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"Oldies" Support Thread # 4
"Oldies" Support Thread # 4

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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 June 2004 - 04:13 PM

New thread time ladies.



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#2 Hermione

Posted 28 June 2004 - 05:52 PM

Hi guys!

Been a while since I've posted, things have been a bit glum here. We put our baby plans on hold for a while as DH decided to quit his job, but after 3 months decided he wasn't cut out to be a SAHD and got another, better one, which he loves going to everyday!!!!! YEAH!!!! So we're back on the wagon.

No BFP yet, going to see my OB on Thursday to get back on Clomid. Worked 3rd cycle, and 1st one using an OPK, last time, so hears hoping we get the BD thing right this time. We got bored during the second cycle so missed the boat!

We lashed out and bought a new car 2 weeks ago in preparation. DH's car couldn't take another car seat and still have enough room for SS in the back so we got a nearnew Mazda Tribute to replace his 15yo RangeRover.... talk about a step up. They would only give us $1500 tradein so you can imagine how bad it is! DH and I wrestle over who's having the new car almost every day, and since he doesn't like driving my pink one, he usually wins!

And whoever had those Krispy Kremes in the last thread (sorry forgot who it was) my mouth is now watering. I bought some a few months ago from a fundraising drive but since the nearest KK is 160k from here I can't just pop down and get some, so have one for me! We're going to go down to the Blue Mts in August (I know it will still be cold) so I'll have to pop into Penrith and get some then!


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#3 Gummybear

Posted 28 June 2004 - 06:45 PM

Hi wishingstar maybe you already o'ed but you will prob know more bout whats going on when you see your ob it can be so frustrating but keep your chin up original.gif
i.ve started using the maybe baby one so be interesting to see how it goes
No news from jb yet
Gawd Mazzee you worry me with ya palpations!!! lol
Gotta go just a quick
Cheers P

#4 minni

Posted 29 June 2004 - 07:57 AM

Guys I'm still here and still on the ttc bandwagon. I'm getting really peeved at the whole thing now. I need a holiday - might even plan it around when I'm supposed to 'O' and then forget all about ttc and see how it goes. LOL

Bit of confusion about when I actually o'd this cycle but at the moment FF has it at CD14 because I changed a temp on CD13 as it was taken under abnormal circumstances. We'll just wait and see but I'll probably still be ttc next cycle as well...


#5 SportySpice

Posted 29 June 2004 - 11:02 AM

Morning Ladies!

Well the Cardio has finally spoken!  Going on some beta-blockers to slow the heart down...... the BP is good 100/60, no protein in the urnine - which is good - but the ticker just wants to tick a lot more!  So the medication is bubba safe and all it will do is slow the ticker down - I'm starting on a very low dose and just at night before bed so I can sleep!

Otherwise - all is well I guess!  Heading to the gym tonight to get back into some light training, and jump on the scales to see the "damage" to the body!!LOL wink.gif

Hope you are all well, take care and hugs to all

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#6 Snagglepussed

Posted 29 June 2004 - 06:32 PM

Mazeee! Look after that ticker eh?

You are always so on the go no wonder your ticker is going into overdrive!

Try some relaxing pilates or yoga before bed to calm down!

Had check up yesterday and all is AOK! Have put on 1.5 kilos only still which is good! wink.gif
I will NEVER complain about my varicose veins again! cool.gifo: There was a woman there (about my age) who was on her third pregnancy and her legs were truly SCARY!!! Bad red dry scaly veiny skin all around her feet and her legs were just a bulbous mass of varicoses! She is on early mat leave as she is a risk of Trombosis!!!!! cool.gifo:
AND, she doesn't wear support hose as she says it's too hot!!!!
Double cool.gifo:
It is too hot but I'm wearing htem day and night from now on! Scary stuff!!!!

Got two good photos but to put them in my signature I have to forfeit Beccy and I don't want too sad.gif so I'll look into combining them into one photo! Need hubby for that!!!!

JB! Any news??????????????? Sending oyu some good vibes, although your 2WW should be over by now in my calculations!!! Hope no news is good news!



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Little Titch due 17/11/2004

#7 Gummybear

Posted 29 June 2004 - 09:51 PM

Hello everyone!
Good news Mazzee Yoga might be a good idea Ive tried it but I had trouble getting outa the positions!!

