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#26 Keropi

Posted 12 March 2009 - 09:24 AM

Jannette - sorry to hear about your dog.  That's a real shame.  I hope your FIL will be OK.  What is stopping him from moving do you think?
What is with Shea's teacher?  Does she have attitude?  nno2.gif
And what do you mean you are not good with numbers - aren't you an accountant in your real life? lol

Michaela - wow, that was a doosy!  Would you like the monkey bars removed?  Glad nothing more serious came out of his injury, it does perplex me as to why they didn't call the ambulance.
In Canberra, try the National Museum too and definately Questacon - a science museum - very cool!

Me - I'm so cool Tounge1.gif I went to Coldplay and pimped my daughter again and got drumsticks, a drum skin, guitar pick PLUS we met the drummer, Will and Chris Martin!  We have autographs.  They were so nice.

#27 Jet07

Posted 12 March 2009 - 10:26 AM

Julie you misread - I was saying numbers ARE our strong point  roll2.gif
Trust you to pimp your daughter again  tthumbs.gif
FIl says he can't move right now for financial reasons. I'm trying to get DH to talk to him about what he means as he doesn't seem to want to go into more detail with me. I do know there's an issue with downgrading the house, as if he has extra money left over after moving it will affect his part pension, and even if he was to gift extra money to us it would count in his assets for pension test for another 5 years apparently.

Shea's teacher has been giving me "what do you expect me to do about it" or "that's not my problem" type looks whenever I mention therapy tasks, medical needs, etc. A couple of weeks ago Shea lost his class line going into school (they gather in quadrangle and walk to class in lines) while I was getting Talon into his class line, and got lost and was found by an aide near the preschool - two buildings from his classroom. Then last week I watched from a distance as Shea lost his class line, returned to the quadrangle, joined another line which happened to be going to his building, and peeled off that line to his classroom when he was in his building. I followed to make sure he made it and commented to his teacher that he got there albeit accidently, and her response was "oh he knows his way around and where his classroom is". She seems to be ignoring the fact he scored the highest level of assistance requirement in his safety assessment during his funding assessment and has a learning goal in his individual learning plan around safety while moving around the school  shrug.gif . He still trips over (although a lot less often with his AFO's on), walks into doors and poles, and loses where he is meant to be going. He also has absolutely no stranger awareness at all, and there are a lot of people around the school in the mornings that he would happily hold hands and walk off with.

There has been very frequent issues with Shea's feeds not being done right, his bag not being packed etc too. Last Friday his lunchbox, drink bottle and cooler bag were all left out in the playground (I found them all there open to the elements on Tuesday after our public holiday on Monday) when he is meant to have constant supervision in the playground at all times. Also he didn't receive either scheduled feed during school hours on Friday as they said in his communication book that there was a problem with the pump, but no-one bothered to call me at all, so I didn't find out until after school. Luckily the pump worked all weekend for me, as if it was a technical error I couldn't have requested a service spare until Monday and not received it until Tuesday, meaning he would not have had any tube feeds all weekend, when we were in the last days of a 14 day bowel clean out requiring extra fluids for hydration.

Sorry for the massive vent that just turned into. I've been biding my time until after the ILP meeting to see what happened and am glad that the special ed teacher picked up on the mainstream teachers attitude too. Hopefully the exec teacher did although she is only acting while the usual exec teacher is away for 4 weeks.

Anyway - still putting off finishing my typing and starting my cleaning and this is my child free day to get it all done so I'd better go..

#28 ~JASB~

Posted 12 March 2009 - 10:33 AM

OMG Jannette! What an awful time you're having with school sad.gif  What are you going to do!!?

Julie, I want to visit you guys too wink.gif  Can you (or Nic or Ping!) think of anywhere we could stay that is cheaper than Sydney City?  Will probably only do one night in Sydney just to catch up with friends, but I don't want to pay the dollars for Sydney accomodation!!

I'm happy to be in a motel further west maybe??

Still working out all my dates but we're driving down on Friday 3rd april - will be on CC friday and sat night, then possibly drive to Sydney on the sunday, stay sunday night, maybe monday night as well before driving to Canberra on the monday - the NRL game in Canb that we're going to is Monday night.


