wanted to climb in myself! Poor little mite, she really struggled with the heat yesterday evening. We ended up both falling asleep on DH's and my bed, with our heads down the foot end, closest to the fan. DH had to sleep in the spare bed  laughing2.gif

It has now been a week without vomiting for Lauren. Is it safe to say she has grown out of that stage, do you think? She is probably going to pack the weight on now that she isn't losing a feed a day.

Oh, and that reminds me that I said at the meet that I would post a photo of Claire to show just what a chubby bubby she was, so here you go:

And another:

And this is a good example  laughing2.gif, although to be fair to her she was wearing a terry flat nappy and cover:

Awww, she's grown up so much since then!

Ooh, and there were Christening Gown photos in Photobucket too! It isn't ironed though:

Got to go, DH needs the computer to send an email - last minute house sale hiccups to sort out  glare.gif  unsure.gif  wacko.gif.

waves.gif  to all.

ETA: I am not looking Michelle! Hope you have a fabulous time, Deanne.

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#62 Nut

Posted 16 January 2009 - 06:29 AM

Woohoo Michelle!!!! ddance.gif

Leonie - Haven't been shopping. Can't be bothered leaving the house in the heat. I might head out today. Swimming starts in 2 weeks so I have a bit of time, though I need some for myself too, blech.

Sot - Awww yay to rolling! Is he rolling over in bed or does he still lay still? Wrapping him at this stage if he's still firmly wrapped might stop him from rolling over in bed for a bit longer. I can't remember if Alex was still wrapped. I think by then he was always getting out as he preferred not to be wrapped but he never rolled in bed until he was able to go both directions.

Deanne - Check out youtube for demo videos on the thermo mix, see how great it looks and slap on an $1800 price tag original.gif

It's supposed to be the appliance that replaces ALL appliances though...

I think we should have a cake get-together. Everyone bring a cake

Well that sounds healthy... Especially for someone who has gained close to 4kg already!!

And how cute are those photos!! original.gif

#63 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 16 January 2009 - 06:29 AM

Have fun Deanne! I would really like to have a weekend in sydney soon so all the tips you find on prices and your accomadation would be much appreciated!

Anne you are right she was a chubba but you can tell they are sisters  wub.gif just gorgeous!

I also  have to oeganise Maxs christening the boys have a cute onepiece tuxedo that they all wear on their christenings so i alays tell andy that we have it when they fit into the suit! and that would be very soon!

Michelle im off to look at that link al though i dont need any clothes!!!

#64 wrappedup

Posted 16 January 2009 - 08:11 AM

Gosh this thread swings from very quiet to really busy!

Answers: TT pants - I got the Motherease ones.  I think they were $25 each, so I just got two, but they dry quickly so that will do. Thermomix - let's just we call it "The Wondermachine" in our house original.gif  I waited quite a while before I made the investment, but it's fabulous.

Michelle - Argh why did I have to go look at the PP code site?  I saw some well priced things for my big girls. I really like PP quality but once you are buying bigger kids clothes even when the sales are on it can be pretty pricey.

Deanne - have a great weekend away! I really want to go away for a night but now Summer is actually sleeping in 3 hour stretches we're too scared to muck it up.

Eileen - I had a look at your cakes, WOW! You could absolutely do an at-home business with those. Clever you!

Nut - I know what you mean re swimming, I should start Lulu but I'll have to get in and well, that's a bit depressing.

Shelly - yes we've met original.gif I was a member on here for a few years but then left to try and kill my cluckiness.  It didn't work (obviously!) Glad to hear Jade is growing well!

Anne - Claire was a chubby bubby.  Supermilk eh?  I had a g/f who had babies the same time as me (with my frst two) and hers grew at double the rate mine did.  We always said she had supermilk, I had skim  tongue.gif

Peta - are you doing the exercise classes at Calvary?  I wonder if I could go seeing I birthed with CMP.  Might check it out.

All is going well here - like Toby, Lulu has now done her first wee in the potty (made her sit on it while I ran the bath - always does the trick!) and Summer is now sleeping in three hour stretches at night (yay!) but does so in the cot in her room.  She's only about 5 metres from our bed as it is right next door - and the doors are next to eachother so she's easy to hear - but it makes me a little sad anyway.

Managed to go for a walk with a friend yesterday (with just Summer).  We went at about 9.30 and I think it was already 31 degrees!