I;m getting a bit worried bout these vericose does everyone get them? cool.gifo:
I know how you feel minni all this sticking things in our orafaces and writing on a chart what you find, it would be much easier if we were like cows with their little red stickers on their backs that change colour when they are ready to mate!

kfogo what are krispy kremes (not that I need anymore food)
Anyway better go Take care and may all your sperm swim true and straight!!!
Cheers P

#8 wishingstar

Posted 29 June 2004 - 10:48 PM

Thanks for the advice about the O kit.  I got an appt with Gyn in 2 weeks so hopefully will shed more light on whats happening down there.  Why does it have to be so complicated?  Not like this in movies!  And in soaps the women get preg even at the sight of a bloke!  Hmmm maybe thats what im doing wrong!  :confuse:

#9 seahorse

Posted 30 June 2004 - 09:06 AM

Red spots on the back??!! I love it!!! That would certainly make it easier wouldn't it, although I think I would prefer it somewhere I could see more easily.....images of dancing about with mirrors are in my mind.. Tounge1.gif Hmmm... lack of sleep the last few nights is taking its toll...

Mazeee, hope the medication slows your heart down to where it is meant to be - it all sounds very scary. Good luck with the sleeping!

One more AF to go before we start trying again. It is going to seem strange because I won't be able to temp due to having to get up in the night for Ethan so I guess I will just use the Fortel OPK's again. Thank goodness I am (or at least was!) pretty regular with everything.

Big hugs to all,


Me: 40
DH: 39
Ethan Karl born 19th Jan 2004

#10 SportySpice

Posted 02 July 2004 - 08:42 AM

Hey Ladies!
The ticker is still ticking along - and sleep is a little better - do miss sleeping on the tummy though - have to say that the boobs were more of a prob than the larger tummy!

It was ME who mentioned Krispy Kremes - they're doughnuts.... well more like fairy floss in the form of a doughnut - they just melt in your mouth - soooooo much sugar! And such a variety of them around now!!!

As for Yoga - well coz I have never done it - now's probably not the time to take it up.  After I train I always do a good stretch session, and this w'end is a bit of a pamper - bit of waxing and a massage, the DK'H is out for a big one tonight..... what's new?? LOL so I have organised myself for tomorrow to be out of the house!!!

Hope you're all well, take care and enjoy those growing tummies!

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#11 Jahbee

Posted 02 July 2004 - 08:18 PM

Hi Girls,
well no news is not good news i'm afraid!  I got a BFN unfortunately.  Been MIA for a variety of reasons which i won't bore you with.

Never got my hopes up real high (putting a big fence around me helps nowadays i guess)so wasn't devastated like the old IVF ttc days.  Was p i s s e d and angry though - how on earth can they put back perfectly normal embryos and it doenst work!!!

I put a LOT into this cycle as well as working full-time and looking after a toddler.  Been going to acupunture every Sat since Feb, walking most days, dieting, injected twice a day, did the Colorado Protocol (lots of extra drugs)and but of course all this is no guarantee!

Saw my Dr on Wednesday and raised a couple of concerns i had with him.  My progrestrone level was pathethic - 18.  You need 15 to sustain a naturally conceived pregnancy and around 25 for an IVF pregnancy so i fell short there.  However my main concern was this was my 4th failed PGD (pre implantation genetic diagnosis) IVF cycle.  This is when they remove 1 cell from the embie and check it for abnormalities like downs syndrome, Edwards syndrome etc.  Every time they put normal embies back they never stick!!  (Analeise was the non biopsed embie).  I feel its too big a strain on my little embies so early in life and you know he never disagreed with me, so no more PGD cycles.

Next game plan.  We have the lone ranger embie which we are going to transfer in August (hopefully he/she will defrost successfully) and then LAST, LAST, LAST, LAST IVF stim cycle as my body has had enough.  My Dr feels i respond really really well for my age (41 in August) and i still get around 15 eggs and we know i make normal embies so i still have a good chance.  IF this doenst work i even have a 3rd backup!!!  He's agreed i can try the drug chlomid as i never have before and have managed to fall pregnant naturally in the past.

So theres my game plan for the rest of this year!!  I'm a strong person and not giving up till i am ready.

So after all that how is everyone else?!  Mergie i like to hear how you are doing. Have you progressed with IVF plans?