#29 Jet07

Posted 12 March 2009 - 10:49 AM

Michaela - we usually stay around Julie's when we go up for softball. There's Quest Apartments at Castle Hill which is only a couple of minutes off the roads you'll need to take to travel from CC to here. They have 1,2,3br apartments and are usually cheaper on weekends than midweek. Other places around there you'd need 2 rooms as most have max 3 per room. There's also a tourist park at Parklea / Stanhope Gardens which is close to Julie and has the 2 and 3br mobile homes that were used in the Olympic Village which look nice but as I said on FB my Scott won't even look at tourist parks.

There are also heaps of serviced apartments around Parramatta / Rosehill area if you look at wotif / lastminute you can usually get good weekend deals depending on if horse racing is on at Rosehill and what other events are on at Homebush Bay (Olympic Park).

Waiting to see what happens at school when they prepare the ILP that results from the meeting. Another friend is giving it to beginning of next term then possibly looking at changing she is so concerned. Apparently her DS who is usually very loud hasn't spoken in class all year in front of his new teacher (not even to answer roll call), but is fine in special ed class and playground, but no-one had bothered to tell her!

ETA - my Scott is happy for boys to skip footy so we can go to footy with you  ddance.gif . He's shy so it's a big thing that he'll come and meet my friends  wacko.gif .

Edited by Jet07, 12 March 2009 - 10:51 AM.

#30 Nics

Posted 12 March 2009 - 12:15 PM

Jet - OMG  oomg2.gif  that is absolutely disgraceful.... you need to organise a meeting ASAP with the principal and just tell him/her exactly what you just wrote.  That really is appalling and poor Shea  sad.gif  I wouldnt waste any more time waiting - the teacher needs to be pulled into line now before anything more happens.  

JAS - how are the boys now?  Bloody hell it never rains but pours for you!  Hows Adam going at school?  

julie  biggrin.gif  at you pimping your daughter AGAIN...  At least its worth it though  tongue.gif

Michelle - how did the party go?  You are one very brave woman having it at home - absolutely no way would I have the school boys here....  I can handle one or two but more than that and Id have to drink lots of wine.  

Not much news here - just busy as per usual.  Im just flat out everyday trying to fit everyhting in (appointments. school stuff, gym for me, and the usual housework/dinner chores, and all of the extra activities)

Ellie is now 7 months old and continues to be a gorgeous baby.  She sits well and up until yesterday I thought crawling was a mile off - but shes decided to get the bum up in the air and get the leg action happening - it wont take her long to work out the arms and we will have lift off...  I was praying she would get to 10 months before doing it!  Im very sad as I clean out her wardrobe because she is just growing so fast.. all those weight worries initially are a thing of the past.  Shes about 8.5kgs now and pefectly average.  

Boys are good - Jarrod is settling into year 1 just fine.  His job share teachers seem to be doing pretty well - we actually prefer the 2 day a week one (the one he first HATED) shes so on the ball and has organsied extra activities for him to do for his letter formation (due to his OT/fine motor issues) and we will be doing another OT course starting Term 2 just to get him up to speed a bit.  Hes definitely iumproved greatly and isnt too bad anymore BUT his teacher said he has so much knowledge and is great with sight words and spelling etc so would hate to see him let down by his writing...  

Aiden loves preschool so much - wants to go everyday.  I stsill havent fully decided on school next year but I really think he would be much better off going the year after.  His SPT will be in June so Ill see how things go there before making any decisions.  Ellie will also have a SPT - so far so good with solids BUT I wont be going near egg or nuts until she has been cleared - its not worth the risk!  But dairy is fine so that is a relief.

OK best finish my vacuuming whilst shes asleep so will catch up with you all soon

#31 Jet07

Posted 12 March 2009 - 01:17 PM

The other teachers at the meeting suggested that I go back to putting Shea in the front of the line-up in the morning, and his teachers response was "I'll have to talk to the other kids about why!", but I have been taking him to the front so he walks behind her. I've watched and she doesn't even turn around to check the class at all though. Last years teacher held his hand! We also discovered there was a resource issue not the fault of the teacher in that his regular aide who works 10 to 2 has been sent to another class every Thurs / Fri from noon, which is why the lunchbag wasn't packed up and afternoon pump feeds haven't been turned off correctly. This will be seen to, and the tube feeding training for new staff that I was meant to do at start of year will happen probably next Friday when they have a regular staff meeting.