#65 Nut

Posted 16 January 2009 - 11:56 AM

I found some swimmers today at Target. $16 for a 2 piece set.

#66 ~strawberry~

Posted 16 January 2009 - 12:03 PM

Aw, Anne, Claire was such a gorgeous baby  wub.gif

ETA - Did you see my reply in your osteo/physio thread?

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#67 beaglebabe

Posted 16 January 2009 - 01:23 PM

Hi all,

I'm in a grumpy mood today.  It's my birthday.  But my kids seem to have no respect for this!  Lucia woke at 4.50am, and although she did go back to sleep for a bit, she was really unsettled, and kept stirring, so I didn't sleep much.  And then Toby was up at 6am anyway, so that was the end of all sleep.

We went out for cake with my best friend and her daughter, and then stupidly attempted to go to Myer while waiting for DH to have his lunch break.  Why do I always manage to forget how bad shopping trips with Toby can be?  For some reason I keep attempting them, hoping it will be better than the last time.... anyway, kids ran amuck and hyped each other up, Lucia woke up and demanded a feed, which I couldn't give her as I couldn't control Toby while I fed, so had to wait for DH to be there.... am glad to be home now!

Both kids are now asleep, so at least I am getting some me time to recover from the morning.  I think I might do some sewing.

Sam - yay that Summer is sleeping better at night.  I always thought that I'd quite like to cosleep with Toby, but he had other ideas - it's unfortunate when they don't cooperate with our plans!  I hear you on the price of big kids clothes.  DSS is nine, and as well as being expensive, clothes in his size seem to come covered in skulls and skateboard logos.  Heck, the size 3 boys clothes in Myer this morning were pretty much the same!

Leonie - I love having weekends in Sydney with the kids. There's so much to do in the city.  Even things like catching trains and ferries are fun when you see them through the kids eyes.

Nut - you're not supposed to be stressing about weight gain.  Focus on the lovely healthy baby you are growing  wub.gif

Anne - Claire was so cute (still is!) - love the grin in the second shot.  Toby was always at the top of the percentile charts, but he never relaly looked chubby, just solid.

Peta - Toby started rolling at 4 months, but I wrapped him til 6 months and it was never a problem.  Like Nut said, if they are wrapped tightly, they can't really get up the momentum to roll.  We started using grobags at around six months, instead of wrapping.

Deanne - have a great weekend away.


#68 Nut

Posted 16 January 2009 - 02:15 PM

Michelle - Happy Birthday!! Sorry the kids have not been overly sensitive to this. At least it's the weekend and you can get help.

As for weight gain, unfortunately starting pregnancy being overweight already it's a very big thing. With my history of PCOS I have a higher risk of GD and excess weight gain increases that risk.

It's not just for personal reasons (though that does play a huge part) but there are health concerns I need to keep in mind also.

Plus I have been concerned about my weight all my life. Childhood obesity is rather damaging on someones psychological balance  grin.gif

#69 Barky

Posted 16 January 2009 - 02:27 PM

Happy Birthday Michelle. I hope the rest of your day gets better.

Sam- yay to Lulu doing a wee and summer going three hours. It can only get better!

Anne- gorgeous pics of Claire. Good idea using the hammock and wet towels to keep Lauren cool. I don;t know how you survive in this heat.

Leonie- that tuxedo sounds gorgeous  wub.gif

Deanne- have fun in sydney

Hi to everyone else  waves.gif

#70 It'sbeenawhile

Posted 16 January 2009 - 04:44 PM


#71 Jak80

Posted 16 January 2009 - 06:29 PM

I am wanting to join you ladies! I am new to Canberra, only moved her last weekend after a year of planning. I'm 28 and have two boys DS1 - 3 years and DS2 - 1 year and I'm pregnant with baby #3 (due August 09). Definately would love to catch up with you all.

#72 trebambinibelli

Posted 16 January 2009 - 09:04 PM

Hi Jak80 welcome to our group - we're a friendly bunch  tthumbs.gif Your boys sound close in age to mine and I'm also expecting #3!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Hope this cheers you up a bit...

#73 Puggle

Posted 16 January 2009 - 09:06 PM

Happy Birthday Michelle!  original.gif

Hello JAK80! Welcome to Canberra! Where are you from? There are a few of us in this group who are from other parts of Australia originally. Sounds like you should join the Pregnant Mums thread too if you haven't already - congratulations on baby #3. Where are you planning on having the baby? I'm Anne, I've got two daughters, Claire (3) and Lauren (nearly 3 months - when did that happen? ohmy.gif). We moved here nearly 18 months ago, DH and I are originally from the Sydney area but have also lived in Melbourne and Perth.