Got a bit of catching up to do so i better move on.
Talk later

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Analeise Christine born 23/11/02
TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF 4 Feb 04 a dud
IVF Stim 5 May/June 04

#12 wishingstar

Posted 03 July 2004 - 12:00 AM

JB, this is a special wishingstar wish and hugs for you for the next month. You are so strong and focussed, it gives me strength to keep on  track of ttc, so i say thanks for sharing your journey, and fingers so, so  crossed 4 you.  original.gif

#13 minni

Posted 03 July 2004 - 07:26 AM

JB, I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work for you but so pleased that you have other game plans up your sleeve.
I look at my own ttc journey (that is getting me down) and you inspire me. Thankyou.
Take care and good luck.


#14 Mergie

Posted 03 July 2004 - 10:39 AM

Hi Everyone

Firstly, JB - I'm so sorry this didn't work for you. I've been thinking of you and am sending you the biggest hugs and bestest wishes in your next journey.  It's great you have a game plan for the rest of the year and you're staying positive.  Clomid worked for me 1st cycle with DS but after 5 cycles of it now it's not really happening.  We are putting this down to DH sperm abnormalities, as I definitely ovulate and we BD at all the right times etc.

Nothing new on IVF yet other than our appt on the 28th.  I have booked the councelling appt for the following Wednesday.  I'll be going to the Sunshine clinic for this.  I've read through all the patients notes etc and will be armed with a list of questions for the Dr.  We are pinning our hopes of falling in this cycle.  We found out we were pg with DS a week before our appt in 2002, kinda hoping the same this time around.  I rang my Dr about the BT's needed before commencing, she said the IVF Dr will organise this, does that sound right?, I thought if I could I would get it out of the way before the appt.

Hi to wishingstar, mazee, gummybear, minni, seahorse and girolama (if you're lurking!!) hope you're all well and hanging in there.

I'm off to the footy today, I'm a Collingwood fan.  I only go to Home games, it's great to get out with the girls and leave all these ttc thoughts behind for the day.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Chat later

ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#15 Gummybear

Posted 03 July 2004 - 12:40 PM

Hello everyone
So sorry JB that it didnt work out this time your strength is amazing, crossing everything that it works out this time, maybe it was the low progestrone but I really dont know anything about ivf, will be thinking of you next month. I do agree with minni and wishing star it makes what we are going through seem so small compared to what you are going through

Good luck Mergie on your journey too everything crossed for you, Good luck at the footy ya might need it ;p

Mazzee Oh those krispy kremes sound yummyy we dont have them over here, glad to hear the ticker is going fine I tried those beta blockers for my migranes and everyone got sick of wiping the dribble off my chin!! they really just wiped me out
Have a good weekend!!
cheers P

#16 Hermione

Posted 03 July 2004 - 06:49 PM

Hi guys,
Well, start Clomid tonight. Didn't have to put up a fight to get it either. Don't have to have AF as I definitely haven't O'd, my blood levels are all over the place. Wants to try 50mg first 2 cycles, even tho I didn't O on that last time. So we're back on the treadmill.

Think we might take the car on a trip down the freeway and get some doughnuts next weekend, can't wait till August!

Take care

Kaz (36)
DH  (37)
DS Angus William 12/8/03
DS Jack 14/10/94 - 5/12/99
SS Alex 17/11/92
OUR #1 Married 2002
TTC Our #2
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#17 seahorse

Posted 04 July 2004 - 09:14 AM

Hi all,

JB I am so sorry to hear it didn't work out this time but like the others, I am inspired by your positive outlook and gameplan for the rest of the year. I have everything crossed for you. Big hugs.

Hmmmm.... these KK's sound a bit interesting... - can't say I have ever seen them, but might just have to investigate.......  wink.gif

Hope everyone is having a good day - better go, got people coming over for lunch and NOTHING is done!!!



Me: 40
DH: 39
Ethan Karl born 19th Jan 2004

#18 SportySpice

Posted 05 July 2004 - 09:23 AM

Hey Ladies!
Oh JB what a bugger - but you are sounding so on track and focussed that I'm sure come Aug ALL of us will be thinking positive "waves" for you...

Ohhh those Krispy Kremes - if you're in NSW - they are at Wynyard - on York St just down from the station, they are also out west.... Penrith, Blacktown around those areas......  don't know about the other states!

Mergie - A Pie fan - bad luck about the Swans game eh?  Went out to that - even though I'm a bit of an old Hawkes fan (but born and bred in Sydney).

To all of you TTC and on the IVF 'round' I wish you so much luck and think of you guys. original.gif

My ticker is going ok - only taking one tablet at night before bed and it seems to be helping.  Weight is on track and other than that - things moving along day to day in the right direction.