This meeting was the right forum for it to be raised and I'm glad I did it there. I often do volunteer work at school (library / gardening) and think I'll plan to be in the playground around break times a few times over the next week wink.gif

#32 ~JASB~

Posted 12 March 2009 - 02:18 PM

There's Quest Apartments at Castle Hill which is only a couple of minutes off the roads you'll need to take to travel from CC to here

Thanks J, will check that out as one of the friends I really must catch up with lives at Castle Hill!  She's from my Aug 05 group - last time I was down we had our meet up at her house original.gif  

Have to run but will BBL!

#33 Jet07

Posted 12 March 2009 - 03:10 PM

I'm taking over this forum but here's a cpy of an email I just sent to the acting exec teacher with the latest "incident" details:
I realize you’re still busy with ILP’s so thought I’d shoot through this email. I was hoping that after our ILP meeting that X would get the importance of Shea’s personal safety issues, but it appears she still doesn’t.

This afternoon at collection I was waiting in a slightly different position where neither X or Shea saw me as they came down the ramp from the blue building. X went straight over to another parent near the green building door, and bent and told Shea to go around the corner of the green building to look for Mum, completely unattended. He had a look and didn’t see me (as I was behind them) and started to come back, and she repeated that he should go around the corner. At that point he saw me, but she was still oblivious to my presence until I moved to her field of vision and said that I was there.

Again this afternoon he went up to another parent in the preschool playground and took them by the hand to ask them something. It was not a parent that we knew.

I am very concerned about Shea’s safety at pickup and dropoff. If this problem is a resourcing issue around LSA hours, can it please be addressed before my son becomes some sort of statistic or requires further neurosurgery from an accident damaging his shunt. The last shunt issue we had nearly killed him in late 2007.


#34 Keropi

Posted 12 March 2009 - 04:34 PM

Jannette - I find it incredible that she can't supervise him properly in the mornings and afterschool oomg2.gif
Is it not to hard to have him walk next to her or team him up with another child.  Or have him wait with her afterschool or if she is busy see if a nearby teacher can have him wait with them.
Seriously this teacher doesn't know what it is like to truly have a child with special needs that is very difficult, needs an aide but doesn't have one due to lack of assessments.  She has all the help in the world and she is still being a prat! rant.gif I find that disgusting.  It is her job!

ETA - yes your email is good, very good indeed.  I hope you get a good response.

Edited by Keropi, 12 March 2009 - 04:34 PM.

#35 FloralArrangement

Posted 12 March 2009 - 05:25 PM

So sorry been MIA. 4 kids and all that that is is mayhem.

Jannette none of the kids in Rosie's class have need of assistance but her teacher always checks they are all there, that they never go anywhere alone and is strict but caring it wouldn't kill your teacher to change her attitude but it could affect your son if she doesn't give a sh*t. I mean that to be blunt she sounds pretty average.

Michelle still coming to Perth but my time is pretty restricted with the Denmark trip I so hope I can wangle a visit to you or to meet up just not sure how at the moment, I will be in Denmark most of the time. I will only be in Perth really on the Wednesday 8th of April and you go to uni that day. I was hoping to be coming back tp Perth on the Monday but my Aunt tells me it is the Tuesday now and I catch my flight out at 5.45pm that day.

Michaela how are you and your boy's?

Julie bit of hobnobbing  again how can you bare to speak to us lowlifes?????????????????????????? roll2.gif  roll2.gif  roll2.gif

My friend had a little girl and she is called Emmeline Rose and yes the Rose is because of my darling girl.

Lily turned 11 yesterday.

Robert is very very well and sitting strongly and is so close to crawling it isn't funny. He gets in the crawl position then does this weird caterpillar movement.

Love moi

#36 Jet07

Posted 12 March 2009 - 07:19 PM

Quick update - I have a meeting tomorrow with head teacher to set agenda and time for a meeting on Monday with teacher, team leader and exec teacher all present. The staff had a meeting today around tube feeds etc, and want to put strategies in place to ensure his safety. Yay!