Thermomix: No, not looking at that either or I will want one. I'm a homewares junkie, have been ever since I worked for Bed Bath and Table an embarrassingly long time ago. Then I went to a specialist kitchenware store and from there to supervising homewares for David Jones. I was over it all when I left retail, but several years later I find myself being drawn back to homewares when I have a peaceful moment to browse the shops. Which isn't very often as most of my shopping excursions bear a strong correlation to the one you described Michelle, but you can usually throw in at least one breastfeed, a vomit and a nappy blowout too wacko.gif.

Sam, hooray for Lulu! And that is great news that Summer is sleeping better too. I remember feeling a bit sad when DH pointed out to me that Claire slept much better when she didn't co-sleep with us.

Nic, I was worried about weight gain too but didn't have the necessary will power to keep it in check blush.gif. I haven't had GD but it is one of the first things the Midwives asked in the post natal ward when they saw the size of my babies (the irony there is that friends who did have GD all had 5 - 7lbers). If I do it all again I will be seeing a dietician and following a low GI diet, GD or no GD. I figure it can't hurt.

Eileen, I might have to book you for a ladybird cake for either October or November - can't decide which Little Miss will get it!

Jo, thanks for the post. I went back to look at that thread again after you mentioned it. I'm tossing up between Osteo and Chiro at the moment. TMI - I have a bit of a prolapse issue that I am concerned about too. I've been told chances are it will resolve itself within the first 12 months but if there is anything I can do to help it then I want to do so!

Leonie, the tux sounds cute. Is jack wearing it in one of those photos in your sig? If we ever have a boy I will make him wear the gown too, poor child. How lucky is Jack being an Australia Day baby? A Public Holiday for his birthday every year, pretty cool!

We are going to inspect a couple of houses tomorrow. I really like the look of one of them but they'd have to drop their price a bit for us to be able to afford it. Unfortunately we have to break our fixed loan due to a stupid clause the bank has (long story) and there is a significant penalty for doing so. We'll make up for most of the cost eventually by getting the benefit of the current interest rates (now lower than our fixed rate was) but right now it means we will have over $10K less in our house buying budget. Damn banks, they get you one way or another glare.gif.

Thanks for the comments on the photos. Claire was off the charts for her weight until she started crawling. I can't remember if I mentioned in here that Claire weighed more at 8 weeks of age than Lauren did at ten weeks, despite Lauren being more than 1.1kg heavier at birth! Poor Lauren, she's definitely the second child - nowhere near as many photos of her as we have of Claire by the same age! I had to laugh, Claire saw the first photo of herself I had put in that post and said "Oh Look Mummy, it is baby Lauren!" I think she recognised the clothes and the bouncer. She was quite impressed when I told her it was baby Claire laughing2.gif

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#74 sot

Posted 17 January 2009 - 09:38 AM

Happy Birthday for yesterday Michelle I hope the day got better.  My birthday is next Friday, so fingers crossed it starts out better than your day.  (not sure if I managed to get your birthday wish looking ok...)

Sam - yep at calvary, I went to the class when I was in hospital and they invite you to sign up for the extra ones, so you would definitely be able to go.  I found it worth it, I feel great having done some formal exercise however small

hello Jak 80, welcome, I moved to Canberra two years ago from Townsville where we lived for 6 years, however came from Wagga originally and DH is from Sydney.  finally starting to settle in, though I found it took me a while especially coming from laid back Queensland.

- do you have a link to your cakes?

Tanya - Hi, hope things are going well

Hi everyone else waves.gif


Edited because I am computer challenged and couldn't make the happy birthday look pretty!!

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#75 Mama8

Posted 17 January 2009 - 10:14 AM

waves.gif Hi ladies.
well i still enjoying my babymoon wub.gif Penelope is growing fast and im kinda sad that she will probably be our last sad.gif .

Im starting to get things ready for the kids to go back to school, hard to believe Briannah starts this year, when i joined EB i had just had her.

When the kids start back at school i would love to join in the gtg i will only have Caitie nearly 3 and Penelope much easier than all 6.

Wellhope all are well.

Cheers Cyndii

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