The DK'H has been improving... slowly, but it's still early days with him - guess coz I'm showing more he's getting into it more!

Must do some real work now!  Take care all and lots of massive hugs and positive thoughts....

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#19 Mergie

Posted 05 July 2004 - 01:53 PM

Afternoon Ladies

I'm drooling over the KK's, I've heard of them, they're from the US aren't they? I'm sure I seen them on an American TV show.  Don't know if they're in Melb though.

Gummybear - just quietly, I don't think we needn't any luck at all  (He He He) it actually got a bit boring in the end!!

KFGO, good luck with the Clomid.

Mazeee - I used to go up to Sydney each year and watch us play, haven't since I had DS.  A heap of girlfriends went up and had a ball.  What did you think of Saturday's game?

Nothing much happening here, I thought I might have O'ed around Thursday but my temps went down again Sunday.  Can't wait for the BD'ing to end IYKWIM, it's a real struggle to get motivated these days, it's such a chore and sooooooo unromantic when you HAVE to do it rather than WANT to do it.

DS is currently trying to rip all the plants out of their pots!!!  ARGHHH better get going.


ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#20 SportySpice

Posted 06 July 2004 - 08:52 AM

KK's are only in NSW at the moment - I just rang their head office here in the CBD, sorry about that..... let us know when you get to Sydney next and we'll make sure you get some!!

The Pies v Swans - it was a great game - it was close the whole time so that always make it more interesting - and a bit of a perv on those boys' bods!LOL wink.gif

JB and Mergie - hope these next cycles are going to be more positive for you - and for all on the IVF cycle......  I can't help but think sometimes (well most of the time) just how lucky I was to fall preggers naturally - particularly after our GP said "it's unlikely you'll fall pregnant naturally" - the DK'H's "little fella's" weren't in such a great supply........but persistence defeats resistance I say!

Don't know about anyone else - but I'm still getting tired in the arvo's around 3-4pm - could just use a lie down..... work is getting pretty hectic and it's also frantic around the house - which is still being renovated...........

Hope you're all well otherwise and keeping happy.  Take care and lots of hugs...

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#21 Jahbee

Posted 06 July 2004 - 02:57 PM

Hi Girls,
thanks for your supportive messages, we have a great oldies thread here and we all have so much experience and knowledge to share don't you think.

Speaking of which! ....  Mergie and Kaz i am going to pick your brains.  Can you tell me about chlomid as I don't know much about it?  When i went to see my Dr last week he said when i want to do chlomid he will straight away put me on 200mg for 5 days - i thought that sounded like a high dose!  He reckons though he had a woman like me in a few weeks ago aged 42 who had her 1st child by IVF and is sick of the IVF merry go round so he put her on this 200mg chlomid and 1st cycle she was pregnant.

So my questions are what exactly does chlomid do?  Does it make sure you ovulate?  How much are you on Mergie?  Do you have any side effects?  Is it a rule of thumb you only stick with it for 6 months cause pretty much if it hasnt worked by then it won't?  See i am always thinking 2 steps ahead to the next gameplan!

Transfering the lone ranger embie next month will be a natural cycle ....except i have a box of crinone (progrestrone) in my drawer that i will use.  I know thats naughty self medicating but if they dont prescribe anything how is the lone ranger going to stick?  Actually my Dr told me to ring him July 19th so i might tell him i am doing that, he pretty much lets me do what i want.  He always asks me "whats your gameplan, what do you want to do" and if he agrees he says ok, not often he doesnt!

Mazeee good to hear all is going well and maybe your boyfriend is coming around, i hope so.  BTW my DH is a BIG Swans fan as he's originally from Sydney.

Wishingstar thanks for the wish, i'm going to use it for the lone ranger!

We are heading off to Tassie tomorrow for 6 days, can't wait!  Booked these $39 airfares last Christmas such good timing after my recent cycle.  My parents are coming so will look after Analeise one night whilst DH and i hit the town and have a few drinks!