#37 Jet07

Posted 13 March 2009 - 08:50 AM

I've been told the teacher is very keen to help and learn about the medical needs, and that any hesitancy that I have perceived could be because she is a bit unsure and maybe even scared by the whole thing (which I can understand, my own DH and brother are scared by Shea's needs). A note has already gone out to all aides with a summary of my tube feeding training notes for them to look at before Friday when I give them training. I've been asked to keep the tone positive on Monday as we're all wanting to move forward and come up with solutions rather than revisit past incidents. It's sounding good!

#38 Keropi

Posted 13 March 2009 - 03:19 PM

Jannette - that is good news, but still if she is worried why not chat with you?

Gina - I mustn't forget those who were there from the beginning hhugs.gif  roll2.gif If only it got me somewhere, in fact, technically it isn't hobnobbing but stalking - which I'm sure is somewhat illegal if we do it too often with the same people!

Having work dramas, I agreed to one day a week at one school and now another is hesitant to use me.  I was there today and kind of pressured the principal into giving me work that he called me for but wouldn't give it once he found out about that one day a week.  To give him justice it is a 3 week block he needs someone for, but still he hasn't been able to find someone.  I had a chat with him about how long I had been at the school and he had no idea!  New principal who came in last year.  Anyway, he gave me the work.
My other problem is the school that I'm at one day a week.  I regret taking the job, it is limiting me somewhat but at the time I didn't realise how so.  Anyway I took it on the condition that they supply me all their casual work and I know for a fact that didn't happen this week.  I'm really annoyed about it.  And this is the school that I was at when the teacher died.  Different person hiring me though, so I'm sure that is why as I know that old person (who is off sick with cancer) would honour that agreement.
Loyalty counts for nothing!

#39 Keropi

Posted 13 March 2009 - 07:07 PM

Photo's of how cool I am are on the blog  tongue.gif

#40 Keropi

Posted 14 March 2009 - 11:46 PM

I'm telling you again, I am soooo cool roll2.gif

Not only did we get the last 2 autographs for our memorabilia but Chris Martin told his bodyguard to fix us up with tickets!!!  This all happened this afternoon.  Damien took the kids stalking but the band didn't show up until 7.40pm, I went into Homebush after work today.  The kids were jumping up and down with our things and they stopped to sign it.  OMG!!!  We got gold reserve tickets in seating 4th row from the stage.  If we would have bought them to take all the kids it would have cost us $700 oomg2.gif Lucky we were all there because there is no way I would have bought 5 tickets for one show.
I'm so excited  ddance.gif  ddance.gif  ddance.gif
Photo's to follow in a couple of days!

#41 FloralArrangement

Posted 15 March 2009 - 02:55 PM

Jules if I don't meet you soon I am going to bust you are so funny. Was Chris Martin nice, he seems it and why did he give you more tickets and where was I when this was happening.

Knackered from the caravan Mr R decided waking at 4.30am this morning was ace 5 of us didn't.

Jules I got goosebumps looking at those photos what a wonderful experience

Edited by Daliro, 15 March 2009 - 02:59 PM.

#42 Jet07

Posted 15 March 2009 - 07:22 PM

Jules you are so cool! Read back in your blog through all the birthdays. Your kids are so spoilt! Deservingly though  Tounge1.gif .

Gina - your photos of your joint party wer great. You were brave havign them on one day!

We're off to the dietician in the morning, before the teacher meeting at 2pm, and footy training at 5pm. What a day.

Trying to get the house spring cleaned before Talon's friends party (this two party thing has become a tradition - family in Sydney, friends here) next Saturday. Cleaned oven twice today and it's still not right. I'm out of house pretty much all day tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, and half day Tuesday, so not sure when I'm going to get the rest of the toys sorted and put away and clear the dining table being used as a filing / work bench at the moment. Let alone keeping up with home learning for two boys (yes they start in preschool  oomg.gif ), preparing party bags / games and shopping!

#43 MichelleM

Posted 15 March 2009 - 09:55 PM

I'm still here just feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything happening at the moment!  Uni is a huge commitment and I REALLY feel like packing it in but then again I feel like such a lazy so and so considering I'm only doing one unit so really how hard could it be!  I've also been roped into a Mothers group which is lovely but it's just another commitment I feel I can't keep up with.  Then there's also organising Josh and Bel's birthday parties which seem to be a bloody production!  Not to mention after school and weekend activities and bootcamp aggghhhh!  But I read back over this and it doesn't seem like that much so why does it feel like I never have 5 minutes?