Anyone in the 2WW now?
Talk soon

TTC No 1 27 months<BR>5 m/c's,<BR>3 Stim IVF's  
Analeise Christine born 23/11/02

TTC No 2 since April 03
IVF Stims 4 & 5 negative
IVF 6 (1st FET) Aug 04
Transferring the lone Ranger

#22 wishingstar

Posted 06 July 2004 - 11:35 PM

Hi all, well things for me have been so weird, have just got to share, even though it may gross you out.  well, u all know BFN to the O test last week.  Well, thought I would wait until i saw doc next week and make plans from there.  then on saturday night everything went GROSS.  sorry to be explicit, but i warned you....I just finsihed a great session of BDing with DB, i was laying there, felt a kinda wet sensation, and looked at sheets etc, there was this major amount of bright red blood all around.  sorry girls.  I know its gross.  well, AP not due until the end of this week, and since the gross episode theres only been a little amount of blood,vertually nothing so Im wondering if it was AF early or what?  God, sorry to be so GROSS, have only spoken to DB (of course, he was concerned), about this, and couldnt keep it inside much longer.

#23 minni

Posted 07 July 2004 - 08:34 AM

Hi Guys!

Sorry, can't help you out too much there Wishingstar. I have enough trouble trying to understand the stupid things my body does... Hope you get it sorted out though.

JB - thanks for checking in. Sounds like the game plan to me (the tablets in your drawer). Not that I'm a dr or anything but I'd try anything. original.gif Hope you dr gives the okay for it.

Mazee - sounds like the pg is going well and so is the DKH. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Kim - where are you hun? How's the pg (and the veins) going?

Well I'm in the 2WW atm but pretty certain its a dud one again. Been spotting since 7dpo but my temp is steadily dropping as well. I've always spotted/bled with all my pregnancies so hope that this is the case this time and that my temp is going to skyrocket in the next two days but not holding out much hope. My normal luteal phase is 13days. Be surprised if I get to 13dpo this cycle. I'm so over everything atm. Once again, this past week I've had nausea, sore bbs, fatigue and mood swings. Just wish that these symptoms had a reason (like that I really was pg).
Sorry, rambling and starting to cry again. This is the worst case of PMS I've had in a while I think!

Take care everyone.


TTC since November '03

#24 Mergie

Posted 07 July 2004 - 01:12 PM


Today is my EDD and I'm feeling pretty crap.  I was doing really well up until about half an hour a go when a silly little conversation with my brother over something as stupid as him popping in over the weekend sent me over the edge.  I have been quiet hysterical up until about 15 minutes ago and thought I'd pop in here for some inspiration from others in the same boat.  I must admit it has worked but I still feel really empty inside at the moment.  Sorry to bring everyone down, I'll bounce back in no time.

JB - about clomid...  it's a synthetic anti-oestrogen which increases the release of FSH which stimulates the growth of follicles in the ovary.  You take a 5 day cycle (mine is CD5 - CD9) but this varies patient to patient.  I am only on 50mg and my Dr has never once considered "upping" the dose as BT's show I do ovulate on this dosage.  I fell pg with DS after only 1 cycle.  Side effects vary from headaches to bloatedness, some people go a little "crazy" like severe PMT.  A rare side effect is blurred vision or spots and flashes.  You must consult your DR straight away if this happens. Have a great holiday, you deserve it!! and good luck with the Lone Ranger. ( I love that term, it brings a smile to my face )

Minni - Hey Sue, I'm with you in the 2ww, fingers crossed.

Wishingstar - can't help you here, this happend to me once, years ago.  I know how freaked out you would have been.

Mazeee - thanks for your thoughts, and you're right, the footy is a great place for a perve.

I can't wait for DH to get home tonight, I need a big, big hug and probably a couple of stiff drinks!!  I know that's a bad thing in the 2WW but sometimes you have to try and forget all about this ttc business and kick back and relax a little.  

Hi to everyone else hope you're all well.

PS  JB - if you log into Google.com and type in Clomid, it well bring up quite a bit of info if there is anything else you need to know.

Take care


ME 41
DH 41
DS born 23/11/02
M/C 24/11/03 8 weeks
5th Clomid cycle

#25 Gummybear

Posted 07 July 2004 - 05:06 PM

Hello everyone Havent been here for a while I have crappy phone lines and have had to get telstra to do something about it!!! well im on cd12 an i have no idea what my body is doing maybebay says im ferning but I dont have alot of cm  happening so BDing madly anyway but I really dont hold out much hope this month.
Mergie Big hugs to you, all this ttc stuff does get to you a bit and I think a time out and away from it all does you good so go out and go mad!!! and you dont bring us down here we r glad to be here to help as much as poss original.gif
wishingstar I think you should get that sorted out if it wasnt AF something else musta caused it

jb have a great holiday you really deserve it

minni  everything crossed for you
and good luck to everyone else on this merrygoround!!
Bye for now P

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