On the upside I don't feel like I'm heading back down the PND path which is what would usually happen when I feel overwhelmed like this.  I can see clearly that I can at least chuck in a couple of things if I can't cope.

Josh's party went off without a hitch.  We had so many kids and parents but the kids were all really lovely so it wasn't too bad at all - no fights but a few injuries from the jumping castle!  Oh AND the cake turned out really good, like OMG I actually made a cake I wasn't embarrassed about lol!

Isabella's birthday is on Thursday however her party isn't till the weekend after next, Brett's was today and my sisters engagement party is on Saturday night!  Not to mention that I've been to 5 diffent party plan parties this month  wacko.gif

Woah like me me me laughing2.gif

Jannette I hear you well and clear laughing2.gif  I'm sorry to hear about your dog.  I hope your FIL is doing as good as good as he could be doing.  Good luck getting through this week, especially tomorrow with the meeting.

Julie FAR OUT!  You are just awesome and the coolest Mum ever!

Gina Wednesdays might be free soon (if I take the easy way out and chuck in uni AGAIN)!  Let me know, it'd be great to finally meet.  R sounds like he's doing fantastically (except at 4.30am!!).

Wow Nic, Ellie is doing perfectly with her weight gain.  I weighed Scarett at weight watchers the other day and she was 7.1kg but I need to get it checked because I'm sure she's heavier than that.

Michaela how is Josh doing?

Ping you are sooo close to mat leave now.  Hopefully work doesn't run you into the ground in the meantime.

Hey Jannette I also read the FB status from Relle.  Does anyone know how her Dad is doing?

#44 Keropi

Posted 16 March 2009 - 05:03 PM

Michelle - you sound really busy!  I always stress at party time so you are doing really well.  Don't forget to blog the photo's and the cake.
Don't ditch uni, you will regret it!  You can do it!!

Jannette - do I really spoil the kids?  I'll have to look.  I don't mind you know, something to do with making up for my own childhood psychology crap.  

Gina - you were in a caravan with a naughty baby that wakes up at 4.30am!!  You should have driven to Sydney, parked at the casino, left the kids in the car and come stalking  Tounge1.gif

Better go cook dinner.  Have been grocery shopping with the kids and gee it was horrible, they can be so loud sometimes.  Not naughty, just loud!  It was doing my head it.  Or could it be the fact that I had residual feelings because I taught some very interesting children today.  Jumping out windows, hanging out in the toilets kind of stuff.  Oh and they are in year 3.  I need to get my butt in gear and really find different schools.

#45 micallep

Posted 17 March 2009 - 08:00 AM

Oh boo boo I was just in the middle of a long post and lost it  cry1.gif .

Have to be quick now, at work.

We are flat out too! M and I are class parents this year which means organising and attending the family and parents gatherings for J's school. It works out that we have something on every week either with school families or parents, also running the Chapel fundraising committee!! Crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Michelle, keep with the Uni. I'm sure you'll be thankful in the end.

Julie, your kids must be the envy of their entire school! I think it's perfectly fine to spoil your kiddies sometimes......as long as it doesn't turn them into brats which your kids are FAR FAR from!

Michaela, I saw your FB status about Gyno. Come and give us an update.

Janette, sorry about the loss of your dog. Is your FIL ok on his own?

Gina, 4.30am is wrong. You'll have to have a word with R and get him to change his sleeping habits  Tounge1.gif . I tell you, I'm not looking forward to broken sleep, I've just settled back into sleeping the whole night what with S only starting to sleep through most nights lately.

Ok better dash back to work.


#46 Nics

Posted 17 March 2009 - 12:55 PM

Ping - so good to hear from you - hows the sickness going?  Can I just say I dont envy you starting again on the sleep front...  Ellie went through a great trot but this last week has been a nightmare again - dont know whats gong on but I am OVER IT...  And we get anytime from 4:45am to 5:30am - its very pleasant  nno2.gif   but at the end of the day shes worth it  Tounge1.gif  I just know that I couldnt do it again IYKWIM ?  Not that I would have a hope in hell of doing it again sad.gif  but 3 is my limit - any more than that and I would be a lunatic - I dont have enough hours in the day as it is for ALL the kids!  

Jules - wow how cool is that?  I bet Aurora is in her element!  and nothing wrong with spoiling your kiddies - we always seem to go overboard on birthdays by the time we add up the family parties, the school parties, presents etc.  

Jet - hope everyhting worked out OK.  

Gina - I totally sympathise with the early morning wake ups - Im just used to getting up at that time now.  Its not pleasant at 5pm though for those around me  nno.gif

OK gotta cut it short - I have had a cookfest going on today with only ellie and I at home - but I can smell burning so have to turn the oven off  wacko.gif  
Michaela - give us an update. Michelle - glad the party went well - you are very brave! Im sure you sympathise with the night waking... how is Scarlett doing these days with her sleep etc?  Give me an update on her!  (PS I have another PP order ready to go - just dont tell DH  unsure.gif )

#47 MichelleM

Posted 17 March 2009 - 10:03 PM

Ohhhh Nic I was just about to jump on the PP site laughing2.gif  How is Scarlett's sleeping - still totally up the creek!  Just in the last week she's been going to bed at 7pm which is awesome as she was kicking on till after 9pm before that!  She still wakes one to two hourly over night and only has one short sleep per day BUT she is generally really happy while awake so we get through (well happy while in my arms so I'm holding her most of her waking hours!).

Like you, as much as I LOVE Scarlett, couldn't imagine life without her, I really don't think I could go through this again!  I am so tired all the time but am so wound up waiting for her to wake over night, that I can't sleep properly.  I don't have enough arms either if I get another clingy baby because I'm always holding Scarlett!  Brett does help but Scarlett doesn't like going to him so I'm left holding the baby.

Ok rant over!  I'm not frustrated or angry about it, but I am trying to ride it out knowing that this phase won't last forever (thank goodness!) and she will grow up so fast like Josh and Bel have.

Ping you are so busy so I hope you're going to take it easy when the term ends!

Julie you do need to find another school!  My kids are super loud - did I ever mention on here that I got the kids hearing tested as I was sure that at least Isabella was stone deaf?  Well she's not, just so loud!

We had a huge, I don't know, catastrophe this arvo.  My friend and her kids were over and were playing happily outside with my kids while my friend and I were inside with the babies (our kids are the same ages).  Anyway, long story short, the kids had drawn over our brand new sandstone colour pavers with texta  oomg.gif   Nothing we've tried has taken it off so we're going to have to replace them!

Gotta go, Scarlett is awake.

#48 ~JASB~

Posted 21 March 2009 - 08:00 AM

Forgive me please - just a quick one!

Sydney girls,  I'm in Sydney overnight on Wed 8th - so will arrive from Canberra on the Wed lunchtime'ish, and leaving Thursday mid morning (staying in Coffs Thursday night).

I'll also be passing through Sydney around lunchtime on Monday 6th (while driving from central coast to Canberra).

Are either of these dates any good for you guys??!!!

#49 Nics

Posted 21 March 2009 - 12:26 PM

Michaela - Wed 8th is out for me - I have canteen duty at school and its the one and only day I have to do it (ie organising DH to have the day off work to mind Ellie for me) and I cant disappoint Jarrod - I promised him I would do it once this term and as its the 2nd last day of school I just have to!  

But I am free on the Monday so perhaps I can meet you somewhere for lunch?  And naturally Ill bring Aiden and of course you get to meet Ellie  tthumbs.gif  Can we organise that?  

Ok off to have a nanna nap - boys have gone out with DH to let Ellie and I have a good sleep - my head is absolutely pounding so I need a sleep .. although Im sure it will be pounding harder later on as we have IL's over for dinner tonight for their 45th wedding anniversary - naturally I get to do ALL the work for dinner and everyone else is just turning up  nno2.gif  Apparently I must have all the time in the world to do these sorts of things  wacko.gif

#50 Keropi

Posted 21 March 2009 - 03:04 PM

Michaela - will have to let you know about the 8th.  It is my wedding anniversary, I have a babysitter organised.

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